How do I know if I have a valid slipping accident claim?

Lady turning her ankle after slipping down stairs

Staying on your feet when out and about isn’t usually too difficult. In most cases, we go about our business and head home afterwards without a problem. But occasionally people suffer awful injuries from what can seem an innocuous slip or trip, and claiming compensation can help in many ways.

Just because you’ve been injured doesn’t necessarily mean you have a valid claim for personal injury, though. Here we will help you to understand whether or not the circumstances surrounding your slipping accident mean that you do have a valid claim against the responsible establishment, and that you should make a claim for slip and trip compensation.

Some of the most common claims are made by those who have slipped on a shop floor made wet by a spillage, a leaking pipe or freezer unit, or by cleaners mopping. Many other claimants are injured after having slipped on a wet floor at work. But slips can be caused by a number of hazards, and however and wherever you slip, you will want to know whether the details of your accident and their cause will enable you to claim.

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Responsibility for the accident

Slipping accidents can obviously take place anywhere, but to claim compensation you need to prove that responsibility for the accident lies with a third party rather than yourself. Because of this, most claims arise from slips at work or in public places. Shops, restaurants, libraries and business establishments, for example, all have a responsibility to ensure people’s safety. If they fail to do so and accidents occur as a result, they can be found to have been negligent and liable to compensate the injured party.

Clearly, if you slip and fall after running around mucking about or jumping from a high step onto the ground, any injuries you have are going to be seen as being your own fault. You can’t claim personal injury compensation if an accident was caused by your own actions! Therefore, the first question to ask yourself is: Was someone else responsible for the accident?

It’s common knowledge these days that when making a floor wet on purpose, a business or premises will erect a yellow Hazard Warning Sign. This sign gives you the knowledge of a potential hazard and puts you on notice that you need to take extra care. If you have slipped on a wet floor in a shop, restaurant or business and there was no hazard sign erected, you are likely to have a valid claim for compensation. The 3rd party could be seen as liable for your injuries by failing to provide a warning of a foreseeable risk to your safety.

However, in some circumstances, the erection of the yellow hazard sign is insufficient. For example, let’s say a supermarket has a leaking freezer unit in their store. The floor gets wet and they call out an engineer. If they erect the yellow sign, they’ve covered themselves. But if they just erected a sign and didn’t bother calling the engineer and left the unit leaking for weeks and weeks, the sign would become redundant and they would still be liable for not removing a known hazard in a reasonable time frame.

Reporting the accident

So you’ve slipped or tripped and injured yourself through no fault of your own, but what next? The 2nd question you should ask yourself is: Did I report the accident and ensure that it was properly recorded?  Was it noted in an accident book?

As with all accidents that lead to someone wishing to make a claim for personal injury compensation, it’s all about reporting the details of your accident to the right people. If you’ve slipped on a wet floor in a private establishment (a business premises, a supermarket, a cinema, a restaurant etc) you must make every effort to ensure that the party responsible for running the premises is informed. Any location open to the public should have an accident book and a way of recording incidents. By recording the incident, you are providing proof that you fell in their premises and that your injuries were caused on their patch.

Unless you are severely injured and incapacitated, you should report your accident and injuries immediately and ensure that they are noted in an accident book. If the 3rd party tell you they don’t have an accident book, or won’t let you have access to it, there are things you can do. If this is the case, look for a witness and get their details.  If you can’t do that, take photos or send a letter by recorded delivery (keeping a copy for yourself with proof of postage) reporting the incident to the business or establishment.

If all this seems a bit complicated, or you haven’t done any of the above, don’t worry – if you contact us we can talk you through it and help you to complete the necessary steps.

Injuries from the slip

The 3rd question to consider is: Were you sufficiently injured to seek medical treatment from a hospital or your GP?

What severity of injury warrants a claim? If you haven’t had medical treatment, it is likely that your injuries will not be seen as sufficiently serious to warrant a claim as medical evidence is needed to support your claim. If you have been suffering in silence and haven’t seen the GP, you still can. If the GP is happy to note that your injuries are consistent with those suffered in a slipping on a wet or dangerous floor surface, you can then prove your injuries and pursue a claim. Generally speaking, injury symptoms need to last for a few weeks to meet the minimum criteria needed to pursue a claim.

Making a claim

These are the main criteria you need to check to see if you can claim:

  • Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  • Do you know the identity of the liable party (business name and address etc)?
  • If not, did you report the incident to the police or local authority?
  • Have you sought medical treatment from your GP or hospital?
  • If not, are your injuries still presenting symptoms that your GP can diagnose?

If you can answer the above positively, you may well be entitled to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. Our solicitors will claim for the following on your behalf:

  • The pain and distress caused to you by the injuries sustained (the value of the injury element of the claim will be determined by medical evidence and a review of your medical records.)
  • Associated costs and losses (special damages) – such as lost income if you are unable to work as a result of the injury or damage to personal items – such as your spectacles or mobile phone and property.
  • Restrictions on your ability to fulfil your usual activities and social life.
  • Whether or not you have required any post accident care.

If you have any questions about whether or not your accident scenario warrants a claim, or if you wish to discuss the No Win No Fee claims process with us, please call our team on 01225 430285 or use our contact form. We know your rights and can help you to understand them. We’ve successfully helped many clients claim compensation for slip and trip injuries and we’d love to help you, too.

How Direct2Compensation can help you claim slipping accident compensation

Direct2Compensation is one of the best places for you to seek help if you have been injured in a slipping accident. Whether you need information about us, the solicitors we work with, or the claims process, or want advice as to how to go about making a claim for slipping accident compensation, we’re ready to help you start your claim.

Not only will you find our website a great resource for information about claiming personal injury compensation, but you’ll also find that our team of staff are personally knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. We know your rights and can help you to better understand how making a claim for injury compensation after a slipping accident can be of benefit to you.

We work with some of the very best personal injury compensation solicitors around and know how to help you find the right specialist solicitor to suit the specific needs of your particular situation. We offer a caring approach and we’re able to talk about No Win No Fee personal injury compensation, the nitty gritty of No Win No Fee Conditional Fee Agreement legal claims, and answer your questions in simple layman’s terms. And because we’ve worked so hard to take the stress out of claiming compensation for slipping accident victims, when you make your claim with Direct2Compensation, you can forget about worrying and concentrate on recovering.

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  1. I was wondering if I have a claim or can get help to pay my hospital bills.I was at a nightclub in Vegas and had 2 drinks and was dancing. I left the dance floor to go to the restroom everyone was dancing and spilling there beer all over the ground and i fell and slipped and hit my head fractured my nose and had some abrasion to my nose.I had to go to the ER and suffered so much loss of blood.The club says they have cameras .I was wondering what to do

    1. Theresa

      Hi, I am really sorry to read of your very nasty experience and the injuries you have sustained after your slip.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we can help you. We are a UK based claims company working within the legal system covering the United Kingdom. As you were injured in Vegas, NV, you will need to seek the services of a Personal Injury attorney who is able to operate within the jurisdiction covering Vegas.

      I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your enquiry.


  2. evening wondered if you could give some advise whether I have a valid claim. on the 3rd March I went into a local store and on the way out I slipped on a very wet surface it had been raining quiet heavily night before anf morning off. a member of staff asked if I was OK I quickly got up and left to go home as was shaken and extremely embarrassed once I returned home the pain in my leg and wrist was getting bad and bruising to both started to come out I went into store asked if accident book can be filled in no manager available so they took my details and promosed manager would call never happened I showed them where I slipped and they replied yes that slippery I’ll put cones out I went home . 3 days later no contact from store so I sent a complaints letter to head office .today 21st received a letter back saying that accident report and cctv been sent to health and safety team and that the store has since seen me and gave me a bunch of flowers as gesture of good will.

    1. Sarah

      I think you may well have a viable claim for compensation here. Of course, we would need to find out more specific information (such as where in the store you fell) during a phone conversation to be able to confirm things, but given what you have said about your slipping accident, we are of the view that we think you should be making a claim for compensation.

      Please email your phone number to us or call us on 01225430285 so that we can have a quick chat and help you to get this claim up and running.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


      1. ok thankyou I shall email you later with more info did u want me to attach a copy of letter I wrote to them and their reply too.

        1. Sarah

          Hi, thanks for coming back to me. Yes, please forward as much information as you have – the more the better! If you pop your contact number on the email, we’ll call you to discuss things in detail.

          Yours sincerely


  3. Recently I arrived to work and parked on the top floor of a car park. On walking towards the stairwell across the parking bays I slipped and bruised my back and arm. I noticed that the car park were displaying the ‘caution slippery floor’ and ‘warning ice’ signs. Do I have a claim against the company for not ensuring the car park surface was not free from ice?

    1. George

      Displaying a hazard warning sign does not in and of itself absolve the car park company of a responsibility, but there is no definitive ‘rule’ regarding ice on pathways etc.

      However, we would be willing to bring the details of your accident to the attention of one of our specialist Solicitors as we may well be able to assist. Given that your accident was within a paid for car park, it would give me far greater hope that you could succeed with a claim than if it were simply on a public footpath.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me via [email protected] and we can then give you a better view of things.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



  4. I am a 62 year old woman and I had my mother at the hospital in surgery for a broken hip. After she came out of recovery, I was told I could go back up to her room. As I was walking back to her room, my rubber sole on my shoe clung to the floor and I fell flat on my stomach. I was shaken up a bit and embarrassed. No one was on the same hall as I, but an attached hallway I just came from, there was a young woman saw me trying to get up and she ran to me to help. There are cameras on every hallway. As I reached the second level of the hospital where my mother was, I first stopped at the nurses station and told my mother’s nurse what happened and she didn’t care to ask me if I was hurt in anyway. One of my fingers was bleeding around the nail and I showed it to her and she gave me 2 bandaids. I said no more about it to any staff until today because now I am hurting where I wasn’t before in several places on my body. I do have a concern about my right kneecap because it hurts like a bad bruise and is indented more than my other knee. I’m just worried if I have any permanent damage to my knee that may need to be cared for. I was walking like I always have. It was an accident, but I don’t know if I have a legitimate claim. The floor was not wet. It was a waxed floor. This happened yesterday. I did mention my fall to two hospital workers. I am hurting all over my body as I right this and still somewhat feel shaken inside like my nerves are on end.

    1. At this stage, the first things you need to do are this. Ensure that the details of your accident – how it happened, where it happened and what the injuries/consequences are – are properly recorded within the Hospital where it happened. You should contact them via telephone/email or best, in person and ask them to make sure that there is a record. If they refuse to do this, make sure you put a report to them in writing – sent via the mail or email.
      Secondly, you need to make sure that you have received medical treatment for the injuries you mention – it sounds that the finger injury is fairly minor, but the other injuries are likely to me more serious and longer lasting. You should see your Doctor and get these checked out and diagnosed.

      If the injuries then transpire to be sufficiently serious, you could contact a specialist injury compensation lawyer/solicitor such as ourselves to assist you.

  5. Hi i recently slipped on a wet tiled floor area going into my work place before my shift started i am 5 months pregnant. There was a yellow hazard cone in the area but was in polish not english but obviously i know what it means but think there should also be a english one. I reported the accident to health and safety and it has all been noted. However one of the health n safety staff seemd to find it amusing that i had slipped and said to me “your getting no sympathy from me you have your outdoor shoes on so they must be slippy”no sorry its your floor thats slippy i hadnt even started my shift when i slipped so thats why i had my outdoor shoes on. However when i left my work that day a english hazard sign had been placed and a non slip mat but that wasnt there at the time i slipped. Do i have a claim,i am 5 months pregnant my bottom is sore and now my back .

    1. Kirsty

      Hi, thanks for letting us know about your slip on the wet floor at work. Your employer does have some grounds for a defence of the claim, but you also have grounds to pursue a claim against them. Yes, they have placed a hazard sign out, but it is not in English so there is a small issue there. Also, you mention that they had placed a non-slip mat on the floor at some point after your slip. The non-slip mat indicates that the employer has acknowledged that the floor is very slippery and therefore hazardous.

      I think we should bring your accident details and potential claim to our specialist solicitors and let them pursue this for you. If you would like us to pursue this for you, please either email me your phone number to: [email protected] or call our offices on 01225430285.

      Yours sincerely


  6. Hi
    On Thursday last week I was on my way out walking to my car about 100 yards from my door I tripped on the pavement which had a loose brick, this resulted in me have a cut and bruised knee and a sore hand from trying to stop my self, I have pictures of my injuries as I didn’t feel it was necessary to seek medical attention, I reported the accident to the local authorities do you think I have a valid reason to claim?


    1. Ryan

      Hi, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Whether or not you have a viable claim for compensation will really depend on the ‘hazard’/’defect’ that caused you to trip and fall. When it comes to assessing the viability of a tripping accident compensation claim, the accident site is very important. We need to know more about the site and therefore, seeing your photographs will enable us to give you a better view as to whether or not you have a realistic prospect of succeeding with a claim. Therefore, please email me your photographs to: [email protected] so that I can view them and give you my thoughts.

      To succeed with a claim for tripping accident compensation, we need to demonstrate that the tripping ‘hazard’ meets the required criteria regarding size and that it has been in situ long enough for the local authority to have had ample time to inspect the area and carry out remedial repair work.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  7. Hi I had an accident in the swimming baths while collecting my daughter from her swimming lesson there were no blue disposal shoes in the dispenser so I carried on in with my normal trainers on and slipped on the wet floor dislocating my right knee, when I fell it went back into place (however I have done his before a few times but never in a public place) when the passers by went to get help the manager and a swim instructor came to help however the manager didn’t offer me any ice pack for my knee and said if its a reoccurring thing is not going to help anyway, they sat me on a chair and asked if I needed an ambulance, and waited till my husband came to pick me up as I couldn’t drive, I have been off work for a week and half so far on sick leave and have now got a hospital appointment to see how much ligament damage there is and may need a knee operation which means 6-8 weeks off work which I cant afford , if I did put a claim in what would I have to do.

    1. Debbie

      Hi, I am sorry to hear about your recent fall at the swimming pool. We could certainly investigate this matter for you with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation. Whether or not the claim would succeed will depend on a few factors, but we’d gladly get our specialist solicitor partners on to this for you.

      To pursue a claim for compensation, the first thing you need to do is speak to us – please email me your contact number to: [email protected] and I’ll call you to talk things through in detail. It would be wise (if it hasn’t been done already) to make sure that the swimming baths in question have recorded your details and the nature of your accident within their accident book. If they didn’t take your details at the time, you should email them, write to them (recorded delivery) or go to see them in person.

      Any work undertaken by ourselves/solicitor partners is done on a No Win No Fee basis, so the worst case scenario would be that your claim failed and you did not receive compensation. Whilst this would be disappointing, you would not have to pay any costs to any party. Given the nature of your injury, it is definitely worth pursuing this to see if we can take this to a successful conclusion.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  8. Hello,

    Two days ago I was entering a nightclub toilet and fell on a really really wet floor. And unfortunately I doubt much of it was water! After landing on my hand and going for an X-ray I have broke my ring finger around the knuckle on my dominant hand. There was no wet floor sign and the floor was abnormally wet. But I probably did have slippy shoes on and surely they would argue I’d been drinking. Do I have a case? Thanks

    1. Danny

      Hi, thank you for discussing your situation with us.

      We would gladly try to pursue this claim for you – indeed, we have just settled a very similar claim for a client who sustained a dislocated knee in very similar circumstances within a night club.

      The fact that the floor was extremely wet and slippery with no hazard warning sign on display is very important here. Although you are right to indicate that drink may play a part in this matter, the fact that you’d either had a drink or were even a little drunk would not preclude you from being able to make a claim for compensation.

      Going to a nightclub for a few drinks is a legal activity and as such, it is foreseeable that club goers maybe a little drunk. As such, the onus on the club to make sure that the facilities are safe, that signs are erected and floors are not left wet should be even greater than normal. If the 3rd party tries to argue that your injury was caused because you were drunk, they may be able to force you to have to admit some responsibility, but you would still have a claim.

      I suggest you call us on 01225430285 as we can explain everything and get your claim up and running within a brief phone call. Alternatively, email me your contact details to: [email protected] and I’ll call you myself.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  9. Hi there. I was just about finished with my shopping trip at a a big chain supermarket and I was walking through a produce isle when I slipped on a puddle of water. There were no signs at all. I fell on my knee and it was bruised and swollen. When my fiancé came around the corner he saw me on the floor and employees and a manager were brought over to me. I filled out an accident report and they took pictures. Right now I am just sore and bruised and don’t feel the need for medical attention. Should I expect anything from here or not worry about it? Thank you

    1. Leslie

      Hi, sorry to hear about your fall. To answer your question will really depend on how you are feeling regarding your injuries. If you don’t feel too injured, then there would be no need to consult your Doctor, but you should certainly take some photographs of your bruising etc – in order to protect your interests going forwards. Of course, if the injuries don’t settle, you should seek your Doctor’s advice and pursue a claim for compensation against the supermarket in question.

      If there is a spillage/pool of water on the floor, the store has a responsibility to put shoppers ‘on notice’ of a possible hazard and erect hazard warning signs. As they have failed to do this, it does open up the possibility of pursuing a claim for compensation.

      I hope that this helps.



  10. Hi, I tripped and fell in a well known retail store in December, cutting my face and fracturing my femur. I needed surgery the next day and now have rods, plates and screws in my thigh. I’m still not mobile now. Unfortunately, the store are accepting no responsibility whatsoever and all the hazards and obstacles that were on the shop floor on the day of my accident were subsequently removed when my husband visited the store two days later! I know it wasn’t my fault how I tripped but I can’t prove it was their fault either. The CCTV wasn’t working properly and we were told by the manager that it was 18 years old and ‘not fit for purpose’. They also emailed me a copy of the Accident Report whereby they had my age and medical conditions wrong. Where do you think I stand in making a claim?
    Kind regards

    1. Linda

      Hi, I am really sorry to hear about your very nasty injuries. Fractures to the femur are definitely a serious matter and the fact that you’ve required surgery and been left with metal work in your leg is indicative of this.

      I think you should instruct us and our specialist injury compensation solicitors on this matter as the 3rd party are clearly not minded to help you and it seems that they are being actively unhelpful. The concerns you have about the items being removed from the floor and the lack of CCTV should not stop you from attempting to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries and losses this has clearly caused you.

      I would imagine that you required an Ambulance and paramedic treatment after your fall and as such, the Ambulance service will have a record of where you were injured and how, as well as what injuries you had.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or email me: [email protected] so that we can discuss this and help you get a claim up and running. You have clearly been badly hurt and really ought to try and hold the store in question accountable. Remember, we do everything on a No Win No Fee basis so you have no need to worry about costs etc if you do pursue a claim.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  11. Hello and thank you for you input. Today I was paying a bill at my storage unit where I live. Here in central Oregon we have had a lot of snow and ice. It was around 10 pm and as I was walking out of their office the manager was following me due to another customer being upset he had not thrown ice melt down and his car was sliding up the hill to enter the facility. As I walked cautiously down the hill I slipped landed on my tailbone and left shoulder. The manager asked if I was ok and after getting my bearings and rolling to my stomach I slowly stood and said I think so. I then walked to my truck and sat for a second. My lower back felt a bit numb and my shoulder hurt a bit. I finished putting away boxes and drove home. When I got home my shoulder was hurting pretty badly and my back was starting to ache. I have a previous back injury and knew it was messed up again but I went inside and layer down took some advIL and fell asleep for a few hours. Now my shoulder really hurts as if it is dislocated and my back is in pain again. I haven’t been to the doc yet but feel I need to go now. I didn’t take pictures or take a video of the area because as soon as I drove away he started to throw out the melt. They open at 8am and I was there 2 hours after they opened. They also have cctv all over that place and I’m sure it was recorded. And the man that got in his car said I almost did the same thing after saying why don’t you have the melt down. Are they liable?

    1. Dean

      Hi, thanks for sharing your accident story. I am sorry to hear of your situation and I can fully understand why you are hurting as you describe.

      Sadly, I can’t offer any specific advice as you are based in the US and we operate under the jurisdiction of the legal system of the United Kingdom. What I can say is that if the accident scenario you have described had of happened here in the UK, you may well have a good chance of holding them liable.

      I would strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oregon as they will have a better understanding of the situation in terms of your legal rights.

      I must say I am jealous of your location – i’ve been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time in the Pacific North West US and Oregon. As a keen snowboarder, I have enjoyed the offerings of the Cascade Mountains on many occasions and visited some of your big mountains and beautiful coastline.

      I am sorry that we can’t help, but I hope that you make a full recovery and that you are able to pursue action with a local Lawyer.

      Yours sincerely


  12. Hi

    I have slipped in the car park where I work on slate like uneven tiles !! They where wet due to the rain, no wet signs are ever used, I ended up going to hospital for a X-ray! I am now in a splint and have to attend a fracture clinic in two weeks time. These slate tiles have been on the risk register for the past few months as they are very slippery! I did slip a few months ago, but actually fell yesterday. Due to this being so close to Christmas I do not want to take anytime off work but as I work in a district nursing team i am unable to do my job. The X-ray could not see any broken bones at the moment but they have still put me in a splint due to my wrist being swollen and for review. Is this worth following up as this hazard has been hilight as a risk for many months and Notting has been done ? An incident has been recorded regarding my fall .

    Thank you

    1. Jo

      Thank you for letting us know about your accident at work. On the basis of your comment, there would certainly seem to be a case to be made against the employer/land owner regarding the materials used to surface the walkways/car park. Further, if the ‘slate like uneven tiles’ have previously been reported and are on a risk register, it would only serve to strengthen your claim.

      We can’t of course, state anything with certainty at this stage as we would need to see photographs of the tiles in question but we would certainly be happy to investigate this matter further for you and put you in touch with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors to discuss this with you. If you would like further assistance with this, please re-visit our website ‘start a claim page’ at: and make an enquiry. We can then call you to discuss this in greater detail.

      I hope that this response is of help to you and we look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  13. Hi my name is Toni , Only tonight I went to Coles supermarket and I slipped on water that was leaking from one of their big freezers (No sighs were out). I slipped down into a splits kind of position then landed on my knee. Hurt my toe ,hip and arm in the fall. But the other pains have eased up but my arm is still sore. My arm is sore from graving onto the trolley to try and stop myself from falling right down to the ground. I told a worker straight away and I also had a witness, who asked if I was okay. I went straight to the ER and dr saw me and gave me something for the swelling up n my elbow area. Please get back to me. Thanks

    1. Toni

      On the basis of your comment, it would seem that under UK law, that you have a very valid claim for slipping accident compensation.

      If a freezer within a supermarket is leaking and the supermarket has failed to either remove the leaking freezer or at the very least provide warning signs to indicate a slipping hazard, the supermarket would face a very difficult task to defend any claim made against them as they have clearly failed to provide a safe environment for their customers.

  14. I was shopping in my local supermarket this evening and I happened to slip on a piece of chocolate that was stuck on the floor, whilst holding a shopping basket. I never reported it to the staff there as I was to embarrassed. Once I told my partner at home he made a phone call to the supermarket to explain the situation to be told there was nothing I could do as I never reported it as soon as it had happened. I have photos and a video evidence of the item I slipped on.

    1. Please ignore the view that the store worker gave you that ‘there is nothing you can do’ because you didn’t report it immediately. Whilst it would have been ideal to report it, we understand that being embarrassed after a slip in a very public place and being in shock and pain would lead you to just going home. Indeed, it is common when speaking to people who have slipped that they are embarrassed and do just go home and it is only later when their pain worsens and they can reflect on matters that they return and report the details of their slip.

      In your case, we are more than willing to investigate your accident and look at pursuing a claim against the supermarket for your injuries. The key thing is that you have now reported the matter to the supermarket and they do have the details on record. I would also advise that you seek medical attention from your GP for the injuries that you have sustained.

      If you would like us to help you pursue a claim for compensation, please go to the ‘start a claim’ page of our website here: and submit a contact request. We’ll then make contact and discuss this further with you.

      We look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  15. Hi I slipped on Wednesday in a local branch of a well known store and was helped up by two ladies, who were shopping in the store also. One then went to get a member of the store staff after we all saw I had slipped on spillage on the floor. After a few minutes a male member of staff came and said oh yes it looks like Sweet and Sour and then was checking packs of prepared meals in the chiller, he had no luck finding any leaking pack. He then said I will get something to wipe it and came back with what looked like a large kitchen roll and started to wipe the spillage. I had to ask him for some of the paper roll to wipe the bottom of my shoe. Still he had not enquired if I was ok or needed to sit for a minute or have a glass of water.The fall had really shaken me, I was only a few yards into the store when the fall occurred. One of the ladies who helped me up said you should make sure the put it in their accident book. By now the member of staff had gone, I located him going about his business and said I wanted this accident recorded. He tutted and went off coming back a few minutes later with a folder pushing it in to hand and said I had to complete it with my information.I said I don’t have a pen and have not got my glasses. Again he huffed and puffed and went off ,returning with a pen a few minutes later. I completed the first page with my details while paying at the till for the three items I purchased before aborting my shopping trip because I felt so shaken. The member of staff was walking towards me and I said I have done it, quite rudely he said you have to complete it all and by this time I was feeling quite upset due to the fall and his lack of concern and rude manner. I said I am sure that’s for you to do. He then stormed off through a door off of the main shop floor and still never asked if I was alright to get home.
    That afternoon I telephoned their Head Office to complain about how the member of staff behaved and his lack of concern. I was told this was not the way he should have behaved and they were very sorry. I asked they check he has recorded the accident. The lady I spoke to said we would like to send you a £10 voucher as a good will jesture, I said that was not why I telephoned and that I did not want a voucher.I thought this was in really bad taste and would have much more appreciated a letter asking if I was ok.Yesterday I received a letter from Aldi confirming the incident report had been completed and filed correctly in store, still no enquirer as to how I was feeling or wishing me well. Since the fall I have been in pain with my wrist, elbow , ankle and pain from my lower back going down the back of my thigh .
    Please can you tell me if you think I should make a compensation claim for the accident against the store ?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Sue

      Thank you for contacting us and for sharing the details of your slip on a supermarket floor. We regularly receive enquiries from people just like you who have suffered injuries in the exact same circumstances – slipping on a spillage on a supermarket floor.

      On the basis of the information you have provided, we would certainly be willing to pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. Clearly the spillage had been left unattended on the floor and with the lack of any signs to warn you of a possible slipping hazard, the onus will be on the supermarket in question to defend this claim as to why or how such a hazard was left in a busy area – just inside the entrance.

      At Direct2Compensation our specialist partner solicitors run ALL claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This service is in place to offer people like you the chance to pursue the organisation responsible for your injuries for adequate compensation to cover the pain, discomfort and distress caused to you in this accident. It is good to know that the Supermarket have now confirmed that the details of your accident and the cause of your fall have been properly recorded as this will be of benefit as and when any claim for compensation is made. You have not mentioned as to whether or not you have seen a GP or other health professional regarding your injuries. Whilst there is unlikely to be anything they can do to offer immediate resolution to the symptoms, by seeing your GP/NHS walk in centre, the details of your injuries can at least be noted and again, this could prove very helpful during the claims process.

      We would like to help you with this matter. Therefore, I invite you to either respond to my email with your contact details or for you to re-visit our website and go to the ‘start a claim’ page. Here you can upload your contact details and we can then make contact with you to get the relevant details needed before we can then ensure that we link you with the right specialist solicitor. To go to our site page go to this link:

      I hope that this information helps you and we very much look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

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