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Whether burn injuries have been caused by a flame, hot liquid, chemicals or any as a result of an electric shock, they can be very painful and distressing and very often leave a permanent scar.  When people make a no win no fee claim for injury compensation as a result of a burn injury, the value of their claim can be high, especially if visible permanent scarring occurs.

The most common type of claim here arises after being burned in an accident at work.  In this setting, people are often working with hot materials in a factory or in an industrial kitchen and accidents can occur as a result of someone having insufficient training, incorrect safety equipment, faulty machines/utensils or a disorganised and chaotic working environment.

If someone does suffer the burn while working, they should follow the usual steps after an injury at work and make sure that the details of their injury and the cause are properly recorded within an employer’s accident book.  Medical attention should always be sought in the case of a burn injury and when someone is claiming injury compensation their specialist solicitor will access medical records to provide evidence as to the severity of the burn, so they can estimate the amount of compensation that the burn victim is entitled to claim.

The nature of the burn and the area of the body that has been injured will be assessed to help form the valuation of the injury compensation that is claimed.  If hands are burned and the use of the hands and fingers limited, either permanently or for a while, the value of a claim can become substantially higher. With this in mind it is important that the injured person should attend their GP or other medical professional to discuss their situation and have the details of their injuries and ongoing problems recorded on their medical records. Suffering in silence doesn’t help a claimant as it becomes very difficult to prove the extent of an injury if the details have not been recorded with a medical expert.

It is important for any claimant to ensure that they maximise the amount of compensation to which they are entitled as any claim settlement will be made in a full and final way.  As a settlement can be obtained only once, we advise that anyone wishing to claim injury compensation after suffering burn injuries should contact us so that we can give you useful tips to ensure that you claim fully for everything that you are entitled to claim.

Burn injury advice

If you have suffered from a burn injury, whether at work or elsewhere, you may well be entitled to make a claim for injury compensation on a no win no fee basis.  You may be wondering what to do after an accident and at Direct2Compensation, we can help you to understand the stages of the injury compensation claims process and find the right solicitor.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and can help you to understand how to go about making a claim for injury compensation after suffering a burn injury.  As with all claims, we recommend that you don’t delay in making your claim as it could make the outcome of the claim less certain if you do.

Burn injuries are painful and distressing and it is important that the correct steps are taken in the immediate aftermath to ensure that the right medical treatment is received to minimise the extent of any injury, and also to help ensure that the right evidence will be available to support any claim for injury compensation that may arise as a result.

For minor burn injuries, the steps that people should follow are:

  • Take the injured person away from the heat source.  If possible, remove any burned clothing but DO NOT remove any clothing which is stuck or imbedded in the burn or on the persons skin.
  • Run cool (but not cold) water over the burn or apply a clean, cold compress to the burn.  This should be done until the pain subsides. DO NOT use ice. DO NOT use butter or other types of grease as this could worsen the problem.
  • Once the pain has eased and cool water applied to the burn, a clean dressing should be fitted to the burn. You could also apply antibiotic cream.

For serious burn injuries, the steps that people should follow are:

    • Do not attempt to remove clothing & dial 999 for the emergency services
    • Remove the heat source if safe to do so
    • Reassure the injured person
    • Irrigate the burn with cool water if at all possible

For chemical or electrical burns, the steps people should follow are:

  • Any dry chemicals that remain on the injured persons skin should be brushed off carefully by someone wearing protective gloves and face mask.
  • Remove the person’s clothing and jewellery and rinse chemicals off the skin by placing the person in a shower for 15 to 20 minutes. (Be careful to protect your eyes and the eyes of the injured person.)
  • Wet chemicals should be washed away from affected areas with cool running water for 20 minutes or longer (or until emergency help arrives).
  • If you or someone else has swallowed a chemical substance or an object that could be harmful (e.g., watch battery) call the emergency services immediately. It is helpful to know what chemical product has been swallowed and this should be reported to medical experts so that the right course of treatment can be applied (if possible, this should be taken with you to the hospital).
  • Minor electrical burns can be treated with cool (not cold or ice) compresses. After cleansing, a mild antibiotic ointment and bandage may be applied. A tetanus shot is also recommended, especially if the person has not had one in more than 10 years.
  • As with all accidents, prevention is the best course of action to make sure that serious injuries are not sustained.  To help prevent burn injuries, employers and people should take basic precautions to reduce the risk of injury.  Smoke detectors should be fitted, chemicals should be correctly labelled and stored and only correctly trained staff should handle hot items or use dangerous machinery that could lead to burn injuries.

To claim burn injury compensation, start your claim online and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.


14 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

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I tripped over a small chair and got burnt on my face and eye with hot water. It has effected my vision. What can I do?

Ian Morris

You can only make a claim if you can demonstrate negligence. If you tripped over the chair because you had failed to see it or were not really looking where you were walking, you would be seen to be the at fault party and would have no claim. However, if the chair was placed in a dangerous position and had been left in a walkway where you would be passing but not always able to see clearly, you could pursue a claim.


A restaurant put a full to the brim stainless steel teapot in front of my 86 year old mother. When I tried to pour it out, the hinged lid opened and scalded her leg. We have no photos or hospital treatment but it was recorded in the accident book.
What can we do?

Ian Morris

The accident book record does provide evidence to confirm that your Mother was injured in the restaurant, but does it mention the teapot being over filled? There is a possibility to make a claim for the injuries sustained – if the injuries were sufficiently serious with scarring or soreness still present after 4 weeks post incident?


Hi, I used a neutrogena face wash and it has burnt my skin, I have a doctors appointment today to get something to ease the pain. I looked up some reviews and a lot have said the same. I do not have sensitive skin and seeing as others have said the same this seems to me that the chemicals they are using in it are too harsh for the skin and causing it to burn and dry out. Can anything be done about this?

Ian Morris

Potentially you may have a claim, but my initial view is that you would likely struggle to prove that they have been negligent. You should check the packaging of the product to see if it states that you should text the product on your skin prior to use and in the first instance, make contact with the producer of the product and report the incident to them. Depending on their response, you should then contact us to discuss this further.


Hi I bought an all natural pain free skin care product from eBay for removal skin tags and I used it last week and has left me with a burn on my neck. I have a drs appointment this week, is there anything that can be done for this or no?

Ian Morris

It is hard to advise on the specific prospects of succeeding with your claim, but it is certainly a matter we would investigate and put to our specialist Solicitors. The company selling the product would need to be UK based for you to be able to pursue action in the UK.


I burnt my hand washing them in the bathroom when I was at restaurant – I did tell them but they said there was a caution hot water sign. My hand has since blistered.

Ian Morris

Do you remember seeing the ‘caution’ sign warning of the hot water? Did the restaurant staff take your details? If they didn’t you should email them regarding your injuries to ensure that the matter has been recorded.

Given that your hand is blistered, it would appear that the hot water in the restaurant was excessively hot and very dangerous. With this in mind, it is hard to see how a warning sign could help. I’m not sure whether or not you could make a claim here but we would certainly be happy to help you find out. As such, why not visit the ‘start a claim’ page of our website so that one of our new claims team can call you to discuss this matter then seek an opinion from our specialist Solicitors.


Hello, I was washing my hands in a public toilet at a petrol station and suffered 2nd degree burns to my hands from the hot water tap. There was no hot water signs up in the toilet so I wasn’t aware the water would be so hot. Am I able to make a claim based on this? Thanks

Ian Morris

If the water from the taps was sufficiently hot to cause 2nd degree burns to your hands and known to be of such a temperature, there should have been a warning sign in situ to advise of the risk of such an injury. Alternatively, if there was a fault on the boiler that day that lead to the water being heated to a dangerous level, you would also have a valid claim against the service station.

Did you report the accident at the time or subsequently? Was an accident book entry completed?

We would be very happy to help you further with a claim for compensation.


Hi I moved into a property 4 weeks ago, my 14 month old had the stove fall on him whilst hot noodles were on the stove and has 11% burns to his face and body. Can I clam for compensation regarding this?

Ian Morris

There is certainly a possibility of making a claim against the landlord and given the severity of the injury to your child, it would be wise to further investigate the prospects of a claim. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can get some further information about the accident and then advise you further.

In this case, the landlord will have a responsibility to ensure that the items provided within the property are safe and fit for purpose. In the case of the stove, if it is shown to be defective – perhaps the feet upon which it stands were broken and it caused it to rock and tip, or it tips whenever the oven door is opened and it should have been secured to the wall and was not – it is likely that we could attach negligence to the landlord and pursue your claim.

Of course, if your child was climbing on the stove and caused it to tip over, it is less likely that the claim would succeed.

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