Compound Fracture Injury Claims

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Compound fractures are amongst the most serious type of bone injury and visibly distressing, with the broken bone piercing through skin. They can pose a severe risk of infection and as such require immediate treatment. Such injuries will lead to a restriction on mobility and often include symptoms of shock, trauma and tissue damage.

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Common causes of compound fracture injuries

Compound fracture injuries are associated with heavy trauma accidents and most typically occur in accidents at work. We’ve dealt with cases where people have fallen from height, been injured by faulty machinery with inappropriate safety guards, and had heavy objects fall on them.

Any heavy impact can lead to compound fracture injuries, so road traffic accidents are also a common cause.

Health risks of a compound fracture

Compound fractures must be treated immediately by specialist trauma medics. In any injury where bone has pierced skin, there is a real risk of infection that could lead to very serious outcomes, including death if not treated properly.

There is also a requirement to ensure that the fractured bone is correctly positioned to ensure that the damage caused to the musculoskeletal posture of the injured person is minimised.

Often, surgery will be required to reconnect the damaged bones using metal plates, screws and other fixtures. Flesh wounds and muscle damage will also be repaired and the affected area thoroughly sterilised to reduce the risk of infection.

Compound fractures are likely to leave the injured person with scarring, both from the initial injury and surgical interventions, and it is likely that there will be some loss of sensation due to nerve damage. Such injuries can also bring an increased risk of arthritis in the affected area, and may lead to a loss of mobility, dexterity and grip strength depending on the area affected.

Claiming compensation for your injury

Any person who has suffered a compound fracture injury in an accident that was not their fault, or could have been avoided, has the right under UK law to seek compensation for their injuries and associated losses.

The value of a compound fracture compensation settlement will depend on the severity of the injury, how long the symptoms last for and whether any permanent damage has been sustained.

Whilst compound fracture injuries are serious orthopaedic traumas, the outcomes for most are good when professional medical attention and expert rehabilitation therapies are obtained.

As with all claims, should you succeed you can also recover any lost income and costs incurred via the special damages element of your claim.

Our solicitors will arrange for a medical assessment to be carried out with a detailed report provided to support your claim. In cases where an admission of liability is obtained, it may also be possible to seek costs for specialist rehabilitation therapies that will improve and speed up the recovery process.

Are you eligible to claim?

At Direct2Compensation our expert staff can quickly let you know whether the cause of your compound fracture will enable you to claim compensation.

If you suffered a compound fracture injury in an accident at work that can be attributed to employer negligence – such as poor health and safety, a lack of training or inadequate equipment – you should contact us immediately so we can help you to understand your rights and make a claim.

In cases where a compound fracture injury was caused in a non-fault road traffic accident, fall in a public place or whilst cycling, there is a strong likelihood that a claim for compensation will succeed due to the seriousness of the injury.

Our specialist solicitors will be able to maximise the value of your claim, and expert medical opinion will ensure that the full extent of your injury is understood and accurately reported.

We use a simple claims process and our no win no fee guarantee means that you can pursue your claim without having to worry about cost implications.

At Direct2Compensation starting your claim is easy. You can call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer, . One of our team will discuss your situation before assigning a specialist solicitor to pursue your claim for compensation.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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