How long does it take to claim compensation after a road traffic accident?

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Road traffic accident compensation claims are amongst the fastest to process and settle.  This is even more likely since the claims process was changed as a result of the Jackson Reforms (LASPO Act 2012) came in to effect in April 2013.  As a result of these changes, claims for more minor injuries, as whiplash often is, are submitted via the ‘Claims Portal‘ and can now settle in as little as 3 months or less, although it is wise to allow a period of 3-6 months in most cases.

However, in the event of serious or catastrophic injuries, the process of claiming can be far slower as it is vital that the full extent of the injuries and other losses are known and understood.  This often takes months and years as it is vital that the full value of a settlement is known and understood.

In most cases, people injured in road traffic accidents suffer short-term injuries that whilst painful, are not life changing. In these circumstances, a claim should usually be settled within a period of 3-9 months.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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