How long does an insurer have to reply to a compensation claim?

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Settling a claim as quickly as possible is hugely important to all our claimants, especially those suffering the stress of losing income whilst they can’t work. It’s less important to the defendant insurers who have to pay the settlement, and who are trying to minimise the amount paid. This often means claimants feel the insurer is stalling and taking longer than necessary to reply.

Insurer response times – ‘pre-action protocols’

It will not surprise you to learn that insurers are not always great at acting quickly and often drag their feet at every stage of the claims process. Of course, it is their job to minimise any settlements and pay out as little as possible, and it is our job, and that of our solicitors, to ensure that claims are settled quickly and to their maximum value.

The good news for claimants is that there are legal protocols in place designed to make sure that claims are processed in an expedient manner and help defendant insurers to investigate and settle claims quickly. These timeframes are called ‘pre-action protocols’ and they set a deadline for defendant insurers to respond to claims and carry out their investigations into allegations made against their insured.

The pre-action protocols allow maximum response times for defendant insurers. The times and guidelines can vary depending on the claim type. For example, road accident claims have different protocols to other personal injury claims.

Personal injury protocols

Time limits for personal injury claims allow a maximum response time that is effectively 3 months and 21 days from the date that a claimant’s solicitor has submitted a letter of claim. This usually plays out as follows:

  • Claimant solicitor submits a letter of claim to the third party outlining the specifics of the claim and why they are being held responsible.
  • A response to this must be provided to the claimant solicitor within 21 days.
  • At this point a defendant insurer has a period of 3 months to properly investigate the allegations made in the claim and then respond to the claimant solicitor.
  • After the 3 month period, the insurer’s reply has to state whether or not they admit liability. If there is a denial of liability, the response has to state disclosure evidence that details why they have not admitted liability and what their defence is.

In the rare case where an insurer fails to provide a response within the time allowed, a solicitor will go to the courts to progress the claim.

Road traffic accident protocols

Time limits for road traffic accident claim protocols allow a maximum response time of 15 working days. Such claims are run via the claims portal and work using this method:

  • Claimant solicitor submits a Claim Notification Form (CNF) to the insurers defending the claim. This notification has to provide all of the details and information that a defendant insurer will need to be able to fully investigate the claim and decide upon their view.

When a defendant insurer fails to respond within the 15 working day limit, the claim will then continue via the pre-action personal injury protocol, stated previously.

How long does it take to get compensation?

Every claimant wants to settle their claim as quickly as possible and move on from their injury. But to get to the point where a compensation claim can be settled involves evidence, expert opinions and investigations from insurers. It also requires clear communication between insurers, solicitors, claimants and occasionally the courts. All of this can take time.

Some claim types are known to settle more quickly than others. In cases where negligence is obvious and injuries and losses are not in dispute., and a defendant insurer has no reasonable option other than to make an admission of liability, a claim will settle more quickly.

Conversely, in a matter relating to a more complex claim where negligence isn’t so easily obvious, a claimant solicitor will have to make a strong argument to succeed and achieve an admission of liability. Here a claim will take longer to settle and could mean it takes a few years to receive compensation.

As you would expect with two opposing parties, there are many issues that can arise to slow things down. As each case is different, there is no way of knowing exactly how long it can take to receive compensation. However, what we can do is ensure our claimants aren’t waiting on us for their case to progress.


317 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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hi my son ahd an accident with an uninsured bike it is his personal injury claim i am asking about he has motobility car and insurance he has had to have physio for his back and leg after 8 sessions he was offered £840 but then had to have further 3 sessions and still has pain but he is offered the one quote is this correct,, i would appreciate your knowlege.

Ian Morris

If your Son’s accident happened after 31st May 2021 and did not involve any broken bones or severe lacerations (i.e, if it is just soft tissue injuries), he will have to pursue his claim via the system implemented by Government at the behest of the Insurance sector that sees claimants unable to recover legal fees and being forced to pursue a claim via the Official Injury claim portal without legal representation. The new system is much less fair on people like your Son and has seen the amount of compensation payable for injuries like whiplash or soft tissue damage reduced massively, with many claimants receiving even less than your Son has been offered.

If this is the process your Son is having to follow, he could seek to decline the first offer in the hope that a better offer is forthcoming, but the sad reality is that he won’t get the level of damages that he would have received pre 31st May 2021.


I had an RTA in April 15th. My insurance has paid for my motorbike and agreed I’m non fault. The other party has accepted that and refunded my excess for the motorbike.

My personal injury claim is still showing as awaiting liability decision. I’ve granted access to medical records and I still haven’t haven’t been referred to a medical expert for an independent assessment.

I had two bilateral wrist breaks, a broken leg and spent 5 days in hospital. The police charged the other party with two offences. I received no action from police.

Is my firm being purposefully slow or am i impatient?

Ian Morris

Your instructed Solicitor is not being unduly slow and neither are you being impatient – it is a frustrating situation for a claimant in your circumstances, but it would seem that all is in order.

You do need to see the claim for the motorcycle damage and your personal injury as two separate matters. The claim for the motorbike would have been an easy process for the defendants – they would simply have wanted to check on the vehicle, establish a market value and then settle that.

With regards to personal injury, I do not see there being anything other than a successful outcome given the previous admission of liability and the Police action against the 3rd party driver. Sadly, personal injury cases will take a considerably longer period of time to process and settle than a vehicle claim and your Solicitors will be working through the process at this time. Your Solicitor will have obtained your medical records – or at least requested them and that can cause a small delay in that it can take a while for the records to be released. The Solicitor will then be seeking to arrange a medical expert to interview you – with sight of your medical records – to discuss the mechanics of the accident and the injuries that you sustained/medical treatment and then examine you in order to provide a prognosis of recovery and longer term issues caused by the injuries.

It is prudent to ensure that a claimant has recovered – or recovered as much as possible – before settling a personal injury claim in order that certainty over an appropriate settlement can be known. It would seem like your claim is likely to have a substantial value when it comes to settlement given the injuries sustained.

Good luck!


My mum was knocked down by a first bus driver in November 2021 we started a civil matter with solicitor as she passed away due to her injuries. They admitted liability May this year 2023 but still no update how long should me and my family wait as they have everything they require. I can’t move on with my life.

Ian Morris

The admission of liability is an important milestone and does mean that the claim will settle. Clearly, the parties need to carefully consider the evidence available in terms of establishing an appropriate settlement valuation and this can take some time. It is obviously (and very understandably) extremely distressing for family members dealing with a claim on behalf of someone who has passed away as a result of their injuries and to have the thought of the claim hanging over them whilst they attempt to grieve and move on, but it is important to follow the process and allow the specialists the time to ensure that the final outcome is correct and appropriate.


I was in a RTA, along with my 2 young boys. The driver pulled out from a small country side road onto a main 60 road (he admitted to not looking to his right at all) and was arrested due to this. He was 74 and did not try to stop or anything. I swerved to miss him and ended up on the grass verge colliding with a metal railing which made our car roll 3 times. My car was a write off.

His insurance has accepted 100% liability. I just want to know how straightforward this will be after a claim for personal injuries and if the fact they took 100% liability with my dash cam foot footage, could they now fight on the personal injury side of things?

Charges were brought against the man and the police said in no way was I at fault, due to his lack of due care and attention. Also how long do would they have to reply to CNF? Does this have a time frame?

Ian Morris

Given the considerable damage to your vehicle and the fact that you rolled a number of times and at some speed, there is unlikely to be any challenge to the fact that those within the vehicle would sustain injury and therefore, claims for personal injury compensation should be accepted without challenge.

The only issue that a defendant will want to consider is the severity of any injuries claimed for, to ensure that there are no pre-existing injuries/conditions and that the claims are (in that respect) correct.

If you have yet to pursue a claim, please contact us as we can assist you. In terms of the CNF, defendant insurers will have a period of a couple of months to respond meaningfully to that.


I met a road accident on November 2022 and i got a spine injury and have been gone through a spine surgery due to accident but third party insurer replied that the driver at fault sold his car one day before the accident, but my solicitor asked them plenty of questions about the driver and who was the registered keeper of the car at the time of accident but they are not giving reply from 3 months and still not accepting the liability, how long time we should wait for the third party before going to the court ? what should we do right now so that I can receive compensation, because since November 2022 I am out of pocket and I am unable to afford my living cost and other expenses..

Ian Morris

As frustrating as this situation is for you, your Solicitor is obliged to give the defendants every opportunity (and more!) to respond/cooperate before they can bring the matter before the courts. However, if the defendants continue to refuse to cooperate or provide meaningful responses, your Solicitor will issue proceedings in order to obtain a Judgement from the courts that would then compel the defendants to cooperate.


In April 2022, I was involved in a road traffic accident on the M25 motorway. A large articulated lorry rear-ended my vehicle, causing it to be written off. Emergency services, including the ambulance, fire service, and police, attended the scene, and my partner and I were cut out of the car. The other driver was a European national, and the police provided me with their contact details via email. As a result of the accident, I had to take more than three weeks off work, and my partner was off work for over a month due to a broken foot. I paid for several physio appointments and missed out on three weeks’ worth of earnings.

Since then, I have been working with solicitors to try to claim compensation. However, the foreign insurance company has not responded to any communication, and they have missed every deadline. Despite the police report stating that the other driver was at fault, they have not admitted liability. I am currently out of pocket by over £4,000, and my insurance company only provided me with minimal compensation for the loss of my vehicle.

My solicitors have informed me that the new system to log details with UK handling agents has not been helpful, as there has been no response or acknowledgement from the other side. Despite my weekly follow-ups, my solicitors have been unable to get in touch with the foreign insurance company’s nominated solicitors to issue court proceedings. At this point, it seems that my solicitors may have to drop the case, as they do not have any additional powers to pursue the matter.

This situation is very frustrating, as foreign drivers are insured to drive on UK roads under the “green card” system. However, the lack of response from the other side has left me out of pocket. I have been informed that the UK handling agent is “Dekra,” but they have ignored all emails and calls. I am seeking advice on what my next steps should be.

Ian Morris

It is very difficult when dealing with an overseas defendant who refuses or fails to cooperate with a claim. In the case of the defendant being a UK based organisation, a Solicitor may issue proceedings to bring a non-cooperating defendant to court in a bid to seek a judgement that will compel the defendant to cooperate. In a case like yours, you could issue proceedings but the overseas defendant may simply choose to ignore any hearing date and fail to attend. Whilst the courts would find against them in such a scenario, there is little that can be done.

The only glimmer of light in this matter could be to issue proceedings against the UK agent and see if gaining judgement in your favour against them moves matters on.


Hello Ian,
I have a claim which I needs 2 medical reports amended. They contain factual innaccuries which
the consultants are willing to amened. The solicitor is refusing to ask them ( for a year now) to do so & has since sent me this email.
Im confused as to what this means, surely the solicitor is at fault for not following my instructions.

Dear Sir,
I must advise you of a development. As you have refused to allow medical evidence to be served,
the insures are now instructing defence solicitors to defend your claim. I have no doubt an application
to strike out your case will follow shortly. As matters stand that application will almost certainly be
successful. A costs orders will be made against you to in relation to that application. The conseqence
is that your entire claim will be dismissed and you will be left facing a numbers of legal bills.
I suggest you try find and a new solicitor, which will almost be impossible.


Ian Morris

Did you make a written request to your Solicitor to have the inaccuracies/discrepancies within your medical reports corrected? Further, do you have written confirmation that those Consultants are happy to amend their reports? Clearly you are in a difficult position and you really need to get to the bottom of why your Solicitor has refused to allow/request any amendments to be made.


Hi Ian, thanks for your speedy reply. I indeed have numerous written requests on file requesting the solicitor ask for these reports to be amended.
I also have on file replies from the consultants saying they’re happy to amend the reports & go on further to state the solicitor has not contacted them regarding amending the reports.
The letter he sent I found confusing as I have only just contacted the insurers. They claim, they’re simply waiting for the medical evidence to move things forward & are not looking to strike out my claim.


Ian Morris

Hopefully all will be resolved in due course.


I’ve just received a letter from a solicitor asking for the details of the solicitor who has my file. They state they’re acting on behalf of the insurance company the claim is against. Is my compensation claim about to be struck off now?

Ian Morris

Why would a Solicitor write to you to ask which Solicitor you have instructed if they are acting for the insurers against whom the claim is being made? Surely they should already have that information?! If the insurer has received notification of a claim from your Solicitor, the insurers already have those details. Perhaps you could politely refer them to their client and state that their client (the insurer) will have that information?

If you don’t have a Solicitor and you have self-represented, you simply need to advise them that you do not have a Solicitor at this time.



I am waiting for a response from my employer insurance in regards of a claim I presented on 29th of September 2022. I requested several time to receive a response in regards of their liability investigation since the deadline stated by the pre action protocol has been reached on 30th of December. They ignored my emails.
Are they allowed to don’t provide a response? Can this be used to claim legal expenses?
What should I do? I don’t have money to pay for legal representation being jobless since November 2022, and on sickness leave since August 2022.

Ian Morris

Have you considered instructing a specialist Solicitor to act for you in your claim? We appreciate your concerns about the legal costs, but with our No Win No Fee service, you don’t have finance the costs of making a claim – you don’t pay any costs if you don’t succeed and the majority of your legal costs can be recovered from the defendant insurer if you succeed (claimants do have to contribute up to 25% of awarded settlement should they succeed).

We often hear from people who need help after attempting to pursue a claim directly. Whilst there is no specific need in law to instruct a Solicitor, it is fair to say that people acting without specialist legal representation struggle to get fair treatment and responses from defendants. In such cases, defendants know that claimants probably don’t know their rights and are unsure about how to proceeding with a claim – especially when the defendant isn’t cooperating as they should.

A specialist Solicitor knows how to cut through these issues and will make the claims process hassle free. When a claimant has instructed a specialist to represent them, they can be sure that their rights will be upheld and that defendants will be held to account. Another very important consideration is knowing whether any offer to settle the claim is fair and at the appropriate level for any injuries or losses sustained.

If you would like to speak with our specialists about your claim and consider whether you may wish to instruct them on a No Win No Fee basis, please contact us on 01225430285 or use our website to make further enquiries.


On 29.2.2020 I was involved in a non fault RTA ( I was hit from behind while stationary) I unknowingly signed a credit agreement for a credit hire vehicle. I had no idea I was signing for this, my insurers said I needed to complete the paperwork immediately and I felt pressured as well as stressed and anxious after the RTA. I didn’t understand what I was signing or what it meant.
Lockdown started a few weeks later and my car was stuck in the garage for 3 months, and I actually used the courtesy car only a few times because of lockdown. The damage to my car consisted of a crack on the bumper light and the boot door closure was stiff.
I suffered whiplash and I received approximately £2300 in February 2022.
I have now received an email saying the claims company have not recovered their costs from the drivers insurers and they are instructing their solicitors on my behalf to recover their costs. Do I have to agree to this?
Before I was compensated I was told if I was able to pay for the hire car I would’ve had to pay, the amount was approximately £10500.
Does this mean I will be liable for their costs?
I cannot understand why I should have to pay when the accident was not my fault, I would not have knowingly agreed to it??
This has caused me so much stress for the last 3 years. I have since discovered that accident claims management companies intentionally try to make money from no fault claims.
What should I do please?
Many thanks

Ian Morris

It is important to note that a majority of claims management companies are honest, hardworking and fair, but there are some who taint the industry and should be forced to change their ways. Claims management activities are regulated and all companies wishing to operate in this sector must have the appropriate regulatory approval to do so.

If you believe that the company in question had acted outside of your best interests or if they have failed to ensure that you were fully aware of the various outcomes that making a claim could present, you should report them to the regulatory authority – the Financial Conduct Authority and seek advice as to what you should or could do.

It would appear that in this case, the credit hire company who provided you with the courtesy car are trying to recover their costs. We can’t see how you would ever be liable for the costs of the vehicle – unless you were found to have acted fraudulently (which is not the case here), so your concerns are probably misplaced.


What is the time limit to send a CNF to an insurance company after an accident at work? I continued to work for 4 months after the accident for the company. My CNF was sent in 4 months later.

Ian Morris

There is not a specific time limit for a CNF to be sent to a defendant – although the statute of limitation that requires a claim to be made within 3 years of the date of an accident does require that the claim is made within that period.

In the majority of cases, a Solicitor will send a claimants CNF to a defendant shortly after they have been instructed (Conditional Fee Agreement has been signed and is in place) and when the contents of the CNF have been agreed with the claimant to ensure accuracy. However, in some cases it is prudent to delay submission of a CNF to ensure that evidence can be obtained to substantiate the claimants position or to allow a Solicitor to construct a robust claim with the best possible prospects of success.


RTA in the UK involving my vehicle (UK) and a vehicle registered in EU. Contacted claims representative in the UK. It has been 2 months since I have agreed and signed to the settlement form however, have not received the payment. The claims representative states that they are chasing the principles in the EU but cannot do much about the delay. Anything I could to progress my case? Are there any deadlines or they can drag it for as long as they want?

Thank you!

Ian Morris

Sadly, there is little you can do to speed up the process. Dealing with claims involving an overseas defendant are more problematic than if it were a UK defendant and the timescales are far harder to enforce. Also, Brexit it must be said has thrown a spanner in the works in terms of making the process more awkward and burdensome.


I had an accident on a building a site it seems proving who is liable it becoming tricky.
Would the main contractor or the building owner be liable for this?
They are trying to blame each other how will this get resolved it’s been going on for 4 years now.

Ian Morris

It would seem that it will depend on the type of and cause of accident that you had. If the accident was an accident at work, relating to the construction project, the tools and equipment being used and negligence within the same, liability would rest with the contractor overseeing the project. If the injury happened due to a fault or disrepair with the building, it could then be the building owner who would face liability.


My legal team say they have given the other parties insurers 30 working days to respond to a claim of costs against them regarding a traffic accident that I was involved in. The lorry driver at the scene said he was not at fault.

My legal team say that if they don’t respond it is unlikely the other party will win their case. Is this time frame correct or is it too long? Is it correct that the other party will lose and default to liability if they do not respond?

Ian Morris

The time frame appears correct and reasonable. Claimants must be seen to be giving reasonable time frames when making demands to defendants and the courts will expect to see this has been the case should the matter come before them.

Likewise, if the defendants fail to respond or cooperate within a reasonable period of time, the courts will take a dim view of them and the prospects that you would then succeed with the claim increase considerably.


I have an outstanding claim after a RTA where other party admitted full responsibility. The company dealing with the claim made a settlement offer and I refused first time around. They made the same offer a second time and I accepted as I’m not too sure on how far I can refuse. However it says after my acceptance of the offer they have 10 working days to have made the payment of claim, if they haven’t done so by that time frame then I can take it to court- this Friday will be the 10 days. But in all honesty I don’t know how to pursue it if I had to and should I pursue it if they don’t meet requirements?

Ian Morris

You wouldn’t be able to take the matter to court immediately as reasonable delays are acceptable (in the eyes of the court system). However if the payment were to be unduly delayed, you could then certainly seek legal support to enforce release of settlement.


Hi I had an accident outside of a hospital. I went with a no win no fee and they have just gave me a settlement agreement which I accepted but after 6 weeks still not had a pay out is their a time limit for them to payout.

Ian Morris

There is no time limit for settlement, but one should expect payment in a reasonable period of time. Have you chased settlement and issued a deadline for the same?


Hy I was offered 1 days casual work and had bad accident broke leg n ankle aswell even thought I wasnt on the books do I have a claim against him I have been left with limp n chronic pain also arthritis do I have rights to claim

Ian Morris

Whether or not your work was casual or permanent is not important, what is important is whether the accident was within the last 3 years and whether there is sufficient evidence to support a claim. In this circumstance, we would need evidence to demonstrate negligence as the cause of the injury and some sort of written accident book note at the workplace. Failing n accident book report, do you have any copies of text messages with the employer or emails regarding the accident? Also, was an ambulance called to the scene? If so, the ambulance service will have a record of attending the scene of the accident and this would greatly support you.


Hi I was injured In a barbers I’ve sent all my claims notification form to their insurance company which they accepted on the 30th of May 2022. I keep chasing on liability to be told they are looking into this we will get back to you but they don’t. Hasn’t the 3 months 21 days passed? What do I do because they haven’t rejected nor accepted liability? I keep saying about the protocol but they say because I don’t have a solicitor it’s hard to keep within this protocol? Thank you

Ian Morris

Sadly, we come across this all too often – where someone who is making a claim without legal representation gets a raw deal from the defendant insurers in terms of the way that their claim is handled. It probably won’t surprise you, but specialist Solicitors get the run around from defendant insurers too, but with the weight that their position holds and their knowledge of the law and process of making a claim, a specialist personal injury Solicitor is able to hold the defendants to a tighter level of scrutiny and account than an unrepresented person often can.

You may wish to issue them with a reasonable deadline to respond to you with a decision on liability – say 21 days or similar and see if that pushes them in to action. Alternatively, you may wish to now put the claim in the hands of a specialist personal injury Solicitor – like those who act for our claimants – and instruct them to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis. If you would like to have a no obligation conversation with one of our specialist Solicitors about your claim and the current hiatus you have reached, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to assist you.


I had an accident at work September 2020. I was looking after a patient but I’d had no training which resulted in the patient breaking my wrist.
I was in cast for three months. When it was finally removed they found that I also have nerve and tissue damage, which means I am unable to go back to my previous job.

I got in contact with a Solicitor and my company admitted liability. I’ve had two medicals, but now the Solicitor is saying that the Barrister advised that I need another medical about the pain that I’m going through. The insurance company has not offered any money or responded to my Solicitor. I keep asking him why but he just can’t answer he just says he can’t understand it himself. I’m really confused as to what’s going to happen and I almost feel as if my Solicitor doesn’t want to go on with my claim. It’s very unfair and I’m still unable to work which was put on my medical report and the last time I saw the Doctor he said that I couldn’t go back to any manual handling work.

It’s been two years and this is still on going. The insurance company did give me a interim payment of £1000 way back in 2020 because I said I had no money. I just fell that no one is giving me answers.

Ian Morris

The issues and frustrations you have raised are commonly held by claimants in the middle of the claims process. We would like to put your mind at rest in that you have succeeded with your claim as liability has been admitted as demonstrated by the interim award of £1,000 that you’ve already received (a defendant would not pay an interim award if they had not admitted liability). This means that you will be fully compensated in due course. The reason for the delay in the process is that your side (on the advise of the Barrister – who is the expert) needs to establish the full extent of the damage and loss caused by your injury. The reason for the 3rd medical is to enable your Solicitor to reach a settlement value that appropriately accounts for the impact that the injury has had on you, continues to have on you and will have on your future.

We would anticipate that as soon as the 3rd medical is completed, that your Solicitor will be able to return to the Barrister to seek guidance on claim value and then approach the defendant with the settlement request. Of course, there will be some further back and forths between the two sides in negotiating a settlement that both parties can agree to, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Although you feel abandoned, your Solicitor will wish to continue with the claim as they will firstly want to see you compensated and secondly, they’ll want to receive their fees! The fact that liability is admitted is a really strong point here.

If you are still struggling financially, you could seek to request a further interim payment against the final settlement value.


Hi. I had an accident in June 2022 and sustained a severe foot frature operation and am still off work. I found a company online and put a claim in through them. The company said that the expected a response by the 19th of Sept but I am yet to hear anything. I have since gone on trust pilot and have noticed really bad reviews. I am nervous as at the moment haven’t been asked any additional information ie mental impact. I have also had to move out of my house as I am on stat sick pay and can no longer afford to live there. I also noticed that on the form or portal the person dealing with the claim or one of many ticked a box for under 10k and said that’s what they do initially to begin with then it can be increased down the line if medical records ect need to be requested. . Is this correct I am just nervous about negative reviews and wondering about changing companies or do I just stick with it. My friend who works in risk for an insurer for another company stated that I should get much more than that so the be wary. Thanks Heather

Ian Morris

The fact that the company may not have had a response as of the expected date is not necessarily a concern and the failure to meet deadlines in claims does often rest with defendant insurers rather than the claimant side of the process. The £10k issue is also a common one and you shouldn’t necessarily worry about that as your medical evidence will (in due course) provide a clearer value as to the final likely settlement for your claim.

However, your concerns about a lack of updates and anxieties about the feedback provided by other claimants are understandable. The possibility of changing Solicitors is an option, but if you are to do so, doing it at the earliest stage of the process is most likely to make it viable for a new Solicitor. This is due to the fact that when acting on a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee) basis, any new Solicitor does have to agree to provide an undertaking to the previous Solicitor to cover their already incurred costs, should they then succeed with the claim. As you can imagine, if a switch is attempted later in the process, the amount of cost that is then lost to a new Solicitor makes it financially unviable for a new Solicitor to take over a case. I’d say you are still in a period where costs will be minimal, so if you are to change, perhaps consider it at this point.


I work in a freezer for 15 years and now can’t feel my feet can I cla for this injury is they didn’t provide proper footwear thanx

Ian Morris

You are unlikely to be able to prove a causal link between the condition you have with your feet and the work that you undertook. We must also consider whether you are within the 3 year claim limitation period, which would start at the date at which you became aware of symptoms that could be related to your work.

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