Making the right choice of specialist injury solicitor to pursue your claim

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It’s important for anyone seeking personal injury compensation to make the right choice of claims company or solicitor to run their claim. There are many operating within the UK personal injury claims sector, with some very large firms and many small, more local businesses too.

If a claim for compensation is handled by the wrong person or someone that is not adequately qualified or experienced to do so, it will be handled badly and is likely to leave the claimant with a settlement value that does not match the extent of their injuries or losses.

Here we’ll be looking at how to pick the right company, have trust in the no win no fee claims process and have the confidence to pursue a claim with the firm of your choice.


How do you compare one legal practice or compliant claims management company from another? How do you know whether they act responsibly and are properly qualified to manage your claim well? How do you know what to expect from your personal injury solicitor?

Any firms that you consider instructing should meet the following criteria:

  • Claims management companies should be authorised to provide claims services by the industry regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Our authorisation number is 830395. Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register. If you find a company offering personal injury services and they don’t have such an authorised status, you can report them to the industry regulatory authority.
  • Solicitor practices should be specialists in personal injury matters. Look for APIL members (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) logos as this indicates that they have a suitable speciality to assist you. You can also ask them to indicate their expertise as they may be members of other similar bodies that would indicate that they have the relevant expertise to assist you.
  • Are the claims company or solicitor that you are looking to work with offering compliant no win no fee claims services?
  • Are the claims company or solicitor willing to answer any questions you may have?
  • Have you been advised about the costs you may face if your claim fails?
  • Have you been advised about any deductions you may lose from your settlement if you win your claim?
  • It is not allowed for any claims company or solicitor to offer up front inducements to entice you to use their services.  If you encounter this, you should avoid using this firm.

Customer service

When you contact us to discuss a claim for personal injury compensation, we will ask the right questions to enable us to decide whether or not you have a viable claim for compensation. Direct2Compensation will always be open and honest with you about your claim, we’ll keep you updated and advise you about the steps of the claims process and how your claim for injury compensation is to be handled.

We’ll help you run through all of the details of your accident in a way that avoids causing any upset as so far as is possible. We understand that it can be quite upsetting to recount the details of a nasty accident and discuss the pain and troubles caused to you by an injury, but our solicitors will need to know all the facts to give them the best chance of winning your claim.

You solicitor doesn’t need to be local

There are some things that don’t matter when it comes to making your claim. For example, it doesn’t matter if the solicitors that you choose happen to be based a long way from where you live. Solicitors don’t need to be local to you to provide a good service. Many of our solicitors are based far away from their clients. This is not an issue because if ever a face-to-face meeting is needed, the solicitor will always go to the client or arrange for a suitably qualified agent or business (like Direct2Compensation) to visit them at their home address.

Most items and issues are dealt with over the phone and by email, but occasionally visits are needed and this will always be arranged at no cost to the claimant at a time to suit them. One of the things that is so special about Direct2Compensation is that we can be that local link, as we have a network of specialist trained agents who can visit you to help you through the claims process assist with the explanation of or signing of Conditional Fee Agreements, obtaining evidence or understanding documents, should you require it.

Let us help

Of course, we advocate that you choose Direct2Compensation to help you pursue your claim for compensation. We are legally authorised to provide personal injury claims services, we act compliantly and have links with some really good solicitor practices that enables us to help clients with very wide ranging claim types. Our staff are friendly, helpful and we act in an open and ethical manner and believe that the Direct2Compensation claims process gives the client control over their claim and enables an easy link with the solicitors.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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