Should you make an injury claim without a Solicitor and accept an insurers offer?

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You don’t have to instruct a solicitor if you want to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Anyone who feels that they have been injured through the negligent actions of someone else has a legal right to make a claim by themselves. They can claim directly with an insurers claims department if they know who to contact and how to go about it with the hope of getting a fair settlement that adequately covers the full extent of their injuries, as well as covering any losses or expenses incurred.

Alternatively, they can instruct a specialist no win no fee personal injury compensation solicitor to represent them and prepare a comprehensive claim, ensuring qualified advice is given and if successful, that a fair and just settlement is reached.

Claiming injury compensation yourself without a solicitor

If you choose not to instruct a solicitor to act for you when you claim injury compensation you will deal with an insurer directly.  Whilst we don’t deny that this solution works for some people, we hear much anecdotal evidence from people who have come to us after attempting to deal with a claim by themselves that it has been a bad experience and that wish they had the services of a specialist personal injury solicitor.

The obvious problem with having no expert legal advice from a specialist solicitor is that a claimant would have no idea what they could claim for, how to overcome denials of liability, what evidence they may need or what would equal a fair settlement for all injuries and losses.  Sadly, we have encountered people who have come to us too late in the day after accepting a low settlement for a claim when they have dealt directly with an insurer rather than with a specialist injury compensation solicitor.  Once a claim is settled, it is settled and as such, ensuring you have the best advice available is a no brainer – especially when it can be provided on a no win no fee basis.

Another common complaint we hear is that of insurers stalling the process, taking too long to reply and get things moving. More upsetting are the clients who have stated to us that they have been made derisory offers, faced flat denials of liability despite witness evidence supporting the claim and felt that the insurers were fobbing them off by valuing genuine claims at a far lower rate than they would receive if they had expert legal representation.  This is one of the reasons why claiming no win no fee injury compensation with a specialist solicitors help is a good idea as they will ensure a fair and full settlement is provided on any successful claim.

When claiming directly with an insurer, they may not arrange for you to undergo a medical assessment with a suitably qualified Doctor. Getting a specialist report from an expert Doctor will provide medical evidence confirming diagnosis and prognosis of the injuries and a prognosis for recovery.  Such reports help to ensure that a fair and just settlement value is agreed.  If such evidence is not presented, it is likely that a valuation or offer of settlement made by an insurer may not fully recognise the severity of the injury sustained, or the possibility of pre-existing injuries made worse by the accident.

The benefits of claiming using a solicitor

At Direct2Compensation we know that hiring the services of an expert no win no fee injury compensation solicitor is the right move, and we can show you why this will benefit your claim and give you the best chance of getting the maximum settlement value of compensation. Choosing to instruct Direct2Compensation and our partner solicitors on a no win no fee (conditional fee agreement) basis also ensures that your rights are fully protected and that any losses you have incurred will be recovered if and when you succeed with your claim.

It would not be fair or right to say that any offer from an insurer to someone claiming by themselves would always be undervalued or too low.  However, it is reasonable to say that a specialist injury compensation solicitor can ensure that successful claimants only accept an offer if it does adequately compensate them for the extent of their injuries and losses.  At Direct2Compensation, our solicitors usually obtain larger settlements for injury compensation claimants than those obtained by people claiming compensation directly with an insurer.

With the Direct2Compensation claims process, our specialist solicitors will ensure that you undergo a medical assessment with a relevantly qualified Doctor.  The assessment is needed for obvious reasons as it forms the valuation of the injury element of your compensation settlement and is paid for by the losing side if you win your claim (if you lose, you don’t pay!).

What about solicitor fees?

Since April 2013, all claimants and claims are forced to abide by the LASPO Act 2012 and the new regulations regarding claims for personal injury compensation.  One of the key elements of this law obliges all successful injury compensation claimants who have used the services of a specialist injury compensation solicitor on a no win no fee basis to pay 25% of their settlement towards the costs of their claim.

Whilst people may think that claiming directly with an insurer will avoid them making this contribution, in most cases a specialist injury compensation solicitor will achieve a settlement for their client that is way more than 25% higher than they would have received if they had claimed directly with the insurer.  Therefore, it is easy to justify the 25% deduction as you’ll still receive a more settlement in your pocket if you choose to instruct a specialist no win no fee injury compensation solicitor, even after contributing 25% from your award.

Should you accept an insurer’s offer of compensation?

If you are claiming directly with an insurer and don’t have specialist legal representation, you should seek advice before accepting an offer from an insurer. We often have clients come to us after a month or two of dealing directly with an insurer and after speaking with us they opt to get a solicitor on a no win no fee basis – as at that stage as the solicitors are able to confirm they can obtain medical evidence and a far larger settlement for the client than they have been offered.

When you make a claim for injury compensation it is important to ensure that you get the maximum settlement available and Direct2Compensation can help with this. Call us on 01225 430285, or if you prefer, .

4 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Child injured defendant admits liability. not been settled Insurer make paltry offer. child over 18 heading toward 21st birthday too sick to deal with case lost abililty to communicate in hospital at . is there any deadline to settle does court the court have any role claimant not in position to reject or accept offer from insurer. Does th court have to sign off the claim?Is making a claim open ended interms of deadline for it to be settled.

Ian Morris

Do you have legal representatives dealing with this/. If so, they should be sorting this for you. If the courts are made aware that the claimant is incapacitated, they should be able to process the settlement and ensure it is paid in to an appropriate trust or account in order to protect it for the individuals use in due course.


I am 36 years old and suffering with an aggressive Dupuytren’s Contracture in the left hand which I had diagnosed February 2018, I believe surgery will be required in the next couple of years. My first employment would require me to sand for upto 7hrs a day every day if the job required it, I worked there from 2000-2016. Is it possible to make a claim against my former employer and represent myself, as I now live/work overseas.

Ian Morris

It is possible to represent yourself in any action – of course, having a specialist act for you may make life easier as they will be able to ensure that any legal rights are upheld and that if there has been negligence, it is established and that it is accounted for.

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