Accident At Work Compensation Claims

In this comprehensive guide to claiming compensation for an accident at work in the UK, you’ll find advice on how to tell if you are eligible, how to make a claim and how much compensation you might expect.

If you weren’t at fault for your accident or illness, we can help you to claim compensation that will pay for your injuries, your recovery, lost earnings, expenses and more.

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    Can I make a work injury claim?

    Claiming compensation is one of your rights after an injury at work. ​​However, to have a valid claim, it must be demonstrated that your employer was liable and exposed you to risk of injury, rather than it being your own fault.

    All employers have a duty to keep their workers safe and legal responsibilities after an accident.

    If you have been injured at work in the last three years and feel it wasn’t your fault, you have a good chance of claiming compensation if any of the following apply:

    • You are still receiving treatment for a work injury or illness.
    • You have taken time off work to recover.
    • You lost wages, incurred medical expenses and other financial burdens.
    • You have been unable to return to work doing the same job or hours.

    Worried about your job?

    Did you know that it’s against the law for your employer to sack you for making a claim or for being injured in an accident at work that wasn’t your fault? You can also make a claim in the knowledge that you are not jeopardising any colleagues’ employment.

    75 questions have been answered on this subject, view questions or why not ask your own?

    The types of injuries and accidents you can claim for

    According to the latest Health and Safety Executive statistics, over half a million people sustained an injury at work in 2022 and 1.8 million were suffering from a work-related illness. They show the most common kinds of accidents to be from:

    • Slips trips or falls on the same level
    • Handling, lifting or carrying
    • Being struck by a moving object
    • Acts of violence
    • Falls from a height

    Such accidents are often preventable, and caused by dangerous working practices, poor risk assessments and badly maintained equipment. Workers can suffer any number of injuries as a result, and both physical and psychological injuries can be claimed for. You can also make a claim for injuries that are pre-existing and made worse by your work, and for health conditions linked to your job (industrial disease compensation).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    75 questions have been answered on this subject, view questions or why not ask your own?

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      Question: I work for NHS collecting and delivering cages full of laundry. I handle around 200 + cages every evening. Some are overloaded ( bags of dirty laundry higher than the cage and the cage door isn't closed and can't close ( i have to push them backwards with the open door facing me and swivel wheels facing me) Some cages the wheels don't work properly and the cage goes off to one side and some clean laundry cages have a mixture of all above and if the door won't close they wrap cling film around the whole cage so there isn't anywhere to get a grip on the cage. Apparently the cages don't weigh more than 250KG however i dispute this. I am off work for the second time in 2 months with hand, wrist and lower arm problems and i am seeing an Orthodontist who has agreed the problems are caused by overloaded cages ( cage doors not closed). I've complained to my boss and refused to move the cages but and am getting nowhere. What can i do about this problem ?
      • Answer: Please call us on 01225430285 or use our website to request a call from us as we can assist you with a claim for compensation and recovery of any lost income or costs you have incurred.
    • Asked on: Accident At Work Compensation Claims – Your Questions Answered

      Question: Hi I had an accident at work where an engineer left a cable across the floor plugged into an extension cable then plugged into the wall. I tripped leaving me with a swollen left elbow black eye right knee injury and a tight rotator cuff injury. Do I have a claim? I have been absent from work for 6 weeks now.
      • Answer: This is a matter our specialist Solicitors can assist you with. You were caused injury by an avoidable tripping hazard that should not have been present. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can advise you further.
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