Pedestrian Injury Compensation Claims

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Pedestrians often don’t know how to claim compensation if they have been injured by a car, bus, lorry or other vehicle in a road traffic accident. At Direct2Compensation we know how to go about pursuing such claims and whether the details of the 3rd party are obtained or not, we can help you.

Commonly, the injuries suffered by pedestrians that are hit by a negligent driver are serious and often include bone fractures, loss of limbs, or brain and head injuries. In the most serious cases we deal with loss of life claims made by surviving family members.

Pedestrian claims will succeed if the claimant can demonstrate that 3rd party vehicle driver has been responsible for causing the accident through negligent driving. Vehicle drivers and their insurers will be liable to compensate any pedestrians that are injured if the vehicle driver is found to be at fault for the accident.

As with all road traffic accident compensation claims, to pursue a claim through the normal insurance process it is vital that the injured pedestrian has the relevant information of the vehicles involved in the accident. If these details are not held, as would be the case in a hit and run incident, or if it transpires that the negligent driver was uninsured, a claim can still be made, but it will need to be run through the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme.

Direct2Compensation can assist with claims on either basis and if you are unsure as to where you stand, please contact us for help.

What you need to make a claim

Below are the details that should be recorded to pursue a claim on the usual road traffic accident compensation basis:

  • Details of drivers involved (all vehicles involved if more than one)
  • Vehicle registration details for all vehicles involved (if applicable, include bus and route numbers)
  • Accident location (street name/road number etc) and date of accident
  • Details of any witnesses

In the case of an untraced driver (a hit and run) or if it transpires that the driver of a vehicle that has caused injuries to a pedestrian was uninsured, to pursue a claim via the motor insurers bureau, the injured party should complete the following steps before claiming:

  • Report the incident to the Police and obtain a police incident reference number
  • Make a statement to the police if required to do so
  • Seek medical attention from a GP or hospital
  • Obtain the details of any witnesses if possible

Why claim pedestrian accident compensation?

Pedestrians who are injured in an accident involving a vehicle don’t always pursue their legal right to make a claim for compensation. Whether this is because they don’t know how to go about making a claim or they simply don’t realise that they are covered by the vehicle insurers should they be in an accident, we don’t know. However, there are many compelling reasons for pursuing a pedestrian accident compensation claim.

Pedestrians are very vulnerable when hit by a vehicle and can easily sustain nasty injuries. Many such claims involve elderly people and young children, and claiming personal injury compensation can help ease some of the problems caused by the accident.

At Direct2Compensation all accident compensation claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis, so you will never be charged if your claim does not succeed. A successful pedestrian accident compensation claim will lead to a settlement being made to the injured party making the claim, with the value of the claim including lost income and incurred costs as well as a settlement value for the injuries suffered and medical treatment that has been required.

As well as a financial settlement, claiming compensation with Direct2Compensation and our expert injury compensation solicitors can also help you in other ways.

  • Making a claim is a legal right, and if successful will fairly compensate the injured party for injuries that were not their fault.
  • If successful, a pedestrian road traffic accident compensation claim will allow the claimant and their solicitor to request that the liable 3rd party release funds to pay for private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to speed the recovery process of the injured party.
  • A successful pedestrian road traffic accident claim settlement will include a special damages claim that will cover lost income now and in the future if the injuries that are being claimed for have prevented the injured party from working, either temporarily or again. In the case of a child or elderly person being injured, the special damages element of the claim will cover the cost of a parent having to take time away from work to care for the child or carer costs for an elderly person needing post accident care.

Specialist rehabilitation therapies

Once your pedestrian road traffic accident compensation claim is active and your specialist Direct2Compensation solicitor has been able to obtain an admission of liability (from the insurers that provide the vehicle insurance for the liability party), your claim will succeed. It is at this point, that your solicitor can look to obtain specialist rehabilitation therapy if it is deemed relevant to your injuries.

In the case of pedestrian accident compensation, it is likely to involve serious injuries and as such rehabilitation therapies will greatly benefit the recovery process. Whether the therapies would include physiotherapy, osteopathic/chiropractic or massage therapies, your specialist solicitor and associated medical expert will help to organise this for you. Any such treatments will be provided at the expense of the third party dealing with your claim and the cost will form part of the value of the total settlement. Further information on this will be available from your solicitor once your claim has been active for a sufficient amount of time.

When can you make a pedestrian accident compensation claim?

Any pedestrian who has been injured in an accident involving a car, van, lorry, bus, motorcycle or any other road going vehicle, can pursue a claim for compensation as long as they were not at fault for the incident.  As with all claims, they must allege negligence (responsibility) against a 3rd party vehicle. It is not possible to claim compensation if the injured party is responsible for their own injuries.

Common scenarios leading to pedestrian road traffic accident compensation include:

  • A vehicle failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing
  • A vehicle mounting the pavement
  • A bus or coach knocking a tree branch onto a pedestrian.
  • Speeding
  • Failing to drive with adequate due care and attention

In all cases of someone making a pedestrian accident compensation claim, they are doing so because they have been injured as a result of someone else’s mistake or negligence.

How Direct2Compensation can help with your claim

As with all accidents, if you’ve been injured in a pedestrian road traffic accident, is important to make sure that the details of your accident have been recorded properly and with the right people.  In most cases, the first point of call for a pedestrian injured in an accident involving a vehicle, would be to contact the police and obtain an incident reference number (in serious injury or death pedestrian accidents, the police will conduct a full investigation).  Pedestrians injured in an accident should also seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity for any injuries that have been sustained.  If you haven’t completed these steps already, we can help you to do so and advise you as to what you need to do.

Direct2Compensation are vastly experienced with the handling of pedestrian accident compensation claims whether on the standard insurer claim process or via the motor insurers bureau scheme. We have road traffic accident expert solicitors available to assist you during your claim. At Direct2Compensation, we know your rights and can help you to understand whether the specifics of your accident is something you are likely to be able to successfully claim compensation for.

Direct2Compensation work with some of the best personal injury compensation solicitors in the UK. With our easy to understand claims process and ability to handle your claim quickly, simply and transparently, there are many reasons that make us the right choice when it comes to starting your pedestrian accident compensation claim.

You can start your claim online or , and one of our expert team will be in touch to offer help. Alternatively, call us on 01225 430285.

12 questions have been answered on this subject, why not ask your own?

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    Read on for questions and advice about claiming, plus pedestrian injury claim examples...

    A friend and I were involved in an RTA as a pedestrian during one of the storms in February. We were hit by a car who admitted that he did not see us due to the rain we subsequently hit the car and smashed the windscreen. Our first recollection of the incident was being brought round by the paramedics in the back of the ambulance. Our solicitor has taken the case on and everything seemed to be moving on. However, the police report has just come through that states I said to the police I stepped out. As a result, our solicitor has dropped our case. This is despite having no recollection of ever speaking to the police. The paramedics questioned both of us with basic questions as they believed we were concussed. Would this be a simple case of the police statement being enough to close the case?
    Many thanks for your time in responding.

    Ian Morris

    Without independent witness evidence, the negative implications of the Police report does put your claim at risk of being a write-off. Have you attempted to contact the Police to discuss their report and the potential inaccuracies within it?


    I have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian leaving me with nasty bruises on the arm, back and ribs pain and broken big toe which makes me unable to walk, a car reversed hitting me on a one way street! Anyways I checked online what I need to do in this case and I have found a company that handles person injury claims, I have signed an agreement with them a week ago and after I found myself chasing them to know the next steps or who is my solicitor and I have been communicating via emails with a person that keeps requesting personal data about me without giving any reply to my questions! Also they asked me to call the police to ask details about the driver as I wasn’t able to take any as I have been in a state of shock and pain. The police officer gave me the reference number of the report which would offer all the details needed, reference number which I have already shared with the person that sends me the emails! Do you think this is normal to happen? How long a time does it take normally for the company to offer a clear understanding of what they are actually doing? Like if they granted me a solicitor yet or not?

    Ian Morris

    Firstly, the agreement you have signed with the company in question should have a 14-day cooling off period, so if you have ANY doubts about them or their credibility, you should immediately cancel the instructions you have given them as you won’t face any penalty for doing so.

    All personal injury compensation claims within the UK are subject to strict regulatory framework and all Claims Management Companies MUST be regulated and approved to operate by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Solicitors must be registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA). You can search for the firm you are with via either the FCA or SRA websites to verify if they are legitimate or not.

    Of course, we do not know if the firm you have signed up with are legitimate or not, but what we can say is that with our service, you would initially speak with one of our team to provide the initial information needed for your claim and would then be passed to a specialist personal injury Solicitor practice who sit on our panel of expert partner firms. A specialist Solicitor would then discuss your claim in detail with you over the phone before you were asked to sign the Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee) paperwork to formally instruct them to act. During the claims process – which as you can imagine, can take many months, you would have the direct contact details for the person handling your claim and you could make contact with them at appropriate times to discuss your case or seek an update.

    From our perspective, all we would wish you to provide is an honest account of the incident and your injuries and any details you have – such as the Police reference or details of any witnesses.

    If you would like us to take your case, please cancel the instructions to the company you have signed up with (but do check that you are within the 14-day cooling off period to avoid any penalty) and then call us on 01225430285.


    Thank you very much for your reply and for the advice!
    Today are 7 days since I have signed the agreement, therefore i am still on the safe side if I quit on them for the way they handle my case!
    Also I will take into consideration your offer and I will think over it!
    Once again, thank you, you are doing an amazing job!

    Ian Morris

    Thank you for your kind feedback! Regarding your situation, do check in to the credibility of the firm you are signed up with and should you wish to change, you know where we are!


    Hi. While i was working I was sent out to the car park to collect trollies from the bay and a car reversed into me at speed, hit me on my leg and pinned me against the trollies. I had to swivel while still pinned to punch the cars window to alert it that it had hit me, the car then sped away. This was seen by a lot of customers in the car park who asked if I was ok. I went into the building to tell management what happened and I was basically laughed at as it was said “this could only happen to you”. I was told CCTV didn’t cover the car park when I asked to check it to get the cars registration number. The incident was not recorded and I felt embarrassed about being laughed at. About 10 days later I tore my achilles tendon while in the gym and have now been off work for almost 14 weeks. My work have recently sent me a letter informing me they can sack me while I am off sick despite occ health saying i am not fit for work. My physiotherapist told me today the 2 incidents are directly linked and I should look into the option of pursuing an injury claim. What happens next? I am not sure how any of this works. Any advice would be extremely grateful.

    Ian Morris

    Without knowing the details of the vehicle that caused your initial injury as it drove away, you cannot make a claim against the insurers of that vehicle. However, you could possibly make a claim via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) via their untraced driver scheme. This is a scheme in place to enable the victims of hit and run incidents to claim compensation.

    As you don’t appear to have reported this incident to the Police, you may need to obtain witness details or copy of an accident book report from your employer.

    You can make a claim via the MIB with our specialist Solicitors, but you should also be aware that you can make a claim directly with them without representation via their website.

    You can’t be sacked for having an accident at work if it wasn’t your fault.


    I was reversed over by a Taxi. The driver was drunk. Luckily I escaped with minor injuries. Can I claim?

    Ian Morris

    You describe an accident where negligence is clearly the cause. The taxi driver would be liable for your injuries and a claim is likely to be successful if pursued.

    The main issue you would face under UK law would be whether or not your injuries are of a sufficient severity to warrant making a claim. UK personal injury compensation law requires that a claimant have injuries that exceed £1,000 in value (not including special damages) to be able to instruct a Solicitor to act for the on a No Win No Fee basis in a claim for personal injury compensation.


    Hi i was standing waiting to cross the road standing on the pavement when a transit van mounted the pavement and ran right over my foot. I also hit my head and chin on the side of the van and received some bruising to my chin and cuts to both my hands. I received hospital treatment for my injuries, the tendons on my foot my were was badly swollen I now using crutches with difficulty and I’ve been told to rest it for 2-3 weeks so the swelling can go down.

    Ian Morris

    The road traffic accident you mention sounds very nasty and given that you were a pedestrian injured by a van hitting you whilst on the pavement, I would anticipate that any claim you wished to make for compensation would have strong prospects of success.

    If you have the details of the vehicle that hit you, our specialist Solicitors can run a standard No Win No Fee claim for you via the insurance portal and pursue the insurers of said van. If you do not know the details of the vehicle – if it was a hit and run for example – we can still assist with a No Win No Fee claim. This would however be pursued via the Motor Insurers Bureau uninsured or untraced driver claims scheme.

    Your injuries sound painful and the value of your claim would certainly make it worthwhile you pursuing this further. You would pay nothing whatsoever should your claim fail and you’d stand to benefit from a considerable compensation settlement if you were to succeed.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Chat with us for friendly, expert advice 01225 430285