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Lots of people talk about claiming personal injury compensation to cover the pain and distress of their injury and the losses that they have incurred as a result of their accident. Lots of people want to make a claim but not many people know what happens in the day to day management of a claim for personal injury and special damages compensation. Cast your eye below to see what makes up a regular day at Direct2Compensation.

Helping Clients

As always, we have been busy talking to our clients and solicitors regarding personal injury compensation claims.  A colleague has just been on the phone discussing their accident, helping them to understand the stages of our claims process and getting their claim started. This person was injured on holiday with his wife in Torquay and sustained some really nasty injuries after slipping on a wet shop floor. They are extremely keen to lodge a claim for compensation, but were not sure what to do about getting it started. So what happens when they contact us?

Having spoken with this person, we advised them that we believed that they had a strong claim for personal injury compensation and although we cannot guarantee that they will win their claim, we can guarantee that it will cost them nothing should it fail.  Once we had discussed their accident, what they had done after the accident in terms of reporting and recording details of their accident with the right people and what medical treatment they had obtained, we went on to discuss the Direct2Compensation claims process.  We also confirmed that we are a compliant, regulated business with the correct legal authority to help them with this important claim.

Our conversation with this client has given them the confidence to pursue their claim, we have taken details down and these have been passed to a specialist personal injury compensation solicitor who will now contact them to take things to the next stage.

Accident Claims. More than meets the eye

You see, there is more to making a claim for personal compensation claim than many would believe, especially those that pedal the myth about the compensation culture. It is not enough to say you fell and were injured. Any successful claimant will have to produce or advice us how to gather the evidence.  Claims need to be supported by evidence that an accident and injuries have been reported, that medical evidence is available to confirm an injury and where possible photographs of hazards or independent witnesses are available. It is with such information and proof, that we can achieve success with a no win no fee personal injury compensation claim.

Building a viable claim

Fielding calls (the phones are ringing around me this morning) from people wishing to find out if they have a viable compensation claim and sorting the wheat from the chaff is one part. But we also do many other things too. Such as liaising with Solicitors about the details of an enquiry when needed.

What is our involvement in your accident claim?

Our job is to give clients an honest appraisal of the viability of their claim, to take basic details and answer questions.  We are also here to provide our solicitors with all the information that they will need to enable them to successfully pursue our clients claim for personal injury compensation.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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