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Discussions on the so-called ‘compensation culture’, and to what extent it is a myth perpetuated by the insurance industry.

It’s not unethical to claim compensation for personal injuries

Someone who has suffered a personal injury in an accident that they were not at fault for, and could not have avoided, qualifies to attempt to seek some sort of redress for their pain, suffering and losses by way of making a claim for no win no fee personal injury compensation.  Unfortunately, a number of people fail to exercise their right […]

Personal injury compensation myths debunked

In the late 1990s the then Labour government opened up claimant access to justice by enabling individuals to pursue no win no fee claims for personal injury compensation. Unfortunately since then, those fighting for the insurance sector interests and opposing the rights of the claimants have employed many tactics to cast doubt on the integrity of the industry and claims process. They’ve been […]

Personal Injury Claims low – Compensation Culture is a myth

We were interested to note having read the results of a Personal Injury Compensation related survey by YouGov, that the up take by people eligible to pursue Personal Injury claims is low.  Indeed, the survey indicated that only 1 in 5 (20%) of eligible claimants pursue their claims.  This statistic, it would seem, provides concrete proof that the compensation culture […]

Personal Injury Compensation – it’s about more than money

Personal Injury claimants always come in for the usual popular bashing… You know, jumping on the bandwagon, money for old rope and for blagging etc. There’s no doubt that some people try it on when making any claim (whether that’s a Home Insurance claim, exaggerating the cost of the item they’re claiming for, or the Travel Insurance claim, exaggerating the […]

When did Health & Safety become a bad thing?

It’s weird isn’t it… Health & Safety is a good thing. Surely, we all want to be safe and healthy? We all want to take risks at times, but in the right place. I love extreme Snowboarding and am well in to surfing for example and some of the back country snowboarding hikes and rides I have done are not […]

Personal Injury Claims – is there a stigma attached?

Why is there a stigma attached to making a Personal Injury Claim? Unfortunately, some people are afraid to take up their legal right to make a claim for compensation, because they feel that they will be left with a stigma attached to them if they do. The peddlers of the ‘compensation culture‘ myth have managed to generate an air of […]

The Compensation Culture blame game… Again!

Councils in Compensation Claims moaning shocker! Once again the Local Government lobby is putting pressure on the public to try and deter us from exercising our legal rights! In yet another shameful PR stunt, the Local Government Association (LGA) has issued a press release bemoaning the fact that they are paying out large sums in compensation. We are saddened, but […]

The Compensation Culture Question

The Compensation Culture Myth Everyone has heard of the compensation culture. Apparently, we are living in a litigious society and one regularly hears cries of ‘we are becoming like America and claiming compensation for everything’. Well, we know that this is not the real case. As I have blogged before, a claim is only viable when an individual, company or […]

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