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Employers are legally required to provide a safe working environment, and the correct training and equipment to employees. If their negligence led to you or someone you know suffering a neck injury, then you are entitled to claim compensation. Here we look at what this involves.

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Injuries to the neck commonly cause extreme pain, limit mobility, and often leave people struggling to carry out everyday activities such as driving and working. These claims regularly happen because of employer negligence.

Many claims relate to soft tissue injuries to the muscles and ligaments of the upper spine, shoulders and neck. They are commonly caused through strain related incidents, such as dangerous carrying techniques and workers being asked to lift items exceeding a safe weight limit. Manual handling claims are among the most frequent we deal with. It reiterates just how important it is that employers take every step possible to make sure that employees receive manual handling training and know how to lift items safely, especially heavy items, and how to identify items that will require 2 persons or lifting equipment to move.

A lack of training, a failure to provide the correct equipment and failing to provide a safe working environment is known as employer negligence. Employers are legally obliged to provide a safe and secure environment for workers and visitors to any work site.  Claims will succeed if it can be shown that the employer has been negligent and exposed them to the risk of injury.

The benefits of claiming neck injury compensation

Employees who suffer neck injuries at work often contact us when they are in a considerable amount of pain, unable to move freely and sleep comfortably, or work and earn their regular salary. Recovering from neck injuries can take many months. Sadly, some people may never feel like they have fully recovered and their injury is always present whenever they attempt any physical task.

If you have injured your neck as a result of your working life or in an accident at work, claiming personal injury compensation can help ease some of the problems you face.

As all claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis, you will never be charged if your claim does not succeed. A successful claim will lead to a compensation settlement being made to you, with the value of the claim including any lost income and incurred costs as well as a settlement value for the injuries you have suffered and medical treatment that you have required.

As well as a financial settlement to cover your neck injury, claiming compensation can also help you in other ways.

  • Making a claim is your legal right, and fairly compensates you for injuries that were not your fault.
  • It can include private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to speed your recovery.
  • It can make up for lost income now and in the future.
  • You can also claim out of pocket expenses and other losses.

Specialist rehabilitation therapies

Once your claim is active and your solicitor has obtained an admission of liability from the insurers that provide your employer with their employer liability insurance, your claim will succeed. At this point, your solicitor can look to help you to recover more quickly by obtaining specialist rehabilitation therapy if it is deemed relevant and needed. In the case of a neck injury, such rehabilitation therapy would most likely involve osteopathic/chiropractic or massage therapies. Any such physiotherapy or private specialist treatments will be provided at the expense of the third party dealing with your claim.

In the more severe claims, neck injuries can include bone fractures, paralysis and even psychological trauma. Depending on the specifics of your injury, your solicitor may be able to look to obtain further treatments – unavailable in usual circumstances – to help you recover more quickly from your injuries than you otherwise may do. Further information on this will be available from your solicitor once your claim has been started.

When can you make a claim?

Whilst neck injury at work claims are usually associated with jobs that include repeated lifting, such as in warehouses, factories, construction sites and shops, they can happen in any workplace. Even jobs that most people would see as very safe, like an office job, can see employees suffer nasty neck injuries.

Common scenarios leading to compensation include:

Employers must ensure that the staff member is correctly trained and provided with the right know how and tools to work safely, further, the employer is responsible for the maintenance and safety of any equipment provided to employees to use during the performance of their duties.

Regardless of the kind of workplace, employers must by law ensure:

  • That staff are adequately trained in how to lift items safely, identify heavy items and be provided with the correct equipment and working environment to follow such training.
  • That any items provided to staff to enable them to lift heavier items are regularly maintained and repaired, and that any items that are reported to be or are found to be faulty or dangerous are removed from use and only returned to active service once repaired fully.

Employers that fail to ensure full training, guidance and a safe ‘lifting and moving’ policy will be liable should any injuries happen to the staff under their leadership if they are injured as a result of lifting or moving items at work. Any person injured in this way at work is entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. If you believe that the cause of your neck injury was because of the negligence of an employer or other organisation who failed to provide training or the correct equipment, you should contact Direct2Compensation today to start your claim.

How Direct2Compensation can help with your claim

As with all accidents, if you have injured your neck at work or anywhere else, it is important to make sure that the details of your accident have been recorded properly within an accident book or elsewhere, and that medical attention is sought for any injuries that you have sustained. If you haven’t done this already, we can help you to do so.

Direct2Compensation are experts in managing compensation claims. Over the years we have successfully assisted many neck injury claimants and have helped them to find the right specialist injury compensation solicitor. We know your rights and can help you to understand whether you are likely to be able to successfully hold your employer liable for your injuries.

Direct2Compensation work with some of the best accident at work solicitors in the UK. With our easy to understand claims process and ability to handle your claim quickly, simply and transparently, there are many reasons that make us the right choice when it comes to starting your compensation claim.

To start your claim today, or even to find out a little bit more about the claims process and how we can help, call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer, we can call you back.

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  1. I tore my bicep muscle off and and also hurt my neck at work but my neck was never checked. Now I have torn both biceps again and they finally did an MRI on my neck and shoulder. I now have stenosis of the neck and the pain runs down my back, in my buttocks, down my legs and in to my feet, which feel like they are going to explode when I get up from sleeping or just sitting. I need someone to help me.

    This all happened in 2008 and they said that I had lost 2% use of my shoulder, but now I can hardly walk due to my neck. They should owe me for my neck from 2008. I always complained about my neck but the Doctors didn’t check it till now and i have stenosis of the neck.

    • In the UK, you are afforded a strict claim limitation period of 3-years from the date of an injury in which any claim for compensation must be made. As your injuries date back to 2008, some 10-years ago, you will be statute barred and unable to do anything.

  2. I used to work for the Royal Mail 18 years ago , in the last 10 years I have suffered with very bad neck pain , in the last 7 years suffered with terrible headaches and spasms in my neck and head causing me being admitted to hospital several times, I’ve had a MRI on my neck which the results were narrowing of discs in C4 C5 C6 , I’m constantly suffered with dizzy spells and passing out for 7 years which I’ve been told by many specialist that this is caused by my neck issues , I am now waiting for a spine MRI to see if my spine has some damage , I’m constantly off work now with no pay in and out of hospital , I am now with numbness in both arms and legs walking with a walking stick , I would like to know if I can claim any compensation after so many years as I have financial issues due to this .

    • There is a strict 3-year limitation period on making a claim for compensation. In your case, it would appear that your injuries are long standing and as such, your 3-year limitation period would commence at the date that you became aware of your injuries being a work related issue.

  3. I have been doing the same job now for 24 years! Now I have problems with my neck due to bending over 300 times a day. I am now in the process of needing decompression surgery due to the wear and tear of my neck vertebrae. Am I in a position to make a claim against my employer for this?

    • You may be able to pursue a claim against this employer for repetitive strain injury compensation, but much will depend on the nature of your work, what training your employer has provided you with and importantly, when you began to notice pain from the injuries and sought medical treatment for the same. This last point is important as it will determine your strict claim limitation period that governs how long you have got to make a claim for compensation.

      We would strongly advise that you get in contact with us so that we can take some basic details and then pass your enquiry to one of our specialist industrial repetitive strain injury Solicitors. We can then get them to speak directly with you about your work, what you do, your injuries and then ascertain whether or not you can pursue a claim against the employer. You can either call us on 01225430285 or send your contact details to us by email ( and we’ll call you. Remember, we work on a fully No Win No Fee basis so you really should investigate your prospects further by getting in touch.

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