Claiming NHS accident at work compensation


If you work in the NHS and have had an accident at work, you may be able to pursue a No Win No Fee personal injury claim for compensation. There is no difference between working in the NHS to that of any other employer. In the UK, all face the same duty of care regarding employer negligence and their responsibilities towards the health and safety of all staff. A lack of training, inadequate health and safety risk assessment, or any other area of negligence can lead to claims against the NHS.

NHS Injury Allowance

Separate to compensation claims, the NHS Injury Allowance provides support to staff who sustain an injury, disease or other health condition which is attributable to their employment. However, many NHS staff are not eligible for the scheme – including GP and dental practice staff, and agency staff. Plus, not all injuries are covered and the allowance only tops up sick pay, or earnings when on a phased return up to 85% of pay.

As such, the NHS Injury Allowance may not provide enough assistance to you, and claiming compensation becomes the only option in many cases.

Any NHS employee can claim

The right to make a claim exists for all employees, including those who are temporary staff or working through an agency.

When we consider those working within the NHS, we immediately think of nursing staff, doctors and other medical professionals. However, there are many different roles in such a huge organisation, with people employed in offices, facilities departments, maintenance, engineering and more.

Common NHS work acccidents

There is no single typical accident type that affects workers within the NHS, but common ones include:

Given the size and nature of such a huge employer, it is understandable that sometimes errors can occur. Staff can easily be exposed to the risk of injury through a lack of adequate training, faulty machines or inadequate protective equipment. The NHS can also be a very stressful environment, leading to claims for psychological as well as physical injuries.

At Direct2Compensation we have successfully assisted a number of NHS employees and other care workers with claims for compensations after accidents at work. You can call our friendly and helpful staff on 01225 430285 or get your claim started online today. We take pride in making sure that you feel understood and look forward to helping you make your claim.

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  1. While supporting a patient with personal care I injured my shoulder and was sent to A&E. I took my 3 days off work plus an extra 2 and returned to work still struggling but couldn’t afford to be off work. A month later I was supporting a confused patient and they pulled me on the same shoulder. This time I was off for 3 weeks with a doctors note. I have now had to reduce my hours to part time as I’m scared that I will damage it more. I try and pick up bank shifts on lighter wards to make up my wages, but have now decided that I am going to have to leave this ward and go on bank in the hope that I will be able to find full time employment in a lighter position within the hospital.

    I have been put on a stage 2 because I was off twice and i’m afraid that if I hurt myself again it will be a stage 3 which could mean deployment. I was told by someone that I should put in a claim, but I’m not sure.

    • We would certainly be happy to investigate your situation for you with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation for your shoulder injury and lost income on a No Win No Fee basis.

      Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website so that we can discuss this further with you.

  2. Hi, I’m 27 and have been working for the NHS for nearly 10 years in admin (always full time and usually spend the majority of my day seated at a desk). I have been diagnosed with early degenerative disk disease (possibly due to continued seated positions etc.) I was off work sick for several months last year and returned to work Jan 2019 after going for an MRI, having MSK physio and seeing occupational health who advised on an ergonomic chair and possible sit-stand desk to relieve pressure on my back. However, several months later this STILL hasn’t been sorted and I am now off work sick AGAIN (practically bed bound and on more strong medication AGAIN i.e. tramadol etc. as I can only stand and lie down atm and cannot sit in a seated position for more then a few minutes without my back muscles tightening etc.) so am now in chronic pain and am now (from this month May) going into half sick pay. However, I don’t believe this is my fault as surely if the recommended measures were in place when I returned to work back in January, I may not have been off sick now so would not be going into half sick pay…?? Where do you think I stand with this and do you think its worth pursuing as thinking about it now my back problem may even have been the result of my job in admin and not having the right measures in place i.e. doing constant overtime, not having regular breaks, not having the right equipment such as chairs etc. Thanks in advance for your help and advice and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • You describe an interesting and ‘unusual’ possible claim. In the interests of being fully honest, I do not know whether or not you would be able to succeed with such a claim in that you may not be able to prove that the back condition you are suffering with was fully caused by your employer. However, it seems that qualified people (Occ Health) have made recommendations that have not been acted upon by your employer. As such, it is perfectly reasonable for you to look further in to this and we would gladly assist with such investigations.

      Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact so that we can present further details of your situation to some of our expert specialist Solicitors and allow them to advise you further on this matter.

  3. I had an accident at work involving a patient trolley running over my right foot yesterday. I informed my supervisor and was told to do an xray as I work in the imaging dept. Xray did not show any fracture and the radiologist told me that it was not necessary to go to the A+E doctor. I had some pain at the time over the foot , however the pain seemed to have moved to my ankle and hind foot instead. I did not goto work the next day as my foot was still sore. However there was no swelling or bruising but my shoe was broken due to to the accident. Kindly advise if I should take this up with my management. I have also booked an appointment to see my GP in the next week.

    • Having now spoken with you, our initial view is that your enquiry should be taken further as the space within the workplace and the equipment being used would appear to be an accident waiting to happen.

  4. November 2017 I was assaulted by a restrained mental health patient whilst at work. The investigation involved found I had adhered to all policies and that this was a freak accident. I was punched in the face and consequently my nose was broken. I had one week off work due to sustaining a black eye. It has taken 18 months (1st April 2019) to receive a septoplasty for my deviated septum and reconstruction of the cartilage in my left nostril as my air way was obstructed.

  5. I have worked for the NHS for over 35 years and am now suffering long-term, severe back pain. I am awaiting my second orthopaedic back operation, to relieve the pain. I am on strong pain killers to enable me to function and I am convinced that it is due to years of lifting heavy patients etc, without the correct equipment being available!
    How do I prove this and can I make a successful claim, as, financially, I cannot afford to stop working?

    • The issue you will face in any claim is proving the causal link between your work and your injury and then establishing that your employer has been negligent and caused the damage to your back through a lack of training or incorrect working practices/equipment.

      The first thing to do is to speak with your Doctors to ask them whether they are of the view that your injury is work related and not age related wear and tear.

  6. I work in housekeeping at NHS..last year December I slipped and fell due,there was splatter of water on the floor unknown to me.I was taken to A&E and had 2 xrays done.My foot was not broken but swollen,as they think I might have injured a tendon..I was given a boot to wear as support..I returned to work letting them know my foot was still hurting when long periods of time on it and been seen by an occupational health nurse who monitors me every 3 months.Unfortunately this Teusday evening gone 16/04/19 I slipped and fell again on a wet floor while trying to assist a patient who needed help.The patient witness the fall and gave me his details if I need a witness..I was taken to A&E and had a scan done on the same foot and also my knee this time as my knee went down hard into the floor..No cracks or broken foot or knee but my knee swollen and burning and I’m in lots of pain.Ive been booked off but before I left my supervisor made it sound as if it was my fault cause she said I should have anti slip shoes.Abit upset to that statement as not even the patient could see the water on the floor..Do I have a valid claim?

    • Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website or call our team on 01225430285 as you do have valid claims in both matters you describe. We would be very happy to help you on a No Win No Fee basis to claim compensation for both the injuries you have suffered. Claiming compensation against your employers insurance will not affect your job or your right to continue to work at the same location.

  7. I currently work for the nhs as a domestic…i was scalded on my hand through a broken tap that had been reported several times..although it was not a serious scald,it still hurt a lot and has left a red mark on my hand and the skin to my hand feels different.i was seen in a&e where it was dressed and had to have a week off work….do i have a case

    • You definitely have a valid claim against your employer. When a hazardous or item that poses a risk of injury is reported, an employer has an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act to take immediate steps to protect their staff and reduce the risk of injury. In this case, the tap should have been repaired or removed from use until repaired when first reported. The fact that it had been reported several times without any action being taken by the employer indicates employer negligence and I would expect you to succeed with a claim.

      We would be very happy to assist you with a claim for this injury. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to send us some further details. Our team will then call you to explain your rights and help you claim compensation for the injury you sustained at work.

  8. As a bank worker I picked up a night shift, It was me and another bank worker as the only health cares wgen there should have been atleast 4. I was warned about an aggressive man on the ward that I would need to 1-1 previously this man had hot out and was hard to control, I requested if there was a man available to look after him as there was another comment made that he is calmer with men. A charge nurse made a comment of “why should a man be hit instead of a woman” I had to 1:1 him regardless. He repeatedly hit me until he calmed down for a little while, he then strangled me out the blue. I was told to have 10 minutes, at this time i was told he had actuallh strangled another woman before me. security was called and the charge nurse came up to the ward I went down to a+e where I was told the patient hyper extended my neck giving me whiplash. I had to take a month off from work due to stress anxiety and pain. Do I have a claim?

    • There is certainly reasonable grounds to pursue a claim against your employer and they will have to show that they have taken every possible precaution to protect you and minimise the risk of such an incident.

  9. Ive worked for the NHS for over 3 years. 7 weeks ago I was carrying something into a room I noticed the door was open but because my arms were full I didn’t notice the box on the floor propping the door open. I walked straight in and fell
    with some force over the box. My knees took the impact of the fall and are still suffering 7 weeks on. With pockets of fluid on them I am unable to kneel on them. And have lower back pain since the fall. Could I have a claim ?

    • My initial view is that you do have a valid claim to be made for the injuries you have sustained in your accident at work. The placement of a box within the doorway is a hazard and an obstruction of a walkway, therefore employer liability ought to attach.

      Make sure that the details of your accident and injury are recorded with your employer in the accident book – which probably has already been done.

      We would be very happy to help you with a claim and invite you to call us on 01225430285 to speak with our staff. Alternatively, if you prefer you can use our online ‘start a claim’ option and we’ll call you.

    • Sadly, you cannot claim for something that happened in 1984 – even if you are still suffering. 1984 is some 35 years ago now and would be well outside of the strict UK personal injury compensation claim limitation period of 3 years from the date of the accident.

  10. I’ve worked for the NHS since 2014, I’ve never had a handling and lifting course. In 2015 I had to have surgery for Carpal tunnel on both hands. I’m currently waiting on a nerve test to decide if I have carpal tunnel syndrome again. I’m currently of work with the same symptom.

  11. Patient fell against me when he lost his footing and fell against me and I lost my footing and hit another bed. Have had surgery to my hip for damage from fall. Can I sue the trust for cost of surgery

    • Sadly this would appear to be a simple accident that was unavoidable and could not have been prevented. As such, I can’t see how the trust could be held liable and therefore forced to make a compensation settlement in this case.

    • Hi I had a accident at work in Feb this year I slipped on a water spillage there was no signs I broke my wrist and got it in a plaster cast can I claim

      • Under UK law, the scenario you describe would indicate that you have a valid right to make a claim for slipping accident compensation.

        At Direct2Compensation, we have a proven expertise in claims for slipping accident compensation and can help you make your claim. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact with us and start your claim for compensation.

  12. Had a shoulder injury.its a supraspinatus tendon tear was out of work since september 2018, had an offer from the hospital but i moved to sunderland. The hospital where i work is university hospitals of bristol nhs trust down in southwest. They initially given me a compensation but have not taken it as i feel is not enough. I been with the trust for the last ten years. Its was career ending injury. And i never had any compensation from it.

    • Have you instructed a specialist Solicitor to pursue your claim? If not, perhaps you could use our ‘start a claim’ page to make further contact with us in order that we can investigate whether or not this is something our specialist Solicitors could take further for you.

  13. I work for a large nhs trust as a nursing auxiliary on a trauma and orthopaedic ward. One night we were short of staff and a patient who had previously needed 1:1 care due to confusion and aggression needed personal care. Due to his size myself and the RN waited for help to change him, but help never came as other areas were also busy and short staffed. The RN decided we should change him by ourselves as we couldn’t leave him any longer and he was quite calm. During the change he became aggressive and started to hit out and whilst the bed bar was up for him to pull himself over on the bed he grabbed my wrist and used it to pull himself over, he would not let go and the RN had to pull his hands from around my wrist. This resulted in shoulder damage which at first was muscular however after xrays, ultrasounds and an MRI I have been diagnosed with having a ganglion cyst which has occurred through the muscle not repairing properly due to fluid trapping in between the muscle tear. I had used all my paid sick leave and had to return to work still in pain and still suffering 20 months on. Recently the pain has been causing numbness through to my wrist suggesting nerve damage and I am currently waiting to see the orthopaedic doctor. I have discussed this with another claim company and have been told it is simply an accident and there is no blame, could this be possible? A member of staff in my trust received 3k for a bruise for walking into equipment, yet in theory I was assaulted by a confused patient and there is nothing that can be done.

    • It is possible that you may not be able to succeed with a claim here. However, whilst this may be the case there remains the possibility that you could succeed with a claim too! Whether or not you would succeed with a claim is likely to depend on what defence the employer can provide. If it can be shown that they have met their statutory requirements and that the correct risk assessments and procedures were in place then it could be seen as a very unfortunate accident. That said, if the employer has failed in any area, you would succeed.

      We have successfully assisted NHS professionals in claims for injuries caused in this exact same manner and as such, it would be sensible for us to further investigate a claim for you. To take this further, we would need a few minutes on the phone with you in order that we can obtain additional details and then present the matter to our specialist Solicitors for detailed consideration.

      If you would like further help with this, please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website and we’ll do our best to help you claim compensation for the injury you sustained whilst at work.

  14. Hello,

    I was wondering if I had any right to a claim. I was working bank staff for NHS and injured my arm while on duty. I was out of work for 6 months, had medical treatment for a few months and now I have had to find employment in another field as I cannot fully manage any heavy lifting or manual handling of patients.
    My husband has insisted that I try to file a claim for compensation.

    • You have a right to claim whether you are bank staff or full time staff. Whether or not you have a valid claim will depend on the cause of your arm injury. We need to know how it happened, what you were doing and whether the employer could have foreseen this and taken action to reduce the risk of it occurring.

      Our team will make contact with you to discuss your situation in more detail and help you identify whether or not you can pursue a claim in this matter.

  15. Had a back injury at work in theatres just went in to help theatres to transfer patient. Very large patient unconscious. 2 people on my side and three on the other and to put slide sheet under the patient. I was rolling with my anaesthetist. I normally work in recovery as a Nurse. I am not sure not able to let go the patient after rolled towards me. I Hurt my back. Been off work for nearly five weeks now till get back better.

    • In the scenario you describe, you may have a valid claim for compensation against your employer for the injury to your back – if it can be demonstrated that you had not had the correct training or guidance in performing the work that caused you to sustain injury.

      Given your description of the incident, my initial view is that we should further investigate this matter for you as you may well have a valid claim for accident at work compensation. Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact regarding your accident at work.

  16. Hi Sir

    Can I make a claim for some form of compensation
    I fell at work 6 years ago and become disabled
    a solicitor kept my case for 3 years and didn’t help me
    Ihave work on the NHS Nurse Bank for 9 years

    I have lost everything I am sick and suffering

    can my case still be looked into please .

    • Sadly, we cannot help you as the law of limitation in personal injury is strictly enforced at 3-years from the date of your accident. If you believe that your previous Solicitor has negligently impacted your chances of obtaining compensation, you may be able to pursue a claim against them for professional negligence.

  17. I am a sonographer in the NHS, in Jan 2018 we had a staff member go out on maternity leave, which left us short staffed (small team), as it appeared our replacement sonographer was being held up with a lengthy notice period, we were picking up the additional patient load. I then started to suffer with right thumb pain, our muscloskeletal doctor did an ultrasound and the tendon was clearly thickened and inflamed. with tenosynovitis. Despite my situation and asking for locum support, it was not given.
    I then developed trigger finger from the inflammation and tried two different cortisone injections to ease the swelling, neither worked.
    Unfortunately the next course of action for recovery was surgery. Long story short, surgery was problematic as calcifications and debris were surrounding the tendon, which tnen became infected. Finally in July the infection was gone and I was finally pain free.
    In September again we found ourselves severely short staffed for long periods of time and despite asking for locum help which was denied.
    I started having pain again in my right thumb, more acute than last time.
    Now with the loss of my tendon sheath there is nothing else I can do but to stop scanning, with a rough estimate by occupational health of 3 months. The only long term fix now is to decrease my hours or find a new career. I have been a sonographer for 25 years so not an easy feat to quickly find and train for another career.
    What are my options when all of this damage has arisen out of being over worked and under staffed in the NHS and hiring a locum wasn’t an option until I became injured.

    • Our advice is that you should contact us on 01225430285 (Mon-Fri). Your situation may well indicate an industrial injury or repetitive strain injury. If certain criteria are met, someone who sustains injury through the negligence of an employer – such as insufficient protective equipment, a lack of adequate training or insufficient work breaks and job rotation may seek to pursue a claim for compensation against their employer.

      The scenario you have described should most certainly be discussed in detail with a specialist Solicitor able to advise you with expertise as to whether or not the specifics of your work situation would enable you to succeed with a claim for compensation.

      Our expert No Win No Fee Solicitors have the expertise you need. You can call us on 01225430285 (Mon-Fri) or use our website enquiry form to start your claim.

  18. Hi I work for the NHS , while answering a call bell I knocked my knee on the luggage that the patient had on the floor . I torn a legament in my knee . It’s left me with erthrites in my knee .could I put a calm in .

    • You may have a right to make a claim in this matter. The employer has a responsibility to ensure that a safe working environment is provided. Whilst it may have been the patient who placed the luggage in situ and not the employer, the employer has allowed it to remain in that place and then cause you injury.

  19. I work as support staff for the nhs ,On the ward I was working there were several confused patients to two staff members one attacked me and now my shoulder is damaged can I claim?

    • You have a legal right to make a claim for compensation against your employer if you feel that your injury could have been avoided if the employer had taken appropriate action. In this case, there could be a failure on the employers part to provide the correct ratio of staff to patients and given the nature of the kind of issues the patients you are working with have, it may be that the employer has not acted correctly and placed you at a heightened risk of injury.

      Of course, we need to know more before we can say either way for certain, but this scenario is something we have experienced and succeeded with previously. Why not use our ‘start a claim form’ or call us on 01225430285 so that we can look further in to this for you.

  20. Hi I received a shoulder injury at work assisting a confused and aggressive patient. 15 months later I am still waiting for surgery. And now my trust wants to take me to tribunal to dismiss me as I have been off sick so long. Can they do this?

    • If an employee is unfit to work through illness or injury, an employer must afford them a reasonable time to recover and return to work. If the employee is unable to recover to a condition that enables them to work, the employer has the right to seek to terminate the employment – although they must adhere to the correct statutory due process, hence the tribunal.

      Whilst this is upsetting for you, the law would deem it unreasonable for an employer to be forced to retain an employee who is unable to work due to ill health or injury.

      With regards to the shoulder injury, have you attempted to make a claim for compensation against the employer for the injury and losses caused to you by the same? Of course, we do not know about the incident, your training, the employers actions etc so it is hard to advise you at this stage, but in theory, if you could succeed with a claim for compensation against the employer, you would be able to recover compensation for your injuries, lost income to date and importantly, recover future lost income if your injury is sufficiently serious that you are left unable to work.

  21. Hi i am a nurse at a hospital and i went to support the ward next door to my own during a cardiac arrest but ended up taking charge and carrying out chest compressions with another member of staff from my ward – the patients named staff were not involved in any resus at any point
    I ended up with a back injury from chest compressions and from leaning over the patient to put on a bp cuff. Do you think i would be entitled to claim for injury as i feel this injury has had a negative impact on my subsequent pregnancy

    • It would be wise to put the scenario you describe before a specialist personal injury Solicitor – such as those with whom we work – as they would be able to advise as to whether or not you could pursue a claim against your employer in this matter.

  22. Hi
    I am an NHS employee, I have been in my post for two and a half years. For the last year I have suffered from pins and needles and a loss of use of my right arm.. I noticed this when I was using my laptop and the laptop was broken to I had to sit at a strange angle to use it. I did report this and my two managers where aware of the pain I was experiencing. I eventually lost the use of my right arm completely and was sent for an MRI scan, the scan showed I have a bulging disc in my neck, C6, I am having regular physiotherapy and acupuncture to maintain the use of my arm and help with the pain. I am sure that this injury is a result of faulty equipment allocated to me and I wondered if I would be in a position to claim some compensation. I may end up having to have surgery on my neck to try and alleviate the pain.
    Many Thanks

    • It is important that you make sure that any suggestion of the injury being caused by fault equipment that had previously been reported is noted with your employers. To that end, I would strongly recommend that you make contact with your HR department to make a formal report of this issue with them.

      If an employer has failed to remove a risk of injury – including a faulty item such as a laptop – from use, they could be held liable should that item go on to cause an injury. In your case, you have clearly suffered a very nasty injury and if medical experts can agree that the cause is likely to rest with the faulty work equipment, you would have a very strong prospect of succeeding with a claim against your employer.

      We are of the view that we should present a claim enquiry on your behalf to our specialist Solicitors in order that they can make a detailed evaluation as to whether or not you can further pursue a claim for compensation. Remember, we work on a fully No Win No Fee basis so it will not cost you a penny to further investigate your rights in this matter and given the extent of the injury you have sustained, making a claim would be a sensible and reasonable course of action.

      To make your claim with Direct2Compensation, simply email your contact details to me or call us on 01225430285.

  23. Hi Ian,
    Is it possible to claim for an injury caused by repetative strain? I am a Mammographer and struggled for months positioning the ladies and felt my shoulders/ arms and hands getting weaker. I thought it would get better but it just got worse.
    Then i was off work – for 11 months now as i have severe M.E and had a relapse. Most of that time i was bed ridden.
    I had a lot of symptoms with my M.E but i did tell my GP about the the pain in my shoulders too , and how it was a work injury and suspected it was a torn rotator cuff in both shoulders.
    The GP gave me a steroid injection in my shoulderbut it didnt help.
    They referred me for ultrasound and X-rays. Ive just had them done. The Sonographer said i was right about the repetative strain injury but it was bursitis in both shoulders. I explai explained that i was a Mammographer and had done it positioning but had been off work nearly a year so had been resting it, but it was still really painful. She said my shoulders were really bad to say ive been resting them and i must have been in a lot of pain when working. She also said i shouldnt go back to that job with those injuries.
    I will need X ray guided steroid/ cortisone injections done in theatre.
    I also explained about these injuries and the treatment plan to my supervisor in the monthly meetings ive had since ive been off work.
    Ive read online that you should report injuries at work with 30 days but tbh as it was an ongoing problem with the positionong of ladies when doing my job i knew there was nothing i could do about it so didnt report it. I thought it would get better. But it hasnt its just got worse.
    Im now in my second stage and due to have my final hearing where i will be losing my job on ill health because of my M.E and pain.
    I have already set the balls in motion by applying for my pension due to ill health.
    Ive been on half pay since May. My last wage will be in November.

    Is there anything i can do ? Can i claim any compensation in this situation? Or any advice please?

    Kind Regards,


    • Given the extent of your symptoms and the consequences of the situation (you losing your job), I think your situation would be of interest to our specialist Solicitors.

      Your employer does have a duty of care to ensure that you are adequately trained and supported to reduce and minimise the risk of injury at work. It is hard to say at this stage as to whether or not you would succeed with a claim, but I do think we should put this to our Solicitors for you. I suggest that you send your contact details to me by email and I can then call you to discuss this situation in greater detail with a view to presenting a claim enquiry to our specialist Solicitors.

  24. Hi iam a community nurse, when on a planned visit, I parked my car in the drive area, when I stepped out of the car and headed to the house, I slipped and twisted, and felt something give in my back, I looked on the ground and noticed I slipped on mud or chicken faeces as the house was located on a chicken farm.
    I carried on with the Home visit, and returned to the hospital, I completed a incident form , as I was experiencing pain in my right buttock.
    A couple of days later the pain had increased in severity, radiating from my right buttock down to my foot. I went to the gp, who felt it was probably muscular damage caused by the slip and twist, and gave me three weeks off.
    I returned to work and usual duties as a community nurse, the suddenly approximately two months later the pain returned to the right buttock, radiating down my right leg, causing difficulty in mobilising, I went to the gp, who felt this was not muscular, and MRI has revealed a large slipped disc, which is compressing the nerve, I have been seen by the neuro consultant who has advised to try steroid injection into the spine area causing the problem, but he thinks this may not be successful, and I may need spinal surgery.
    I have not been able to return to work, due to severe pain, and poor mobility.
    I am concerned I may not be able to return to my job as a community nurse, specialist practitioner.
    Can you please advise me , regarding making a claim, if I am no longer able to work.

    • You have done the right things so far in ensuring that an incident report was completed with the employer and also seeking medical attention. Therefore, important evidence will be in place to verify the injuries and that they were caused in an accident whilst you were at work.

      Whilst your claim is unusual in that the accident happened at a 3rd party site that you were sent to by your employer, we feel that it is worthy of further investigation and we would like to speak with you in order to take a little more information and then get our specialist Solicitors to speak with you and offer expert advice about going forward with your claim for compensation.

      Clearly, the injury you have sustained is a serious matter that leaves you facing a long rehabilitation period, possible surgery and even the awful possibility of being unable to return to your profession. Therefore, exploring your rights with regards to making a claim for compensation is something that you have every right to do.

      If you would like us to investigate this matter further for you, please call our office on 01225430285. We would initially take some basic information before passing the matter to the right specialist Solicitor with adequate expertise and experience in such matters.

  25. I worked as a radiographic technologist on the night shift at a local hospital. Every morning shortly after midnight, my partner, who was also my night supervisor, Ali g with one other rad tech and I would bring a portable XRAY machine into the ICU unit to Xray patients in their bed. On one particular morning, my partner/supervisor was not happy about crating the ICU patients and was extremely agitated. He was holding the Xray board waiting for me to lift the patient away from the bed so he could slip the board behind the patients back so the 3rd tech could depress the button that captures the picture on the Xray computer screen. While I was pulling a sheet up over the patient’s back to relieve the coldness from the Xray board, I told My supervisor I wasn’t ready yet. My supervisor/partner got even more agitated and cursing and tried to cram the board behind the patient’s back, but hit me on the top of my head with the corner of the Xray board extremely hard. The blow to my head from the corner of the cassette was so severe that it caused my teeth to crack and break. My partner kept saying he was so sorry and also said “I just hate this place and this job so much, I could just kill everyone here.” I then held my hand up to my mouth and spit blood and teeth into my hand. I told him I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain in my head and my jaws. He told me to go ri Sr my mouth out and go sit down in the ER Xray room from which we had come. I contacted the hospital night supervisor to file an injury report, but he told me my immediate supervisor who was the one who injured me would have to do it. When my partner/supervisor finished ICU and got back to ER XRAY, I told him he needed to file an accident/injury report so I could get a CT scan of my heD and my teeth fixed. I even contacted the Radiolgy Manager of the whole department who told me I couldn’t file the report, that my immediate supervisor had to do it, but still had not done it. I then went to HR (Himan Resources) and began filling out paperwork, but when the HR nurse heard what I had to say, he took the paperwork that I was filling out and tore it up, and told me my immediate supervisor had to fill it out. I went to the dentist and got one tooth capped, but Workman Comp denied it because they had no report of the accident. I kept contacting all the same people and even my partner who had caused the injury, but no one would help me. My partner just kept saying he would come in during day shift and file the accident report, but he never did. I had to pay out of my own pocket to have the tooth fixed since my dental insurance denied it also because it was work related. I have had several estimates of around $10,000 for my teeth to be fixed. I have been trying to get them fixed as I can save extra money, but am in constant pain and my teeth have broken and cracked so far back in my gums, that some have had to be pulled. I was in a daze for months and my thought process was extremely slow because of my head injury, but could not afford a CT scan out of my own finances as my health insurance wouldn’t pay because it wS work related. Shortly afterwards, maybe 4 to 5 months, my right shoulder was injured while trying to lift a patient. My evening shift supervisor filed a report and I was told to go to the company doctor the next morning when I got off work. The company doctor put me in a shoulder sling and told me to get my supervisor to put me on day shift instead of my regular night shift. Day shift has over 20 rad techs along with 6 transporters who lift patients for us. Night shift has only 3 rad techs and no transporters, and we lift our own patients from their bed onto our Xray and CT tables which is extremely hard and dangerous. My daytime supervisor told me I had to still work the night shift because no one from day shift wanted to switch shifts with me and there were no extra workers to take my place. I went to work with my right shoulder in a sling and with horrible pain. I brought an ER patient back to my ER Xray room. The patient wS able to get out of bed and stand upright to take X-rays. And she could get onto my Xray table on her own and lie down for X-rays. Upon completion of the X-rays, I told the patient to lie still as I was lowering the table with my foot on the depressor. As the table wS Lowe’s g, the patient grabbed my left arm that was not in a sling to help herself up. As she grabbed my arm and pulled me, I began to falling towards her. I still had my right arm in a sling and could not catch myself from falling. So, to keep from falling on top of the patient, I turned my body and fell to the floor while she still had hold of my left arm that was now twisted behind me and over my head. I have since had right shoulder surgery, 3 tier cervical fusion and 3 tier lumbar fusion surgery. My teeth have had to be put on hold but the pain is excruciating in my mouth and gums and the top of my head still hurts at the slightest touch. Although workers Comp is paying for my injuries I sustained on those two consecutive nights, they act as tho my heD and teeth injury never occurred. Not one person had ever called to inquire about my health, but I was sent a letter by mail several months after my arm, neck and back injury saying my job had been terminated. What, if anything, can be done about getting my teeth fixed? Thank you

    • We think you should speak with a specialist personal injury lawyer regarding your situation and injuries with a view to making a claim for compensation.

  26. I am a nurse and suffered on and off with my back. During a shift 4 weeks ago I was assisting a patient to stand and he collapsed, I instinctively caught him to prevent him banging his head on the sink that was in front on him. I took his whole weight and was immediately in pain. Three days later I was in theatre having my disc removed.

    • In order to be able to advise you as to whether or not you can make a claim for compensation, we would need to speak with you about your work, what training you have had and find out a little more about your previous back complaint.

      We have certainly succeeded with similar claims in the past and would like to see what we can do for you. Please contact us and we can then call you to find out more and offer you advice as to your rights and discuss any possible claim for compensation.

  27. I am a nurse that sustained a back injury. I have ongoing problems with this but I am frightened to claim as I can not afford to lose my job. What protection will I have?

    • Under UK law, any person who believes that their injury was caused due to the negligence of an employer is free to seek to pursue a claim for compensation from their employer without if having any impact on their right to retain their employed position. Simply put, you cannot be dismissed simply for making a claim for compensation as long as you are not acting fraudulently.

      In the UK, if an employer were to dismiss an employee for making a claim for compensation the employee would have the right to take further legal action against their employer for unfair dismissal.

      If you would like to discuss your back injury and the possibilities of making a claim for compensation with us, please call us on 01225430285.

  28. Hi I work at the NHS and nearly 2 years ago they had contractors in building a new unit . There was a rush it seems to get the job finished and a very large wall unit was put on a stud wall with 4 wall plugs , and it fell off the wall and landed on my face .
    I have been talking through a claim with the RCN so I have lots of documents but they are saying the contractors will not pay my sick leave as they know I get sick leave from my work . So I have been offered 1600 ,
    It’s not the money that’s so annoying
    It’s the fact that if that had landed any where else on my head I could of been killed instantly. And I’ve never had a sorry from anyone . And I’ve worked there 17 years with an excellent record of service .
    I am annoyed I rushed back to work
    But then again Iam a nurse .. that’s what we do
    I have reports to say they had made the mistake with putting a large cabinet on a stud wall and no cage was in place …
    but I feel annoyed my face was smashed up
    I have the photos
    And no one ever said sorry .

    • It sounds as if you have not had a specialist independent personal injury Solicitor – such as those with whom we work at Direct2Compensation – managing your claim for you.

      We would strongly suggest that you speak with one of our expert Solicitors regarding your claim and the current situation, as it may well be that having the right specialist Solicitor acting for you would see you receive a better outcome.

  29. Hi

    Im a paramedic and whilst moving a patient with a broken leg down a flight of stairs using a tracked carry chair I placed my weight on my right knee and caused a torn medial meniscus. I had an arthroscopy which I paid for privately to repair the damage as the waiting list is in excess of 12 months. I have been off work for 6 months and I am on reduced pay and undertaking physio. I hope to return to work shortly.

    • If there is any element of employer negligence that can be attached to how you sustained your injury at work, you will be able to recover your loss of income by way of making a claim for accident at work compensation. If your claim were to succeed, you would be able to recover compensation for the injuries sustained and also a special damages settlement to include any lost income and costs incurred.

      We would very much like to get some more information from you so that we can get our specialist Solicitors to contact you to discuss your situation in greater depth. To this end, why not call us on 01225430285 or submit your details via our ‘start a claim page‘ and we can then contact you. We would only need 5 minutes on the phone with you at this stage in order to get the ball rolling.

  30. Hello.
    I am a district nurse and two years ago broke my ankle outside a patients house on a raised flag. I had the RCN represent me and was passed from solicitor to solicitor. They eventually got nowhere and have now closed the case i have been told.
    I was off work for 12 weeks and now have a permanent limp due to my ankle not recovering properly. It also hinders me a lot at work now.
    Can you help?
    Yours sincerely

    • We would gladly review what has happened in your case with a view to seeing if we can pursue this claim further and succeed for you.

      Whether or not you will succeed will depend on the nature of the raised flagstone that caused you to trip and whether or not it is of an actionable size. You can read more about valid tripping accident claims on this page of our website.

      It would be a good start if you were to email us whatever information you have in support of your claim to date – correspondence from your previous Solicitors, photographs of the accident site and a description of the accident and injuries. If you could send that to us at along with your contact details and we’ll get in touch to discuss this further.

  31. Hi I work for the NHS slipped on wet floor no sign there and torn muscle in my knee they have put me straight on sick is that correct I went into work fit and healthy now I can’t walk

    • If you are not fit to work because of an injury in an accident at work and you are unsafe to be at work or your injury would be worsened by your work then your employer is correct in giving you absence from work. There is also no obligation on the employer to pay you your usual income whilst you are away from work due to injury – even if the injury was sustained at work as is the case for you.

      However, as your injuries were sustained through slipping on a wet floor at your place of work where there was no hazard warning sign erected, it would appear that you have a good claim to be made for compensation against your employer. If successful with a claim for slipping accident compensation you would be able to claim compensation for the muscle injury and pain to your knee as well as recover any lost income or costs that you incur because of this injury.

      We would be very happy to assist you with a claim for slipping accident compensation and I invite you to contact us on 01225430285 or email your number to us via as I think that we could very well help you succeed with a claim for compensation here.

  32. Hi, I work for the NHS and injured my back when a patient we took on a home visit fell against me and I had no option but to take his weight as no room to assist him to the floor. This happened in April 2017 and I am still on a graded return to work due to the pain. I have had a MRI and awaiting results.

    • If your employer has not properly risk assessed the nature of the work required to take this patient on a home visit, or failed to provide the adequate level of assistance or equipment, you are likely to have good prospects of succeeding with a claim for personal injury compensation.

      Any such claim would, if successful, enable you to claim compensation for the severity of the back injury sustained, but also enable you to recover any lost income or costs incurred as a result of your accident at work.

      We are here to help and would like to discuss your accident with you further as you may well have a viable claim for accident at work compensation. You can call us on 01225430285 or email your number to for help.

  33. I recently had a fall at work, I fell down down a couple of concrete steps that were poorly lit and was knocked unconscious for between 5 and 10 minutes leaving me concussed for about an hour before I could start recalling memories after the incident. The incident has left me in pain and discomfort for a few days with the need to take pain killers. I was moved to hospital for treatment, scans and x-Ray’s and administered pain relief. I do not work for the NHS but am based from NHS property. The area were my accident occurred is not maintained or very well lit, and from what people have said the condition of the area where I fell has been an ongoing issue for some time.

    • You mention that people have told you that the area where you fell has been a known issue for some time and also that it is not well maintained. This makes us think that there is worth in pursuing this matter further.

      At the moment you have anecdotal evidence from colleagues that could offer your claim strong support if that evidence could become more ‘substantiated’ by way of getting witness statements about any previous reporting of a hazard or lack of maintenance etc.

      We would like to talk with you to find out more and offer assistance – we’ve had success with very similar sounding enquiries before and I think we should pursue this further.

  34. I have injured my back lifting a heavy bag which contained dental plaster I have been off work since Nov 2016 I have disc bulges and nerve root compression

    • Linda

      Hi, thank you for visiting our website and for contacting us about your injuries sustained at work.

      You may well have a viable claim for compensation against your employer here. When asking employees to lift items an employer has a number of responsibilities towards their employees health and safety. In the case of lifting, an employer should ensure that all employees have been shown how to lift and move items safely. This is commonly known as manual handling training. The employer must also ensure that any item of weight is marked clearly on any item that is to be lifted in order to provide warning to anyone lifting the item as to how heavy it may be. The employer must also ensure that the working practices allow an employee to lift safely and work in accordance with manual handling guidance protocol.

      I would very much like to speak with you in greater detail, so that I can find out a little more about your experience with your employer and what training and policies they have in place to minimise the risk of injury. With this in mind, please do email your contact number to me ( so that I can call you. A quick telephone conversation will enable me to ascertain whether or not you have a viable claim and if so, help you commence the process of claiming compensation for what is a very serious injury to your back.

      I hope that you find this response useful and that you have found the content of our website to be helpful in terms of your rights and options to pursue a claim for compensation if you have been injured in an accident at work.

      I look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  35. Hi just wonder sitting here in pain if there is a time limit to when you can claim. I worked for the NHS and I’m on an ill health pension I hoped to be able one day to go back to work but I now know I cant.

    Its a few years since my accident around 17 years ago. I walked a patient with a walking belt. my hand had to slip through the belt to assist him to walk, he fell he was quite heavy. my instinct was to support him. he fell to the floor my shoulder has never been right since I’ve had surgery on my shoulder and also had to have surgery on my neck. I was a TI with the Physiotherapy team.

    • Gill

      You are right to ask about time limits within the Personal Injury Claims process. Anyone injured in an accident that was not their fault has a legal right to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses. However, such claims are limited by statutes of limitation.

      Under UK law, a person over the age of 18 years at the time of their accident, has a maximum claim limitation period of 3 years in which they can take action to pursue damages. Failure to pursue a claim within 3 years from the date of an accident will leave the claimant statute barred and unable to take action.

      There is no way around this rule and if your accident was 17 years ago, I am afraid there will be nothing you can do to seek compensation for your injuries.

  36. I had an accident at work , due to a box being left in a dangerous hazardous place. I fell over the box onto my wrist . I was in a cast for three weeks , after an MRI found out that there was no break but a bad tendon injury. The problem has almost resolved but I still get pain which effects my work. I was off work for a total of 26 days but did receive pay. I have all evidence – incident report , occupational health reports ,a and e ,orthopaedic consultant reports and physiotherapist reports. I am planning on leaving my place of employment, will this be a problem when claiming? I don’t want to have to go back there again! I have all the relevant paperwork . Is it possible to ask the average pay out for this type of injury? Kind regards

    • Jenny

      Thanks for discussing your accident at work with us. What I can say is that if you were to pursue a claim for compensation as a result of the injury you sustained when tripping over the box at work, I believe that you would have a good prospect of succeeding. If an item is to be left, it is not ok for an employer or colleague to leave it blocking a walk way or in an area that is a thoroughfare. If this does happen and a worker then trips as a result of the box/item, they have viable grounds to pursue a claim for compensation.

      What I am not able to say is what kind of settlement figure you would be looking at getting as the way a claim is valued depends greatly on the severity of an injury, the length of time that the injury is present and whether or not there is a full or limited recovery. However, given the fact that you were forced to take 26 days away from work, wearing a cast for much of that and no doubt very limited with dexterity and use of the arm, you should expect a minimum settlement figure of £2,000 – probably much higher. You would also be entitled to claim back any lost income and other costs.

      The fact that you are leaving this work is irrelevant to the claim, all you need to do is ensure that the details of the accident and cause of your fall (a box being left in a dangerous and hazardous place) is recorded within the employers accident book.

      This is a claim we would love to pursue for you. Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me ( so that we can call you.

      Yours sincerely


  37. Hi i work as a support worker HCA on a very busy ward in a hospital , in December last year a patient came out of a toilet with walking frame the patient leg gave way and the patient pulled my arm to save her and i fell to the floor pulling my back I was in a lot of pain and went to A/E they informed me I damage the soft tissue In the bottom of my back , I was only off 2. Days but I am suffering daily in my job , I am on shorts shifts now instead of 13 hour shifts could a make a claim
    Thank you

    • I am very sorry to hear about your injury.

      Given the extent of the ‘damage’ done to you and your earning capabilities, I suggest that we get one of our specialist solicitors to pursue this matter for you. If you would like us to take this further, either call in on 01225430285 or email your contact details to: and we’ll call you.

      I hope this response helps you and we look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely


  38. Hi I fell down the stairs at work due to loose carpet cripper & jolted my back been of work 3 days since then manager as got maintence to check & sort out all stair ways I work in a care home where my residents are up & down the same stairs I slipped on

    • Melanie

      On the basis of your comment, I would say that you have a VERY STRONG claim for compensation. Stairs are a known hazard and as such, it is imperative that building owners, employers and occupiers of premises with stairs ensure that there are no hazards located on them.

      A loose carpet on stairs is a definite danger and I would have every confidence that we would be able to successfully place your claim with one of our specialist solicitor partners.

      Please call us on 01225430285 as we’d like to speak with you and help you get your claim up and running.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  39. Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I work for the NHS i I’m a support worker I work nights. I was working a night shift a very busy one we was running out of rooms for ladys I was being told to start moving ladys ie start moving them after giving birth. Got a lady up and took to shower and she passed out so her husband and myself helped her up I hurt my shoulder not having time to think about myself. With a lot of doctors appointment and pain relief and steroids injection still pain and being able to move my arm or sleep ‘being told I need surgery so all losing a good year to pain and time off work which I had 5/6 months off returning to full shifts still having pain and know having to go through it all again see doctor and appointment to see that’s still going on can I make a claim.

    • Thank you for contacting us. I suggest that you email your phone number to me: or call us on 01225430285 so that we can have a quick chat and get you in touch with one of our specialist solicitors.

      There is certainly a possibility of a successful claim for compensation to be made here.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  40. Hi I work for the NHS and have had an injury at work, an employee didn’t see me and walked a large bin trolley into me injuring my arm, bruised and left with swollen arm my GP has signed me off work for the week, my manager has day text this also, can I may a claim?

    • Diane

      Hi, thank you for taking the time to contact us. I am sorry to read that you have been injured in an accident at work and it sounds like a painful situation.

      We have succeeded with claims of an almost identical nature in the past, including matters relating to NHS workers and whilst that does not guarantee that we could succeed with your claim, it would give me confidence and we would certainly want to pursue this for you.

      May I suggest that you email me your phone number to: so that I can call you to discuss this further?

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  41. HI last DECEMBER I was kicked by a patient who was on his bed that was high up and he was climbing out of it, I was going pass the bay and the patient would have fallen so I yelled for help and rushed in and told him to stop he would get hurt, I didnt have time to to get the bed controls I helped him to get into the bed put he kicked out and hit me in the chest and ribs, I was send to a and e and did incident report, I was off work for while and I am scared of the patients now I am back. Its been a year and many more abusive behaviour has been put on me by patients . I have asked to move wards told of my concerns and I have hurt my knee now helping a patient to go from bed to chair and need knee replacement. I still get chest pains and worry about patients and feel the trust doesnt care about me and I am not doing my job properly as I feel scared of the patients and back away alot now if someone kicks off. I work in care of elderly ward. I have been off alot with sickness from patient abusive behaviour and I believe they will give me my final warning next week. I wonder if there is anything I can do as feel they let me down and didnt support me. Can I ask to see my file? I have all my indent reports.

    • Gail

      What a distressing situation, I can appreciate how this incident has caused you so much upset.

      You can certainly ask to see your file and I can’t see why the employer would refuse you access to it. Perhaps the best course of action at this stage would be to contact your HR department and see if you can utilise their help to arrange a meeting where you can view the file and air your grievances?

      Were you adequately trained to perform your job? Did the employer ensure that you were properly staffed and given all the tools necessary to reduce the risk of the incident in which you were injured from happening as much as possible? If you are concerned at all about any aspects of the way you came to be injured in this way, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. I would suggest that you contact us on 01225430285 so that we can chat with you.

      Yours sincerely


  42. Hi, I work in the NHS, I went to a next section to get something for one of the patient I’m looking after, on the way back i went through a different exit where islipped on the the floor only to realise that the floor was had been wiped by the domestic person but there was no yellow hazard sign to indicate the floor was wet, I injured my back, groin and the back of my leg, it’s all been recorded. Can I make a claim? I told one of my colleague what had happened and she told me I won’t get any compensation because I wasn’t wearing the correct shoe, is that true? Because those are the only shoe I feel comfortable in due to bunions on my feet and i do really long hours.
    I went to the Accident and Emergency the same day and I couldn’t finish my shift for the day, I also went to my GP the following morning because I’m in so much pain, I got 2 weeks off from work.
    Please let me know what my chances are if i put a claim in.
    Thank you.

    • Karen

      Hi, as you know we have spoken and I am pleased to confirm that our Solicitors wish to run your claim for you. Therefore, it is fair to say that you have very realistic prospects of succeeding with your claim after this accident.

      Yours sincerely


  43. Hi I had an accident in work a patient fell straight into me causing us both to hit the floor the patient was unhurt but I have hurt my back and had an X-ray which should a tiny bruise to my kidney and was just wondering if I could claim from this

    • Melissa

      We have successfully assisted claimants with a number of identical accident scenarios to the one you describe. If you would like to pursue a claim for your injuries, we’d be very happy to offer you a no win no fee claim solution.

  44. I work in a forensic nhs unit and was assaulted. I got a cut above my eye and suffered headaches for a while after. INcident reports were done and police informed but nothing came off it.

    • Aaron

      Being assaulted is one of the most distressing ways in which you can sustain injuries. The fact that this happened to you whilst you were at work can only make this more upsetting and traumatic for you.

      You mention that incident report forms were completed and that the police were involved. It doesn’t matter if the police have been unable to press charges against the person(s) responsibile for the assault, all that matters is that you reported it and gave statements and that you received medical treatment for any injuries sustained. With this in mind, we may well be able to assist you with a claim via the criminal injuries compensation authority. We have solicitors in place who can assist you through this claims process and we’d be more than happy to help you pursue a claim against this scheme on a no win no fee basis. I should point out that you don’t need a solicitor to pursue a claim against the cica scheme, but having a specialist solicitor acting in your best interests will give you the very best outcome to any claim you make.

      If you would like our help, please do get in touch so that we can ascertain whether or not your claim situation gives you grounds to proceed with a claim via the cica route, we’ll also be able to discuss your options and explain things in clear detail.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



  45. Hello. I work for nhs in London, staff nurse with permanent contract, I started the 9 of May. On wednsday 7 september I had a fall while I was working. The floor was wet, I don’t know why or how, I slept on it, ended with a kneecap fracture. Now I’m at the hospital, the same one where I use to work. I had surgery yesterday. Is there a case for a claim and if yes, how should I proceede. Thanks.

    • Viviana

      Hi, I am pleased that you commented on this article as well as making a contact enquiry on our website. This has enabled us to speak with you to get your claim started and to arrange for one of our specialist solicitors to contact you.

      We believe that you certainly have grounds for a claim to be investigated and we wish you the speediest of recoveries and the best of luck with your claim going forward.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  46. I work for nhs,I recently slipped on a wet floor which lead me to A&E,there was a wet sign caution but was quiet far from where I slipped.innitially been suffering from back pain which has been improving buh since that incident I couldn’t go to work and been refer to hospital for a scan after have explained my worries to my GPDeos this claim sounds progressive at all??

    • Gina

      Thank you for sharing your situation. Although there was a hazard warning sign erected when you slipped on a wet floor, this does not mean that you cannot pursue a claim for compensation.
      You state that the sign was far from where you slipped and with this in mind, it could be argued that the sign was not relevant or not clearly visible. We would be more than happy to investigate your claim for you and pass this to one of our specialist solicitors with a view to claiming compensation to cover the injury you have sustained and any losses you have incurred.
      Please contact us and we’ll have a quick chat with you, get a bit more information and then make sure that the right specialist compensation solicitor is asked to call you to discuss this matter in greater detail.
      We look forward to hearing from you.


      Ian Morris

  47. I worked for nhs as cleaner until I became a supervisor when I worked has a cleaner I had a accident on the ward I was a signed to it was a case I was ask to clean some spilled up in a very small cupboard were they kept diaylas equipment one of them had been leaking very badly i ask the nurses 3times wot it was has.i had liquid in my water they told me it was just water so has I start to clean it up I then relized it wasn’t just water I could breathe my.i eyes was running with water I was coughing and couldn’t stop plus snezzing I went to hospital and my sacks was well below wot it should of been it went in the accident book on the ward and also in the riddor book I had a week of work now I I have breathing problems wish I did not have before then we were not given mask or googles for this kind of thing we did not have them for any liquids at all I do no about c.o.s.h this happen a few years ago plz could u tell me if I’m intiled to any think sorry no E.mail address

    • Dear Susan

      On the basis of your description of the events that caused you to suffer ill health, we would be very interested in speaking with you further about this matter. I believe that you have a very viable claim for personal injury compensation as it would seem clear that your employer (the NHS) has been negligent towards your health and safety by failing to advise you of a substance that would be hazardous to health. I would be of the view that your employer has breached the COSHH responsibilities and exposed you to a dangerous/toxic substance.

      The most important issue that we need to confirm for now is that the incident happened within the last 3 years. If so, we would gladly pursue an accident at work compensation claim for you. If the incident was more than 3 years ago and you are over the age of 21 years, you will not be able to pursue a claim as the law allows a limitation period of 3 years from the date of an accident in which you can register a claim. Anything outside of this for someone over 21 years of age is statute barred and out of limitation.

      We would also need to know more about the impact of the health problems that you have suffered as a result of this incident and whether your ongoing breathing problems are now being treated by a Doctor.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



  48. I work for the nhs as a housekeeper, I was sent by my manager off site to another location to collect some money, on the way back I tripped in the street and broke my hip, I have had an operation and currently at home to recover.

    I completed on line an incidence form to our clinical governance dept which has been recorded,

    My question is am I entitled to compensation ? Even though the accident happened off site and not on my ward , it was still during my working day and I was doing a task for my manager , which is not in my working contract.

    I welcome your comments

    • Dawn

      I am very sorry to hear that you suffered a broken hip as a result of an accident whilst you were at work.

      If I understand you correctly, you were injured in a tripping accident rather than a straight forward accident at work. In either event, it may well be possible to successfully pursue a claim for personal injury compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.

      Although you were technically at work at the time of your accident, it could be that your employer is not liable for the injuries you sustained. Who the defendant is will depend on where you suffered your fall. If you were outside of the Hospital grounds and on public property (such as a pavement beside a road), the liable party would be the local authority that has responsibility for the maintenance of the area in which you fell. If you were injured whilst on NHS property (walking from one area of the Hospital to another) then your employer – the NHS – would be the defendant in any claim you opted to pursue.

      In either case, you (with the help of one of our expert personal injury compensation solicitors) will need to demonstrate that what caused you to trip and fall was hazardous and should not have been in situ.

      We would be more than happy to speak with you in greater detail to find out more about your accident so that we can give you proper advice as to whether or not you can pursue a claim for personal injury compensation and if so, whether it would be an accident at work compensation matter or a public liability tripping accident claim.

      We need to know what caused you to trip over, what the hazard was, whether it was sticking up in the street or a hole in the pavement surface etc. I would advise that you return to the site of your fall and obtain some photographic evidence of the hazard as this will be really useful during the processing of any claim that may follow.

      To speak with you and discuss this matter properly, we’ll need your contact details. Once we have your details, we can call you to discuss matters and help you get your no win no fee claim for compensation started.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  49. Hello

    I am a young nurse and injured myself at work.
    I was already complaining of back issues to my manager who reffered me to occupational health as a result.
    Meanwhile one day at work I was assisting an elderly patient on my own to the toilet. I imediatly felt something was wrong. I struggled to walk home that day and after a few visits to occupational health and the physiotherapist. I was referred to have an MRI where it was discovered I had a rupture on my disc the specialist consultant stated it was proparly exacerbated due to work . I was unable to attend work for about 3 months due to pain, discomfort and struggling to walk. I was paid my normally salary for those 2 months however I was then told that they overpaid me and the HR department decided to take all the accrued annual leave I have for those 3 months to help to reduce the overpayment, I had a quick conversation with the HR department and my manager about the issue prior to the deduction, where I suggested not minding taking some of my anual leave ro settle the debt but not all of it. This was a casual conversation, no paperwork or proper documentation was given to me in written at all. I am due to return to work and I have already been advised by mine physio that I may have to reduce my hours altogether. I was wondering if I have a strong claim on the grounds above, due to reduced hours of work and everything else mentioned above.

    • Dear Ester

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us and discuss your situation.

      Given what you have said, it is certainly worth us making further investigations in to your situation and how your employer handled your back problem as there may well be a viable claim for accident at work and loss of income compensation. We certainly need further details and would be happy to help you with this claim.

      I look forward to hearing from you.



  50. I work in a dementia home and in April last year i was punched in the head which resulted in concussion i have since lost my hearing through it and have had to have counsilin as suffered bad dreams and anxiety so didnt go out and felt a different person i have never had a contract and didnt recieve sick pay only sat pay so have been struggling to live i now have to wear hearing aids because of it i have since left do you think i have a case? Regards julie

    • Julie

      What an awful situation you find yourself in. Given the extent of the injury that you have suffered, we would like to try and help. Your claim is by no means straightforward as we would have to demonstrate that your employer exposed you to a risk of injury without adequately risk assessing and reducing the prospects of you suffering injuries in the way you did. Sadly, many people working in care homes with people suffering Dementia or Alzheimer related health problems do suffer unprovoked assaults from the residents. One of the things that is known about Dementia patients is that there can be sudden acts of violence or incidents in which they lash out due to their confused and disorientated state. Therefore, working in such environments is known to have certain risks.

      Therefore, it is important for employers to ensure that all staff are correctly trained and qualified and that all patients are adequately risk assessed so that all people know the risks presented by each patient/resident for whom they provide care services. Further, employers must ensure that staff are working in the correct manner with sufficient colleague support where needed. Perhaps your employer failed to adequately protect your health and safety in the workplace?

      We would definitely like to speak to you further about your specific situation to see if there is any way that we can pursue a claim for you. Your lack of contract may present some difficulty, but this could be overcome by referring to an accident book/incident report if one were made at the time of the incident and whether any former colleagues would be willing or able to act as witnesses.

      Please visit the start a claim page on our website at: and upload some further contact information for us so that we can call you in confidence to discuss the incident at work in which you were injured and a possible claim for personal injury compensation. As with all website comments, you will also receive an email from us and if you prefer, you can reply to that with contact details and one of us will call you to see if we can help you.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Regards and best wishes


  51. My situation is a little tricky. I injured my left ACL & tore my lateral meniscus turning at a scrub sink while working in the operating room. They had mats in place to prevent water slippage but my foot got hung on the mat as I turned. Although my body mechanics did not accommodate the turn, I ended up with needing surgery and long time recovery for the staged procedure that I need, they were not negligent and failed to sign the workmans comp on the job injury form. I didn’t turn in paperwork because I thought it was a minor injury. Now they refuse to sign because it was not filled immediately, but no managers were there because we were working extended hours they had left for home. I’ve been release to come back to work on full duty, but my knee is really painful and now its causing my 9 thoracic
    Bach injury and left foot to cause issues as well. I can hardly make it through the day. HOWERVER they did offer to pay for my MRI which supports the stated injury. But ha sent at this point.

    • Felicia

      Thank you for taking the time to share your situation. The injury itself sounds painful and as it happened at work, I can imagine that it would have made the problem worse than it otherwise may have been.

      I would suggest that you seek specialist personal injury lawyer assistance to ensure that you do not lose out. Feel free to re-visit our site and complete a call back form so that we can get in touch to discuss this with you in greater detail.

      Kindest regards


  52. I’m a mental health support worker. I was beat up by a patient who was being specialised on the general side of the hospital, with no extra staff or alarms.

    The psychiatric doctor explained that it wasn’t a mental health issue and it was behavioural. I’ve been off work for a month now. I’m going for an x-ray for my finger which he stamped on.

    He was known to be violent through risk assessment but was still only managed by one person. When really it should of been at least 2 with alarms.

    What can I do. I would only go back into work with the same conditions. Making it quite difficult to enjoy my job with the anxiety and fear that nothing will change.

    • Emran

      Thank you for discussing your situation with us. I am really sorry to hear about your problem, not only have you been injured at work, but you’ve been injured in a very traumatic way and this can only make things seem even worse.

      You ask what can you do and I hope that I can offer a couple of solutions. Firstly, you should discuss your anxiety concerns with your GP and ask that he sign you off work for a while longer in order that you can process what happened. No doubt in time, you will be able to put it to one side. You should also ensure that your employers are aware of your worries and you could request that they provide you with some counselling therapy. I realise that this may sound drastic, but evidence shows that by having qualified counselling, people can move on from trauma much more easily and you can learn techniques to cope with stress and worry.

      Finally, I would suggest that you pursue a claim for personal injury compensation. If what you say is right, in that your employers knew that this patient was known violent risk, then it seems that your employers have failed in their duty to ensure that your working environment is as safe as possible. I note that you have sent in a contact form via our website, so we’ll be in touch with you and get you in touch with a specialist solicitor so that you can get some further advice and better understand your rights.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

    • Claire

      Thank you for your comment. Clearly, we would need more information to be able to properly advise on the strength of your claim. However, we would certainly want to investigate this matter and assist you with a claim. If you have been burned because of the fault of your employer or the negligence of a colleague, you will be entitled to make a claim.

      I will also email these details to you. You could also call us on 01225430285 should you so wish.

      Kindest regards

      Ian Morris

    • i had accident at work causing me to fracture my wrist
      i had it in plaster for 9 weeks earlier this year now months on it keeps swelling and causing awful pain up my arm
      i have seen the consultant just recently again, he tells me this may occur every so often due to the injury
      can you help

      • Thank you for contacting us to share your situation after an accident at work. We’re sorry to hear about the fracture to your wrist. Injuries to the wrist in an accident at work often lead to the kind of ongoing symptoms that you have mentioned.

        We would very much like to speak to you in greater detail as we would then be able to find out more about the accident and how you came to sustain such a nasty injury. From this, we’d be able to advise you as to whether or not we would be able to pursue a no win no fee claim for compensation for you.

        We look forward to speaking with you.

        Yours sincerely


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