Hello I was in a car crash in December 2019 and was appointed carpenters solicitors through my insurance they was on first hand and rang me the day my accident happened it was a rear ended collision and the party accepted full liability from the start. I’ve now been waiting for nearly 3 years from the solicitors there communication is absolutely awful and my wife’s in the same situation with them. There was nothing to complex about the cases we both sustained injuries and on my part I was told by a specialist they provided my injuries would be gone within 6-12 months my injuries whiplash did last over two years with full medical reports showing this but due to me having seen a Doctor about 8 years ago with a stiff neck, they said this was down to it lasting as long as it did. Personally, I knew this was nonsense and I sent them all my medical reports over a year ago.

There is no communication from them and I told them that I would escalate a complaint if it wasn’t dealt with, to which I received an email saying they weren’t taking the complaint?

Can you please advise me on this many thanks.

Ian Morris

The majority of problems that people come to us with regarding existing claims made with other specialists relate to companies tied in with their car insurers or trade unions, so your situation is sadly not a surprise.

As your complaint appears to have been ignored, you should contact the legal ombudsman to seek advice and intervention from them.