Seaford MP demands improved pavements to prevent further personal injury claim cases


The East Sussex county council will be spending more money on improving its pavements under a directive by the MP for Seaford Norman Baker. Baker reached this decision after a revelation from the reports that showed close to £700,000 had been paid to people for personal injury claim cases. These personal injury claim cases are attributed to the trips and falls that the claimants had on the pavements in the last five years.

In an answer to the freedom to information request, posted by a liberal democrat MP, the figures have gone on to unearth a total of 536 personal injury claims against the East Sussex county council by people who have tripped, slipped and fallen on the pavements. The reports take into account all the personal injury claim cases between the years 2004-2005.

Out of all the personal injury claim cases, 15% of the cases were awarded compensation while close to 24% still remain unresolved. All in all, the East Sussex county council has paid a figure that is above £700,000 in the last five years. This goes on to imply that each successful personal injury claim was awarded a total sum of close to £8,500.

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