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I’ve worked in personal injury claims management for over 20 years. During my career the industry has seen considerable developments for the better. Claims management has moved from a free for all, to a strictly regulated sector giving consumers confidence and companies a clear and prescribed framework within which we must operate. This is something that the team and I at Direct2Compensation support wholeheartedly.

I have served in a number of roles, from business development, training management, claims management and now as a Director handling compliance as well as client files. I have met many specialist personal injury solicitors and numerous solicitor firms and had a steep learning curve at the start of my career as to what they needed from companies like ours, and what claimants needed to be able to succeed with a claim.

With the knowledge and understanding I gained, I moved away from business development to a more claimant-focused role and then on to a training management position within a personal injury firm. Here I devised and delivered a robust and clear training programme that ensured the service we provide to both clients and solicitors had integrity, value and benefit.

We often talk about honesty, transparency and fairness and I wanted to ensure that our team held to these standards. The results of this training provided our company with a solid and trusted base both with clients and solicitor firms, and was even used in the initial consultations and foundations when the claims management sector first became regulated in April 2007. The feedback I received from solicitors and clients was extremely supportive and continues to guide me in my professional life to this day – something I am very proud of.

I have been in a leadership position within personal injury for over 15 years and along with Justin, leading Direct2Compensation for well over 10 years. As a business, our number one goal is to be honest, transparent, approachable and of genuine benefit to our clients and specialist solicitor panel members. Justin and I understand that entering into legal action can be very daunting and that potential clients will have many questions and concerns when they begin contacting companies like ours.

We’ve worked really hard to make our website a reflection of our knowledge and expertise to ensure that it is a helpful resource for anyone needing advice or help with a claim for compensation. Unlike our competitors, from an early stage we decided that we would focus on our own organic marketing efforts and not spend money with 3rd parties bringing clients to us. That way, we have control and can ensure that our fundamental core values are upheld. Our efforts concentrate on our website and social media profiles so that we know we are providing a genuine source of help and knowledge to people in a vulnerable position after being injured or out of pocket through no fault of their own.

Not only do our clients provide great positive feedback, our Solicitors speak very highly of us too (as we do of them!) and this is not always the case for claims management companies. We know your rights and can help you to understand the options available to you when seeking to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

We believe in our No Win No Fee service and believe it is amongst the fairest available to any claimant. We’re transparent about how we are paid and what costs a claimant may face should they succeed with their claim. Indeed, since regulatory approval was required to operate in this sector, we have faced zero complaints and passed every regulatory inspection undertaken with flying colours.

I’m passionate about making sure that people know their rights and have the confidence to exercise them when they have been disadvantaged through an injury or maltreatment that was wholly avoidable. If I don’t know the answer to a question about personal injury, I am able to access the knowledge of a leading group of specialist personal injury solicitors who will be able to provide the answer. I’m extremely proud of our small, but nationwide, business and the excellent reputation we have earned through our hard and honest work.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. We love travelling and being active – surfing and snowboarding are my main passions and you’ll often find me doing Kettlebell workouts or playing 6-a-side football (i’m no Messi!). If you have any questions or need any advice about claiming personal injury compensation (even if you’ve already made a claim elsewhere), please email me: ian@direct2compensation.co.uk. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ian Morris

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