Compensation claims jargon – understanding commonly used words, terms and phrases

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There are many commonly used terms, words, phrases and descriptions during the processing of personal injury compensation claims.  At Direct2Compensation, we try to make the injury compensation claims process as simple as possible and want to make sure that our claimants fully understand how no win no fee works.

To further help you understand personal injury compensation and no win no fee claims, we explain the meanings behind some terms you will see written or hear spoken about and during personal injury compensation claims.

  • RTA/RTC Road Traffic Accident or Road Traffic Collision
  • EMP/EL – This relates to an Accident at Work claim and means Employer Liability or accident at work.
  • PL/Public Liability – PL means Public Liability which in terms of personal injury compensation claims relates to a tripping accident or accident in a public area.
  • OL/Occ Liab – This is occupiers liability
  • Med Neg – Medical Negligence compensation
  • Ind DiseaseIndustrial Disease Claims
  • LimitationHow long you have to make your claim – limitation is period in which you must make your claim.  This is usually within 3 years of the date of your accident, or for those under 18 years old at the time of an accident have until their 21st Birthday to make their claim.
  • 3rd Party – In personal injury compensation, the 3rd party is the defendant facing the claim.
  • Liability – This is the word used to apportion responsibility or blame in an accident.  It confirms who a 3rd party is.
  • Quantum – This old latin word is used in the legal sector to place a value on a personal injury claim settlement.  Quantum is the value of a claim.
  • Special Damages – This is the part of a personal injury claim settlement that relates to the loss of income and other losses caused in an accident.
  • Rehab – This describes post accident therapies such as physiotherapy provided as part of a personal injury claim.
  • CFA –  This is the official term for No Win No Fee – Conditional Fee Agreement – paperwork that you must sign to instruct your Solicitor to pursue your claim.
  • Medical – This relates to the medical assessment you may undergo later on in your personal injury claim.  This is used to form the valuation (quantum) for your claim settlement.
  • Locus – This term is used to state the accident location or place of accident.
  • Locus Report – This is the term for photographic evidence and diagrams of an accident location.

Of course, there are many more terms that could be confusing.  If you are unsure what something means in relation to your accident claim or personal injury in general, contact us and we’ll do our best to explain things simply to you!

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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