How do I know if I have a valid slipping accident claim?

Lady turning her ankle after slipping down stairs

Being injured after a slip or trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have a valid claim for personal injury compensation. Here we will help you to understand whether or not the circumstances surrounding your accident mean that you are likely to succeed in your claim against the responsible establishment, and that you should make a claim for slip and trip compensation.

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Responsibility for the accident

Slipping accidents can obviously take place anywhere, but to claim compensation you need to prove that responsibility for the accident lies with a third party rather than yourself. Shops, restaurants, libraries and business establishments, for example, all have a responsibility to ensure people’s safety. If they fail to do so and accidents occur as a result, they can be found to have been negligent and liable to compensate the injured party.

Some of the most common claims are made by those who have slipped on a shop floor made wet by a spillage, a leaking pipe or freezer unit, or by cleaners mopping. Many other claimants are injured after having slipped on a wet floor at work. or tripping on uneven and broken pavements. But slips can be caused by a number of hazards, and just because they exist does not mean they are at fault.

Clearly, if you slip and fall after running around mucking about or jumping from a high step onto the ground, any injuries you have are going to be seen as being your own fault. You can’t claim personal injury compensation if an accident was caused by your own actions! Therefore, the first question to ask yourself is: Was someone else responsible for the accident?

Hazard warning signs

It’s common knowledge these days that when making a floor wet on purpose, a business or premises will erect a yellow Hazard Warning Sign. This sign gives you the knowledge of a potential hazard and puts you on notice that you need to take extra care. If you have slipped on a wet floor in a shop, restaurant or business and there was no hazard sign erected, you are likely to have a valid claim for compensation. The 3rd party could be seen as liable for your injuries by failing to provide a warning of a foreseeable risk to your safety.

However, in some circumstances, the erection of the yellow hazard sign is insufficient. For example, let’s say a supermarket has a leaking freezer unit in their store. The floor gets wet and they call out an engineer. If they erect the yellow sign, they’ve covered themselves. But if they just erected a sign and didn’t bother calling the engineer and left the unit leaking for weeks and weeks, the sign would become redundant and they would still be liable for not removing a known hazard in a reasonable time frame.

Reporting the accident

So you’ve slipped or tripped and injured yourself through no fault of your own, but what next? The 2nd question you should ask yourself is: Did I report the accident and ensure that it was properly recorded?  Was it noted in an accident book?

As with all accidents that lead to someone wishing to make a claim for personal injury compensation, it’s all about reporting the details of your accident to the right people. If you’ve slipped on a wet floor in a private establishment (a business premises, a supermarket, a cinema, a restaurant etc) you must make every effort to ensure that the party responsible for running the premises is informed. Any location open to the public should have an accident book and a way of recording incidents. By recording the incident, you are providing proof that you fell in their premises and that your injuries were caused on their patch.

Unless you are severely injured and incapacitated, you should report your accident and injuries immediately and ensure that they are noted in an accident book. If the 3rd party tell you they don’t have an accident book, or won’t let you have access to it, there are things you can do. If this is the case, look for a witness and get their details.  If you can’t do that, take photos or send a letter by recorded delivery (keeping a copy for yourself with proof of postage) reporting the incident to the business or establishment.

If all this seems a bit complicated, or you haven’t done any of the above, don’t worry – if you contact us we can talk you through it and help you to complete the necessary steps.

Are your injuries serious enough?

The 3rd question to consider is: Were you sufficiently injured to seek medical treatment from a hospital or your GP?

But alas, it’s not enough to just be injured, the injury has to be severe enough to provide a sufficient level of quantum to enable the claim to be placed. Quantum is the posh Latin term for value of the claim used in the legal world. To ensure that the injury value is sufficient, it is usually the case that an injured client will need to have suffered from their injury for a period of at least a few weeks. Therefore, if you sprained your ankle mildly and recovered within a fortnight, you would struggle to bring a claim. But if you sprained your ankle badly, tearing the ligaments and spent 6 weeks on crutches and then had 5 physio sessions, your claim would easily pass the quantum test.

For the sake of a claim, its always best to ensure that your GP is made aware of any ongoing problems with an injury. To put it bluntly, if you suffer in silence and don’t return to your GP, you won’t be able to claim compensation for the ongoing injury. You could miss out on a substantial sum of what you are actually entitled to receive.

If your injuries don’t settle and you notice discomfort a few weeks or months later, or if you’re not sleeping or feeling depressed because of your injuries, make sure it’s on your medical records.

If you haven’t had medical treatment, it is likely that your injuries will not be seen as sufficiently serious to warrant a claim as medical evidence is needed to support your claim. If you have been suffering in silence and haven’t seen the GP, you still can. If the GP is happy to note that your injuries are consistent with those suffered in a slipping on a wet or dangerous floor surface, you can then prove your injuries and pursue a claim.

Making a successful slipping accident claim

These are the main criteria you need to check to see if you can claim:

  • Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  • Do you know the identity of the liable party (business name and address etc)?
  • If not, did you report the incident to the police or local authority?
  • Have you sought medical treatment from your GP or hospital?
  • If not, are your injuries still presenting symptoms that your GP can diagnose?

If you can answer the above positively, you may well be entitled to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. Our solicitors will claim for the following on your behalf:

  • The pain and distress caused to you by the injuries sustained (the value of the injury element of the claim will be determined by medical evidence and a review of your medical records.)
  • Associated costs and losses (special damages) – such as lost income if you are unable to work as a result of the injury or damage to personal items – such as your spectacles or mobile phone and property.
  • Restrictions on your ability to fulfil your usual activities and social life.
  • Whether or not you have required any post accident care.

The five tips below will help you to succeed with your claim and receive the maximum amount of compensation available:

  1. Reporting. Make sure that you report your accident at the earliest opportunity. Ideally, you should report your accident, any injuries and definitely the cause of your slip immediately. The details should be recorded properly within an accident book or other similar incident reporting system. Make sure you note the cause of your slip and the lack of hazard warning signs etc.
  2. Witness details. If you slip in a public place, it is embarrassing. However, people are caring and will want to help you. If anyone helps you because you have been injured in a slipping accident, please get their name and contact number if you can. This will greatly help your claim and provide additional evidence to support your claim.
  3. Photographic evidence. We realise that this might not be possible. If you are in serious immediate pain and discomfort, you’re unlikely to be thinking about taking a photograph of a wet floor, a spillage or a loose item on the floor. However, if you can take a photo or two, it may be really useful in forcing the 3rd party to admit liability.
  4. Doctors & Hospitals. Make sure that you see your GP, or attend A&E at the earliest opportunity. As soon as you are aware of any injury that is not simply a minor bruise, you should seek medical attention. To have the best chance of succeeding with a slipping accident claim, it is important to be able to provide the medical evidence needed to support your claim. A lack of medical evidence may undermine your claim for injury compensation.
  5. Expenses. Keep a record of any expenses you incur as a result of injuries caused in a slipping accident. When claiming slipping accident compensation, you will be able to make a claim for lost income and other expenses which is known as a special damages claim. If you have receipts for costs such as prescriptions, taxi fares, parking costs, care or any other cost you have incurred, you may be able to claim those costs back. If you are unable to work because of your injuries and do not receive sickness pay, you may well be able to reclaim any lost income alongside a settlement to cover the pain and discomfort caused by your injuries.

How Direct2Compensation can help you claim

Whether you need information about us, the solicitors we work with, the claims process, or advice as to how to go about making a claim for slipping accident compensation, we’re ready to help.

Not only will you find our website a great resource for information about claiming personal injury compensation, but you’ll also find that our team of staff are personally knowledgeable, friendly and supportive.

We work with some of the very best personal injury compensation solicitors around and will find the right one for your particular situation. We offer a caring approach and are able to answer your questions in simple layman’s terms. And because we’ve worked so hard to take the stress out of claiming compensation, you can forget about worrying and concentrate on recovering.

If you have any questions about whether or not your accident scenario warrants a claim, or if you wish to discuss the No Win No Fee claims process with us, please call our team on 01225 430285 or use our contact form. We know your rights and can help you to understand them. We’ve successfully helped many clients claim compensation for slip and trip injuries and we’d love to help you, too.

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  1. I slipped over in a garden centre restaurant on a wet patch. After being helped up by other people sat down, my husband came to my recuse after being told. I have broke my ankle and torn ligaments in my foot. I have had my leg in plaster since the 14th Feb taken off on the 19th for a boot. Which l need to wear for 6 weeks and my ligaments will take up to 4 months.
    It was put in the accident book and they said it’s also on their camera.
    No one asked if l was ok from the staff. Until a member of the public told them how bad of a fall l had but then it wasnt even passed on. I said to the staff member it was wet she said it doesn’t look wet but my jeans were wet. Then they put a cleaning in progress sign but didn’t ask if l was ok.
    We asked to see a manager but he was not there so a supervisor came and took the report.
    Should we approach the owner of the Garden centre first or go with a solicitor.

    1. I would very much like to speak with you in order that we can get our Solicitors to pursue a claim for you here. It sounds as if you have a valid slipping accident claim and we would like to help you. The fact that a cleaning in progress hazard sign was erected after your fall indicates that there was a spillage or pool of water on the floor at the time of your fall. The lack of signage prior to your fall would give strength to the prospects of succeeding with your claim.

      You do not need to visit the garden centre or discuss this with them as the matter has been recorded in their accident book and medical treatment has been received. This provides all the evidence needed at this stage and there is nothing to be gained by you contacting the garden centre.

      I appreciate that you will have some questions about the No Win No Fee claims process and how making a claim will work. I would be very happy to explain things to you in detail over the phone. Please either call me on 01225430285 or email your contact information to me at: [email protected] and I’ll call you to help you get your claim up and running.

  2. I was walking my dog when he got distracted to another dog in a window which made him run in front of me on his leash taking me with him resulting in my falling dislocating my elbow and having two operations and still got at least 3 more to come,I’m in severe pain can I get compensation

    1. If we have understood your description of the cause of your elbow injury correctly, we cannot see how you have any viable way to seek compensation. In order to succeed with a claim for compensation, one must be able to apportion the cause of the accident and therefore liability with someone else. In your case, you have tripped over due to your own dog pulling at the lead whilst out on a walk. Whilst your Dog may have been agitated because of another dog in a window, there is no liability with any other party and therefore (in our view), no claim for compensation.

  3. I slipped on some stairs outside the building where I live, there was ice and the stairs did not have a handrail despite being a newly built estate, the stairs are the only direct access for pedestrians to the building(which is on raised grounds) other than going a very long way round the back of the estate. My landlord insists it’s the council’s fault for not maintaining the footpath although he did mention to me in an email that the company providing the property management to our building also manages the external areas as well. I’ve had surgery and can’t work until I recover and I feel very upset that everyone seems to blame the other.

    1. Claims for compensation after injuries sustained when slipping on ice are never easy to pursue, but given your explanation of the incident and description of the site and the way it is managed, would provide sufficient merit for us to investigate the prospects of a claim for you.

      Why not contact us today and let our experienced team take some initial details from you so that we can then ask one of our specialist Solicitors to look further in to your situation and discuss the merits of a claim for compensation for you? We work on a fully no win no fee basis, so you have nothing to lose in letting us see if we can claim compensation for your injuries and recover your lost income.

      You can either call us on 01225430285 or send us your contact details by clicking on our ‘contact us‘ page.

  4. My partner tripped over a cable running across a make shift uneven footpath while at work this morning. There was no lights on and it was dark, she has cuts and bruises and is saying her shoulder hurts. I have advised her to get a check over with her GP, and will take pictures of pathway tomorrow morning. Does she have a case for a claim?

    1. The cable running across the pathway is a tripping hazard. To leave that in situ, with no warning signs and no lights is something that we would see as a breach of care and negligent. Your partner may want to see our page that is a useful guide to making a tripping accident claim against an employer.

      Your partner should seek medical attention for the shoulder injury and should ensure that the accident is reported to the employer and entered in to the accident book. It is good that she is returning to take some photographs of the area – good photographs will provide strong supporting evidence in a tripping accident compensation claim.

      We would very gladly discuss her claim with her and we feel that she has a valid and viable claim for tripping accident compensation here. Your partner can call us on 01225430285 or if she would prefer, go to our ‘start your claim‘ page and pop some initial information on there so that our expert staff can call her to discuss her situation and possible claim.

  5. I was turning into my company street that had snow and ice on it as I made the turn my car spun out and I thought I hit a mind of dirt/debre so I went to get out if my car to see if it was damaged. As soon as I put my foot down I slipped on the ice back and bottom hit the ground and I banged my head on the bottom of the door. I was taken by ambulance and sutaned bone contusions to my hip and femer bones. When the hospital asked if it was a work related injury. I call the HR director and he said no because I was traveling to work. But I was on what I believe was their company property. So now I am out off 3 days pay and everyone i have told about this says it should be covered by workmen comp. Please advise

    1. In the UK, the responsibility for snow and ice clearance from private property – such as an employers land – rests with the employer. Therefore, in the UK, if you slipped on black ice on land owned by your employer, there would be a possibility of claiming against the employers liability insurance cover or public liability insurance.

  6. I’ve just slipped in tesco on a orange peel that was on the floor and knocked myself out cold. An Ambulance was called and I was taken away on a stretcher. Really sore head and back. Can I claim? Thanks

    1. You can certainly make a claim for slipping accident compensation and this is something our specialist Solicitors would be able to assist you with. Whether or not the claim will succeed would depend on what, if any defence Tesco can mount but given that all work undertaken by our Solicitors is on a No Win No Fee basis, you really should pursue this.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or pop your details on our ‘start your claim’ form and we’ll call you. Our staff would only need a couple of minutes with you on the phone in the first instance to take the details needed to enable us to pass your claim to the right specialist Solicitor to pursue this for you.

  7. My 5 year old daughter fell in a canteen at the jump arena. She slipped on a puddle of water on the floor and there was no caution sign to provide any warning that there was a wet floor. After her fall, she cried for a while and complained about hurting her back. Due to her distress and pain, I took her to A&E to be checked. I was told her spine was fine in that there was no boney damage, but that she had muscular bruising to the spinal area. I have been asked to have her re-checked by her GP in a few days time. She couldn’t sleep last night and felt a little sick due to the pain and discomfort, but there is no visible injury, it is internal.

    Can we pursue a claim against them for this accident on basis of their failure to have a hazard warning sign on display which could have prevented her from falling? I did report the incident to the manager. They were not too helpful though and wouldn’t take any responsibility for what had happened. They argued with me saying my daughter should have used common sense and not ran across the floor towards me. I did get a witness to give me a statement to say that there was a puddle of water and if that wasn’t there this all would have been avoidable.

    1. We are sorry to hear of your daughters slipping accident and think that she does have a viable claim.

      The failure of the canteen staff to erect a hazard warning sign to provide a warning that the floor was wet and therefore be dangerous could well give your Daughter a strong prospect of succeeding with a claim against them for the injury to her back.

      Although you cannot see a visible injury, that will not prevent a claim. Her injuries appear to be of a soft tissue nature and as such are often not visible as the bruising in this case will be internal and the muscles will be in spasm and sore for a while. You have done the right thing in getting her checked out at A&E and by taking her for a further check up with her GP in due course, the injuries will be noted on her medical records, giving important medical evidence in support of any claim. Further, the fact that you have managed to get a witness to provide a statement provides further evidence to support your daughters claim.

      We would be very happy to pursue a claim for your daughter. Indeed, our specialist Solicitor partners can make a No Win No Fee claim against the defendant and if successful, your Daughter would receive compensation for her injuries and you could recover any lost income or costs you incur as a result.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or make a call back request via our website. We would only need a couple of minutes on the phone with you in the first instance in order to take the basic information needed to get the ball rolling ahead of passing the matter to the right specialist Solicitor.

      We look forward to helping you and your Daughter with this claim for slipping accident compensation.

  8. I fell down the stairs in Work on Saturday 29th December 2017 and injured my neck, back and ribs. I just fell forward and I’m not sure how it happened. I reported it to the manager in charge that day but It was not recorded in an incident book and I went and saw my GP. I have soft tissue and ligament damage and I’m on strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Do I have a claim ?

    1. You will only be able to make a claim for slipping accident compensation if you are able to identify a hazard on the stairs that caused you to slip (or trip) and fall. You mention that you are not sure how the accident happened. If this is the case, you will not be able to pursue a claim as the defendant will deny liability as there is no evidence that they are at fault.

      It would be worth speaking to colleagues and others on duty that day to see if any of them noticed any spillages on the stairs or anything sticking up that could have caused your fall.

  9. Fell on snow and ice in an industrial estate area I’m aware area was not gritted I have broken ankle and had to have surgery to pin the ankle , I am still in hospital this is Day 3 , came in via ambulance .
    Rebecca rose

    1. Whilst it is foreseeable that ice and snow will be slippery and as such walking on surfaces covered with ice and snow does present an inherent risk to health and safety. It is not always possible to succeed with a claim for compensation when injuries are sustained after a slip on snow or ice. However, a number of claims for injuries sustained when slipping on areas covered with ice or snow that have not been gritted can proceed as it is possible in some circumstances to attach liability against the landowners who have failed to grit or salt the areas that they own or manage.

      In your case, as you have slipped on an industrial estate there is a possibility that it will be possible to attach liability to an individual business or the management company responsible for the site in question and we are certainly keen to investigate your claim further with a view to proceeding for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

      It is important to ensure that the details of your accident are on record with the relevant people. In your case, you should contact the individual business where you fell – if relevant – or the organisation responsible for the management of the site and make a full record of your fall, where it happened, the lack of signs, salt or grit and of course, your injuries.

      We look forward to helping you.

  10. I slipped in a shop 2 weeks ago but didn’t officially report it. After lots of pain I attended hospital to be diagnosed with a broken ankle. Can I still put a claim in?

    1. The lack of an immediate report of the accident could hamper your claim, but it should prevent you from trying to pursue a claim for compensation. Given that the accident happened 2 weeks ago, it is not too late to attempt to get the shop to enter the details of your fall in their accident book. If they refuse, you should write to their head office (or direct to the shop if it is an independent trader) to outline the details of the incident, retaining a copy for your records. You should make sure that you highlight the cause of your slip – such as a spillage on a floor or a wet floor from mopping, the lack of hazard warning signs and the names of anyone who was working – if you know the details.

      If you were with anybody at the time of the fall, they may be able to act as a witness, but they would not be independent. Do you have any receipts for items purchased on the visit when you slipped? If so, that would provide evidence that you were in their store. If you paid by card and don’t have a receipt, you will be able to provide a bank statement showing a card payment on the date and time in question and this could help your claim.

      We would be very happy to further investigate your claim for you. We work on a fully No Win No Fee basis and as such, you can pursue your claim safe in the knowledge that if the claim were to fail, whilst it would be disappointing it would not leave you out of pocket.

      You can start your claim on our website or call our offices on 01225430285. We would only need a few minutes on the phone with you in order to get the basic details needed for us to then pass the matter to one of our specialist slipping accident compensation Solicitors.

  11. Had a trip at work and tripped up stairs my fault do I have any claim against my work to pay for private physio or ultrasound scan as physio thinks my rotator cuff might be damaged snd 20 wk waiting list here for NHS physio so went private and damage could be rites than first thought happened 7 wks ago and still can’t rotate arm

    1. You can only make a claim against your employer (or any other party for that matter) if you can demonstrate that they have caused your injury and loss by way of negligence.

      In this case, you mention that you tripped on the stairs and that it was your fault. If this is the case – i.e, you simply misplaced your footing and fell, there is no employer negligence and you will not be able to seek damages or costs from them. If however, you can identify a hazard or item of disrepair on the stairs that caused you to trip and fall, you could then seek to pursue a claim against your employer.

      If you would like to discuss this with us, please call us on 01225430285.

  12. Hi. I slipped and fell on the dance floor of a pub and broke my wrist. I didn’t report it to the pub, as felt embarrassed. The dance floor itself just looked like ordinary kitchen tiles. Would I still be able to make a claim. Thank you

    1. You can still attempt to make a claim for slipping accident compensation, but the lack of an immediate accident book report of the incident could undermine the strength of your claim against the pub in question.
      If the incident has only happened in the past few days or weeks, you should immediately contact the pub in question to make a report of the incident and what caused you to slip and fall as well as your injuries. It will help you greatly if you can provide the names of any witnesses who were with you and can corroborate your version of events.
      Whether or not you could succeed with your claim for slipping accident compensation will depend on whether or not you can identify a hazard that caused you to slip and fall – such as a wet floor with no hazard warning signs. In pubs and clubs, there is a risk of slipping if drinks are spilled on a hard floor and as such, most venues that take a serious approach to health and safety prohibit drinks from being taken on to the dance floor area. In your case, if you can draw any attention to a wet floor, a lack of hazard signs and a failure to prohibit drinks from being taken onto the dance floor, you may well be able to succeed with a claim for slipping accident compensation.

  13. If you work in a restaurant as a child minder then slip and fall whilst playing with the kids, am I right in thinking that this is an accident at work (I injured my left ankle – soft tissue) and that I could make a claim for accident at work compensation? Also, can you say how much compensation I could receive?

    1. If you have an accident at work, you can investigate your options with regards to whether or not you can make a claim for accident at work compensation.

      In your case, it sounds as if you have injured yourself after slipping at work. Slipping at work could well give you rise to pursuing a claim for accident at work compensation, but it will depend on what caused you to slip and whether or not the employer put you at an undue risk of injury. If so, we could succeed with claim for you.

      In a brief telephone conversation, our expert staff will be able to ascertain whether or not we can hold your employer liable and if so, we can start a No Win No Fee claim for you.

      We can’t at this stage offer any real guidance on what level of compensation settlement you would receive as we would need to see medical evidence and have an understanding of the length of time it takes you to recover. We can however offer guidance on what makes up a personal injury compensation settlement and give you important tips and advice that will ensure that any settlement you receive is maximised.

      You can call us on 01225430285 or fill in a form on our website to get your claim started.

  14. I recently won a raffle prize for a Treatment, the Therapist worked from home. After the treatment she advised me to go careful on the stairs , with that I slipped only fell down one step but banged my foot which is now in plaster and I’ve had to cancel my holiday !

    1. Whether working from home or having official business premises, you are afforded the same rights when it comes to making a claim for slipping accident compensation. The therapist should carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover and any such claim that were to be made would be made against the insurers.

      The key to whether or not you have a valid slipping accident claim will rest on what caused you to slip and whether or not the cause would be something that would give you prospects of succeeding with a claim for slipping accident compensation. You have certainly sustained a nasty injury and suffered a loss in terms of cancelling your holiday.

      It would be wise for us to speak with you to find out a little more about the accident so that we could advise you further as to whether or not you have a valid slipping accident compensation claim. Our expert staff would be able to identify your prospects and give you slipping accident compensation tips in a very brief conversation with you. Therefore, please forward your contact number to us via: [email protected] and we’ll call you for an informal chat.

  15. I was recently out with some friends in a bar. Our wifes had just popped to the toilet. So me and my friend decided to go down stairs to the bar. In doing so i was walking down the stairs and i slipped on one of the steps which was wet. And smashed my back against the corner of the step. This caused me to be in pain for a couple of weeks i had to have a few days off work as i couldnt even get out of bed. I went to the hospital a few days after and they said i had done nothing serious just bruising and swelling and this will be painful for a week or so. I did not report it to the bar manager at the time as it was the last thing on my mind. Would i still have a claim?

    1. It is understandable that you did not think to make a report of your injuries after slipping on the wet step. We commonly hear from claimants making claims for slipping accident compensation that they didn’t think to report their accident immediately through a mixture of embarrassment and not realising that they had suffered a nasty injury until a few hours later.

      You can still seek to pursue a claim for slipping accident compensation and I would strongly advise you to contact the bar in question, even at this late stage, to make a report of the accident. You should advise them of the day and time of the accident and if you have a witness (such as your friend), you should also advise them of the witnesses details. I assume that when you presented to the Hospital that you advised them as to how the injuries were sustained and this will be noted on your medical records.

      We would be very happy to present your claim enquiry to one of our specialist slipping accident compensation Solicitors in order that they can consider the full merits of your claim and advise you appropriately. Should you wish for us to do this, please contact us so that we can take some initial basic details before asking the specialist Solicitor to contact you for a more in-depth conversation with you. You can call us on 01225430285 or make an enquiry via our website ‘start your claim‘ page.

  16. I have had back issue for a few years nothing to serious, a year ago i tripped and fell to the ground due to some discarded cabels.

    The company has already addmied libilty.

    However the medical report indicated it has been made worse by the accident but only by 6 weeks.

    I have been off work for 4 months i returned for 5 weeks but the pain continues to worsen i am now off work until i am seen by a specialist.

    i have been told i will receive £900-1500 in compensation, as they will only consider the 6 weeks period and nothing after that surly this is wrong?

    1. Are you using a specialist personal injury Solicitor to pursue your claim for tripping accident compensation? If so, you should address this issue with them and seek detailed explanations from them as to why they cannot seek a better settlement for you.

      If your medical records contain a history of regular attendance with your GP for back related problems or even a few visits due to back pain, it will make it harder to justify the fact that this one incident has caused all of your problems. However, if your medical records show that you are usually well and are not caused to take months of work, your Solicitor could use that to ensure that your settlement is fair.

      When a settlement value is estimated, your Solicitor would send your medical evidence, medical report and evidence to a Barrister who would then give guideline settlement values. You need to make sure that your Solicitor is aware of your concerns and if you are not happy with the contents of the medical report that stated that the accident had only caused 6 weeks of trouble, then you must make it known that you disagree with the same.

  17. I was in Tesco and slipped on some food in the veg aisle resulting me falling on the floor. Pulled the muscle in the back my leg from skidding. Reported it to the manager who phoned the health and safety who filled all my details in. They said they will watch the cctv and get back to me. Which 3 weeks later I’ve heard nothing. My partner phoned them today and they said if I wanted to claim I have to see a solicitor. They never phoned me like they said and have just left the fact I fell in the store. I didn’t get medical attention I just rested up a few days, the day after the fall I felt like I had whip lash. Can I do anything about it

    1. We can certainly pursue a claim for slipping accident compensation here and I invite you to call in on 01225430285 or email your number to us at: [email protected] as we would be happy to pursue this further for you.

      Tesco and their insurers will need to demonstrate that they carry out regular and adequate inspections and cleaning of the area in question if they are to defend this claim. From your perspective, the fact that you have self-medicated does not prevent you from pursuing this slipping accident claim further either and as we work on a No Win No Fee basis, you can be certain that you can pursue this claim in good faith without risking your own finances.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  18. I was in a pub & I went to the gents toilets. I didn’t notice the floor was soaking & no warning signs were present. I fell over resulting in me badly hurt my back. Causing me restless nights and frequent terrible pain.

    1. Did you report your slipping accident to the staff working in the pub? If you didn’t and it only happened recently, you should contact the pub in question immediately to report the details to them.

      Given the lack of hazard warning signs on display you should certainly contact us further to allow us to investigate your slipping accident compensation claim further.

  19. I’ve had a fall at work over a wire which went across the floor. I work in a kitchen in a pub as cook but I didn’t have my work safety shoes on . The wire has now been moved. So I hurt my left knee.and my right shin which I have a large lump. My right wrist. I have work here for the last 11years off and on but have been on the books for the last three years. I know my boss doesn’t want to pay compensation because I wasn’t wearing my safety shoes

    1. The fact that you were not wearing safety shoes here is somewhat of a red herring in this case. The key cause of your accident was a tripping hazard – a wire running across the floor. In a busy working kitchen such a hazard is extremely dangerous and should never have been present.

      We would be very happy to pursue your claim for you and I think that you have a good prospect of success here. You may find that your failure to wear safety shoes could cause you to have to accept a small amount of responsibility. As an example, it may be that the defendant insurers argue that you should have had safety shoes on and that if you had you may not have tripped on this wire (although that will very hard argument for them to get to stick), and that you therefore must take some ‘blame’ – perhaps 20% of the responsibility. If this were the case you would still have a claim and obtain a settlement but would lose 20% of the total value.

      However, I would say that there is a good chance that you would not have to accept any responsibility and I do think this claim should proceed.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me ([email protected]) and we’ll help you get this up and running.

  20. During a house viewing with an agent I fell down the stairs and was taken to hospital by ambulance. After an X-ray it showed I had dislocated my shoulder. I don’t know how it happened (cause) just that I was injured. I’m worried about long term complications, which could be a possibility and loss of earnings (statutory sick pay only) whilst I recover. So I’m not sure what to do or where I stand?

    1. You can only pursue a claim for compensation if you believe that someone else is/was responsible for your accident by way of negligence. To succeed with a claim you will have to identify a hazard or cause that lead you to fall down the stairs. If you are unable to identify a defect or hazard or apportion any blame to the 3rd party no Solicitor will be able to pursue a claim for you.

      Clearly, you have sustained a nasty injury to your shoulder and as such, if you could identify a defect or hazard at the top of the stairs that lead to you falling you could look to pursue a claim for what may well be sizeable damages.

  21. I was in aresturunt with my family a month ago having a meal. I had finished my meal and then I went to use the bathroom.

    As I was walking back in through the door to the dining area of the restaurant, I slipped. It happened so quickly – there was a big plant in the corner as you come back in from the bathroom and I caught on to it when I slipped. I felt my left wrist crack when I fell.

    When I slipped the floor was not wet but a few people that I met that have been in there said the timber floor is really slippery. I went to the hospital that night and found out that my wrist was broken. I’m out of work a month now.

    I have put in a claim to the restaurant only recently, but I’m not sure if I will have a case. An Engineer has to go in to examine the floor first. Do you think there is grounds for a case here?

    1. There is certainly grounds for a claim for slipping accident compensation here, but whether or not you will succeed will clearly depend on the contents of the report from the engineer in relation to the floor surface.

      If the engineer finds that the floor is dangerously slippery you are likely to succeed with your slipping accident compensation claim. Do you recall seeing any hazard warning signs anywhere near the area where you fell?

      It would also be wise to see if any of the people who mentioned to you that they found the floor to be slippery are willing to provide witness statements confirming their opinion/experience of the restaurant floor. In any claim for compensation, the claimant’s prospects of success with the claim will increase greatly if they can provide their Solicitor with strong ammunition to use in the claims process. You can read more about having the right evidence to support your claim by clicking this link: Supporting Evidence

      1. Thank u for your advice no there was no warning signs where I slipped they did not have a first aid kit in the restaurant which I think they should have

        1. The lack of any hazard warning sign may provide further strength to your claim, but a supportive engineers report would in my view be of far greater importance in achieving an admission of liability.

          Good luck with your claim for slipping accident compensation.

  22. Hi I slipped outside the kitchen door of a brewers Fabre restaurant. Right in front of two members of staff and a manager, He asked what happened even though he saw it and when I said I’d slid on the floor he was adamant there was nothing there! I went down hard and hit my head on the furniture on the other side as I couldn’t save myself my feet literally went from under me. My leg is badly bruised bit came up straight away with a big lump in it (have saved images) I also have a very tender lump on my head, my son whitnessed it as he was following me to the bar area, I had low boots came from work was half 4 and I’d had about half a pint of lager. I’m not infirm,unsteady Eddie or fall over nothing. There was actually a black mark on the floor about 6″ long where my boot had left a skid mark. So something’s to blame. I reported it on the website as I was disgusted they didn’t come over to see how I was and I was shaking with shock for a good 15 mins. Nor did they put up a floor sign to inform other people just insistent it was nothing to do with them so much they acted like it didn’t happen. Two days in my bruise is black and sore and I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse and I’m struggling to get in and out of the car.

    1. The Manager of the establishment has not handled your slipping accident properly and they have certainly not acted in a kind and caring manner.

      You have done the right thing in reporting the accident to the business via their website and taking the photographs you mention could be of help in any future claim. Did you take a photograph of the ‘skid’ mark left by your shoe sole?

      Given your description of your slipping accident, my initial view is that we should pursue this further for you as you may well have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation. Please send your contact number to us via [email protected] or call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you further with this matter.

  23. My wife slipped on a wet supermarket floor with no signage indicating it was wet. She is 7 months pregnant and is already suffering from sciatica due to this. The fall made the pain worse although there is no further injury as far as we can tell (GP was happy). Can we pursue this further?

    1. Yes, this is definitely something we can pursue further for your wife. Whether or not the claim would succeed will depend on what defence the supermarket can provide, but there is certainly a case to be made here – a wet floor, no signs and clear injuries.

      Please forward your contact details to us via email ([email protected]) or call us on 01225430285 so that we can help your wife pursue her claim.

  24. Hi
    I was walking through my local hospital when I slipped on food (yoghurt style) on the floor, banging my knee and causing damage to my wrist. This happened outside a store within the hospital. A member of the public shouted to the till ooerative thatva man had slipped on something that had just fallen off her colleagues trolley. I completed an accident form in the store, but the employee denied it was from her trolley. It happened outside the walkin store in the hospital corridor.

    1. You have done the right thing in terms of completing an accident book report. The fact that the worker has verbally denied that it was from her trolley is irrelevant as the Hospital will need to demonstrate that they have an adequate cleaning and inspection regime in place in the communal areas if they are to successfully defend any claim you make.

      We would be happy to pursue your claim further for you, please contact us on 01225430285 or email your contact number to us via [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to offer help.

  25. Hi

    I went into a newsagent shop to buy some groceries, on the floor there was cardboard box covering the floor, as I walked across that my leg went through the floor. It took a three or four minutes for my leg to come out. My leg was bruised and gashed. The person working there said boss was not there. My leg is paining and I am going to doctors to check out bruise. I took video and photos of shop etc. Do I have a claim on this?

    1. On the basis of your description, my immediate view is that you have a very strong claim for personal injury compensation here. The newsagents have completely failed in their duty of care by leaving a hole in the floor covered only with cardboard. This area should have been completely cordoned off and signs erected to warn of the hole in the floor.

      If you would like to pursue this claim further, we would be very happy to link you with one of our expert personal injury compensation Solicitors. Please email your contact details to us at: [email protected] and we’ll contact you. We’ll make a quick call to speak with you and to take a little more information about your accident and injury. Then we’ll place your claim with the right specialist compensation Solicitor who would run your claim for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

  26. I was rushing to catch a train when I stepped onto it I slipped on excess rain water and no foot grips or nothing I fell in a splits motion and torn ligaments in my ankle and now suffer with sciatica die to accident in same leg because I was rushing I’d my claim valid or not

    1. The fact that you were rushing to get the train wouldn’t prevent you from succeeding with a claim for compensation, but it could be seen that the act of rushing has contributed to the fact that you slipped. In some claims for personal injury compensation, the claimant has to accept some level of responsibility for their accident and in rushing for the train, the defendant will likely argue that you were late for the train and had to run and that running or rushing is inherently less safe than walking. I am not saying that this will happen in your case, but you may have to accept a certain level of liability yourself – perhaps 25% or so. For more informationabout claiming compensation when liability is in dispute, read this article. Much will depend on what evidence is available to support your claim and what was recorded in any accident book or incident report that was made following your injury.

      Claims for slipping accident compensation that arise after slips on the wet floors of trains, buses and other public transport are harder to succeed with than similar claims when someone slips on a ‘fixed’ floor such as a shop or building as it is far harder for wet floors to be avoided and cleansed. However, it may well be possible to succeed with your slipping accident compensation claim if it can be demonstrated that the floor of the train had been wet for sometime and that as such, a hazard sign at least should have been erected.

  27. I slipped over in a shopping centre because the floor was wet. The centre had their roof windows opened and it had been raining. There was quite a lot of windows open and a lot of water had been pooling on the floor. After I fell, staff were busy putting hazard signs out, but there were none erected where I fell. The details were put in the accident book. As a result of the fall, I have hurt the top of my leg, shoulder and neck.

    Have i got a claim?

    1. On the basis of your description of the accident my initial view is that you have a strong claim for slipping accident compensation. The lack of hazard signs being erected prior to your fall would indicate that you have good prospects of succeeding with a claim for compensation here.

      Please email your phone number to me at [email protected] and I will call you to take some further information ahead of getting a specialist slipping accident Solicitor to pursue this for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

      If successful with your claim, you will receive compensation for your injuries (and you should make sure that you get them seen to and noted by your GP) and recover any costs or losses by way of a special damages claim.

  28. I slipped when l entered a Bank. A small signage was placed -caution slippery floor as the weather was wet outside. The tile flooring is very shiny. I only put one foot off from the secondary mat when l slipped and fell on my knee. Accident book was filled in. I had to go to A&E as knee started to swell. No permanent damage. I have photos of my leg, Hospitals record, photo of my shoe that I was wearing. I also draw out the plan where I fell. No contact was made to me or when asked to be contacted via website complaints dept. no one has called. Do you think that a claim is justified?

    1. The Bank have clearly attempted to provide a warning that there is a slipping hazard by erecting a hazard warning sign. However, simply erecting a hazard sign does not in and of itself absolve an establishment from responsibility if someone then goes on to slip and sustain an injury. This article gives a little more advice on hazard signs and how they don’t always prevent success in a slipping accident compensation claim. The hazard sign in this instance does indicate what defence the Bank and their insurers will use should any claim arise. We have

      However, there may well be grounds to pursue a claim here and we would be very happy to get one of our specialist slipping accident compensation Solicitors to discuss the possibility of a claim for compensation with you. Please email your contact details to us via [email protected] One of our team will then make a quick call to obtain a little more information so that they can then get the right specialist slipping accident Solicitor to contact you to discuss things in detail.

  29. I had dinner with work friends at a local restaurant – as I was leaving I slipped on water that had gathered under a mat by the rear exit. I have deep internal bruising on my right shoulder and slight swelling on my right elbow. An accident form was filled out. I went to hospital next day as I also have a prolapsed disc which has been aggravated by the fall. I was also unable to work for 2 days and have my arm in a sling whilst at work. I am also right handed. Is there a case?

    1. Christina

      The details you describe would lead me to think that there is definitely a case here and that you have a decent claim for slipping accident compensation.

      We’d be very happy to investigate your claim for you and get one of our specialist slipping accident compensation Solicitors to work on this for you. Please email me your contact details to: [email protected] so that I can call you to take a little more information. Alternatively, please call us on 01225430285.

  30. Hi,

    I basically had 2 injuries back in the middle of Feb in the gym – the air con wasn’t on which caused the entire corner to become humid&damp which resulted in me slipping (even after I had wiped the area on the floor with tissue) while I was on the smith machine with weights on my back. I had major discomfort and tear to the groin area & part of the hamstring(which grew worse as the days went on) & felt extreme pressure on my left lower back&hip. I contacted my GP making an emergency appointment a few days or so later because I had symptoms of sciatica & I couldn’t sleep, & when I did eventually sleep I would wake up with a completely numb back&stiff painful groin area. I became depressed over the following months as I was someone who was training 5-6x a week to 1-2x a week (not able to do anything other than upper body and even then I had to be very careful). I tried to explain to personal trainers at the gym what had happened but no one really helped or reported it or anything. I was still in pain even after I was prescribed naproxen and cocodamol to help with the sciatica , so went back to see my GP who sent me for an emergency MRI where the results shown I had minor bulging disks and tear to the muscles across the lower back/lumbar spine. I went back again the following few weeks to see what the doctor could do for me as I was still experiencing back pain & still am today. He told me there wasn’t much he could offer & suggested I stretch (he printed a sheet out) & continue to take naproxen and medication as necessary & get physio.
    However as I have been a student over the past year I don’t have the finances to pay for physio. Months later the groin and hamstring area healed with consistent cold/heat therapy at home & careful stretching however my left lower back and hip has never fully healed and is still a problem for me till today. I still feel depressed from losing a lot of size/muscle & want to know if it is possible to put a claim through or not at this stage.

    Sorry for an inconveniences.


    1. Amaani

      Did you report the slipping accident in the gym to the staff working there? Do you have any witnesses to the slipping accident?

      You could attempt to pursue a claim against the gym for any injury caused by the slipping accident – if it can be demonstrated that the area was wet and that no sign was displayed, you would have decent prospects of succeeding.

      It would be a good idea for us to speak with you to find out a little more so that we could properly advise you as how any future claim may go.

      You can either email your number to us via [email protected] or go to the ‘start your claim’ page of our website and send us some contact details that way.

  31. last week my 7 year old grandaughter was walking into the school hall after lunchtime with the teacher and the other children when she slipped on the wet floor cutting her chin.There was no wet floor sign out. She had to go to hospital where she had to see a facial surgeon as the cut was so deep it was down to the bone she required stiches inside and also six outside and will have a scar. They said she was very lucky she did not fracure her jawbone or receive dental injuries. School are doing a full investigation with health and safety and county council involved and have admitted no sign was up. can my daughter make a claim on behalf of my grandaughter.

    1. Elaine

      Thank you for visiting our website. I am really sorry to read about your Grandaughters injury. It sounds very distressing for her.

      Your Daughter can definitely pursue a claim on behalf of your Grandaughter. Please email contact details to us at: [email protected] and we’ll call to take some further information so that we can help get this claim started.

      Yours sincerely


  32. I slipped on a supermarket floor that had custard spilt there was no yellow sign. Accident book was filled out by staff. I have recently recovered from major shoulder surgery (torn muscle repaired using metal anchors) and am having treatment on my other shoulder at present. I felt vulnerable when I fell. I have bruising to arm and hip and attended a&e where I had an x-ray which showed I have low bone density. As my injuries directly linked to my fall are bruises could I claim?

    1. Dear Mrs. Steele

      Thank you for sharing your situation with us. I am very sorry to read of your injuries and can appreciate why you felt vulnerable. I do hope that you make a full recovery.

      You do have the right to pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries – even if they are of a soft tissue nature. You mention that x-rays showed no fractures and that you are instead suffering from numerous deep bruises. Such injuries can form the basis of a claim for compensation.

      In the incident you describe, it is good to know that an accident book entry has been completed as this provides evidence of the injuries being sustained in the way you state. You also mention a spillage of custard with no hazard warning sign. Such circumstances can give rise to a claim for compensation and whether or not your claim will succeed will come down to what defence the supermarket in question can mount.

      We are keen to help you further with this claim and would like to try and pursue this with our specialist solicitors for you. To this end, please send your contact number to us via [email protected] and we’ll call you to discuss the claims process, explain your rights and confirm our No Win No Fee guarantee.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  33. I was running for a train yesterday morning and tripped on a raised piece of concrete, and fell over seriously cutting my hand open. My car keys fell out my pocket and got lodged under train, and my phone was also smashed . Am i able to claim for the damage to my phone and a replacement key?

    1. Martin

      If it is just the phone and car key that you wish to be compensated for, you will need to pursue the defendant yourself. You cannot instruct a Solicitor to act on a No Win No Fee basis if the damages are below £1000 in value.

      You may well be able to pursue a personal injury claim for the hand injury and then also look to seek damages for the loss/repair of your phone and car key by way of the special damages element of your claim.

      Please forward your contact number to our claims team on [email protected] and we’ll call you to discuss things in greater detail.

  34. My wife was unloading her trolley at a well known high street food retailer. The carpark is built on a slight slope meaning any trolleys full of shopping naturally start to roll unless holding the trolley permanently! On this occasion as my wife unloaded the trolley on top of the sloping carpark it started to roll, my wife tried to retrieve it but slipped on the wet, uncleaned and uneven surface (the carpark surface is made with house bricks which have slightly sunk, but only slightly). My wife broke her ankle and had to have 9 pins inserted but to this day walks with a limp. Both my wife and I were denied the opportunity to fill in the accident report book but I did take photos. When I rang the Supermarket head office about the accident they said they had no knowledge of the incident at that time, but have since acknowledged the incident and reported it the hse (although this would not include any statements from my wife). I have been advised the store has a risk assessment for the suppermarket but go quite about a risk assessment for the carpark. I have been advised the carpark cctv footage shows the trolley rolling and her slipping. I have also been advised that as this is the first incident to happen like this in the supermarket carpark, the chances of winning this case is slim and when I mention there is no car park risk assessment or recent clean downs I have been advised this does not matter (which I find hard to believe). Please let me know your views if there are grounds for a case, as this has been a life changing experience for my wife. Thank you

    1. Darren

      Thank you for sharing your wife’s story with us. From what you have said, it is clear that her ankle injury will have a permanent element of damage with it and as such, I think you should definitely let our Solicitors investigate this matter for you.

      It is not a great phrase, but it is true – you have nothing to lose – by pursuing a claim for compensation with us. All work done by us/our Solicitors is done so on a No Win No Fee basis so if a claim is either not pursued because it is unlikely to succeed or if it is pursued and fails, the claimant pays nothing whatsoever.

      We have succeeded with very similar claims over the years on some occasions and I would very much like to see the photographs you have in relation to where she slipped as the strength of the claim will rest on the condition of the surface where she slipped. Please forward these photographs to me by email so that I can view them, assess them and then provide a further view to you.

  35. I walked into KFC today and slipped over on there wet floor there was no wet floor sign I went to the toilet to cry as I hurt my knee! I ordered my food and told the cashier there wasn’t much response as I was given my food I asked to speak to the manager and told her to put a sign there I started cryin and left KFC I then rang them to report the incident and was offered a free meal have I got ground for a claim?

    1. You can certainly pursue a claim for this accident and injury. You have done the right thing in reporting this to KFC by phone and indicating to the Manager of the premises that they should have a warning sign on display.

      Please either call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me ([email protected]) so that we can speak with you on the phone and take some further information. We can then properly advise you as to your prospects of success and pass this to a specialist solicitor to pursue this for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  36. My daughter 11 yrs..was in outside play area of resturant when it began to rain…no saftey notice was erected and whilst jumping arounf she slipped and broke her ankle needing an operation and i have a claim

    1. Maureen

      I am very sorry to hear about your Daughters injury. It sounds nasty and very distressing.

      There could well be a claim here, much will depend on the materials used in the play equipment, whether they were in good working order and whether or not they should have had non-slip surfaces on them and whether or not such a sign is needed.

      Did you take any photographs of the play area? I assume given the severity of the injury, that the restaurant completed an accident report at the time of the incident?

      Please send me your number to: [email protected] so that I can call you to find out a little more. I can then get place this enquiry with the right specialist Solicitor so that any possible claim that may arise is pursued in the correct and best manner.

  37. Hello,

    A man fell on me in A door way of A well known superstore, he was partially blind with no white stick. Can I take said superstore to court? I now have two metal srews in my hip and attending phsio pherapy

    1. Unfortunately, on the basis of what you describe, I cannot see how you would be able to successfully hold the store liable if you attempted to pursue court action.

      Whilst you have undoubtedly sustained a serious injury with long term consequences, it is very hard to see how the store would be responsible for this gentleman falling on you. They are not responsible for his actions or for his failure to use a white stick.

      The only way that you may have a claim would be if this man was caused to fall because of a hazard on the floor or a tripping hazard located in the doorway of the store.

  38. My family went to Steak n Shake resturant to eat , and my daughter got up to use the restroom and slipped and fell. There was a wet floor sign present, but the floor was very wet and she got hurt. The managernever even came over to see if she was ok. She was embarrassed so we left. I called back in to the restaurant to talk to the manager to see why she never came kver and she stated she was making a milk shake and are you taking her to the hospital still necer asked if she was ok .

    1. The provision and display of a hazard warning/wet floor sign is good practice when a floor is slippery and a potential hazard to people in the area. However, placing a hazard warning sign out does not in and of itself absolve a business or premises owner from liability if someone then slips and falls as a result of the wet or slippery floor.

      The hazard warning sign is simply a visual indicator that the area may be slippery. However, rather than just placing a hazard sign out and leaving it, a business or property owner should also be working to remove the slip hazard and make sure that the area is as safe as possible. For instance, in a supermarket, if an item is spilled on the floor creating a slipping hazard, it is right that the store would place out a hazard warning sign. They should also then call the cleaning staff to come and remove the spillage and clean the floor. In this instance, the floor would remain wet for 10-15 minutes post mopping and should then return to a safe standard. However, if the floor of a supermarket was constantly wet and slippery because one of the refrigerators was leaking, it would not be sufficient to simply place out a hazard sign as the amount of water pooling on the floor would increase and a hazard sign would be insufficient warning. In this instance, the broken fridge would need to be removed from use in order to remove the hazard.

      In the case of your daughter, she may well have a claim for compensation. You should ensure that a proper record of the accident has been made with the Steak n Shake restaurant and that medical treatment has been sought if appropriate for any injuries sustained.

  39. My child has hit a metal cover on the pavment looks like water cover or gas on her scooter as it’s not leave to the payment she has sever lassration injury to the inner top lip split out top lip and very swollen top and bottom lip browsing also dental damage chip front adult tooth and damaged gums to tooth is wobbly my lose the tooth hospital have said so waiting on a emergency dental appointment struggling with Bern bang holiday

    1. Samantha

      There could be a claim here – it really depends on the nature of the cause of her fall. If there is a raised edge surrounding the metal cover that exceeds 25mm (1 inch) or thereabouts, there is a chance of holding the local authority responsible.

      We would need to see photographs of the accident site to offer a more comprehensive view, but we have pursued a number of such claims successfully over the years. Perhaps you would like to email some photographs to me – [email protected] so that I can give you further advice?

    1. Maryann

      When there has been a spillage of water and oil in the kitchen of a workplace, the employer will need to follow a pre-planned policy to temporarily cordon off the affected area before they then ensure that the area is fully cleaned and any slip hazard removed.

      Of course, if people are injured, the priority would be to remove them from the scene safely and for medical treatment to be provided. It is then that he employer must ensure that the site is properly cleaned with all surfaces and floors thoroughly cleaned with suitable detergents so as to ensure they are not left slippery or dangerous. Further, the employer must ensure that adequate signage is displayed during and after cleaning to warn of the risk of slipping.

  40. It was my third day at work, I was told that at the end of the day we clean up shop. I was assigned to break down boxes and dispose of them. A colleague mentioned that the back door was closest to the garbage bin. As I was carrying the boxes to the door I made sure I was able to keep my eye level clear to walk through the shop to the door, as I opened the door and stepped out, I felt to platform beyond the door and fell about 5ft to the floor. I laid on the floor for 5 min as the front desk person was advised and came to check if I was OK. I was able to stand up, but felt a sharp pain on my hip and knee. He advised if he should call an ambulance but I managed to make it home as there was only 5 min left of work time. When I arrived home my knee was swollen and throbbing in pain, I immediately rushed to the ER. Workers comp was filed and all paper work was set. When I went back to work I noticed the door had no warning sign around it and the outside of the building had no adjustable platform to be set there. I still have pictures mind this happened almost two years come September. Now they don’t want to finish paying of the hospital as I properly left the company to pursue my education.

    1. Ricardo

      Have you sought the assistance of a specialist injury compensation lawyer? On the basis of what you describe, it would appear that you have a good claim. If you did instruct a lawyer, they should be able to enforce the employer to pay your legal costs and compensate you for the injuries you sustained.

  41. We were entering the restaurant when my wife turned her ankle on the flooring between the front entrance door and the second door in to the restaurant The matting/floor covering contains an indentation of a heart and it was whilst walking here she turned her ankle. We have met someone else in A and E this evening who had also experienced a similar issue but with the fracture

    1. Paul

      Thank you for visiting our website. I am sorry to hear about your wife’s accident.

      I would like to find out more about the accident so that we can properly advise you as to possible courses of action. Please email a contact number to me and we’ll then be able to call you to discuss the accident in detail.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  42. Hi my son has fallen at a hunger horse pub while running into the playground he has suffered a laceration about 9 in to his cheek he is only 6 and needed surgery

    1. How distressing for you as a parent and for your Son. He may well be able to pursue a claim for compensation against the Hungry Horse pub, but it will depend on what caused him to fall and what caused the laceration.

      There is definitely a good possibility of making a claim and we’d like to speak with you on this. Please email your contact number to me by return and we’ll call you to discuss this and help you further.

  43. Hi I fell outside entering into a building, there was a crack on the pavement and my 1 inch heel got caught on the crack. I hurt myself, chin cut, left arm hurt and left breast scratched bruised. I went to the doctor that day. Talking to the insurance adjuster they now want a picture of my shoes? Why and is this appropriate?

    1. In cases of compensation relating to tripping accidents, it is commonplace for a defendant insurer to request photographic evidence of a tripping hazard – in your case, the crack on the pavement that caused your heel to catch within it.

      In the UK, the general rule regarding to tripping accident compensation claims is that the defect/hazard that caused the tripping accident must be a minimum of 25mm or 1″ in height, depth, width or length. If the size of the defect is less than this, the claim is likely to fail.

      To request a photograph of your shoes is unusual and not particularly necessary. However, I can see no harm in providing photographic evidence of your shoes. A 1″ heel is not excessive or unusual and as such, I would not expect you have anything to worry about as it cannot be stated that you were wearing inappropriate footwear at the time of your fall.

  44. I was wondering if I have a claim or can get help to pay my hospital bills.I was at a nightclub in Vegas and had 2 drinks and was dancing. I left the dance floor to go to the restroom everyone was dancing and spilling there beer all over the ground and i fell and slipped and hit my head fractured my nose and had some abrasion to my nose.I had to go to the ER and suffered so much loss of blood.The club says they have cameras .I was wondering what to do

    1. Theresa

      Hi, I am really sorry to read of your very nasty experience and the injuries you have sustained after your slip.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we can help you. We are a UK based claims company working within the legal system covering the United Kingdom. As you were injured in Vegas, NV, you will need to seek the services of a Personal Injury attorney who is able to operate within the jurisdiction covering Vegas.

      I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your enquiry.


  45. evening wondered if you could give some advise whether I have a valid claim. on the 3rd March I went into a local store and on the way out I slipped on a very wet surface it had been raining quiet heavily night before anf morning off. a member of staff asked if I was OK I quickly got up and left to go home as was shaken and extremely embarrassed once I returned home the pain in my leg and wrist was getting bad and bruising to both started to come out I went into store asked if accident book can be filled in no manager available so they took my details and promosed manager would call never happened I showed them where I slipped and they replied yes that slippery I’ll put cones out I went home . 3 days later no contact from store so I sent a complaints letter to head office .today 21st received a letter back saying that accident report and cctv been sent to health and safety team and that the store has since seen me and gave me a bunch of flowers as gesture of good will.

    1. Sarah

      I think you may well have a viable claim for compensation here. Of course, we would need to find out more specific information (such as where in the store you fell) during a phone conversation to be able to confirm things, but given what you have said about your slipping accident, we are of the view that we think you should be making a claim for compensation.

      Please email your phone number to us or call us on 01225430285 so that we can have a quick chat and help you to get this claim up and running.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


      1. ok thankyou I shall email you later with more info did u want me to attach a copy of letter I wrote to them and their reply too.

        1. Sarah

          Hi, thanks for coming back to me. Yes, please forward as much information as you have – the more the better! If you pop your contact number on the email, we’ll call you to discuss things in detail.

          Yours sincerely


  46. Recently I arrived to work and parked on the top floor of a car park. On walking towards the stairwell across the parking bays I slipped and bruised my back and arm. I noticed that the car park were displaying the ‘caution slippery floor’ and ‘warning ice’ signs. Do I have a claim against the company for not ensuring the car park surface was not free from ice?

    1. George

      Displaying a hazard warning sign does not in and of itself absolve the car park company of a responsibility, but there is no definitive ‘rule’ regarding ice on pathways etc.

      However, we would be willing to bring the details of your accident to the attention of one of our specialist Solicitors as we may well be able to assist. Given that your accident was within a paid for car park, it would give me far greater hope that you could succeed with a claim than if it were simply on a public footpath.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me via [email protected] and we can then give you a better view of things.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



  47. I am a 62 year old woman and I had my mother at the hospital in surgery for a broken hip. After she came out of recovery, I was told I could go back up to her room. As I was walking back to her room, my rubber sole on my shoe clung to the floor and I fell flat on my stomach. I was shaken up a bit and embarrassed. No one was on the same hall as I, but an attached hallway I just came from, there was a young woman saw me trying to get up and she ran to me to help. There are cameras on every hallway. As I reached the second level of the hospital where my mother was, I first stopped at the nurses station and told my mother’s nurse what happened and she didn’t care to ask me if I was hurt in anyway. One of my fingers was bleeding around the nail and I showed it to her and she gave me 2 bandaids. I said no more about it to any staff until today because now I am hurting where I wasn’t before in several places on my body. I do have a concern about my right kneecap because it hurts like a bad bruise and is indented more than my other knee. I’m just worried if I have any permanent damage to my knee that may need to be cared for. I was walking like I always have. It was an accident, but I don’t know if I have a legitimate claim. The floor was not wet. It was a waxed floor. This happened yesterday. I did mention my fall to two hospital workers. I am hurting all over my body as I right this and still somewhat feel shaken inside like my nerves are on end.

    1. At this stage, the first things you need to do are this. Ensure that the details of your accident – how it happened, where it happened and what the injuries/consequences are – are properly recorded within the Hospital where it happened. You should contact them via telephone/email or best, in person and ask them to make sure that there is a record. If they refuse to do this, make sure you put a report to them in writing – sent via the mail or email.
      Secondly, you need to make sure that you have received medical treatment for the injuries you mention – it sounds that the finger injury is fairly minor, but the other injuries are likely to me more serious and longer lasting. You should see your Doctor and get these checked out and diagnosed.

      If the injuries then transpire to be sufficiently serious, you could contact a specialist injury compensation lawyer/solicitor such as ourselves to assist you.

  48. Hi i recently slipped on a wet tiled floor area going into my work place before my shift started i am 5 months pregnant. There was a yellow hazard cone in the area but was in polish not english but obviously i know what it means but think there should also be a english one. I reported the accident to health and safety and it has all been noted. However one of the health n safety staff seemd to find it amusing that i had slipped and said to me “your getting no sympathy from me you have your outdoor shoes on so they must be slippy”no sorry its your floor thats slippy i hadnt even started my shift when i slipped so thats why i had my outdoor shoes on. However when i left my work that day a english hazard sign had been placed and a non slip mat but that wasnt there at the time i slipped. Do i have a claim,i am 5 months pregnant my bottom is sore and now my back .

    1. Kirsty

      Hi, thanks for letting us know about your slip on the wet floor at work. Your employer does have some grounds for a defence of the claim, but you also have grounds to pursue a claim against them. Yes, they have placed a hazard sign out, but it is not in English so there is a small issue there. Also, you mention that they had placed a non-slip mat on the floor at some point after your slip. The non-slip mat indicates that the employer has acknowledged that the floor is very slippery and therefore hazardous.

      I think we should bring your accident details and potential claim to our specialist solicitors and let them pursue this for you. If you would like us to pursue this for you, please either email me your phone number to: [email protected] or call our offices on 01225430285.

      Yours sincerely


  49. Hi
    On Thursday last week I was on my way out walking to my car about 100 yards from my door I tripped on the pavement which had a loose brick, this resulted in me have a cut and bruised knee and a sore hand from trying to stop my self, I have pictures of my injuries as I didn’t feel it was necessary to seek medical attention, I reported the accident to the local authorities do you think I have a valid reason to claim?


    1. Ryan

      Hi, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Whether or not you have a viable claim for compensation will really depend on the ‘hazard’/’defect’ that caused you to trip and fall. When it comes to assessing the viability of a tripping accident compensation claim, the accident site is very important. We need to know more about the site and therefore, seeing your photographs will enable us to give you a better view as to whether or not you have a realistic prospect of succeeding with a claim. Therefore, please email me your photographs to: [email protected] so that I can view them and give you my thoughts.

      To succeed with a claim for tripping accident compensation, we need to demonstrate that the tripping ‘hazard’ meets the required criteria regarding size and that it has been in situ long enough for the local authority to have had ample time to inspect the area and carry out remedial repair work.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  50. Hi I had an accident in the swimming baths while collecting my daughter from her swimming lesson there were no blue disposal shoes in the dispenser so I carried on in with my normal trainers on and slipped on the wet floor dislocating my right knee, when I fell it went back into place (however I have done his before a few times but never in a public place) when the passers by went to get help the manager and a swim instructor came to help however the manager didn’t offer me any ice pack for my knee and said if its a reoccurring thing is not going to help anyway, they sat me on a chair and asked if I needed an ambulance, and waited till my husband came to pick me up as I couldn’t drive, I have been off work for a week and half so far on sick leave and have now got a hospital appointment to see how much ligament damage there is and may need a knee operation which means 6-8 weeks off work which I cant afford , if I did put a claim in what would I have to do.

    1. Debbie

      Hi, I am sorry to hear about your recent fall at the swimming pool. We could certainly investigate this matter for you with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation. Whether or not the claim would succeed will depend on a few factors, but we’d gladly get our specialist solicitor partners on to this for you.

      To pursue a claim for compensation, the first thing you need to do is speak to us – please email me your contact number to: [email protected] and I’ll call you to talk things through in detail. It would be wise (if it hasn’t been done already) to make sure that the swimming baths in question have recorded your details and the nature of your accident within their accident book. If they didn’t take your details at the time, you should email them, write to them (recorded delivery) or go to see them in person.

      Any work undertaken by ourselves/solicitor partners is done on a No Win No Fee basis, so the worst case scenario would be that your claim failed and you did not receive compensation. Whilst this would be disappointing, you would not have to pay any costs to any party. Given the nature of your injury, it is definitely worth pursuing this to see if we can take this to a successful conclusion.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  51. Hello,

    Two days ago I was entering a nightclub toilet and fell on a really really wet floor. And unfortunately I doubt much of it was water! After landing on my hand and going for an X-ray I have broke my ring finger around the knuckle on my dominant hand. There was no wet floor sign and the floor was abnormally wet. But I probably did have slippy shoes on and surely they would argue I’d been drinking. Do I have a case? Thanks

    1. Danny

      Hi, thank you for discussing your situation with us.

      We would gladly try to pursue this claim for you – indeed, we have just settled a very similar claim for a client who sustained a dislocated knee in very similar circumstances within a night club.

      The fact that the floor was extremely wet and slippery with no hazard warning sign on display is very important here. Although you are right to indicate that drink may play a part in this matter, the fact that you’d either had a drink or were even a little drunk would not preclude you from being able to make a claim for compensation.

      Going to a nightclub for a few drinks is a legal activity and as such, it is foreseeable that club goers maybe a little drunk. As such, the onus on the club to make sure that the facilities are safe, that signs are erected and floors are not left wet should be even greater than normal. If the 3rd party tries to argue that your injury was caused because you were drunk, they may be able to force you to have to admit some responsibility, but you would still have a claim.

      I suggest you call us on 01225430285 as we can explain everything and get your claim up and running within a brief phone call. Alternatively, email me your contact details to: [email protected] and I’ll call you myself.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  52. Hi there. I was just about finished with my shopping trip at a a big chain supermarket and I was walking through a produce isle when I slipped on a puddle of water. There were no signs at all. I fell on my knee and it was bruised and swollen. When my fiancé came around the corner he saw me on the floor and employees and a manager were brought over to me. I filled out an accident report and they took pictures. Right now I am just sore and bruised and don’t feel the need for medical attention. Should I expect anything from here or not worry about it? Thank you

    1. Leslie

      Hi, sorry to hear about your fall. To answer your question will really depend on how you are feeling regarding your injuries. If you don’t feel too injured, then there would be no need to consult your Doctor, but you should certainly take some photographs of your bruising etc – in order to protect your interests going forwards. Of course, if the injuries don’t settle, you should seek your Doctor’s advice and pursue a claim for compensation against the supermarket in question.

      If there is a spillage/pool of water on the floor, the store has a responsibility to put shoppers ‘on notice’ of a possible hazard and erect hazard warning signs. As they have failed to do this, it does open up the possibility of pursuing a claim for compensation.

      I hope that this helps.



  53. Hi, I tripped and fell in a well known retail store in December, cutting my face and fracturing my femur. I needed surgery the next day and now have rods, plates and screws in my thigh. I’m still not mobile now. Unfortunately, the store are accepting no responsibility whatsoever and all the hazards and obstacles that were on the shop floor on the day of my accident were subsequently removed when my husband visited the store two days later! I know it wasn’t my fault how I tripped but I can’t prove it was their fault either. The CCTV wasn’t working properly and we were told by the manager that it was 18 years old and ‘not fit for purpose’. They also emailed me a copy of the Accident Report whereby they had my age and medical conditions wrong. Where do you think I stand in making a claim?
    Kind regards

    1. Linda

      Hi, I am really sorry to hear about your very nasty injuries. Fractures to the femur are definitely a serious matter and the fact that you’ve required surgery and been left with metal work in your leg is indicative of this.

      I think you should instruct us and our specialist injury compensation solicitors on this matter as the 3rd party are clearly not minded to help you and it seems that they are being actively unhelpful. The concerns you have about the items being removed from the floor and the lack of CCTV should not stop you from attempting to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries and losses this has clearly caused you.

      I would imagine that you required an Ambulance and paramedic treatment after your fall and as such, the Ambulance service will have a record of where you were injured and how, as well as what injuries you had.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or email me: [email protected] so that we can discuss this and help you get a claim up and running. You have clearly been badly hurt and really ought to try and hold the store in question accountable. Remember, we do everything on a No Win No Fee basis so you have no need to worry about costs etc if you do pursue a claim.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  54. Hello and thank you for you input. Today I was paying a bill at my storage unit where I live. Here in central Oregon we have had a lot of snow and ice. It was around 10 pm and as I was walking out of their office the manager was following me due to another customer being upset he had not thrown ice melt down and his car was sliding up the hill to enter the facility. As I walked cautiously down the hill I slipped landed on my tailbone and left shoulder. The manager asked if I was ok and after getting my bearings and rolling to my stomach I slowly stood and said I think so. I then walked to my truck and sat for a second. My lower back felt a bit numb and my shoulder hurt a bit. I finished putting away boxes and drove home. When I got home my shoulder was hurting pretty badly and my back was starting to ache. I have a previous back injury and knew it was messed up again but I went inside and layer down took some advIL and fell asleep for a few hours. Now my shoulder really hurts as if it is dislocated and my back is in pain again. I haven’t been to the doc yet but feel I need to go now. I didn’t take pictures or take a video of the area because as soon as I drove away he started to throw out the melt. They open at 8am and I was there 2 hours after they opened. They also have cctv all over that place and I’m sure it was recorded. And the man that got in his car said I almost did the same thing after saying why don’t you have the melt down. Are they liable?

    1. Dean

      Hi, thanks for sharing your accident story. I am sorry to hear of your situation and I can fully understand why you are hurting as you describe.

      Sadly, I can’t offer any specific advice as you are based in the US and we operate under the jurisdiction of the legal system of the United Kingdom. What I can say is that if the accident scenario you have described had of happened here in the UK, you may well have a good chance of holding them liable.

      I would strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oregon as they will have a better understanding of the situation in terms of your legal rights.

      I must say I am jealous of your location – i’ve been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time in the Pacific North West US and Oregon. As a keen snowboarder, I have enjoyed the offerings of the Cascade Mountains on many occasions and visited some of your big mountains and beautiful coastline.

      I am sorry that we can’t help, but I hope that you make a full recovery and that you are able to pursue action with a local Lawyer.

      Yours sincerely


  55. Hi

    I have slipped in the car park where I work on slate like uneven tiles !! They where wet due to the rain, no wet signs are ever used, I ended up going to hospital for a X-ray! I am now in a splint and have to attend a fracture clinic in two weeks time. These slate tiles have been on the risk register for the past few months as they are very slippery! I did slip a few months ago, but actually fell yesterday. Due to this being so close to Christmas I do not want to take anytime off work but as I work in a district nursing team i am unable to do my job. The X-ray could not see any broken bones at the moment but they have still put me in a splint due to my wrist being swollen and for review. Is this worth following up as this hazard has been hilight as a risk for many months and Notting has been done ? An incident has been recorded regarding my fall .

    Thank you

    1. Jo

      Thank you for letting us know about your accident at work. On the basis of your comment, there would certainly seem to be a case to be made against the employer/land owner regarding the materials used to surface the walkways/car park. Further, if the ‘slate like uneven tiles’ have previously been reported and are on a risk register, it would only serve to strengthen your claim.

      We can’t of course, state anything with certainty at this stage as we would need to see photographs of the tiles in question but we would certainly be happy to investigate this matter further for you and put you in touch with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors to discuss this with you. If you would like further assistance with this, please re-visit our website ‘start a claim page’ at: and make an enquiry. We can then call you to discuss this in greater detail.

      I hope that this response is of help to you and we look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  56. Hi my name is Toni , Only tonight I went to Coles supermarket and I slipped on water that was leaking from one of their big freezers (No sighs were out). I slipped down into a splits kind of position then landed on my knee. Hurt my toe ,hip and arm in the fall. But the other pains have eased up but my arm is still sore. My arm is sore from graving onto the trolley to try and stop myself from falling right down to the ground. I told a worker straight away and I also had a witness, who asked if I was okay. I went straight to the ER and dr saw me and gave me something for the swelling up n my elbow area. Please get back to me. Thanks

    1. Toni

      On the basis of your comment, it would seem that under UK law, that you have a very valid claim for slipping accident compensation.

      If a freezer within a supermarket is leaking and the supermarket has failed to either remove the leaking freezer or at the very least provide warning signs to indicate a slipping hazard, the supermarket would face a very difficult task to defend any claim made against them as they have clearly failed to provide a safe environment for their customers.

  57. I was shopping in my local supermarket this evening and I happened to slip on a piece of chocolate that was stuck on the floor, whilst holding a shopping basket. I never reported it to the staff there as I was to embarrassed. Once I told my partner at home he made a phone call to the supermarket to explain the situation to be told there was nothing I could do as I never reported it as soon as it had happened. I have photos and a video evidence of the item I slipped on.

    1. Please ignore the view that the store worker gave you that ‘there is nothing you can do’ because you didn’t report it immediately. Whilst it would have been ideal to report it, we understand that being embarrassed after a slip in a very public place and being in shock and pain would lead you to just going home. Indeed, it is common when speaking to people who have slipped that they are embarrassed and do just go home and it is only later when their pain worsens and they can reflect on matters that they return and report the details of their slip.

      In your case, we are more than willing to investigate your accident and look at pursuing a claim against the supermarket for your injuries. The key thing is that you have now reported the matter to the supermarket and they do have the details on record. I would also advise that you seek medical attention from your GP for the injuries that you have sustained.

      If you would like us to help you pursue a claim for compensation, please go to the ‘start a claim’ page of our website here: and submit a contact request. We’ll then make contact and discuss this further with you.

      We look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  58. Hi I slipped on Wednesday in a local branch of a well known store and was helped up by two ladies, who were shopping in the store also. One then went to get a member of the store staff after we all saw I had slipped on spillage on the floor. After a few minutes a male member of staff came and said oh yes it looks like Sweet and Sour and then was checking packs of prepared meals in the chiller, he had no luck finding any leaking pack. He then said I will get something to wipe it and came back with what looked like a large kitchen roll and started to wipe the spillage. I had to ask him for some of the paper roll to wipe the bottom of my shoe. Still he had not enquired if I was ok or needed to sit for a minute or have a glass of water.The fall had really shaken me, I was only a few yards into the store when the fall occurred. One of the ladies who helped me up said you should make sure the put it in their accident book. By now the member of staff had gone, I located him going about his business and said I wanted this accident recorded. He tutted and went off coming back a few minutes later with a folder pushing it in to hand and said I had to complete it with my information.I said I don’t have a pen and have not got my glasses. Again he huffed and puffed and went off ,returning with a pen a few minutes later. I completed the first page with my details while paying at the till for the three items I purchased before aborting my shopping trip because I felt so shaken. The member of staff was walking towards me and I said I have done it, quite rudely he said you have to complete it all and by this time I was feeling quite upset due to the fall and his lack of concern and rude manner. I said I am sure that’s for you to do. He then stormed off through a door off of the main shop floor and still never asked if I was alright to get home.
    That afternoon I telephoned their Head Office to complain about how the member of staff behaved and his lack of concern. I was told this was not the way he should have behaved and they were very sorry. I asked they check he has recorded the accident. The lady I spoke to said we would like to send you a £10 voucher as a good will jesture, I said that was not why I telephoned and that I did not want a voucher.I thought this was in really bad taste and would have much more appreciated a letter asking if I was ok.Yesterday I received a letter from Aldi confirming the incident report had been completed and filed correctly in store, still no enquirer as to how I was feeling or wishing me well. Since the fall I have been in pain with my wrist, elbow , ankle and pain from my lower back going down the back of my thigh .
    Please can you tell me if you think I should make a compensation claim for the accident against the store ?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Sue

      Thank you for contacting us and for sharing the details of your slip on a supermarket floor. We regularly receive enquiries from people just like you who have suffered injuries in the exact same circumstances – slipping on a spillage on a supermarket floor.

      On the basis of the information you have provided, we would certainly be willing to pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. Clearly the spillage had been left unattended on the floor and with the lack of any signs to warn you of a possible slipping hazard, the onus will be on the supermarket in question to defend this claim as to why or how such a hazard was left in a busy area – just inside the entrance.

      At Direct2Compensation our specialist partner solicitors run ALL claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This service is in place to offer people like you the chance to pursue the organisation responsible for your injuries for adequate compensation to cover the pain, discomfort and distress caused to you in this accident. It is good to know that the Supermarket have now confirmed that the details of your accident and the cause of your fall have been properly recorded as this will be of benefit as and when any claim for compensation is made. You have not mentioned as to whether or not you have seen a GP or other health professional regarding your injuries. Whilst there is unlikely to be anything they can do to offer immediate resolution to the symptoms, by seeing your GP/NHS walk in centre, the details of your injuries can at least be noted and again, this could prove very helpful during the claims process.

      We would like to help you with this matter. Therefore, I invite you to either respond to my email with your contact details or for you to re-visit our website and go to the ‘start a claim’ page. Here you can upload your contact details and we can then make contact with you to get the relevant details needed before we can then ensure that we link you with the right specialist solicitor. To go to our site page go to this link:

      I hope that this information helps you and we very much look forward to speaking with you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  59. My daughter was on a scooter outside a tesco store, and got her wheel jammed in a space Inbetween grid and paving slabs. She was thrown off her scooter and badly broke her arm. It took 3 weeks to decide if surgery was needed as the break was in such a bad place. She didn’t have surgery in the end, but will be left with a bend in her forearm which we have been told will grow out until she’s 16-18 (she’s 8) and even then there is no guarantee that it will ever be straight. Are tesco liable for outside of their stores? An accident report Was filed at the time, and all tesco cared about is that it wasn’t their fault. Kept asking us to confirm that is wasn’t their fault. Even though I hadn’t even seen where it happened.(I was inside shopping, hubby was outside waiting with her) endless hospital appointments, missed swimming lessons with school, and left with a bend in her arm till adulthood, surely we could claim? Just thought I’d ask.

    1. This is certainly a claim that we can investigate and pursue for you. Given that the wheel of a scooter managed to jam in to the gap you mention, I would be of the view (although we would need photographic evidence of the gap to confirm this) that we would have a strong prospect of succeeding with this claim if we were to pursue it.

      When it comes to accidents involving disrepaired or dangerous paving surfaces, there is a general rule of thumb as to how big/deep/wide a defect should be in order for a claim for compensation to be viable. The courts have basically stated that a hazard will become actionable if a defect is more than 25mm (1 inch approx) in depth or height.

      We would be more than happy to pursue this for you and invite you to make contact with us formally so that we can deal with this matter. Therefore, please either call us on 01225430285, email us: [email protected] or better still, fill in a ‘start a claim’ form at: so that we can then call you to discuss this in detail.

      I very much look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  60. I slid on some food substance on the floor while walking I almost fell and the person I was walking beside caught me. By trying to catch my balance I hurt my hurt my knee and couldn’t put pressure on it right away. I filled an accident report with the supervisor but my knee is still sore. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. Do I make a claim?

    1. Thank you for your input to our site and for your compensation claim question. Claiming compensation after slipping on a food item or spillage on the floor of a store, restaurant or other public venue is certainly something you should consider if you are injured as a result of the incident.

      Whether or not the claim can succeed will depend on the defence raised by the 3rd party facing the claim. In the United Kingdom, the courts have previously ruled in favour of claimants when a 3rd party has been unable to demonstrate that they employ an adequate and sufficiently thorough cleaning regime in their premises. For example, when a person slips on a spillage on the floor of a supermarket, a slipping accident claim can succeed if it can be shown that the supermarket has not checked their floors for leaks, spillages or dropped items on a regular basis. Also, if spillages/dropped food is cleaned up and the floor washed, a hazard warning sign should be erected to provide notice to those using the area that the floor could be dangerous. As a rule of thumb, the courts have found that unless a business inspects and clears its floors once every 30 minutes that it will be liable if a person is to slip and fall due to an item on their floors. When it comes to claiming slipping accident compensation, the defendant must prove that they employ such a cleaning/monitoring regime.

      I hope that this information helps and I wish you every success with your claim for slipping accident compensation.

  61. Hi, I was celebrating my friends 30th birthday on the 30th September . We had dinner out and decided to go to a few bars for drinks before we headed home.
    The last place we went I got a drink and noticed they was having a foam party as their was a foam machine but no foam as of yet ( this was now early hours of October 1st) I’m not sure if they was intermittently throwing out foam . Drink drank I said to my friend lets go on the dance floor as the foam was starting up ,we approached the dance floor and as it was rather packed I made my way to the back where there was less people and not much foam , as I got to this area it was very wet under foot and my feet went from under neath me causing me to completely fall to the floor and bang my shoulder, upon getting up quick through utter embarrassment of a full establishment I regained footing and thought that my shoulder felt sore but hoping it was because it was initially just banged and was hoping the pain would subside. After a short time my friend suggested we get a taxi home as the night was drawing to an end for us .
    After getting into the taxi I was aware of the pain more in my shoulder but was like previously said hoping it would subside. On arrival of home I undressed and had a shower before getting to bed it was during the shower that the pain increased to the point I felt very sick and shaky.
    My husband helped me to bed as I was struggling at this point to get any bedclothes on as the pain was immense.
    After a few hours of on and off sleep due to the pain I woke to be in more pain and knew something wasn’t right .
    My husband who was on early shift at work had to leave work early and take me to hospital as I was and still am unable to drive.
    Upon arrival at A&E I was given an X-ray and told that I had fractured my shoulder , given a sling and an appointment for fracture clinic and told I would need time off work as it stands I’m unable to go back to work till at least November .

    That evening I messaged the place and mentioned my concerns… Especially that no one was told they couldn’t have drinks on the dance floor which is very much a hazard and that I was fortunate to have finished my drink and not be holding a glass when I fell or to have fallen on any glass.

    I believe where I was standing for how little time that foam had started their was no way that area of flooring could have been from that session of foam and that flooring must have already been very wet to start with.

    My message was ignored by the place , so I made another attempt at a message highlighting the fact that I’d previously sent a message , this was also ignored. I resorted in writing a message underneath their few daily promotional post on Facebook and yes still was ignored.

    As it stands I’ve not worked since this happened on the 1st October and it won’t be till at least November I’ll be able to at the very earliest.i have four children to care for . I’m unable to drive so having to walk to any runs and anything that I would have done in my car and feel quite isolated as to what I can and can’t do, my husband and family have had to take on duties to help me as this is my writing/stronger arm . And plans that I’ve had arranged have had to be put on hold as I’m unable to do these things with a fractured shoulder this includes my husbands and i’s 5th wedding anniversary on the 15th of this month .

    I would very much like to know where I may stand regarding this case.
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you for describing the slipping accident in which you fractured your shoulder. I am very sorry to hear about your injury and I wish you a speedy recovery. Having handled many shoulder injury claims, I appreciate what a nasty injury a shoulder injury is and I can appreciate just how difficult it is making life for you.

      Claiming compensation for injuries sustained after slipping on a wet floor in a nightclub is something that we have assisted with on a number of occasions, both successfully and in failure. The key is proving that the establishment is not managing the risk of injury to those using the dance areas and as you say, having no enforcement of a ‘no drinks on the dancefloor’ policy is something that we have used to succeed with claims that are similar to yours.

      There is no guarantee that we could succeed with a claim for you, but we would most certainly be willing link you with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors so that you could have a full discussion with them. This would then enable an educated view to be given as to the prospects of success that your claim would present and from this, you would be able to decide whether to pursue a no win no fee claim.

      We need to speak to you further, so please do get in contact with us so that we can find out more and help you. You can either fill in a call back request at: and we’ll call you or you can call us on 01225430285.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  62. I badly broke my elbow on Tuesday 9th August 2016 at Alicante airport , I slipped on a piece of tomato on the floor of the checking in lounge .

    1. Vivienne

      Thank you for commenting on this article. I know that we have already spoken with you and I hope that we have been able to assist you. As you will appreciate, the difficulty in your case is that the accident happened outside of the UK and to this end, I am not certain as to whether or not you will be able to proceed with a claim.

      Yours sincerely


  63. I tripped at work – it felt like my foot got stuck to the floor and I struggled to remain upright and regain my balance leading to me reaching out to a table and consequently hitting the side of my face very hard on the corner of it – I consequently have brushing to my face. The incident occurred in an area where drinks are carried and are frequently spilled and not always cleaned up effectively. At time of incident I could not see any spills though – would I have a claim?

    1. Angie

      Hi, if we can demonstrate that an area that is subject to hazards being spilled on the floor and is not adequately cleaned or marked with signage, we would be able to bring a claim for compensation against your employer.

      Please revisit our website and submit a ‘make a claim enquiry’ at: and we’ll call you to discuss this in detail with a view to helping you make a No Win No Fee claim.

      I look forward to hearing from you.



  64. My wife and I were leaving a restaurant. The main thoroughfare for this restaurant passes the one and only kitchen door that all kitchen and wait staff use. As we approached the kitchen door, two waiters hurried out in our direction causing my wife to have to make an athletic move to avoid them as one was carrying a sizzling hot platter of fajitas. The encounter was such that if she had not quickly acted she could have had a chest full of sizzling fajitas and been burned by the platter.

    As a result, she has sprained her foot and is in a walking boot for 3 weeks. She will also have surgery in a few months to repair a previously existing but exacerbated condition in her sesamoid bone in the same foot.

    The manager witnessed the event and stated that this sort of near collision happens all the time.

    Is there some sort of claim here?

    1. Dear Mark

      Thank you for telling us about your situation.

      If you’re wife was injured this way in a restaurant in the UK, we would certainly be keen to pursue this as a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

      It sounds as if the methods used by the restaurant and the lay out of the dining area is a recipe for disaster and that accidents are foreseeable.

      If you think we can help you with a claim, please do visit our website and submit a start your claim enquiry form so that we can contact you.

    1. Thank you! The very reason that we have a facility on our website to allow people who have been injured in an accident to share their views is that it enables people to see that they are not alone and that there are other people who also have questions about personal injury compensation claims. For anyone who wants to find out more about no win no fee claims from the clients perspective, the ability for people to share their experiences or ask questions about the claims process, we hope that they find our site useful.

  65. Hi Ian,
    I was at a restaurant called Wild Wings on April 23, 2016.
    While I was walking down the aisle to get some service, I slipped and fell on a wet floor.
    By doing so, my knee cap dislocated. I spoke to the manager and told him that I was in pain.
    He claim that there was a wet floor sign present but not in plain sight where the wet floor was located. He said that it was pushed back against the stairs so customers can “walk freely”. I had him fill out an incident report and went to the emergency room. The doctor on duty took x-rays and told me that there was no broken bones and that my knee was probably just bruise (because of the swelling).
    It has been a month now and I’ve tried to let it heal with time.
    I used to be able to do Cardio and run but lately my knee will bruise up and hurt all over again. I’m not able to go to the gym anymore.
    I’m thinking about going back to get a MRI and consult with an actual Orthopedic but I’m not sure if the restaurant will pay for my visits.
    I assume their corporate office will cover for it, right?
    I’m frustrated and I’m not sure what to do at this point.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Panhina

      What a painful and distressing accident you have had. In the UK, personal injury compensation case law dictates that simply placing a hazard warning sign out is not enough to remove liability should someone slip on a wet or slippery floor surface.

      A hazard warning sign should be in clear view from all angles and should only be a temporary measure whilst any spillages or slipping hazards are tended to. In your situation, it appears that you would have a viable claim for personal injury compensation – if your accident happened within the United Kingdom. I believe however, that you may be outside the UK. Therefore, I would highly recommend that you seek the services of a specialist legal company acting in personal injury compensation within the jurisdiction of the country in which you are living.

      I hope that this helps.



  66. Hi there, i was out at a nightclub in heels and had been drinking anfpd the group i was with were asked to leave the premesis after an altercation (non-violent) as i was ushered out of the door by the doorman i went from smooth concrete onto a stoned car park area and fell. It resulted in a spiral fracture of my humerus. I had to take myself to A&E as the doorman left me. I contacted police but there is no cctv angle in that area.
    I am to remain in a brace for 8 weeks and cannot work until then. Cannot shower without help, cannot prepare food, do dishes, out my socks on etc.
    Is there anything at all that can be done to help me replace my lost wages at least?

    1. Kirstie

      Hi, thank you for contacting us about your accident. The injury sounds really nasty. Spiral fractures are amongst the more serious of bone damage injuries. I hope that you are able to make a speedy and full recovery, but I would imagine that you have a long road ahead of you in order to get back to full health.

      Your situation is certainly something we can investigate a little further and we may well be able to assist you with pursuing a claim for compensation. However, as you may appreciate, the specifics of your accident scenario are not straight-forward and this could mean that pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation isn’t as easy as it can sometimes be.

      You have described the events that lead to you sustaining the injury and whilst this explains how things happened, in the matter of any potential claim for compensation, they may well be irrelevant.

      With any claim for slipping or tripping accident compensation, the number one issue to resolve is the cause of the fall and identifying the hazard that caused your fall. In this case, you state that you went from a smooth concrete surface to a stone car park surface and then fell sustaining your injury. The surface of the car park here will be the key element. If it can be shown that the surface is hazardous, specifically where you fell, you may well be able to bring a claim for compensation against the owners of the car park. To enable us to investigate this further, we would need to look at some photographs of the car park surface where you fell, ideally showing the transition from the smooth concrete surface to the stone car park. We need to see if the surface is dangerous (in the eyes of a claim assessor or even a court Judge) and if so, we could take this further.

      The fact that you were drinking and wearing heels may play a part in the claim later down the line. However, it is not illegal to drink or even be a little tipsy and there is no disqualification from making a claim for compensation if you have fallen whilst wearing heels. However, these two facts could play a part in assessing the level of personal liability in this accident. At this time, I do not know the full facts, but it may be that even if you are able to demonstrate that the car park surface was dangerous and caused your fall, the defendant will be able to place an element of responsibility on you because of your condition and choice of footwear. If this were to happen, this is known as a split or shared liability settlement. For example, if the 3rd party car park owner was proven to be liable for a dangerous car park surface and therefore responsible for your fall and you were shown to be drunk (Paramedic or Hospital records may well list this if you were) and your shoes inappropriate for the surface, it could be that the car park owner is liable for 75% of the accident (& compensation) and you are liable for the other 25%. In this case, you would receive 75% of the value agreed for your claim and loss of income. Of course, these percentages could be very different – I list this as an example.

      We would like to speak with you further and I suggest that you get some photos of the accident location as we’ll need to see them in order to give a view as to whether or not your claim should proceed. So that we can speak with you, please visit our ‘start a claim’ page at: or reply to my email giving us your contact details and we’ll then make contact with you to help you get things moving.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



  67. Hi
    I fell in Iceland and my trolley went flying. I fell into some metal heavy steps the supermarket they had left out at an angel. I banged my head…..mostly my left eye on it and hurt my right arm badly. If the steps were not there I would have sustained lesser injuries I think.

    1. This sounds like a really nasty slip and the injury must have been really painful. I hope that you have recovered well and that you don’t have any long term symptoms from this incident.

      Regarding the accident itself, may I ask if you reported your fall to staff members in the Iceland supermarket? Did they take a record of your details in their accident book? In terms of making a claim for personal injury compensation after a slip or a fall in a supermarket or other business, it can be really helpful to the outcome of the compensation claim to have ensured that the details of an accident have been properly reported and recorded. For more information on this, read our article about accident books and what they are:

      It is also important to know what caused you to slip? Was the floor wet? Was it highly polished? Was there a foreign object on the floor that caused you to slip and fall?

      We would really like to speak to you further about your accident as it could well be that we would be able to help you take a claim for personal injury compensation forwards against Iceland for the injuries that you have sustained. Remember, we manage ALL claims on a No Win No Fee basis, so you have no risks to your own financial situation by instructing Direct2Compensation to help you make a claim for compensation. Please visit our ‘start a claim’ page at: and submit your contact details to us. One of our team can then make contact with you in confidence with a view to helping you claim compensation for the injuries and losses you have sustained in this fall.

      I will email you a copy of this reply privately too and you can always enter in to correspondence with me in private in relation to your situation and possible claim for personal injury compensation.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

  68. Hi
    Im womdering if you could help me ascim wondering if i have a possible claim.
    Im currently 31 weeks pregnant and today visited my local asda store. While there with my partner and 2 year old son i slipped on the floor on some what looked like spilt yogurt, i have hurt my groin, inner leg muscles and pulled the bottom of my stomach. All of which are still in pain tonight and i plan to go to the doctors tomorrow. I was very shaken up and upset as to which i just wanted to leave the store and didnt remember to report the accident, but a member of staff did see me and ask if i was ok. I was mostly worried about my baby as you can imagen but as i got back to the car and calmed down i felt her move and have done a few times since which was a releaf otherwise i obviously would of visited the maternity ward.

    Do you think this is worthy of a claim? I have sknce rang asda tonight to report what had happened, and plan to visit doctor tomorrow.

    1. Dear Jade

      We can definitely help you with regards to making a claim for personal injury compensation against the Supermarket. I am pleased that you have made further contact with the store to make sure what happened has been reported and it is important that you do seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity.

      Whilst we can never guarantee that our specialist injury compensation solicitors can win any claim, we can guarantee that you will pay no costs to any party whatsoever if your claim is not successful and given what has happened in your case, we would have every chance of succeeding for you.

      Please do visit our ‘start your claim’ page at: and provide us with some further contact details for you. We can then make contact with you to help you get your claim started. I will also email you a copy of this response to ensure that you are able to take your claim for slipping accident compensation further.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  69. Hi i had an accident at work a few weeks ago where i burned my arm in a 100° alkalyne decarbonizer that i was not trained or signed off on, and my employer wrote out a back to work form. He said if i claim he will sack me on the spot , are there any way that a back to work form states that the accident was my fault ? I have now made a claim and lost my job.

    1. Robert

      Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your situation and ask for some advice about your recent accident at work. It certainly sounds like your former employer has behaved in an underhanded manner and failed to offer you any kind of fairness or adequate support. I am pleased that you have already started a claim – it sounds like you have a very strong claim (which is probably why your former employer has treated you so badly).

      I would not really be able to comment on the back to work form regarding who is at fault as I would need to see the form to offer any sensible advice. However, the form should be available to you to view and therefore you should seek a copy of the form at the earliest opportunity and check it to ensure that it is an honest representation of what happened, what was said and that you agree with the contents.

      1. Hi ian thanks for you’re reply, a got a fonecall off my boss saying i singed a waver stating its my fault but my boss wrote the whole thing he said he would sack me if i didnt sign it he didnt let have a look at it either.

  70. My family and I went out to dinner and my mother was getting buffet. and at the buffet table she slipped and fell on her wrist. There was wet floor signs up. But, her wrist is broke and she needs to get surgery. She has to be out of work for three months. Is there anyway she would have a claim that she can file or no because there was a wet floor sign up?

    1. Hi Geri

      When a hazard warning ‘slippery surface’ sign has been erected at the site of a slippery floor, it can often mean that it is unlikely that any claim for slipping accident injury compensation will be successful. However, simple placing a hazard warning sign in a known slippery area in and of itself does not necessarily absolve a business or organisation from responsibility if someone then falls and is injured. If an area is known to be subjected to a leak – so the floor will remain wet, simply placing a sign out is insufficient as a business would need to do more to ensure that people were protected from the risk of injury as much as possible.

      In the case of your Mother, there are various things that could be in her favour – like the location of the sign, was it clearly visible before she had fallen? Was it obscured from view? What was the nature of the cause of the slippery floor? For more useful information on whether or not you can claim injury compensation after slipping on a wet floor when a hazard sign was in position, read this useful injury compensation article on the subject:

      If after reading this, you want to know more, use our start a claim page to submit some contact details and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the possibility of making a No Win No Fee claim for injury compensation for your Mother.

      Best wishes


  71. I fell while bowling at Brunswick zone. I had just gone to the bathroom right before I bowled. I was wearing shoes I rented from the establishment. As I approached the lane and began to release the ball my shoes stuck to the floor and my bodied continued to move forward. I fell injuring both knees and my right elbow and right foot. We are addressing the knees first. I have had an mri on my left knee which showed a tear in the miniscus and swelling around the joint. I have received a cortisone shot thus far and we are waiting to see if it repairs itself.

    I am getting an Mri on my right knee next week as the pain has continued and increased over these past three weeks. I am mostly looking for coverage of my medical bills. Restitution would be ideal but at least the bills should not be on me. Do I have a legitimate claim?

    1. We understand your frustration with this issue. Being left with potentially expensive medical costs after simply going out for a social event like bowling is not what you would expect. The difficulty you have in terms of succeeding with a claim for injury compensation will be proving that the cause of the accident was negligence on the part of the establishment and not just an unfortunate ‘risk’ that can happen when taking part in a sporting event. With this in mind, it is important to know whether or not you recorded the details of your accident (your version) and injuries with the bowling venue at the time and whether or not you have any independent witnesses who saw what happened and would be willing to support you?

  72. Hello I was at a nightclub and I slipped on the wet dance floor, fracturing my right hand and damaging a ligament. Due to this I have not been able to work over the Christmas period in my job, also it will affect my studies as a teacher at university as I am unable to participate in pe lessons and struggle to write. I was not drunk, even the hospital said so, however the nightclub simply took my name and a bouncer drove me to the hospital that night. Am I eligible for a claim? It’s stressed me out a lot obviously due to it being my dominant hand and not being able to work.

    1. Dear Molly

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your accident, your injuries and asking a question as to whether or not you can make a claim for personal injury compensation as a result of this incident.

      Many people wrongly assume that it will be almost impossible to make a claim for compensation if they have an injury whilst at a Nightclub or pub. This is because people think that there will simply be an assumption from the defendants that you would have been drunk and therefore responsible for your own mishaps. As you have said, you were not drunk – but even if you were, being drunk is not against the law and therefore, if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence when you are drunk, you can still pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

      Your claim, as with all others will depend on whether or not it is possible to hold the Nightclub liable for your injuries. When it comes to managing a venue like a Nightclub, the owners and Management must take in to account all foreseeable risks of injury to their customers and do their utmost to minimise those risks and provide adequate warnings of the risks of injury. In a Nightclub, it is foreseeable that drinks will get spilt and that if this happens on a dancefloor area, the area will become slippery and dangerous. With this in mind, many well managed venues now prohibit drinks from being taken on to the dancefloor. In your case, the Nightclub would have to prove that they have carried out adequate inspections of the area during the night and done their best to ensure safety for customers like you. You mention that they did not erect any signage and that there was no way of you knowing that there was a risk of slipping and being injured so badly.

      We would be very happy to help you make a claim for personal injury compensation. It is good that the Nightclub staff took your details and that they took you to Hospital as this will help to provide a ‘paper trail’ that your solicitor can use to prove that you were injured where you have alleged and how you have alleged. We manage all claims on a fully No Win No Fee basis so whilst we cannot guarantee that we would succeed with your claim, we can guarantee that it will cost you nothing if you do not succeed. To this end, please visit our website ‘start your claim’ page at: and provide us with some further contact details. One of our team can then call you, take some instructions and ensure that we link you with the right expert personal injury solicitor to pursue your claim for compensation.

      If successful, we would be able to claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained, their severity and any ongoing problems or rehabilitation therapies needed. We would also be able to reclaim any lost income or other losses by means of a special damages claim – which would cover your loss of income over the Christmas period.

      I will email you some further information also, but very much look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you get your claim for personal injury compensation up and running..

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  73. Hi, my mom was shopping in her local supermarket with her 7 yr old grand daughter, they both had a basket, in the wine aisle they both put down their baskets as mom wanted to look at the wine, all of a sudden mom turned around and fell over the basket that her grand child had put behind her, there was a sign up for wet floor too but the place has cctv and It will show the basket been the fault not the wet floor, has she a claim

    1. Chris

      Thank you for asking about your Mum’s accident in a supermarket. From the information you have given, my initial reaction is that it would be very difficult to succeed with a claim for personal injury compensation against the supermarket on this occasion. The reason for this is that the supermarket are in no way responsible for the fact that your Mum’s grandaughter placed a basket on the floor behind her and they are therefore not responsible for the fact that your Mum then tripped and fell over the basket. On the basis of the information you have provided, I cannot see how it would be possible to attach liability to the supermarket.

      The wet floor sign would seem to be an irrelevance in this as from what you have said, your Mum didn’t slip on the wet floor, she fell over the basket.

      I am sorry to give a negative response.



  74. Hi,
    In May I slipped on a wet floor in a shoe shop on a rainy day. There was no sign up and I wasn’t offered an accident incident book, so have no record of it other than the 3 people I was with.
    I twisted my ankle and had immediate pain. 6 months on I am still suffering with the pain and stiffness. I haven’t been to my GP yet as I have a lot of other health problems and don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac, but I feel I should go to get X-rays in case it has hairline fractures.
    Could I claim for this accident even though there is no record of it in the incident book? Might they still have the CCTV footage of the accident?
    Thanks for your help…

    1. Dear Joanna

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our website. I am sorry to hear about your accident and that you are still suffering with pain, discomfort and distress.

      In terms of making a no win no fee personal injury claim for compensation, we would certainly still try to help you make a claim for compensation and I would invite you to reply to me with some contact information so that I can call you to discuss things in greater detail and take some instructions. I could then find a suitable specialist Solicitor to help you.

      Obviously, the fact that there is no accident book record regarding this incident may make things more difficult and it will make it easier for the 3rd party to deny that you were injured in their store and in the way you have claimed. However, you do have 3 witnesses and that is a great help.

      You should DEFINITELY seek medical attention for your injuries at the earliest opportunity. Make sure you tell the Doctor how the injury was sustained and where it happened. If they can note that on your medical records, it may help when it comes to pursuing your claim for personal injury compensation.

      It is now too late to ask the store to record the details in their accident book, but you I would advise that you either email or write to them outlining what happened and how you were injured, where it happened and when. You could state that you didn’t record it immediately because of the pain and because you were in shock or even that you didn’t realise the severity of the situation etc. If you send an email, you’ll have a copy in your ‘sent’ folder and if you decide to post a letter, do it by recorded delivery, retaining a copy of the letter and your receipt of postage. This all helps to get the ‘paper trail’ in place that will help with the prospects of succeeding with your no win no fee compensation claim.

      You will note that I have replied to you privately, so you can respond to me there, or you can visit the ‘start a claim’ page of our website at: and give us your contact details that way.

      I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your no win no fee claim.

      Yours sincerely


  75. I was at work carrying a large pile of washing to the laundry room which requires me to walk through the kitchen and utility area.
    As I walked through I passed multiple people who failed to tell me that the floor out the back had just been mopped and therefore was very slippy and to take caution.
    They could clearly see that my vision was restricted by what I was carrying.
    I walked down two of the three steps and once I got to the bottom step I slipped and fell resulting in my hitting my head off the step and also badly damaging my ankle.
    I proceeded to go to A&E to find that I have a severe sprain and ligament damage to my ankle and foot.
    After the fall I called for my colleagues who came in, one of which asked if I had seen the wet floor sign, to which I responded no as I had restricted view. This was in the middle of the day at a time
    When that particular floor isn’t washed due to it being the access to various other things. My employer themself said that the floor was like an ice rink and that it wouldn’t usually be washed at that time but because we weren’t busy that they had.

    I’m wondering where to go with this? As there was a wet floor sign, is there any point in trying?

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment and enquiry.

      I’m sorry to hear about your accident at work and your injury. I hope that you are recovering well and are not in too much pain. Ligament sprains (and similar soft tissue injuries) can be really nasty, often worse than fractures and in many cases cause a great deal of pain, discomfort and restrict mobility. With this in mind, it is understandable that you feel aggrieved, I would too and I believe that there are a couple of possible issues that give your claim decent prospects of success.

      Firstly, the fact that a hazard warning sign had been erected does not in itself absolve your employer of all liability for your accident and the injuries you sustained. You mention having to carry a large bundle of laundry that prevented you from having a clear view of the route you needed to negotiate. If your employer has tasked you with working in such a way that makes it impossible to see where you are going, to see warning signs or hazards, then they are exposing you to the risk of an accident and injury. Whilst your employers insurers are likely to attempt to defend any claim you make by asserting that hazard warning signs were in situ, a specialist injury compensation solicitor (such as those who work for Direct2Compensation claimants) would counter that argument on the basis that you were left unable to see any hazard warning signs due to the working practices of your employer – making you carry items that blocked your vision and not providing you with an alternative. I would argue that your employer should have provided you with a trolley or other similar item that would enable you to move heavy or bulky items such as laundry whilst still being able to clearly see where you are going and identify and avoid any hazards in your way.

      The second element of possible liability against your employer could be that your colleagues failed to help you to avoid the risk of injury in the workplace. Whilst the Health & Safety of a workplace is the responsibility of an employer, employees and colleagues have a responsibility to minimise the risk of injury and prevent accidents wherever possible. Given that your colleagues provided no warning to you, it could be argued that you were failed by both your employer and fellow employees.

      I believe that you have a good chance of succeeding with a claim for compensation against your employer. Any claim would be made against the employers liability insurance cover that your employer would have in place and would not affect your job or those of colleagues. Direct2Compensation would be very happy to help you commence a claim for compensation and can link you with a specialist solicitor. Therefore, please visit our make a claim page at: and submit some further contact information. One of us can then contact you to take some further details and pass them to a specialist solicitor with the relevant expertise.

      I shall email you a copy of this reply directly also and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards

      Ian Morris

  76. Hi my daughter slipped In a supermarket on Father’s Day of this year she had her disabled son in her arms , there was spillage on the floor and no sign up her father had to take her to hospital so we had to cancel are Father’s Day meal she banged her shoulder and hurt her neck as she fell my grandson also bruised his arm , she got in touch with a solicitor and he put a claim in they have responded back that the floor was clean at the time my daughter was in the shop and that a customer must have spilt it so they are not liable. Can you verify for me if this is worth pursuing or not as I feel that they are still responsible she did fill a accident form in thank you

    1. Rose

      Thank you for commenting. I’m really sorry to hear about your Daughter’s accident, it sounds nasty and I can imagine that the situation was worsened and made even more distressing by the fact that it ruined fathers day.

      It sounds like your Daughter’s claim is being defended on the grounds of sufficient cleaning regime and adequate inspections of the supermarket floor. By this, I mean that the supermarket is stating that they regularly check each aisle in their store and mop up any spillages and have provided a document to ‘prove’ their story. The courts have stated that it is unreasonable to expect a store or shop to locate a spillage or hazard immediately and to have a sign up and a hazard removed before it causes an accident. What they have said is that it is reasonable to expect the store to carry out regular checks – perhaps every 30 minutes – of their premises and identify, remove and warn of any hazards that they find. Therefore, if the store is able to provide a report where someone has signed off each 30 minute check, then they are likely to have a strong defence.

      Of course, this favours the supermarkets as they could quite easily doctor a report to cover themselves, but we have to hope that they act honestly.

      Just because your Daughter’s claim has not yet succeeded, does not mean that all is finished. I would ask your Solicitor to provide you with the full details of their defence – ask for a copy of their inspection report and then go from there. Do you know if there are any witnesses available? Has CCTV footage been viewed etc?

      Of course, if you are unhappy with the actions of your current Solicitor, please do contact us on: and we will be happy to review matters and see if there is anything we can do.

      I wish you all the best



  77. Hello I entered through the automatic doors at foodland on the August 29th 2015. Upon entering the store I wAs walking to get my shopping cart and before I had got to it I had slipped and fell on a puddle of water. The employee gasped and said oh my. Are you ok I said I think I hurt my foot and possibly my back but other than that I’m ok. She kept asking if I was ok because I am in there all the time so she knows who I am and I replied not really. She told the other man that wAs working to clean it up the water because I had just fallen and the was no wet floor sign up.I went home after I purchased my items and called to report the incident since they never offered to ask me if would like to report it I didn’t even know I could. They called me today and finished putting all my information in and filedy incident and ask if there wAs anyone who saw what happened I replied yes and told them It was Jennifer. They said they would be in touch I have been to the Dr a and have had xrays on my upper to lower back and my ankle. I was inquiring to you if you believe I have a ligitement claim or not. Thank you for your time.


    1. Alice

      Thank you for your comment, I’m really sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you are recovering from your injuries.

      The slip you describe would certainly be something that we would look to pursue a claim for. Whether or not we would win would depend on the defence that the 3rd party (Foodland) were able to make. If there was no hazard warning sign in place and no effort had been made to warn you of the risk of slipping, it would be likely that you would be able to hold them liable for your injuries as they exposed you to a hazard whilst on their premises.

      I would suggest that you contact us via our make a claim page so that we can contact you and get some more detailed information and help you get things started.

      Many thanks

      Ian Morris

  78. Hi,i was in a restaraunt and pouring some hot soup i turned around to walk to the table and fell over onto the floor and birmt my fingers on soup and torn the muscle in my shoulder (told by the a&e)
    There was no hazard sign what so ever and a member of staff said that the floor is greasy of the tray collectors coming in and out i filled an accident form out and wanted to know if i have a case here?

    1. Whether or not you would definitely win if you chose to make a claim for accident at work compensation is something I cannot say, but I am of the view that you have a strong claim for compensation. If the floor of your workplace is known to be slippery, the very least that you should expect is to be warned of the risk. To this end, it could be argued that your employer has been negligent by failing to erect a hazard warning sign within the kitchen and serving area of your workplace and it is likely that such an argument would succeed. Further, your employer may well have an incorrect floor surface in place and could therefore be further negligent.

      After any accident at work it is important that you should make sure that the details of your injury and your accident are recorded within your employers accident book. This is especially important when it comes to making a claim for compensation. Read more about what an accident book record is here: .I note that you have already received medical treatment, meaning that medical evidence will be available to support your claim.

      I believe that a claim should be made for this accident and therefore invite you to contact us via so that we can discuss this with you further and help you to start your claim.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  79. My mother works as a cleaner in leisure centre, after going to the office to collect a key she fell over on a wet floor, the floor was wet from it raining outside and people bring the water on there shoes, not from it being cleaned.
    As a result my mum slipped and landed face first into the floor, resulting in 7 stitches to her lip, a bruised hand and maybe a chipped tooth ( unsure until the swelling has gone done)
    A witness ( Member of staff) has said there was no wet floor sign in sight and once the incident happened a wet floor sign Was brought closer to the entrance.
    My mum does not want to cause a fuss but I have said if you didn’t fall the someone else would have sooner rather than later.
    The floor is a vynel material, do you think there is reason to make a claim?

    1. Dear Jim

      Thank you for your comment and query. Firstly, it sounds like your Mum has had a really upsetting accident and the nature of the injury would have been distressing and sore. No doubt she is concerned about scarring and potential dental work that will be needed.

      I believe that your Mother has every right to pursue a claim for compensation given the lack of hazard signage in clear view to give her any warning. Your Mother’s initial reaction not to cause any fuss by making a claim is a common one with claims for accident at work compensation. People often worry (needlessly) about making a claim against an employer. However, being left with 7 stitches in a facial injury is definitely the kind of thing that should be claimed for. After all, this is why employers take out employer liability insurance.

      We would be more than happy to explain the claims process to you or your Mother and to help with a claim for compensation. We’ve got some top notch specialist accident at work solicitors who would be very happy to pursue this claim on a no win no fee basis.

      To start your claim, please visit: and enter some further information so that I, or a colleague can contact you to help take this further.

      I shall email these details to you directly also and look forward to being of assistance.

      Kindest regards

      Ian Morris

  80. I recently slipped over in a supermarket on something that was spilt on the floor. It had not been cleaned up and there was no hazard sign. I was helped up by other customers who got a member of staff who at the time was busy with another customer. She asked if I was ok as she was walking off saying she would get it cleaned up. I was not advised to fill out an accident form at the time however did so by ringing up and informing the duty manager the next day. I managed to get a photograph of the spillage on the floor before it was cleaned up. I have suffered with a bruised leg, stiff neck and stiff hip. Do you think I have a case here? Thanks Rachel

    1. Rachel

      Thank you for your comment, I am sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you have recovered well.

      I certainly believe you have a claim that should be brought to the attention of a Solicitor and presented to the Supermarket. Please submit your details to us via our website (please go to this link) – and we can then contact you to take your claim forward.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards

      Ian Morris

  81. My partner slipped in a supermarket due to a spillage there was a wet floor sign but not placed where the spillage was (this was 4 ft ) He can give you more info it was put into accident book as soon as he fell they put 2 more signs up and offered to pay for his shopping can you let us know if it’s worth putting a claim in his team shirt and jeans are marked with chemical spillage his injuries are badly bruised elbow bruised back banged head etc

    1. Thank you for your comment and query regarding slipping accident compensation. Even though there was a hazard warning sign on display, this doesn’t mean that there is no claim. Indeed, if we can demonstrate that the hazard warning sign had been placed in the wrong area and the slipping hazard ignored, the claim would remain strong. May I suggest that you submit further details to us via: so that we have a greater understanding of things and can then contact you directly to discuss helping you with a claim.

      To summarise, I would definitely advise making a claim for compensation. You could claim compensation for the pain and discomfort caused by the injuries as well as any other losses – which would include your clothing damage etc.

      I shall email these details to you also and look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

      Kindest regards

      Ian Morris

  82. Hi
    I was in a uk restaurant recently. I was holding my 9 month old baby in my arms as I was about to be seated at our table, I slipped. I did everything in my power to stop my baby from coming in to contact with the hard tiled floor. I hit the wall behind me with my hip as I was jerking in mid fall and loss of balance. My baby hit his head on the high chair during the process. As I came to a balance, thankfully not having fell I saw the floor beneath us was wet through with a big puddle. I have a picture of this and the mark on my babies head. There was no hazard sign highlighting the floor was wet through. The whole thing was caught on CCTV and the restaurant was very apologetic and acknowledge the zero sign or that anyone came to see if we we ok until we had to highlight what had just happened.
    The whole thing makes me feel sick to think of what could have happened had I fell at such force and the babys head hit the floor. I would hate for anyone to suffer as a result of such negligence. Due to the potential risk this posed do I have a valid claim based on this scenario?

    1. Hi Claire

      Thank you for the comment, i’m sorry to hear of your incident. As a father myself, I can appreciate how distressing it must have been for you when this accident happened.

      Regarding whether or not you have a valid claim, it is certainly something that we can investigate for you and from what you say, the fact that the restaurant staff have taken you to a table where there is a wet floor, with no hazard warning sign erected would indicate that liability may well be against them. It would seem reasonable to expect that staff in a restaurant would clean the table before they take you to it and have a check around to make sure that the table and floor is clear. They should have noticed a spillage and at the very least erected a hazard warning sign and then informed you of the risk. In reality, they should have delayed taking you to your table for a few minutes whilst making sure that the area was safe and clean.

      I will email you with further thoughts on your comment and incident and ask a few relevant questions of you so that you can provide greater information to us.

      Remember, that it would cost you nothing to enquire further, to have a solicitor discuss the matter with you and if they then pursued the claim and it didn’t succeed, you would not have to pay any costs at all. I would certainly say that it is worth pursuing the claim.

      Kindest regards and best wishes

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