NHS Injury Costs Recovery received 22 million pounds in last 2 years

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The NHS trust in Wales has received funds of 22 million pounds recovered from insurance firms. The NHS Injury Costs Recovery (ICR) scheme aims to recover the cost of NHS treatment where personal injury compensation is paid, for example after a road traffic accident. All the money is to be used on the NHS services. The Plaid Cymru revealed that the money recovered by the NHS trust in Wales is more than the trusts in Scotland, although Wales is less populated. This was possible because of the UK-wide Injury Costs Recovery scheme.

Chris Franks, the AM of Plaid Cymru for South Wales said that it is good to know that the money spent by the NHS got back to them and their patients.

He also said that the money is very important in these difficult economic times and it is good to know that Wales received more money than Scotland.

A spokesperson of Welsh Government said that the money recovered and spent on the treatment of the patients is priceless to the NHS body in Wales. He further extended that the NHS trusts can spend it as they want and there are no spending restrictions forced on them.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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