What you should expect from your personal injury solicitor

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Having dealt with thousands of personal injury claimants over the years, I’ve learned that the majority have the same questions, concerns and worries about how the claims process works, and indeed whether or not they should pursue their claim for compensation. One of the most important aspects of the whole process is the relationship you have with your solicitor. We believe it’s important to instruct a specialist solicitor to run your claim and therefore, you should expect to see a benefit from doing so.

Once your claim is up and running, you may not know what to expect. However, there is no need for you to just sit and wait in hope as we invite regular contact from claimants. It’s important to keep in regular contact with your solicitor, and don’t be afraid to get updates on your claim at any stage if you want to know what is happening.

I felt it might be useful to list a few things that form the basis of any claim and can indicate to you what to expect from your solicitor:

  • At the outset of your discussion with a solicitor, you should expect to receive a full explanation of the way your claim will be handled, what the solicitor expects to happen including an estimate as to how long your claim will take to settle.
  • Once the solicitor has advised you that they will pursue your claim, you should be provided with a full verbal explanation of paperwork that you will be asked to sign (Conditional Fee Agreements) and the no win no fee claims system, including costs that may arise.
  • Prompt receipt of the documents you will be asked to sign (Conditional Fee Agreement & forms of authority etc) and return to formally instruct your solicitor to commence working on your claim.
  • After returning your documents, you should expect a brief period of silence whilst your solicitor begins to investigate your claim and liaise with the 3rd party insurers.
  • You should expect your solicitor to attempt to secure rehabilitation therapies, such as physiotherapy for you –  at the expense of the 3rd party.
  • You should expect to be requested to attend a specialist medical examination so that expert medical opinion can be used to support your claim for personal injury compensation.
  • Once your solicitor is in receipt of your full medical records and an opinion from the medical expert that they have instructed to assess your injuries and provide a prognosis, your solicitor will be in a position to provide you with an estimate as to the level of compensation settlement you should expect to receive.
  • A request from your solicitor regarding any costs that you may have incurred in order that they can also prepare the special damages element of your claim.
  • You are entitled to expect regular updates and correspondence from your solicitor and you should expect to be treated fairly, politely and with respect.

At Direct2Compensation we act fairly, in your best interests and with the goal of you receiving justice for the injuries you’ve sustained.  We hold our solicitors to the same standards that we hold ourselves and you can hold us to them too!

You can always find out more information by perusing our website or taking the chance to comment on this, or other articles, and ask a question about your claim for personal injury compensation.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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