How to find out if you are entitled to compensation

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In simple terms, any person who has been injured and believes that someone else is responsible for their injuries, can make a claim for compensation. The law is the same for adults and children, with the only difference being the length of time you get to make your claim. Children are allowed up until their 21st birthday to pursue a claim, whilst adults have 3 years.

The first question to ask is whether the accident which lead to the injuries was caused by negligence? Could the accident have been avoided by using better practices and did the 3rd party have every reasonable chance to foresee such an accident?

These are the main criteria you need to check to see if you can claim:

  • Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  • Do you know the identity of the liable party (business name and address etc)?
  • If not, did you report the incident to the police or local authority?
  • Have you sought medical treatment from your GP or hospital?
  • If not, are your injuries still presenting symptoms that your GP can diagnose?

Ultimately, you’ll need to speak to a solicitor to confirm whether or not you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. They will assess the merits of your case and be able to tell you if claiming is in your best interest.

Valid work accident claims

Just having an accident at work is not enough to guarantee compensation. To make a valid claim, the injured employee must be able to demonstrate that the employer was liable and exposed the staff to risk of injury, rather than it being their own fault. For example:

  1. Did your employer give you the correct training?
  2. Were you given an induction to the workplace?
  3. Were you provided with personal safety and protective equipment to complete your job safely?
  4. Did your employer adequately maintain equipment and service machines?
  5. Were you advised how to report accidents and how to access the accident book?
  6. Did your employer ensure correct staffing levels and an adequate amount of first aid trained staff?
  7. Did your employer act upon reports of potential risks of danger to employees?

The above is just a guide and there could be many more ways in which an employer would be liable.

Valid road traffic accident claims

RTA claims can be made for a range of physical and psychological injuries, not just whiplash. And the cause of the accident need not be another vehicle, it could equally be a faulty traffic light or road surface. If the person who caused the accident is insured you can make a claim against the insurers, for hit and run or uninsured drivers the claim will be made against the Motor Insurance Bureau. If the accident was caused by the road surface itself, it may be possible to make a claim against the Highways Agency.

Valid slip, trip or fall claims

Slips, trips or falls can obviously take place anywhere, but to claim compensation you need to prove that responsibility for the accident lies with a third party rather than yourself. Shops, restaurants, libraries and business establishments, for example, all have a responsibility to ensure people’s safety. If they fail to do so and accidents occur as a result, they can be found to have been negligent and liable to compensate the injured party.

Clearly, if you slip and fall after mucking about, any injuries you have are going to be seen as being your own fault. You can’t claim personal injury compensation if an accident was caused by your own actions!

For more detailed information see the following articles:

Reporting the accident

Another important factor in making a successful claim is reporting the details of your accident to the right people. If you’ve slipped on a wet floor in a private establishment (a business premises, a supermarket, a cinema, a restaurant etc) you must make every effort to ensure that the party responsible for running the premises is informed. Any employer or location open to the public should have an accident book and a way of recording incidents. By recording the incident, you are providing proof that you fell in their premises and that your injuries were caused on their patch.

Unless you are severely injured and incapacitated, you should report your accident and injuries immediately and ensure that they are noted in an accident book. If the third party tell you they don’t have an accident book, or won’t let you have access to it, there are things you can do.

Are your injuries serious enough?

It’s not enough to just be injured, the injury has to be severe enough to provide a sufficient level of quantum to enable the claim to be placed. Quantum is the posh Latin term for value of the claim used in the legal world. To ensure that the injury value is sufficient, it is usually the case that an injured client will need to have suffered from their injury for a period of at least a few weeks. Therefore, if you sprained your ankle mildly and recovered within a fortnight, you would struggle to bring a claim. But if you sprained your ankle badly, tearing the ligaments and spent 6 weeks on crutches and then had 5 physio sessions, your claim would easily pass the quantum test.

If you haven’t had medical treatment, it is likely that your injuries will not be seen as sufficiently serious to warrant a claim as medical evidence is needed to support your claim. If you have been suffering in silence and haven’t seen the GP, you still can. If the GP is happy to note that your injuries are consistent with those suffered in a slipping on a wet or dangerous floor surface, you can then prove your injuries and pursue a claim.

If all this seems a bit complicated, or you haven’t done any of the above, don’t worry – if you contact us we can talk you through it and help you to complete the necessary steps.

Being involved in an accident which isn’t your fault can be rather traumatic, not just for you but also for your family. Most people don’t know how to react after being thrust into such a scenario and it can rock a family to their core when they least expect it.

You might not think it is worth going through the hassle of putting in a claim for compensation, but it doesn’t take much time at all and provided you hire a good solicitor who has experience in dealing with such matters, you will find the process of claiming for compensation rather easy.

79 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Neal


    I was hit from behind at a roundabout by a car going approximately 8mph. The driver drove off after the impact and I later caught up to him further down the road due to traffic. He later admitted responsibility for the accident and apologised for leaving the scene.

    I reported the accident to his insurer as I was advised to do by my insurer given the age of my car and excess that I would have to pay. They accepted liability and satisfactorily reimbursed me for the repairs needed for my car.

    The collision aggravated an existing lower back injury and led to pain in my middle to upper back which I did not notice until a day later (this pain has dulled but continues 2 weeks after the event). I also had a slight pain in my neck.

    I was already due to visit my GP two days after the incident so at the same time asked her to assess the injuries. She confirmed mild whiplash and said that my neck was inflamed. She advised me to take painkillers for the week namely ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and advised me to come back should the injuries worsen.

    I spoke to the other parties insurers bodily injury team given the excess on mine to have a discussion about the process of claiming for my injuries and was upfront about my pre-existing lower back injury- one that is not documented in my medical records (I say pre-existing but in total I have experienced lower back pain about 3 times in my life) and I also detailed the further injury sustained I believe as a result of the impact. Namely the middle back pain which I had not felt before.

    The insurer asked for pictures of my car, however the damage was very minor, with scratches and a couple of small dents.

    Following this, about a week later in a letter they reported back to me that “put simply, we do not accept that you sustained the injuries complained of.” and “as such would not be making any payments in respect to my claim.” they advised me that I would have to seek legal advice if I wanted to pursue it further.

    The act of effectively calling me a liar which has really irked me and as such I wondered if you had any advice on what I should do?

    • Ian Morris

      Insurers are becoming more and more reluctant to compensate the victims of negligent drivers who cause low speed collisions – even when medical evidence confirms that injuries have been sustained. The terminology used is ‘Low Velocity Impact’ or ‘LVI’ and in cases where the damage to a vehicle is ‘slight’, an insurer will argue that the speed of the collision and forces applied are not consistent with injury. There is no ‘hard and fast’ evidence to support their assumption, but the Government have repeatedly life easier for insurers of the at fault party, when it comes to claims for personal injury arising from road traffic collisions.

      If you would like to speak with our specialist Solicitors regarding your case, please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help in that process. Our Solicitors have successfully overturned refusals from insurers to compensate people with diagnosed injuries sustained in LVI incidents and would be happy to consider whether they could do the same in your situation.

  2. Gemma

    Hi while exiting a shop yesterday I broke my finger after it became trapped in the door handle

    • Ian Morris

      How did your finger become trapped in the door handle? Was the handle faulty? To find out whether or not you can make a claim against the shop in question, we need to understand how the accident happened so that we can identify whether or not there has been any negligence. Also, was an accident book entry made in the store? Did they note your details and the details of the injury to your finger?

  3. Stuart

    Hi Ian.
    I have Two questions which I will post separately if that is ok.

    In Greece I fell and damaged my foot. An X-ray Revealed no break, however they put a cast on for precautionary purposes and advised me to return home and seek more medical advice In my hospital. I returned next Day and went to A&E. They X rayed it and found no break They said it was a bad sprain. They removed my cast the Greek hospital had put on and told me to walk as much as possible to stop my foot from going stiff. The Pain was excruciating when I walked and had to lend a wheelchair. Three months and several visits to the hospital later, another X-Ray revealed a shock to the Medical staff, i had what they described as a “ displaced intra articular fracture to my calcaneus “ ( a broken heel ) hence the pain. As it was not picked up at A&E, then they removed my plaster cast so I could walk on i , i now have arthritis in my subtalar joint as it was not operated on when it should have. Are The hospital liable for misdiagnosed fracture or delayed diagnosis of fracture?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ian Morris

      Whether or not the Hospital have been negligent in this matter is something that only a clinical negligence specialist could advise. We do not handle matters of clinical negligence due to the complex nature of them and the specialist knowledge needed. We therefore recommend that you contact a Solicitor specialising in clinical negligence to obtain the advice you need.

      • Stuart

        Hi Ian .
        Thanks very much for the advice .

        • Ian Morris

          You are welcome. If you need any further help or advice regarding claiming personal injury compensation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. john hughes

    Am I entitled to compensation against my firm for my truck blowing over in Scotland last Friday night and getting minor injury?

    • Ian Morris

      In the event that a high sided vehicle is blown over by excessive wind, the only way that a claim would have any prospect of success would be if a driver reported concerns that it was not safe to drive in such conditions and an employer ignored those concerns and ‘forced’ the employee to drive regardless of the risks.

      If this did not happen in your case, it is unfortunately just an incident that would be attributed to an ‘act of god’ and no claim could follow.

  5. DeLynn

    I was in a beauty salon and afterwards my hair was done I got out of the chair. When I stepped on the rubber mat it tripped me. Not sure if it was from being too soft and or the the traction it has. But, never the less, I fell and broke my hip. I was wearing flat shoes (tennis shoes)

    • Ian Morris

      If the mat created a tripping hazard, you may have a right to make a claim.

  6. Zach

    Can I use for unfair dismissal after a period of a couple years?

    I was fired as a direct consequence of having an asthma attack at work. After having the asthma attack and staying outside for a while with first aiders I was taken into the office and fired on the spot. He tried to dismiss it as “you can’t work in these conditions” but I had been there working fine despite having asthma. I asked if I can instead be transferred to another department but was swiftly told I can’t.

    This was in summer of 2018 and I was only told I could have sued recently when I mentioned it and was told I should have sued and should proceed with legal proceedings if I still can.

    • Ian Morris

      You need to seek the advice of an employment law specialist with this query.

  7. Nicola

    My partner past away in Aug so i have been off work looking after him since June.I went back to work in Nov phased return.Im struggling getting in each day and doing what I’ve done for years but I’m doing it and doing my best at my job.Boss has now done a rota for staff to go in to a special needs Junior class children are violent physically and verbally to staff and they need a break out of there so that’s why boss has come up with a rota so everyone has a turn.I work with nursery and reception and always have.Ive spoken to boss twice about my concerns about my turn in the class and im not strong enough to deal with children like that at the moment in between me sobbing please don’t put me in there yet.She won’t listen to me and all she says is you will be fine.My colleague has also spoken to boss saying I’m too fragile to be going in to that class.Been told by staff members from the class to prepare to be battered.Im not sleeping still grieving for my partner and feel sick to the stomach and more upset and hurt that she hasn’t listened to me.Can you advise me on what i can do.

    • Ian Morris

      In order to protect your interests, you need to make sure that your concerns, your worries and your anxieties about work and the actions of your employer are presented to the employer in writing. That way, evidence of you making them aware of your current state of mind can be compiled. Should the employer then fail to do anything to rectify the situation, you can at least have a specialist Solicitor look at the matter and consider whether your employer has been unreasonable and if so, you could then pursue a claim against them for work related stress and anxiety.

  8. Ian Morris

    To start with your end point, the injury to your foot. We would be very happy to look at helping you claim compensation for the injury sustained. The employers failure to provide you with steel-toe capped shoes could be seen as negligence and a claim would be justified on that basis.

    On the other issue of the employment issues and anxiety/stress, we’ll need you to complete and return our initial work related stress questionnaire so that we can have our specialist review the situation and advise you further on that. The two claims are separate and could be pursued side by side.

  9. Michael

    Had rta in 2013 was hit by a van side on with trailer full of wet concreate covered in plastic it was that heavy the van ended up on its side and trailer still upright with the amount of concreate in it..i hurt my neck and back but went back to work a week later as time went i was getting worse with the pain .i had operation in 2014 because of bulging discs L4L5 .since my operation i haven’t returned to my job because of the pain im also awaiting a spinal cord stimulater to be put in my back and also still getting treatment on my neck i had 1 or 2 episodes of pain in my back before the crash in 2010 and some other time i was lifting a grill at work and basically sprained my lower back but was giving difene tabs from doctor and was back in work 4 days later i was never out of work b4 with my back long term or my neck .my job is or was a fitter of rollershutters and steel doors so involves alot of lifting .should i be worried about anyting regarding my claim ..just to note they have admitted liability and are looking for my medical records. Its going on 6 years now and its been very hard .

    • Ian Morris

      As liability is admitted you should not worry. Clearly you sustained painful and serious injuries and in such cases, where a claim is ongoing it is not uncommon for the process to be lengthy whilst the two parties negotiate a reasonable and fair settlement based on medical evidence and prognosis reports.

      • Michael

        Hi Ian, thanks for reply again. I am just worried about the pre-existing side of things as insurance companies tend to use that card all the time. I did nothing wrong and I could have been killed along with my colleague that was in the van with me. Will they try and lower the settlement because of pre-existing issues with my back? I have never had issues with my neck. I am now awaiting for spinal cord stimulant to be put into my spine as well.

        • Ian Morris

          You should not let your concerns about pre-existing health conditions from stopping you from pursuing your legal right to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

          Whilst it is of course the case that a pre-existing condition will be taken in to account by a defendant to reduce their liabilities, it does not mean that the defendant gets away without making settlement. A specialist Solicitor would ensure that all ‘new’ injuries were compensated fully and that any pre-existing conditions that have been worsened or exacerbated in an accident are assessed by a medical expert with relevant knowledge. The experts report will be able to provide evidence as to the extent of the worsening of symptoms and further damage done in the index incident at the heart of the claim. This should ensure that you are fairly compensated for both the new injuries as well as the worsening of pre-existing conditions.

          • Michael

            Thanks so much for your reply ian i feel much better now, thanks again.

          • Ian Morris

            We appreciate that making a claim or even having to consider making a claim for compensation is a daunting prospect. We are here to help our claimants understand their rights and ensure that they feel confident in the claims process.

  10. Alvin Burgess

    The company I work for deals with heavy steel items. The only lifting equipment here is a forklift truck, but this machine is not able to access the rear of the workshop. As a result we have to lift all the metal parts by hand. We are all suffering with our backs form this and I am too. One the lumps of metals weights 110kgs, which is lifted by just two of us. I have requesting better lifting equipment and is has been promised but nothing has been done and I am guessing that nothing will be done. I am concerned that one day I am going to lift something and my back will fail. Our boss is a nasty piece of work and he sacks anyone that steps out of line. Please can you advise what options are available to me (us), i.e. suing now for poor working conditions or compensation when my back does eventually break.

    • Ian Morris

      UK law is unlikely to enable you to sue the employer for the working conditions, although you should of course report the lifting and lack of suitable equipment to the Health and Safety Executive anonymously and get them to conduct an investigation. You should also ensure that your justified concerns are put to your employer in writing.

      Certainly, if your back is injured in lifting weights of such a size, you would have a valid claim for compensation.

  11. Wendy

    Can I claim compensation? I was shopping in a supermarket and a whole stack of vegetable cases fell and hit me all down my left leg. I have a huge bruise on the back of my lower leg and another at the back of the top of my leg. I reported it and took photos but the bruises are getting bigger.

    • Ian Morris

      At face value, it would appear that you have a valid claim. Please call our team on 01225430285 or use our ‘start a claim‘ service to make your claim.

  12. Georgia

    I have sustained injuries following a cycling incident last night. A car driver got dangerously close to my bike and I have to swerve to avoid being hit by the vehicle. In doing so I lost control of my bike and came off. I fell straight on to my head causing severe pain and swelling. I also have a laceration to my left arm with cuts and bruising to my left shoulder and knee. Although the driver did not hit me due to my preventative actions, do I have a claim based on the nature of his driving?

    • Ian Morris

      You may be able to pursue a claim via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) scheme for uninsured or untraced drivers. Given the nature of this incident, if you have the vehicle registration it could allow you to pursue a claim directly against the vehicle insurers. However, they would likely want evidence, such as helmet cam footage, to prove their insured was driving dangerously. If, as is likely, the driver fled the scene without even stopping, you could seek to make a claim via the MIB untraced driver scheme, but you can only make such a claim if you have reported the incident to the Police and obtained a Police Reference number.

      As stated in other posts and pages by ourselves, you do not have to have a Solicitor pursue an MIB claim for you as you can pursue the matter without representation directly with them. However, you also have the option of instructing a Solicitor to pursue the claim on a No Win No Fee basis. If so, you would pay nothing if the claim were to fail, but you would contribute up to 25% of any awarded compensation towards the costs of the claim. There are obvious clear benefits to having a specialist Solicitor acting for you, but the choice is yours as to the way you would like to proceed.

      We would be very happy to assist you in this matter and invite you to call us on 01225430285 for further help and to start your claim.

  13. Adam

    On Friday I was at work on going to my lunch I got ran over by a folk lift (I was wearing steel toe caps with a hi vis vest) the folks went straight over my foot by cutting through my boot and slicing my foot open, I’m currently in the early stages (still off work) and just sitting here with my foot in stitches and wrapped up. Am I eligible for a claim here considering I’ll be better in a week or two? The reporting of the accident was all complete and got to go in for a statement

    • Ian Morris

      The injury you have suffered at work is certainly sufficiently severe to warrant making a claim for personal injury compensation. We would be very happy to investigate your situation and seek specialist advise from our Solicitors for you with a view to pursuing a claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

      If you would like to take this further, we’ll need a few minutes with you on the phone to take some initial basic details before we pass that to the Solicitor who would then call you directly to discuss your accident and confirm that a claim can proceed. You can start the process by calling us on 01225430285 or by asking us to call you when you are available.

  14. David

    My daughter hurt her foot in Morrison’s supermarket, a metal bar fell on her foot due to work being done in the shop. She didn’t seek medical advice just ice pack and calpol and help from first aid in the shop.

    • Ian Morris

      As long as the injury to your Daughters foot was recorded in the accident book of the shop, you can make a claim on her behalf.

  15. Stan

    I have been off sick due to stress and anxiety, this was due to being suspended but the original case that was set against me has now been dropped. The case in question was due to be confidential and I was not suppose to be discussed with other people in my office. I did not talk to anyone else about this in the office but I received messages from a previous worker going into detail about the case with me and my name was then mentioned around the office. I questioned HR regarding this to how it had got out they apologised but never gave me any real answers on how the news got about the office, I can only presume a manager spoke about this. In effect this has caused more stress and anxiety, my sick note is coming to an end and my employer are calling me in to come back to work but I now no longer want to return due to what’s gone on. I am in the process of handing in my notice and found other employment, but would like to know if there is anything I can do for compensation due to having to leave purely due to the stress and anxiety caused because of this whole situation. Have I got a case?

    • Ian Morris

      We would recommend that you make contact with an employment law specialist as the scenario you have described could be seen to be a constructive dismissal matter. Effectively, you feel that you have no option other than to resign due to the behaviour of your employer and if you can establish this under employment law, you could be entitled to damages from them.

  16. sivuyile

    My brother passed away while he was at work, what is the process to be taken/follow?

    • Ian Morris

      How did your Brother die? Was he involved in an accident at work? If there was an accident it is important to ensure that the appropriate authorities investigate the incident and that a full report of the incident is obtained.

  17. Stewart

    I am not sure which way to turn here anyone help I know it’s a little long winded. I need someone to point me in the right direction.

    Suffer badly from PTSD, and I just hits me at different times of the day but always work.. my job is pretty stressful. I am a supervisor with Local Council
    Both my Brother (Jim) , and I. Although we were in different areas.
    I have listed below the stuff that has happened to me since joining the council 14 years ago
    1) lost my Sister to cancer
    2) l lost my brother, best mate and work colleague ( Jim) to a heart attack, 3) took this really bad and had a complete breakdown, this is when the PTSD kicked in (flashbacks, trying to find my weapons, wandering about aimlessly.
    3) just over two years ago I found my Young Sister dead In her house, heart attack
    4) just two weeks later my Mother passed away, heart attack and Stroke.
    5) then the inevitable happened, I took a heart attack, lucky the forces training kicked in.
    6) then six weeks after that my Father took a heart attack whilst I was with him in the dentists surgery
    7) 4 weeks ago my niece was found dead 26years of age, my God Daughter.
    All this has happened to me over the last 5-6 years. I was always lead to believe that we all have a duty of care for our staff and men. Not the Council, they don’t give a flying F..k about staff..

    Now I will list what they have done to me.
    1) Not long after Brother died I was moved to his old depot and yes his old office.. (very caring).
    2) I took a breakdown with severe depression and anxiety.
    during this during this whole period not one of the managers came to visit me.
    3) All the men came up virtually everyone of them.
    4) I then got called in for a absence review with a total young boy (manager) who replaced one of the old ones. (He didn’t know me from Adam), however he placed me on capability 1 (apparently not answering the phone whilst I was driving) . (No Bluetooth in vans) last year
    I took another breakdown 4 weeks ago in my office and was sent home. Obviously due to my Niece. And I started back at a fortnight ago.
    5) I was back at in managers for absence review meeting where I was informed I will be placed on capability 2 due to sickness level and the council can’t sustain the absence.
    During this whole period I have been offered about 4 Counciling sessions I went anyway. Some young girl just out of college no life experience hasn’t been subjected to some of the horrors I have seen in my lifetime
    (it’s specialists I need, with having PTSD)
    I was under a investigation for almost two years. And found nothing to prove his allegations, where and are False. (nothing happened to him) where if I did do something I would have been sacked on the spot.

    I was threatened by a attendant from the opposite shift from me as he wanted overtime. But I had everything covered and explained this to him.
    I reported this as I am not taking that from any member of staff.
    (What has been done about it nothing).

    I asked for a risk assessment to be done in my workplace, and a job description over a year ago.
    I walked into work recently and I was asked by a manager if I would like to be considered for redundancy
    As I have only been with local council 14 yrs it wouldn’t be worth my while.
    No no he said they will sort out a package for you, and sort out my pension.
    I then had the area manager ask me about redundancy. I said yes my manager said to me about it.
    His reply was there is no package, but we will try and get you on grounds of ILL health, he then said to me if you go long term sick I should be able to get you that. ? Obviously I am on medication I was thinking straight. I got a letter from Pension which I didn’t sign. It was just after a manager said I was being placed on capability 2.
    Brain started to function woo, I am being set up here

    What I have done for the council and my country

    Ex Forces (NI & Gulf,) 14year Service
    Started with Council as a driver
    My car was painted Brits out. (Handled)
    Bombs under my car (handled)
    Wrote up a complete training program for the As there was nothing in place.
    Ran a two year government training program for them
    Nominated for employee of the year
    Promoted supervisor
    Got pulled out my own job and asked would I run the landfill
    As due to sickness the didn’t have anyone with COTC in waste
    Okay ended up there 2 Years until I closed it
    Then I was put into brothers old office on a totally different job

    • Ian Morris

      You have clearly had an extremely traumatic few years and it is clear that the strains of your personal/family life and the losses you have had would cause you to struggle with everyday life. Employers do have a duty of care towards their employed staff with regards to health and safety at work and this can include issues related to mental health – stress, anxiety and depression etc.

      Whether or not you have a valid claim will only be known once the full details regarding your employers actions and your efforts to get them to consider your requests for help has been considered by a specialist Solicitor working in work related stress compensation matters. To this end, we have sent you a work related stress questionnaire to complete and return. When we receive that from you, we’ll have a specialist Solicitor review it for you and contact you to further discuss your situation with you.

  18. Jenna

    I’ve fell through my floor at home.All the timber has rotten completely hence me falling into an open void under the house (council property)I’ve hurt myself quite bad in my lower back..myquestion is is the council liable and do I qualify for a claim,
    Many thanks

    • Ian Morris

      The landlord could be liable in this matter. However, they may be able to avoid liability as they could rely on not having been aware of the issue – no reports of faults etc.

      We would be happy to investigate this matter for you if you would like to make a claim.

  19. Mark

    I suffered an injury at work by someone else messing and playing about. Should i be entitled to anything?

    • Ian Morris

      There is a potential claim for compensation as a result of your workplace injury. If staff are not working correctly and the employer is not enforcing a safe and secure working environment, there is the possibility of holding the employer liable for injuries sustained at work.

  20. Annamária

    My manager dropped a beer keg on my foot as he was trying to lift it on the top of another keg and this has fractured my foot. I’ve not been given an accident report, I’ve not received any payment apart from the £94.25/week sick pay. My question is how much could I claim for my broken foot and how much should I settle for?

    • Ian Morris

      When making an injury claim, calculating how much compensation you can expect to receive for your injuries is something that can only be done later on in the claims process after having a specialist medical assessment of the injury and a detailed report provided to your Solicitor. Including such a report, issues that affect the amount of money awarded in a successful claim settlement will include:

      • The extent of the pain and suffering experienced by the claimant
      • Recovery time
      • Rehabilitation and treatment costs
      • Special damages to include incurred financial costs and loss of income.

      It is not possible to assign a valuation to your claim at this stage without taking a wild guess – which would be unhelpful to you. However, we do have an article on foot injury claims which may be of further assistance.

      You describe an accident scenario that would indicate to us that you have a valid claim with good prospects of succeeding. If you have not already done so, please call us on 01225430285 or we can call you at a time that suits.

  21. Jake

    So in July 2018 I had an accident at work where I was picking from a pallet that was stacked above head height (i’m 6’1) and when picking the first container down the container slipped and caused me to injury the right side of my body, following the accident procedure I went to find a manger to report it to, whist a union rep was present I explained what had happened and told him I would like to report said accident. Around about 6 hours later and 3-4 visits to managers I was finally given a chance to write out what had happened and fill out the accident book and sign it. I was given no first aid, no medical attention what so ever. Following the accident around about 4-5 weeks later the company I work for provided me with a physiotherapist due to said accident. I have been on the sick since August 12th 2018 due to the severity of the pain, which is becoming increasingly worse, the gp has said that the injury is never going to get any better and it is not possible to be put right by an operation, all I can do is take chronic pain relief as it is a long term injury. A few month back I looked into putting a claim in and was told it need a copy of the accident report, following the company rules I wrote to them and requested said report. To cut a long story short they are denying any report to have been signed and denying that an accident had even happened.

    I’m stumped on what I can, there is a lot more to the incident I.e they breached health and safety rules by stacking the pallets above the safe limit, which has been pointed and time after time and still operate this way. PPE is not a strong point for them either.

    I’m still currently off work, but still an employee of the company, my sick pay CSP and SSP have been exhausted and I can no longer physically do the intended job due the the injury.

    Apologies for the long winded autobiography of the past 12month, but do I have a claim of any kind?

    Many thanks

    • Ian Morris

      Given that your employer provided you with a physiotherapist as a result of the injury you sustained at work, they must have some record of the incident and injury. Further, you can obtain a supportive statement from the Union rep who attended the manager with you when you first reported the incident.

      You should make a claim and the fact that your employer has not provided you with a copy should not stop you from looking further in to this matter. Please do use our ‘start a claim’ page to make further contact and we’ll call you to obtain some further information and present your claim enquiry to our specialist Solicitors for you.

  22. Daniel

    Do I have a chance to claim?
    Had an accident at work Nov 2018, which led to time in hospital and time off work and current injuries. I had been asking to record this in the accident book from the date of the accident. I attended an interview with my employer about my accident and obtained a document where I have written proof of my employer acknowledging how the accident happened and agreeing to record it in the accident book, signed by both parties.
    No protective measures have been put in place since and the problem remains.
    Do I have a case that I could allow me to claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, you do have a valid claim to pursue against your employer and we would be happy to assist with this.

      Our specialist Solicitors have a proven track record of representing claimants successfully in claims against their employers for injuries and losses caused in accidents at work.

  23. Mary Westwood

    If you need help or advice regarding a claim, then this is by far the best, most reliable website to use, with real, genuine people ready to help and advise. I feel so much happier, knowing that they will try their best to put me in touch with the right people. Sometimes you feel like they are just call centers, but this definitely isn’t. Believe me, you have come to the right place when you hit on this website. Ian is a really genuine person who has plenty of expertise to hand.

  24. Ceza

    Hi I am wondering if I am able to make a claim for the psychological damage received during a long hospital stay this year. There are several issues I faced including not getting help from A&E the day before I was sedated in a comma for 2 weeks, lying about care on my notes and other more personal aspects due to bad care from the nurses. Also referrals for mental health was not made when I left which was supposed to be a condition for my discharge and ignored by physiotherapy.
    I was put in a comma and paralysed due to Influenza A, my lungs gave in and I need incubating, sepsis and kidney failure. I was treated very badly by the nurses meant to care for me and meant to feel like a burden and I even stopped eating and drinking for 4 days not to bother them for help which effected my kidneys. The treatment I received lead me to being and still suicidal as well as flash backs being unable to sleep and scared of any health care professionals. I am even terrified of needles as I was stabbed 20 times over 2 days (not including all the other times) and no blood could be taken which was down to the skill of the doctor as a blood nurse was able to. I have also been recorded as having type 2 diabetes and received insulin whilst sedated and I am not diabetic. A nurse did not do my obs properly and missed one of my injections and shouted at me and left the drugs trolley in front of me open and walked off the ward even though I had told the doctors if I could get out of the bed (going through physio as left unable to move) I would take them all. Even a scissors was left near my bed just out of arms reach which I had to stare at all day, they knew my past metal health history. This is just the tip of the ice burg I was subjected to. There was also drug errors including taking me off my sertraline (antidepressant) and then putting me back on the full dose which can cause many issues. I also begged them to stop procedures such as rolling me to wash me and was having a panic attack and hyperventilating and they laughed and kept on. They also stood there arguing about scars on my legs. It got so bad my partner took off as much time from work as he could as we were both afraid of the treatment I would receive when he was not around. Also my emergency button was often ignored, they would come in turn it off and never come back or it would be on for up to an hour. After a second pic line was to be put in but they couldn’t after the procedure. This was because a nurse took it out because it had become loose however if she had phoned the team like I asked they could have put it back in. I was left outside in the hallway on a trolley on a deflated bed for ages whilst everyone went home. No help button unable to even sit up or anything left to feel so vulnerable and alone I thought they had forgotten about me and no way to get help as I could barely move on my own. The first pic line that was put in I was not numbed properly or the second time and was screaming in agony but was ignored. A doctor even had a go at me when my line came out and shouted at me all I did was turn over, he made me feel like a little child. Would I have a valid claim?

    • Ian Morris

      You may have a valid clinical negligence claim, but this is not something that we are suitably experienced in or expert at handling, so to advise you would be unwise.

      The best course of action at this stage would be two things. Firstly, make a formal complaint to the Health organisation that treated you, outlining your concerns and secondly, to seek the advice of a specialist clinical negligence Solicitor.

      • Ceza

        Ok thank you.

  25. Kim

    Hi I have worked for 27 months as a lone worker, although I understand the role as lone worker my problem is I am treated as such in work for 27 months. I have been ignored, felt isolated, and completely alien with my line manager and other employees, I have tried to exchange pleasantries with other employees and I don’t receive a response they just walk away from me ignore me, the priest leaves money around all the time making me feel distrusted when I have never give him cause to not trust me, I work in a presbytery it’s a cold, hostile environment, I am now off work through stress, and depression and have saw my doctor, he understands and as given me a sick note and referred me to therapy, have I a good case for personal injury? Thank you.

    • Ian Morris

      Before you could seek to make a claim, you’d need to make sure that your employers are made aware (in writing) of your grievances and concerns. This then gives them an opportunity to resolve the problem.

      If the employer fails to act on your notice of concern, it does not mean that you have a definite claim, but it does at least open the door for further investigation as to whether the employer should have acted on your concerns. If it were then found that they should, but did not, you would have a valid claim.

  26. jennifer

    In 2014 i injured my neck and shoulders the doctor said too much lifting heavy machine parts, took time off with pay work mans coop. In 2016 the same thing i went to open old claim the case worker said not the same close it up. File a new one sent me to every Doctor they said i’m Okay made me more crazy, my work would never answer phone to me, i was calling twice daily, so no choice i try for unemployment, got few checks until unemployment sent letter my Job said i quit a lie, i had no one, my old Job got rid of workers, just keep me back in the washroom washing Machine parts the heaviest was 65lb. i would have 8 big machines or more in a day, i would put machine parts away where they went wash and mop take garbage out, i was so busy for 10 hours i would not take break i had to get it done, they loved my work being fast. From this day i’m in pain every day neck, shoulder, thigh, in late 2017 after all the Doctor not saying what was hurting me, now i have a great doctor i have Degenist disc any thing i can do for how i was treated?

    • Ian Morris

      Under UK law, you are out of limitation as more than 3 years has passed since you developed symptoms of injury. As such, we cannot help you claim compensation from your employer.

  27. Alison

    My knee was painful and I went to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics/anti inflammatory tablets, Last week I was working in a loft space and my knee popped. I was taken to hospital and am signed off sick for 5weeks
    Where do I stand and what, if anything does my employer have to do for me

    • Ian Morris

      You can hold your employer liable for your injuries and losses if you can attribute the cause of your knee injury to employer negligence. In this case, you need to ask why your knee ‘popped’? If it was simply an accidental injury with no employer negligence, the employer has no obligations towards you other than to fulfill whatever contractual agreements you have and await your return to work.

      However, if your knee injury was sustained as a result of a lack of training, insufficient and incorrect working equipment or some other employer negligence issue then you can pursue a claim for compensation and loss of income. To further discuss the specifics of your knee injury to find out if you can pursue a claim, you can call us on 01225430285.

  28. Mike Hardy

    Hi, I was wondering if I have a compensation claim at work. I have recently had to take time off work due to constant back pain caused by incorrect manual handling procedures used by my company. I have self medicated to ease the pain but I know that if I go back to work I will be back to square one again. Other than reporting this on my self certification there is no record of this in the accident book.

    • Ian Morris

      You should make a written representation to your employer regarding your condition and their incorrect manual handling procedures. This will put the matter on record with the employer and provide important evidence in any future claim. Of course, it would also be wise to see your GP to have the details of your symptoms recorded within your medical records.

      We would like to speak with you to find out more about your work and discuss the alleged manual handling issues in order to ascertain whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation against your employer.

  29. Mark Jacobs

    I was working on an aircraft under pressure to get the flight out – so working quickly. Through the flight I got into some equipment to move it off the stand. As I got in the equipment I hit my head hard causing a lot of bleeding. The airport responders attended where I was assessed. My BP dropped and I felt very ill for a while. I was then taken to the hospital where I then received stitches. The equipment in question doesn’t seem to have any rubber protective equipment across the board. Would I have a claim against my company or the manufacturer at all?

    • Ian Morris

      It is more likely that you would have a claim against your employer, rather than the manufacturer as the employer has tasked you with using that equipment and possibly placed you at risk of injury. I assume that you are not required to wear a hard hat or similar PPE equipment?

      You could well have a claim and we would be happy to further investigate this for you.

  30. steve

    I crushed my hand at work on a piece of machinery and although my hand is not broken, I have burst a few blood vessels in hand in which i received a couple of stitches and wrapped up. I have a 2 week medical line but my work still wants me to go back on light duties and ignore the medical line, who is in the right myself or my employer?

    • Ian Morris

      No employer can question the opinion or advice of a qualified medical expert and as such, if you have been advised not to work for a period of 2 weeks by your GP or Hospital Doctor, then you should follow that advice. However, it may be that your Doctor has simply said that you cannot do the job you usually do as it would worsen your injury. As such, if the employer is able to offer you a different role that does not affect your hand injury in anyway, there is no harm in getting in to work and continuing to earn your income.

      Returning to work or otherwise would not impact on the outcome of any claim for accident at work compensation that you may choose to make. Given that your hand was crushed, something has clearly gone wrong and as such, we would like to investigate that further for you to see if you have a valid claim for work accident compensation. If you would like to take this further, please call our team on 01225430285, email me or use our ‘start a claim’ page and we’ll call you to find out more about the work, what happened to you and how you were injured and offer advice to get your No Win No Fee claim started.

  31. Annette

    I was picked up by my friend from eye casualty where I was told to be extremely careful and not to traumatise my eye at all. My friend took me for a quiet pub lunch. We sat at a large heavy wooden table with four benches round it. Suddenly the table upended and all I could see was the large table and parasol coming towards me. I was soaked from the drinks, glass all around me and badly shaken. We discovered there were no bolts on the hinges holding the table down on at least two sides. Photos taken. Aches and pains everywhere which I reported to GP but nothing much visible. I will be seeing eye specialist next week to check my eye but again nothing visible. Tee shirt ruined.

    However, now when I go out I am anxious about sitting at pub tables and find I am nervous about even sitting in chairs in public places. The brewery took a week to get back to me and have offered new clothes and a lunch in another of theirs pubs. That’s fine but it doesn’t cut it for me. I feel a cheque for a couple of hundred pounds would help me to get over the distress rather than another lunch I don’t feel up to. What do you think?

    • Ian Morris

      The lack of bolts on the hinges holding the table down is likely to be seen as an act of negligence should you pursue a claim for compensation. Thankfully, it seems that you escaped serious injury in this accident but the aches and pains, plus the associated anxiety caused to you in this incident is likely to be seen as sufficiently serious injuries to warrant making a claim against the brewery. To add to this, you have not yet seen your eye specialist and must be concerned about any possible impact that this incident has had on your recovery to your eye problem. You should definitely report your anxiety on both counts to your GP.

      We would be very happy to further investigate your claim against the brewery. You may prefer to liaise directly with the brewery to see if you can reach a satisfactory outcome, but our advice would always be to speak with a specialist personal injury Solicitor before agreeing any settlement as it is unlikely that you would be adequately compensated by dealing with the insurers directly.

      • Annette robbins

        Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch.
        Would I be able to have a phone call free of charge from a solicitor? I would like to have a modest settlement with the brewery but would love the advice from a solicitor before negotiating with them.

        • Ian Morris

          Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can arrange for you to have a brief chat with one of our partner Solicitors.

    • Shah

      Hi my brother had a accident 10 years ago. A police car hit him on the road. We went solicitor but they said we need to do a case. But I was young and my mum wasn’t very knowledgeable about these. From then he had a mental health. Do I have a claim?

      • Ian Morris

        If you are now over the age of 21 years, you would not be entitled to take any action in this matter. The law is strict when it comes to how long you have to make a claim for compensation and that is a maximum of 3-years from the date of an accident for any person ages 18 or older. For those under the age of 18 at the time of an accident, the law allows them until their 21st Birthday to make a claim.

  32. Antony

    Hi I am a fireman and had a hiatus hernia operation carried out 12 months ago and made a full recovery . I recently injured myself carrying out a heavy lifting procedure in work in an awkward position . I was told to do this by a manager and he watched me do it. The strain injury was to the hiatus hernia I had repaired 12 months ago. I am now off work with all the symptoms back of hiatus hernia . The investigation is ongoing as I write but I need some outside advice . Thanks

    • Ian Morris

      You could seek to make a claim for compensation for the injury sustained if the employer has been negligent towards your health and safety at work. In your case, your employer must ensure that you have received adequate manual handling training and that you are not made to lift incorrectly. Also, the employer should take in to account your level of fitness and consider any pre-existing injuries or noted issues that may impact on your ability to lift safely.

      Of course, in the role you fulfil, there are risks to safety that cannot be totally avoided, but the standard obligations for the Fire Service to adhere to the requirements of the Health & Safety at work act remain in place.

  33. Brian

    my wife has received a head injury whilst walking along a pavement and tripping over a raised water meter cover on a small newly built housing estate. Most of the houses are occupied and the pavement was opened up for public use8/9 months ago possibly longer. It is too soon to say what the long term affect will be on her health but being in her mid 70,s it could have longer term repercussions so I feel she needs to consider all her options when she feels sufficiently recovered. I have taken plenty of photographs with a 50p coin to guage size of hazard and intend advising the developer and local authority but don`t hold out much hope as local residents have been complaining to the planning officer for months saying the state of the pavements are an accident waiting to happen and the developer is very cavalier in his attitude. The pavement is a route for children walking to the village school and this played a part in granting planning permission for the site, It seems to me both developer and planning/building control have been negligent one for giving public access for something not fit for purpose the other for not using their enforcement powers when public safety is being put at risk. Does my wife have a winnable case?

    • Ian Morris

      As you can imagine, at this stage we can’t say for certain that your wife has a winnable claim for tripping accident compensation. However, I can say that on the basis of your initial description of the incident and cause of your wife’s injury, it would seem that she has a valid claim for tripping accident compensation that warrants further investigation as the relevant ‘boxes’ appear to have been ticked in that there is a tripping hazard protruding from the pavement surface that has been in situ for many months (if not longer).

      We would need to see the photographs of the ‘hazard’ and discuss the situation in more detail to give a more qualified view, but our initial view is positive. We would like to help further with this as and when your wife feels able to do so. At that time, please either call us on 01225430285.

      Whilst it is always wise to avoid delays in making a claim, your wife does have 3 years from the date of her accident in which she can make a claim.

  34. Carl duck

    Hi Ian

    I was in the store yesterday (25 June) at around 15.50h/16.00h

    I entered the store and initially looked at the refrigerated meats. I did not pick up any items.

    I then walked across the aisle and in the middle of it slipped, fell and landed on my bottom/back.
    I dropped both my iphone and wallet.

    I am 6ft and 15 stone and the noise from the fall alerted the whole store.

    A number of shoppers assisted me.

    It became immediately apparent that I had slipped on pink yoghurt type product that was on the aisle flooring and the skid mark was visible.

    I fell into a metal basket holding crisps which was knocked over and cut my arm. My iphone screen smashed.

    I did get up but was obviously shocked.

    Two members of staff came to the shop floor and one of them took a photograph of the yogurt.

    The yogurt was cleaned up and I went into the back of the store with the Duty Manager and left my details. The incident was filmed on CCTV.

    I was actually quite shaken by the incident.

    I awoke this morning with a very sore lower spine; my right knee is also sore. I called the local GPs and I have an appointment at 4.30pm today to check that I have not damaged anything.

    As my back is sore I have decided to remain at home today so that I dont have to drive 40 miles round trip for 2 hours.

    I am actually quite annoyed about this incident.

    The accident shows negligence with regard to Health and Safety.

    The accident have led to personal injury.

    The accident has led to the damage of personal items which are essential for my work.

    I don’t think that the injuries are long term, just soft tissue.

    Do I have a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      The scenario you describe certainly indicates that you have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation and on that basis, we suggest that our team call you to help get the ball rolling.

      At Direct2Compensation we can link you with some of the best slipping accident compensation Solicitors available and our No Win No Fee service means that you can pursue the claim without having to take any personal risk.

      Of course, there can be no guarantee of success with any claim but given your description of the incident, we think this claim should be pursued and we look forward to helping you with that.

  35. shiree

    I’ve had an accident four years ago that wasn’t my fault, would I be entitled to anything? I’ve scars on my head and lips and I had to get medical attention.

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, I believe that you have sadly left it too long to pursue any action. The law in the UK allows those wishing to pursue claims for personal injury compensation a statutory period of limitation in which they can register their claim. If they fail to do so within that time frame, they are barred by law from taking action.

      The limitation period for people aged over the age of 18 years at the date of their accident, date of diagnosis (for industrial illness matters) or date that they became aware of negligence in clinical negligence matters is 3 years. As you have now had a period of 4 years from the injuries you sustained, I believe that you are statute barred.

      I am sorry that we cannot assist you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

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