Complaints Handling Policy

As a business operating within the regulated claims management activities sector, Southwest Signings Ltd (trading as Direct2Compensation) is required to have a written complaints handling policy.  This policy will be used to handle any complaint regarding regulated claims management activities whether oral or in writing made to the business.

Making complaints to Direct2Compensation regarding regulated claims management activities

In the event that any person wishes to complain to ‘The Business’ regarding the way in which ‘The Business’ have handled a regulated claims management activity, they are free to do so.  ‘The Business’ would prefer that a complainant advises ‘The Business’ of the details of their complaint in writing.  This is to enable both complainant and ‘The Business’ to be working from the same record when investigating the complaint and attempting to resolve the same.  To record a complaint in writing, a complainant can do so via email to: or by post to our office at 12 The Circle, Bath, BA21JA

Complaints may be made orally (via the telephone or in person).  ‘The Business’ will refer to the person making the complaint as ‘the complainant’ and will refer to itself as ‘the business’ in any response or correspondence relating to a complaint.

The Directors of Southwest Signings Ltd, (trading as Direct2Compensation) have assessed the risk of receiving complaints as being low.  This assessment has been formed on the basis of the size of our business, the type of work we do and the limited involvement we have in the relationship between client and solicitor.  However, whilst the risk of complaint is small, we believe that a policy for handling such issues is required and therefore any staff involved in the receipt of or handling of complaints is to be made aware of the policy and asked to work to the policy when handling any complaints.

  • At the time of updating our complaints handling policy, complaints received by Southwest Signings Ltd trading as Direct2Compensation are to be handled by Mr. Ian Morris, Director of the Company.  (However, if the complaint relates to any matter in which Mr. Ian Morris has had previous involvement, the complaint is to be handled by Mr. Justin Milne, Director).
  • Any complaint received by ‘The Business’ is to be recorded in writing within a complaints log.
  • If and when a complaint is received, ‘The Business’ will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the complainant within 2 working days.  This response will provide the complainant with the name and job title of the person investigating the complaint and also a copy of our complaints handling policy (this document).
  • Ian Morris of ‘The Business’ will then investigate the complaint and liaise with the complainant accordingly. Details of the nature of the investigation that ‘The Business’ intends to carry out will be recorded in writing and copied to the complaints log and also sent to the complainant in writing.
  • ‘The Business’ will endeavour to resolve the complaint and will provide a final response to the complainant within 8 weeks of the date of the complaint.  This response will be in writing.

If ‘The Business’ is unable to resolve a complaint, it agrees to write to the complainant explaining the reasons and confirm the final decision on the same within 8 weeks, referring the complainant to the Financial Ombudsman and will include the contact details for the Financial Ombudsman along with a notification that the complainant then has a period of 6 months in which they can raise the complaint with the Ombudsman if they so wish.  If ‘The Business’ fails to respond to the complainant within 8 weeks, the complainant can contact the Ombudsman immediately.

  • ‘The Business’ agrees that it will make available to the complainant, the contents of any database records that are relevant to the complaint.
  • Upon completion of the investigation carried out, ‘The Business’ will provide a written finding to the complainant in terms of the outcome of its investigation in to the complaint made.  ‘The Business’ will endeavour to ensure that any written findings are issued in clear and plain language.  The complainant will be invited to contact the business to advise whether they are satisfied with the investigation and outcome.
  • Should the complainant be unsatisfied with the outcome of ‘The Business’ investigation in to the complaint, ‘The Business’ will discuss this with them to see if there is anything further that can be done in order to resolve the complaint amicably. However, if it proves impossible for ‘The Business’ and the complainant to reach an amicable outcome and the complainant indicates a wish to take the matter further, ‘The Business’ will provide the complainant with the contact details for the Financial Ombudsman who are able to investigate complaints should the claimant be unsatisfied with the response of ‘The Business’. The Financial Ombudsman will be able to consider complaints brought by consumers about the service provided by ‘The Business’. This can involve a range of remedies to provide a resolution. It is important to note that the role of the Financial Ombudsman is individual dispute resolution; it is not there to punish firms but to ensure that consumers are treated fairly.
  • ‘The Business’ confirms that it will endeavour to work openly and frankly with complainants and any other parties involved in a complaint (including regulatory authorities & The Financial Ombudsman) in the interests of resolving any complaints in the quickest and most satisfactory manner.  ‘The Business’ will cooperate fully with the Financial Ombudsman should matters proceed to that level.
  • ‘The Business’ will handle any complaints in an open, fair and honest manner.  ‘The Business’ will not pre-judge the outcome of any complaint and will not discriminate against any complainant on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other issue.  ‘The Business’ will reach decisions on the basis of evidence whether they be in favour of ‘The Business’ or the complainant.
  • ‘The Business’ confirms that it will abide by any decisions or judgements reached by the Financial Ombudsman.

Complainants may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service via: or Complain about a Claims Management Company online via: or via Tel: 0800 023 4567

This policy is to be reviewed annually at the time of authorised status renewals.

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