How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Personal Injury Claim?

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There’s no definitive answer to the question of how much compensation you could receive, especially during the early stages of a personal injury compensation claim. In the early stage of the claims process, we won’t yet have enough information for it to be helpful for us to quote settlement value estimates, as it would be all too easy to be incorrect. It’s completely natural for people who are considering making a claim for personal injury compensation to ask how much their claim may be worth, but without knowing the full extent of the injuries and losses (special damages) that the claimant has sustained, it isn’t possible to give anything more than a rough estimate of the possible value of their compensation settlement.

Compensation for the injury itself

A reliable estimate of an injury compensation claim settlement valuation can be given later in the no win no fee claims process. This will be done by your specialist injury compensation solicitor once they have viewed the relevant medical records relating to the injuries sustained and read a full report of the injuries, medical treatment given, further treatments required and a long term prognosis for your full recovery or otherwise. This report will come from an expert medical assessor after they have examined you and discussed your accident, injuries and current state of health. Until this step of the claims process nobody can accurately value your claim.

Depending on the above, your solicitor will then refer to guidelines issued by the courts as to what level of compensation you can expect, and let you know.

Average injury claim payouts

The lists below are a guide to how much you might be able to claim for your injury. It does not include amounts for “special damages”, for example, loss of earnings, expenses or medical treatment.

Head and Face Injury Compensation Values
Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
HeadMinor eg: no brain damage£1,600 to £9,700
HeadSerious eg: lasting changes£11,600 to £214,300
HeadSevere eg: full-time care£214,300 to £307,000
EyesMinor eg: temporary vision problems£1,650 to £6,700
EyesSerious eg: lost sight in one eye£6,900 to £50,000
EyesSevere eg: near or total blindness£80,500 to £204,200
EarsMinor eg: partial hearing loss£5,300 to £34,650
EarsSerious eg: hearing loss in one ear£23,850 to £34,650
EarsSevere eg: total deafness£68,950 to £107,500
FaceMinor eg: light scarring£1,290 to £2,670
FaceSerious eg: facial fracture£1,770 to £28,950
FaceSevere eg: facial disfigurement£13,700 to £74,500
Upper Body Injury Compensation Values
Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
NeckMinor eg: whiplash£1,850 to £6,050
NeckSerious eg: fractures or dislocation£29,300 to £42,500
NeckSevere eg: partial or total paralysis£34,570 to £112,800
BackMinor eg: strains or soft tissue damage£300 to £9,450
BackSerious eg: permanent pain£9,450 to £29,500
BackSevere eg: partial or total paralysis£29,450 to £122,300
ShoulderMinor eg: pain for less than two years£300 to £6,050
ShoulderSerious eg: pain lasting a few years£6,050 to £9,750
ShoulderSevere eg: significant disability£9,750 to £36,450
Hips and PelvisMinor eg: recovery within a few years£3,000 to £9,580
Hips and PelvisSerious eg: hip replacement£9,550 to £29,850
Hips and PelvisSevere eg: long term effects, bowel damage£29,800 to £99,550
Hand and Arm Injury Compensation Values
Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
FingerMinor eg: fractureUp to £360
FingerSerious eg: amputation£3,000 to £14,255
FingerSevere eg: multiple amputation£6,570 to £69,050
ThumbMinor eg: recovery within a few monthsUp to £1,680
ThumbSerious eg: tendon or nerve damage£3,050 to £9,550
ThumbSevere eg: loss of grip, amputation£9,550 to £12,740
HandMinor eg: cuts and soft tissue damage£650 to £22,000
HandSerious eg: significant effect on use£22,000 to £47,000
HandSevere eg: amputation or loss of use£47,000 to £153,150
WristMinor eg: quick recovery after fracture£2,650 to £3,550
WristSerious eg: continuing discomfort£5,600 to £18,620
WristSevere eg: partial or total loss of use£18,600 to £45,450
ElbowMinor eg: tennis or golfer’s elbow£2,650 to £9,550
ElbowSerious eg: significant restricted movement£11,850 to £24,300
ElbowSevere eg: surgery or disability£29,750 to £41,650
ArmMinor eg: quick recovery after fracture£5,000 to £29,750
ArmSerious eg: restricted movement or disability£29,750 to £99,450
ArmSevere eg: amputation£73,050 to £228,050
Lower Body Injury Compensation Values
Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
ToeMinor eg: fracture£4,200 to £7,300
ToeSeriouseg: ongoing symptoms£7,300 to £16,050
ToeSevere eg: amputation£23,750 to £42,650
FootMinor eg: constant pain but no disability£5,320 to £10,445
FootSerious eg: fractured heel or foot£19,000 to £53,150
FootSevere eg: amputation£63,820 to £153,250
AchillesMinor eg: weakened ankle£5,520 to £16,050
AchillesSerious eg: partial tendon tear£18,950 to £22,850
AchillesSevere eg: severed tendonUp to £29,250
AnkleMinor eg: sprain or fracture£10,400 to £20,150
AnkleSerious eg: surgery required£23,850 to £38,000
AnkleSevere eg: major disability or amputation£38,000 to £52,995
KneeMinor eg: twists, dislocation£4,600 to £19,950
KneeSerious eg: some disability, long-term pain£19,850 to £32,990
KneeSevere eg: constant pain or disability£39,600 to £73,120
LegMinor eg: fracture or soft tissue damage£1,850 to £19,850
LegSerious eg: long-term effects£21,050 to £103,200
LegSevere eg: amputation£74,450 to £214,300

Claiming additional losses (special damages)

A large differential in the valuation of injury claim settlements is the element of losses that you have incurred and not just the injury suffered. Claimants must remember that lost wages, other income and personal expenses make up the remaining portion of a personal injury claim settlement value. This is the non-injury element of your claim for personal injury compensation, known as your special damages claim.

In claims of very high settlement value, it is very likely that the largest portion of the claim arise from the claimants loss of income if they cannot work. When someone is seriously injured, they will most likely be forced from their usual salary on to statutory sickness benefit. This can be a very hard burden to bear and is often a big motivation for claimants to pursue their claim. Luckily, if you succeed with your claim for compensation, you will be able to recover your loss of income in full.  If you have received certain state benefits, you may want to know if your benefits affect your injury claim. Direct2Compensation can advise you regarding this and many other issues.

Total settlement amount

Values range widely depending on various issues. More severe injuries, with permanent connotations and the losses that this will cause, will obtain the highest injury settlement value. Most common injuries associated with claims for personal injury compensation relate to relatively minor injuries, with no permanent implications from the injury and where the claimant recovers fully within 6-8 weeks of an accident. In most cases of this severity of injury, there are minimal special damages and the injury compensation settlement is usually valued in the region of £1000-£3000. Clearly, where injuries and losses are more substantial, the value of a claim will reflect the same.

If you are successful with your claim for personal injury compensation, be sure to fully take up your special damages claim and maximise your settlement. Contact us for some friendly advice! We know your rights and can help you succeed with your claim.

4 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

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Who decides the compensation amount? The guidelines give a range, you you ask for what you want, do they offer or is it decided by a 3rd party (courts)?

Ian Morris

Generally, the value of a personal injury settlement for injury (excluding the special damages element of settlement) are agreed between the two sides, based on medical evidence, Counsel’s opinion and by using the published guidelines. The guidelines show a value range for settlement from the lowest end to the anticipated maximum value and based on the evidence and medical experts report, an agreement will be reached at an appropriate value within that range. However, if valuation cannot be agreed, the matter will be put before a Court for a Judge to decide on settlement value. If so, the final settlement on judgment can be at whatever value the Judge decides – including below or above the guideline valuations.


I was a passenger in an RTA and my car was written off. The 3rd party driver was in a van and they hit my car at around 40 mph whilst I was stationary at traffic lights. The impact made my car hit the one in front, that car then hit the one in front of her. The insurance company admitted liability right away and the insurers paid out for the loss of my car within 1 week.

My question relates to settlement. The insurers have offered us an extremely small amount of compensation. Due to the impact of the van, I suffered a frozen shoulder, back and neck issues as well as PTSD. We have decided not to appoint a solicitor at the moment, going through the portal without one. What is the average amount of pay out for these injuries? Thanks in advance

Ian Morris

It is extremely difficult to give guidance without knowing the full circumstances of the incident in which you were injured and what medical treatment has been provided.

Firstly, may we ask when the accident happened? This is important due to the changes that came in to play for claimants making personal injury claims for soft tissue injury compensation due to an RTA after 1st June 2021. If your accident was after this date, the amount of compensation that you can claim for the physical injuries you have sustained will be much lower than they would have been if the accident was before 31st May 2021. Secondly, is your PTSD condition formally diagnosed and have you been referred to a psychological injury specialist Doctor by your GP? If so, it should not be difficult to obtain an appropriate settlement for the psychological injuries caused in the accident. Again, the appropriate value of the settlement will depend on the prognosis for recovery and what treatments are needed to enable a recovery.

As you have not been represented by a specialist Solicitor, there is a very good chance that the insurers are attempting to undervalue your settlement. Whilst they won’t be trying to ‘rip you off’, they will be aware that you are not legally qualified and will have no idea as to whether their offer is fair or if you are expecting more than you will be able to get.

Have you been referred for a medical assessment by the defendant insurers?

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