You can claim psychological injury damages as part of your compensation

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When most people think of a personal injury compensation claim, they usually consider injuries such as a broken arm or whiplash. They will certainly be thinking of a physical injury that is visible. However, as well as physical injuries, a claimant should be aware that psychological trauma is also something for which they can claim.

At Direct2Compensation, we realise that making a claim for personal injury compensation is not just about the money. Indeed, we regularly see many different motivating factors that lead to people contacting us for help, and we know that there are many benefits to making a claim other than a financial settlement.

One of these benefits is being able to access psychological rehabilitation therapies to speed your recovery, at the expense of the third-party you are claiming against.

Psychological injuries shouldn’t be ignored

By ignoring the psychological effects of their accident, a claimant of personal injury compensation could well be undervaluing their compensation settlement. When working out the value of a claim and what settlement a claimant is likely to receive, a solicitor will take in to account medical evidence and special damages. If a claimant has not properly reported their accident and injury details, including psychological injuries, it is harder to claim compensation for them.

As with all injuries, getting professional diagnosis and treatment of a psychological injury is vital when it comes to pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation.

Examples of psychological injuries that can lead to a compensation claim

  • One example of psychological injuries could be a claimant who was injured in a serious car accident. Let’s say they drove for a living and as a result of their accident suffered physical injuries, but were also left feeling unable to get back behind the wheel due to the psychological trauma. They may lose their job or have to change career. If they reported the injuries to their doctor and had treatment or a referral for psychological therapy, this would form a large element of their claim when the various criteria that make up the settlement value are evaluated.
  • Psychological trauma after a motorcycle accident.  These accidents are notorious for serious physical injuries, with often permanent disabilities resulting from a serious crash.  Psychological trauma often links with such incidents with people no longer confident to ride their motorcycle or being left suffering flashbacks or nightmares.  This can also apply to witnesses.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a serious accident at work.  Workplace accidents can cause nasty injuries, often with permanent repercussions for the victim.  A serious accident at work could lead to an employee losing the confidence to return to the workplace.
  • Some high pressure jobs may give rise to claims for stress at work.
  • People surviving after being involved in fatal accidents, or anyone who has witnessed something in which someone has been very badly injured or killed in an accident.
  • Panic attacks.  Sometimes what can initially seem an innocuous accident like an elderly lady falling on a damaged section of pavement can result in more than just a fractured wrist. We’ve come across people who have lost all confidence after a tripping accident and are no longer able to go out in to their local town alone. The fear of a repeat of an accident and the subsequent injuries is a real problem and although most people realise that they are unlikely to suffer the same kind of injury twice, they sometimes suffer a psychological barrier to getting out of the house.
  • One very common accident type that leads to ongoing psychological injuries involves people who have suffered brain or head trauma. In many cases, those who suffer such injuries are often left with severe post accident psychological trauma, behavioural changes or memory loss. Whilst such injuries are hard to see, they do exist and claimants often don’t know where to go for help.

Why claim psychological injuries compensation?

An obvious outcome of any successful personal injury claim is that the claimant will receive a compensation settlement. Whilst this is always welcome and can help the claimant move on after a nasty accident, there is no financial settlement amount that means that injuries or trauma can be forgotten and put away.

With Direct2Compensation, your psychological injuries compensation claim will be made on a No Win No Fee basis, so you will never be charged any fees at all if your claim does not succeed. A successful claim can lead to a compensation settlement being made to you, with the value of the claim including all lost income and incurred costs along with the potential access to rehabilitation therapies.

Remember, any person injured in an accident that was not their fault – whether physically injured, psychologically traumatised (or both) can make a claim for compensation, and Direct2Compensation can help.

  • Making a claim for psychological injuries compensation is a legal right for any person diagnosed with such a condition as a result of an accident that was not their fault
  • A successful claim will lead to the claimant receiving a financial settlement covering the extent of their psychological injury and how it has affected their life.
  • A successful claim settlement will include a special damages claim covering any loss of income caused by the psychological trauma.
  • The claimant could well access specialist rehabilitation therapies such as counselling, CBT treatments and other suitable therapy.

Access mental health therapies

Fortunately, most psychological injuries can be treated with therapies, where a psychologist will help an injured person to learn to re-programme the brain to reduce the symptoms of conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

One of the potential outcomes of making a claim for psychological injury compensation, other than a financial settlement, could be accessing excellent medical treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, counselling and other treatments. These can help people overcome the severe effects that psychological injuries can have on those who have been involved in nasty or distressing accidents.

Compensation amounts

Severity of injuryCompensation amount
Severe psychiatric damage£41,675 - £96,800
Moderately severe psychiatric damage£14,500 - £45,840
Moderate psychiatric damage£4,450 - £15,950
Less severe psychiatric damage£1,170 - £4,900
Severe PTSD£45,500 - £84,150
Moderately severe PTSD£17,600 - £50,050
Moderate PTSD£6,225 - £19,360
Less severe PTSD£3,000 - £6,850

Find out if you can claim

Clearly, most victims of personal injuries sustain what can be described as fairly minor injuries from which they can expect to make a full recovery, and therefore, no psychological trauma is likely to exist. However, in accidents that involve serious trauma it is likely that the injured party will have suffered shock and psychological injuries, and these can form part of the claim.

If you want help and advice on the issue of psychological trauma after an accident and wish to discuss a possible claim for personal injury compensation, please give us a call.  Your GP or health professional will also be able to assist you.

At Direct2Compensation we know how to help you pursue a psychological injury claim successfully. We’ll ensure that your rights are protected and help you begin to move on with your life with our supporting claims process and expert solicitors.

If you have suffered psychological injures as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to claim. We can also advise you on how to report your injuries to the right people if you haven’t already done so. Contact us on 01225 430285, or if you prefer, we can call you back.

130 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Matthew

    I have had a dispute with a finance company and this has caused depression and anxiety. Am I able to claim against this finance company?

    • Ian Morris

      To succeed with such a claim, you would have to prove that the finance company have acted negligently and caused undue stress as a result.

  2. Tony

    I’ve recently had someone drive their vehicle at me as i was riding to work, using it as a weapon, purely for riding a bike legally on the road. Although there wasn’t any physical contact, the incident was terrifying.

    This caused a breakdown at the scene, and a second one while reporting at the local police station 15 minutes later when i went to report it; I don’t believe i can continue riding because of the behaviour of this driver, meaning that i have to find a different way to get to to work. with the associated costs involved.

    The incident and breakdowns were captured on camera, and will be passed to the police for prosecution for assault and dangerous driving, which will in itself, mean I’ve got to “relive it” while making a written report tonight, so i’ll relive the event and emotional impact to trying to capture it for the witness statement.

    Is there any why that I can reclaim for emotional distress caused by the driver’s behaviour – the driver’s behaviour is going to have a long term impact.

    • Ian Morris

      There is certainly potential to pursue a claim for compensation in this matter. As you have reported the incident to the Police and have video footage of the incident, there is evidence to support you in any claim should you pursue the same.

      We recommend that you make a GP appointment to discuss the incident and seek referral to a psychological specialist in order that there will also be medical evidence available in due course.

      Should you wish to seek further advice from our specialist Solicitors, please provide further information via the ‘start your claim‘ form on our website and we’ll be in touch to help you.

  3. Rita

    I worked for the NHS as a nurse for 7 years at the beginning of the pandemic 70% of the staff in my unit was off sick with Covid. The shifts were poorly managed and we ended up with shortness of staff and using a lot of bank staff. The shifts were so chaotic and putting patients at risk that led me to stop sleeping properly, increasing my levels of anxiety and led me to be inpatient for three weeks in a psychiatric ward with Non-organic psychosis and ongoing medication and psychological support. Do you think I can sue my previous employer for damaging my mental health?

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that you would be able to establish that your employer had been negligent in this situation. Although the cause of your health issue is clear and people would have every sympathy with you, the courts will be unlikely to find the employer has acted improperly. The pandemic hit suddenly and caused much unavoidable upset and problems in various workplaces.

  4. James

    I was a passenger in a works vehicle when it reversed over a woman and killed her. I have given statements to the police and Hertsmere Borough Council since the accident. I was unable to return to work for 2 weeks & I’ve been in touch with a counsellor.

    • Ian Morris

      You can seek to pursue a claim for psychological injuries and given what you have witnessed, it would seem reasonable and just for you to do so. We have specialist Solicitors able to assist with such action on a No Win No Fee basis. If successful with a claim for psychological injuries, you could obtain a financial settlement, recover any lost income and also obtain costs for medical treatments such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapies.

      It is good that you have seen a counsellor, but it is important that your GP is made aware of the issues you are having in terms of what you saw and how it is impacting you and that you seek an appropriate referral for further treatment.

      If you would like some further help, please call us on 01225430285 – or if you would find it easier to start the process via email, please feel free to email me at

  5. Collins

    I had psychological distress after the Police wrongly raided my property. I am on med treatment now, which does not work properly. Made a complaint to the Police, no reply. Can you help me?

    • Ian Morris

      When you say that the Police raided your property incorrectly, what do you mean? Did they raid the wrong address, or were they wrong in suspecting you of wrongdoing? If it is the former, you would certainly have grounds to pursue a claim for the psychological injuries caused to you as raiding the wrong address would be negligence. However, if the Police had reasonable grounds to suspect you of wrongdoing – even it it later transpired that those suspicions were incorrect, the Police would not be liable as they would have been acting as per their legal obligations to investigate crime where sufficient evidence warrants such action.

  6. Matt

    I hope you can answer this.
    I got involved in multi car pile up on the motor way few months ago. The car in front of me couldn’t stop and hit the car in front of them and then reversed onto mine just second after I stopped and then moved forward again and hit the car in front for the second time. I reported the accident to my insurers who immediately put the blame on me, even though I didn’t even cause or had any contribution to the accident at all and they also admitted liability to the other insurers who are claiming against me. On the.other hand, after the accident, I was only able to leave the car through the.back doors falling on the floors as the both front doors wouldn’t open. As a result of.the fall, I have since been suffering from severe neck and back pain,.fingers and legs get numb and having faecal inconvenience for which Inam waiting for an mri and gps saying after an accident it could happen. I have also not been able drive since.the accident as I get nervous and get fast heart beats.
    Can I claim compensation? The other insurance have also now admitted liability.
    Anything I can do against my insurers due to making a prejudiced decision which now proved wrong?
    Thank you

    • Ian Morris

      As you will appreciate, until your insurers revoke their admission of any liability and clarify the identity of the at fault party, you will struggle to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation. If liability is agreed as a split, with you being forced to accept some liability (which would seem unfair based on your description of the incident), you could still pursue a claim for personal injury.

      Once you are more ‘in the know’ as to what your insurers stance is, please contact us again for further help.

      In the meantime, you may wish to make a formal complaint to your insurers and potentially escalate the matter to the insurance ombudsman service.

  7. k

    The owner/employer of the shop I work in tried to take his own life in the shop just over a year ago. As I was a key holder, I was the first person to arrive at the scene to find him. This has caused me severe mental health problems. I have seen my GP many times and been referred to other services to try and get help but with out luck.

    My health is now getting worse as time has passed and I now feel that my mental health is really bad and I am now off sick because of this. One Doctor has said that I clearly have PTSD for which I will need counselling. However, it seems that due to underfunding in the NHS, I will need to go the private route. However, I can’t afford the costs. Would this be classed as negligence on the part of the employer? (for the mental health problems caused as a result of his action). Of course, this is a very sensitive subject as to what legal action I could take and the problems that this could cause too, but I feel really lost about to what I can do as I cant afford to pay for therapy.

    • Ian Morris

      The impact on you from the scenes you witnessed is most likely to be PTSD and you should be able to obtain treatment via the NHS for such problems. However, as you point out, there will be a lengthy waiting list and therefore, if you can access private treatments, it will be quicker and more beneficial.

      Sadly, the actions of your employer are unlikely to be classed as negligence against the employer and although the incident has clearly caused you damage, it is unlikely that you could pursue a claim against the employer or via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

  8. M

    Is it possible to claim compensation for detrimental psychological effects caused by being made to isolate when perfectly healthy due to a member of the household catching COVID from a colleague at work?

    • Ian Morris

      No, there would be no liability in such a situation and although it is understandable that such a situation would be frustrating and depressing, the damage is short term and would not be deemed to be a sufficiently serious injury anyway.

  9. Karolina

    My Solicitor told me that claiming for mental health problems only without any bodily injury is not possible within the personal injury sector in Scotland. Only bodily injuries can be claimed for compensation? This is true?

    • Ian Morris

      Claiming for psychological injury is possible, but only in the more serious of cases where a full diagnosis has been made and a referral by a GP to a suitably qualified psychological health Doctor has been made.

  10. eduard

    I had a car accident last year in october. i was coming home with my family from shopping and at a round about a van hit me from behind. When the other driver got down from the car he admitted in first place that is his fault but after i’ve start speaking(i’m a roamanian citizen) he changed his mind instantly and he said that is not his fault and said that is gonna be his word against mine.I made a claim as a non-fault accident as hit from behind and not solved not even now after 3 months. It’s going to court now. This accident ruin my life..First i had the car write off and not received any payment,insurance has going up from 40 a month to 60 a month, i can’t sleep,i can’t work. i’m taking pills as i’m depressed. i did saw a gp and he did give me pills for my anxiety,low mood, depression i falled in. I’m in a course too for depression online via zoom once a week. i had problems with third party insurance that deal with my claim as they forced took my hired car away and they forced me to put my car back on road. I had to borrow money to fix the car to put it back on road, and after to borrow money to put insurance on the car. i did keep the car that was a write off but cat n cosmetic damage only. i want him to pay for ruin my life as i’m still depressed and taking pills so i can be relaxed and get some sleep. Please help

    • Ian Morris

      Do you have a Solicitor acting for you in a claim for personal injury? Whether or not you had any physical injury from the car accident such as whiplash, you should be able to make a claim for compensation (as can your family within the vehicle).

      If you haven’t got a Solicitor acting for you, we can help you further. Just use the ‘start your claim‘ form on our website to make further contact with us. If you already have a Solicitor acting for you, they should be able to assist you further with this matter.

      • eduard

        I have no claim for personal injury as i’m ok fisicaly, i’m in a depressed state as no one want to help me at all.

        • Ian Morris

          As your stress/emotional trauma is not linked to the actual crash, but the handling of the situation afterwards by the insurers, we cannot help you to make a claim in this situation.

          As you are unhappy with the insurers, you’ll need to complain to them and their regulatory authority and the insurance ombudsman service.

  11. Matt

    Hi regarding my claim for the accident, the insurance company admitted liability, but wanted proof of causation.. now seen a independent medical expert, and psychology report, all saying its linked to the accident. Is that enough evidence for the insurance to admit causation aswell as I’ve ask my solicitor, now to go for a settlement.

    • Ian Morris

      The views and reports of specialist experts – such as medical experts – should be sufficient for the defendant insurers to proceed. Of course, they may wish to seek further reports etc, but as you now have supportive evidence from the medical expert and psychology report, any further experts are likely to simply further support the same view.

      • Matt

        Hopefully can get it sorted now, been 2 years . I’ve seen a independent gp, a orthopaedic specialist and a psychiatrist. And all there reports agree the accident. Was the cause of my injuries

        • Ian Morris

          Good luck!

  12. Emma

    Daughter’s car went over a man who they saw jump off a bridge. The man landed on one car then was on the road and daughter couldn’t avoid going over him. They were uninjured. They are both in shock
    If anyone,who would they seek compensation from?

    • Ian Morris

      Sadly, the routes to making a claim for compensation in such circumstance are very limited and it is unlikely that they will be able to obtain compensation for the psychological trauma caused to them in this incident.

      The deceased has caused this incident but is no longer here to be claimed against and it is unlikely that they have left an estate with sufficient finances to compensate the individuals.

  13. Gemma

    Can I claim psychological compensation for 8 years of harassment from a neighbour including indirect sexual harassment, stalking and fear of violence? I am still suffering in fear, day to day affected, health issues, even after moving away from him. It took 8 years for the council to take it seriously and move me. I had to fight to get restraining order breaches charged in this last year. Mistakes have been made by the council and police. Other breaches weren’t investigated.

    • Ian Morris

      The route to compensation in such circumstances would be via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). However, given the time frames you mention, it is likely that you are now out of limitation.

      You can contact the CICA directly via the .gov website.

  14. Gemma

    My house was recently hit by a vehicle and we now have to move out as it is structurally unsafe, I haven’t slept since and I am scared to go back in as my son was sat where the came through only an hour before, is there anything you can do to help, we are now in temporary housing and at the moment have no end in sight

    • Ian Morris

      If you were present at the time of the incident, you could make a claim for personal injury compensation on the grounds of 1st hand trauma (psychological). However, if you were not present at the time and didn’t directly witness the incident, you cannot claim compensation for the ‘injury’ – whether that be emotional or otherwise. Your home insurers should be resolving this matter for you and ensuring that your property is made safe and good and that the payment for all costs comes from the vehicle insurers.

  15. Maria

    What’s the criteria for psychotherapy clients who have been caused trauma and permanent damage to their lives by the actions of psychotherapists? I have some evidence in the form of admissions by the practitioner from a formal complaint, and recordings of sessions (which were not admissible to his member organisation which show his perverse treatment of me). It also seemed clear to me he had a mental health problem. His member organisation are incompetent at dealing with complaints and treat complainants with disdain and are rude, ignore the evidence and signs of other problems, so I am still left with a serious problem affecting me.

    • Ian Morris

      If the Psychotherapist who you believe caused you harm was medically qualified (i.d a Doctor working within the NHS), you may have grounds to pursue a claim for clinical negligence compensation. We would recommend that you make enquiries with a dedicated clinical negligence specialist at the earliest opportunity to discuss this matter.

  16. AMANDA

    3 weeks ago my daughter and son in law were leaving a shop and walking on the pavement towards their car wen a transit van ploughed into them and knocked them into a wall my daughter has got a broken leg and fractured pelvis back and front and multiple cuts and bruises and my son in law has 2 broken legs and has received surgery and now has metal plates and pins and is still in hospital….I got to the accident in 10 minutes to see them still lying at the scene thought I had a panic attack which actually turned out to be a heart attack brought on by seeing my daughter like this I spent 3 days in hospital having an angiogram and an mri scan and having to take several tablets a day I am not sleeping well and relive that day every day

    • Ian Morris

      Have your Daughter and Son-in-Law instructed Solicitors to act for them at this time? If not, please call us on 01225430285. Although they are both in Hospital, it is important to avoid any delay in getting their legal rights protected and for a specialist Solicitor to be instructed, ready to act for them. Whether the vehicle registration of the offending 3rd party driver is known or unknown, or whether the van was insured or not, we can assist with No Win No Fee claims for both your Son-in-Law and your Daughter. Given the severity of their injuries, they have high value claims and our Solicitors would also seek to recover costs for private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies which would increase the speed of their recovery and lead to a better outcome.

      Given the distressing scenes that met you, it is not surprising that it has had an effect on you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation for the impact upon you. Although you are next of kin and attended the scene shortly after the incident, you were not present at the time and cannot therefore make a claim. Further, although the stress of the situation may well have contributed to your health incident, in terms of any claim, proving a causal link between the two would be extremely difficult.

      • Amanda

        Thanks 4 quick reply

        • Ian Morris

          You are most welcome. We hope that your Daughter and Son-in-Law make good recoveries in the months ahead.

          If you would like our help in pursuing claims for them, please call us or if you’d rather, you can liaise with us directly via email at:

  17. Becky

    My autistic son received a significant injury to his arm whilst at school. I was contacted at work and told he had scratched himself and may need a stitch. When I got to the hospital I was not prepared for the gaping hole that was in my sons arm that required surgery. This happened 2 years ago, I have had to take him out of the school because I lost all trust in them. I had to physically pin my son down to get him to be put to sleep for his operation. Then every day I had to assist the nurses to change his dressings.
    Would this be something I could possibly claim for?

    • Ian Morris

      In order to make a claim, we need to look at the initial cause of the injury and find out what happened to cause such a nasty wound that it would require surgery.

      I would be happy to look further in to this for you and need some further information. Please email me directly ( outlining what happened and how your Son was injured and whether there are any obvious issues that concerned you regarding the way the school cared for and supervised your Son at the time of the incident. If you could also advise me of when and where this happened and provide your contact number so that we can review this and offer further advice.

  18. Amy

    Hi my car was involved in a non fault accident.. my car was parked up outside my home around 11pm and a car came speeding around the bend hit my neighbours car (which was stationary, my neighbour is 4 doors down) which then moved her car over 20 meters into my car, the bang was horrendous enough for everyone in street to run outside.. the guy driving the vehicle was with around 6 boys he became abusive shouting and screaming and then began to beat up his own car and then run from the scene before police got there.. he has claimed liability however since the accident i wake up from sleep sweating and constantly keep hearing the loud bang of the crash. I suffer with anxiety anyway but I feel since this incident my anxiety seems to got worse. Would there be any compensation for this?

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, although you have clearly lost out through no fault of your own and sustained the symptoms of stress as a result, you won’t be able to claim personal injury as you were not directly involved in the incident and although your property was damaged, you have not witnessed the personal injury of an immediate family member/next of kin.

  19. Zara

    I’ve been driving for less than one year and someone tried to put fake claim on me that I hit somebody’s parked car. That’s thing gave me so much stress it took me more than 3 months to solve that issue I had to ring them every second week to ask about my claim because my insurance renewal date was coming closer. I used to waste my my full time job break on them just to ring and ask about my claim how it’s progressing and they said they’ll charge me more if there’s claim going on me and after all that time they sorted. The amount of time I wasted on them to prove my innocence was horrendous plus all there documents it was so stressful . It was awful experience, they just sorted today but they caused me so much stress for that and idk why someone has to hassle so much to prove their innocence and the person who’s causing is getting out of it so easily. I want to know if there’s any legal right to claim on them for causing me all that stress and anxiety and wasting someone’s time especially someone who’s full time student and full time worker as well.
    I’ll wait for your answer

    • Ian Morris

      Although this situation would clearly have been worrying and stressful for you, it is unlikely that you can make a claim as the Insurance company would have been acting legitimately in following up an allegation and as you have eventually been exonerated of any liability, the matter has been resolved fairly.

  20. Jack Bradbury

    Hi there,

    I was involved in a huge car accident in Nov 2018. I was travelling on a dual carriageway and had been travelling at 70mph, the road is a 50mph, however a van had pulled across the carriageway to enter a garage, this van pulled out around 4-5 car lengths away. I had to take evasive action to avoid the van driver and lost control of my car, my car then proceeded to strick the central reservation that enters the ground and propelled my car up in the air striking another car on the other side until coming to a stop. The car i had collided with due to this van pulling out, the driver had passed away a week later, this driver was same age as my dad and have since been struggling mentally and havent drove or bothered to renew my licence since it expired in 2019 as i am far too nervous as a passenger let alone a driver. I get sweaty hands and any car coming up to a junction brings on incredible panicking. I have been to my doctor and have been given anti-depressants and sleeping tablets to help with my anxiety and dark thoughts i have been having. I used to be such a bubbly character but it was my family and friends who noticed such a huge difference in my mood and how i am as a person. I have since been awaiting for a trial date as the police have charged me with dealth by dangerous driving, my lawyers are confused with this as the reports from the independent road traffic expert had mentioned should the driver of the van not pull out infront of my car the accident would not of happened. I have been struggling more and more as time has passed. Recently i have had to resort to public transport instead of taxis or lifts from family members due to high level of anxiety and the fact i have been charged with something that myself and lawyers believe is not my fault. What is your view on this? My parents say i may have Post Traumatic Stress as i had only recently began to really struggling moreso than before and have had to resort to being put on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. I also have been seeing a Councillor.

    • Ian Morris

      The actions of the police/criminal justice system and any personal injury claim must be seen separately. Whilst the 3rd party van that pulled out and caused you to have the huge and tragic crash was at fault, the Police are duty bound to investigate the actions of each motorist and in your case, it is likely that your speed of travel has been highlighted as a contributory factor in this matter.

      You mention that you already have a legal team in place and you should therefore ensure that they are fully aware of the psychological impact that this accident is having on you and you should seek specialist medical help regarding this matter.

  21. Kevin Grindle

    Is it possible to sue a previous company for mental; health problems in later year. Because of this stressful working environment I have now been diagnosed with Executive Function Disorder. The company name is Orchard End Care based in Gloucester. Since leaving this company I had serve mental health issues and anxiety.

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, it is possible to claim against a former employer even if you have since left the company. However, you must commence any claim within 3 years of the onset of any symptoms.

  22. Jake

    I was in a taxi heading back home and has we was turning into another road the taxi driver drove us into a open manhole without no cover on it, due to the impact of the stop it caused me to have whiplash and has made my anxiety go straight through the roof as I already suffer with this. I can’t sleep at night as it’s giving me panic attacks due to my anxiety what would you say I’m able to claim due to this

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, you are able to make a claim and we can help you with this. Ideally, you’ll have the details of the taxi and the name of the road – it is likely that the taxi driver would also wish to claim for the damage to their vehicle.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, ask us to call you and we’ll be in touch to offer help and start the claims process for you.

  23. simon baker

    hi i was heading to work when i witnessed a serious car accident it happened right in front of my car i had slam on my brakes and caught the entire accident on dash cam which Ive gave footage to police Im still suffering flash backs of the accident and the police are coming back and four to take witness statements off me so its making me re live it all over again which dose not help plus when i slammed my brakes on the seatbelt hurt my shoulder and my neck whilst i was julted forward and back in seat when i slammed brakes on have i got grounds for a claim many thanks

    • Ian Morris

      It is possible to claim for psychological injuries if you are a direct witness or directly involved in an accident in which you are not directly injured.

  24. Lynn

    I was mugged last year can i claim physiological trauma?

    • Ian Morris

      Psychological trauma is a common injury sustained in a criminal assault or whilst being subjected to a criminal act like a mugging. If your psychological injuries have been discussed with your GP and are on record, you can pursue a claim for criminal injuries compensation.

      Please call us on 01225430285 to start your claim or find out more about your rights in this matter.

  25. Paife

    I was sexually assaulted in 2014 and reported it in 2015. It wasn’t taken to court because I was too unwell to go through with it. Since then I’ve spent my life in and out of psychiatric hospitals and have self harmed and attempted suicide a lot. I have depression anxiety and bpd and have tried trauma therapy.

    • Ian Morris

      Claims under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme must be made within 2 years of the date of the incident in which the injury – whether that be physical, emotional or both – was sustained.

      In the majority of cases, the CICA limitation period is strictly observed. However, they will look at each case on a case by case basis and where there are clear mitigating circumstances surrounding a delayed submission of a claim, they may allow a claim to be made even if more than 2 years has passed. As you appear to have suffered considerable mental and psychological trauma and received treatment due to the incident, it may be worth asking the CICA to consider your claim even though 6 years has passed since the incident.

  26. Aylissa

    An old friend of mine went missing and I found him at 2.30am and he smashed my windscreen with me in the car and then my wing mirror. I have full dashcam footage, police crime number. I am physically disabled and i have a number of mental health diagnosis anyway. This incident has made things 100% worse. Can I claim as the police can’t due to him being sectioned?

    • Ian Morris

      The only route to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation would be via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme for the victims of criminal assaults. To make a claim, you need to have reported the incident to the police within 24 hours, cooperated fully with the police and have sufficiently serious injuries.

      In your case, whether or not you can establish that your injuries are sufficiently serious will depend on what you have reported to your GP and whether they have referred you on to a specialist in psychiatric injury.

    • ....

      My child was attacked at school by a girl 2 years ago. The police were involved and the girl in question was found guilty at trial and sentenced to pay a £250 fine (which still hasn’t been received).

      Since the attack, my daughter (who is 13) has been depressed. She started harming herself, has been referred to CAMS which is still ongoing and she has had some counselling at her school. However, nothing is working and she is no longer the girl she used to be. She spends her time locked away in her room and doesn’t like to leave the house.

      • Ian Morris

        As the Police were involved in this incident, your Daughter (with the help of a Parent or legal guardian) can pursue a claim for personal injury compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme for the victims of criminal assault.

        This is something our Solicitors can help with on a No Win No Fee basis. You don’t have to have a Solicitor as you can simply apply to the CICA online and handle the claim yourself.

        However, you may prefer to have a Solicitor acting on this matter given the nature of the injuries being ongoing psychological trauma and a specialist Solicitor would be able to ensure that appropriate medical evidence is obtained to demonstrate the impact that this incident continues to have on your daughter.

        If you would like our help in pursuing your daughters claim, please call us on 01225430285 or ask us to call you.

  27. Shauna

    Barclays has caused me so much stress. I have 3 children under 5 and suffer with borderline personality disorder. I struggle to manage daily as it is. They kept me on the phone for 3 hours transferring me from department to department when I was already told I had the right department, I was provided the fraud team number via webchat. They put restrictions on my bank card so I couldn’t order the nessecary items online I tried to order so I went to webchat they gave me the fraud team number and I was held on the phone for 3 hours while my lself and children were getting distressed. Do I have a claim for emotional distress?

    • Ian Morris

      This is not something we could assist with in terms of personal injury compensation. However, this is a matter you should complain directly to the bank about and you could also refer the bank in question to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Conduct Authority.

  28. Julie Dickinson

    My Husband was involved in an accident on the motorway where a girl jumped off a bridge and he ran over her. This was 17 months ago and he struggles terribly at times trying to come to terms with this. He was exonerated of any blame but no one even told him the inquest had taken place. He suffered further anxiety as he thought he would be called. He had some counselling at the time but tries to manage since. He just works 3 days a week now because its less time at work as an HGV driver that he has to deal with.
    Can a claim be made?

    • Ian Morris

      Given the nature of this incident, it is totally understandable that your Husband has been badly affected by the events that he witnessed. We would certainly like to help him further and seek some specialist guidance from our expert Solicitors for him. My initial view is that he is likely to be able to take some action via various schemes in place for incidents such as this.

      If you would like to email me directly – – in confidence, we can obtain a little further information to enable us to seek some specialist advice for him without the need (at this early stage) to make him go through the traumatic incident in full. If our specialist Solicitors concur with my initial view, we can then advise further and seek more detailed information so that a formal claim can be commenced.

      I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you.

  29. Daniel

    I was doing a night shift on the 13/04/2020, an explosion happened in my place of work shortly before 9pm, we where all evacuated, no injuries, I have been prescribed medication as I am suffering from physiological effects of what happened and what I witnessed, i am not sleeping or eating and I have been vomiting as a result of this incident and fear going back to work, could I claim for physiological damages and loss of earnings?

    • Ian Morris

      Our Solicitors can pursue a claim for personal injury for injuries of a psychological nature. The fact that you have discussed your situation with your Doctor and been prescribed medication will provide base evidence to support such a claim.

      Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can obtain some further details and present your claim for detailed consideration by our specialist No Win No Fee Solicitor panel. If successful with a claim, you would be entitled to compensation for the symptoms caused to you, able to recover out of pocket expenses caused by the symptoms and access specialist rehabilitation therapies – which in the case of post traumatic stress related symptoms, can massively speed up the recovery process. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to call you, just give us your number and preferred calling time and we’ll be in touch.

  30. Lesley

    I would love to claim as I’m physcicolgically damaged HCA in the NHS.

    • Ian Morris

      Please call us on 01225430285 to discuss your situation and we’ll explain your rights and help you start your No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

  31. Julie edwards

    I want to know if I can make a claim I have been suffering with stress since my mam was diagnosed with terminal cancer last July and our work place as we worked together me as a cleaner my mam as supervisor are being very nasty they haven’t paid my mams final wage yet and my team manager keeps stating that they are looking to get rid of me but I ain’t sleeping I have constant headache not eatting but put weight on I now feel scared when I am in open space and have only started feeling like this since this stress started .

    • Ian Morris

      You may be able to make a claim against the employer. To find out whether you can, you’ll need to complete and return our initial questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire via our stress at work compensation page or by requesting one via email to our team at

  32. Valerija

    I work in a store and it’s located 3 min away (walking distance) from my home. We have increased shoplifter activity and recently one of the customers got intentionally hit by hammer by someone who was waiting outside the shop. I work there nearly for 2 years and we don’t have any provided security guard at shifts. We keep pressing “shoplifting” buttons but shoplifting never stops. I’m highly afraid to go to work and scared that something someday bad may happen to me. These people are unpredictable and dangerous and can do anything and I have little son, and my fear is not to return home from work one day. Can I claim in this case? Please help. Thank you, Valerija

    • Ian Morris

      At this time, you don’t have a claim as ‘nothing’ has happened yet. However, your concerns are understandable and it would be very sensible to write to your employer outlining your concerns and request that the employer provides in-store security. If the employer ignores your concerns and then something were to happen, you may then have a claim.

  33. Bethany

    Is it negligence if your doctor has your medical records mixed up with another patient and tells you had a miscarriage, and you were emotionally and mentally not okay because of it for 6 weeks for them to say it weren’t you?

    • Ian Morris

      Medical records are subjected to extremely strict data protection requirements. As you will appreciate, the contents of medical records are amongst the most personal data records that could be held and for a GP or Doctor to mix up patients records is not acceptable and such a situation should be reported to the General Medical Council (GMC).

  34. Martyn

    Myself and 5 others were 2 seconds from being hit by a 70mph train yesterday due to an error by the person in charge of safety. An investigation has been launched. I work for network rail. I’m nervous to go back on track and keep thinking about how close and the what ifs, and don’t feel my employer has shown enough compassion. I don’t feel enough is being done and wondered if I can make claim.

    • Ian Morris

      At this stage, it is too early to consider whether or not you can make a claim. Fortunately, you have escaped unthinkable injury or even worse, but it is understandable that psychological stress would be caused in such an incident. To be able to make a claim for personal injury for post traumatic stress, you’ll need to attend your GP and be referred to a specialist – if your symptoms persist. If they do persist and treatment is provided, you could then seek to make a claim and we would be happy to assist.

      In the meantime, you should make a formal written report to your employer regarding your feelings and your anxieties that they have not taken this matter sufficiently seriously.

  35. Mark

    Hello Ian,

    My question is this: I was sexually and physically abused. My abuser has now gone to prison for the offences. As a direct result of the abuse I have been recently diagnosed with both PTSD and severe psychiatric damage (including recurring depression and anger issues among other things) if I claim successfully will I be eligible for compensation for 1 overarching psychological damage payment or will I be awarded separate amounts for say, PTSD and then another amount for the severe psychiatric damage?
    Thank you kindly
    Mark J.

    • Ian Morris

      Given the nature of the cause of your injuries being those of a criminal act, you would have a right to make a claim for criminal injuries compensation. Within the UK, there is a tax payer funded scheme that is in place to compensate the victims of criminal injuries – both physical and psychological. The organisation is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). To make a claim, you can claim directly to them and complete an online application or you can choose to instruct a Solicitor or claims specialist to act for you. If you would like our help with a claim, our Solicitors are able to act on a No Win No Fee basis and would charge you nothing if your claim were to fail. However, if your claim were to succeed the Solicitors would deduct 25% of any compensation as their cost as the CICA do not pay legal costs.

      With regards to the specifics of your query, both your PTSD and psychiatric injuries would be eligible for compensation. The CICA scheme operates a tariff system that applies a value range for specific injury types. The scheme affords a claimant the right to recover 100% of the value of the ‘worst’ injury, 75% of the value of the 2nd worst and so on.

      To qualify for the CICA scheme, a claimant must make a claim within 2 years – although mitigating circumstance in serious cases such as yours will be considered when considering whether that 2 year period can be waived. You must also have cooperated with the Police investigation and assisted (where requested by the Police and CPS) in obtaining criminal convictions against those responsible for your injuries.

      • Mark

        Thank you kindly for your prompt and thorough reply!

        • Ian Morris

          You are welcome. If you need any further help making a claim or understanding the claims process, please call our team on 01225430285.

  36. Simonne

    The company I worked for caused me to be off sick with extreme anxiety and stress. Needless lying and accusations made against me, caused me to be suicidal, social phobic, anxiety disorder. I was working in shops full of black mould, no health and safety, no equality act. I was then discriminated against and accused of further allegations. I have been mentally abused by the company and my work colleagues.

    • Ian Morris

      You may have grounds for a claim for work related stress compensation. To find out whether or not you can make a claim, please complete and return our work related stress questionnaire. You can find this on our website article regarding work related stress, or you can email us at to request the questionnaire.

      Once we have received your questionnaire, we will present it to our specialist in such claims and they will review the information and contact you directly to advise as to whether or not a claim can proceed.

  37. Louise

    Hi me and my child unfortunately witnessed my partner, his daddy, being attacked with machetes. It’s really took it’s toll on me and my son, can I make a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      It is possible to make a claim for psychological trauma as a witness to an incident. We would be happy to look further in to this matter for you if you wish.

  38. Donna

    Hi I’m suffering from post traumatic stress after giving cpr to a family member and they never pulled though and died in my arms. I’ve gone though hell since not sleeping or eating, flashbacks, I was even seeing and hearing them it got to the point that I never left the house for over 18 months, would I be able to claim?

    • Ian Morris

      We’re really sorry to hear of the terribly distressing event that you mention. We sympathise with you and can understand how devastating it would have been to be involved in such an incident.

      Unfortunately, you can’t make a claim for compensation as there is nobody against which to make a claim or apportion blame/negligence.

  39. Lynn

    I was mugged in April and have been quite affected by it as it happened walking home from work I get panicky and anxious walking by people.

    • Ian Morris

      In cases where injuries, whether they be physical or emotional/psychological that were caused by an act of criminal violence or assault, the injured person may seek to make a claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA. The CICA is a tax payer funded compensation provider that runs a scheme that people in your situation have a right to make a claim with.

      To succeed with a claim, a claimant must make a claim within 2 years of the date of the incident and they MUST have reported the incident to the police within 24 hours of it happening, be able to provide a crime reference number and they must have cooperated fully with the Police during their investigations of the incident. They must also have sought medical attention and be able to demonstrate that their injury is sufficiently serious.

      Claimants should be aware that they are able to make a claim via the CICA scheme without legal representation. However, if they prefer and would like to have the benefit of having a qualified specialist Solicitor representing them on a No Win No Fee basis, they may wish to do so. Having a specialist Solicitor onboard is likely to ensure that a claimants rights are fully upheld and that their prospects of succeeding with a claim are maximised.

  40. Christine

    I have worked at my present employment for 10 years. Recent redundancies have increased my workload by 300%. (3 members of staff redundant/changed roles). This caused me stress and anxiety and as a result I have been on antidepressants for 14 months and off work for 7 months. I am in the process of going to appeal after my grievance was rejected.
    Do I have grounds to claim against my employer?

    • Ian Morris

      We can help you to find out whether or not you can make a claim against your employer for work related stress & anxiety. If you would like to do that, please complete our initial questionnaire on our stress at work compensation page which will allow us to have our specialist review your situation and they will then contact you directly to advise you on your potential claim options.

    • Amy Shaw

      I witnessed a horrific car crash a few weeks ago. My best friend was the driver of one of the cars and sadly passed away at the scene.
      I went to the hospital a few days after what happened as I couldn’t sleep, and when I did sleep I’d have terrible nightmares. I’ve not been myself and I’ve been diagnosed with moderate – severe PTSD.
      Could a claim help me? Would it get me anywhere? What do you recommend?
      Many thanks.

      • Ian Morris

        It is possible to make a claim for psychological injuries in the scenario you describe, although as you may imagine, it is not necessarily the most straightforward of matters and it is not certain that you could succeed. Whether or not you can make a claim in your situation is something that our Solicitors would only be able to confirm once some further information is obtained.

        With our service however, you can at least make a claim enquiry and find out from one of our qualified Solicitors as to whether or not you can claim without it causing you any undue distress or incurring cost. I would recommend that you make a more detailed enquiry with us via our ‘start a claim‘ page or by emailing us at so that we can then speak with you, find out some more information and then submit your enquiry to our Solicitors and get you the advice you need.

  41. Sarah Brooke

    My family was involved in a RTC and my husband and myself are going through with a claim I am concerned my 6 and 5 year old voice aren’t been heard by the insurance company. They were not physically hurt but mentally..

    • Ian Morris

      If your children have been affected by the trauma of the road traffic collision you were involved in, you should ensure that they are taken to the Doctor to formally discuss the issues you have noticed and seek referral to specialist medical care for them. This will provide the relevant medical evidence needed to support them in a claim for damages as a result of their emotional trauma. If you have a Solicitor acting for you, they should be able to add the claims for your children to the action and hold the insurers to account for them.

  42. Sintija

    Can I claim my employer for psychological trauma?
    I got my contract with employer on 1st February 2019. I was pregnant and made request for maternity leave and pay. On 4th March I get back a positive letter.
    Went on Maternity on 1st July. Baby due date was 6th July 2019.
    Wage date every month is 28, if it’s on weekend date change.
    On July I should get my first maternity pay (90%), but instead of my expected money day before I got letter from work that unfortunately they can’t pay me nothing.
    I was in big shock. Cause on 1st dates we need to pay all the bills.
    My partner doesn’t earn so much so we could pay all the bills, so we asked our friends to help.
    Our baby born on 8th July and he also have his needs.
    Now we still wait response about Maternity Allowance.
    We both with my partner live On stress about where We could get money for all our expenses till we get back something about that Maternity Allowance.
    Please tell if claim could help us?

    • Ian Morris

      If you would like the view of our specialist regarding work related stress or anxiety, you’ll need to complete our questionnaire and return it to us. We’ll then have our specialist review the details of your situation and they would contact you directly to advise you further about your rights in this matter.

      You can request a questionnaire from us by emailing:

  43. Lee

    Hi, I have recently started a new job around 3 months ago been doing really long shifts, 5 hours in travel to some place’s doing 12 hour shifts then 5 hours home. I have recently had a crash on the motorway as I fell asleep at the wheel after doing 18 hours up to the point of the collision I had gone from the slow lane to the fast lane and onto the barrier in the middle of the motorway. I wasn’t physically injured but since the incident I have showed symptoms for ptsd and been signed off work by my doctor as I don’t have the confidence to get behind the wheel again. I was wondering if I have grounds to make a claim against my employer as it looks like i am going to have to make a career change and this seems to be affecting me really badly mentally. I feel nothing but guilt that I could of hurt someone else really badly and no longer trust myself to go out on the road. I would just like to know if I do have anyway of being able to make a claim please? Thank you

    • Ian Morris

      We have previously looked in to claims arising from the same circumstance as the one you describe in your comment and unfortunately, it has not been possible to pursue the claim as there is simply no way to attach liability or negligence to an employer.

      Whilst you may have been working long hours with a long commute to the workplace, the employer would not be held liable for the fact that you later fell asleep when driving and collided with the central reservation.

  44. Stewart

    I am not sure which way to turn here anyone help I know it’s a little long winded. I need someone to point me in the right direction.

    Suffer badly from PTSD, and I just hits me at different times of the day but always work.. my job is pretty stressful. I am a supervisor with Local Council
    Both my Brother (Jim) , and I. Although we were in different areas.
    I have listed below the stuff that has happened to me since joining the council 14 years ago
    1) lost my Sister to cancer
    2) l lost my brother, best mate and work colleague ( Jim) to a heart attack, 3) took this really bad and had a complete breakdown, this is when the PTSD kicked in (flashbacks, trying to find my weapons, wandering about aimlessly.
    3) just over two years ago I found my Young Sister dead In her house, heart attack
    4) just two weeks later my Mother passed away, heart attack and Stroke.
    5) then the inevitable happened, I took a heart attack, lucky the forces training kicked in.
    6) then six weeks after that my Father took a heart attack whilst I was with him in the dentists surgery
    7) 4 weeks ago my niece was found dead 26years of age, my God Daughter.
    All this has happened to me over the last 5-6 years. I was always lead to believe that we all have a duty of care for our staff and men. Not the Council, they don’t give a flying F..k about staff..

    Now I will list what they have done to me.
    1) Not long after Brother died I was moved to his old depot and yes his old office.. (very caring).
    2) I took a breakdown with severe depression and anxiety.
    during this during this whole period not one of the managers came to visit me.
    3) All the men came up virtually everyone of them.
    4) I then got called in for a absence review with a total young boy (manager) who replaced one of the old ones. (He didn’t know me from Adam), however he placed me on capability 1 (apparently not answering the phone whilst I was driving) . (No Bluetooth in vans) last year
    I took another breakdown 4 weeks ago in my office and was sent home. Obviously due to my Niece. And I started back at a fortnight ago.
    5) I was back at in managers for absence review meeting where I was informed I will be placed on capability 2 due to sickness level and the council can’t sustain the absence.
    During this whole period I have been offered about 4 Counciling sessions I went anyway. Some young girl just out of college no life experience hasn’t been subjected to some of the horrors I have seen in my lifetime
    (it’s specialists I need, with having PTSD)
    I was under a investigation for almost two years. And found nothing to prove his allegations, where and are False. (nothing happened to him) where if I did do something I would have been sacked on the spot.

    I was threatened by a attendant from the opposite shift from me as he wanted overtime. But I had everything covered and explained this to him.
    I reported this as I am not taking that from any member of staff.
    (What has been done about it nothing).

    I asked for a risk assessment to be done in my workplace, and a job description over a year ago.
    I walked into work recently and I was asked by a manager if I would like to be considered for redundancy
    As I have only been with local council 14 yrs it wouldn’t be worth my while.
    No no he said they will sort out a package for you, and sort out my pension.
    I then had the area manager ask me about redundancy. I said yes my manager said to me about it.
    His reply was there is no package, but we will try and get you on grounds of ILL health, he then said to me if you go long term sick I should be able to get you that. ? Obviously I am on medication I was thinking straight. I got a letter from Pension which I didn’t sign. It was just after a manager said I was being placed on capability 2.
    Brain started to function woo, I am being set up here

    What I have done for the council and my country

    Ex Forces (NI & Gulf,) 14year Service
    Started with Council as a driver
    My car was painted Brits out. (Handled)
    Bombs under my car (handled)
    Wrote up a complete training program for the As there was nothing in place.
    Ran a two year government training program for them
    Nominated for employee of the year
    Promoted supervisor
    Got pulled out my own job and asked would I run the landfill
    As due to sickness the didn’t have anyone with COTC in waste
    Okay ended up there 2 Years until I closed it
    Then I was put into brothers old office on a totally different job

    • Ian Morris

      You have clearly had an extremely traumatic few years and it is clear that the strains of your personal/family life and the losses you have had would cause you to struggle with everyday life. Employers do have a duty of care towards their employed staff with regards to health and safety at work and this can include issues related to mental health – stress, anxiety and depression etc.

      Whether or not you have a valid claim will only be known once the full details regarding your employers actions and your efforts to get them to consider your requests for help has been considered by a specialist Solicitor working in work related stress compensation matters. To this end, we have sent you a work related stress questionnaire to complete and return. When we receive that from you, we’ll have a specialist Solicitor review it for you and contact you to further discuss your situation with you.

  45. Taib

    Hi I witnessed Grenfell tower fire since the start where I lost my sister in law her husband and two of their kids, i am out of work and going through therapy, can I make a claim for psychiatric injury?

    • Ian Morris

      There is the potential to pursue a claim for post traumatic stress disorder if an event caused through negligence is witnessed and medical evidence is in place to corroborate the injury.

      In order to take this matter further, the initial information you would have to provide to our Solicitors would be the names of your family members who sadly lost their lives in this awful incident and your relationship with them. You would also have to be able to provide some evidence of your familial link with the deceased. Whilst this may seem a harsh request given the grief you have suffered, it is important for the Solicitors to have evidence to prove that you are sufficiently closely linked to the deceased to enable you to claim for the trauma caused to you by their loss.

      If you believe that you can provide this initial information and would like to discuss your possible right to make a claim for psychological injury compensation with one of our specialist Solicitor firms, please email the information along with your contact number to us at

  46. John

    Hi, I’ve just quit my job after 10 years as a funeral director from Britains largest funeral company. I have just been diagnosed with PTSD and I am having EDMR therapy at my own expense. The correlation between the sights I have witnessed and PTSD are linked. There was no counselling in place which is unheard of in such a large firm. Do I have a case against them?

    • Ian Morris

      The potential claim scenario you describe is very similar to that for a work related stress claim in that you would need to be able to provide evidence (emails or letters etc) where you have requested counselling and disclosed regularly to your employer that you were struggling and that nothing was being done to assist you or explain things on the part of your employer.

      Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you would be automatically entitled to counselling just because of the nature of the job. Did you ever make written complaints or have you ever been seen by occupational health etc?

  47. Charlotte

    Myself and my two 8 year olds were rammed and crashed into. Our car has been written off. I can’t sleep, I’m nervous in the car, so are my girls who have been having nightmares. Would like some support for us, is a claim the way to go and possible?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, we can make a claim for both you and your two children. We have specialist Solicitors able to assist with such matters on a No Win No Fee basis and we can explain your rights and how we can help.

      You can all claim for physical and emotional injury caused by the negligence of the 3rd party driver. It is important that all symptoms and issues are raised with your Doctor and noted on your medical records.

      If you would like to take this further, please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website and we’ll then call you back and offer you the help you need.

  48. Bonny

    Hi. Just over three years ago I went through a medical negligence incident. I went to a BPAS clinic in London, to have a termination of my pregnancy (due to certain reasons I wish not to discuss). The process was two days long. The first day consisted of an injection in the featus. However, they injected me thinking it was an aneasthetic but instead it was the toxic injection. I felt burning and was in excruciating pain. After telling them that deffinitely wasn’t the anaesthetic injection they then realised they had injected me with the wrong injection. I got rushed to hospital, was told I was very lucky as it would’ve given me a heart attack if the liquid from the needle had gotten into my blood stream. I never claimed simply because I was scared, ashamed and didn’t want the doctor to lose his job etc. Now after years of growing up, I now understand that what that clinic had done was wrong and I don’t want this happening to another poor girl. Since then, I have been suffering with anxiety, of going to the doctors or dentist due to having needles. The second day I had my procedure, I woke up from anaesthetic crying because I was worried it had gone wrong again. Most nights around 2/3 a week, I can see his face and it gives me nightmares or this day. I was wondering if anything could come of it, but most importantly to make sure this definitely doesn’t happen to anyone again.

    • Ian Morris

      There are a couple of obvious obstacles in the way of us assisting you with a claim for compensation. It would appear that you were the victim of an incident of clinical negligence and the fact that you sustained physical and emotional trauma and pain as a result is clear.

      However, you mention that this incident was just over 3 years ago. If you are over the age of 21 years, you will not be able to make a claim as you will be statute barred under the strict UK personal injury law limitation period, which requires you to make a claim within 3 years of the date of the negligence, or date you became aware of the negligence. Further, we do not handle clinical negligence claims given the specific expertise needed to act on such matters.

  49. Bartosz Brzeski

    Hi Today at work (I’M TRUCK DRIVER HGV) I have been driving on M62 with my delivery to Manchester. About 3am some lady took a nap behind wheel and hit me from back. Car was really strong damaged all front 2airbags, windscreen and in my trailer tail lift was smashed. Do you think you can help me to get any claim for physical injury? I’m professional driver so I will remember this day long time.

    • Ian Morris

      At Direct2Compensation we are expertly placed to assist you with a claim for personal injury compensation as a result of the incident you have described.

      To start your claim, please use the ‘start your claim’ page of our website so that we can call you to discuss this matter and help you start your claim.

      We look forward to helping you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

  50. Sigita

    I am suffering from health anxiety. I was in a car accident that was not my fault. My anxiety has now become more difficult to manage plus I have aheadache and neck pain. I am awaiting a GP appointment as I am not happy about my health now.

    • Ian Morris

      The specialist road traffic accident Solicitors we work with on car accident claims are experts in both recovering compensation for physical injuries, but also in ensuring that any psychological impacts that a car accident may cause are also considered and claimed for. In your case, if you already had some issues with anxiety, you would be able to claim for the worsening of your condition and the impact that the heightened anxiety is having on your day-to-day life. You would also be able to recover compensation for the neck pain (which is likely to be soft tissue trauma such as whiplash) and the headaches.

  51. Elizabeth

    Three years ago I was armed robbed in my house when my three daughters was with me, still struggling and feel unsafe after all this time.

    • Ian Morris

      Did you ever make a claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)?

  52. Mark

    I feel that my company is a part of my ill health, I have been in and out of hospital for nearly 5 years, 2 heart attacks at work, hard major surgery, bypass, stents, and suffer with PTSD, I know that some off this is life style, but my works environment has had a factor, I all so suffer with COPD and hearing loss

    • Ian Morris

      Whilst you may feel that your employer is part responsible for your ill health, to succeed with a claim for compensation against your employer for the damage done to you, you will need to provide evidence to support such a claim. Therefore, how can you demonstrate that your employer is responsible for your ill health? Can you identify any breaches of health and safety that could provide such evidence?

  53. Marta

    Hi, I’ve burgled few years ago. I was at home when that happened. The person who broke into my house at night, stayed few hours and I could hear him coming in and searching for things to take from the house. The person has been arrested and jailed for a year. Since that time, I’ve got fear that he will come back. I can’t sleep at night and every time when I go to bed, I make sure that all windows and doors are locked. I even check the house during the day via camera. I don’t feel safe anymore and got panic attacks.
    I have never been to a doctor about it, as I always think that I should be strong and ignore those fears and panic attacks. That’s the first time I’m writing to anyone about it.
    Please advise me if there is any chance if you could help me. I would like to make a claim, so I could improve my house and garden security. Thank you.

    • Ian Morris

      You would have had the potential to claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme for psychological trauma in this matter. Your injuries whilst psychological, are injuries and can be attributed to a criminal act.

      However, given that you have never discussed these issues with a medical professional it will undermine any claim you could have made. Further, you have a maximum claim limitation period of only 2-years instead of the usual 3-years when it comes to CICA matters.

  54. Nicola Bowler

    I was recently involved in a road traffic accident, which was not our fault. I am in the process of claiming now, should I proceed with the settlement now or wait until the end of my prognosis period? The doctor I seen has referred me to a psychologist on my medical report, due to panic attacks etc whilst on the motorway as a passenger. I have been on the motorway once since the accident and made my partner pull off at the next junction.

    • Ian Morris

      Are you being represented by a specialist Solicitor with regards to your claim for car accident compensation? If so, we would recommend that you take their advice with regards to accepting any settlement. If you are not being represented by a Solicitor, perhaps you should contact us and let us show you why it is important to be represented by a specialist Solicitor when claiming compensation.

      If you accept an award, it is a full and final settlement – no going back. Therefore, we would recommend that you wait to see how you are after the prognosis period has passed. If you are not ‘better’ at that stage, you could perhaps seek a greater compensation settlement.

  55. Stacey Morris

    I’ve been getting bullied at work. I work for NHS. I made 5 complaints about the bully to management and it was always dealt with informally. I got signed of with anxiety and depression after the last incident of bullying. I’ve lodged a bullying complaint and the investigation is underway. I’ve also temporarily been moved location until the outcome.
    My manager had a recommendation from occupational health to do a stress questionnaire with myself. After 8 months the questionnaire was placed on my desk to complete by myself. When I asked for the outcome of the questionnaire there was no outcome. I feel failed by my employer.

    • Ian Morris

      Claiming psychological trauma compensation is something that can be done if it can be demonstrated that the trauma was the fault of another party. In your case, your issue is not so much a personal injury matter, but an employment law issue. The actions (or inactions) of your employer that have lead you to feel anxious, bullied and pressurised is something that an employment law specialist could discuss with you with regards to a possible claim against the employer for constructive dismissal or similar.

      This is not an area that we specialise in and as such, we would recommend that you seek out the services of an employment law Solicitor.

  56. Amreen

    Hi, There was a fire at my work place it all burnt down everyone got out. Since then its been two weeks i feel stressed and never feel like returning to a working environment also anxiety and just feeling shocked.

    • Ian Morris

      It sounds like symptoms that are best described as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When anyone is involved in or witness to a shocking or distressing incident – such as a huge fire in the workplace, it is understandable that psychological injuries can be sustained.

      In your case, you should definitely seek medical help from your GP and discuss your anxiety and concerns with them. Seeking medical attention is important on two fronts. Most importantly, you need to get the right help to make sure that your psychological situation is improved and that you can recover and move on. Secondly, if you do look to pursue a claim for compensation as a result of this workplace incident, you will need medical evidence to support your claim. You can find really useful information on our site on how claimants medical records are used to support their claim for compensation.

      You may be able to succeed with a claim for compensation for your psychological trauma if it can be shown that the cause of the fire at your workplace was as a result of employer negligence.

  57. Tom Thackery

    Hi, I wonder if you could advise. My partner gave birth to our son on the tenth of October this year. Basically, my partner was not given the care and attention she needed and pleas were left unanswered. Even I was told by a lead midwife she would not examine her for another hour at least. From 13:00hrs, I asked the question at 14:00hrs told them things had changed, still the same answer. Left in a room, no one checked her or placed her on a monitor. Eventually at 15:05hrs an examination carried out and she was put on a monitor, within 15 minutes the crash team was called and 14 members of staff rushed my partner to theatre for an emergency c section which did not happen as she had gone too far and our sons head was stuck on her cervix sending his heartache plummeting to 72bpm (should be between 110and 140bpm) he was delivered at 15:40 by suction. They then turned the stitching up of my partner as she had torn into a training session for a new registrar without asking her. This traumatised her so much that she wouldn’t hold our son when offered. Upon leaving the hospital my partner had a post natal chat where she was told that without the crash team both her and our son could have died. 3 months later we are a happy family but even now we don’t speak a out the Labour as my partner breaks down in tears, quietly sobbing but saying she feels angry. Today we had a meeting with a lead midwife and a lead governess midwife who both wholeheartyapologised and admitted her treatment and care by them was a true failing, they have a six point mission statement which they say they didn’t even meet one point. We will receive an audio disc with all this on and a letter of apology from the trust. My partner again broke down while reliving this and they asked her if she had thought of councillors which she has now agreed to look into. All she ever wanted to be was a mother and even now she still says it’s like someone else gave birth to him. She’s a great mum, loving and caring but feels as though she was let down, ignored and neglected by the hospital and robbed of the becoming a mum, they also admitted that if a monitor had been in place things would have been a lot better and managed easier. Oh yeah, all this and no pain relief on top! Thanks

    • Ian Morris


      Thank you for taking the time to share your story regarding the birth of your Son. I am pleased to read that you are now well and living happily.

      The issue you raise is clearly one of great distress and given that the recent meeting you had with the Midwife and Management of the Midwifery team appears to have produced an admission of negligence, then you may well be able to claim compensation for the injuries and psychological trauma sustained.

      I would be of the view that any such claim would be a ‘clinical negligence’ matter and this is something we can help with. However, claims for compensation arising from clinical negligence are notoriously complex and difficult to run successfully, so we do need to manage expectations from the outset.

      May I suggest that you forward contact details to me by email so that we can speak on the phone and take some further information?

  58. elaine jason

    I’m really struggling with my solicitor. It’s been 3 years now and it appears she has failed to pass on vital info to the other side. They have admitted full liability but now i’ve to see a barrister. Do I point out all the faults of the solicitor?
    In terms of special damages….my husband and I split up although it wasn’t all to blame on the accident but it was definitely the last straw especially when he got rid of my dog because I couldn’t walk her? But can I mention this? Also I had just finished my degree with a view to go into management and a higher paid job. Can I mention this? Although I can if I gained more confidence in myself go for that job, I would have been in the job had I not fallen.

    • Ian Morris

      I am sorry to hear about your situation with your Solicitor. Obviously, without knowing the full details of your claim and the way that the defendants are handling your claim, it would be wrong of me to be critical of your Solicitor.

      However, if you feel that your Solicitor has not handled your claim correctly, you should certainly raise this issue with them. By doing so, you may find that they are able to give you a thorough explanation of the status of your claim that puts your mind at rest. Alternatively, it may allow them to address any errors made or give you evidence that they have made errors in the handling of your claim. In the end, if you are not satisfied with your Solicitors response to a complaint or grievance, you can then refer them to the Law Society/Solicitors Regulatory Authority and ask them to investigate your complaint and the handling of your claim.

      Regarding your special damages, you should certainly present every possible loss to your Solicitor and this could include the damage to your Marriage and earning capabilities. Whether or not you will be able to successfully claim for the damage to your relationship and career is uncertain, but you must make sure that you attempt to claim for those issues alongside the claim for your injuries and other losses.

      I hope that this information is of use to you and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your claim and your future.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

  59. miss jamie leigh briggs

    Hello, I don’t know if I am on the right path here or if you will be able to help me. It will be 3 years in September my partner was attacked in our home after answering the door, he was stabbed numerous times in the arm which left him having to under go 4 hour surgery. This has made me terrified of answering the door and under no circumstances will I open the door if I am home alone. I don’t like been in the house alone either. This has had a great impact of my day to day living. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Ian Morris

      Dear Jamie

      I am really sorry to hear about your situation and I can understand why you feel the way you do. There is a government funded scheme to compensate the victims of criminal assaults – it’s called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). They have very strict guidelines regarding who they will and will not compensate, so I cannot at this stage say whether or not you will have any chance of claiming from them. You would certainly have had to report the details of your anxiety and distress to your GP and sought medical treatment.

      At Direct2Compensation we do not run CICA claims – because of the changes made to the legal system and claims process as a result of the Governments LASPO Act 2012.

      I will email you directly with a link for the CICA so that you can contact them directly to pursue this further. You do not need a Solicitor to pursue a CICA claim – you simply fill in an application and submit it to them.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

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