Claims FAQ

  • 106 Are you entitled to claim personal injury compensation?

    These are the main criteria you need to check to see if you can claim: Was the accident someone else’s fault? Do you know the identity of the liable party? If not, did you report the incident to the police or local authority? Have you sought medical treatment from your GP or hospital? If not, … Continued

  • 68 What Does No Win No Fee Really Mean?

    No Win No Fee is a common way of making a claim for personal injury compensation without the claimant risking extremely expensive legal fees. However, there are important key facts potential claimants should understand and consider regarding this method of funding legal action before they instruct a Solicitor to act for them. Table of contents: … Continued

  • 14 What is a compensation settlement made up of?

    One of the most common questions put to us asks what decides a fair settlement value for a claim. There are two basic factors that your solicitor will use to evaluate your claim and reach a value on your settlement: injury severity, and special damages. The severity of the injury The amount of compensation for the … Continued

  • 2 What Are “Special Damages” In Personal Injury Compensation?

    Most people know they can look to win a financial settlement if they are injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, but a lot of claimants don’t seem to know about claiming for their special damages. Special damages cover financial loss Special damages form part of the final value of a claimant’s settlement. It is … Continued

  • 4 How much is my claim worth?

    There’s no definitive answer to the question of how much compensation you could receive, especially during the early stages of a personal injury compensation claim. In the early stage of the claims process, we won’t yet have enough information for it to be helpful for us to quote settlement value estimates, as it would be all … Continued

  • 0 How long does a compensation claim take?

    Every claimant wants to settle their claim as quickly as possible and move on from their injury. But to get to the point where a compensation claim can be settled involves evidence, expert opinions and investigations from insurers. It also requires clear communication between insurers, specialist solicitors, claimants and occasionally the courts. All of this can take time. … Continued

  • 0 Is it worth making a compensation claim?

    Most of us wouldn’t be able to cope financially if we were hurt in an accident that left us unable to earn a living. We would struggle to support our families and as a result, we may go behind on paying the mortgage or bills. Life would be extremely difficult. Claiming compensation can help in … Continued

  • 0 Who can make a personal injury compensation claim?

    In simple terms, any person who has been injured, reported their accident to the right people or place, received medical treatment and believes that someone else is responsible for their injuries, can make a claim.  The law is the same for adults and children and yes, you can make a claim for your child, with … Continued

  • 319 How long does an insurer have to reply to a compensation claim?

    Settling a claim as quickly as possible is hugely important to all our claimants, especially those suffering the stress of losing income whilst they can’t work. It’s less important to the defendant insurers who have to pay the settlement, and who are trying to minimise the amount paid. Insurer response times – ‘pre-action protocols’ It will not surprise you to learn that … Continued

  • 6 What is a conditional fee agreement (CFA)?

    The worry that legal representation will be expensive sometimes puts people off seeking the services of a solicitor to pursue their claim for personal injury compensation.  But worry not, the reason that ‘no win no fee’ services are in place for matters like Personal Injury compensation claims is to ensure that people who cannot afford the cost of … Continued

  • 0 Who are Direct2Compensation?

    Direct2Compensation is a personal injury claims management company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our authorisation number is 830395. Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register. We’re authorised to provide our services to clients wishing to pursue claims on a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury compensation. Should … Continued

  • 0 How long does it take to claim road traffic accident compensation?

    Road traffic accident compensation claims are amongst the fastest to process and settle.  This is even more likely since the claims process was changed as a result of the Jackson Reforms (LASPO Act 2012) came in to effect in April 2013.  As a result of these changes, claims for more minor injuries, as whiplash often … Continued

  • 0 Is making a claim a hassle?

    Of the legitimate claimants who don’t actually make a claim, some don’t know how to or who to go to, some are too vulnerable and are not given the correct assistance by carers or family, and many are put off by the often complex and scary legalese jargon used by many law firms. At Direct2Compensation, … Continued

  • 0 How much will claiming cost me?

    Perhaps the most important thing any personal injury compensation claimant needs to know is that, with Direct2Compensation, they will pay NO COSTS whatsoever should their claim fail.  Although your Solicitor will receive no fee for their work should the claim fail, the costs of the defendant in cases that have failed will be covered by insurance … Continued

  • 6 How long do I have to make a compensation claim?

    The rules for making a claim for personal injury compensation state that there is a period of 3 years from the date of an accident in which an injured party must register their claim. This time limit is called ‘limitation’. Should an injured party fail to register their claim within a 3 year time period, the … Continued

  • 2 What severity of injury warrants a claim?

    In nearly every claim, there has to be a recognised injury and medical treatment has to have been sought and received by the claimant. Most injured clients get medical treatment in A&E or from their GP. This provides medical evidence to quantify their injury. If it’s noted on your medical records, it can be proven … Continued

  • 0 Is any personal injury claimable?

    At Direct 2 Compensation towers, we get numerous personal injury accident claim enquiries. We’ve heard it all, the fall from a ladder, the whiplash from a rear end shunt, the slip on the wet floor, the lack of hazard warning signs, the blatant breaches of health and safety in workplaces. All claimable accidents in most … Continued

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