Claiming personal injury compensation when there is no record in an accident book


A very important element in making sure your claim for personal injury compensation has the best possible chance of succeeding is to ensure that the details of the incident have been properly reported and recorded. Usually, this would include an entry in an accident book. If there isn’t one, don’t worry, as we can help – in this article we look at how to claim compensation if an accident book record of your injuries doesn’t exist.

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What is an accident book?

An accident book provides an employer, business or venue an official means of recording incidents and injuries. Anyone who has suffered a personal injury on their premises has the right to request that the details of their accident and injuries are reported and recorded. The details recorded in an accident book can prove to be extremely important when it comes to a solicitor winning a claim for injury compensation.

The two most common areas of personal injury claim where accident books play a big role are accidents at work and slipping claims, such as on a wet floor with a lack of hazard signs, in a supermarket, shop, restaurant or other similar venue. In most circumstances, staff members from such establishments will automatically make a record within an accident book if someone is injured. However, you should do all you can to make sure that this has happened, as if it has not, the strength of your claim for personal injury compensation could be weakened.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim without an accident book entry. A strong record in an accident book is just one of the many key bits of evidence that can help any personal injury compensation claim reach a successful outcome, and you can often find other means of proving what happened.

Proof of liability

Records of the details of an accident, what caused it, what injuries have been sustained and what treatment or advice has been given at the site of the accident support a claim for personal injury compensation. An accident book record provides proof that an accident happened in a certain location and in a certain way, which in turn helps a specialist injury claims solicitor to prove liability rests with the defendant of the claim.

Accident book records form an often essential part of the ‘paper trail’ that will enable your specialist personal injury solicitor to successfully pursue your claim for personal injury compensation. When combined with medical evidence and witness information, the entry can be the final piece of a jigsaw that forces a 3rd party to admit liability or for an employer to admit to employer negligence.

One of the biggest obstacles to making a claim for personal injury compensation when details of it are not recorded in an accident book is that it could lead to a solicitor being less willing to run your claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee) basis, as the risk of losing increases. The lack of a report gives the 3rd party some room for manoeuvre should they wish to deny liability in relation to your claim. If there is no accident book entry the 3rd party could try to deny any knowledge of the incident, or even try to claim that you were not injured where you said you were.  The onus would then be on you to prove that what you have said is true.

What an accident book should record

Accident book entries should list the type of accident that happened, such as a slip on a wet shop floor.  In order to provide the best evidence to support a claim for personal injury compensation, an accident book record should also list other important information. For example, making sure that the lack of a hazard warning sign being present is noted if relevant. Details of injuries and immediate symptoms should be recorded, and if relevant confirm that an ambulance has been called or what first aid has been administered. Where possible, all injured parties should ensure that they request the accident book and that they are allowed to read and agree to the details of any entry made by a staff member or other person in relation to their accident.

What to do if there is no accident book entry

But what if the details of your accident have NOT been recorded within an accident book? Can you still make a claim for personal injury compensation? Thankfully, there is no law that states that you cannot make a claim in such circumstances, but for obvious reasons it does become more difficult to pursue a claim if this is the case.

Of course, if the injuries sustained were so serious that the injured party was incapacitated and whisked away from the scene by paramedics, there is a chance that an accident book entry has not been made, especially in a shop. In this case, ambulance records would prove that you were injured in a certain location and therefore this could not be denied. In such cases, you would still have a reasonable prospect of pursuing a claim for compensation.

Employers should always fill in accident book entries after injuries in the workplace. If you did not record details of your incident with the management or owners of the establishment or workplace where you were injured and still wish to claim, there are things you can do to help prove your claim. Here are some useful tips for those of you who have NOT recorded the details within an accident book:

  • Write to the relevant 3rd party (eg supermarket, shop, employer) explaining the details of your injuries, how they were caused and explaining your accident. Request that they make a record of it within their accident book. Send the letter by recorded delivery and retain a copy for yourself (along with proof of postage). This could become a useful document when it comes to pursuing your claim.
  • Contact the 3rd party where you sustained your injuries. Ask if anyone has made a report. Ask if there is any available CCTV footage of the accident and if so, request that it is retained.
  • You can take photographs of hazards at work, such as faulty machinery or inadequate work practices.
  • Seek independent witnesses that can support your version of events. The witnesses must be independent as they could be cross-questioned should the claim reach court. If you can provide details of witnesses and these witnesses can corroborate your version of events, your prospects of successfully claiming personal injury compensation will greatly increase. You can ask colleagues and co-workers if they would be willing to act as witnesses. Whilst this is obviously a difficult thing for them to do, we’ve found that many people who are sick of the employer neglecting their safety at work are more than willing to help.
  • Make sure that you inform your GP, A&E doctors or physiotherapist as to the cause of your injuries. If they have recorded your injuries as being caused at a certain place and in a certain way, again, this helps you with your proving liability against a 3rd party.

If you have been injured in an accident which hasn’t been recorded, know someone who has or just want to find out more about making a claim, call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer we can call you back and we’ll gladly help.

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  1. my daughter slipped in Macdonald’s in January 19 Macdonald’s are refusing liability as they said I didn’t report the incident straightaway I reported this on the phone to customer services they sent me vouchers but yet they are not acknowledging liability the floors were wet, there were no signs to say wet floors this is a public business and public safety should be paramount my daughter sustained due to a fall with she is still going through traumatic flashbacks and pains in her knees and back shes 5 yrs old.

    • Has your claim or complaint been handled by a specialist personal injury Solicitor or have you been liaising with McDonalds and their insurers directly?

        • If a claim has been handled by a previous Solicitor and reached a dead end, it is possible to have a new firm review the work and consider whether or not there is any merit in reopening the claim and taking it further. To this end, our Solicitors can (with a signed form of authority in place), obtain your file from your previous firm and review it for you. Of course, they may take the view that there is no merit in taking the claim further – which would disappoint you – but at least you will have had a 2nd opinion and importantly, it would not cost you anything due to our No Win No Fee service.

          • Ok I will let your firm give me a second opinion, may I add this was reported to customer services on the phone. Please let me know how to do this thank you.

          • The easiest way for us to help you would be for you to provide a summary explaining the details of your accident, your injury and what has happened with your claim to us by clicking this link to the ‘start your claim‘ page of our website. If you could also include the name and ideally, the reference number from your previous firm, we can then get one of our specialist partner Solicitors to send you a ‘form of authority’ to sign and return to them. When they get that back, they will then obtain your previous Solicitors file of papers and review the same for you.

  2. I was on 830 break last Saturday morning and I go to Thornton’s for coffee pop and my waters. It was raining out so I was careful because the floors are like ice.

    After checking out it was about 838 I was walking out the door and the mat and floor were so slippery I started to fall. I twisted grabbed the door handle and kept twisting and starting to fall – how I ever in my life Regained composure I’ll never know. The two girls behind register both were like omg are you ok? So was another lady at the register with kelly. I thought I was fine. I was very shaky so when I caught mr breath and stopped shaking I called corporate. They said go fill out incident report. Well by the end of the day I thought I felt better. I don’t my lower back left buttock and leg are numb. I should of went back. I’m going to go today after work I can’t stand another’s my job

    • Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website as we would like to further investigate your claim for you. The scenario of you describe leads me to believe you could have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation.

      Once you’ve made an online enquiry, we can call you and further discuss your situation and offer help.

  3. I amputated my left thumb and had a deep wound to my left index finger at work but my employer told me not to tell the hospital I did it at work but to say I did it in s DIY accident. He sent somebody with me to the hospital to make sure I stuck to my story. Now he’s becoming very invasive and refusing to help me while I’m struggling with my daily life. Can I do anything about it and is there any chance of a claim if I have witnesses? There is no accident book and no health and safety. But I can prove with my bank statement I was working there as my boss put money into my bank account a week before my accident. The week it happened he refused to pay into my account and paid me cash instead. Have i got a leg to stand on or should i just forget about it as theres nothing i can do?

    • You have clearly sustained a very serious injury with life long consequences and the fact that your former employer pressurised you in to making a dishonest statement to the Hospital staff at the time is scandalous.

      If you do have witnesses who would provide supportive statements and if needs be, appear at a hearing, there could well be a worthwhile claim in this for you. Given the loss of your thumb, if you were to succeed with a claim, you would achieve a very substantial settlement.

  4. Hi. I recently slipped on a dancefloor and sustained a separated clavicle. I attended a &e and have a photo of the x-ray.
    The accident happened a couple of weeks ago and the owners are refusing to add this to their accident book and say they will look into it. The dance floor was wet. I was in no state to add to the book at the time and do not recall being asked to do so.

    • You should make a formal report to the venue in writing (by email or letter) to ensure that the owners of the venue are on notice of your accident. If the floor was wet, you need to mention that as the cause of your slip and also the lack of hazard warning signage or prevention of people taking drinks on to the dance floor.

      You do have a right to claim compensation and this is something our specialist Solicitors can help you with. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact regarding this.

  5. I had an accident at work in September 2018 someone was hurrying and knocked me to the ground. This caused me to fall on my right knee I have had to have a knee replacement due to this. The managers at work told me that the accident was caused in a blind spot so no one was to blame and it was just one of those things. I was told there were 10 witnesses when I asked if they had seen the accident they said they had seen me struggling to get up off the floor. Would I be entitled to claim for this accident.

    • We would be happy to further investigate your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to provide some further basic information and contact details. One of our specially trained staff will then call you to discuss your accident at work and explain your rights and how we can help you.

  6. I was stood next to a forklift truck at work in a extremely noisy enviroment as to where i couldnt hear the truck running, the driver set off with the wheels on full lock which then the truck swung round and drove up my leg and stopped below the kneecap, i was rushed to hospital with compartment syndrome and operated on immediately, i broke my leg in 4 places and had to have a skin graft and also had to have my tendons and ligaments reatached, and had 4 blood transfusions, i was in hospital 3 weeks and now at home unable to work, i also am unable to move my foot and have no feeling at present due to possible nerve damage which may need further surgery, i have also heard different stories that the driver has no licence and the investigation at work was only internal, where as i think is should have been external HSE. i beleive that my work may try to cover it up, i am unsure it went in the accident book, do i have a right to put a claim in as my consultant stated i may have further complications later on in life, thanks

    • You describe a clearly serious workplace injury and a nasty accident at work. Given the severity of your injury, it is very likely that you will suffer long term complications from your injury and possible that you may never fully recover. As such, doing anything other than attempting to claim compensation by way of a claim for accident at work compensation against your employer and their insurance.

      You are right in stating that an accident at work with such serious injuries at the centre of it, MUST be reported to the HSE and to RIDDOR by the employer. If they have not already done so, you should contact RIDDOR yourself to make them aware. This could well protect your interests going forward.

      I would imagine that an Ambulance attended the scene of the accident to take you to Hospital for emergency medical treatment? If so, the Ambulance service will have important records that can help to provide further evidence to support any claim you may make.

      We would be very willing to support you and attempt to pursue your claim for compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. Should you wish to take this further, please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website and we’ll help you to understand the claims process and what rights you have after being injured in an accident at work.

  7. I developed diarrhea following the second of two close-in-succession work events where I was required to stand for long periods of time over 2-3 days on each occasion, lift heavy items on numerous occasions and throughout at both events and without any risk assessment in place, training re: lifting, agenda of what I’d be doing.

    During this time, and just prior, I had had pneumonia and a chest infection in short succession of one another and reported this to the company prior to the events. I also experienced stress incontinence of the bladder only which was on my medical records and available to the company had they done an Occupational Therapy review prior to my attending the events.

    Following the second work event, as I say, I developed diarrhea and it has continued and developed into bowel incontinence which is an ongoing situation. Having obtained my medical records and having seen a specialist, whilst the latter hasn’t given me a formal causal link yet (because I haven’t asked for one), I can see from my medical records alone that there is a causal link, and recorded with the company as such at the time when I reported diarrhea to them was just 3 days after the event and it has continued ever since, as I say, developing into bowel incontinence.

    Do I have a case for personal injury based upon the realisation only this week that the causal link is as mentioned above?

    • Whether or not you have a valid claim against your employer is far from clear. Initially, the biggest hurdle that you are likely to face is proving causation. Whilst you have suffered from diarrhea following your work, it does not appear that you have suffered from any physical injury associated with heavy lifting – such as lower back pain. As such, it will be extremely difficult to prove legally, the causal link that you are convinced is present.

  8. i was hit by a service user, i work in mental health. i continued to work for a few days afterwards my head was fuzzy but i carried on, my mum noticed there was something wrong with me and insisted i visit the doctor. i went to the doctors almost a week after sustaining the injury. the doctor told me that i should have attended or should have been sent to a and e after the incident to rule out a bleed. she booked me for a ct scan this happened several weeks later, the scan came back clear.
    i was not trained to work with this person as this person has autism nor did i have pbm training until the week after i returned to work after being on the sick with concussion. i had problems walking when i had the concussion as i had to lie down to rest after walking a few yards. i had problems with my memory and lost additional language skills, i could not concentrate to write reports until 3 months after the injury. i lost the ability to multitask this came back to me two months ago, also my additional language skills have also started coming back. I was co writer of my husbands books so could not do this again until recently.
    my work only paid me 89.14 for the week i had off work on the sick. i missed three 12 hour shifts due to their negligence. i did not record this in the accident book as i did not know i should have – i was not informed to do so. i did however write an incident report as this was expected of me.
    i complained about this recently to my manager to address the issue as it has been bugging me for a while. my question to you is do you think i should report this to the police as actual or grevious bodily harm, can i do this since it happened in sept 2017? and do you think i may have a case that i can fight?
    thank you

    • You may well have a valid claim against your employer on the grounds of them putting you at risk by tasking you to perform duties to which you had not been provided with the appropriate training and experience to do.

      Given that you were injured in September 2017, you are now half way through your 3-year claim limitation period and as such, you should act now to find out more as to whether or not your claim can proceed.

      There is no harm in contacting your local Police station to discuss the incident, but given the time lapsed between the incident and now, there is unlikely to be much they can do. Further, the service user that assaulted you is clearly someone who is in need of help and would not be held to the same level of responsibility as someone who does not have the complex needs that they do.

  9. I slipped on wet/slimy patio within a pub/restaurant garden. it wasn’t raining at the time but had been heavily raining most of the day that day. as I stepped from one foot to the other my left leg below the knee bent completely to the left, I fell and all my weight was then put on my knee which was bent the wrong way. this happened on 19th January 2018. I told the manager of the pub at the time but didn’t get it put in an accident book (I didn’t know I had to) and he didn’t offer this. I ended up in A&E early sunday morning for x-rays etc as I was in immense pain and psychically couldn’t walk. I have had numerous appointments since. an MRI last Saturday and yesterday was given m y diagnosis of a “ruptured ACL” ligament of my left knee. I am being referred to a knee specialist and for physio. I have been told I may need surgery and that my knee may never heal. I have had my leg in a leg brace for over 7 weeks now and although I can weight bare on my leg a little I still need to use crutches for anything longer than a 10 step walk. I spoke to 2 companies and they have said they don’t think they can help as I didn’t take pictures at the time or get it put in an accident book(it wasn’t as far as I am aware) however it could have been as I did mention it in passing to the manager shortly after. do you think I will be able to find a way around this and be able to claim?

    • The problem you have has already been brought to your attention by the two previous firms you have spoken with. The lack of supporting evidence (accident book and photographs), does make your situation more difficult.

      You could of course return to the venue and obtain photographs – if it is still in the same condition and if the accident was recent, ask that they record the details in their accident book.

  10. Do I need to report this accident? I was in a meeting with my manager and other employee on Tuesday 2 /26/19. I sat down on the floor and when I get up, something inside my knee twisted twice, it hurts so much that I scream. They asked if I was okay, I said yes and went home. Since that afternoon when I move my leg, my knee hurts, it feels like some thing get out of place. Thank you

  11. I had an operation on my neck in June 2018…my consultant said a C5 – C6 can be caused by wear and tear on older persons….he thinks some kind of trauma to my neck caused the Cervical Stenosis.

    I work with a HIAB on a flatbed lifting building material. In September 2017, I was hit hard in the head, whilst wearing a safety hat but it still knocked me back and I think that this may be the cause. I did not record it at time as no physical evidence was present, also because at time didn’t think anything was wrong. In October 2017 I started to get a tingling sensation in my fingers and feet which led to doctor visits and eventually an operation.

    There was a colleague present at time. I have been off work since May 29th 2018 and am now seeking advice.

    • You may well be right in that the impact to your head in the incident at work in September 2017 could well have caused damage to your vertebrae and be responsible for the subsequent problems you have been suffering with.

      However, the issue you will face now is proving causation – that is that the condition you have been caused to suffer was definitely caused by this incident at work and not as a result of the aging process or another incident in your past. As such, it could be very difficult to succeed with a claim.

      It would be worthwhile speaking with the colleague you were with at the time of the incident to see if they would be willing to provide a supporting witness statement regarding the impact to your head whilst at work in September 2017.

  12. I received a bump to the head last night in a pub toilet the toilet roll holder fell of the wall and hit me on the head I reported it to the owner but they didn’t log it or take me serious where do I stand with this I have a lump on my head from it

    • To succeed with any claim, you’ll need to ensure that a written report can be provided. As you have tried and failed for the landlord of the pub to record the incident properly, you should email or write to them to report the incident.

      Whether or not you can claim compensation will depend on the severity of the injury. You mention a bump on the head with a small swelling. If this injury is simply superficial, you won’t have a claim as the injury is not serious enough. However, if you developed concussion or have ongoing headaches or neck pain associated with the injury, you may be able to claim. Any injuries and symptoms must be reported to your GP and noted on your medical records.

  13. hi i caught my finger at work today between a block and scaffold pole its caused bruising and swelling but i never put it in the accident book i showed a first aider and they said i’ve badly bruised it .so i didnt think anything else of it but its still throbbing when it gets cold is there anything i can do to make a claim or would i be wasting my time? thanks stewart

    • It is hard to advise you at this stage as to whether or not you have a valid claim. The best thing to do would be for you to make further contact with us so that we can speak with you and find out more about how your finger became caught between the block and scaffold pole as this will enable us to advise you as to whether or not you should pursue a claim.

      Clearly, the injury is serious enough and it would be wise to seek specialist medical attention on the finger. You should also make sure that there is a written record within the employers accident book regarding the incident.

  14. I had a fall on New Year’s Eve in a pub floor had a wet patch .. didn’t fill in accident book .ended up going to the hospital after thinking I’d sprained it to find out I had broken fibula and badly dislocated my ankle . 3hr op and cast on non weight bearing ..

    • Have you subsequently returned to the Pub to report the accident and injury? In the interests of succeeding with a claim for personal injury compensation, a lack of the incident being reported at the time can undermine the strength of any claim.

  15. I have dislocated my lower rib while in work i was changing over a machine from one product to another and while lifting an item from the floor onto the conveyor belt i hit my side off a metal rod that pokes from the conveyor. At the time it was sore i didn’t except anything serious cause i thought it was just a bump and because of that i didnt tell my employer and it didnt go into the accident book but the next day i woke up in alot of pain so i went to doctors the next appointment they could give and he told me what was wrong, i then waited till my next shift which was 3 days later and explained to my boss that i wasn’t gonna make it in as i got hurt in our last shift and i have a sickline saying im not fit for work, then i had to go into work the week after and they questioned me on the insident and i told them everything that happened and they just kept saying you should have reported it and as i said to them i didnt think it was that serious ect, i was wanting to no if i can claim or is it not possible because i didnt put it in the accident book and no witnesses

    • You have a right to make a claim. In the scenario you have described, the obvious hurdles that you will have to jump are the lack of accident book reports and witness evidence.

  16. I broke my ankle in July 2017. I wore a boot and was told to take it off, depending on how it felt 8 – 10 weeks after. During this time the local council was digging up the road to replace lamps. They continually left spoil and barriers either side of the spoil, all over the pavement right outside my gate. This was the whole time I was on crutches. I rang them to tell them how difficult it was making my life and they said they would sort it. I then removed my boot as the time was up. A few days later the spoil was still there as I got out the car. My father had also just arrived for dinner and I turned to tell him to be careful and promptly fell over twisting my ankle. It blew up like a balloon. I contacted them again through my local councillor an they said I had lied as the stuff had all been removed. The photographic evidence showed otherwise. They then rang me and said someone from H & S would be down. So they came and saw the pictures and also how swollen my ankle still was and said they would contact me. Fast forward one year (yup one year) and after chasing them again. They said me a letter said, so pleased my previously broken ankle has now healed. I replied asking them for certain information (they claimed the contractor had gone bust, that the dates were different) It is now 6 months on and I’ve heard nothing. Is there anything to be done?

    • It would appear that you have been caused further and worsening injury as a result of the negligence of the local authority and their contractors. Given that you seem to have a good amount of evidence to support this, it would be wise to put this matter in the hands of a specialist personal injury Solicitor with expertise in public liability tripping accident compensation claims.

      We have such specialist Solicitors available and would be happy to help you. Please email us regarding this matter and attach whatever information and evidence you have to support your claim. You can send your email to us at: and we’ll then assist you in further investigating how we can help you. Remember, we work on a fully No Win No Fee basis and you won’t pay any costs should we not be able to help you with your claim for compensation.

  17. I was using a frok lift at work 2 yrs ago and drove over a pot hole jarring my back causing my sciatica to falre up and cause me to have months off work. I am with the Unite union and when they proceeded to claim against my employer it was stated that no recored was in the accident book. I did fill it out and my team leader said he would put it in the book. My team leader said he could not remember one witness said he did not remember seeing the accident and my manager said I was confused with a previous accident 12 months earlier. All 3 claimed no memory of the incident, and my union said there was no prospect of a claim proceeding. My back pain is still bad and I have to take codeine from the doctor to be able to continue to work

    • The issues you raise are an important reminder as to why having evidence to support your claim is so important. Clearly, you have been badly let down by your supervisor in their failure to add your completed accident report to the book. Whilst we do not doubt that you are making an honest report to us of the incident, the lack of any evidence to support your claim does mean that the prospects of succeeding with a claim here are severely impaired. It may be wise to take out a grievance against the employer and supervisor with regards to their failure to properly administrate your written report of an accident and the fact that this has left you unable to seek any compensation for the worsening of your sciatic problems.

  18. I had a back injury nearly 3 wks ago at work. I work in a warehouse where there is no organisation and not much room to really move. I bent down to get something out of a box on the floor. My back went then and was in terrible agony. I informed many people what I had done but no accident book was mentioned as I something they saw this as an accident. I carried on for a few more hours but then had to go and ask to go home. I spent rest of that day rest in bed. When went to get up was not able to move in serve pain. Called 111 and informed them of what happened. Was given strong pain killers. Was not able to do anything all wkend due to the pain. Returned to work Monday and not 1 bit of help was offered to ease my work load. I carried on till the Friday when I lifted a heavy box and my back went again. I sat on the floor for 30 mins as was unable to move and no one knew I was there. Again no accident book was mentioned. This has no left me with pain and agony and not being able to spend Time with my family all wkend was no help. As of today I have reconnected my doctors who have given me better pain killers and requested physio. Please is there anything I can do

    • Given your description of the cause of your back injury at work, it would appear that your employers have questions to answer regarding their approach to Health and Safety at Work and whether they are fulfilling their legal requirements to minimise the risk of injury and provide a safe working environment. To this end, I think it would be appropriate for you to further pursue a claim for compensation against the employer with us.

      It would be wise to make your own written report to the employer regarding the incidents in which you were injured and send the same via email to the employer.

      Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website or call us on 01225430285 to get further help with starting your claim for compensation.

  19. Hello I work in a small family run garage old school style
    I was working on a large 4×4 vehicle stood on a wheel so I could reach into the engine bay to carry my work I slipped and banged my forehead resulting in a cut and it bled quite a lot at the time I told my bosses and they said just wash it off in the sink I told them what happened and I was told to man up I assumed they would ha e entered the incident in to the accident book as I was a bit dazed I worked for he end of the day then that night I was up all night with a heavy migraine I contacted work saying I wouldn’t be in and now one of my work colleagues have said don’t hold my breath regarding getting paid for being off how do I stand in this situation I know they don’t pay sick pay but is it differant when the incident had happened at work ? Can you help me in this situation ?
    If I did claim against them would it affect my position working for them as I have 3 kids and a mortgage
    Many thanks

    • UK law affords any employee a legal right to make a claim for compensation for an injury caused in an accident at work if the cause of the accident can be attributed to employer negligence. The employer has no right to terminate an employees position if they choose to make a claim for compensation.

      However, whilst the law would protect an employee from facing undue pressure from an employer, it does not always mean that an employer won’t create problems.

  20. I pulled my back at work and nothing was put in accident book they didn’t send me home I was in agony after trying to get a resident of the floor which in our moving and handling they do not teach tha this happened in Oct im leaving in 2 weeks because of a lot of stress to and my manager decided to do risk assessment yesterday bit to late to much pressure and heavy work load they just don’t care

    • We may be able to help you with a claim for personal injury compensation for the back injury you have sustained at work. You mention that you were not trained in how to move residents if they were on the floor and as such, it could be seen as a failure on the employers part and therefore open up a route to holding them liable in a claim for compensation.

      You can start your claim with us online – use the ‘start your claim’ page of our website to take this forward.

  21. I have worked for one of the large supermarkets for two years. The first year being on the shop floor lifting heavy fruit and vegetables to no issue. The second year being a delivery driver in which I have been injured.

    There was a few times that I had lifted something wrong at work but nothing I felt at the time to cause me great concern. One day I woke up with what I know now as sciatica. It was mild and I thought it was just a strain. I worked four days in total whilst hurting and it gradually became worse. My colleagues helped me as I began to struggle. I got to the point where I was in excruciating pain at the end of the working day. I phoned in the next day saying I could not come in to work and that I would go see a doctors. A few days later I spoke with my manger after going to the doctors and being signed off with sciatica. I was in excruciating pain, taking lots of pain medication and getting by on a few hours of sleep a day. My manager asked how I had been injured but I did not fully know how at that time. I did not give a direction answer to this because I didn’t have a defining moment of cause of injury. In my mind a twinge didn’t correlate or match up with this excruciating pain. I was told we would discuss this again at a later date. This never happened.

    In hindsight and given much thought I fully believe I have sustained this injury from work. Mostly from twisting my back when loading/offloading the van. The shopping comes in large storage trays and you would have to lean over to grab them with one arm to pick them up. You could not keep your core straight and even when doing so. Then I would twist to load them in the van side on. Everybody used the same technique. Additionally twisting and lifting of the heavy trays of shopping around obstacles in customers houses. There where times I would feel a twinge in my lower back. Not often at all but sometimes. I cannot recollect having manual handling training but if I did it was a few minutes being briefly shown how to lift a box off the floor. Nothing more literally than this. I have since been asked by my manager if I have had an health and safety assessor come out with me on the vans and I have not.

    I have been unable to work for fifteen weeks due to having a large protrusion of the disc on my lower spine L5/S1. This has been recently diagnosed from having an MRI. I am currently waiting to see a surgeon to discuss any options I may have.

    Initially I spent six weeks on my back. At times the pain would flare up and I would need to go to an out of hours doctors surgery for different medications to help me get through. One time I had to go to accident and emergency due to being in absolute agony (literally screaming in pain). That and also my anus became numb which was a cause for concern. I have since had six sessions of physio to help get me moving again. My symptoms have weaned very slowly off but still at times it causes me intense pain resulting in me not being able to return to work. I have regular visits to the doctors and still taking a number of pain medicines.

    My manger recently said that I should of returned after two weeks of absence. That I have had more than ample time off and should have returned back to work by now. I have been told that if I do not return to work soon I could loose my job. When I return they will only be able to support my injury for six weeks along with an amended duties doctors note. If I am then not able to for fill my contract I will not have a job. I asked even if I can’t lift some of the heavy items and she said yes.

    I would like to add. A few weeks before the injury I got an award for good service. Kind of like employee of the month. Doesn’t add up towards the way I am being treated by this manager.

    Would I be able to make a claim against my employers for the damage that I have sustained to my spine? If I loose my job would that be a claim for unfair dismissal considering I got the injury from work.

    • Starting by answering your last point first, if you were to lose your job due to being unable to continue to work through ill health, that is unlikely to amount to unfair dismissal as the law would allow an employer to terminate a position if it were deemed that the employed person is no longer fit enough to perform the work. However, it is vital that the employer follows the correct due process in this matter and as such, we would recommend that you seek expert employment law advice on that issue should it arise.

      Moving on to the possible personal injury compensation for the injury/damage you have sustained to your back as a result of your work, there is certainly a potential for you to pursue a claim against your employer for the pain and discomfort of your injury and if successful, for you to also recover any lost income and incurred costs caused by the injury. Clearly, to succeed with a claim against your employer it is important that the right evidence is in place and your Solicitor would be obliged to highlight how the employer has failed in their duty to minimise the risk of any injury sustained by you. Therefore, you will need to be able to identify a lack of suitable manual handling training or a working environment that makes it impossible to follow the guidance of any manual handling training you may have received. In your description of your work, you mention having to reach and twist whilst carrying load – it could well be that this is an area of interest to a specialist back injury compensation Solicitor.

      We believe that it would be wise to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation against your employer given the nature of your work and severity of your injury. To that end, our advice at this stage is two fold:

      Firstly, you should put a report to your employer (in writing) outlining your belief that your injury has been caused by the work you were doing for them – making mention of the working environment rendering you unable to lift and move items of weight safely. If you are aware of any specific incidents in which injury were caused, make note of them in any report. Providing your employer with such a report will be useful evidence should any claim then proceed.

      Secondly, make further contact with us as soon as possible in order to get your No Win No Fee claim for compensation started. You can use our website ‘start your claim’ function to make further contact with us, or if you prefer, you can call us on 01225430285.

  22. I’m self employed was at work on 1st November where I was using a 12 inch disc cutter. It kicked up with all its might and cut me from my nose down to my neck and through into my mouth area have 8 inch scar. What are your views on this?

    • When a self-employed person is injured in an accident at work, claiming compensation is possible, but it can be harder to succeed with a claim given the lack of an employer upon which you could attach negligence.

      In your case, you are responsible for your own health and safety at work and as such, the only way you can succeed with a claim here would be by demonstrating that someone else has been negligent – perhaps the machine manufacturer (very hard to establish) or if you were sub-contracted to the site, the main contractor?

  23. Hi Ian,
    I recently had an accident at work whilst lifting a barrel of beer. I have been asked many times personally to go and collect these barrels from the ground floor with a small trolley to roll it on. You then have to take it off of the wheels and place it on the floor behind the bar. I haven’t had much trouble lifting these before but one day they asked me to do it I felt like a sharp twinge in my back. I felt like I twisted funny and pulled something. I took myself to A&E and they said it was just a muscle strain as there was a lot of inflammation. I could barely sleep, bend, walk, sit back without it hurting at all! I was in agony. I decided to turn to a chiropractor after a while and when some of the swelling had gone down. After an examination she believed that I had slipped my disc in my back. Disc bulges run in my family and found out from a MRI a few years ago that I was in the early stages of this. There was no training on manual lifting, and wasn’t made aware of an accident book to write any form of report. So I’m not too sure if manegment have filed one? My colleague had also informed me that they had done training on lifting and bending a while after my accident. Seems to me that they were trying to cover themselves for any future incidents. I have been in constant pain for over 3/4 months now, stuck on medication and struggle to work. I would want to try and make a claim against my work place as now the rest of my life is affected by this and struggle with everyday tasks.
    Please let me know what you think and advise if there is anything I can do to make my case stronger.
    Kind regards,

    • Did your employer provide you with manual handling training BEFORE you sustained your back injury? If not, then you should pursue a claim for compensation – use the ‘start your clam’ function on our website to get further help with this. Also, if your employer has not provided you with the right equipment to move the barrels safely or given adequate assistance you should make a claim.

    • No, there is no requirement to provide a copy of the report. There is however, a requirement to ensure that the details of any accidents at work are reported within an internal accident book system. The details of accidents of a certain severity must then be referred externally to RIDDOR. You can read more about that in this useful article on our website: RIDDOR

  24. I purchased a pair of jeans for my baby and when he wore them I noticed his leg has marks in a certain area. I checked the jeans and the pin from the security tag was left in and he has multiple pin prick marks on his leg. The problem is I do not have my receipt showing time of purchase or who served me . I only know the fate I went into the store. I’m not exactly sure what I want done about it but I’m not happy and would like any advice on what I should do next.

    • Your first port of call should be to make contact with the retailer in question to make a report of the incident with them. If your Baby has sufficiently serious injuries, you should also make sure that you seek medical attention for him.

      It would appear that the injuries sustained are minor and likely to cause nothing more than light irritation for the child. As such, unless some scarring occurs, it is probable that you don’t have a sufficiently serious injury to warrant making a claim with a specialist Solicitor.

      However, you should complain to the retailer and see what they are willing to do to make amends in this matter.

  25. hi, my husband is a driver by occupation and on the 6th of September 2018 he had an accident coming down the mountain on Van Rhynspass and up to this date his employer still hasnt registered it with COIDA, what should we do?

  26. In March this year 2018 my boss trapped my finger in between a dough machine metal lid and a freezer top which resulted me to have to attend a&e as he dislocated my finger. It was strapped up by Doctors, but it still pops out of place every now and again. To this day he didn’t log it in the accident book – but it’s on record at the Hospital. Is this enough to claim against him or not?

    • You should not let the employers failure to properly record the details of your accident at work put you off from exercising your legal right to pursue a claim for compensation.

      You could always write to the employer to put on record your grievance that they have not recorded the details of your accident and injury correctly and retain a copy of the same to go some way towards making sure that there is a record of the accident with the employer.

      Finger injuries such as dislocations can cause serious issues with hand use and dexterity and if successful with a claim for compensation after such an injury at work, the value of any claim settlement would reflect the extent of the damage done to your finger.

      We would like to assist you further with your claim and suggest that you use our ‘start a claim’ form or call us to get your claim started.

  27. At the end of August I tripped over a traffic cone which was on the floor in a pub. I landed onto my knees on a hard floor. I had bad bruising on both of my knees. There were a lot of traffic cones in the road outside of the pub and made the assumption some idiot had brought one into the pub. Two months on I’m having trouble with both knees and am going to see the doctor this week. I’m concerned that I have injuries due to this accident. I didn’t report it at the time as I was making my way out of the pub. I’m guessing that cctv probably no longer exists but will be contacting the pub to ask. I have historical texts between friends and my mother in law discussing the accident the day after. I am also thinking of contacting the police to see if they have cctv footage of someone bringing the traffic cone into the pub. My sister witnessed me falling and there were two strangers who witnessed it but it’s unlikely I will be able to find them.Do I have any case if I’m injured due to the accident?

    • There could be a valid claim for compensation as a result of this incident. However, you have rightly identified a few issues to provide the required evidence to support any claim you may wish to pursue.

      It would seem pretty obvious that the cone was placed inside the pub by someone ‘fooling around’, perhaps after a few beverages. As such, the Public House would not be responsible for it’s presence if it had only just been placed there. The courts would deem that it is unreasonable to expect the Pub to identify and remove a potential hazard immediately. However, if the staff of the Pub failed to notice and remove the cone within a reasonable period of time a claim could proceed on the basis that the business was not adhering to their occupier liability obligations (inspect, identify and remove any hazards at regular intervals) and had allowed a hazard to remain in situ unduly, leading to injury.

      Any evidence to prove what happened to you, when and where would of course greatly support any claim. Therefore speaking with the Pub and Police as you suggest would be a wise move. You could also see if you can find any witnesses to your accident, ideally not relatives. Once you have done so, we suggest that you return to us so that we can look further in to this matter for you.

  28. I fell off the bed of a lorry at work. I was knocked out briefly and broke/cracked a bone in my wrist and tore ligaments which has caused me lots of pain and discomfort since. I didn’t realise how bad it was at first but went to hospital a week/two weeks later then had to go for an mri scan, was supposed to go for a second one but didn’t make it cause I was working. There were two witnesses but I am not sure how keen they would be to testify. However, there has not been any manual handling courses, there is no such thing as an accident report book(they don’t even have a first aid kit), no one has ever been on a first aid course, many other people have been injured there, there is a general lack of health and safety to the point where some of the stuff is very dangerous even potentially life threatening. I have had many other injuries in this job; whiplash from a car crash, ankle ligaments, broken ribs, and sciatica which I was signed off for but got pressured to get back to work. I don’t have a contract and have always felt powerless to do anything. Have I shot myself in the foot by battling through all these injuries. Now I am older I am in constant pain from somewhere or other.

    • The employer would appear to have a very negligent approach to health and safety at work and as such, it is likely that employer negligence could be established with regards to a possible claim for accident at work compensation.

      Whilst they should have an accident book reporting system, the fact that they do not have one does not prevent you from reporting the accident or indeed, pursuing a claim for compensation. To this end, we would recommend that you email or write to the employer to put on record the details of the accident you have had in falling from the lorry. Of course, they may choose to ignore the letter/email, but you would have evidence of sending the same (postage receipt if sent by recorded delivery or a ‘sent’ email) and this could be used as evidence to support your claim.

      We would be interested to know more about this accident and how you came to fall from the bed of the wagon in order to be able to advise you as to whether or not the cause of this accident would lead to a valid claim for compensation. We would also like to know more about the other accidents you have had as if any of those were within the past 3 years, you may have a right to make a claim for compensation in those matters.

      Why not use our ‘start a claim’ page to submit some contact details to us and we can then speak with you in more detail and advise you properly.

  29. Hi I’ve just been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc and awaiting surgery,iWork in a manufacturering enviroment which involves a lot of bending and lifting,I think over time this as contributed to my injury,there is nothing logged but over a long period of time we have asked for a lifting device but told it would cost to much,this as repeatedly been reported to health and safety,would it be worth putting in a valid claim. Thank You.

    • In the work you describe, it is foreseeable that such injuries could occur if staff members are not properly trained, supervised and allowed to work in accordance with safe lifting training. Given that a lifting tool has been requested but not provided, you may well have a valid claim and we would like to pursue this for you. Why not submit your telephone contact details to us via our ‘contact us’ option and we can then call you to discuss your possible claim and help you start the claims process.

  30. I had an injury at work 9 months ago and slipped a disk I had nearly six months of on sick and only went back in July to reduced hours and slight change to my work load, im now waiting for a neurosurgery appointment. I’ve also now been informed that my job is now moving occupational health over capability and may lose my job due to not being able to do the job role fully. The accident was not reported in the accident book either. Where would I stand in making a claim?

    • What caused you to suffer the slipped disc injury? If the cause can be placed at employer negligence, such as a lack of training, a failure to provide adequate equipment or a working environment that put you at risk of injury you could seek to make a claim for compensation.

      The lack of an accident report being made at the time does cause some concern, but that would not prevent you from trying to pursue a claim.

  31. I hurt my back at work but it never got reported as my manager was avoiding me after a incident. After docs they thought it may be pain due to gallstones as pain just wasn’t going away after 6 months a mri was done and showed I have a growth in nerve due to injuries I had at work. I tried reporting several times and was ignored still in pain now and left company.what can I do?

    • Have you attempted to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries you have sustained or not? Clearly, the lack of a report to the employer could be an issue in a claim as it does mean that there is no evidence to support that the accident happened at work. However, that should not stop you from further investigating a possible claim for compensation.

      How did you injure your back?

      • I was working in a clothing store and was hanging up some clothes and hit front of ribs on a lower bar with made me jerk back and hit a stand alone stand behind me which is where I hurt it. I’m still signed off from when it happened as the pain is still so bad. I emailed company and they just turnt it round that it was my fault. No I haven’t made a claim either.

  32. I cracked my head open at work while driving an order picking truck. I went to hospital and had my head glued. I filled in an accident form while my head was still bleeding until someone was ready to take me to hospital.
    What happens if I missed something out of the report due to shock, adrenaline and maybe concussion? The thing I missed out may result in that the company was at fault.

    • If your accident happened recently, you should make an immediate written amendment to your accident report and send the same (by email) to your employer and whoever has responsibility for accident reporting within the workplace.

      Given you have hit your head on something in the workplace, it maybe possible for you to pursue a claim for compensation in this matter. Of course, to succeed with a claim you will need to be able to identify a possible area of negligence on the employers part. In this case, perhaps there was an exposed sharp metal item that should be covered with a protector or an obstruction that needs to be indicated or marked with a warning?

      Please call us on 01225430285 if you would like to discuss your accident further as we can then identify whether or not you can pursue a claim for compensation.

  33. Hey,

    Vagner was cutting a padlock and felt a deep sharp pain in his chest similar to an electric shock. The Pain was so strong and overwhelming that he dropped the bolt cutters.

    With time Vagner observed that the pain did not go away, he also noted significant loss of strength on the right side of his chest. He was not able to lift anything using the muscles surrounding the injured area, he also noticed asymmetry on his chest . As the symptoms persisted he went to GP who referred him to physiotherapist. The Physiotherapist then ordered him to do an MRI exam. Instead he had a chest scan done at Atln heath. After that Vagner was referred to a-specialist in Trauma and Orthopaedics. He is awaiting to hear what further treatment he will need.

    No accident report was done by the time.
    HR will not accept my report right now because it was last year.
    I am not allowed to ask for a statement from my work colleagues
    I would like to know if I have any chances to successfully claim compensation for my injury?

    Many thanks
    Vagner vieira.

    • Can you inform us as to what your chest injury was? At this time, apart from being managed poorly with regards to the way your employer handled your pain, we are not sure as to where any liability would attach to the employer for the actual injury/pain

  34. I slipped down pool steps whilst on holiday in Greece on Friday and today the holiday rep (from Thomas Cook) has arranged for a doctor to come and visit me. Due to the severe bruising and swelling, he recommended me to go to the local hospital. I went in an ambulance and had X-ray and ct scan. When arriving back at the hotel later that day, I asked for a copy of the report they have written in the accident book but the manager told me that it was the hotel protocol not to show me the book. Is this correct? I’m concerned as can’t check that the details recorded are accurate.

    • There is no requirement to show you the accident book entry at this stage. The best thing to do would be to speak with the rep again and ask them to record your comment that you have not been able to review what was entered in the accident book. You should also write to Thomas Cook once back in the UK to make a report in your own words as to what happened and again make note that you were not allowed to review what had been recorded.

  35. I phoned my former employer and asked to speak to the HSE who had an Office in the work place where I’d had a serious accident. I explained to her what had happened and she was very shocked to hear and said that if she had known, she would have come to the Hospital and given me a big bunch of flowers.

    As a result of this, I am now thinking that the HSE didn’t know about the accident. I am so disgusted by this. I have been through 2 surgeries, rehabilitation and now have a large scar on my leg of which I have pictures. I feel as if this is being pushed under the carpet. I had around 50 stitches in my leg after having pins and screws put in to my leg to pin my hip together.

    • Given the severity of your injury, it would be right and proper for the matter to have been reported to RIDDOR and the HSE. If the employer hasn’t done this, then they could face scrutiny.

      What was the cause of your accident at work? We would be very happy to discuss your accident with you in order to ascertain whether or not you have a valid claim for work accident compensation. Clearly, given the extent of your injuries you would receive a large settlement if your employer was negligent and you were to win your claim for compensation. To find out more and discuss your rights after an accident at work, please call us on 01225430285 or you can email me at: to discuss your options and find out more.

  36. I have a part-time second job as a a valet runner and do running from the garage to the hotel. On the 4th of July, I ran for a car and the on way back I fell over something and fell directly on concrete injuring my knees. I told my Supervisor immediately as to what happened. I suggested that my employer he filled out a workers comp claim form. My employer said that he knew nothing about it and that I had to wait for my manager to come in.

    I continued to work but my knee hurt two days later. I was at work again and this time the Manager was there, so I told him that my knee hurt and how it happened. I asked if I should fill out the form and he said he would get the form from his computer. I continued to work Friday and was still in pain all night. Today I am in pain still but have no form yet. I have never had issues with my knees before. what should I do?

  37. My partner was in an accident in June 2017. He is currently with another organisation helping him to claim for personal injury but they have said the health and safety assist is not covered in their action as they only claim for damages. He has gone through a lot of pain in the last year and he was working in Norway for his company at the time. They didn’t record the accident in the accident book but also didn’t take him for treatment, he has a disability that makes it hard to communicate so how would we pursue the avenue of negligence and health and safety issues. They have already admitted liability to the accident but my partner wants to sue them for not doing the proper procedure, can he do this?

    • It is good to read that your partners employers have admitted liability in this claim as that admission of employer negligence confirms that he will now receive a compensation settlement award that will appropriately compensate him for the level of injuries sustained and any loss of income and costs incurred as a result of his accident at work.

      As personal injury specialists, Direct2Compensation would be taking the same action as the firm your Partner has already instructed – seeking damages for the injuries and losses sustained on the basis of negligence.

      To pursue the employer separately on the basis of their breach of health and safety protocol would not fall within the remit of a claim for personal injury compensation and as such, we can’t really advise on that. It may be possible to pursue the employer for procedural breaches, but that would be a civil matter and would require alternative legal advice as to the possibilities of doing the same and what the likely outcome of any action would be.

  38. I was severely burned with boiled kettle water in a work accident almost 3 years ago, I have tried to claim three times and each time they have closed my file due to lack of witness. My final claim has just been closed also because they have found my witness but she has said that she does not want to be involved in any way. I would like justice because this has caused me to be depressed and has made me loose all confidence, it has caused me visible damage for life up my leg and I’ve had to go through surgeries of skin grafting etc.. please advice me, what can I do?

    • What an awful situation, burn injuries, including scalding are extremely painful and distressing injuries and we can appreciate why you want justice.

      The situation you describe is a clear indication as to why it is so important that a claim is supported by evidence if the claimant is to have a good prospect of succeeding. If your claim has failed on 3 occasions, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going to be able to succeed for you unless new and substantial supportive evidence becomes available. In your case, this sounds unlikely.

      Of course, if your witness were willing to provide a supportive statement and assist you in the claims process that would give you a far better chance of winning your claim. Is there any way you can speak with the potential witness to see if you can get them on board? The other issue you have is the pressing proximity of your 3-year claim limitation. Any action MUST be taken before that 3-year period expires.

  39. I was injured while working in a scrap yard and suffered a nasty cut to the side off my face which has left a scar I am unsure if my employer made a record in the accident book I have now left my workplace am I still entitled to claim?

    • The fact that you have left the employer is irrelevant as you would still be entitled to make a claim as long as the accident was less than 3-years ago. The lack of an accident book entry could cause problems down the line, but it wouldn’t stop us from being willing to pursue this matter for you. If you would like us to start a claim for you, you can use the previous link or if you prefer call us 01225430285 and we’ll get your claim up and running.

  40. I suffered a bad eye injury in an incident at work about 8 months ago. I am still receiving ongoing medical treatment and probably will for rest of my life. My accident wasn’t recorded with HSE until some months later (due to my employers mistake) although it has been now.

    My question is if I make a claim for compensation, will my employers insurance company still pay out or could they use this as a reason to not cover the accident and force my employer to cover the compensation awarded to me? The reason I ask is that I work for close family and would consider not making a claim if they were liable to pay any compensation awarded to me as this could ruin their business. Thanks

    • Of course, we cannot speak for the actions of an insurer but it is very unlikely that the insurers would be able to withdraw responsibility simply because an employer failed to take action with reporting an accident to the HSE immediately.

      The key as to whether or not you will succeed with a claim for your eye injury at work will rest on how the accident happened and whether the employer has been negligent towards your health and safety. Perhaps they didn’t provide the correct training, protective eyewear or safety guards on machinery. However, in any case the employers insurance is where the claim will be addressed and it is for this reason that businesses and employers pay for employer liability insurance cover. As such, we don’t think that you should worry about any claim damaging your employer if they do have insurance.

      Your medical records will show that you were injured at work and there could be an accident book entry with the employer to confirm the same – and this is different to making a report to the HSE.

      Given the apparent severity of your eye injury and the fact that you are likely to require medical treatment for many years if not permanently, you really should consider making a claim for compensation. The eye is a very delicate part of the body and as you will know, damage to the eye can be painful, have an impact on sight, mobility and independence.

      We would like to help you through the claims process and help to put your mind at rest regarding your worry about whether your claim would damage your employer. We know your rights and can place your claim with a specialist Solicitor to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis. You can call us on 01225430285.

      We look forward to helping you!

  41. It’s been almost two years since my accident.. I didn’t know at the time but I suffered heat stroke and a severe panic attack upon almost fainting at the pos system when clocking in at the restaurant I was working at.. I made it to the ladies room when we completely collapsed and had to call the hosts desk with my phone for help. My manager at the time came into the bathroom to find me on the floor with complete hand and foot muscle spasms.. I was very scared and could not speak because of my breathing and spasms.. my boyfriend was called to me .. my manager at the time asked me and my boyfriend if she should call an ambulance… I was unable to speak much but I nodded no, and my boyfriend verbally declined as he knows we could not afford it and neither of us were insured at the time.. my manager called an ambulance anyway and I was embarrassingly hauled away through the kitchen in front of all my conworkers to the nearest hospital… for them to tell me that I was having a panicky attack.., all after being tossed on a cot in the ER hallway.. drawing blood after I said I didn’t think it was necessary… I had to refuse an IV aggressively.. which was only not done because the nurse stuck me four times!! Unable to hook the IV in my arm ! All to see a doctor for 2 seconds and tell me I’m fine and to breathe deeply… I swear my panick attack lasted longer because I was in that hospital being treated like a dog at the vet… I then was forced to sign all this paper work of course to be billed! They would not accept my out of state insurance.. so I was technically uninsured. .. all and all 2 years later… I have these medical bills now in collections.. ruining my life and my credit! Over 1700$ For a ambulance ride and blood draw… and not a work was said to me from my work about anything after. I was only 21 at the time I did not know any better to ask questions in fear of losing my job or being on bad terms with my employer.. I was so embarrassed after the fact anyway I didn’t say a word.. but now after trying everything.. getting accepted for medical to try and get the bills covered.. didn’t work.. wouldn’t be accepted.. I don’t know what else to do. I feel as though this should have been taken care of from my employer… is there still something I can do? Or am I doomed?

    • If your heat stroke and panic attack was caused by a dangerous working environment you could possibly seek to make a claim against the employer. However, if your illness was simply a result of external issues and not related to your work you would not be able to hold the employer liable.

  42. Can I still record my accident at work months after the event I was too embarrassed at the time. It happened in January 18 and it now March ?

    • You can ask your employer to make a record of your accident and it would be wise to try and do so, even after a few months.

      If your employer won’t let you use the accident book given the time delay between your accident and now, you should write to the employer by email or post outlining what happened to you, how you were injured, what your injuries were and why you hadn’t made an immediate report of the accident. If you have any witnesses who can confirm your version of events, it would be helpful to mention their details in any report you make.

      We would be happy to discuss your accident with you with regards to any claim for compensation. If you would like help with us on this matter, please call us on 01225430285.

  43. I’ve had an operation for a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder. I’d had physiotherapy, an injection and then ended up having it operated on due to the injury sustained whilst working for a cleaning company. In my job, I have been doing the work for almost two years now. I moved to another building with loads of office tables like 640 having to clean and dust and also had to vacuum constantly each night (four nights a week). The employers have not been helpful and they haven’t put the details of my injury in the accident book even though I reported everything properly. The employer is now denying that anything happened and won’t take responsibility for the damage of my arm. Do I have a claim?

    • Clearly, it would help if your employer had placed on record the details of the injury that you have reported to them. Their refusal to enter any information in to their accident book goes against the responsibilities that an employer has. In order to protect your rights, we suggest that you make a formal written report to the employer regarding your injury, the symptoms you have had and how your work caused the damage. If the employer failed to provide adequate training or regular breaks from the work then you should make note of that in your report to them too. You should send the report to the employer by signed for mail and retain a copy for your records.

      We would be happy to try and help you with a claim against your employer.

  44. I picked up what I believed to be a very minor knee injury whilst lifting a 20kg box of mail at work. As I straightened my knees I felt a pop in my left knee.

    The knee started swelling about 48 hours later, at which point I called my supervisor informing him and asking that a report was made. However, I have no idea whether this was actually done.

    I have now been off sick for 2 months on SSP and have been diagnosed with a complete rupture of the ACL, a torn medial meniscus cartilage and subsequently started to develop arthritis in the joint, diagnosed via an arthroscopy in December. I am now waiting for my surgeon to arrange for ACL reconstruction surgery mid February. This will then be followed by 4 to 6 months of physio before work will permit me to return to work.

    As mentioned I am unsure as to whether an official record of the accident was ever made, is it likely that I would be able to pursue a claim?

    Many thanks.

    • We would be very keen to speak to you regarding your knee injury as we feel that you may well have a valid claim for work accident compensation. Much will depend on the working environment in which you are operating and what level of training your employer has provided you with. You can contact us by telephone or go to our easy to use ‘start a claim‘ page and give us some initial information so that we can then call you to discuss things in more detail.

      Whilst you cannot be certain whether or not an accident book record has been made, you should not let that stop you from trying to pursue a claim against your employer. You clearly have a nasty injury and have already lost 2 months income due to this accident at work and therefore, you should seek to reclaim your losses and obtain compensation for your injuries. Whilst a lack of an accident book can cause problems, those problems can be overcome in some situations and our expert Solicitors will work hard to ensure that your claim succeeds if it can be pursued.

      With regards to the accident book with your employer, now that you are off, you should contact the HR department at your workplace to discuss the details of your injury and describe, as you have in your comment here, what happened. You can state that you didn’t make an initial record as you had no idea of the severity of the injury and that it was only 48 hours later that you contacted your Supervisor to inform them and request that a record was made. You can put this in writing to them and request that they record the same.

  45. Could I claim? I fell around 12 months ago in previous employment. It was a walk in freezer that didn’t have an anti slip floor, it was just pure concrete. I’ve had a bad back ever since about 2 months ago I finally went to the doctors and they sent me for x ray which has shown that I have fractured my spine. I’m now currently undergoing different bone mass tests and always in agony. I didn’t fill an accident report out at the time cause I didn’t think anything of it so there is no proof.

    • The lack of an accident book record or a proper report or record of your accident at work could make it harder to succeed with a claim for compensation against your former employer, but it should not prevent you from pursuing a claim. It could be that former colleagues could provide witness evidence to corroborate your description of the cause of your injuries and that your medical records indicate that you told the Doctor that you had fallen at work and suffered your back injury as a result. If so, this would provide some evidence to support your claim.

      The failure to apply a non-slip floor surface to the walk-in freezer in your former workplace is an area that may well lead to our being able to demonstrate employer negligence and a successful claim.

      We would be happy to discuss your accident and injuries with you with a view to helping you make a No Win No Fee claim for accident at work compensation. You have nothing to lose by investigating this further and we’d only need a few minutes on the phone with you to be able to give you an initial view as to your prospects of succeeding with a claim. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you further.

  46. Can I make a claim? I recently fell at work on a wet floor that had no wet floor sign, landed on my back and its been aching since, I have photos of the bruises from my arms but other than that the only evidence is from CCTV however I don’t know if the company will still have the footage. The manager said he was too busy to write it in the accident book so there is no evidence there either, would I have to contact my doctor first for them to assess my pain? How long do companies keep the CCTV footage for?

    • You can certainly make a claim for compensation here. The lack of a hazard warning sign at an area where water had made a floor surface slippery would give strengthen any claim you were to make. The employers failure to report the matter in to the accident book is a breach of health and safety regulations and you could report that to the authorities.

      I would suggest that you write to your employer – either by email or recorded delivery to advise them of the accident and of your injuries, citing your Manager’s failure to add the incident to the accident book. You can read more about what to do if your employer won’t let you use the accident book. This would ensure that the matter had been properly reported and recorded with the employer.

      You do not need to see your Doctor ahead of starting the claims process with us as we can take the initial details and get the claim up and running, although it would be wise to see your Doctor in order to ensure that you have the medical evidence you need to maximise the settlement value of any claim settlement you could receive if you were to win your claim.

      We would like to pursue this claim for you and I suggest that you send your contact number to us via email: or call us on 01225430285 so that we can take the initial details and then place your claim with our specialist Solicitors.

  47. Hi I was digging a hole at work and felt a twinge in my knee thought nothing of it but later felt alot of pain seen doctor 3 weeks later got sent for MRI just had results back and I need surgery on knee got two ligament problems and fluid in back of knee and a floating piece of bone which needs removing no accident reported as I though it was nothing at the time can I claim

    • We would need to speak with you to find out more about your work, what training you had been given and the nature of the job you were doing at the time of the injury to be able to properly advise you as to whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.

      In a brief telephone conversation, our expert staff would be able to identify if there is any employer negligence that can be used to form the basis of a claim for accident at work compensation. Please forward your contact number to us at: and we’ll call you to find out more and offer you the advice you need.

  48. Hello

    I completed my 5k run and on the way home my left foot got caught in an open grid, my adrenaline was still thumping and I did not realize the seriousness of my injury. the next three days I was in chronic pain and stayed in bed my knee and my ankle were so sore.

    I decided to go to my Dr. who said that the joint has moved from the knee, and there is soft tissue damage done to my knee however, today I went to take photos of where the incident taken place and the grid has since been covered.

    • The problem here is that there is no available evidence of the faulty grid that caused your injury. This makes your prospects of succeeding with the claim at this time rather slim and as you may appreciate, it is difficult to offer a No Win No Fee claim with the current lack of evidence to support the claim.

  49. loading an articulated lorry with boxes, there was a gap between the loading bay and the lorry itself . almost finished fully loading the trailer and took a step back and fell down the gap. I have no proof as it happened a year ago and no longer work there….can I claim?

    • Aaron

      Yes, you can still try and claim compensation for the injuries you sustained in this accident at work. Of course, given the lack of evidence, your prospects of success may be lower than they could have been, but there may well still be enough in this to enable our Solicitors to pursue this claim for you.

      I’d suggest that you send me your contact number to so that I can call you. A quick chat on the phone will enable me to offer you some pointers as to what you can do to boost your prospects of succeeding with this claim for compensation.

      Perhaps you could get witness statements from a former colleague? Did you inform your Doctor/Hospital that the accident happened at work or describe to them what happened? Were you off work after the accident? Perhaps your employer did make a record of the accident without you knowing?

      As I said, send me your number and we’ll contact you to see what we can do.

  50. Hi Ian, I was at work on a renovation project and I had an Inguinal Hernia but was still ok to work.As I was carrying out a particular operation it involved me stretching slightly. I was immediately in intense pain and ceased work as I didn’t know what exactly was wrong I rang my G.P. who said I should attend the surgery asap. I could not locate the Site Manager and a workmate said he would inform him that I had to leave immediately.I was examined by my G.P. who said that the Hernia had become strangulated and I must to go to hospital straight away.She gave me a letter and rang the hospital to say I was on my way. My wife drove me to the hospital and when I was seen by the consultant he said the Hernia had “popped out”. He then pushed it back in and I then had to wait to see if it stayed in.Luckily it did and I was able to return to work the following day on light duties whilst awaiting corrective surgery.This was carried out approx.6 weeks later and I am at present off work for post operative recovery. I am in a position to return to work albeit on light duties for approx. 3 more weeks but my employer has none for me at present. I am only in receipt of SPP. and when I asked if the original incident was in the accident book was told no.To further complicate matters the Site Manager at the time has since left the company. Can I reclaim anything re;loss of wages etc.

    • Geoffrey

      Thank you for visiting our website. Clearly, the incident you describe is an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition rather than a new injury.

      The worsening of a pre-exisiting health condition or injury as a result of working practices is something that can lead to a successful claim for personal injury compensation if certain criteria can be met. As with any workplace injury, an injured employee may succeed with a claim for accident at work compensation if they are able to demonstrate that their employer has been negligent towards the health and safety of their staff. In your case, you could succeed with a claim for compensation if we can show that your employer has failed to do all they can to minimise the risk of injury. In order to make sure that they have done all they can to give you a safe environment, your employer must provide training with regards to lifting and moving of items and ensure that all staff are properly trained to use any machinery that they are tasked to use and provided with the required tools and equipment to perform their duties safely.

      In your case, you need to consider what work you do, what training you have been given or not given and whether or not your injury and the exacerbation of the injury can be linked directly to any negligence on behalf of your employer. If so, you could then seek to claim compensation for the injuries sustained and any subsequent loss of income or expense. I would be very happy to discuss your working environment, conditions, training and injuries with you as this may well enable me to find an avenue that we could pursue to seek damages and lost income for you. Please forward your contact number to me by email – and I’ll call you to discuss things further.

      With regards to the lack of an accident book entry, you should write to your employer – either by email or recorded delivery – to the HR department to advise them of the lack of a report of the initial incident where you had to leave work and seek medical attention. You should cite what happened, how you verbally reported things and were told that it would be reported.

  51. In march this year I was at work where I sustained what I thought at the time was a pulled muscle In my neck.
    I was pulling a heavy item across my van in its container which is installed by the company I work for. The container only has one handle meaning I can only use my right hand to pull this item weighing in excess of 250pounds from one side of the van to the other.
    I continued my job that day with over the counter pain killers. The following day I awoke & the pain was incredible in my neck that I phoned work to say I wouldn’t be able to go in because my neck was hurting. They never asked how this had happened & at the time I had had a lot of time off work & was feeling pressured into not causing any more problems to my attendance as they have a rule that 3 different periods of leave in 1 year can lead to disciplinary proceedings & I was constantly reminded of this by my line manager, even tho he knew my wife was suffering from mental illness & in the previous months we where being evicted from our home as the landlord wanted it back & we where struggling to find a house all this on top of my wife being pregnant took its toll. The constant reminders from my line manager about keeping a good work life balance, and having to go into the head office for disciplinary meeting for having too much time off.
    After the initial day off in pain I returned to work with discomfort in my neck & shoulder I managed the pain until 3 weeks later when I went into the out of hours gp from there I saw several a&he departments & specialist who just turned me away until finally my gp referred me to a neurologis, his initial diagnosis was brachial plexus neuritis but I have just had nerve conduct studies carried out & found out the thoracic nerve has been damaged causing muscle wastage for the muscle that holds the shoulder blade to the wall of the chest.
    This severely limits my use of the right arm as I can’t lift the elbow away from the hip without pain. During the 3 months of pain I tried to return to work but on returning after 2 & a half months was chucked back in for 8 days straight covering about 88hours which left me off work again.
    I’ve spoken to my line manager after he ignored all my calls & messages for over a week & his words were there is going to be some unpleasant discussion & decisions made over you future with this company but we have procedure to follow so it could take some time.
    I have been told I will not work for 18-36 months I stand to loose an income of around £125k in this time.
    The stress of all this is really bringing me & my wife down as I am the only one in employment as she looks after our two young children

    Do I have a case?

    • Jamie

      Thank you for visiting our website. I am confident that our specialist accident at work Solicitors would be very happy to pursue your claim. It would seem that there is no way that you could follow safe manual handling guidelines if the item you had to move weighs 250lbs and is not on a trolley or hoist.

      Given the severe injuries you have suffered at work and the potentially huge loss of income, you should commence a claim at the earliest opportunity. Please forward your contact number to me by email ( and I’ll call you to take a little more information and have a chat with you so that I can then pass this matter to the right specialist Solicitor for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  52. got burned quite badly when a machine fell onto me while it was on the wrong trolley and didn’t fit on, manager didn’t log in accident book, and claimed after that the trolley is the correct one, despite using a different larger one since then

    • Asif

      Your accident at work sounds awful and i’d imagine painful too. It would seem to be a clear case of employer negligence here and something we would be willing to look further into for you.

      An accident book entry would be helpful, but if there is not one available or the employer refuses to allow access to one, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and record the accident. You can email or write to the employer (via recorded delivery) to report the details of the incident in which you were injured. You can cite the lack of an accident book entry and request that the employer acknowledges your accident and records the same. Any such letter/email should explain the incident in which you were injured, describe what happened and what the injuries were. If there is an area of negligence that feel was part of the cause (such as the wrong trolley), you should mention that also.

      If you would like us to pursue this claim further for you, please email your contact number to us via:

  53. I suffered an injury to my right foot due to an explosion in the vincity of 116stE. Harlem. I was under the impression that my lawyer was handling the case, but he seen to be reluctant to assist me lately. The only paper trial I have is the report made to the comptroller.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for visiting our website. You describe what sounds like a very distressing incident and I do hope that you make a full and speedy recovery.

      Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer you any helpful advice here as we only have expertise and knowledge in relation to the personal injury claim sector and legal system of the United Kingdom. We will have to advise you to seek the advice of a specialist lawyer working in the legal system where you reside.

      Yours sincerely


  54. Hi i was hit in my back by a fork left i was pin to a pilot the supervisor ain’t do anything but told me to go home then i ask him to call for help then he did but i was scared to go to the hospital because i needed my job but i went later on

  55. I worked doing deliveries for a fruit and veg company.
    One night I had to leave a delivery outside. It had been raining heavily that night and to get to the place to leave the goods was to go across slippery old decking which I found to be unsafe to walk on. I wet across the wet grass instead. As I walked with the goods in my hands I slipped and broke my leg. As a result I was unable to work for 5 weeks. My employer paid me £150 a week while I was off work. Even so it’s a lot less than what I would have earned if I was able to work as normal. It’s been 14 months since it happened and is it worth me trying to claim any compensation for this accident

    • John

      Clearly, we would need to know a little more but I think that on the basis of what you have said that it is definitely worth us investigating this for you. Please forward your contact number to us by email to: so that we can call you and take some more information. We can then get one of our specialist solicitors to take this further for you.

      All work we do is on a No Win No Fee basis, so you have nothing to fear in terms of costs or fees and possibly much to gain. If you were to succeed with your claim, not only would you be entitled to compensation for the leg injury, but you would also be able to reclaim lost income and any other costs incurred.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  56. hi

    i work for a well known courier company as a multidrop driver delivering very heavy boxes which are crammed into 7.5t truck every day.
    As a result of poor loading practices and inability to carry out proper manual handling practices (due to lack of space in the rear of the vehicle) i have damaged my back and developed carpel tunnel in both hands.
    i am 100 percent sure that my job is the cause of this because i had no problems with my hands before. My back however ,i have always had issues there ,but the job definitely hasn’t helped.
    i have written my issues down several times and presented them to my employer who has basically ignored my concerns about the health and safety of what they expect me to do at work daily.
    i have never recorded an incident in the accident book because there has been no single accident. this has just been a progressive thing that has gotten worse.i have photos to prove what i believe is a dangerously overloaded vehicle what i have to deal with daily. i know this may strengthen my claim.
    i have not yet had a formal diagnosis of carpal tunnel but im due to get that in a few weeks. at which time i may take sick leave. however after mri scan last year it was found i have buldging discs which i dont doubt is a result of the heavy work i carry out. Any advice please on this.

    • Thank you for bringing your situation to our attention. We have had many enquiries from delivery drivers, multi-drop drivers and couriers in the very same situation as you.

      On the basis of what you have said, I would be confident that one of our specialist solicitors would be able to pursue a claim on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis. You mention that you have written down and listed some of the issues causing you concern and addressed them with your employer and that this has been ignored. It is good that you have done this, but unhelpful that they have ignored this. I would therefore suggest that you need to protect your interests by formally raising these concerns with the employer and ensure that they are on record. This would be helpful in the future should any claim arise.

      If you have had previous back problems addressed by your Doctor, they will be on record within your medical records. However, you can still claim for an exacerbation of a pre-existing health problem. Your medical records will show the periods when you have sought medical treatment. If there is a correlation between a period of no treatment requirements and then working in this role causing you to seek further medical treatment, you can successfully argue that the job has caused your situation to deteriorate or worsen.

      Employers must provide manual handling training to all staff – especially in roles where lost of lifting will be happening. However, providing training in and of itself does not absolve an employer of responsibility for injuries. In your case, you state that the cramped nature of the vans and the bad loading practices make it impossible to lift in accordance with the manual handling training you’ve had. As such, your employer would have breached their obligations towards your health and safety at work.

      You should definitely seek diagnosis of the carpal tunnel problems and again discuss your back problems and the link to your work with your GP so that the medical records can demonstrate the same.

      We would be very happy to help you with these claims and I invite you to send me your contact details so that we can make contact and help you get these claims started.

  57. Hi 8 months ago I was in a large retailer browsing, at the exit there was an indoor garden display all plants were placed on the ground the price stickers were on the pots I bent down to check a price and was stabbed in the eye, I jerked up hand to eye and looked around mortified no one noticed ed do I left and had to drive home with hand to eye in agony saw go be t day he I formed me I had a scratch in my eyeball and prescribed anti biotic which did not help I saw a specialist who said the same and prescribed same I had 3 weeks of agony and a constant restfulness runny eye I never complained to the retailer but noticed plants r still in same position now I have a flare up which lasts 4_5 days every few months or so am I too late?

    • Maria

      Thank you for visiting our website and sharing your story. Of course, you should have reported the incident immediately as it would have greatly helped with regards to any future action you needed to take, but the lack of an accident book entry does not necessarily mean that you cannot claim. It just makes it easier to defend the claim.

      I would suggest that you do two things. Firstly, you should (even at this late stage) notify the retailer in question as to what happened and where. You should indicate to them that there was no signage warning of the risk and that you did not know what to do at the time – or even how seriously you had injured your eye. I would make this report to them by email or in writing.
      Secondly, I would suggest that you obtain some photographic evidence of the display and ‘hazard’ that is still in situ – especially as it seems to be in the same position at this time. I say this as the retailer may well move this display or make alterations once you have notified them of the hazard and your accident. Indeed, it may be wise to provide some photographic evidence to the retailer as to the nature of the display and hazard at the time of making your report of the incident.

      Once you have done this, I would suggest that you contact us. Either by calling our office on 01225430285 or by emailing your number to me. I am of the view that you still ought to pursue a claim for compensation, even at this late stage. It would be worth speaking with our specialist Solicitors to get their view and see what they may be able to do for you. Remember, any action we take would be done via a No Win No Fee agreement, so you have nothing to risk financially and given the extent of the injury to your eye, making a claim would be justifiable and fair.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  58. HI Ian I slipped over on water water a company in worked for 6 months ago left all over the floor from a machine that leaked every day hit my elbow and have nerve irritation they just left me with a plaster and all went home it wasn’t recorded in a accident book as they didn’t really care i work for a agency and they recorded it would I be able to claim? Have picture on my phone when I first done it

    • Jason

      Given your description of the slipping accident in which you were injured, I think we should definitely be putting in a claim for compensation for you.

      The fact that the incident has been recorded with the agency who placed you in this workplace is good and gives our specialist solicitors a paper trail to follow in terms of proving the accident happened. The photograph you have further enhances your prospects with this claim.

      If a machine is faulty and leaks all the time, an employer or business MUST removed it from use until it is repaired or replaced. To leave it in use when it is known to create a hazard exposed employees to the risk of injury and exposes the employer to claims of negligence should any of those employees sustain injuries (such as yourself) and then pursue a claim for compensation.

      Please email your contact number to me and we’ll then call you to take some further information before getting the right specialist solicitor on to this for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  59. Hello, a few weeks ago I was in a bar, I slipped on the wet floor in the bar and damaged my left knee, resulting in being in a splint and crutches. The bar was wet everywhere, wet dripping off the walls, towards the toilets, around the bar, dance floor. They were mopping some up with a mop and bucket and some with kitchen towel. At no point was there any cones or warning signs placed. I’m unsure if there was any witnesses apart from my partner and I didn’t log into accident book as at the time i thought I’d just twisted my leg a bit and sleeping would help. Went back to the hotel via a taxi, hobbled with help of partner but couldn’t walk the following morning so he took me to an a and e department, where they advised about my injuries. Can I make a claim? I have been off work for 2.5 weeks with no date of return or recovery as of yet.

    • Lisa

      Obviously, the lack of any accident book entry or independent witnesses may hinder your claim. However, all is not lost and this is something we would still like to look in to for you.

      I would strongly advise that you contact the bar in question by writing to them – either by email or via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery (if you opt for Royal Mail, retain a copy of your letter for your records and your proof of postage) – to advise them of the incident, what happened, when and how. You should advise them that you didn’t realise the severity of the injury at the time, but want it recorded now as it is quite serious.

      I would imagine that you advised the A&E staff of the way that you sustained your injuries and this should be noted on your medical records – that could be of help.

      Please call us on 01224430285 or email your number to me ( so that we can call you and obtain some further details and then get a specialist Solicitor to contact you to discuss this further.

  60. 1st Incident February 2015
    worked in a supermarket I served a customer and realised after he’d forgotten his bank card, as he was regular customer I went after him outside in the car park seen him near the steps shouted few times but didn’t hear me when I caught up handed card over I turned round and my shoe caught something and I fell on my knee. Felt so embarrassed didn’t look to see what it was and the pain was so excruciating I cried all the back in store told the duty manager what I’d done he said that he can’t enter into accident book as it was outside…cried all way home same day in my car took me longer as I couldn’t change gears and my knee had swollen double the size. I managed to get to A&E following day told me keep taking medication and swelling should go down…months passed and no change just got worse had trips to hospital from one department to another.Then in May scan showed I had a tear in my cartilage in my knee…had key hole surgery but with no success..still limping and not working and still painful as ever…do you think I have a case?
    2nd incident may /June 2015
    Same supermarket I was working.
    I had finished the newspaper / magazine returns and filled the tote boxes up and loaded on a trolley but wasn’t aware that It was the one with broken wheel, as I went to push the trolley it didn’t move and it tipped over and my left hand was under the boxes even though a customer got hold of me and stopped me from falling down. Yet again I was so embarrassed tht there few customers at the tills I quickly picked the boxes up and felt really bad pain in my hand I went to the warehouse to report it to manager as there was no first aider there and told him what I’d done he just called me a demic and laughed it off as they were busy unloading a delivery..I went back and told one of my colleague what he’d said and she was shocked and appalled at the remark..The following day my had was sore few days later it swelled up but nothing got recorded 2 years down the line can’t move my wrist and got arthritis in it too.. can you help?

    • Gita

      Yes, I think we can help you! With the accident in the car park, you’ll need to be able to identify what it was that caused you to sustain the injury – what the hazard was and where it is. Ideally, you should take some photographs of the hazard.

      I suggest that you contact us on 01225430285 or email your number to me ( and we can then speak with you and look to take this further.

      Yours sincerely


  61. i sustained a severe fractured wrist due to slip on a dance floor. the floor was slippy and wet as people had drinks on the dance floor. on reporting to 2 members of staff and requested first aider I was informed none were available .we left the club returned to home and to a&e .can I claim. my wrist had to be operated on and pinned and is still not right after almost 4 months

    • Cecelia

      We’re really sorry to hear about the injury to your wrist. Any complex joint fracture (the wrist is a complex joint) is a serious matter and given that you have had to have surgery to insert pins to the wrist, it indicates that your injury was clearly a bad one.

      You may well be able to pursue a claim for compensation against the venue (I assume it was a Pub or Nightclub?) on the grounds that the dance floor was wet and slippery due to spilled drinks. To be able to defend the claim, the venue in question will have to provide evidence that the prohibit people from taking drinks on to the dance floor and that they were actively managing this issue on the night that you were injured.

      Given the lack of first aid provided to you at the time, I do wonder if there is any record of your injury with the night club. Did any of the staff to whom you reported the incident take your details? If not, I would strongly suggest that you write to them now – via email or post – stating what happened to you, when and what the injury is. You should note who was with you at the time and outline that you saw no staff preventing people from taking drinks on to the dance floor and saw no signs advising people not to do so either. If you send such a letter by post, you should do so via recorded delivery and retain a copy of the letter for your records along with proof of postage.

      From what you have said, it would seem that you were not alone in the club and as such, you do have witnesses who can provide statements to confirm that the injury happened in the said club because of a wet floor.

      I would like to bring this claim to the attention of our specialist injury compensation Solicitors as they will then be able to fully advise you of your prospects going forward. Please email your contact number to me – – or call us on 01225430285 so that we can take some further details and then get the right specialist solicitor to contact you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  62. I had an accident at work (a pub), where I trapped my finger between to barrels. The little finger was broken and I have had to have some of it removed.
    This wasn’t my shift, it was my boyfriends shift (we both work at the same pub) and we didn’t tell our HR manager about the swap.
    I have been receiving ssp but want to know if I can still claim against the pub for my injury?

    • Jenny

      You still have a right to claim – if the injury was caused as a result of employer negligence or a fault that was not yours, you should still be able to pursue this.

      We would definitely be happy to help you with this and get one of our specialist injury solicitors to take this forward. Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me and we’ll be in touch (

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  63. Hello i am a dog groomer when at work i went to lift a dog out of a bath at the same time the dog decided to jump and i caught it
    i had to liftthe dog as the bath was broken
    I thought i pulled a mussel in my back but it was masking what i had done i had damaged my shoulder
    so i have had to surgery seven months later still having physiotherapy twice a week as my shoulder has now gone in to a frozen shoulder have been told may need second surgery
    Due to not using my shoulder my other shoulder has taken on the stain and is showing signs of a problems the ultrasound has shown fliuld which has capsulated plus frayed tendon when my sick pay run out they gave me my p45 for Christmas
    Thank you

    • Sam

      On the basis of what you have said, it would seem that there is a good argument to be made in your favour regarding a claim for compensation against the employer.

      Your injury was caused as a result of yuour work and if I have understood things correctly, there was an item that was supposed to help with lifting but it was broken (you mentioned that you had to lift the dog because the bath was broken?) – if this is the case, your employer may have to accept liability if you were to make a claim for compensation for this accident at work.

      I would be very happy to discuss this with you and at least get one of our specialist solicitors to review your accident at work details with a view to seeing if a claim for compensation could be pursued. Please call us on 01225430285 or email me your number to: as a quick 5 minute chat would enable us to give you a better view on things.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  64. Hello 2 days before Xmas 2016, in the mid morning I slipped over in the warehouse tarmac yard it was frosty in the morning but i didnt notice that it was slippery . I have damaged my knee and currently seeing specialists . I have been on sick unable to walk since 8jan. The doctor gave me a light duties fit note which my line manager said they couldn’t do as they had no light duties. So I have been on sick with no sick pay (cept SSP) since.
    I spoke to my union and there solicitors, they say I have no claim because I am the manager of the store, therefore any fault or claim of negligence would be turned back at me as I’m in charge and should have been aware of the conditions outside. I had a new knee last year and this fall has damaged my other knee virtually beyond repair and I am waiting for a final surgeons appointment. At the end of Feb although I am attempting to go back to work next week with a knee brace and increased medication
    1. Is there a claim for injury here or at worst
    2. As it was an accident at work can they be forced to pay my wages?
    Accident was reported that day and I have CCTV footage of the fall.

    • Tim

      Thank you for coming to us, your injury sounds painful.

      To answer your last point first, your employer has no obligation to pay your wages – even if you were injured at work. It really depends on your contract of employment and whether or not your employer is kind or simply goes down the obligatory SSP route.

      Whether or not you can make a claim for compensation is not certain, as the Manager of the store, you may have some responsibility here. However, I would like to let our Solicitors look in to this for you as it could be that your employer is the responsible party as they may never have carried out a risk assessment of the slip risk in icy conditions – also, they may not have ever provided salt/grit to use in such conditions. There is a possibility that you could still claim against them, but have to accept a portion of responsibility – it is called split liability. At this stage, I am just guessing/outlining a possibility – split liability is where both parties accept some of the responsibility for the accident. For example, maybe your employer is 70% responsible because they didn’t risk assess this possibility or they didn’t ask you to do it – or make it part of your job and maybe you are 30% responsible as the manager of the store for failing to see a risk, report a risk or act on a risk.

      If this were to be the case, you could still claim but any settlement would be (on the basis of my example) made at 70% of the total value (as you would have to accept 30% of the responsibility). In this scenario, it would still be worth claiming.

      I suggest that you fill in our contact form: so that we can get in touch and see what we can do.

      I hope this helps

      Best regards


  65. My 9 year old son had an accident on play equipment at an oceanarium. The company said that they are not at fault and gave us their insurers address if we wanted to persue a claim. We do not know who we should be seeking compensation from; whether it is the company that supplied the spring play equipment that broke or the company who had the said equipment installed in a public area?
    Advice please

    • Denise

      The situation you describe is exactly where the benefit of instructing a specialist personal injury solicitor to pursue your claim rests. As a parent you want to do your best to represent your son’s interests and if possible seek compensation for his injuries. However, when it comes to dealing directly with insurers as an individual, it is very easy to get lost in the complexities of their handling of such matters. With us, our specialist injury compensation solicitors know what to do and importantly, have the tools to locate the right insurers and defendants to action claims.

      Of course, whether or not your Son can pursue a claim successfully will depend on what caused his injury and whether negligence can be attached to the defendant. With this in mind, I would suggest that you give us a call on 01225430285 so that we can have a quick chat and discuss this in greater detail. We’re certainly keen to help and have succeeded with a number of similar claims in previous years.

      If you can’t or don’t want to call at this time, please feel free to email me –

      Yours sincerely


  66. I would appreciate help with My 7 year old daughter who had a terrible & overwhelming accident On Sunday 8th January 2017. Whilst she was with her father & sister ready in her swimsuit to enter the swimming baths she caught her right forth finger in the hinge side of the fire door leading from the ladies changing rooms to the pool side. The girls father who was already in the pool jumped out to attend to his daughter & just saw blood everywhere. He asked for some plasters as he assumed she has just cut her finger. The first aider on duty that day passed over several plasters without asking what they were needed for. Once my daughters finger stopped bleeding & she sat on the pool side in shock & excruciating pain the lifeguard/first aider only asked how she was. My eldest daughter was in shock when half an hour later her sister entered the pool as she said she was ok. I have always been of the understanding that, 1. A member of staff should attend to any person if they require a plaster, 2. Should administrate first aid, 3. Log the accident, 4. Advise the parent to whether the accident needs more attention worth looking at by a doctor or hospital & finally 5. Do not let the person in a public area with an open wound.
    When my daughter arrived home an hour later after the accident I peeled back the plasters to reveal a shocking sight of extreme bruising, swelling and I could visibly see her nail has pierced through the top part of her skin. I immediately popped my daughters finger in cold iced water to stop the swelling & gave her pain relief . My daughter was in such shock she didn’t want me to take her to A&E that night. On Monday 9th January i decided to take my daughter to A&E as the swelling got worse over night. Once my daughter was seen by several doctors & nurses they said she requires an X-ray which reviled she had fractured her top finger bone & that she would also require an operation on her nail to take it off & to clean the nail & reset. My daughter had never had an operation before so she was anxious. The hospital gave us a follow up appointment for Wednesday 11th so they could re asses the swelling on my daughters
    Finger. The doctor decided once he had re assessed to take action & book my daughter in that afternoon on Wednesday 11th for her operation. After the operation my daughter was a little traumatized & in a lot of pain. They bandaged the finger tight & gave her a sling. The hospital gave me antibiotics to give to my daughter as she went in the pool after her accident & it could get infected. We have another follow up appointment on Wednesday 18th January to see how the healing process is & to see if the old nail has fallen off on its own. On Thursday 12th January My daughter & I went to see the manager of the leisure complex where the accident happened. The manager took down all my information & said he would look into it with the staff that was on that day & get back to me. He had pointed out that he had not heard of any accidents that had happened recently. I walked away in discussed that he was so unhelpful & that there was no senior management in sight. I then returned back with both of my daughters to the leisure complex on Saturday 14th January to discuss why I had not received a call back from the management. The first gentleman was on his day off but I managed to speak to the man/lifeguard/first aider that was on duty the day the accident happened. When he approached me he looked worried, nervous & said to my youngest “oh dear are you in the wars again”!!!!! I sat down with him and asked for his statement to what happened that day he was on shift. He answered with I handed over some plasters to your daughter dad. I did not know what she had done. I asked to see the accident book & he denied me access & said I wasn’t allowed to see any of their paperwork. The chap looked really worried & panicky. I then asked if I could see the scene of the accident & he denied that too. I was then under suspicion he was hiding something so I asked to see the main management. My girls & I then had to wait an hour & a half before we were seen by the main management. Meanwhile I was seen by several members of management but not the main one. I refused to leave until I saw him. One staff member said they had seen him walking around & the other said he had popped out on business!!!!!! We waited & waited. Eventually he turns up looking very nervous himself. I asked to whether he knew of the accident & he replied yes??? I asked how??? He did not answer to my question. I then pointed out the extent of the accident to my daughters finger & he looked worried & shocked. I then demand to see the first aid book & he was reluctant at first to let me see it then I said I was not going to leave the building till I saw the book. He then said I will be back in 5 minutes with the first aid book. 15 minutes later he arrived back with a piece of paper but no book. I asked where is the book? He said I was not allowed to see the whole book!!!! It was written in pencil & just happened to have a full description of what happened on the day!!! I was in shock that the staff could lie not only to me but commit a crime to cover themselves as it was obvious the wrote it that afternoon. I wanted to see the book to make sure the numbers tally up from the previous day but I was still denied it. I also asked to see CCTV & access was denied to that too. The main management said he would investigate all staff & cctv on that day & get back to me Monday 16th January 2017. I am discussed that I have been lied to, fobbed off & no customer service has been given correctly. Can you advise me and help me where to go from here.

    • Dear Dawn

      What a distressing episode for all of you – particularly your Daughter. I can imagine just how traumatising this has been for her.

      Thank you for also submitting a contact form with your comment – we have now made contact with you and will see what we can do to help get compensation for your daughter.

      There are possible areas of negligence with the way your daughter was injured. Fire doors are heavy and usually ought to have a slow-close mechanism and also hinge guards to prevent fingers being trapped/crushed in them when they open/close.

      We look forward to speaking with you later and assisting with this matter.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  67. Had an accident at work in walk in freezer the boxes fell over on me due to someone overstacking extreme height,caused a back injury since april 2016,a member of staff helped me get the boxes off me as i had to shout for them as i was trapped,the team leader said they have no accident report book as it has to be done online and said it was to much hassle of doing it that way now,have had many doctors Appointments and medications and now doctor has signed me off work due to the pain i am suffering due to this,would this be worth claiming for work injury.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for informing us of your accident at work. Whilst it would be helpful if the employer had recorded the details of the accident, the lack of an accident book entry should not prevent you from pursuing a claim for compensation against the employer. Given the lack of support from your team leader with the accident book, I would suggest that you contact the company by email or letter to raise this issue and report your accident to them. You should inform them of what happened, who helped you and what injuries you have sustained as a result.

      I am confident that our specialist solicitors would be keen to run this claim even though the accident report has not been completed. It would be best for us to have a quick chat on the phone so that we can explain things with you and find out more about what happened. Please either call us on 01225430285 or drop us an email with your number to:

    • Michelle

      Thank you for informing us of your accident at work. Whilst it would be helpful if the employer had recorded the details of the accident, the lack of an accident book entry should not prevent you from pursuing a claim for compensation against the employer. Given the lack of support from your team leader with the accident book, I would suggest that you contact the company by email or letter to raise this issue and report your accident to them. You should inform them of what happened, who helped you and what injuries you have sustained as a result.

      I am confident that our specialist solicitors would be keen to run this claim even though the accident report has not been completed. It would be best for us to have a quick chat on the phone so that we can explain things with you and find out more about what happened. Please either call us on 01225430285 or drop us an email with your number to:

  68. I have an injury claim lasting 5 years now and it is in the court now on the multi track ( moving from the fast track). As a result of my first solicitor misconduct, many things were run wrongly and now post event insurance does not apply. Recently I have learned that I do not have a strong evidences to support one of main components of my claim ( mainly because it had never have a chance to be assessed by my former solicitors due to their negligence). The only way to support this component is to get that included in medical report , but when it will come to disclosure, my new solicitors said that 3th party will take their own expert who will probably state contrary opinion. Yesterday I got the next offer from 3th party, and my solicitors advice to accept it, even if I believe it could be worth over 2 times more if we go to the court, but the is some risk which my new solicitors are afraid to take. My question is at the court room , if judge see two reports with opposite opinion on this same topic, which report for judge will be more valid? I do not really know what to due, it has been 5 years now of horrendous battle, I am really exhausted mentally but at this same time I have been fighting so long for for the fair compensation , should I accept the offer or rather fight to the end?…

    • Matti

      Thank you for discussing your experience and personal injury compensation claim story with us. Clearly, your claim must relate to a complex situation given that it is dragging on for 5 years now. I would imagine that serious injuries and losses are involved?

      As you will appreciate, we can’t give any definitive advice to you on your situation as we are not party to the file of papers and full disclosure of facts. What I can say is that if your Solicitor is giving you advice to accept an offer, they are doing so on the basis that they feel that it is the best course of action.

      If your claim were to progress to court, the court is free to accept whichever sides argument/case that it sees as the best and most realistic case. Therefore, if the 3rd party arrives with expert reports that contradict your own experts report, that does not mean that the court will simply accept their report (or yours). What can happen is that the court may request an independent report and then use that in the decision making on the claim.

      Sadly, you appear to have been caught in the classic ‘trap’ set by the insurance sector when it comes to handling claims for large settlement values. They realise that you are probably exhausted by the process and that you want to move on and that you probably need the compensation settlement to be paid out so that you can cover some of the costs and losses that you have incurred. When you are in this situation, you are more likely to settle your claim for a lower value than you may get due to a sense of ‘desperation’.

      I would strongly suggest that you seek a face to face meeting with your legal team and Barrister. This way you can discuss your thoughts and question their view as to why they feel you should settle the claim at this stage.

      I hope that this helps you and I wish you the best of luck.

  69. I was a volunteer at a country park, we were in the process of demolishing a bird hide. I hit my knee full force with a metal mallet, I told the supervisor but he dismissed it just telling me about his unfortunate events in work, although I stated I was in quite a lot of pain! It was not noted in the accident book and I didn’t receive any medical attention in fact I had to continue. Is there any ground for compensation as the knee is now an on going problem or is there not as I was a volunteer?
    Thank you.

    • Shannon

      Volunteers are afforded the same protection when it comes to Health & Safety as any employee. In this case, the country park would be responsible for your Health & Safety whilst ‘working’ for them – even if it were on a voluntary basis.

      We would be happy to investigate this matter for you and look in to pursuing a claim for compensation for your knee injury.

      You have mentioned that there has been no official record made of the injury within an accident book and this could represent an issue going forward. However, there are steps you can take to make sure you report the incident and injury to the relevant people. I would suggest that you email the country park outlining what happened with the injury, what you were doing at the time and that you want it to be recorded. If you believe that there was any breach of health and safety, you should also note that.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  70. I had a back injury on a job site a little under two years ago, I told project manager and foreman about it but nothing was done. Now I am continuing in another career and the injury has affected me everyday. I seen a comment you made about hours dropping that shows the time of the incident. I dont have a date but i am curious to know what legal action i can take, im from Texas so i dont know if the law changes. I do have records from my personal physician that i had a prior injury that wasn’t taken care of

    • Juan

      Hi, thank you for taking the time to share your accident at work situation with us.

      I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you definitive advice as you are in Texas, USA and at Direct2Compensation we work within the legal system covering the United Kingdom.

      However, it certainly sounds that your previous employer was negligent towards your health and safety as you had placed them on notice that your back was injured and a potential weakness for you. The fact that the previous employer disregarded this and took no action to ensure your safety would, in the UK at least, give reasonable grounds to pursue a claim for compensation on the basis of employer negligence.

      I think that the best course of action for you would be to contact a Personal Injury lawyer operating within the state of Texas and discuss this matter with them.

      I wish you the very best of luck.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  71. Hi, very recently I’ve had an accident in work where the steps I was working on gave way and my leg went through the gap eventually damaging my testicles. ( painful to say least ). Hospital visits confirm I have damaged veins and as a result cysts have appeared. Anyhow I have since left the workplace and requested a copy of the accident as it was reported in book but my ex boss is refusing to send me a copy. I have photo graphic evidence of the steps I was working on , have witnesses but am unclear what I can do to receive copy of accident report – any advice very helpful. Thank you.

    • Hello

      The accident at work that you describe is certainly something that we would be willing to pursue a claim for workplace accident compensation for.

      We would run such a claim with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors on a no win no fee basis.

      You mention being unable to obtain a copy of the accident report from your former Manager as they have refused to disclose this to you. You are entitled to view ANY record relating to your employment or incidents at work and if your former Manager is refusing to provide this information to you, you could contact the HR department or Head Office team at the former workplace and let them know of your struggle to get sight of this record.

      In terms of pursuing a claim for compensation, the fact that you have not been able to view/obtain the medical record is not a problem as when you instruct a Solicitor (through us or anyone else) to act on a No Win No Fee basis, you will sign a CFA document – and one of the pages provides you with the relevant authorities to obtain such information and we generally find that when these are requested from a Solicitor, they are provided without a problem.

      As stated, we would be very happy to run this claim for you and on the basis of your description, we are of the view that you have a strong claim. If you would like us to help you with a claim, please get in touch and one of us will call you to discuss your situation, offer our thoughts/advice and help you to better understand your options.

      We look forward to helping you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  72. Hi I tripped in work in a houseing association property which we were decorating. I tripped over building rubbishy that was left in the rooms I wow told to work in I did not go to a&me or my go but I do have photos off my injury to my ribs and rubbishy that is left in the property’s I have 2 whitnesses that worked with me in the property I sat several times to have it entered in the accident book but was always laught at could I still claim.

    • Brian

      We would be more than happy to look further in to your accident with a view to pursuing a no win no fee accident at work compensation claim for you.

      We need to find out more details from you in order to properly advise you as to whether or not you have a likely chance of succeeding with the claim. In a claim like your potential claim will be, there are many pertinent questions to be asked about the rubbish that littered the floors of the workplace in order to prove sufficient employer negligence and enable your solicitor to demonstrate that causation is not of your doing.

      On the basis of your comment, my instinct is that you have sufficient prospects of success to indicate that we would be able to link you with the right specialist solicitor to pursue a no win no fee claim for you. Please go to our start a claim page and submit a contact request with your name and contact number. We’ll then call you to get the basic details recorded and then arrange for the right solicitor to discuss your situation in detail with you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01225430285.

      It is good that you have photographic evidence and witnesses in place to support your claim. This evidence is likely to be very important in terms of the outcome of your claim.

      We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for making contact.

      Yours sincerely


  73. I worked as a valet or at Autoclenz belle vue auctions. A non driver drive a car through the metal barriers then the metal wall of building. I was unluckily in the other side of wall a small space away. Hovers, industrial bins. Containers of kerosine and storage bins were on the inside of the wall. I was unfortunately caught by one of the industrial hoovers . Do I have a claim as I’m not sure if accident was recorded but there was placenta of witnesses wi swag the accident happen

    • Gareth

      Hi, you most certainly do have a strong claim for compensation. The liable party will be the car driver and their insurers. It would seem (on the basis of the information you have provided) that the car driver is fully at fault. Your employer has placed barriers, yet a driver has ignored them or not seen them and driven through them with sufficient force to cause you injury.

      If you haven’t already done so, please do contact us via 01225430285 as we would be very happy to take your claim forward on a no win no fee basis.

  74. Hello not sure if u can advise me? In dec 15 i went and done my xmas shop trolly was very full of xmas food/drink on way 2 my car the trolly cought on a broken drain/pothole and tiped over hurting my shoulder and back and a nasty bruse on my leg. I emailed the company and was told 2 write 2 there claim department which i done. I was told by there solicitor that i would have a answer by 3 mths and they give the date 4th april 16. But i have had no answer and no reply 2 emails from them? I dont have a solicitor on my side i thought i would just see how things gos.

    • Cheryl

      Hi, thank you for contacting us regarding your accident whilst shopping.

      On the basis of the description of the incident you have given, we would be happy to get involved and place your claim with with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitor partner firms. It certainly sounds as if you need one to help with your claim for compensation.

      If you have emailed the company and written to their claims department, they cannot state that you haven’t reported the details of your injuries and the accident to them.

      If you would like us to help you with this matter, we’ll need to have a quick 5 minute chat with you to get some basic details from you.

      We look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  75. Hi, in 2014 while i was getting a hair cut at the local barbers they cut my face with the cut throat razor leaving me with a big scar on my face, the accident book wasn’t filled out and I learnt from an employer who doesn’t work there anymore that they don’t have liability insurance. I have been to the A&E 2 days later as I was worried about the scar. they have recorded the incident and I have gave names of the shop. Is there anything can i do in terms of taking them to court on no win no fee basis although they don’t have liability insurance?

    • Ertan

      We’ve now spoken and have passed your details to one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors so that they can speak with you and offer you a qualified opinion as to the strength of making a claim for injury compensation against the Barber company that caused your injury.



  76. Hi, I work in a kitchen and slipped and fell on a wet floor that had been mopped in work yesterday. I hurt my knee but i carried on working and limping around the rest of the day. There wasn’t any wet floor signs at the time and only reported it today as a manager wasn’t about yesterday. They added it to the accident book and went to a&e. It has swelling bhind the knee cap and bruising. I was advised to rest it and perform light duties and that the swelling should go away within 4 weeks.
    I would prefer to take time off and rest it but I’m onlya bank employee and can’t afford to take time off and that if I request lighter duties, I won’t be given as many hours. I’m limping and in a lot of discomfort and I even find it hard to drive. Do I have a case to claim even though the injury isn’t serious? I’m not sure if I should take time off or continue to work and strugge on it

    • You definitely have a valid claim for compensation against your employer here. If a floor has been mopped and made wet, then a hazard warning sign should have been erected to forewarn you that there was a slipping hazard present. As they have failed to do this, you have been unaware of the risk of injury and due to employer negligence, you have suffered an injury.

      Although you say the injury is minor, being advised to rest for 4 weeks would indicate that your injury is more than severe enough to warrant making a claim for personal injury compensation. If successful with your claim, we would recover a compensation settlement to cover the pain, discomfort and extent of the injury as well as making a 2nd claim to recover any lost income caused by this injury.

      You mention that you are a bank worker, so don’t have set hours. However, we would review the average hours you have worked over the previous 3 months and use that to calculate a reasonable special damages loss of income claim.

      I would say that if you are fit to work, then you should and if you can manage at work, even in a little discomfort then you should as you won’t have to worry about the loss of income. However, if you are in real discomfort and working will make the injury worse, or last longer then you should rest.

      To start your claim today, simply reply to the email I have sent you. We’ll then contact you to get the information we need in order to be able to pass your claim to the right specialist personal injury Solicitor.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

  77. I slipped in a supermarket last year and there were no wet floor signs. I refused first aid at the time as I was embarrassed and to be honest just wanted to leave. I have been having trouble since then with my back and have recurring issues every couple of months. I’m not sure if I am eligible to claim or not?

    • Donald

      Hi, thank you for making your situation known to us. Many people have the same issue as you when they are injured in a slipping accident in a public place in that one of their main ‘issues’ in the immediate aftermath of the fall is feeling embarrassed. It is normal to feel this way after a fall in a public place – none of us like being the centre of attention in a public place. Obviously, when it comes to making a claim for slipping accident compensation, it is helpful if a solicitor can access proof of an incident by way of an accident book entry, however, it is not always essential and with this in mind, we would be willing to look further in to your prospects of succeeding with a claim for slipping accident compensation for you.

      We’ll need to know if you were with anyone when you fell and if so, would they be willing to act as a witness? Did you speak with any of the staff at the time of your fall? Did you make any 3rd parties aware of your fall? (such as your GP or Employers?). If you did, it may be that we can refer to them as witnesses to your reporting this incident. Did you seek medical attention for your injuries – at the time of the accident or more recently?

      The answers to these questions will go along way to helping us better evaluate the strength or otherwise of your claim. In order for us to speak with you in greater depth, we’ll need your contact details. We’ll then call you and can take some further information about this matter. If we then think it is appropriate to do so, we can pass your slipping accident compensation claim to one of our specialist no win no fee solicitors and ask them to take this claim forward for you.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Best wishes


  78. I had an accident at work nearly a year ago, removing large shelves from a fixture, the brackets the shelves sit on we’re rusted from being kept outside, these were very difficult to remove, my wrist has been very painful ever since, lots of hospital appointments, finally diagnosed with mid carpal instability in December 9 months after I hurt it, had a partial fusion to my dominant right wrist, not recorded in accident book, manager and other colleagues well aware it happened at that store, any ideas if I’d have a chance at a claim? My wrist will never be the same again, plus having to drop hours from 38 to 24 , financial loss has been tough on my family. Thanks for your reply

    • Dear Sarah

      Thank you for telling us about your situation. Your injury sounds really nasty and given the requirement for a partial fusion, the ongoing implications of the damage to your dominant wrist are obvious. We would certainly like to help you pursue a claim for compensation and I feel you should be taking such action. Whilst it is a pity that the details of the accident were not recorded within the employers accident book, that in itself does not mean that you should not pursue with a claim for compensation. Indeed, the severity of your injury and the ongoing loss of income forced by your having to lower your working hours means that you really should be pursuing a claim for injury compensation for this accident at work.

      You mention that your Manager and colleagues know of the cause of your injury and given that you have dropped working hours as a result of the condition of your wrist, I wonder if anything is on record within your HR department regarding your health situation (your wrist)?. It could also be that you could find a colleague willing to act as a witness to this incident? I would suggest that you put the details of your accident (what happened, what the injury is and that it wasn’t recorded but that you would like it recorded due to the severity of your injury) in writing to your employer. This could be by email or by recorded delivery letter. You don’t need to mention any claim, or intention to claim, but simply request that a copy of the letter is placed within the accident reporting system and on your employee file. You should retain a copy of the letter and proof of postage if you send by mail. If you email, you will have a copy in your sent email folder – or you could cc it to yourself. For more information about what you can do if there is no accident book record, read this article: and also

      We’d be very happy to get our specialist partner injury compensation solicitors on to this for you, so that they can offer you expert advice and support with a claim for compensation. You should remember that we pursue all claims on a No Win No Fee basis, so whilst we cannot guarantee that we can win any claim for compensation, we can guarantee that if we don’t succeed with your claim, you won’t have to pay a penny towards any of the costs. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and given the permanent damage to your wrist, the value of your claim could be substantial.

      In order for us to help you further, we’ll need to have a brief chat with you to obtain a few more details so that we can get the right specialist solicitor involved and get them to contact you.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  79. Accident at work on railway was pulling a sleeper out with clips the clips came away I have fell backwards and broke my scaphoid spoke to one firm and told I don’t have a claim as all equipment was used correctly .

    • Jordan

      I’m pleased that you have taken the time to make a comment on this article and that you have informed us of your situation.

      We would certainly be happy to look further in to your accident and may well be able to help you make a claim against your employer. The fact that the correct equipment was being used in the correct manner does not necessarily mean that you have no prospects of succeeding with a claim. It may come down to adequate risk assessments being conducted by your employer, the actions of colleagues and training provisions provided to you and colleagues. With this in mind, it is certainly worth your while to let us look in to this for you.

      Remember, we run all claims on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if we chose to pursue your claim, you would not pay any costs whatsoever if your claim failed. We have a great deal of experience in the management of claims such as yours and access to some of the best accident at work Solicitors in the UK.

      I will email you a copy of this reply to your comment and look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  80. I used to work at McDonald’s and I badly burned my arm when I went to pick up a fry basket from the deep fat fryer and the weight was too heavy and I dropped it on my arm. This left me at the time with scabs and blisters. I informed at the time my colleagues and managers and was told to only put my arm under cold water, they never wrote the incident in the accident book despite my managers knowing about what’s happened. To this day I have a permanent scar which causes me embarrassment and can lead to difficult and embarrassing questions. Could I claim anything?

    • Jessica

      Hi, thanks for commenting. I’m sorry to hear about your accident and how you now feel about the damage to your arm.

      You are still entitled to make a claim and we would be willing to help with this, but it is worth being aware that there are a couple of possible barriers in the way of you succeeding with your claim. As you state, your employers failed to record the details of your accident in their accident book – despite you reporting it to them. Therefore, when a claim is made against your employer, they are likely to come back to the initial claim and say that they have no record of an accident. Therefore, proving your accident happened at work will be an issue. Did you receive medical treatment at a GP Surgery or Hospital? If so, did you advise them as to how the injury was sustained? If your medical records show treatment for burns caused at work, that could help.

      The second barrier will be how long it has been since the accident? You have 3 years from the date of your accident (or until your 21st Birthday – whichever is longer) to register your claim in the courts (or with a firm like Direct2Compensation). If you are beyond the 3 years and over 21 years of age, there is nothing you can do. If you are within the 3 year period, I suggest that you contact us and let us see what we can do. We would certainly be willing to investigate this for you and may well be able to succeed with a claim.

      I will email a copy of this response to you separately.

      Many thanks and kind regards – I look forward to hearing from you.


  81. I was in the stockroom yesterday, getting a rail full of t-shirts ready to be put on sale that day, we have a slightly raised walkway through out the stockroom, the rail wheel got stuck on the edge of this walkway and tipped on to my self, hitting my ear, neck and torso. When the rail hit my ear it cut it. My manager knows about this and it is in the accident book. Can I get a claim out of this ? And can I go to my manger to make the claim ?

    • Hi Megan

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and ask a question about your personal injury situation and a possible claim for injury compensation.
      The scenario you describe would indicate to me that you have every reason to pursue a claim for work accident compensation and that you would have a good chance of succeeding with a claim if you did. Situations like yours is exactly why employers carry employer liability insurance. You were injured through no fault of your own, whilst trying to fulfill your duties for your employer.

      We would be really pleased to be able to help you with a claim for injury compensation and believe we could help you succeed and match you with a really good specialist injury compensation solicitor.

      As with all comment queries on our website, you will receive an email from us confirming our response and inviting you to make further contact with us.

      I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we have given you some useful advice regarding your recent accident.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  82. I had a accerdent at work just outside the three years I did not claimed but had athother accerdent at work and now claiming but as the first time damage my knee there will not pay out the full amount is there away I can clam for the to accident

    • Unfortunately, the 3 year limitation rule is strictly enforced and it is pretty much impossible to do anything about a claim for compensation for an injury if the accident date is more than 3 years ago.

      Therefore, unless the details of your first accident and a claim for that were registered in the courts on or before the 3rd anniversary of your accident date, there is nothing you can do.

  83. Hi, i dislocated my knee cap on friday the 25th of June. While delivering meat for my employer to Glastonbury festival, the accident occured at aroud 10:30 and was caused by a knee high bench behind me that i fell over while carrying 20+kg of meat. I received basic but suitable treatment at the Glastonbury site being adviced to visit A&E as soon as possible and was eventualy taken back to my place of work a couple miles away. Apon arrival everyone was interested to what had happend including my boss, however no body took any solid details and no body logged it in any books. I have visited A&E and they confirmed it was a dislocation, i have proof of all medical treatmen i received both imediatly after the accident and recant treatment i have received. I have been off for 2 working days now and only worked there for 9weeks. So firstly should i still get full pay and 2nd if i dont should i consider a claim? Thank you.

    • Dan

      Thank you for your comment and query. I am really sorry to hear about your recent accident at Glastonbury whilst working. The liability element of your claim certainly sounds strong.

      Obviously, the lack of any official record of the accident could make things a little more difficult than if it had been recorded, but I would suggest that it is still well within a reasonable time frame to record your accident properly. You should definitely insist that your employers record the details within their accident book and although they are not liable for your injury, they should record it. You should contact the company/vendor to whom you were delivering the meat and see if they have made a record and you could even contact Glastonbury Festival and ask them to make a record.

      In any event, it is certainly worth trying to make a claim for injury compensation and we would be more than happy to help you with that.

      I will email you separately regarding this and invite you to make contact.

      I look forward to helping you.

      Yours sincerely


  84. I had an I jury at work it was recorded in the accident book but I cannot remember the date as nearly 3 months ago and I am no longer allowed to carry on with my claim. .have I no rights to see the accident book?

  85. Hi i was working at a caravan park parttime along said my main job and one day we got to a caravan that had to be dome it had no steps to get in at this poiny so we told thee manager they said climb in so we did and the drop was quite high and on the way down my big toe landed funny it hurt abit at first then the pain went so i never logged it also i didnt know where the book was to log it. But since then ive had really bad pain with it and its aaffecting my main job now. Im just wondering what i can do ive seeked medical advice. Thanks

    • We’re sorry to hear about your accident at work. Of course, from the point of view of making a claim for compensation, it is easier when an accident is recorded within an accident book. However, it could still be possible to claim injury compensation. May I suggest that you contact us so that we can discuss things in greater detail?

      We very much look forward to hearing from you.

  86. Hi, I’m currently off work as a postman. I injured my toe out delivering. I told my manager but he didn’t put it in the accident book as he thought it wasn’t an accident at work? I’m now in fear of losing my job as they have strict attendance procedures and because I rushed back to work, I’m now on my 3rd absence as my toe was broken then the blood clotted! Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Edward,

      I am sorry to hear about your situation. Recovering from a broken toe is not fun but to have the added worry about how your injury may affect your job and your Manager’s refusal to record your injury in the accident book cannot be helping.

      I am pleased that you have made this comment as we often have contact from people who have been refused access to the work accident book and need advice. Thankfully, Direct2Compensation can help you. There are some useful tips for how to go about handling an employers refusal to record your accident or let you use the accident book. May I point you (and those in the same situation as you) to our article entitled: ‘My employer won’t let me use or see the accident book, what should I do?‘ as it gives some top tips to help you to protect and enforce your right to get the details of your accident and injuries recorded.

      In your case, we have now spoken on the telephone about your situation. I am pleased that the information that I have given you and advice on this issue has been helpful and put your mind at rest and we look forward to helping you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  87. I slipped in a nightclub on a wet floor on damaged the ligaments in my leg , I asked to report it in the accident book but the bouncer refused and barred me from the club, I went to hospital the following morning by ambulance and was on crutches for 2 months and recieved physio, my girlfriend witnessed what happened if that’s any help? Thanks

    • Thank you for your enquiry. I’m sorry to hear about your accident and the injury to your leg. Ligament injuries are often very serious and certainly restrict mobility and physical ability. We’d certainly be happy to help you make a claim for injury compensation.

      It is a pity that the nightclub staff and doorman were unsupportive as it would have been a help for the incident to be recorded within an accident book. However, it is not your fault that you were prevented from reporting the incident properly. Although time has now passed since your accident, it is not too late to attempt to get the incident recorded with the nightclub. There are two ways to do this, firstly you could email the nightclub explaining what happened, where it happened and when and that you tried to report it but were refused access to the accident book by the doorman. You should inform them of the injury sustained and how it has affected you. You could also do the same in writing and send it to the nightclub by recorded delivery, keeping a copy of the letter and proof of postage (Royal Mail receipt).
      We would certainly be willing to assist you with pursuing a claim for slipping accident compensation against this nightclub and look forward to doing so. I shall forward a copy of this comment to you by email also.

      Kindest regards

      Ian Morris

  88. Hi I was wondering if I may have a case for compensation?? The details are I was driving machinery at work when I went down a hole where I hurt the bottom of my back, I immediately asked the site manager to put in the accident book this was in the summer of 2013 a person I was working with witnessed the accident and verified my accident. I continued to work on this site on where the rest of the guys on site helped me out because I had a lot of financial commitments and couldn’t afford to be out of work. I recently spoke to someone who said I still may have a claim I contacted the company I worked for at the time and they say there is no accident book for the site in question and no record of the accident. I then got in contact with the site manager who insists he put in the accident book, but also said he would be a witness going forward, the other gentleman who witnessed it also said he will help. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that I kept working because of my financial situation until in 2014 I was asked to finish on different site because clearly the rest of the men were carrying me at my job, due to the injury I sustained. MRI that I have 2 smashed disk and a break in my back which has now led me to be on Garbapentin, Mst, amatryptline and oramorph medication, while I wait for a spinal operation. Please could you tell me if you think I have a case.

    • Dear John

      Thank you for your comment and enquiry. I’m sorry to hear about your accident – the fact that you were injured because of a prank at work, must make it even more distressing. We’d certainly like to hear from you in greater detail and would be happy to help you make a claim for compensation.

      Kind regards

      Ian Morris

  89. I had a accident at work but was not recorded and Im not sure of the dates but I received physiotherapy for my back and haven’t worked since

    • John

      Thank you for the comment, I’m sorry to hear about your accident. If you’re accident happened within the last 3 years, you should certainly contact us and attempt to make a claim. We can link you with a specialist injury compensation work accident solicitor and they would still attempt to claim compensation for you despite the lack of accident book record (it just makes the claim a little harder).

      I will email you regarding this with the contact details for us.

      Best wishes


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