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Helpful articles about making a claim

  • 52 Claiming Compensation for a failure in Duty of Care

    When does Duty of Care apply to a compensation case? If you’ve been harmed, and you believe someone else’s negligence is the reason why, two key things need to be proved. The other party owed you a Duty of Care. The other party failed to take reasonable steps to fulfil that duty, resulting in you … Continued

  • 2 Claiming personal injury compensation in Scotland

    The UK is divided into three separate legal jurisdictions: England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Each has slightly different laws, and in most cases a personal injury claim has to made in the jurisdiction the accident occurred and will be dealt with according to the laws there. Here we look at making a compensation … Continued

  • 63 Rehabilitation therapies and personal injury compensation

    Any personal injury claimant who continues to suffer from their symptoms has a right to seek rehabilitation therapy in a bid to ease their situation. They can recover more quickly, return to normality sooner and are able to continue to earn their income as they did before they were injured. Third-party insurers are keen to … Continued

  • 18 Claiming injury compensation on behalf of someone else

    The legal right to make a claim for injury compensation is something the majority of people are aware of. But what if the person to whom the claim would relate is incapacitated because of their injuries, or even worse was killed in the accident? Can you make a claim for injury compensation on their behalf? You’ll … Continued

  • 4 Our no win no fee injury claims process – a step by step view

    If you are about to instruct a personal injury solicitor or regulated claims management company to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation you will have a large selection of companies to choose from.  The majority provide a great service and their work meets the needs of their claimant.  Despite this, you will still want to … Continued

  • 0 Living normally and claiming personal injury compensation

    Many claimants are still suffering from the symptoms of their injuries during the process of claiming personal injury compensation and are not sure how best to go about life and pursuing their regular day-to-day activities, hobbies or pastimes. Are you being watched? In an effort to reduce the chances of a fraudulent or dishonest claimant … Continued

  • 2 What you should expect from your personal injury solicitor

    Having dealt with thousands of personal injury claimants over the years, I’ve learned that the majority have the same questions, concerns and worries about how the claims process works, and indeed whether or not they should pursue their claim for compensation. One of the most important aspects of the whole process is the relationship you … Continued

  • 2 5 top tips to maximise how much injury compensation you receive

    At Direct2Compensation, we’re all about making sure that our injury compensation claimants see the full benefit of instructing us and our expert solicitors when they decide to make a claim for personal injury compensation.  You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a better outcome with your claim if you choose to use the services of a solicitor than … Continued

  • 15 How to claim personal injury compensation for your child

    In most circumstances, when anyone is making a claim for personal injury compensation after an accident that was not their fault, they will deal with it themselves. However, in the case of a son or daughter, elderly parent or any vulnerable person that is unable to cope with such matters alone, people are often unsure … Continued

  • 175 Getting compensation payments upfront before a claim is settled

    The regulated personal injury compensation claims sector has literally thousands of companies offering their services.  With this in mind, the consumer should be aware that not all companies are worthy and that not every piece of advertising you see can be counted on as being the level of service that you will receive. Be wary … Continued

  • 99 You can claim psychological injury damages as part of your compensation

    When most people think of a personal injury compensation claim, they usually consider physical injuries such as a broken arm or whiplash. However, as well as physical injuries, a claimant should be aware that psychological trauma is also something for which they can claim. At Direct2Compensation, we realise that making a claim for personal injury … Continued

  • 16 Claiming from CICA, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

    Many people are unaware that if you are an innocent victim of a crime and you are injured as a result of being involved in a crime, you are well within rights to claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is run by the government and it … Continued

  • 92 Using your medical records in support of your injury claim

    Medical records are very important when it comes to claiming compensation and they are a good way of proving what happened to you during the accident. Your doctor may also have told you not to work and as a result you have lost out on wages which in turn has resulted in you and your … Continued

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