Slipped Disc Injury at Work Compensation Claims

One of the more serious back injuries arising through an injury at work is that of a slipped disc. Also known as a herniated or prolapsed disc, such injuries can cause immense pain and may require spinal surgery. The most serious of cases result in extremely limited mobility, a requirement for very strong pain relief, and an inability to work.

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What is a slipped disc?

A slipped disc typically occurs to the lumbar region of the spine around the spinal vertebrae. The spinal disc has been caused to rupture, placing pressure on the main spinal nerves. The injury can cause pain, loss of sensation and weakness in all areas associated with the spinal nerves. Commonly reported symptoms include intense pain in the lower back, limited mobility and sharp shooting pains running down through the legs (often known as sciatic pain) and is often very debilitating.

Work activities that can cause a slipped disc

Herniated, slipped or prolapsed discs are most commonly caused as a result of a lifting heavy items, or as a result of a serious trauma such as a road traffic accident or a fall from height.

At Direct2Compensation, the vast majority of our clients looking to claim compensation for a slipped disc have suffered their injury at work. Most have not been provided with any relevant training or tools and equipment to lift items safely.

Employers must ensure that all staff are provided with training and guidance in how to lift and carry items of weight safely. Such training is known as manual handling training and by providing such assistance and support to employees, employers can minimise the risks of injury.

Employees who have not been given manual handling training are likely to use poor lifting techniques, be unable to identify items that require more than one person to lift, or have access to the necessary equipment. Therefore they are exposed to the risk of suffering a slipped disc injury at work.

What should I do if I have suffered a slipped disc at work?

As with any injury in the workplace, it is important that the incident is properly reported and recorded in the employer’s accident book. Any such report should include details of the work that was being undertaken at the time and how the injury was sustained. If the employer has not provided the injured worker with any manual handling training this should also be stated.

It is most likely that anyone who suffers a slipped disc injury at work will be in extreme pain and unable to move freely. As such it is likely that immediate medical treatment will be required, and an ambulance may be needed to transfer the injured worker to hospital.

Seeking medical treatment for a slipped disc is important on two counts. It will enable the injured worker to seek strong pain relief to ease their immediate symptoms, alongside providing a full diagnosis and treatment plan to aid recovery. This in turn will provide important medical evidence that can be used to support any future claim for compensation.

As soon as medical treatment has been provided, you should contact us for immediate assistance with a claim for compensation. At Direct2Compensation, we can help you to understand your rights after a work accident and can make sure that you are offered the advice, support and assistance needed.

Who can claim compensation?

Any person who is injured in an accident at work has the right to seek compensation from their employer’s insurance. In order to succeed with any claim after an injury at work, it is necessary to be able to identify areas of employer negligence.

Any employee who has sustained an injury as a result of lifting items and has not been given manual handling training, provided with assistance to lift items of weight, or tools/equipment to minimise the risk of injury, is likely to be able to demonstrate employer negligence and therefore succeed with a claim for compensation.

Also, any person who is injured in a non-fault accident that results in extreme trauma to the lumbar area of the spine – such as in a serious road traffic accident or a fall from height can seek to pursue a claim for compensation.

How much compensation could I receive for a slipped disc?

It is impossible to give a truly accurate prediction of the value of a compensation settlement at the outset of any claim. Each claim settlement value will be decided on the basis of medical evidence, the severity of injury sustained and how the injury has affected the claimants day-to-day life and physical ability. However, we can give some basic guidelines on this issue as stated below:

  • In cases where there is a prolapsed intervertebral disc and a requirement for surgery or nerve irritation causing restricted mobility and loss of independence, the approximate settlements for slipped or herniated disc compensation can range from £19,000 to around £28,000.
  • When a slipped or herniated disc injury has needed a laminectomy or develops into an ongoing condition a claimant should expect a settlement value of around £8,000 -£20,000.
  • In the more serious cases of slipped and herniated disc injury compensation claims where the injury to the spinal discs includes lesions or fractures, claim settlement values will understandably be higher. In such cases, we have seen successful claimants receive slipped or herniated disc injury settlements of up to almost £50,000. To obtain slipped or herniated disc injury compensation settlements values in this range, the claimant will have suffered from severe and extreme pain with limited mobility, sexual function and have had their independence greatly impaired.

Alongside obtaining a compensation settlement value for the injuries and physical trauma sustained as a result of a slipped disc, our specialist solicitors will also ensure that you recover any relevant special damages too. This would include all lost income and costs incurred as a result of the injuries sustained.

How Direct2Compensation can help you maximise your claim

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights after an injury at work and have genuine expertise in managing claims for compensation arising from slipped discs and other back injuries.

We offer a simple and easy to understand No Win No Fee personal injury claims process and have taken the hassle out of claiming compensation. You can be certain we will ensure that your claim for compensation is managed efficiently, helpfully and that any settlement value is maximised in your favour. We will ensure that you know how to recover any lost income and costs incurred in your special damages claim.

Our specialist solicitors will ensure that the appropriate medical experts are instructed to conduct any medical assessment that is needed during the claims process in order that a full and fair compensation settlement value is agreed upon. Where relevant, they may also be able to access specialist rehabilitation therapies and treatments at the cost of the defendant to aid and speed up your recovery.

How do I start my claim?

At Direct2Compensation, starting your claim is easy. You can call us on 01225 430285 or simply complete the short claims form on this page.

One of our team will contact you for a brief initial chat and take some basic details ahead of making sure that your claim enquiry is passed to the right specialist solicitor. The solicitor will then contact you to take more detailed instructions and commence the No Win No Fee claims process.

We are here to help you and will always act in your best interests throughout the claims process.

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