My employer won’t let me use or see the accident book, what should I do?


When someone is injured in an accident at work, employers have certain responsibilities that they are obliged to follow.  One of these requirements is to ensure that details of any incident, no matter how minor, are recorded within an accident book or accident recording system. In cases of serious injuries, the employer also has a responsibility to report the accident via RIDDOR to the Health and Safety Executive. All accidents at work must be reported to RIDDOR where the injured employee is caused to be away from work, or left unable to work as normal, for seven consecutive days or more because of the injuries that they have sustained. The report must be made within 15 days of the accident.

Good employers

The vast majority of employers care about their staff and site visitors. Good employers take health and safety regulations seriously, don’t try to get in the way of people being treated fairly and provide a safe working environment to their staff. They will carry out regular safety training for their staff, and one of the things that they should do is make sure that all staff understand how to record the details of any accidents within the employers accident book.

Bad employers

Unfortunately, there remains some less impressive employers out there who treat staff as a disposable asset and fail to uphold their duty of care towards health and safety at work. Remember, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all workers have a safe and secure working environment where the risks of injury are avoided as much as possible.

Bad employers will avoid safety training, cut corners with regards to providing the right tools, expect workers to use dangerous machinery that is not maintained, and unsurprisingly don’t provide accident books. In the worst cases, really bad employers will even refuse to acknowledge that any accidents have happened in their workplace. If this has happened to you, we suggest that you contact us immediately. In these circumstances you need expert advice and support. You can still succeed with a claim against such an employer, but it will be important to move quickly to ensure that the strength of any claim you may wish to make is not unduly affected.

Direct2Compensation can help you

At Direct2Compensation we can help you to understand your rights after an accident at work and how to make sure you have done everything possible to provide the evidence to support your claim. If your employer won’t let you see or use the accident book, you can take the following actions to help you claim compensation:

  • Get witnesses: You can ask colleagues and co-workers if they would be willing to act as witnesses. Whilst this is obviously a difficult thing for them to do, we’ve found that many people who are sick of the employer neglecting their safety at work are more than willing to help.
  • Take photographs: You can take photographs of hazards at work, such as faulty machinery or inadequate work practices.
  • Send a recorded delivery letter: Another good thing to do is to send a letter to the registered office of the workplace listing what happened to you, the date, the cause and the injuries. Send this letter by recorded, signed for mail and retain a copy of the letter and your receipt and proof of postage.
  • Find a specialist solicitor: You can then provide all this to your solicitor to help them succeed with your claim for personal injury compensation.

It is important that an injured employee is aware of what they should do next after a work-related injury. Some things will be obvious, such as getting medical treatment, but many people don’t know their rights after an accident at work, or what they should do to make sure that the incident is properly recorded and that the right people have been informed.

It is never unethical to pursue a genuine claim for personal injury compensation, especially when you are dealing with bad employers who fail to act ethically and responsibly. Health and safety is vital in the workplace and by making a claim after an accident at work, you could be helping to make sure that the employers change their ways and that colleagues don’t suffer the same fate.

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  1. Oh and I’m not sure if it was recorded in accident book. Most likely not. I’ve asked the company to carry out an investigation into it. They haven’t concluded as yet.

    • It is important to make sure that the details of your injury/health problem at work is recorded correctly. To this end, you should ensure that an accident book report is completed and if that is not possible, record the details of your injury in writing and send a copy to your HR department and Line Manager.

  2. Hi, I work for a large supermarket as a Dispensing Assistant on the pharmacy department. I was bringing a pharmacy delivery down one morning. The totes are heavy so a colleague loaded them on the flat top trolley for me. The ware house is at the back of the second floor so there’s quite a way back to the pharmacy. As I was pushing it I began struggling with it as it would not maneuver in the direction I wanted. It kept turning to the right. I had to push it in and out through all the clothing stands. It was getting more difficult to control. Then suddenly I experienced a sharp crushing pain in my chest and left arm. I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn’t leave to a side as it had pharmacy drugs in it which couldn’t be left unattended. When I finally managed to get back to the pharmacy I told my manager that I struggled with the trolley and I was having chest pains and breathing problems. The pain continued into the next morning. I ended up In A&E with symptoms of a heart attack. They ran all test for heart conditions. All came back clear. They also asked if I’ve suffered a trauma to the chest. I didn’t link it immediately. Only after I saw the consultant I realised it was the defective trolleys. Diagnosis of Costochondritis was made.
    I’ve had lots of medical intervention and procedures but the condition hasn’t settled.
    The next time I was asked to get the delivery I told my manager that I can’t use those trolleys as that’s what caused my chest condition. He agreed and said “no don’t use those they’re bad” and since then brings the delivery down himself and has allowed me to use customer trolley instead.
    I was new there and didn’t know some of the flat top trolleys were defective. Later colleagues cautioned me against using them. I have since spoken to two other colleagues who have suffered the same condition as a result of the defective wheels on the trolleys. I’m having to leave the job role now as I’ve been taunted and bullied by other members of the team and also as I can’t resume normal work duties in the pharmacy due to the costochondritis. How do I go about making a claim. Thanks in advance

    • As we work on a fully no win no fee basis, you can further investigate your claim without having to worry about financial implications or costs should the matter not be successful.

      With us, starting your claim is easy and the scenario you describe is certainly something we would be happy to look further in to for you. It may well have been that the trolley used was not fit for purpose and it may well have been overloaded. The best way to take this further with us is to visit our website and use the ‘start a claim’ page to provide us with your contact details. One of our team can then call you to explain how we can help, obtain the information needed and make sure that your claim is placed with the right specialist Solicitor.

  3. i had an accident with my company in warehouse one year ago i slipped on the floor in the chiller on spillage ( water) as a caused of that i had twisted knee. the dupty manager recoded my accident but he did not let me to read the report and as well he was late to call SSE to tell them about my accident so the only thing i did was i took picture for sims incident refernce. after one year my G.P sent me to do MRI because i had pain in my knee everyday after finish my work and also when i used the stairs.
    from all of that the MRI result was bad for me because i have meniscul cyst in my left knee and my G.P said to me i have to do the operation for my knee.
    Note ; i talked to my manager about it he said to me they don’t have my accident report so they lost it.

    • Our specialist Solicitors would certainly be keen to speak with you about your accident at work and a possible claim for compensation.

      If you would like to take this further, please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make contact with us.

    • Best practice for the correct reporting and recording of accidents would be for the injured party to provide a statement of fact as to their version of events and for it to be placed in an accident book or incident reporting system. The injured party ought to be allowed the opportunity to sign their statement in order to confirm that they are happy with the contents of the report and it’s accuracy. However, there is no requirement for an accident book to be signed by the injured party.

  4. Hi,
    I’ve had a fractured foot injury at work as my manager tried to lift a beer keg on top of the other keg and his hand slipped and it rolled straight on my foot.
    Everything happened so fast and I’ve gone to the hospital immediately, so my manager hasn’t refilled the accident book in front of me, and I haven’t seen the report at all. They said they have written a report they are only waiting for my signature. As I’m not able to go anywhere without help, would it be okay to ask them to send it via email to see if the details are right? The accident happened 9 days ago.
    Also, I’m thinking to make a claim as it was my managers fault and they only offered me SSP.

    • You can make a claim and you should do so. We would be very happy to act on this for you so please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website or call us on 01225430285 to get things started.

      With regards to the accident book, whether or not they will allow you sight of it by email is uncertain although you should ask for the same. In your email to them, you should indicate that you have not seen the report and are not willing to sign it until you have read it and confirmed that the details recorded are recorded correctly.

  5. My partner has had 2 accidents at work within the last month, the first was a slip caused by oil leaking from a fryer which resulted in him banging his leg on a metal bar that left a huge bruise on his leg. The second was also a slip on oil spilt in the storage room which resulted in a bang to the head and a trip to hospital with potential concussion. Neither of these incidents were recorded in the accident book as the mangers present didn’t bring one to him and he was never shown it when he started there. Where does he stand going forwards as no one in charge has listened when he has reported concerns or incidents.

    • Your partner has two potential claims that we would be interested in pursuing should he wish to do so. Given the employers apparent lack of good health and safety management and their failure to properly report and record the details of the accident at work, it would be sensible to make a report to them of the two accidents in writing and hand it to the Manager of the business. Any report should state what happened and where and list the cause – in both cases spillages of oil on the floor of the workplace with no hazard signs.

      Your partner should use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website or call us on 01225430285 to make further contact with us and find out more about his rights after an accident at work and how we can help him with a No Win No Fee claim for personal injury compensation.

  6. I’ve had a fractured ankle injury at work where a fork lift has reversed into the back of my heel. My employer has had me sign an accident report but only will provide me a one page copy of the statement but I had signed several pages and secondly they won’t provide me a copy of the RIDDOR report which has been submitted to HSE by my employer. They’ve only provided me a copy of the post accident report which was taken at my home following day after the accident. Coul you please confirm if I’m entitled to the full reports from my employer. Thanks Barry.

    • Rather oddly, there is no requirement for your employer to provide you with a full copy of the entire report. Whilst there is no reason for them not to, they are not obliged to do so.

      Clearly you have suffered a nasty injury to your ankle and the accident at work scenario you describe would give me an initial opinion that you have a valid claim for compensation. Should you wish to proceed with a claim, we would be very happy to do so and during the claims process, our specialist Solicitors would request a full copy of the accident report as well as details of anything reported to RIDDOR. If you would like to make a claim with us, please use our website ‘start a claim’ page or call us on 01225430285.

  7. I’ve signed the accident book after having an accident not payed attention to what was worded and signed the form. I’ve taken a picture after for my benefit and realised then that it was worded wrongly. Am I entitled to see the form and ask for it to be re-worded to accurately report what actually happened?

    • The employer should be made aware at the earliest opportunity of any inaccuracies within an accident report in order that accurate and factually correct records are retained.

      Clearly, in the immediate aftermath of an accident involving personal injury, the injured person is unlikely to be thinking clearly and able to think through various matters. As such, it is understandable that you may have signed something that didn’t properly record what had happened. Make sure your employers are made aware of this matter. If they are unwilling to amend the initial record of the accident within their accident book, write to them detailing what you see as being inaccurate and in need of amendment.

  8. Following two different injuries over a period of seven months, I have now returned to work.
    1) I cut my shin on a damage pallet, while stacking another.
    2) In 2017, my old safety boots started to cut my foot, and following treatment by a podiatrist it was suggested I requested new safety footwear. Which I did several times to five different managers, without success.
    Then a foot ulcer developed and two months of unpaid sickness.

    Since my return, I have requested details from my work accident book, in regards to both both incidents.
    Plus Health and Safety statements, which was taken during first aid treatment.

    Q…. Could my company refuse me access to this data?

    • Employers don’t have to provide copies of accident book entries or reports to employees, but most good employers will provide such information.

  9. Hiya I had a accident at work i am making a claim at the time but my solicitor as been in touch saying that they haven’t stated in the Accident book that the floor was wet at the time of my accident was shaken up right after the Accident when I had to sign and was told by my employer at the time that he would fill the rest in as I had really hurt my arm and shoulder now my solicitor is say it could be a faurd claim if possible could you tell me what I can do

    • Do you have any colleagues that witnessed your fall? Would anyone be able to confirm that the floor was wet and therefore slippery? I cannot see how you can be accused of making a fraudulent claim as there is clearly an accident book entry stating that you had a fall and were injured whilst at work.

  10. Good day
    What happens in a situation where one is injured on the way to the gate just after knock off time?

    How do I as an employee get access to the full incident report?

    • If you are injured on the employers premises, it would not matter whether you were at work or had finished shift and were simply exiting the premises. UK Law would not oblige the employer to provide an accident report, although most good employers would not prevent access to the same.

    • You do not need a copy of the accident book record. If the employer is willing to allow you to have a copy, it would not be a bad idea to get a copy, but you don’t need to have one.

      If you would like to discuss your accident at work to find out whether or not you can make a claim for compensation, please call us on 01225430285.

  11. Hi I had a slip trip and fall at work in December. The accident never got reported as manager won’t fill in an accident book. It has since left damage to me hip causing me pain every day. The manager then proceeed to take the mick in the following days after injury. I am off to the doctors as assumed it would be better now, only the bruising has gone. No accidents get reported even after someone got knocked on the head and fell from the force of it. Been to scared to seek advice due to issues with manager along with the rest of the team.

    • Under UK law, your Manager has no legal basis to refuse to make a record of the accident at work. Whilst you may not want to ‘rock the boat’, you should remember that you are in a very strong position legally with regards to requiring the manager to record the details of your (and any other) accident at work. You should put a report of your accident in writing to your employer. If they then fail to record the details of the accident, you could contact the Health & Safety Executive to report the employer on this issue.

      With regards to your slip and fall at work in December, you could pursue a claim for compensation if the cause of your accident can be attributed to negligence. With that in mind, we would be happy to discuss your accident at work with you in order to help you identify whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation.

  12. Hi I slipped at work today as I am still waiting for my safety shoes from my employers, my leg got trapped under a shelf the manager was on but she made me fill out the accident book is this ok

    • If you slipped due to the employer having failed to provide you with the safety shoes, it is likely that employer negligence will attach and you could well pursue a claim for compensation if the injury you have sustained is sufficiently severe. It is good that you have filled in an accident book record as this will provide good evidence of what happened.

      On face value, it would appear that you have a valid claim for compensation further to your accident at work and as such, we suggest that you either call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to get further help with your claim.

  13. I had an accident at work and few years ago I am in constant pain now off work. I have asked repeatedly for the dates from report book but the boss is ignoring my request. What can I do as I don’t know the dates?

    • If you sought medical attention from a GP or attended a Hospital as a result of your accident, you could speak to your GP to ask them what the date of your attendance and treatment was. If you can then demonstrate that the accident happened within the past 3 years, you could seek to make a claim for compensation.

      Have you made a formal written request for the accident report and copied the same to the HR department and board of Directors?

  14. Hi i had an accident at work were a steel bar hit me in the ribs due to my boss not getting something repaired. It was reported at least 3 times. I had to go to hospital ended up with a possible hair line crack on my ribs muscleskeletal damage aswel. This was all put in the accident book but has since been ripped out what should i do.

    • Your employers should not disrupt the recording of accidents or destroy any accident book records. The scenario you describe regarding your injury at work would indicate employer negligence and on face value, my initial view is that you have a strong claim against the employer given their obvious breach of health and safety in terms of not acting upon repeated reporting of a possible hazard.

      Although the employer appears to have removed the report of your accident from their accident book, it should not stop you from pursuing a claim for compensation. Indeed, we would be very happy to assist with a claim in this matter. To this end, please either call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to take this further.

  15. Hi I worked for a large company for just under 4 years in that time I suffered a number of injuries including a broken nose, a badly injured shoulder for witch I attended A&E there are a number of other injurys these were caused in part from lack of training and faulty equipment, I have left the company and requested details of all the injurys but so far they have not provided them I believe in order to delay a possible claim, can you advise me on my best course of action.thanks

    • You could speak with your GP regarding any attendances at A&E or with the GP (all Hospital attendances are recorded with the GP on your medical records) and ask for the dates of any relevant attendances and injuries treated. This would give you the dates and you could then seek to pursue a claim for compensation for any injuries sustained within the past 3 years that can be attributed to employer negligence.

  16. i had an accident at work, reported it and had to fill out a statement, the company then looked at cctv and have told me there are inconsistency within my statement at cctv evidence. I believe at the time that my statement was an honest account of what happened but it all happened so quickly. Can i be disciplined for giving an incorrect statement

    • We are not employment law experts and would therefore suggest that you should seek advice from a suitable specialist. However, if someone were to provide misleading and false reports regarding an accident at work it is likely to be seen as a disciplinary matter. However, if any inaccuracies in your report are simply due to shock or slightly incorrect recollection of events, I do not foresee you having any particular concerns.

  17. Can a member of the public or safety professional ask to see an organisations accident book. I feel it should be a statutory requirement to be transparent in this regard but feel such a request could be benied

    • An employer or organisation would not have to release an accident book simply to the request of a member of the public. With regards to Data Protection requirements, such records are not suitable for public release.

  18. I’ve been working a new job as a delivery driver for Sainsburys now for 11 weeks.
    After passing all the training and finally being able to do the job I apllied for, within a few days I ended up seriously hurting my foot when getting out of the van. I struggled on with my duties and finished the day by limping everywhere. No mamager was present when I returned to store so I dropped my manager a text message explaining the injury. Consequently this lead to him putting me on sock leave dispite my willingness to carry on working. This was unpaid and I returned to work when the pain was far more tolerable 1 week later. I asked if the injury had been documented in the injury book but I was told “did you put it in there”?. No, I don’t even know where it is I replied. Please can you put it in the book. A week or so later I asked again, to which his reply was “it’s too much hassel, we will have to do a full report & investogation etc.” Fine, I’m happy to do that I replied. Nothing more was said and nothing more has been done.
    I am now being put through a constructive dismissal.

    Is there anything I can do to claim bsck time I lost out on etc? Or is this more a matter of the big guys stomp over the little person, because I’m still essentially on probation and have less rights.

    Many thanks

    • You may have rights to make a claim for personal injury compensation against the employer – if you can identify an area of negligence that caused you to injure your foot whilst getting out of the works vehicle.

    • Did you report the incident within the Asda store when this incident occurred? If yes you could seek to pursue a claim against them for the injury and pain caused to you. As you can imagine, if this was not reported it will become far harder to make a claim for personal injury compensation as there is no supporting evidence available to demonstrate that your injury was sustained in Asda.

      Of course, if this incident has only happened recently (in the past few weeks), you could still return to Asda and request that they make a report within their accident book regarding your injury.

      If you would like to discuss this situation with us and find out more about making a claim and get the help you need, please call us on 01225430285.

  19. I have tinnitus and I work for Ubereats. Whilst at work, a Manager at McDonalds shouted at me which permanently escalated my tinnitus which is now really tormenting me.

    I requested that the Manager record this in accident book, but he said there was no book – he is lying. The McDonalds Manager refused to apologise to me or record this incident. Can I sue him or call the Police?

    • You have rightly identified a problem that any claim you may wish to make would face – providing evidence that this incident happened as you have stated. Whilst I do not doubt your version of events, you would have to provide proof to the courts should you want to succeed with a claim. Therefore, without supporting evidence of a witness and medical evidence that confirms that the shouting has caused a permanent escalation of the tinnitus condition, I don’t think you would succeed with a claim.

      This would not be a Police matter either.

  20. Hi Ian, my employer refuses to acknowledge my accident at work or report it in the accident book even with Xrays and doctors notes backing up my claim. They refused to investigate the slip at the time or come to see where the accident happened. What are my rights?

    • Do you have any witnesses to your accident at work? Or witnesses to you attempting to report the matter? If you have any electronic record (text message, email etc) of your reporting the incident to the employer, that would help you as it would provide important evidence to support any claim for accident at work compensation.

      You could also contact the HSE to discuss the employers attitude towards your accident at work and see if they will investigate the matter.

      With regards to your situation now, have you started a claim for accident at work compensation? Do you have a specialist Solicitor pursuing your claim for you? If you would like any help with this matter, please do not hesitate to make an online enquiry with us.

    • You should put a report of your accident in writing (by email) to the relevant people at work – and make mention of the fact that you had already reported it verbally to the employer and foreman.

      We would be very happy to discuss your accident at work and help you better understand your rights with regards to a claim for accident at work compensation. Please call us on 01225430285 to take this further – or use our website to send us your contact number.

  21. Hello. I recently had an accident/near miss at work about 1 week and a half ago. I have reported it to my contracts manager and made a statement with our employer. This was a coshh related incident involving a cleaning agent that got in to my eyes. I have still not received a signed copy of my statement as promised, my employer has objected to this accident claiming I just had water in my eyes. He has also not written his own statement of events. Our whole team walked off site in protest for the day as it has not been taken seriously. They have still not provided me with the accident book to fill out.
    I think I need some advice on how to handle the situation.

    • You have done the right thing so far in reporting the accident and providing a statement of facts with regards to what happened and how. Your employer does not have to provide a copy of the statement, but if they have promised the same then they should do so. Perhaps you could request one in writing?

      With regards to your concerns about the employers attitude towards you and the incident, you could perhaps contact the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to seek some specialist advice from them on that particular issue.

      Any employer requiring employees to work with or handle chemicals face strict obligations under the COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations. COSHH regulations require employers to ensure that all chemicals are handled strictly, stored safely and that those working with them are provided with the correct personal protective equipment and training.

      In your case, a cleaning agent getting in to the eyes can cause serious damage to eye sight and would certainly cause distress and discomfort. On face value, you may well have a valid claim to pursue against the employer for compensation and I would welcome the chance to discuss your rights and options with you directly. Perhaps you would like to email me directly ( with your contact details so that I can call you to discuss the incident in more detail and offer you some assistance going forward?

  22. Hi i had an accident at work. It was a head injury as i was walking into work the guy in the gatehouse wasnt paying attention and dropped the crash barrier on my head. I was off for 3 weeks and asked if i can get a look at my accident report form but personel said i didnt need to as i already signed this so i must have seen it. Up until today i still have not seen this form or signed this. I have got a lawyer but he has said that because they have admitted liabilty i cannot do nothing about this. I am not happy with this at all because to me this is fraud and no one is entitled to sign this without my permission. Can you please give me advice on this

    • It would be wise to find out who signed the form and when the report was made. Perhaps someone filled in a report when you were injured and given the nature of the head injury, perhaps you cannot – for totally understandable reasons – remember it being done.

      If the defendant has admitted liability though, you need not worry too much as you will succeed with your claim.

      • Hi i didnt know anything about an accident report form up until my brother told me to ask for it as i’d never had am accident at work b4. This was when i phoned up asking for it and was told i had already seen it even though i hadnt. I know ive deffinately not signed anything coz even though i got hit on the head with the crash barrier it didnt knock me out which i was surprised at but i hadnt been at work for 3 weeks due to headaches and dizziness. I know they hadnt filled out a form straight away coz they asked my partner for my home address which was silly especially when personel has my details infront of them. I know it was written out about 2 weeks after ot cause this is when i phoned up about it but the hr department was rude on the phone saying i wasnt allowed to see it cause i had signed it but i ended up argueing this case with her as i know i have never had any paper work to sign from them. I just think this is disgusting that i have been refused to see it plus the fact that no one should be allowec to sign anything like this and as for a claim its not much as it was minor head injuries and nothing serious happened apart from the my head being red and a bump on it which i still have but i am still fighting this as i have alot of symptoms that ive never had before all of this

        • It is important not to underestimate the severe impact that a head injury can have over a long term period. Given that you had 3 weeks off work due to dizziness and headaches, it certainly indicates that the injury was fairly serious. You should definitely make sure that all ongoing symptoms are reported to your GP and properly examined – and that they are included in the claim. Clients we have helped claim compensation after suffering head injuries from a blow to the head have reported upper back and neck pain, loss of balance, mood swings, fatigue, loss of appetite and many other symptoms.

  23. Hi,
    I injured my shoulder at work by lifting a heavy bag. It wasn’t part of my duties however they asked me to help and I was happy to do it. I started feeling pain the next day and I’ve been off sick since then (2 weeks already). We were supposed to use a trolley for carrying those heavy bags however that trolley was broken.

    I don’t think the incident has been recorded on the accident book.

    Since my employer have not shown any sympathy or interest on my health – only wanting the sick notes from doctors, I’m thinking of claiming for compensation. I have spent money in medicines, private physio (still waiting for appointment with nhs physio) and more natural treatments.

    Can you please advise? Thank you

    • The scenario you describe regarding the shoulder injury you sustained at work gives me an initial view that you have a valid claim for compensation. The employer is likely to be seen as negligent in this incident as the trolley that should be used for moving the heavy items was broken. As such, they should have either had it repaired, arranged for a replacement or postponed the moving of the heavy bags. By asking you to move the heavy items without providing you with the correct equipment to minimise the risk of injury, your employer is likely to have to admit liability should you make a claim.

      We would like to hear from you so that we can help you make your claim for accident at work compensation. Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ option on our website to make further contact with us.

  24. I had an accident at work and suffered minor injuries (soft tissue) to my arm and wrist. I wasn’t able to work for 3 weeks as I had a splint on my hand, which I could remove only for hygienic purpose. I’ve been issued with a sick note from my GP, which was advised by the Hospital unit, where I’ve been treated at A&E.

    On the day of accident (after I’d had the accident), I wrote what happened – in front of my team leader – a report of the accident on the form provided by my employer, however there wasn’t any column that I should sign.

    I’m still on probation, with this job and was so worried about money, however I received a phone call to say that the company will pay me as a normal, so there is no loose of income. I’ve been asked via the phone by my line manager if I will make an injury compensation claim, which I found offensive. I answered that I wasn’t thinking yet about such a decision and that I just wanted to come back to work and see the accident report. Do I have a right to do so?

    I’m concerned that the accident raport isn’t correct as I did see that team leader (on the day of accident) was re-writing the report in the office but I didn’t see what he wrote as I had started to feel unwell and was just on the side with an ice pack resting and waiting for my shift to be over. The accident was not at my fault at all. Please advise what I should do. Thank you

    • You do have a right under UK law to pursue a claim for compensation against the employers insurance if you believe that the cause of your accident was not your fault. You have described a scenario in which it would appear that you were not responsible and having made a report and then seeking medical attention, you should certainly take this further.

      Making a claim against your employer will not affect your right to continue with your job and your Line Manager has no right to ask you whether or not you are considering making a claim against them.

      You can call us on 01225430285 or use our ‘start a claim’ website option to take this matter further.

  25. Good day , I’m lorry driver on 5th October 2018 I had accident at work place isn’t related employer fault but happy on employer permission. I’ve badly stepped on my left foot and broke 5th bone in foot. I went do AE where has been diagnosed full fracture of 5th foot bone. Next day I had off in my roster, 7th October 2018 I should work , shift start that day 17:45 a ring to transport reception on 9am and informed ive broke bone and will be not able for work next 8 weeks. Because I work for that company via agency next day 8th October 2018 I informed over the phone as well agency about my long term of sickness. Now few days ago I’ve asked company for signed copy of accident report for insurance proposal ( I’ve filed this for on accident day) they refused to sign this report claiming that I do not inform them… but I did, what I can do now ? They even didn’t report this accident to RRIDOR where bone fracture is reportable.

    • You should write to the employer listing in full the events in which you were injured and how you reported the accident to them. With regards to RIDDOR, you can contact them yourself if you wish.

      How did you break the bone in your foot? If the step was faulty, something was broken or you had not been adequately trained you could seek to make a claim against your employer. If you would like some further advice or help, please call us on 01225430285 or use our ‘start a claim’ page to make further contact with us.

  26. good day, my husband is a driver by occupation and on the 6th of september 2018 he had an accident coming down Van Rhynspass. he still doesnt have the use of his left arm and up to this moment his employers still hasnt reported his accident to COIDA. What should we do?

    • That could well be the policy of your employer regarding accident books. If it is a large company with numerous sites, it is likely that the accident book entries are collated and logged at one central location – such as Head Office. To that end, it is acceptable for the employer to ask you to write to the relevant person within the Head Office to request a copy of the report.

      You mention that you have had an accident at work. With this in mind, you may well be entitled to make a claim for accident at work compensation against your employers liability insurance. If you can identify any negligence on the part of the employer, an external supplier or a colleague that lead to your injuries, you could well succeed with a claim. Why not contact us so that we can discuss the details of your accident with you and advise you as to whether or not you have a valid claim for accident at work compensation? You can call our team on 01225430285 or use our ‘make a claim’ enquiry form to start the ball rolling.

  27. Good morning. I recently had and accident at work where I cut my head. I have asked my employer for a copy of my accident report and have been told that this report is the property of the company and although I can read it (I have already signed it) I cannot have a copy to take away with me. Is this correct.

    • Your employer is within their rights to deny you taking a copy of the accident book entry. However, they would not be able to refuse sight of a copy of the report to a Solicitor should an injured person go on to pursue a claim for compensation and their instructed Solicitor formally requests a copy.

      It is good that you have seen and made a report in to the accident book.

  28. My husband worked at a company for a long time making gates and rails. They did not have any accident books, risk assessments (when off site lifting and fitting) or provided with any manual handling equipment. He last worked for them 15 years ago, after leaving due to long periods of absence. Since then over the past 9 years he has been under the doctor and hospital for serious pain related illnesses. He has now had three back operations and we are fully aware that at least 4 other ex workers have also had operations on their back( 2 of theses have made claims and successed against the company). Looking for advise.

    • Your Husband’s former employers appear to have been grossly negligent towards his and colleagues health and safety given the lack of risk assessments and training and equipment to work safely.

      The issue that I have is the amount of time that has passed since the symptoms presented. As you may be aware, any injured person has a right to make a claim within 3 years of the date of an accident or the date at which they became aware of an injury. You mention that your Husband has been seeing a Doctor for 9 years or so and as such, I am concerned that he has exceeded his statutory claim limitation period of 3 years and may therefore be unable to do anything.

  29. My employer (an agency) refuses to record the details of my accident in the accident book. They deny that I called on Monday to report the accident which was at the earliest convenience as I was in bed injured and couldn’t go within 15 days to the library to scan the Doctors note….

    Can I get compensated? I have a refusal by email to register the accident in the accident book. My witness is my supervisor and all mates. No risk assessment, no safety, no pick up tool and the resulting RSI comes after the muscles cool down and I woke up next day in bed. I am ridiculed for my 4 month injury… I can’t record the accident. Because it’s “late”.

    The agency doesn’t have offices in Leeds. I already have refusal from them after I gave them the fit notes by email, because it’s “late”. When I called they didn’t bother. Under the circumstances it was late anyway. While I was recovering in bed and didn’t need stress on my injury. I needed time to heal. The Health and safety executive was disappointing and the warehouse said they will call police if I call again. I thought it was just a little bit of normal stress on my back. When I left work it seemed alright. It was last day of work.

    • Given the lack of Health and Safety protocol within your workplace and the lack of risk assessment and correct procedure, you may well have a valid claim against the place where the agency placed you to work for the injuries you have sustained. Clearly, it would have been good if you had been able to record the injury immediately but you have explained clearly as to why that was not possible in this case.

      We note that you have sensibly used our ‘contact us’ call back request option on the website. One of our new claims team will call you during your requested call window to further discuss this matter with you.

  30. I have been suffering from an RSI and was absent from work for 8 months as a result. 2 Occupational Health reports supported the diagnosis. My employer is threatening me with a warning when I suffered a work related injury and am injured for life. I have also found out that this matter was never reported under RIDDOR as requested by the Occupational Health. Have they broken the law?

    • Whether or not your employer has broken the law is somewhat irrelevant here – although if RIDDOR and the HSE are made aware of a failure to report a reportable incident, the employer could find themselves in hot water.

      Given the RSI condition affecting you, have you considered making a claim for industrial injury compensation with a claims specialist such as Direct2Compensation? You could well succeed with a claim for compensation in this matter if it can be shown that your current and former employers have failed to adequately minimise the risk of you suffering with such a condition – such as adequate training, personal protective equipment, job rotations and regular breaks.

      At Direct2Compensation, we have a genuine expertise in all matters relating to workplace injuries and RSI’s so it would be a good idea for you to contact us or call 01225430285 so that our specialist staff can discuss your specific situation with you. In just a few minutes on the phone we’ll be able to advise you as to whether you have a valid claim against your employer. If so, we would be very happy to assist you on a full No Win No Fee basis.

  31. I had an accident at work but the manager was out and the rest of the staff told me they were not aware of there being an accident book. Is it a legal requirement to have one? I work at a pub with at least ten full and part-time staff.

    • The employer should have a system in place to enable the reporting of accidents. There doesn’t have to be an accident book as such, but a system of recording and reporting accidents should exist – whether that be in a book, by telephoning a certain person or by sending an email to the employer.

      If your employer hasn’t enabled you to report your accident, our advice would be for you to write to or email the employer explaining what happened to you, when and where and what injuries you sustained.

      If you would like to discuss your accident at work and find out whether you have a valid claim for work accident compensation, call us (01225430285) or use our ‘start a claim’ page to submit an enquiry to us. One of our team will then call you to answer any questions you may have and offer helpful advice about your situation and if appropriate, we can get your claim started.

  32. Hello,

    My partner is a delivery driver for a furniture company. Towards the end of April 2018 he suffered a head injury at work. Whilst lifting the rear shutters of the work van a large wardrobe door fell and hit him on the right side of his head. The rope ties which held the furniture in place in the rear had snapped/ripped. He was bleeding, vomitting, dizziness and blurred vision, he was confused not realising where he is for 20 to 30 minutes. It was recorded in the Work Accident Incident Report Book on the same day by a Supervisor. Gradually the symptoms have returned and we have been to our GP and Hospital. Since April he has been taking paracetamol 4 to 5 times a day sometimes even more depending on the pain in his head. His performance at work has been affected to the point that for nearly 3 weeks he was not called into work. When he contacted his company they refused to acknowledge him. He went into work on Monday last week to speak with a manager who made it clear he has not been called into work due to his performance being terrible recently when he was working. He is in the top workers within the company and in the last 5 years never had a single complaint. My partner explained to the manager he doesnt know whats happening to him but the head injury has made him feel different. The manager now has started calling him into work. Today my partner asked to see the Accident Incident Report Book and to have a copy of the Incident Report. First they refused to show and give, then they gave the book but my partners incident has been ripped out of the book.

    I dont know what to do, I am noticing so many changes in him and its all out of character and it has really become worrying. We have a doctors appointment booked and he is being referred for CT Head Scan.

    What should we do.

    Thank you

    • The consequences of a head injury at work can be very serious, with behavioural changes commonly listed as one of the most difficult issues caused in such an incident.

      It sounds as if your Partner needs expert advise and support of a specialist Solicitor in this matter and this is something we would be happy to help with. On face value, it seems that he would have a valid claim against his employer for workplace injury compensation and we would like to take this further for him.

      If your partner wants to discuss his rights with us, he is free to liaise with us with no obligation and he may have concerns about claiming against his employer – something we are used to discussing with people who have been injured at work.

  33. Hi
    I have in the last 8 months had two accidents at work. The first one I tripped over a pallet fell and hit my head. I attended hospital and had a slight concusion so had to have a week off work.
    The second one I twisted my ankle on a bolt that was left sticking out of the floor… Although I never had any treatment I was still off work for about a week… Both accidents have been put into the accident book.
    Am I in a position to make a claim?
    Many thanks

    • The details you have provided give us an initial view that you should pursue claims against your employer for both matters and we would like to pursue these for you.

      In both instances, employer negligence is apparent – the pallet in the workplace could well have been blocking a walkway and therefore a breach of health and safety at work and the bolt on which you tripped should not have been sticking out of the floor as it is an obvious tripping hazard.

  34. I injured my back at work by lifting flat packs ( furniture) and pushing washing machines around. Usuallly should be 2 people lifting if its too heavy but no one at work follows the manual handling/healthsafety regulations . Now i suffer of slip disc , trapped nerve and facet joint disease. On my shift I could feel a little click in my lower back but didn’t not take it serious. But on the next two days it gradually got worse and had to see my Dr. I been off 4 weeks and been send for MRI scan which my symptoms are stated already above. Now my question is i couldn’t come into work to report it but as my sister gone to hand in my skin notes she did report it to the manager but I do not believe that he did report about my injury. What can I do because I am really worried.

    • If your employer failed to provide you with adequate manual handling training or the correct equipment to lift and move items of weight safely, you would have a valid claim for accident at work compensation and we would be happy to help you start a claim with our specialist injury compensation Solicitors.

      Your employer is clearly aware of your injury and absence from work but you are correct in that they may not have recorded the details of your injury correctly. In order to make sure that your employer is put on notice and has a proper record of the injury, you should put your own report to them in writing – by email or via recorded delivery (retain a copy for your own records) outlining what happened and how.

      • I asked him if he added it in the accident book. At first he was acting dumn and said if i believe it happened at work then we could do it. Then i emailed him about it if i could have a copy of my report. He said he wants a Dr’s letter because I can not take a report letter off side the company because is personal data protection and also by law I can not take it . So I am really confused by that.

  35. I am a supervisor at a warehouse job . We have several department heads with the same supervisorial status . One of the supervisors from another department has had several incidents , forklift related , in the last month . There has been no action taken , as they are the supervisor/ operator . Yesterday , the supervisor was involved in an incident , leaving a temp. worker with 2 painfully injured fingers . I have had enough . I am hearing comments of discontent from the workers throughout the entire facility of this supervisor being allowed to carry on with no consequence . Is it my right to demand a copy of the accident report , as I wish to see if the person responsible has indeed taken responsibility . I fear that incidents like this are ‘swept under the carpet ‘ as the supervisor has a favoured status with the operations manager , who oversees us as a whole ?

    • In the UK, there is no right for employees to demand sight of an accident book record that does not relate to an incident in which they were not injured. In cases like the one you mention, it would be wise to ‘whistle blow’ and bring in an external regulatory authority to investigate the Health and Safety management in the workplace. In the UK, you could seek the services and advice of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and remind the employer of their obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

  36. I fell in our workscarpark and fractured my wrist, I am currently of work, I have asked management 3 times if they have put it in the accident book and at this time it hasn’t when I ask about it they keep dodging the subject, this happened on the 3rd of June, and 3 days later the carpark was closed off and getting re tarred, and it was a pothole that caused my accident. I am wondering why the management are not willing to tell me why it has not been put in the accident book

    • Anne

      It is frustrating to read that your employer will not let you view the accident book entry. Unfortunately, there is no obligation for an employer to disclose this to you – although most good employers have no issue with letting people see the accident book.

      I would be happy to discuss your accident in greater detail so that you can better understand what options you may have with regards to taking further action. Please send your phone number to me at: and I’ll call you to offer assistance.

  37. Hi, I had an accident at work driving a FLT, I hit a pot hole which jarred my back and caused quite a lot of pain, I have asked my Employers for a copy of the Accident report, and they are refusing to give me a copy, can they do this, Thanks Steve.

    • Steve

      Thanks for coming to us after your accident at work. I am pleased that you found our compensation claims website to be of use.

      There is no obligation for an employer to allow workers to view the contents of an accident book or an accident report form. Most employers are happy to allow workers access to a copy of accident books and allow them to view what has been noted following an accident at work.

      In your situation, I can imagine that you are feeling frustrated by the attitude of the employer and given that they are refusing you access to the report, it is understandable that you may be questioning whether or not they are being honest in terms of what they have recorded. With this in mind, it may be wise to protect your interests and ensure that an honest report of the event and your injuries is on record. To this end, I would advise two things.

      Firstly, I would take a photograph of the pothole that you hit whilst driving the forklift. This will protect your interests going forward if the area is repaired and the hazard removed.
      Second, I would email or write to your employer outlining that due to their refusal to allow you to see what has been recorded that you wish to put on record your version of events. You should state what happened and where and how you were injured. If the pothole was unmarked with no warning or sign, you should draw attention to that issue and also state how your injury is affecting you. You could also provide a photograph of the pothole in question to corroborate your report.

      We have a number of identical claims in process at the moment and have succeeded with claims of the same cause many time previously. Indeed, we have recently succeeded with a claim for a client who was an FLT operator at a large haulage site and within the site there were two sections of yard that were at slightly different heights. The FLT operator had complained that to drop the couple of inches from one pad of concrete to the next was causing pain and also presented a health and safety risk, yet the employer ignored his concerns. He later sustained a slipped disc as a result of driving across the change in height of the two concrete pads and was left unable to work for a lengthy period.

      We would be very happy to assist you further with regards to a claim for compensation for the injury you have sustained at work. Of course, you may not be minded to pursue a claim and that is fine. However, if you would like further advice or wish to discuss your situation further so that you better understand your rights and options with regards to a possible claim, please contact me. You can either forward your phone number to me by email to: or call us on 01225430285.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  38. Ian Morris


    I am a job coach and while doing my job fell on a bus. The bus took off before I could get a grip or sit down and I went flying. My manager was not in the office on my return and I spoke with my co-workers and explained what happened. One of them said,, I needed to fill in an incident report but had no idea where it was. I went home because I was feeling sick and contacted my Doctor. Even though I told her the accident happened at work she did not record it as worker injury and gave me an ordinary medical certificate. She gave me a few days off work for my injuries to heal. I rang my manager the very next day and told her what happened and the doctors treatment. She asked me to fax my medical certificate and I heard nothing after that until I returned to work the following week. I was told that the injuries were going to heal and it was up to me but did I just want to use my sick leave. I said OK because I did not want to cause any waves but then returned to the managers office and said to her, am I doing the right thing, maybe I should lodge a claim? She said, well its going to heal so there is no need, I am doing the right thing. I felt very uneasy about it. The pain did not go and I started to worry so I returned to my doctor and she said she was unaware that it was a work injury because she looked at my previous occupation which was a chef and when I said bus it didn’t register with her. They used all my sick leave and hours I accumulated in TIL for time off. I asked my manager to fill in an incident report and she said well if you didn’t file a claim then you shouldn’t fill in an incident report. Can you please advise me as I feel very uneasy. I rang HR and she said there is a very short window to file and that it was 2 weeks. It was about 3 weeks when I called her. She also said, that there was a lot of paper work involved. What can I do?

    • I would strongly recommend that you ensure that the employer has a proper record of your injury, how it happened and what you did immediately after and subsequently, regarding the injuries you have sustained. It would also be wise to point out to them that the injury is worse than initially thought and that your symptoms will last longer than your Doctors/Medical treatment provider had indicated.

      If your employer says that the time elapsed between the injury and now means that they cannot record it in the normal way (via their incident reporting system), you should email your HR department, copying your line manager and make a full report of what happened in the incident and since then.

  39. My brother in law had a nasty fall of a roof onto the scaffolding ! He fell on a drill and fractured two ribs. He since has been off work for a week to recover.
    His employer is refusing to log the incident in the accident book…
    He also refuses to provide him with a contract of employment.
    I find this unacceptable as an employer myself.
    Please advise what he should do legally.

    • Sharon

      Hi, I am very sorry to hear about your Brother-in-Law’s accident. His employer is breaching health and safety guidelines by refusing to record the details of the accident correctly.

      I would suggest that the your Brother-in-Law writes to the employer (email or recorded delivery) to request that they record the details within an accident book or incident log and that in that letter/email, that he outlines what happened, what injuries he has sustained and note any obvious health and safety issues that lead to our could have prevented his accident.

      We would be happy to help him pursue a claim for compensation against his employer. He may wish to have an informal chat with us first, if so, please ask him to call me on 01225430285 or email me: so that I can help him better understand his rights and what he can do.

      I hope this helps.

      Yours sincerely


  40. I got injured at work slipped out off the step of my truck and hurt my knee, employer is refusing to sign a injury report and said not to tell the doctor when I go that it happened at work cause It will screw up their triff score? What are my legal rights here what can I do ?

    • Jill

      In the UK, you have the right to require your employer to complete an accident report and also to inform your Doctor as to how the injury occurred. Your employers concerns are irrelevant in respect of your rights and best interests.

      Whether or not you could hold the employer liable would depend on the training provided by your employer, whether there were any faults with the step or if the employer had failed to provide you with the correct equipment and clothing etc.

      I hope this helps.



  41. Hi I had a fall 5 weeks should on a wet floor I have requested on many occasions that my accident to be logged in the accident book and that in need a copy I’m not getting anywhere with getting a copy of it I have rang the company sent a recorded letter and left many messages to be contacted I’m getting ignored what can I do ???

    • Maria

      You don’t need to worry too much about getting a copy of the accident book record, the key thing to do is to make sure that it has been recorded. You have done everything that anyone could reasonably expect you to do in terms of reporting your accident. Indeed, the fact that you have sent the company a letter by recorded delivery to ensure that the details of your accident are on record means that you can prove that the company has been made aware of your accident.

      At Direct2Compensation we have a great track record of pursuing injury compensation claims after accidents involving slipping on a wet floor and we would very much like the chance to discuss your accident and injury circumstances with you as we may well be able to help you pursue a claim for injury compensation. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can discuss your situation and offer the help and support you need.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  42. I was injured at work, I work on a farm and was made to wear wellies with no tread which resulted in me rupturing my acl ligament and damaged cartilage….. it was reported into the accident book but that as now been removed from the work premises no were to be seen, I’m going for surgery soon and may need more in the furture, im only guaranteed 70% use in my knee, can I claim

    • Fiona

      Hi, thanks for commenting. As you had also filled in a contact form on our site, we have now spoken and you’re awaiting a call from one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors.

      We think you have a very strong claim. If your employer is providing footwear with no grip in an area that is known to be slippery, then they have failed to ensure your health and safety at work.

      We wish you success with your claim.

      Best regards


  43. I had an accident at work but could not go into work to fill out the accident report .i rang my manager to tell her the details over the phone which she said would be filled out on daytex ,I keep asking for a copy but have still not got one it has been 6 months now ,how do I get a copy ,because I will need to make a claim sometime soon

    • Debra

      Hi, I can appreciate that the lack of provision of a copy of the incident report has been frustrating you. However, with regards to making a claim for compensation after an accident at work, it is not vital that you personally have a copy of the accident book/incident record as our specialist solicitors will be able to obtain this during the processing of your claim. The most important thing is that there is an accident record in existence and it sounds as if there is in your case.

      You could contact your HR department and request confirmation that such a record was made by your Manager. If they confirm that there was, you needn’t worry further and we could make arrangements to start your claim for injury compensation as soon as you are ready. If your employers HR department indicate that there was no record made, you should immediately start a grievance process with them outlining what your Manager had said to you and you should request that an accident record is made immediately (during which you should ensure that it is accurate and reflects the cause of the accident, the injuries and witness information).

      You mention needing to make a claim sometime soon. With this in mind, you should be aware that you have a period of 3-years from the date of your accident in which you can pursue a claim for compensation. Failure to pursue your claim before the 3rd anniversary of your accident will leave you statute barred and unable to take any action. Whilst you are probably well within your 3-year period, it is always a good idea to avoid delays in making your claim.

      I hope that this information is of use to you and I hope that we can help you further with a claim for compensation.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

    • Whether or not your employer will allow you/employees access to view copies or make entries in to accident books depends on the policies employed by that company.

      All employers should keep records relating to workplace accidents and the most common way of doing so is via an accident book or incident reporting system. In many cases, the individual involved in an accident will not be the person who records the details as it is commonplace for a member of Management of HR staff who will make an entry based on statements from the person injured and those who witnessed the accident.

      In your case, it sounds like an incident/accident book entry has been made and you are simply requesting a copy of this record or the right to view what information is contained within the report. If your employer is refusing you access to this, you need to find out if this is the company policy or if it is just that your individual Manager is refusing you access to the record. You should contact your HR department and ask to see a copy of the policy relating to accident book records and your access to them.

      If you are not being allowed access to view the record, this could well be a breach of your personal information. Employers are governed Data Protection regulations and it could be that the information they have on record relating to an incident in which you were injured is incorrect. If you are not allowed to view this and have it corrected, they have breached your privacy rights. In this case, you could consider contacting the Information Commissioners Office to request assistance and make a complaint.

      It is not always the case that employers will allow staff members to have a copy of an accident book entry, but they should be allowing you to view the same.

      When it comes to claiming personal injury compensation after an accident at work, you do not need to personally have a copy of an accident book entry. The important thing is that an entry or record has been made. Most of our accident at work compensation claimants do not have a copy of their accident book entry, but when our specialist solicitors contact our claimants employers, they are able to provide the relevant proof of authority to obtain a copy for the claimant.

  44. My employers are refusing to let me see my recorded entry into the accident book from 2014 after having 2 major operations after the incident and not being allowed back to my contracted duties and after receiving a 100% Bill of health from my specialist and occupational health doctor at work, being put on a redeployment scheme and having till January 2017 to seek another post or I’m dismissed I find this suspicious

    • Michael

      This does sound a little ‘fishy’ and I would have thought that your employer would disclose a copy of their accident book entry to you. Have you had a Solicitor acting for you? In cases where employers refuse an employee the right to view or see what their accident record says, we often find that when a solicitor takes over the running of the claim and makes a formal request for disclosure of an accident record, that one suddenly materialises.

      If you would like our assistance with this matter, or think that we may be able to help further, please call us on 01225430285 or fill in a contact enquiry form on our make a claim page and we’ll be in touch to see how we can assist.

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