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Employers must ensure manual handling training to prevent back injuries at work

The most common cause of a back injury at work is through the incorrect lifting or moving of items in the workplace. Whether that be the occasional box of paper to refill a printer, repetitive lifting on a factory assembly line, or heavy items in a warehouse or construction site, all employers have the same responsibility to provide a safe […]

Machine operators work accident compensation – Mr. C. W’s story

When someone has been injured in a workplace accident and then consider making a claim for accident at work compensation, they usually share the same concerns and worries about pursuing a claim. Our claimants often tell us that they worry about whether making a claim could damage their employer, cause problems for colleagues or even lose the claimant their job. Good employers will handle an accident at […]

Cleaner’s work accident compensation – Mrs. L. A’s story

There are things that all people who have had an accident at work are concerned about when they are considering making a claim for work injury or illness compensation. All claimants and accident scenarios are different and should be treated as an individual matter, but there are common worries and concerns to address when it comes to making a claim. Claimants often […]

The effects of an accident at work

Suffering an accident in the workplace can be upsetting, humiliating and debilitating. Many people find it difficult to get back on their feet again. This is not only because of the physical injuries that they might have sustained, but the emotional implications of the incident too. Some individuals find it hard to return to work or feel comfortable to be […]

The importance of reporting an accident in the workplace

Accidents in the workplace can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. The first thing to do is notify your employer of the accident. Do not feel that reporting the accident would hurt your company – your employer is responsible for your safety and legally bound to be so. Immediately reporting the accident to your employer will also help them […]

A work accident compensation story

Real Lives, Real Injuries, Real Problems We have helped numerous victims of non fault accidents in their quest for Personal Injury Compensation. On a daily basis, we field calls and internet enquiries from potential clients who are struggling to cope in the aftermath of their accident and with the loss of income and independence their injuries have caused to them. […]

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