How much is my claim worth?

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There’s no definitive answer to the question of how much compensation you could receive, especially during the early stages of a personal injury compensation claim. In the early stage of the claims process, we won’t yet have enough information for it to be helpful for us to quote settlement value estimates, as it would be all too easy to be incorrect. It’s completely natural for people who are considering making a claim for personal injury compensation to ask how much their claim may be worth, but without knowing the full extent of the injuries and losses (special damages) that the claimant has sustained, it isn’t possible to give anything more than a rough estimate of the possible value of their compensation settlement.

Value of the injury itself

A reliable estimate of an injury compensation claim settlement valuation can be given later in the no win no fee claims process. This will be done by your specialist injury compensation solicitor once they have viewed the relevant medical records relating to the injuries sustained and read a full report of the injuries, medical treatment given, further treatments required and a long term prognosis for your full recovery or otherwise. This report will come from an expert medical assessor after they have examined you and discussed your accident, injuries and current state of health. Until this step of the claims process nobody can accurately value your claim.

Depending on the above, your solicitor will then refer to guidelines issued by the courts as to what level of compensation you can expect, and let you know.

Additional losses (special damages)

A large differential in the valuation of injury claim settlements is the element of losses that you have incurred and not just the injury suffered. Claimants must remember that lost wages, other income and personal expenses make up the remaining portion of a personal injury claim settlement value. This is the non-injury element of your claim for personal injury compensation, known as your special damages claim.

In claims of very high settlement value, it is very likely that the largest portion of the claim arise from the claimants loss of income if they cannot work. When someone is seriously injured, they will most likely be forced from their usual salary on to statutory sickness benefit. This can be a very hard burden to bear and is often a big motivation for claimants to pursue their claim. Luckily, if you succeed with your claim for compensation, you will be able to recover your loss of income in full.  If you have received certain state benefits, you may want to know if your benefits affect your injury claim. Direct2Compensation can advise you regarding this and many other issues.

Total settlement amount

Values range widely depending on various issues. More severe injuries, with permanent connotations and the losses that this will cause, will obtain the highest injury settlement value. Most common injuries associated with claims for personal injury compensation relate to relatively minor injuries, with no permanent implications from the injury and where the claimant recovers fully within 6-8 weeks of an accident. In most cases of this severity of injury, there are minimal special damages and the injury compensation settlement is usually valued in the region of £1000-£3000. Clearly, where injuries and losses are more substantial, the value of a claim will reflect the same.

If you are successful with your claim for personal injury compensation, be sure to fully take up your special damages claim and maximise your settlement. Contact us for some friendly advice! We know your rights and can help you succeed with your claim.

4 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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  • Bernard Mitchell

    Toe amputated due to mismanagement by hospital

    • Ian Morris

      Our clinical negligence Solicitors can advise you and potentially pursue a claim for you should it be deemed viable to do so. This is a No Win No Fee service and you can get further advice by calling us on 01225430285 or by using the ‘start your claim‘ form on our website.

  • Joanne

    Are interim payments repayable if opting out of receiving full compensation?

    • Ian Morris

      Why would you not wish to continue with the claim? If you have received an interim award, it indicates that you’ll obtain further compensation to settle the matter properly.

      If you decide against pursuing the claim, you wouldn’t necessarily have to return an interim payment, but you may end up being in breach of the terms of your Conditional Fee Agreement and this will mean that your Solicitor cannot recover their costs and may therefore pursue you for costs.

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