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Please complete the whole form below so we can see if you are eligible to claim. The key criteria for injury claims is that the accident must have happened within the last 3 years (unless you are under 21 years of age) and that you must not be at fault. We won’t share your information with anyone without your permission.

    Our claims process

    Although our specialist Solicitors will handle the day-to-day running of your claim and offer you the qualified, specialist advice you need, Direct2Compensation remain available to offer assistance and support to you throughout the entire process of your claim. We’re here to help you when you need it. We take the hassle out of claiming and enjoy helping our clients succeed.

    Step 1: Get in touch

    The process of claiming no win no fee, personal injury compensation starts with you telling us the details of your accident so we can find the best way to help you claim compensation for your injuries and losses. The information you provide enables our specialist staff to evaluate your claim and consider whether the circumstances of your accident and injury will allow you to claim successfully.

    Step 2: Solicitor consultation

    Once you contact us, we’ll call you to find out more about your situation and discuss your claim for compensation. We’ll obtain the necessary details and then pass these on to the right solicitor with the relevant expertise in the area of your claim. The specialist solicitor will then contact you to discuss matters in greater depth and offer you advice about your claim for injury compensation.

    We ensure that your relationship with the solicitor is simple to understand and that any paperwork is explained in a simple and clear fashion should you so need.  We offer a free service to any client where an agent can arrange an appointment to visit you to run through any paperwork with you, answer any queries and complete the signing process with you in person.  Alternatively, if you would rather receive the Solicitors No Win No Fee paperwork in the post and return them yourself, the option to do so is available for you.

    Step 3: Claim starts

    Your solicitor will ask us, or you the client, to complete certain tasks relevant to your claim and then take them forward in pursuit of compensation. They will keep you updated throughout the process of the claim and fight for justice for you, working towards a prompt settlement to get you appropriate compensation for your injuries and losses. Your solicitor will also seek effective treatment for your injuries to return you to your pre-accident medical condition if they are able to do so.

    Step 4: Settlement

    It is not possible to put an exact time-frame on how long your claim will take or how much compensation you’ll receive, although your solicitor will be able to give you an approximate claim value range as your claim progresses and medical evidence is obtained.

    In some cases, such as road traffic accident claims, it may be a much quicker process than before with some claims for minor injuries settling in a matter of months. However, it can often take longer to settle a claim and it is therefore sensible to expect the process to take some time.  In matters where injuries and losses are more serious, or the full extent of the problems caused by injuries are yet to be known, the claims process may be years.  In such cases, your solicitor will look in to the possibility of obtaining an interim payment to ease your situation.  The key thing is that your claim is handled professionally and that settlement is only agreed and accepted when your solicitor feels that your injuries and losses have been fully understood and that any settlement offered is appropriate.

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