A work accident compensation story

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Real Lives, Real Injuries, Real Problems

We have helped numerous victims of non fault accidents in their quest for Personal Injury Compensation. On a daily basis, we field calls and internet enquiries from potential clients who are struggling to cope in the aftermath of their accident and with the loss of income and independence their injuries have caused to them.

It is pleasing to know that during our daily slog at work, we have gone some way towards helping these people get back on their feet, both financially and physically. It goes without saying that nobody wants to get injured and nobody wants to be financially ruined because they cant work, especially after a terrible accident.

Thankfully, we live in a civilised society with a legal system that provides financially risk-free legal assistance like our No Win No Fee accident compensation service; to help the unfortunate innocent accident victims pick up the pieces of their lives and get back to where they should be.

Work Accident: loss of income, loss of happiness

Our client was at work at the joinery firm he had been with for around 6 weeks. As a skilled and qualified joiner, he was used to handling all sorts of machines, timbers and tools. His new employers had promised him everything. More money, better hours and the journey to his new work place was around ½ an hour less than his old one.

Unbeknown to our client, behind the image that they had put to him, they were corner cutters and scrimped on vital Health & Safety equipment, new tools, tool repairs and training. It turns out they the new employer preferred to take cash out of the business at the risk of employee injury.

When a new job came in, our client was only too pleased to be involved in the task. It seemed that overtime would be available and if the job were finished within the agreed time frame, a hefty bonus would be his for the taking. Who would turn that down?

The job was to make huge speaker boxes for stadium performance amps, the kind of thing that would be used by a huge rock band at Wembley Stadium. Our client knew how to use the routing machine, having used one for many years in his previous job. He knew the safety requirements of being trained, correct clothing, eye protection etc, so he started with the task in hand.

Cutting Corners

What he did not know was that his employer had loosened the safety guard to enable the large wooden amp frames to fit on the router. He had no idea that he was about to sustain a life changing injury through an act of negligence by his employer. Loosening the guard enabled the wood to fit the machine, but it also exposed him to a great risk of injury. The employer should have purchased or hired in a larger machine so that the job could be done safely.

Unfortunately, the loosened guard offered no protection to our client. As he was routing the 2nd item, the router jammed, pulled the wood hard and caused our clients hand to jam against the sharp blade.

His injuries were terrible. He basically routed the back of his dominant right hand clean off. Despite immediate medical attention and expert surgery within hours, the full use of his hand could not be saved. Now, as well as having a terrible disfigurement in a very visible place, he also has a 60% loss of use of the hand.

Loss of income

The severity of this injury caused our client to have no option other than to leave his job. He could no longer operate the machinery required and was unable to perform the tasks that he had done for many years. As a middle aged man with a training and background in the Joinery trade, he had no easy option and was unable to command an income anywhere near that which he was used to.

Suddenly, paying the bills, servicing his mortgage and funding his family was almost impossible. He was entitled to some benefits, but not enough to pay the way.

Accident at work compensation claim

Fortunately, our client was made aware of his right to make a claim and along with his wife looked in to his options. Thankfully, he chose the right partner for his work accident compensation claim and came to Direct 2 Compensation. We knew immediately after speaking with him that he had a very strong claim. Indeed, we went as close as we ever do to guaranteeing his claim would win. We never do guarantees of that sort though, but always guarantee that we offer a genuine No Win No Fee service.

His claim is now well towards settlement and our Panel Solicitor running the claim has informed us that the settlement will be substantial. The 3rd party insurance company has accepted liability and it is hoped that the settlement will be enough to wipe out our clients immediate financial worries. Our client has since been in contact with us and is very happy with the progress to date of his claim.

Remember your rights. You can claim if you are not at fault

If you, a friend, family member or colleague is injured at work through no fault of their own, they may well be able to claim accident compensation. The compensation settlement will not change the fact that they are injured and have suffered, but it will compensate them for the pain and distress of their injuries and financial losses.

Any claim is made against an Insurer, such as an Employers Liability, Motoring or Public Liability Insurance Policy. The insurers accept the risk and charge a premium to provide cover. If the worst happens, the policy is there to be used.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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