Car Accident Claims & No Win No Fee Injury Compensation

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This applies whether you’re the driver or a passenger, a pedestrian or other road user like a cyclist.

Here we look at when you might be eligible to make a claim, how much you can claim for and how to do it successfully. We’ll also explain why your insurance company won’t be able to pursue this claim as effectively as a specialist, no win no fee solicitor.

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Can I make an injury claim after a car accident?

To be eligible to make a no win no fee injury claim after a car accident you have to meet certain criteria. Our team can advise you as to whether you are in position to make a claim before taking on your case:

  • First, the accident must be someone else’s fault, or only partly your fault – you can’t claim if you caused a car crash solely by yourself.
  • Second, you need to have sustained injuries of a certain severity and claim value in order to be compensated for them.
  • Thirdly, the car accident must have happened in the last three years, unless you were under 18 years old at the time.

Many of our claimants weren’t actually in a car and were injured as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist. You could also make a claim if you were injured as a passenger in a car, or in a bus or taxi if your injuries meet the required criteria.

The cause of the accident doesn’t need to be another person or vehicle. It could equally be a faulty traffic light, a pothole or an icy road that should have been gritted.

As of June 1st 2021, any person sustaining soft tissue injuries in a road traffic accident (unless injured by an overseas registered vehicle) must have injuries that exceed a minimum value of £5,000 to make a claim. Under that, and unless your symptoms are sufficiently serious and last for a number of months,, you’ll likely have do it yourself without a solicitor via the insurers portal. However, if you have suffered any broken bones, lacerations, eye damage or head injuries our solicitors will be able to act for you.

Our team are experts in assessing whether you have a valid car accident claim and likely to succeed in winning compensation, just give us a call to find out on 01225 430285, or if you prefer, .

If you are partly at fault

If you’re partly responsible for the car accident it’s still possible to claim compensation. In such cases of split liability you are awarded a reduced amount in line with how much you were at fault. For example, if you were 30% to blame you would receive 30% less compensation than if you were not at fault.

If the other party deny liability

It’s very common for the other party to initially deny liability for the car accident and responsibility for your injuries. If this happens, we will work closely with you and our solicitor to gather evidence to prove otherwise and use this to force them to admit they were at fault. If negotiations fail to bring an admission of guilt you may be advised it’s worth taking your claim to court.

If you caused the car accident

In most cases you can’t claim injury compensation if your actions caused the injury. However, you may be able to claim if your actions were unavoidable. For example, if you crashed because the road surface was poorly maintained or due to a hazard that should have been dealt with, you can make a claim against those responsible for keeping the road safe, probably either Highways England or the local council.

Hit and run accidents and uninsured drivers

In the case of hit and run accidents, and uninsured or untraceable drivers, you can still make a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).  Again, if there are no bone injuries or lacerations, soft tissue injuries will need to exceed the post 1st June 2021 value to enable a claim.

What if a child was injured?

If the car accident resulted in injury to your children, you can make a claim on their behalf. The 3-year time limit does not apply to children under 18 years old at the time of the accident, who have until they are 21 to make a claim.

How much is a car injury compensation claim worth?

Injury compensation payouts for car accidents depend on what kind of injury you sustained, how severe it is and how it affects your life. You can also claim for special damages, which would include your financial losses.

When facts and evidence have been gathered, your solicitor will be able to tell you the likely level of compensation to expect. They’ll also explain the expenses you can claim for on top of any injury. These will likely include some or all of the following, potentially upfront before the claim is settled:

Injury compensation values

The UK sets the classification of car accident injury severity from slight to very serious and the Judicial College sets injury compensation values to reflect this.

Very serious injuries include a broken neck or back, severe head injuries with loss of consciousness, severe chest injuries resulting in difficulty breathing, internal injuries, and multiple severe injuries with loss of consciousness.

Moderately serious injuries include the loss of an arm or leg, a fractured pelvis or upper leg, other chest injuries, deep wounds, multiple severe injuries with no loss of consciousness.

Less serious injuries include fractures to the leg, knee, ankle or foot, fractures to the collarbone, arm, hand or fingers, deep cuts and certain head injuries.

Slight injuries include whiplash or neck pain, minor cuts and bruises, sprains and strains, and shock. As of the 1st of June 2021 such injuries may not meet the required claim valuation of £5000 and you may not be able to instruct a solicitor to act for you.

As a guide, here’s some common car accident injury claim values:

Type of injuryCompensation amount
Whiplash£240 - £4,345
Minor brain or head injury£2,070 - £11,980
Fractured Cheekbone£2,180 - £9,570
Wrist injury£3,310 - £44,690
Hip or pelvis injury£3,710 - £24,950
Fractured forearm£6,190 - £18,020
Permanent back injury£11,730 - £26,050
Serious shoulder injury£11,980 - £18,020
Ankle injury£12,900 - £46,980

Does my car insurance cover personal injury claims?

Your car insurance provider may offer you the chance to make a personal injury claim through them, or you may be tempted to claim from the other party’s insurers by yourself.

There are many reasons why you’d be better off using a specialist no win no fee car accident solicitor instead.

With no expert legal advice, a claimant would have no idea what they could claim for, how to overcome denials of liability, what evidence they may need or what would equal a fair settlement for all injuries and losses.

Furthermore, when claiming directly with an insurer, they may not arrange for you to undergo a professional medical assessment. If medical evidence is not presented, it is likely that a valuation or offer of settlement made by an insurer will not fully recognise the severity of an injury.

Clients who have approached us after starting the process through insurers have often been made derisory offers, faced flat denials of liability despite witness evidence and felt that the insurers were fobbing them off by taking their time or de-valuing genuine claims.

Insurance companies have a different set of business priorities, so there’s a real chance they might allow you to settle for a lesser amount. A specialist no win no fee solicitor will work in your best interest, as it is in their interest to make sure that your claim settlement is maximised and you are not left out of pocket.

Should I accept an early offer from an insurance company?

It’s common to receive an early compensation offer from an insurance company either directly or through your solicitor after you start a claim. Most tend to be fairly low in value in the hope you will accept it.

It’s your claim, so you can accept an offer whenever you like, but usually it’s in your best interest not to accept anything too quickly, especially if you’ve yet to receive an expert medical report. This is because the full extent of your injury, treatments and ongoing care haven’t been taken into account.

Even if you’ve had an independent medical exam, you could find your recovery takes longer than expected and the early offer won’t be enough to meet your financial needs.

It may be tempting, but your solicitor could well advise accepting an early offer of compensation is not in your best interest and that further negotiations will increase the final amount.

What’s the process for making a no win no fee car accident claim?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, or only partly your fault and your injuries meet the required claim valuation, you’ll likely be able to make a claim on a no win no fee basis. Our solicitors will be happy to pursue on your case if they feel it has a good chance of success.

A no win no fee agreement is the contract between you and your solicitor and ensures that you pay no costs at all if you don’t win your claim. If you do win, you must contribute part of your compensation towards your legal fees – this is capped at a maximum of 25% of your injury settlement.

First off we’ll need to assess your case to see if you have a claim, then we can assign you a car accident solicitor with expertise in your type of claim. They’ll take you through what needs to be done to ensure a successful outcome.

If you’re happy to go ahead, your solicitor will contact the party responsible for your car accident on your behalf and let them know you’ll be making a claim for your injuries and losses.

At all stages of the claim your solicitor is your point of contact and will keep you updated on how it’s going.

The legal process for a car accident claim largely depends on the value of the claim and whether the other party admits liability.

Small claims under £5,000

From June 2021, car accident personal injury claims for soft tissue injuries valued under £5000 are classed as a ‘small claim’, and you will not be able to recover legal costs. Therefore, you would not be able to instruct a solicitor and will have to follow a simplified online process to claim your compensation at a reduced rate due to the changes in law.

Fast track claims under £25,000

Claims of up to £25,000 are classed as fast track, or single track claims, and can be filed through the Claims Portal, an internet system overseen by the Ministry of Justice.

The claims portal aims to speedily deal with claims for relatively minor injuries. An acceptable compensation figure is negotiated between the solicitors and you are then paid your compensation.

The process of claiming stays in the portal unless liability is denied or disputed by the other party. Further negotiations usually resolve this, but a minority of cases may go to court. Fast track claims follow a fixed procedure however, and can usually be dealt with in a one-day trial where a judge decides the outcome.

Multi-track claims

Claims over £25,000 are handled outside of the Claims Portal and assigned to the multi-track process. They usually involve serious, life-changing injuries or fatal accidents.

If your claim is worth under £25,000 but its complexity means a verdict will take longer than a day, it may also be allocated to the multi-track.
In comparison to the fast track, there’s no set procedure for how claims go through the multi-track so it can take longer to receive your compensation.

Will I have to go to court for a car accident claim?

Having to stand before a judge is a common worry among claimants, especially if they are still recovering from injury. Luckily, most personal injury claims don’t get that far and it’s very unlikely you will have to go to court to receive compensation for a car accident. Even if your claim does reach court, you may not need to be there in person.

It’s not uncommon for a solicitor to begin legal proceedings on your behalf if the other party denies liability, is slow to respond or refuses to talk, but further negotiation often resolves the issue before it gets to court.

On the other hand, a court hearing may be beneficial to maximise your compensation settlement. For example, your solicitor may want to argue for interim payments to be made before a final settlement to help your immediate financial situation.

Whether you need to attend court or not, your solicitor is there to help guide you and will always advise you what’s best to do in order to win a fair settlement.

Do I need a medical exam to claim?

Medical records provide expert evidence confirming the cause and severity of injuries, as well as recommended treatments and a prognosis for recovery. They’re an important part of your claim that your solicitor can use to build your case and seek the correct amount of compensation.

So yes, you will need an independent medical assessment, but you won’t need to pay for it and your solicitor will arrange one local to you.

What evidence do I need?

The more evidence you can gather for your case, the better. Try to get complete contact details for any eyewitnesses to the accident. Witness testimonies from people who can vouch for you will play a pivotal role and guarantee the authenticity of your claim.

It can also be helpful to take photographs of the crash site, if possible.

Where your injuries are concerned, it’s important to keep any bills, letters, reports or certificates from doctors or other health professionals. These will serve as the main evidence for any injuries you’ve sustained, and in many cases can show how these injuries are impacting your life.

If you’re claiming prescription costs and travel expenses, keep all receipts as proof.

Car damage certificates can also be very beneficial to your case. These can be compiled by using photographs and expert testimonies on the damage incurred on the vehicle.

How long after a car accident can you make an injury claim?

Car accident claims can be made up to three years after the incident occurred or your injuries became apparent, whichever is later.

There are exceptions to this, however. For example, the 3-year time limit does not apply to children under 18 years old at the time of the accident, who have until they are 21 to make a claim.

We always recommend you start your claim as soon as possible after your accident as it will help your case. Your injuries can be more clearly linked with the accident and it’s much easier to gather evidence and witness testimonies sooner than later.

Let us help you get started

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135 questions have been answered on this subject, why not ask your own?

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    Read on for questions and advice about claiming, plus car accident claim examples...

    I was involved in a road accident where the vehicle I drove developed a fault which resulted in a 3 car accident, the van i was driving being the vehicle that struck. Police were in attendance and I was seen by paramedics at the scene and have not gone to a and e as I have responsibilities to my children to keep earning. Am I able to make a claim?

    Ian Morris

    Although your accident occurred due to a fault with a vehicle, establishing that negligence on the part of the vehicle owner, manufacturers or servicing company led to the fault and therefore any injury is likely to be extremely difficult. As such, running such a claim on a No Win No Fee basis is likely to be seen as being too risky.

    It would be helpful to know more about the vehicle you were driving at the time. Who owned the vehicle? How old was the vehicle? How many miles had the vehicle driven and how recently had bit been serviced?


    Hi ian
    I was rear ended at a set of traffic lights nearly two years ago, the other side has admitted that they rear ended us and there insurance company axa payed to get the car fixed, a personal injuries claim was filled and 18months has passed and my solicitor has contacted axa about what is going on and they are saying that it is being in and out of the special investigations unit and wont disclose anything that’s all they say? I would greatly appreciate if you can give me your opinion on what could be going on please and thank you

    Kind regards

    Ian Morris

    It is impossible to be sure as to why the Insurers are investigating this matter in such a way. They could have concerns about the claim or any party involved in the claim. As long as you have provided only totally accurate instructions to your Solicitor, you have nothing to fear.


    I had a accident 2 months ago, I was a passenger in my car, my husband was driving a car came behind and hit my car, he admitted liability and my car was written off. I got compensation for my car but I hurt my lower back as he hit my car. I did report it to my doctor and I didn’t go to hospital. I thought it would get better but now i’m in a lot of pain. I’m finding it very painful to work and with walking, can I still claim compensation for this even though I’m still trying to work, because I cannot take time off work?

    Ian Morris

    Whether you can work or not will not prevent you from pursuing a claim. It would seem that your injury is relatively serious so there is a prospect that you will meet the new (post 1st June 2021) claim valuation requirement that would enable our Solicitors to be able to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

    We would like to get your claim and injury situation evaluated by our Road Traffic Accident specialist Solicitors.


    I have a quick question. Two weeks ago i was involved in a car accident whilst driving for work when a driver hit me from the side. He has accepted liability and the work vehicle has been taken in to repairs. I hurt my knee and feel pains in my neck, especially when i wake up in morning. Can i can claim compensation? I don’t how this injury claims work. Thanks.

    Ian Morris

    As your injury was caused after 1st June 2021, the rules or system for personal injury compensation for soft tissue injuries as a result of a road traffic accident have changed. It is now the case that you cannot instruct a Solicitor to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis for such claims unless your injury is valued in excess of £5000. As you may imagine, this rules out almost all soft tissue injury claimants as the valuation is hard to reach. With your injury, particularly the knee pain, that is something that could see you able to make a claim, but time will need to pass to see if you have recovered or not. Of course, if your injury does not settle and further medical intervention is needed, please contact us for further advice as we may then be able to step in and assist you.


    Hi good morning , I was on green light and other driver came from right side and hit into the driver side of my car . Other driver could have ran the red light as I have a camera in my car and could see clearly I was on green light and suddenly hear the noise hit on my car from the back .. I have called my insurance but they said it’s dispute liability!! I am wondering It’s very straight forward case and still I am waiting for the decision to made please help !!

    Ian Morris

    Have you provided your insurers with your dash-cam footage?


    Yes I send them weeks ago and they have told me that they have send the footage to third party insurer and waiting for their reply !

    Ian Morris

    Although frustrating, you need to be patient and await the defendant response. You have provided the evidence and done all that can be expected of you, so it is just a case of waiting and remaining in contact with your insurers and legal representative.


    I was a front passenger in my car that my partner was driving at the time, we was hit from the rear end. This is ongoing with the police as the driver of the car left the scene. My 2 children who were in the back bumped their heads, and I suffered with leg, back and neck ache. The next day i made an appointment with my GP, she recommended id seek physico therpy, through my insurance as ive been having leg spasms, loss of reflexes in right leg and pain from my neck down to my back, prescribed me with pain relief and diazepam to help with the pain and leg spasms. She informed me to keep an eye out for sickness and headaches with the children. Im unsure the next steps to take with regards to claiming personal injury for myself and children. Am i easier letting the insurance deal with it or will i have better compensation elsewhere? Thanks.

    Ian Morris

    If the accident happened on or before 31st May 2021, we would strongly recommend that you instruct an independent specialist personal injury Solicitor to represent you in your claims. Whether that be the expert specialist Solicitors with whom we work or another provider, the reality is that by choosing your own independent specialist Solicitor, you can be certain that your rights and interests will be upheld whereas allowing the insurers to be judge and jury affords them a real opportunity to undervalue any settlement awards that you may receive.

    If the accident happened on or after 1st June 2021, the new RTA regulations will prevent you from instructing a Solicitor unless your injuries are valued at more than £5000.


    I was in a car accident and my car written off. The other party pulled into a side road on the left without indication. So I preceded past him but he was performing a u turn in the side road and pull straight out across the main road without stopping hitting my front wing and protecting me across the road and into a brick wall causing substantial damage to my other wing. My insurers say this is my fault as I didn’t give him space to turn around and come out the road and I was too close to his car. Please advise, thank you

    Ian Morris

    Was the driver of the other car indicating at the time of their manoeuvre? The highway code requires vehicles that are following another car to allow sufficient space and braking distance should a vehicle that they are following has to stop suddenly. However, if the other vehicle left the road without indicating that they would be turning back across your right of way, it would appear that they are the at fault party.

    Have you asked your Insurers to reconsider their point of view?


    Hi, so I was driver to a car that had an accident recently – which had 1 passenger and a baby. Our car rolled few times but baby was unharmed and Passenger suffered multiple fractures. One thing is, I haven’t got my full licence yet and drove on a provisional license. Just wanted to know if my driving status would hinder any attempt of me trying to claim compensation ?.. please advise.. thank you.

    Ian Morris

    If you were the non-fault party, you can pursue a claim regardless of your driving status. Your passengers can pursue a claim regardless of who was at fault.


    Hi , i was involved in an accident with my husband and kids at that time i was pregnant ,i got a baby with a bad operation and since ever my condition changed , i am now having a problem with back pains and also shortness of breath ,always at the doctor to seek medication ,can i also lodge a claim , my kids always remind me and my husband of the accident and they are scared to drive on the car we got accident on after being fixed .please assist .

    Ian Morris

    When did the accident happen? UK law affords you a claim limitation period of 3 years from the date of the accident. Therefore, if the accident was within the past 3 years, we may well be able to assist you.


    My son was involved in a collision which resulted in him being killed, a tree blocked his view at the junction and he wasn’t able to see the oncoming car until it was too late. The coroner contacted the council as they said the tree contributed and the tree has been removed. This happened a year ago. I’m not sure what to do, if I could claim any sort of compensation it would not lessen the pain in any way but it would help to buy my son his own special place somewhere for myself and other children to go.

    Ian Morris

    I am very sorry to read of your loss and extend our condolences.

    Whilst the Coroner has made recommendations to have the tree removed – and this has now been done – that does not necessarily mean that you could establish negligence against the Highways Authority or Local Authority in question. Essentially, it will come down to whether it can be established that the relevant authority knew or ought to have known that the position of the tree was hazardous to motorists before the incident involving your Son. You may wish to discuss this with the Coroner to find out if they can offer any light on this.


    I was hit from behind with me and two passengers in the car 2 of us suffered whiplash and this was reported and then I started court proceedings to get my car repaired £800. Incident was 16/11/18 Defendant claimed we rolled into him, we didn’t it was going to court but 3 days before claimants barrister picked up on 2 human errors on my part. I decided to pull out of case 2 days prior as Im 100% honest and had just lost a relative I was gutted. Claimants barrister claimed £5000 expenses after we bartered. I’m fully comprehensive am I able to recoup any of the funds as I’m hurting.

    Ian Morris

    Were you forced to admit liability in the claim?


    Hi Claims Experts,
    The Question is regarding The Claim for loss of earnings
    Involved in a Car Accident (not my fault, not injured, evidence with a service dash camera) Third party insurer claim loss of earnings to the guilty driver’s insurance ( I had first comprehensive ins. for business and the second was third party ins. )
    When the accident happened I was working delivery service
    The Insurer refused to provide me with a hire car and didn’t pay me after the first 7 days of the date I agreed for The Valuation of the Vehicle that was crushed with an explanation that after that period I have no right to ask for a losses of earnings (the Third part insurance didn’t cover it up)
    If they have payed out I would not have a right to ask for more compensation in terms of loss of earnings
    They sent me a paycheck a month later after my complaint and left me a month without job
    The Insurer has been dragging the claim procedure ignoring my questions regarding the money they need to pay out
    I got an answer that they are able to claim just for the days from accident happened to the first day I was provided with a hire car and nothing more
    Do I have a right to ask for more loss of earnings in the period of one month when the pre accident conditions were not respected by the insurer? (no money, no hire car, no job)
    What to do next to get to Good faith?

    Thank you very much

    Ian Morris

    Were you injured in the car accident? We specialise in personal injury compensation and if you cannot work due to an injury caused through no fault of your own, our specialist Solicitors can recover any lost income, incurred costs and compensation for the injuries sustained.

    In this case, if you were not injured and the defendants have agreed a settlement on your vehicle, from that moment, you are deemed to have been compensated for the vehicle and any loss associated with that.


    Got into a car accident on my way home from work …so I wanted to know if I can claim or not

    Ian Morris

    As long as you are not the ‘at fault’ driver, you can make a claim for personal injury compensation if you have been injured in a car accident.


    Hi my accident was a couple of years ago I’ve decided to give up with current solicitors as there were a lot of miscommunications! I got sick and was fed up with being put on hold and gave up on it all due to stress. Now the pandemic has happened I’ve found myself totally desperate and want to resume my claim with fresh solicitors

    Ian Morris

    It is possible to switch to a new Solicitor, but not always easy.


    Can I claim for compensation after being in a small collision in a car park I’m a new driver just about to sit my test and was reversed in to
    It has caused me a lot of anxiety and has now deluged my driving process because I’m now too anxious and nervous to continue with my lessons

    Ian Morris

    Have you approached your GP or sought any professional help for the anxiety issue? In theory, you can pursue a claim for the emotional trauma caused to you in this incident, but it would be very helpful to your claim if your GP (or another health professional) had made a referral for a course of treatment.


    I was involved in a car accident in October 2019 third party at fault. I was sat still at a roundabout and the lorry didn’t stop and hit us from behind. They have admitted liability and a breach of duty . They have paid for the car to be fixed however its coming up to 9 months and they still haven’t paid for the personal injuries caused to me and the two other people in my car. We have had to file to take them to court, however do we have to proceed with court as my passengers really don’t want to see the other driver. Getting a response from the law firm is almost impossible. If they had already admitted the fault how likely is it we will end up in court as I have heard most people settle in advance.

    Ian Morris

    As you were hit from behind, it is not surprising that liability has been admitted. It is also common for the loss of or repair to a vehicle to be dealt with quickly and for personal injury compensation claims to take a far longer time to settle – typically 18-24 months.

    It is very unlikely that your claim will go to court, but your Solicitor has initiated proceedings to compel the defendant to cooperate, so I doubt you would even have to attend court.

    You mention being unhappy with your Solicitor and the lack of contact. You should inform the Solicitor firm in question – in writing – of your concerns about a lack of contact. If they continue to be hard to contact, you should make a formal complaint to the Solicitor (again in writing) and if that fails to resolve the issues, you could then seek to switch to a new Solicitor.


    Hi there the defendace is now trying to say we are fraudulent even tho we have doctors reports and physiotherapy reports. I feel we are been bullied is this normal. Our lawyers are stay we still continue with court however Iam very worried as there was a vehicle specialist looked at the photos and wrote a report saying the accident did happen but not enough to cause whiplash. However the lorry hit us with enough force to move my car into the roundabout. Again the lawyer said its nothing to worry about but if the court side with the defendant after this report I would be devastated as we did nothing wrong. Is this just a scare tack tick used into getting us to back down

    Ian Morris

    If your Solicitor wishes to pursue the claim, don’t worry about the actions of the defendant insurers. As long as you are being honest and not acting in anyway dishonestly, you have nothing to worry about. This is most likely ‘scare tactics’ from the defendants in a bid to get you to drop any legitimate claim.


    I have an ongoing case.
    I have been accused of fundamental dishonesty. I submitted my claim for whiplash a car has gone into the back of me on a main road where I stopped but the car behind failed to do so. I went to hospital 1-2 hour later afterwards due to stiffening of neck and lower back. Had medical reports done at a later date. Did have any physiotherapy as I couldn’t afford time off work and didn’t want to risk losing job. Months after the accident I’ve fully recovered. The defendant insurance company claim I have been fundamentally dishonest but my inputs have been nothing but accurate and not exaggerated. They did not reply until court proceedings were issued. Is this an act to scare monger me do you think? How often do whiplash claims go to court? I’d feel confident in court due to the accuracy and evidence I have. Opposing driver has also admitted liability but not for the injuries caused.

    Ian Morris

    As you have acted completely honestly and have not fabricated ANY element of the claim, you should not fear the allegation of ‘fundamental dishonesty’ against you. It could be an attempt to make you withdraw your claim, but if there is any element of your claim that has been exaggerated – even slightly, fundamental dishonesty could be attached and you would not only lose your claim, but face paying the other sides costs.

    If you have a Solicitor acting for you, they should be able to counter the allegation by speaking with you and obtaining the evidence to prove that the allegation is baseless.

    What act of fundamental dishonesty are they alleging you have been party to?


    I was involved in a car accident as a passenger 21 months ago. As a passenger i did not realise i was able to claim for my injurys. Private physiotherapy was not an option due to cost. Im still having problems with my lower back and neck.

    Ian Morris

    As the accident was 21 months ago, we can help you make a claim. You have 3 years in which you can make a claim, so you have over a year remaining of that period.

    Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you start your claim. As the passenger in the vehicle, it is irrelevant as to which party was at fault as you will be able to pursue a claim either way.


    I pulled out of a side street making a right turn (UK) and as I crossed stationary traffic another car overtook the lorry that I had pulled out in front of. He drove into oncoming traffic to carry out the manoeuvre. I am being told this is a 50/50 claim and because I am not making a claim myself against my insurance I would not have thought my no claims would be impacted. My insurer are now saying I have 2 years reduction on my no claims bonus because the other driver is making w claim and my insurer is paying 50% of it.

    Is it fair and reasonable to expect a reduction in my no claims bonus when I have not made a claim myself?

    I have not admitted that this is 50/50 but my own insurer have done so on my behalf because I was pulling out of a minor street.

    Thank you.

    Ian Morris

    The insurers would not have accepted 50% of the liability if they felt that there were any other way around it and even though you haven’t made a claim (yet), the insurers are within their rights to impact your NCB.

    You could consider mitigating the impact on you by pursuing a claim for personal injury yourself – if you were injured in the accident. Whilst any compensation settlement would see the value halved (50/50), you would still be able to recover some compensation and it wouldn’t impact any further on your insurance renewals or premiums in the future.


    Hi Ian

    i have submitted a injury claim as i had whiplash and had 10 physios appointments

    Once i spoke to my car insurance they said the 3rd party has accept fault hence why they paid out for my car (13k) and i got my excess back but they haven’t responded to my injury which i dont understand why as if they have accepted fault and paid out for my car surely that means they have to accept fault for my injuries for the car crash

    thanks for you advice David

    Ian Morris

    It is hard to understand the logic of the defendant accepting liability and dealing with the loss of vehicle element of the claim, but not working with you on the injury element of it! Have your insurers offered any assistance to your Solicitor in pursuing this?


    Good afternoon

    Do you know the time/stage process on how car crash claims work?

    It’s been over 6 months since my accident with a foreign lorry driver (Hit me on the motorway and wrote off my car) and they still haven’t accepted fault or responded to my solicitors letters.

    What advice would you give me on this matter?

    Thanks David

    Ian Morris

    Dealing with overseas insurers in matters of road traffic accident compensation shouldn’t really be any more difficult than dealing with a UK based provider, but the reality is that the process often takes longer and this hasn’t been helped by the current political situation with the UK leaving the EU.

    Has your Solicitor discussed the options available in trying to compel the proposed defendant to cooperate?


    I understand that it is a bit of a long winded journey so far and hasn’t helped with brexit, but the overseas insurers should have a duty to respond.

    The Solicitor has been chasing for a response for a month now but with no luck. He has suggested that he could send a letter to them to appear at court as they haven’t responded within the 6 months, but I can see this being dragged out and seeing them respond at the very last minute.

    Ian Morris

    We fully appreciate your frustration and you are right, they do have a duty to respond. It would seem that your Solicitor is on the case and acting correctly, so bear with them and hopefully things will resolve in due course.


    I was involved in a non fault accident a week before Christmas Dec 2019. I was on my way home form work and I had to stop due to parked cars to allow traffic coming the other way. It was raining quite heavily. A car drove into the back of me whilst I was stationary. The driver admitted fault and claim etc all went through. We didn’t call the police at the time, I haven’t since but don’t know if he did.
    I was in shock at the time and had stiffness/discomfort in my back but didn’t feel it warranted medical attention. As it was Christmas I was off work more than normal so was able to move/rest as needed. When I returned to work full time (sedentary desk role) I realised i was struggling to sit at the desk as had pain in my lower back. I had access to occupational health and saw the physio who did some push therapy and gave me stretches to do that have helped. Would it be worth me pursuing a claim. Do I need to find out if he reported it to the police?

    Ian Morris

    The lack of police involvement in the kind of collision you describe is not an issue in terms of pursuit of a claim for personal injury compensation and we would be very happy to help you make your claim.

    In situations such as the one you describe, the Police would only attend the scene if there was a serious injury or if the highway was obstructed. As both parties appear to have acted in a cooperative manner and were able to then leave the scene, the Police would not have attended.


    Hi there, On the 5 February 2019 I was on my way to work in my works van.
    Where a car in front on me stopped to turn right, The car behind hit me around 35-40mph in wet conditions while I was mobile. The work van was a write-off.

    After the accident I went home. I went to hospital the next day as I was in some pain. The hospital staff put me straight on a board with a neck block, Where I went for c.t scans and X-rays. I was told that the injury was soft tissue bruising they gave me anti-inflammatory and sent me on my way.

    I’m the kind of person to just get on with things but as time has gone past, my lower back is killing me and I struggle to sleep at night where my neck gets stiff when I lay down for a long time. I’ve just been taking painkillers but it’s getting to the point now where it’s getting worrying, I’m only 27 and im now finding it hard to even do a normal exercise routine.

    Have I left a it too long? I still have some photos of the accident and of me in the neck brace.

    Kind regards.


    Ian Morris

    You have not left it too long and we would be very happy to help you make your claim for personal injury compensation. From the date of the accident, you have a maximum of 3 years in which you can make your claim. As 15 months of the 3-year limitation period has already passed, it is important to get moving on the claim urgently, so please call us on 01225430285.

    If successful (and at this stage, I can see no reason why our specialist Solicitors would not succeed with your claim), you would be entitled to compensation for the pain and discomfort caused by your injuries (and ongoing), able to access specialist rehabilitation therapies and recover any lost income or other incurred costs caused to you by this accident.

    We look forward to helping you.


    Hi on the 9-02-19 i was parked in a car park after dropping my daughter at a 11+ tutoring at woodford .that day i decide to just nap in my car and wait 1:30mins for her, took off my seat belt then nap about 45mins i heard a sound on the side i was which was the driver’s side i jump and was shaking for a while (ie) a driver has reverse into me on my side whiles sleeping. i had a sharp pain going through my head and waist line, the driver accepted the fault and insurance took over. The margarine keeps coming and abdominal pain . I was pregnant (13weeks) at the time and took some pain killers and assumed everything is fine. However, on the 18.2.19 it got worse at work but didn’t want my colleagues to know so drove myself to the nearest hospital was there for hours. By the time that I saw the A&E doctor I was bleeding then to early pregnancy unit the fetus started coming they tried but didn’t work so they informed me i lost the baby at 14 weeks +1. Since then migraines have started keep passing out at work, 1 time the ambulance took me in because it was serious. My GP requested for MRI of my head because keep passing out but no abnormality found but this keep coming. I made a claim and they said the accident had nothing to do with it. My miscarriage or the continued migraines! I need justice to this case, as an expert what do you think?

    Ian Morris

    We assume your claim was managed by a specialist personal injury Solicitor? If so, it would seem that you have been left in a very unfortunate position and probably can’t do anything further in terms of making a claim.

    Clearly, the defendants have denied causation re the migraine or miscarriage and without having factual evidence to confirm that the force of the collision could have caused the injuries and loss of the unborn child, it is very hard to see where you can go with this. Whilst it completely reasonable to assume that that your injuries, migraines and the loss of the baby were related to the accident, assumption – no matter how reasonable – is not something that a court judge can use in a claim for damages.

    If you did not have a specialist Solicitor acting for you, it would be worth having a further look at this claim with our specialist Solicitors.


    Hello, I have been involved in accident a month ago and is not my fault a car hit me from the back at low speed no police or ambulance was involved we exchanged names and few pics. Later I felt back pain so I went to the hospital and I have a medical report. Can I claim for personal injury.

    Ian Morris

    Yes, you can pursue a claim for the soft tissue injuries to your back/neck caused in the road traffic accident you mention.



    I was hit from behind at a roundabout by a car going approximately 8mph. The driver drove off after the impact and I later caught up to him further down the road due to traffic. He later admitted responsibility for the accident and apologised for leaving the scene.

    I reported the accident to his insurer as I was advised to do by my insurer given the age of my car and excess that I would have to pay. They accepted liability and satisfactorily reimbursed me for the repairs needed for my car.

    The collision aggravated an existing lower back injury and led to pain in my middle to upper back which I did not notice until a day later (this pain has dulled but continues 2 weeks after the event). I also had a slight pain in my neck.

    I was already due to visit my GP two days after the incident so at the same time asked her to assess the injuries. She confirmed mild whiplash and said that my neck was inflamed. She advised me to take painkillers for the week namely ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and advised me to come back should the injuries worsen.

    I spoke to the other parties insurers bodily injury team given the excess on mine to have a discussion about the process of claiming for my injuries and was upfront about my pre-existing lower back injury- one that is not documented in my medical records (I say pre-existing but in total I have experienced lower back pain about 3 times in my life) and I also detailed the further injury sustained I believe as a result of the impact. Namely the middle back pain which I had not felt before.

    The insurer asked for pictures of my car, however the damage was very minor, with scratches and a couple of small dents.

    Following this, about a week later in a letter they reported back to me that “put simply, we do not accept that you sustained the injuries complained of.” and “as such would not be making any payments in respect to my claim.” they advised me that I would have to seek legal advice if I wanted to pursue it further.

    The act of effectively calling me a liar which has really irked me and as such I wondered if you had any advice on what I should do?

    Ian Morris

    Insurers are becoming more and more reluctant to compensate the victims of negligent drivers who cause low speed collisions – even when medical evidence confirms that injuries have been sustained. The terminology used is ‘Low Velocity Impact’ or ‘LVI’ and in cases where the damage to a vehicle is ‘slight’, an insurer will argue that the speed of the collision and forces applied are not consistent with injury. There is no ‘hard and fast’ evidence to support their assumption, but the Government have repeatedly made life easier for insurers of the at fault party.

    If you would like to speak with our specialist Solicitors regarding your case, please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help in that process. Our Solicitors have successfully overturned refusals from insurers to compensate people with diagnosed injuries sustained in LVI incidents and would be happy to consider whether they could do the same in your situation.


    Hi my car was parked outside my house, I was in the back putting my baby’s car seat in etc… A dpd driver tries to park in Front of me hitting the front side of my car, I had a bit of a fright tbh, jumped up trying to get out quickly because I thought he was goin to drive off but as I turned round I think iv hurt top of my back and I hit my wrist on the head rest bar and its hurting me doin normal things with the kids etc… I got out telling him and he said he didn’t even feel it because he got a big van. He has paid for paintwork to be done but has asked me not to go to my insurance. Not sure what to do.

    Ian Morris

    You have a right to make a claim for personal injury compensation for any injury caused to you by the negligence of the driver at fault. If you have their registration details, you can pursue a claim against their insurance. The fact that they do not want you to claim from their insurance is not your problem. If you would like to make a claim, we’ll need a few minutes on the phone with you, so please call our team on 01225430285 quoting ref: 11032003 and we’ll be happy to help you.


    I have been involved in a serious car accident. I suffered with mild arthritis in my knees before accident. Within the accident I twisted my knee as the car rolled a number of times. I’ve seen a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon via my solicitor. He concluded that the injured knee would all be fixed with no pain within 12 months. That is not the case as I’m still suffering now. My MRI scan and Xrays came back with nothing conclusive. Where do I stand with this?

    Ian Morris

    Do you have a Solicitor acting for you in a claim? If the claim is ongoing and you have not reached settlement you can inform your Solicitor that ou have not recovered in accordance with the medical experts prognosis. A further expert could be instructed to write a new report and this would then be used to consider an appropriate settlement value in your case.


    My brother was in a car accident in October he hit a puddle and it spun him out and hit an oncoming car he had bad injuries he was in hospital for 11 days….3 broken bones in his ankle and a broken spleen and badly bruised ribs and body. His insurance wis holding him responsible even though the police isn’t the police even said once the car was aqua planeing there is absolutely nothing he could do. Can he claim for injuries from anyone

    Ian Morris

    Sadly there is no claim here. The puddle/flood your Brother hit would not attach negligence to any organisation or 3rd party and he would be responsible for the accident. The Police are not pursuing action as he has not acted criminally, but from an insurance perspective, he is responsible.


    My daughter has been involved with a bus and car collision, we think it was car driver’s fault but she has sustained back and neck injuries as well as shock. She is only 15. I have come out of my job as her mother and met her where the accident was, she was white with shock and upset, what happens with a minor? Can you please give me some advice? She was checked over by a paramedic and a police officer but since been up all night in pain and seems to be hot on her back.

    Ian Morris

    As your daughter is 15, she cannot pursue a claim herself. However, as her parent, you can pursue a claim on her behalf and act as a ‘litigation friend’ in instructing a Solicitor and ensuring that your daughters best interests are upheld.

    Your Daughters claim can be made on a No Win No Fee basis and we can assist with this. Please call us on 01225430285 and speak with us so that we can explain the process to you and help you to understand what our specialist Solicitors can do to assist your daughter.


    My daughter was involved in a rta yesterday and was taken to hospital in an Ambulance. She was rammed in to the back of her car by a male driver doing 60mph in a 40mph zone. She has suffered a fractured ankle, severe whiplash, swollen knees and cuts and bruises to her arms and legs. What are her next steps please?

    Ian Morris

    Your daughter most certainly could and indeed should pursue a claim for personal injury compensation as a result of the injuries she has sustained. We would be delighted to help her make her claim and either she, or you could call us on 01225430285 or use our ‘start a claim‘ online service to get the ball rolling.

    To make a claim, we’ll need her vehicle details and those of the 3rd party. Your daughter may not have that information to hand right now, but that would not matter. We would get the claim set up and then obtain the further details in due course as and when she is well enough to obtain and provide further instructions.

    Given the injuries sustained, your daughter would be entitled to claim compensation for the pain and discomfort caused to her by the injuries and the impact that they will have on her at this time, during her recovery and in to the future, any relevant medical costs, access rehabilitation therapies and recover any lost income and other costs that she may incur due to the negligence of the liable 3rd party driver.


    Car reversed into the front of my vehicle when i was waiting. Would i be entitled to claiming repair on his insurance and any other compensation. Many thanks

    Ian Morris

    Yes, you can claim for the damage to your vehicle and any injuries/losses against the insurers of the driver who caused the damage/injuries. You’ll need to provide the vehicle registration for both vehicles to pursue a claim.


    Can you continue an ongoing car crash claim while in prison if it happened and claim proceedings were started before being put in prison?

    Ian Morris

    If a claimant is detained in the criminal justice system after commencing a claim, the claim can still proceed.


    I got hit by a car when I was 15, got my claim when I was 18 and I’m 20 now and I’m still struggling having nightmares, flashbacks, don’t like really leaving the house and if I do have to be with people got no confidence anymore. I’ve changed mentally everything, hate the scars in my arm, back, head, face, depressed all the time, can’t cross a road on my own, don’t want to drive no more, just feel down everyday since, never felt the same since that day and I’m not coping, any chance I can reopen my case ?

    Ian Morris

    If your claim has been settled you cannot now return to seek further damages.


    I was about to reverse to straighten up in my space on a car park when the man in the space behind me began to reverse. I watched and expected him to stop but he didn’t and smashed into the back of my car. I was stationary at the time and have a witness from another car to prove it. The man said I was reversing too but this is untrue. I visited a A&E the day after with shoulder and neck pain and a dead feeling in my right arm. I only took the mans phone number and took a picture of his registration number and the damage to his car. Do I have a valid claim?

    Ian Morris

    You do have a valid claim, but the witness is likely to be key in whether or not you are able to prove your innocence and hold the 3rd party liable. Have you reported the incident to your vehicle insurers? You should do so, but we would recommend that you don’t instruct their legal team on the personal injury element of the claim. Whilst you would expect us to say that, we would recommend seeking the services of a specialist personal injury Solicitor to act for you – one independent of your insurers and one of your choosing. Whether that be with our Solicitors or elsewhere, it is our view that you would receive a better service if you took that course of action.


    Had a car accident on the 5/12/19, was driving on the motorway when I hit an HGV tyre/ wheel in the middle lane at 70 mph. Did see a lorry on the hard shoulder. But I didn’t stop I came off at the next exit. Didn’t know what to do as I’ve never hit a tyre b4. Rang insurance, highways agency to tell them what’s gone on, my car rote off.
    I’ve suffered injuries to my neck and back, I believe the motorway police was called and it’s all been logged the highway have said, but for some reason I can’t get the 3rd party details for data protection. Also spoken to the highways agency about cctv they have got it but they say the camara are crap ( there words) and it was too dark. So I’m left with a broken car and injured.

    Ian Morris

    Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you would be able to succeed with a claim for compensation in the scenario you describe. Whilst the wheel in the middle lane of the Motorway was clearly the cause of your accident and injuries, it is not necessarily the case that there is negligence at play here. The wheel is likely to have come off the lorry in the few moments before you came across it. As such, the emergency services would not have had time to reach the scene of the incident and remove the hazard.


    Hi i was involved in a collision but haven’t seen a doc, there was a car that stopped and reversed into me and all he said was i shouldn’t of been up his arse, which i wasn’t. I even had time to bib horn to stop him keep reversing. I also have a witness too and the driver who reversed details.

    Ian Morris

    If the witness is independent (not a family member or friend who was in your car), you could look further in to pursuit of a claim. You would need the details of the 3rd party vehicle and as you have not received medical attention, some evidence of the damage to your vehicle.


    My wife works as a school taxi driver. She had an accident Thursday 21/11 in the car with minimal damage to the car. Her employer isn’t claiming via their insurance and is paying to repair the car. She has sustained a neck/back injury and been seen by the doctor. She hasn’t completed any paperwork for her company and hasn’t been told if she needs to or not.
    What can she do if she has to have time off as it hurts to drive?
    Is she entitled to be paid, sick pay etc?
    Does she need to insist on completing an accident at work form?
    Could she claim via their car insurance for loss of earnings if she has to take time off?

    Ian Morris

    Your wife’s employers should certainly have completed an accident report form, noting the details of the incident and any injuries sustained. Should your wife remain in a state of pain and discomfort to the point where she has to take leave from work and does not receive pay, her only route to recover loss of income would be by making a claim for personal injury compensation against the insurance of the vehicle in which she was injured (providing she was the non-fault party) or from her employers employer liability insurance cover.

    There is no legal requirement to pay sick pay if an employee is off work through injury or illness – even if the injury or illness was caused whilst at work. Whether or not your wife would receive sick pay will depend on her contractual rights. Otherwise, she will receive SSP – if she is entitled to it.

    If your wife’s employers won’t allow her to complete an incident report, she should email her line manager regarding their refusal and make her own report in that correspondence.


    I bumped into the back of a car on a roundabout after they already committed to joining. The collision was around 4/5mph maximum.
    The other party kept apologising and confessed to a similar accident currently pending on insurance, and undergoing physio for it. 4 weeks later they are claiming and there was no damage to thier car. I can only assume it’s a injury related claim. Surely they are too late or in the wrong for driving when in such a fragile condition for a claim to be made?
    Everything about it screams crash for cash

    Ian Morris

    As the person who has gone in to the rear of another car, you will be the at fault party. Driving laws require that the vehicle behind is always far enough behind to be able to stop and avoid collision, no matter what the car ahead is doing.

    However, whilst you may be at fault for the incident, it does not mean that you or your insurers have to admit liability for any injuries sustained. In road traffic accident claims where the speed of impact is regarded as low (usually 10mph or less), it is known as a ‘Low Velocity Impact’ or LVI. There is conflicting evidence with regards to whether soft tissue injuries can be caused in low speed vehicle collisions. Some evidence states that whiplash and other similar soft tissue injuries associated with road traffic accidents can be caused at minimal speeds, whilst other evidence shows that it cannot. As such, many insurers vigorously defend any claim for personal injury compensation in accidents that are deemed to be an LVI matter.


    Hi, My husband met with a car accident, he was with this brother at the time. The car was hit at the rear and has been damaged enough to be a insurance write off. He has filed a personal injury claim, but at the time of driving he was driving on a non
    exchangeable eu license which was non valid at the time. So the policy is invalid, does he have any chance of third party accepting liability and will taking this further work in our favor at all?

    Ian Morris

    As your Husband appears to be the ‘innocent’ party in not being responsible or liable for the car accident, his insurance and license status should not prevent him from succeeding with a claim for compensation.


    Thank you

    Ian Morris

    You’re welcome. Should you need any further help or information, let us know.


    I was involved in an accident whilst I was out of town with my company car performing company duties. My employer has not done anything for me medically or in any other way to help me and now I have a permanent scar.

    I just wanted to know how I go about claiming as it’s been three months now from the accident.

    Ian Morris

    It should not matter where your accident happened as you should be able to pursue a claim against the negligent 3rd party driver who caused your accident. Your claim would be made against the insurers of the 3rd party and to start your claim, we would simply need some initial basic details, including:

    1, The date of the accident
    2, The location of the accident
    3, Your vehicle registration details
    4, 3rd party vehicle registration details
    5, Description of the accident
    6, Details of your injury
    7, Your personal contact details

    Once we have this information, we can pass the matter to one of our specialist road traffic accident Solicitor to start your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.


    I’ve been involved in an incident on 23rd of august. I was driving and a woman pulls out and hits my car at the rear driver side door. I have had pains in my right lower body. I’m with insure pink. I do have pictures of inside and pics of the car that hit me. Will I get compensated for loss of car and lower body pains?

    Ian Morris

    We can help you claim compensation for your injuries and incurred costs and losses caused in the accident on 23rd August.


    I had an RTA, the person at fault took full responsibility as I was parked at the roadside when they smashed into the rear drivers side back quarter panel/bumper etc of my car with her front passenger side completely smashed. They (both her and her insurance) have accepted liability.

    Who’s best to deal with this? Thanks for your time.

    Ian Morris

    The first thing to say on this matter is that you appear to have a solid claim with every prospect of succeeding in terms of pursuing personal injury compensation. Given that liability has been admitted, there should be no issues in succeeding with your claim or any claim for any occupant of your vehicle.

    You ask who would be best placed to handle this matter for you. The options you have are as follows: You could go with the Solicitors with whom your Insurers have signed a contract, you could seek specialist expert independent representation – such as from the Solicitors with whom we work, or you could pursue any claim independently by yourself.

    The benefits of going with your insurers own Solicitor are obvious in that it would be easy to get the ball rolling. The downside may be that your claim is not handled by a specialist Solicitor, but a junior claims handler. Whilst this is only anecdotal, but we often receive contact from people in your situation some months in to their claims process when they have signed up with their insurers Solicitors to pursue their claim and have been left very disappointed by the representation they have received. They have often reported feeling pressured in to accepting a low settlement and have not been able to get specialist expert advice. As you may expect, we would recommend that you don’t instruct your insurers Solicitors.

    If you instruct an independent specialist Solicitor firm to act for you, you can be sure that they will hold your best interests at the pinnacle of their efforts on your behalf. They will have no concerns about their involvement with your insurers or that of the 3rd party and you can be assured that you’ll have a qualified specialist personal injury Solicitor representing you in your claim. You’ll be instructing them to act on a No Win No Fee basis on the exact same kind of agreement as you would have with your insurers panel Solicitor. This course of action would be the way we would advise any person to pursue their claim.

    The final route of acting without representation is far from easy and is not recommended. Whilst it is possible to pursue your claim without expert advice, you will need to put considerable effort and time in to the process and will not necessarily know whether or not you are being given a reasonable response by the defendants.


    I am working as community Physiotherapist. My colleague was driving and i was sitting next to her. From behind van hit car. I got jerk in my back and back pain start. Nothing happens to car.

    Ian Morris

    You can make a claim for compensation for the back pain and injuries sustained as you were a passenger and not at fault. If there is no damage to the car, the defendant insurers are likely to fight the claim but it is still worth pursuing this further.


    So I was in a car crash last week delivering a car for work (car dealership), the crash was not my fault – there was a few cars involved on the m6. The crash resulted in me being hospitalised I was unconscious. I have recently been discharged from hospital, I checked my emails and work have sent me an email claiming they can’t offer me any more work. I’ve tried to contact them but I’m not having any luck speaking who I need to speak to.

    Ian Morris

    Regarding your work and your employment rights, that is a matter for an employment law specialist or your Union. As for the car accident and your injuries, we can help you with that.


    I had a car accident and they said it was negligence – that was 30 years ago. I didn’t get any compensation, only that they paid for plastic surgery. At that time for negligence you didn’t get compensation. I been having this pain on one side of my head and I been hoping all these years that it will go away. I had an ultra sound scan but it was ok. However, I have been suffering for 30 years with that accident. I was in hospital than I had 10 hours of plastic surgery on my face and forehead.

    Ian Morris

    Despite the obvious suffering that has been caused to you in this accident, UK law will not allow you to pursue any claim for the situation given the length of time that has passed.


    I was in a rear end accident in April 2018. As a result, my neck and back are progressively getting worse. I thought I was sleeping wrong or using the wrong pillow. I just thought it would get better. I’m seeing my doctor this week. If it turns out I have a herniated disc (Which is what I’m afraid of) would I have a personal injury claim?

    Ian Morris

    As you were involved in a road traffic accident where your vehicle was hit from behind, it is likely that the impact of the collision would have caused you injury. Whilst the injury you sustained may have initially felt minor and Of course, the force of the collision will be relevant and it would need to have been a relatively big impact to cause a serious injury such as a herniated disc. That said, whatever diagnosis your Doctor makes regarding the injury you have sustained in the road traffic collision in April 2018, you can certainly pursue a claim for compensation.

    It is important that you make sure that you ask the GP to link your injury back to the car accident and if you have not suffered any other physical trauma in the period between then and now, it should not be difficult for your GP to make that connection.

    To pursue a claim for personal injury compensation after being injured in a road traffic accident, you simply need to be the non-fault party (which if you were hit from behind should be easy to demonstrate) and the vehicle registration details of the cars involved. To start your claim for personal injury compensation with us, simply call us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to get the ball rolling.


    My partner had a car accident in 2006, he had mental health issues and never pursued a compensation claim even though his whole arm was amputated at the scene of the accident. He was in talks with a solicitor but because of his mental state at the time nothing came of it. Is it possible the claim coUld have gone ahead without his knowledge and the solicitor keep this from him? The solicitor in question is no longer practising. Can anything be done now as I’m aware the time limit is 3 years.

    Ian Morris

    It is almost impossible that any Solicitor could or would pursue a claim and then hide the outcome from a claimant. Unless your partner signed any claim funding paperwork and formally instructed the Solicitor, nothing would have happened.


    I was slightly injured in a collision in the hospital car park, I was pregnant with twins and the steering wheel connected with my stomach on impact. I was admitted to hospital the same day for an emergency C section but this had nothing to do with the collision. My stomach was sore from the impact of the steering wheel. I also have a lower back problem that I am getting treatment for but not sure if this was because of the impact. The other driver was at fault and admitted full liability.

    Ian Morris

    We would be very happy to investigate a possible claim for compensation for you. If you were the non-fault party, it is likely that your lower back pain can be attributed to the collision and could be claimed for. If you would like to take this further with us, please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our site and we’ll call you to discuss this further with you.


    Hi you have been recommended to me and I am going to put a claim through yourselves. 4 weeks ago a car hit the front drivers side of vehicle after pulling out of a junction. They admitted liability and I have it on dashcam. My insurance company also confirmed was non fault on my side. I have had the vehicle repaired.
    Now 4 weeks on I have noticed my Lower back is increasing in pain and I have slight pain in right side of neck. Maybe whiplash? I noticed this with a week of accident but not going away so I think I’m within my rights to make a claim and am going to pursue this.
    I have a question before I do this.
    In 2014 a vehicle drove into rear of my vehicle. Again they admitted liability and my insurance company recommended a solicitor as I had a couple of minor injuries. I went for medical that solicitor organised and few month after was successful in the claim.
    Now I know that if you take this claim for me and I have a medical examination they will ask about previous accidents. As I have nothing to hide I would tell them about this but the issue is I can not remember the exact injuries I got. I rang my gp as I want to know exactly what they were but they told me they have no record of any injuries from then. They went on to explain that if a solicitor instructed a medical examination it would not be sent to the gp as it is a private and the solicitor would have it on file. The problem is I can not remember who the solicitor was.
    So what would happen at the medical examination if I can not remember the injuries. They were minor but if my gp has no record and I can’t get the record what would i do?
    I just want to be fully prepared before I pursue this claim.
    Thank you

    Ian Morris

    We look forward to helping you make your claim for compensation. The question you ask is a valid one and it is important to consider medical evidence and to note any previous or pre-existing injuries/conditions when making any claim.

    The answer to your main question is easily provided. If you attended your GP or a Hospital at any stage after the 2014 incident, your medical records will make note of any symptoms you reported and any treatments provided. If you did not report anything to your GP or a Hospital, the only record of any previous injuries will be within your previous Solicitors file of papers. If you do not have any record of who you instructed it is not possible for you to obtain that information. However, we do not feel that you need be concerned. The best course of action would be to disclose this to our specialist Solicitor at the very outset of the claims process and act on their advice as to what you should state and when.


    OK thank you this is helpful. Obviously I would volunteer to the medical examiner that I have been in a previous accident and the injuries were minor I just don’t t want to be in a position if it went to court, not likely I know but if it did for me to look like I am trying to hide something if they was to have that medical report but as you say only the solicitor would have a access to it. Is it possible the courts could get it even if I don’t know where it is? I appreciate the advice and will call you after Christmas it’s just good to know where I stand before I start the process and as I said you have been highly recommend and thank you.


    I was hit by a foreign registered vehicle non fault claim. My insurance company is telling me they can not do anything as they have 6 months to respond, is this right? They also stated that before 6 months they cant start legal proceedings this seems a long time. Do you have any legal base for this?

    Ian Morris

    I would assume that the 6 months issue is correct and probably relates to the country of origin of the foreign vehicle. Which country was the vehicle registered to?



    Need some help. I was involved in a non fault car accident in 2016. The third party has made an offer under Part 36 for £7k.

    This is on the basis of the Doctors and Psychologists report. As i understand, it is a very generous offer.

    Now the tricky bit. I’ve been suffering from Crohns Disease for a number of years and advised i needed surgery since 2012. My Crohns was extensive requiring extensive surgery that i was reluctant to carry out on the grounds of having a stoma. Image. This is all well documented in my medical records and the fact my symptoms were very problematic in the run up to the accident.

    Two weeks before the accident, i was complaining or symptoms and this is has been recorded in my GP notes as a flare.

    My blood showed a decline in inflammation before the accident and then started to rise again after the accident.

    I had a change of meds and 6 months after the accident i was hospitalized for 4 days.

    In May 2017, i had emergency surgery twice in 6 days and resulted with a stoma.

    I suffer from anaemia that is secondary of my Crohns Disease.

    It was recommended by the insurance Doctor that i get an Gastroenterologist to report on these symptoms as it was not within his expertise.

    My question, considering the significance of my condition, the fact i reported to my GP of a potential flare, my inflammatory markers rising following the accident, do i accept the offer under part 36 or pursue an examination?

    Ian Morris

    Of course, you really should consult the Solicitor acting for you already as they will know your claim and situation in more detail.
    As your existing Chrohns Disease condition may have been exacerbated by the stress of the accident & your physical injuries along with insurance Doctor’s apparent recommendation that you are seen by a Gastroenterologist and have a specialist report, it may well be wise to request that the settlement offer be placed to one side whilst this situation is investigated by way of a suitably specialist qualified medical experts report.


    Ok. I appreciate your response and understanding. But, the generous offer made, do you not think potentially if the report was to indicate an exacerbation the value would be small. I’m saying this as I believe I fit into the crumbling skull category. No point going ahead if it’s for a couple of thousand.

    Ian Morris

    It is of course impossible for us to advise a specific likely valuation that may come from any further specialist report. One thing we can say is that it is never wise to settle a claim before a full understanding of all aspects of injury and exacerbation of pre-existing conditions is understood. You should consider whether you are desperate to close this matter and receive settlement, in which case you may wish to settle and close the claim now. Alternatively, you may be happy to wait until a full appreciation of your situation in full is reached and then settle the claim with that knowledge. You should remember that you can only settle a claim once. Therefore once you have accepted a settlement, there is no going back for further damages.


    Hello I had a car accident 13 Dec 2017 GTLAW took my case and then dropped it because I said I only had minor injuries to the third party, which they recorded. However after a few days I ended up with bells palsy which affected all my left side movement, followed by another 2 bells palsy attacks again and finally leaving me facing with lifetime fybromyalgia syndrome and also carpal tunnel syndrome. I have also had unexplained seizures and i’m seeing a neurologist and pain clinics – things have worsened by the day.

    Sadly, I have even attempted an overdose as I cant help it seeing my boys like this caring for me.

    No one seems to be helping us. We are all alone and the other party has walked out free whist we are living in hell daily. Please if you can really help me then contact me or don’t. I’m sorry to be so blunt but can’t keep repeating and then you turn me down.

    Ian Morris

    It is not uncommon for people to initially think that they have escaped an accident with minor injuries – particularly in a road traffic accident. Many symptoms don’t materialise for the first 48-72 hours and in that case, it is not unusual to hear your ‘story’ of events.

    With regards to your medical conditions, if a medical expert is happy to link the symptoms you describe to the index road traffic accident on 13th December 2017, you could pursue a claim against the 3rd party insurer.


    Hello, I was involved in a car accident 2 months ago (vehicle hit me from the left) and my vehicle is a total loss, write off. I am non-fault as the other party has admitted liability (letter received). I have made two visit’s to hospital and GP. I have had pain in my neck, the left side, and tingle aching left and have felt pins and needs/tingling sensation in my left hand from the little fingers to the middle. I also experienced left chest pain on the front and back on odd few occasions. My own insurance informed me to go to the other party that admitted fault because they are the same (umbrella company). I did so basely on their advice (I have never had a car accident). I currently feel the whole claim is mishandled. My GP has informed me that I have nerve impingement which the GP provided copy and I showed this to the physiotherapy and he says the insurance should refer me to the GP insurance. I am still experiencing behind neck pain today and left neck with a tingling sensation in my left hand. This also wakes me up in the middle of the night and I feel a heavy head like a headache across the forehead. Till now, I have heard nothing about the GP insuranace. Both companies (mine and the other) have been messing me around where they both say they are handling vehicle repair in the first instance.

    Ian Morris

    You have clearly suffered nasty injuries in this accident with moderate to serious symptoms still present. With that and the admission of liability in mind, you should have no difficulty in obtaining a compensation settlement for the pain, discomfort and stress caused by the injuries sustained along with recovery of medical costs and any out of pocket expenses.

    It would appear that you are currently relying on the insurers to deal with the personal injury element of your claim as well as the vehicle damage. We would strongly recommend that you instruct a specialist independent personal injury Solicitor to act on a No Win No Fee basis and pursue your injury claim for you. At Direct2Compensation we have experts in road traffic accident personal injury compensation who can manage your claim without any bias or possible lack of independence and ensure that any claim that you make will be settled at the maximum and appropriate value for you.

    If you would like us to help you with your claim for personal injury compensation as a result of the injuries you sustained in this car accident, please call us on 01225430285.


    I was involved in an accident on Saturday where another vehicle went into the back of our vehicle.
    They admitted liability at the scene but no police were called & we have no witnesses and he wants to settle the car damage outside of the Insurance.
    Once the shock wore off, my back has been in pain ever since. I’m yet to go to seek medical attention due to thinking the pain would subside, but the aches are still there. I have booked to go to the GP on Friday.
    Would you recommend seeking legal advice?

    Ian Morris

    We would 100% recommend that you DO NOT settle this matter directly with the 3rd party driver. It is understandable from their point of view that they wish to settle the damage to your car, but in doing so, that would undermine your rights and remove any proof or supportive evidence if you were to discover that your back injury was worse than you hoped and you later wished to make a claim for compensation.

    Undoubtedly, the best course of action for you would be to advise your own car insurers of the accident and allow them to deal with the vehicle damage element of this matter. However, you would be wise to keep any personal injury compensation claim separate to this and instruct a specialist in personal injury compensation such as us at Direct2Compensation to pursue a claim for your injuries and any associated loss of income or incurred costs.

    You mention no police involvement in this matter. That is not unusual in road traffic accident matters where the highway is not obstructed and there are no serious injuries or fatalities. Indeed, the police will not attend an incident such as the one you describe as long as both parties have exchanged details.

    You are wise to make a GP appointment regarding your injuries as it is important to ensure that any injuries and symptoms are checked and appropriately recorded in your medical records as that would provide important evidence for use in any claim for compensation that you were to pursue.

    Regardless of whether you wish to instruct my firm to help you make a claim for compensation or not, I would be very happy to further discuss this matter with you.


    if I was bumped by a car on way to shop during break.

    Ian Morris

    If you were injured in this incident, you could seek to make a claim for compensation against the insurers of the vehicle involved. To pursue such a claim, you would need the vehicle registration details. If the vehicle fled the scene and you do not have the information about the identity of the driver, you could still seek to make a claim using the Motor Insurers Bureau schemes for uninsured or untraced driver claims.



    I had a serious car crash in Spain resulting in a broken back plus other injuries.
    Unfortunately it was my fault, should I have received driver training abroad from my employer?
    I was not breaking the law just a confusion on spainish rules against uk.

    Ian Morris

    It is unlikely that you would be able to hold your employer responsible for this accident. As you state, it was unfortunately your fault as a result of driver error.


    Since my accident, I now have hearing impairment (hearing aids fitted) tinnitus, lower back pains, neck spasms and hip problems. I was stationary when the car hit me on my driver side.

    Ian Morris

    You have clearly suffered many injuries as a result of this car accident. Have you started the process of making a claim for compensation yet? As you were stationary at the time of the collision, we cannot see how you would be held at fault in anyway and as such our initial view would be that you have a very strong claim for compensation here.

    If the hearing impairment and tinnitus issue can be linked directly to the trauma of the car accident you would be able to claim compensation for both issues as well as the back pain, neck spasms and issues with your hip. It could well be that your compensation claim settlement value is quite substantial.


    I was sitting in my car at a convenience store, this lady pulled up by the newspaper stand. She gets out of her vehicle to purchase a newspaper. She forgot to put her vehicle completely in park after getting out of the vehicle. The vehicle starts rolling towards me and it strikes my driver’s side door. She finally gets in her vehicle and pulls the vehicle back. She comes over and ask if I’m alright. I was very shooken up and was crying and shaking I also had a panic attack at the time of the accident. I had called the lady I work for and told her I had been in an accident.

    Ian Morris


    The situation you describe would certainly leave good grounds to make a claim for whiplash injury car accident compensation. Whilst you were in a stationary vehicle and hit by an unmanned vehicle rolling by means of gravity, there is known scientific and medical evidence to support the fact that such an accident scenario can caused both physical and emotional injury.

    At Direct2Compensation, we’ve made many such successful claims for our clients.

    I wish you all the best and hope that we are able to help you too.


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