What is a fair compensation settlement amount?

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Claimants who embark on the process of making a claim for personal injury compensation are motivated to do so for many reasons. One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation so special in the process of people claiming injury compensation is that we can help people claim injury compensation with out needing to ask for any money.

Being able to help people who are claiming injury compensation overcome the common problems that face people after an accident, such as coping with a loss of income and even recover more quickly, by helping injury compensation claimants receive specialist care and injury rehabilitation treatments at an early stage is what drives us to provide the service we do. Whether it is in the hope that it will aid their recovery, or because they are struggling to cope with a loss of wages and cannot work, injury compensation claimants put their trust in the no win no fee claims process to ensure the amount that they receive is fair and the maximum possible given the specifics of their claim.

One of the most common questions that injury compensation claimants want answered is; ‘How much is my claim worth’?  It’s an understandable question for an injury compensation claimant making a no win no fee claim after an accident.  Whilst we can give ball park estimates to the question of how much compensation someone may get, we would never give a cast iron promise on claim value as it is not until the claim is really up and running that a value can be estimated, once medical evidence has been reviewed and a specialist medical assessment report has been obtained.  There are many different factors that help provide the valuation of an injury claim settlement and each claimant’s situation and injury will differ slightly from others.  Whilst we can’t give exact claim values at the outset, we can help to explain the different things that are considered when the amount of compensation you may get for your injury compensation settlement.  So how can you be sure that when it comes to accepting an offer, the amount you are being offered is fair?

Solicitors are motivated to get the maximum possible for you

One thing is for certain, compliant claims management companies like Direct2Compensation and the specialist personal injury solicitors that we work with, are motivated to ensure that all claimants receive the maximum settlement value possible.  Why? When it comes to settling a personal injury compensation claim, solicitors then receive their payment.  Part of this – if they are successful with a claim – is based on a percentage value of the settlement that their client receives – the more their client gets, the more they get. Therefore, when your solicitor comes to you with details of an offer of a settlement from the 3rd party, they will advise you as to whether they think it is too low, reasonable, may be increased, or whether you should accept it immediately as it is a very good award.

Your solicitor will use your medical records and an expert medical report to liaise with a barrister in order to form a valuation of your claim for personal injury compensation.  There are a number of things that make up a personal injury compensation settlementamount, including special damages and costs associated with your injuries.

It is vital that you make sure that your solicitor is fully aware of all the costs and expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident that has lead to your pursuit of personal injury compensation.  One of the things you should expect from your solicitor is to ask you for a comprehensive description of your costs and losses.

Accepting or declining a personal injury compensation settlement offer

When it comes to deciding whether to accept or decline an offer of compensation, the decision always rests with the client.  However, it is important that you listen to the advice of your solicitor.  It could be that the offer is lower than you had hoped or wanted, but that your solicitor is telling you that it is fair and that you are unlikely to receive a higher offer if you reject it.  It can also be possible that if you did reject an offer and the 3rd party decided against increasing it that you would be forced to take the matter to court for  a trial hearing to decide the value of settlement that you should get.  You must be aware that a judge could decide that you could decide that the settlement should be lower than the one you had previously rejected.  Remember that your solicitor is obliged to hold your best interests at heart and that they have a legal requirement to represent your best interests at all times – this would include advising on whether a settlement value is fair and should be accepted.  Claimants are always free to choose what course of action and seek a 2nd opinion on their injury compensation claim.  However, under the terms of a no win no fee injury compensation agreement, any claimant who chooses to ignore the advice of their specialist solicitor may be forced to fund the costs of the legal action from that point.

If you are interested in making a claim or know someone who may wish to investigate the prospects of claiming, contact us.  At Direct2Compensation we know your rights, we understand issues surrounding liability and can help to ensure that you get the justice that you deserve.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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