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Articles relating to accidents at work, employer responsibilities, your rights and what to do if you’re injured.

Employers must ensure manual handling training to prevent back injuries at work

The most common cause of a back injury at work is through the incorrect lifting or moving of items in the workplace. Whether that be the occasional box of paper to refill a printer, repetitive lifting on a factory assembly line, or heavy items in a warehouse or construction site, all employers have the same responsibility to provide a safe […]

Machine operators work accident compensation – Mr. C. W’s story

When someone has been injured in a workplace accident and then consider making a claim for accident at work compensation, they usually share the same concerns and worries about pursuing a claim. Our claimants often tell us that they worry about whether making a claim could damage their employer, cause problems for colleagues or even lose the claimant their job. Good employers will handle an accident at […]

Cleaner’s work accident compensation – Mrs. L. A’s story

There are things that all people who have had an accident at work are concerned about when they are considering making a claim for work injury or illness compensation. All claimants and accident scenarios are different and should be treated as an individual matter, but there are common worries and concerns to address when it comes to making a claim. Claimants often […]

Driver training and claims involving company vehicles

You would have thought that employers would provide enhanced driver training to staff members tasked with doing the miles on the road in the interests of the business. However, the results of a recent survey conducted by the ‘Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)’ found that nearly 75% of people who drive for their employers are not provided with […]

It’s easy to get updates on your work accident claim

The process of making a claim for work accident compensation can take some months, although it should now be quicker since the introduction of the Jackson Reforms (LASPO Act 2012) and it’s mandatory use of the claims portal by Solicitors and claimants. Being kept in the know As a claimant, you will be busy getting on with your life whilst your […]

Injuries associated with accident at work compensation

If you have had the misfortune of being involved in an accident at work, whether it be a slip on a wet floor or a lack of training, there is a strong possibility that you may have sustained injuries as a result.  You may be wondering what kind or what severity of injury warrants a personal injury claim or what exactly personal injury means? […]

One dead and two injured in scaffolding collapse on Putney building site

In apparent lapse of health and safety standards, sad news today in which it was announced that a man has died whilst two other men have been injured after scaffolding collapsed at a building site in the Putney area of London.  The announcement came after the Metropolitan Police were called at to the scene 10:15am today. One man was pronounced […]

Firm fined £26,800 after worker severs finger

A steel firm (Worldwide Steels) has been fined £26,800 after admitting that they were responsible for employer negligence when safety failings caused an employee to lose a finger and badly injure another in an accident at work. The worker, Antonio Pires, 63, had been bending sheet metal with a machine at Worldwide Steels of Watton in Norfolk, in May 2011. […]

Firm admits no less than 5 breaches of Health & Safety after employee killed

A business has now admitted to a series of health and safety failings after the the death of one of their employers. Mr. Anthony Robinson was killed when part of a strimmer flew off and hit him at a speed of 300mph whilst working at the Waterfront Business Park, Barrow Island, in February 2010. The employer in question, Lincolnshire based […]

The effects of an accident at work

Suffering an accident in the workplace can be upsetting, humiliating and debilitating. Many people find it difficult to get back on their feet again. This is not only because of the physical injuries that they might have sustained, but the emotional implications of the incident too. Some individuals find it hard to return to work or feel comfortable to be […]

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