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The pelvis is one of the most important parts of the framework of the human body. The pelvic bones, and the ligaments and soft tissues connected to it, form an anchor for the vital muscles that enable movement in the hips, thighs and torso. The pelvic bone structure also protects vital organs within the body.

Injuries to the pelvis can be extremely serious and often cause a permanent disability, even death. In cases where pelvic fractures are sustained, the injured person is likely to face surgery, a lengthy period of hospital treatment and months of ongoing recovery.

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The pelvis explained

The pelvis forms the join between our lower limbs, spine and upper body. The strength and integrity of the pelvis is vital to the normal mobile functioning of the human body. Its bones include the sacrum, coccyx (also known as the tail bone) and coxal (hip). The hip is formed from 3 bones; the ilium, the ischium and the pubis, which meet at the centre to form the socket of the hip bone (acetabulum).

In adults, the pelvic bones join and form four joints known medically as the left and right sacroiliac joints, the sacrococcygeal joint, and the pubic symphysis.

Any injury to these bones or pelvic components will cause great pain, restricted mobility and distress.

Common causes of pelvis injury

Injuries to the hips, pelvis and pelvic area are commonly associated with severe trauma, such as in road traffic accidents or as a result of a fall from height in the workplace. However, injuries to the bones and soft tissues of the pelvis can also be sustained in slipping and tripping accidents.

Other causes can include crushing injuries from heavy items falling upon someone, or as a result of high-impact sporting activities.

The impact of pelvis injuries

Injuries to the pelvis and pelvic region are notoriously painful and will require intensive medical treatments and lengthy recovery periods. In many cases, severe trauma to the pelvic bones will cause a permanent injury affecting future strength and mobility.

The majority of those injured will spend a considerable time unable to bear weight through the pelvis, and will have to use crutches or wheelchairs, facing a massive loss of independence.

Pelvic injuries are often associated with a requirement for surgical intervention, possible hip replacement surgery and lengthy ongoing rehabilitation therapy. As such, it is often the case that a person will face a lengthy time away from work and be left coping with a loss of income, plus a need for daily help to dress, wash and carry out everyday activities.

How will a claim for pelvis injury compensation benefit me?

Any person who has suffered an injury to the pelvis as a result of a non-fault accident has a right to make a claim for compensation against the negligent third party.

If successful with your claim, you will be entitled to a compensation settlement which covers the pain and discomfort of your pelvic injury. The value of which could be substantial and will take into account the long term prognosis of recovery.

You’ll also be entitled to recover any loss of income, medical expenses and other costs incurred as a result.

Given the severity of pelvis injuries and the often permanent implications that such injuries have on the injured party, claiming compensation is a sensible and reasonable choice.

Apart from a financial benefit to succeeding with a claim, compensation may also help you to access specialist rehabilitation therapies to aid your recovery process. In cases where liability is admitted, you can seek funding from the defendant for private medical care and intensive physiotherapy.

At Direct2Compensation, our specialist solicitors will ensure that your claim is represented accurately, thoroughly and fairly. They will instruct leading medical experts to provide detailed reports to ensure an appropriate financial settlement.

Compensation amounts for pelvis injuries

The most serious of injuries to the pelvis and hip can be as devastating as a leg amputation and therefore attract a similar award of damages. The following figures are a guide to how much compensation you might expect for the injury itself, your final settlement could be a lot more when other costs are taken into account.

Severity of injuryCompensation amount
Extensive fractures with lasting and disabling consequences£74k - £123k
Slightly less severe injuries which still have permanent effects£58k - £74k
Not quite as severe as above, but degenerative changes apparent£37k - £49k
Significant injury but without permanent disability£25k - £37k
Moderate injury requiring hip replacement with a successful outcome£12k - £25k
Injuries with no residual disability, or where there has been a complete recovery within two years£4k - £12k
Minor soft tissue injury with complete recoveryup to £4k

How Direct2Compensation can help

At Direct2Compensation we specialise in helping people who have suffered serious physical and emotional trauma. We know that injuries to the pelvis can cause intense physical pain, restricted physical strength, impair mobility and cause emotional distress.

Our easy to understand No Win No Fee claims process and our specially trained staff will ensure that you are able to pursue your claim with confidence. From the start through to the end, we’ll ensure that you have a direct route of contact to your solicitor and we’re always available to help you should any issues arise or if you require further assistance.

You can call our friendly and helpful staff on 01225 430285 or get your claim started online today. We take pride in making sure that you feel understood and look forward to helping you make your claim.

8 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

Read on for questions and advice about claiming, plus pelvis injury claim examples...

Good Morning.
I am emailing on behalf of a friend. She broke her pelvis about two years ago on a waterslide in Spain.
She was offered $200 pounds in compensation and took it!
I am not sure if she signed away any further rights to seek further compensation.
Is it possible she is still entitled to claim?

Ian Morris

As the accident was in Spain, any claim for compensation is likely to be subject to Spanish law. Whether or not your friend would have any right to compensation is unknown – both due to the unknowns of the Spanish legal system and whether her injury can be attributed to negligence or simple misfortune.


I broke my pelvis at work, I spent 2 days in hospital and a further 8 weeks off recovering. I fell from a ladder. A telescopic one which 2 rails failed causing me to fall 8ft onto a concrete floor. It was the only ladder available on site and I was lone working with no choice but to drag myself to my phone to call for an ambulance.

This happened in february i’m now back at work but very hesitant to climb ladders now and still have aches and pains.

Ian Morris

Your injury was clearly serious and given that you were injured in an accident at work, we would like to further investigate your situation and have our specialist Solicitors look in to making a claim for compensation for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

If the employer has provided inadequate or faulty equipment or not correctly risk assessed the work you were tasked with, a claim may well succeed. Our specialist Solicitors can investigate this for you without any need for you to risk your own financial situation.

Injuries to the pelvis and pelvic area are serious and can lead to long term consequences. As such, successful claims for injuries to the pelvis can see substantial settlements obtained.


I was knocked down by a driver who fled the scene of the accident. I am 27 years old and I spent 4 weeks in hospital with 7 fractures to my pelvis. I had to undergo 5 hours of surgery, had 2 metal pins placed in my back (as during the surgery my back had to be broken to fix my pelvis) and I lived with a metal infix for 8 months before another surgery to remove it.

I have still not got anywhere near to full mobility and my mental health has been affected due to this. My claim for compensation is already underway (over 2 years now) and the motor insurance bureau have accepted responsibility.

Understandably, I am wondering what range of compensation offer could be. The motor insurance bureau are only going to accept to pay 70%, byt my lawyer at the minute is only saying the offer should be a substantial offer but they can’t elaborate on what it may be!

(I also have serious nerve issues in my legs and hips due to the damage to my pelvis as well as the 2 pins in my back which are not to be removed).

Ian Morris

Your lawyer is correct in anticipating that the likely settlement value applied to your claim would be substantial. You have sustained permanent injuries that have required intensive medical treatment and although your condition will no doubt improve in time, you’re unlikely to ever be in the same physical condition that you would have been if you had not sustained these injuries.

However, to give you a claim value range at this time is very hard and often unwise. Have you undergone a medical assessment by a specialist medical expert? Once that has been done, your Solicitor will have a report that details comprehensive information about your injuries, the medical treatment you have had, what further medical intervention you may need and the long term prognosis (which is vital in this matter) regarding your recovery and long term mobility and pain issues. The Solicitor would then be able to provide the report to a specialist Barrister who can then offer an appropriate settlement range for your claim.


Hi, I had an accident at work, I slipped when walking through the canteen at work. I don’t know if the floor was wet, I broke 2 bones in my pelvis, spent 4 days in hospital. I am receiving physiotherapy it will take 3 months for my injury to heal, I was wondering if I have a claim?

Ian Morris

To pursue a claim for compensation, you must be able to identify a hazard that caused you to sustain injury. In this case, you appear to be unsure as to what caused you to fall. As such, you would not be able to claim as there appears to be no area of negligence at which to address the claim. If you can identify a hazard or defect that caused you to fall, you may well have a valid claim.

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