I was involved in a head on car accident over two years ago. The 3rd party in this accident has admitted liability, as he was completely to blame.

My Insurance company passed me to a well known national brand of Solicitors who I have found to be completely incompetent. This case is still ongoing and we don’t appear to be very far along in the process and it’s been 2 yrs 6 months to date. This was completely the other drivers liability but I feel that the Solicitors that I have been passed to are not working for me but working for the other side or the other sides insurance company as they have appointed certain health professionals who have made ridiculous statements and reports that are totally untrue – such as saying that I was not knocked out and was able to walk from the accident when I was indeed knocked out and my son had to carry me away from the car! There are 4 witnesses to prove this and I could go on and on.

Please could you contact me if you are able to offer your help.

Ian Morris

We often hear from clients that the Solicitors that their Insurers passed them to are not doing a good job for them. Of course, it is not always the case that they are doing a bad job, but it is not good if you do not have confidence in your current Solicitor.

Any claimant has the right to uninstruct a firm and place their claim with a new Solicitor – so in theory, you could switch your claim from your existing Solicitor to our specialist Solicitor partners. However, before you do so you should formally complain to your existing Solicitor about your concerns and allow them a final opportunity to satisfy your concerns and act properly for you.

To this end, our recommendation would be that you seek out your existing Solicitors complaints procedure via their website and instigate a complaint. If the Solicitors are unable to satisfy your complaint in a way that gives you peace of mind, you should then seek to switch to a new Solicitor.