Wrist Injury Compensation Claims & Settlement Values

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Some of the most common injuries presented at A&E and GP surgeries are injuries to the wrist. These are often caused as a result of a slip or trip accident, falls from height, road traffic and cycling accidents. Usually they involve soft tissue damage to the ligaments and tendons (known as sprains) or fractures to the forearm bones.

Anyone who suffers an injury to the wrist may be entitled to make a claim for compensation if the cause of their accident can be attributed to the negligence of someone else.

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Do I have a valid wrist injury compensation claim?

If you believe that the cause of your wrist injury is the fault of a third party, for example, an employer or business owner who failed to minimise the risk of such injury, you have a legal right to make a claim for compensation.

Despite the strength of the soft tissues and bones of the wrist, serious wrist injuries are not uncommon and form a large volume of claims for personal injury compensation.

Perhaps the most common cause of wrist injury is as a result of a fall. Whether a slip on a wet floor at work or a trip on a pavement, it is instinctive to place your hands out to break a fall, and in doing so, you risk spraining or breaking your wrist. If the accident was a result of a hazard that should have been the duty of a third party to remove or warn about, they could well be liable to compensate you for your injury.

To give your claim the best possible prospect of success, there are a few important steps that you should take to protect your interests and ensure that the right evidence will be available. With this in mind, we advise any person who has suffered a wrist injury to do the following:

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and will be able to help you make sure that the correct steps have been taken.

Wrist injury consequences

Whether a wrist injury involves soft tissue damage, such as a sprain to the ligaments, or a fracture to the bones of the lower forearm and wrist area, the symptoms will usually include a loss of dexterity and grip, as well as pain.

Independence can be impaired as someone with a serious ligament sprain or fracture to the wrist is likely to have to wear a support or cast.

Any person suffering a serious wrist injury is unlikely to be able to drive, and many will be unable to work as a result of their injury which often leads to financial pressures.

What am I entitled to claim for?

If you have suffered a wrist injury in a non-fault accident, whether at work or in a public place, you have a right to claim compensation for the pain and discomfort, for the impact on your day-to-day life and independence, and for any lost income and incurred costs directly attributable to the accident.

At Direct2Compensation, our specialist solicitors will ensure that the correct medical evidence is obtained and that a detailed report is made. This will give a prognosis on the severity of your wrist injury, the likely recovery time, and what rehabilitation therapies and medical treatments will be needed to ensure that a full recovery is made.

Appropriate wrist injury compensation settlement amounts will vary depending on the severity of the injury, with important factors like grip strength, dexterity and independence impairment being taken in to account.

Compensation amounts

The following figures are a guide to how much compensation you might expect for the wrist injury itself, your final settlement could be a lot more when other costs are taken into account.

Severity of injuryCompensation amount
Injuries resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist£36,200 - £50,050
Significant permanent disability, but with some useful movement£18,625 - £32,780
Less severe injuries with a degree of persisting pain and stiffness£9,575 - £20,490
Long, but complete recovery from a fracture or soft tissue injuryUp to £8,580
Uncomplicated Colles' fractureUp to £6,220

How Direct2Compensation can help

Direct2Compensation has a proven track record of helping people succeed with claims for wrist injury compensation. We offer a straightforward and easy to understand No Win No Fee claims process and our specially trained staff will quickly help you understand your rights and make sure that your wrist injury compensation claim is placed with the right expert solicitor.

Our staff will explain the claims process to you and we’ll help you to understand what to expect, advise you of any actions you should take and provide simple, helpful guidance to make sure that you can focus on recovery.

You can call our friendly and helpful staff on 01225 430285 or get your claim started online today. We take pride in making sure that you feel understood and look forward to helping you make your claim.

21 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Oliver

    Hi what sort of compensation do you think i could be awarded for suffering an electric shock on my right hand which caused constant pain for 5 weeks which required me to get a cortisone injection, the injection worked for a couple of months but now the pain is back? there was no fall just inflammation caused by the shock…

    • Ian Morris

      Whether or not you can obtain compensation for the damage caused by the electric shock will depend on how the shock happened and whether or not we can demonstrate negligence as the cause.

      In terms of a value for the claim, it is not possible to assign a definitive value range at this stage and that can only truly be done once a full recovery is made – or if a medical expert has provided a detailed report with prognosis about the injury. However, as a minimum (if you were to fully recover later today), we would anticipate the claim would fall in to the value range of £1500-£2500. This value could raise or lower depending on both your recovery and any other issues noted in your medical records. When a specialist Solicitor evaluates the final compensation value, they will take in to account medical records, recovery or lack of, medical experts report and loss of income/associated incurred costs.

      If you would like to speak with our specialist Solicitors and pursue a claim for compensation, please call us on 01225430285 or use our ‘start your claim‘ service to take this further.

  2. Bren

    I fell through a greenhouse on my dads allotment due to the flooring being uneven and slippy back in may last year. Cut my wrist had over 37 stitches as i cut over 11 veins and my main artery. I was in hospital for 5 days and had to have physiotherapy and i am still suffering from nerve pain in my fingers.

    • Ian Morris

      Although you have clearly suffered a very distressing injury and been left with scarring and nerve issues, it is unclear as to where you could attach negligence to any party and pursue a claim. Whilst the floor within the allotment was uneven, you would expect an area set aside for vegetable/plant growth to be ‘natural’ and therefore uneven.

  3. Mark

    Hi last Tuesday there was heavy winds and coming from my car i was going in a door when the wind blow the door on my wrist.Got first aid with a bandage on my wrist. went to walk in centre in Wednesday and X-Ray ed it not broken but sprain ed it. would that be my fault or can I claim?

    • Ian Morris

      It is unlikely to be something for which you can make a claim as the wind would be something that the courts would not be able to hold the building owner responsible for. However, if the door should have a safety mechanism – slow close or similar – and this was broken or missing, you could make a claim.

  4. Susan

    Hi my mother was walking up the street and the post office drain was uneven ground high raised sides and dipped in the middle, she lost her footing and fell over causing her to badly break her wrist, which is now disfigured (this happened in April have all evidence photos a&e reports and reports till this day) have written to the council they are not admitting liability and said the drain was inspected in Feb and was fine, the whole pathway is very badly uneven. She has been off work and now the hospital have to operate to align the wrist. So further time off work, what can we do? Can we pursue this further as the path way is more accidents waiting to happen?

    • Ian Morris

      If the denial of liability has been made whilst a Solicitor has been handling the claim, the reality is that without any new evidence, it is unlikely that a new Solicitor would be in a position to take the claim further.

      If however, no Solicitor has been involved it is worthwhile instructing a specialist Solicitor to look in to this matter for you.

  5. Ellen Thamaha

    I was injured from work in June, and broke my left wrist so now I’m going for physio, but I don’t know for how long. I am asking if I’m still going to get my compensation money?

    • Ian Morris

      As you were only injured in June (3 months ago), you should not yet be concerned about your compensation payment and when it will come. Claims for personal injury compensation after an accident at work in the UK can take 18 months or more to go from start to settlement, so it is too early to expect settlement in your case.

  6. Janis

    Went to go into indoor pool in hotel and slipped on the stair, broke wrist and attended hospital, and have cast put on for 4 to 6 wks.

    • Ian Morris

      Were the steps you slipped on situated within the swimming pool area or somewhere else within the hotel? If you slipped within the hotel pool area, it would be expected that the steps and surface could be slippery. Therefore, unless the tiling or floor surface was not the correct type and had no texture to provide some sort of grip, it is unlikely that you could make a claim for compensation.

      However, if you slipped on stairs that were not part of the swimming area and they were wet or had some other form of slipping hazard on them with no warning signs, you could potentially make a claim.

      In this situation as we need to know more about your accident and the cause of your slip, the best bet would be for you to call us to discuss the incident.

  7. Maryann

    My knee gave way and I broken my wrist and had to have metal plate put in would I be able to put a claim in?

    • Ian Morris

      If your wrist was injured simply because your knee inexplicably ‘gave way’ and you fell, you have no claim as no other party bears any liability or negligence here.

      However, if your knee gave way due to some sort of hazard or due to an accident of some sort, you could possibly claim compensation.

  8. Julie

    Recovering from 2 wrist operations (de-quarvian syndrome). I worked in nursing home almost 16-17 years, tried to go back to work but I couldn’t cope, my right wrist isn’t quite right after 5 months. I wasn’t coping with pain also (night shift) my work partner had let management know she was pregnant, neither of us had a risk assessment done. I was worried as job is heavy, I felt I was putting us both at risk. I’m now out of work after dismissal. Do I have rights? be appreciated for some advice.

    • Ian Morris

      Of course, you do have rights but whether or not you have a situation that would warrant a claim for personal injury compensation is uncertain. You can claim compensation for the wrist injuries if the symptoms were suffered within the past 3 years and were caused through your work in a Nursing Home. This could be difficult to prove of course.

  9. Bibi

    Hi had an accident at work a few months ago. I file it in the accident book. Although I complained to my manager and supervisors, they did not wanted to know, I was ignored and called mini moaner, even not even validating my presence when I was telling them my wrist is in terrible pain when lifting or holding the hoover. I was told by my manager that they’re not running a holiday camp. My supervisors ignored my complaints for months saying I have no choice as they are short of staff and other staff has pain but not complaining. One supervisor said she has pain in her wrist and she has no problems with continued working.

    Then the longest serving staff started to ignore me, at times when I walked in the office, they would stop talking and blatantly ignore me. Then the lies of me swearing or using bad language towards them. My supervisors husband who works as a room attendant as our colleague, swears at me and told me all you foreigners go back to my country calling me racists names. I complained to my manager and my supervisor who’s hisband had made the comments against me but was told that I was telling lies. I was also been accused of swearing at others, which is untrue and feel I constantly on my guard. I became so scared I stop using my locker fearing the maintenance man who also accused me of swearing at him. I made a complaint to my head manager but the situation got worse where I feel isolated and afraid to speak to anyone fearing it would be misconstrued. I’m now on medication not anle to sleep fearing the worst of my reputation being ruined. I am now off work with with progressive pain and swelling not able to grip and lift much weight and awaiting a mri scan on my wrist.

    I am no longer a happy person and have a deep fear trusting work place and fear bonding with anyone or faith in work and embraces new outside events. . please help.

    • Ian Morris

      You need help on two fronts here. Firstly with the injury to your wrist and a possible claim for compensation against the employer for the injuries you sustained and the impact that it has had on your day-to-day life.

      Secondly, you should approach a specialist employment Solicitor to discuss the actions of the employer with regards to their handling of you and a possible claim against them for breach of employment law.

      We can assist you with regards to the personal injury element of your claim and would be able to refer any employment law query to a specialist firm we have links with. Please use our ‘start a claim’ page to send us some further information and we’ll then call you to help you take this further.

  10. Bob Cargill

    Hi was injured at football game, broken arm 2 places, broken wrist, operation pins n plates put in, slipped as I was about to go toilet, can I claim compensation?

    • Ian Morris

      If you were injured during the game of football, whilst on the pitch playing, it is very unlikely that you could succeed with a claim for compensation. Football is a contact sport and as such, there is an inherent risk present of injury.

      However if you slipped within the building of the football club/facility on a wet, slippery floor that had no hazard signs in situ you might be able to seek compensation for slipping accident compensation. Of course, we would need to speak with you further about this to find out what happened in order for us to be able to offer a more qualified view.

  11. Bob Cargill

    I was injured at football game with a broken arm in 2 places and a broken wrist. I have had an operation to put pins and plates in to help my recovery. I slipped as I was about to go to the toilet. Can I claim compensation?

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