What’s so special about Direct 2 Compensation?

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There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing which personal injury claims management company or specialist solicitor you would like to run your claim.  With the number available, the personal injury sector is definitely a ‘buyers market’. We think we’re the best option for you and here is more info on why!

Our role is to help you – the claimant – and manage your claim sensibly and expediently, guiding you through murky legalese in a clear and understandable way. We see ourselves as one of the very best and most helpful personal injury claims management companies. An ethical and compliant company whose number one rule is to act in our clients’ best interests.  To this end, Direct2Compensation is a trading name of Southwest Signings Ltd.  Southwest Signings are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Our authorisation number is 830395.  Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register..

The team at Direct2Compensation have been involved in no win no fee compensation claims management since it first came to the UK in the 1990’s. We have helped thousands of injured people to successfully claim compensation for their injuries and losses. We believe in honesty and transparency and pride ourselves on our excellent customer care skills.

Immediate access to an expert solicitor

If you are asking yourself why you should use the services of Direct2Compensation, we’ve a very simple but important reason: because our system enables you to make contact directly with a specialist personal injury solicitor at the very outset of your claim.

Therefore, rather than having to deal with an unqualified claims handler, you can be sure that any enquiry or claim that you submit to us via our website will be sent directly to a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. These experts will know if the details of your accident and injuries are suitable to pursue a claim and can advise you properly as to whether or not you are likely to succeed.

In the main, you’ll deal with your solicitor, but we’ll be involved in the explanation of the documents such as a CFA that you have to complete to instruct your solicitor, even sending an agent to you in person if you so wish. We speak in terms that can be understood by the average Joe and not in complicated jargon that often comes from the larger law firms. We take the hassle out of claiming and yet maintain a professional and superb service.

Direct2Compensation are a direct portal to the claims process, to an expert solicitor and the justice you deserve. We keep it simple so you don’t have to worry about the claim. If the solicitor who receives your enquiry and discusses your claim with you believes you should pursue the claim, they will then instruct us to take care of the paperwork for you.  It’s a simple and transparent system and most importantly, one you can rely on.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our authorisation number is 830395. Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register. Direct2Compensation strive to ensure that we sit well within the regulatory framework and remain fully in compliance.

Personal injuries are personal

What is a personal Injury? Well, it is just that, a personal matter. You probably won’t want every Tom, Dick or Harry knowing what happened to you or how. Sometimes clients are embarrassed about their accident, although they really shouldn’t be. We only work with excellent partners and as we are a small team that works discreetly and with respect for our clients, you can be sure of our your privacy being protected by our dedicated service.

We keep our clients happy by giving them the personal service they deserve throughout their claim. Our sympathetic team will do their best to ensure that your inconvenience is kept to a minimum and that you are properly compensated for your injuries and losses. We offer complete customer service, both over the telephone from our dedicated claims team and from our regional claims investigators, who are happy to visit you in person to help you win your personal injury compensation.

We have superb knowledge of the personal injury claims process, and the industry and are well respected within it. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and caring, and our expert personal injury lawyers can give your claim the maximum chance of success. Indeed, our solicitors often compliment us on the way we work and so do our clients – read the testimonials on our About page and see for yourself.

From start to finish, you’ll find us to be a great choice to manage your claim. Contact us today and give us the chance to show you what we can do for you!

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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