Holidaymakers win compensation claims after suffering chemical burns

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A group of 42 holidaymakers from the UK have won compensation claims that they made against different tour operators after being affected by chemical burns. This group of people suffered from chemical burns that they contracted in a Corfu hotel’s pool. After 33 of the travellers suffered painful rashes caused by the swimming pool’s chemical content, they decided to take legal action.

Included in the group that initiated the compensation claim were Lee Sanders and Susan Austin, a couple from Essex, whose whole family suffered due to the burns. Ms Austin had stated that the hotel management left the pool open for use even after being aware of the chemical content problem.

The hotel’s doctor checked those affected with the burns and eventually admitted that they were in fact caused due to the chemicals used in the pool. With this confirmation, families that were involved in this unfortunate incident decided to pursue compensation claims. It has been reported that Ms Austin has won her compensation claim of an undisclosed amount from the travel agency she went to.

This is not the first time that holidaymakers have won compensation claims. Earlier in the month, a holidaymaker was offered compensation after falling ill due to consumption of contaminated food and won a record £240,000.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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