Pneumatic Drill Injury Compensation Claims

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Evidence shows that the repeated and regular use of vibratory equipment such as pneumatic drills can cause nerve, joint and muscle damage and lead to painful conditions such as vibration white finger (VWF) or hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

If you have suffered an industrial injury as a result of the use of pneumatic drills, and been left in pain or unable to work, you can pursue a compensation claim if your employer failed to:

Conditions associated with pneumatic drill injuries

People who have worked with pneumatic drills and are suffering pain associated with the use of such machinery can have damaged nerves, muscles and joints in the wrist, hand and fingers as a result of repeated vibrations. The conditions regularly associated with such work include:

  • Vibration White Finger (VWF)
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  • Whole-Body Vibration (WBV)

The symptoms of all the above can be debilitating and in the most serious of cases affect everyday life. The most common injury associated with the use of pneumatic drills is vibration white finger. With VWF, sufferers can experience a loss of grip strength and dexterity; blanching of the finger tips; burning sensations in fingers and hands; pins and needles; reddening or whitening of the fingers.

At Direct2Compensation our expert solicitors can help you claim compensation to cover the pain and discomfort caused by pneumatic drill-related injuries. We will also help with a special damages claim that seeks compensation for the loss of income, both past and future. You will never pay any costs to any party if your claim fails and you can be sure that any settlement we obtain for you will be the maximum level of damages that you are entitled to.

2 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Advice On Claiming

  • Gerry Welsh

    I worked every day with pneumatic drills for 16 years and wonder if i can claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Working with equipment such as pneumatic drills and similar vibratory equipment repeatedly has been proven to cause serious long term health problems such as Vibration White Finger/Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and associated nerve problems in the forearms and fingers.

      If you believe that your working history is the reason for you suffering from painful symptoms such as burning sensations in the fingers, loss of grip strength and general weakness you should see your Doctor and discuss your symptoms and working history. If diagnosed with such a condition it is very possible to then go on to pursue a claim for compensation.

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