Why hiring a solicitor for car accident compensation is a good idea

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If you have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident,  compensation should certainly be looked into . If the person who caused the accident is insured you can make a claim against the insurers, otherwise if they are not insured the claim will be made against the Motor Insurance Bureau. It can be difficult to make a claim against an insurance company, so if you want to get the compensation you deserve it is worth finding a good solicitor.

People often assume that they do not need to hire a solicitor, and they are correct. However, despite the fact that you don’t need to have, or are not obliged to have a solicitor managing your claim, there are many good reasons why hiring one for car accident compensation claims in particular is a good idea, and it is certainly something I would recommend.

Some are stuck with the notion that a lawyer will only add to their money miseries following a car accident or other such mishaps. In actual fact, the real trouble begins when the injured party’s case requires careful handling otherwise it invites in more expenses and other costs and damages.

The insurance company will not be your ally

Working with a solicitor for car accident compensation can prove to be more lucrative and can also safeguard your claim from getting undervalued by the insurance company. Insurance companies are not your ally or friend whenever settling a claim, especially when it comes to car accidents. Very often we tend to forget that insurance companies are also businesses, and there are chances that they might de-value your car accident compensation claim and let you settle for a lesser amount.

Any individual can opt to deal with the insurers directly. There is no legal reason as to why a claimant cannot do this if they so wish. However, there are some distinct disadvantages of opting to represent yourself:

  • Time consuming. The process of claiming can take many months and can require complex specialist knowledge. If you are busy, such as a full-time worker with parental responsibilities, do you have the time needed to effectively manage your claim?
  • Not getting a fair deal.  If your knowledge of your rights when claiming for car accident compensation is not strong, the insurers could well end up getting you to agree to settle for a lower sum than you are actually entitled to receive.
  • Costs. If you opt to represent yourself, can you cover some of the costs that you will incur in the running of your claim? Such as obtaining your medical report or seeking an expert medical opinion? Also, should your claim fail you could face the costs of the 3rd parties successful defence of the claim. Can you cover this?

Expert knowledge

It is vital to approach a good solicitor as their knowledge may help you file a case accordingly. Car accidents differ, hence with the knowledge of the solicitor you can get your compensation quickly depending on the type of car accident. If you file wrongly for a car compensation case, your case can be deferred. Without a proper solicitor you can neither represent your case properly nor expect to receive the compensation which you truly deserve.

A good solicitor will give you all the advice you require so that the party that has caused the damage is held accountable for it. They will know the ins and outs of any problems you may face in your case and see to it that the guilty party does not take the easy path to escape any responsibility.

A good personal injury solicitor can help you find potential sources of injury and liability and a well defined course of action, which can help your finances immensely. If you have been in an car accident, there could be a number of people and organisations you could have taken a legal stance against.


There are a lot of solicitors who can help you to gather the right documents and papers needed for the success of your accident compensation claim. In order to create a winning accident compensation proposal, you need gather medical bills, witness testimonials and more. With so many things to look at, it makes sense to hire a lawyer to do all the paperwork for you.


The advice that solicitors give must be carefully adhered to and a lot of thought and consideration must be given to it. These solicitors will map out the way to go when taking action against the guilty party. It is impossible to claim yourself as you do not have the adequate knowledge of the laws pertaining to accidents. These solicitors however have all the knowledge about the laws pertaining to accident compensation.

When your case is genuine and you are properly represented by a solicitor who has expertise and experience in the field it will become much easier to get car accident compensation from the insurers. So, visit a reputed compensation claims company before filing your car accident compensation to be sure of the best results!

  • Get a fairer deal. Any specialist company or solicitor will ensure that your claim is settled in a way that matches your best interests. Your solicitor will make sure that your claim settlement is maximised and you are not left out of pocket on any element of your claim including your special damages and losses.
  • No costs, no risks. By instructing Direct2Compensation and a member of our specialist personal injury compensation solicitor panel, you will be completely free of the risks of facing any costs should your claim fail.
  • Easy and free. Because there is no cost to you as a claimant should the claim fail, there really is no reason why you would not wish to instruct a solicitor to manage your claim. By having a solicitor working for you, they will be acutely aware of the timescales allowed in the claims process and will ensure that the 3rd party is unable to get away with failing to respond by the required deadlines and therefore, make sure your claim is settled in  the correct fashion and at the quickest possible speed.


2 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Advice On Claiming

  • Anouska

    I was involved in a head on car accident over two years ago. The 3rd party in this accident has admitted liability, as he was completely to blame.

    My Insurance company passed me to a well known national brand of Solicitors who I have found to be completely incompetent. This case is still ongoing and we don’t appear to be very far along in the process and it’s been 2 yrs 6 months to date. This was completely the other drivers liability but I feel that the Solicitors that I have been passed to are not working for me but working for the other side or the other sides insurance company as they have appointed certain health professionals who have made ridiculous statements and reports that are totally untrue – such as saying that I was not knocked out and was able to walk from the accident when I was indeed knocked out and my son had to carry me away from the car! There are 4 witnesses to prove this and I could go on and on.

    Please could you contact me if you are able to offer your help.

    • Ian Morris

      We often hear from clients that the Solicitors that their Insurers passed them to are not doing a good job for them. Of course, it is not always the case that they are doing a bad job, but it is not good if you do not have confidence in your current Solicitor.

      Any claimant has the right to uninstruct a firm and place their claim with a new Solicitor – so in theory, you could switch your claim from your existing Solicitor to our specialist Solicitor partners. However, before you do so you should formally complain to your existing Solicitor about your concerns and allow them a final opportunity to satisfy your concerns and act properly for you.

      To this end, our recommendation would be that you seek out your existing Solicitors complaints procedure via their website and instigate a complaint. If the Solicitors are unable to satisfy your complaint in a way that gives you peace of mind, you should then seek to switch to a new Solicitor.

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