Workplace Amputation Compensation Claims & Settlement Values

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You can make a workplace amputation claim, and receive compensation for your injuries, if the accident can be attributed to employer negligence. Here we look at what’s involved in such a claim.

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Why claim amputation compensation?

Amputations will limit mobility, and restrict independence and dexterity, leaving the injured person facing huge changes to their lifestyle. They affect physical interaction with loved ones, and often cause severe psychological injuries such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Claiming compensation can help you to recover and attain a better quality of life.

Someone who has lost a limb because of the negligence of an employer, or colleagues, has every right to pursue a claim for injury compensation. The person who has undergone an amputation will be facing life changing circumstances. They are most likely going to have to change everything in their lives, from the type of car they drive through to making expensive alterations to their home.

The financial implications faced by claimants are huge. In the best case scenario, someone making an amputation claim will be off work for a very long time – if they are ever able to return – and will be struggling to cope with a temporary loss of income. This alone means that they need to claim compensation to recover their lost income. In the worst case scenarios, claimants will never return to work. They will have huge cost burdens to face, having to change a car for a disability-friendly one, renovate a house to make the doors and bathroom wheelchair user-friendly, having to remove all steps and level changes, paying for ongoing care requirements and having no income.

The motivation to pursue a claim is clear, with the need for financial assistance being the number one issue. However, as well as winning a financial settlement, claiming compensation with Direct2Compensation and our expert injury solicitors can help you in many ways:

  • Making a compensation claim is a legal right, and if you succeed, it fairly compensates you for the life changing injuries you’ve sustained that were not your fault.
  • A successful workplace accident amputation claim can help pay for private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to maximise the extent of the recovery you can make.
  • An amputation claim settlement will include a large special damages claim that will incorporate any lost income and future lost income, projected costs for post accident care and finance to cover expensive alterations to property and vehicles.

As all Direct2Compensation workplace accident claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis, you will never be charged if your claim does not succeed. A successful claim will lead to a compensation settlement being made to you.

Compensation amounts for amputation

The following is a guide to how much you can expect to claim, just for your injury. It does not include amounts for “special damages”, for example, loss of earnings, expenses or medical treatment.

Part Of BodyCompensation Amount
Fingers£6,570 to £69,050
Thumbs£9,550 to £12,740
Hands£47,000 to £153,150
Arms£73,050 to £228,050
Toes£23,750 to £42,650
Feet£63,820 to £153,250
Legs£74,450 to £214,300

When can you make a claim?

If an accident at work is so serious that it leads to an amputation, usually there has been an inadequate approach to health and safety in the workplace by an employer. It could be a simple lack of training to staff, failure to adequately maintain dangerous machinery, or a failure to ensure that workers are correctly qualified and competent to perform the tasks. In essence, workplace amputation claims come down to employer negligence.

Employers are legally obliged to provide a safe and secure environment for workers and visitors to any work site. Failure to provide adequate training to all staff, induction to workplace health and safety, the correct equipment or a safe working environment is known as employer negligence.

When it comes to working with dangerous machinery, heavy items or equipment that could lead to serious injuries, there are strict guidelines regarding safe working. Employers must ensure that workers are provided with the correct safety equipment, that areas with inherent risks (such as construction sites) are properly managed and sign-posted. They must also ensure that all staff are properly trained to work safely, use equipment properly and know how to identify and report risk of injuries or accidents properly.

Amputation compensation claims will succeed if it can be shown that the employer has been negligent.

Anyone that suffers a serious injury at work, such as an amputation, should make a claim for injury compensation at the earliest opportunity.  Avoiding a delay in commencing a claim can help to minimise lost income and reduce stress and anxiety.

Common scenarios leading to amputation compensation claims include:

Employers that fail to ensure full training, guidance and a safe working environment will be liable should any injuries happen to the staff under their leadership. Any employee who undergoes an amputation because of an accident at work should certainly consider making a claim for personal injury compensation.

How Direct2Compensation can help with your claim

As with all accidents, it is important to make sure that the details of your workplace accident have been recorded properly within an accident book or elsewhere. In serious accident circumstances your employer should also have reported the accident to the relevant authorities, such as via the RIDDOR system to the Health and Safety Executive. If this hasn’t happened, we can help you to ensure it does.

Direct2Compensation are experts in managing severe accident at work compensation claims. Over the years we have successfully assisted many such claimants, we know your rights and can help you to hold your employer liable for your injuries and losses.

We’ll advise you on important issues such as helping you to make sure that the details of your accident and injuries have been properly reported and recorded with your employer, and can also give you a good understanding about how the no win no fee claims process works.

Direct2Compensation work with some of the best accident at work solicitors in the UK. With our easy to understand claims process and ability to handle your claim quickly, simply and transparently, there are many reasons that make us the right choice when it comes to starting your compensation claim for a back injury.

If you have suffered an amputation injury and want to know if you can make a claim for compensation, contact us today. You can start your claim online or , and one of our expert team will be in touch to offer help. Alternatively, call us on 01225 430285.

6 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

Read on for questions and advice about claiming, plus workplace amputation claim examples...

I amputated my left thumb and had a deep wound to my left index finger at work but my employer told me not to tell the hospital I did it at work but to say I did it in s DIY accident. He sent somebody with me to the hospital to make sure I stuck to my story. Now he’s becoming very invasive and refusing to help me while I’m struggling with my daily life. Can I do anything about it and is there any chance of a claim if I have witnesses? There is no accident book and no health and safety. But I can prove with my bank statement I was working there as my boss put money into my bank account a week before my accident. The week it happened he refused to pay into my account and paid me cash instead. Have i got a leg to stand on or should i just forget about it as theres nothing i can do?

Ian Morris

You have clearly sustained a very serious injury with life long consequences and the fact that your former employer pressurised you in to making a dishonest statement to the Hospital staff at the time is scandalous.

If you do have witnesses who would provide supportive statements and if needs be, appear at a hearing, there could well be a worthwhile claim in this for you. Given the loss of your thumb, if you were to succeed with a claim, you would achieve a very substantial settlement.


Is it advisable to approach my employer regarding compensation? I’ve been off work for 18 months now, i’ve had my right ring finger amputated to below the lower joint leaving a stump, i’ve also been diagnosed with PTSD, and currently undergoing therapy for this, surely I can send my employer a request for compensation?

Ian Morris

We assume that you have not yet instructed a specialist workplace amputation compensation Solicitor to act for you? It would appear that you have had a nasty accident at work and given the fact that you have both lost part of a finger and been off work for some 18 months, if you were to succeed with a claim for compensation, the value of your claim could be substantial.

Any person is of course free to enter in to negotiations with their employer or their employer’s insurance in a bid to seek some form of compensation for their injuries. However, without having a specialist Solicitor representing and advising you, how do you know what would be a fair and full settlement value for your injury or losses? We often find that people who have dealt with their own claim personally, end up settling their claim for far less than they were actually entitled to. This alone is one of the most important factors in why it is really important to make sure that you have the right Solicitor acting for you.

If you have not already done so, you may want to consider making a claim for accident at work compensation with us and our specialist Solicitor partners. Our expert Solicitors will make sure that any settlement reached for your claim is at the appropriate value and that all of your lost income and other costs are included in any claim settlement.

We would be very happy to assist you further with a claim.

Chat with us for friendly, expert advice 01225 430285