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Claiming injury compensation after a slipping accident is a fairly common type of personal injury claim. If it occurs in a public place it can be embarrassing and the natural reaction is to get up and get out of the glare of public view. However, over years of helping people we have learned that whilst a slip or fall may seem like an innocuous incident, it is very common for the injuries sustained to be severe and occasionally even life changing.

A case example of why claiming is worth it

We have just heard from one such client who initially contacted us 5 months ago to make a claim for slipping accident compensation after she was injured as a result of slipping on a wet shop floor in a large shopping centre in the north of England. This client has just been in touch to confirm that the expert injury compensation solicitor that we paired her up with has now succeeded with her claim and that she is now awaiting a compensation settlement payment from the company that manages the mall.

They have been held liable for the cause of her accident through failure to erect hazard warning signs and adequately manage a known leak that presented a risk of injury. The details of her accident are fairly typical for people making a claim for injury compensation after slipping or tripping. Here we have a minor case study of this claim to help you understand the claims process and what to do after a slipping accident.

The claimant and her shopping centre accident

Back in April, we received an online enquiry from a lady who had suffered a fractured coccyx and a fractured left wrist after slipping on a wet floor in a shopping mall. The indoor mall had a hard polished floor surface and the lighting  meant that the water pooling on the floor of the mall was almost invisible to the shoppers using the facility and no hazard warning signs were in place and no staff members were in place to provide a warning to those using the area.

This lady contacted us 2 weeks after her accident whilst off work due to her injuries. She had received medical treatment (surgery on her wrist) and was signed off for an initial 6 week period. She was angry, upset and distressed and very motivated to claim compensation to cover the pain of her injuries and the lost income she would lose whilst off work.

Thankfully, this lady wasn’t alone when she had her accident as she was with two friends. Fortunately, they did not slip on the wet floor and were able to help in the immediate aftermath of the accident. It was clear that she had suffered painful injuries as the wrist was out of shape and our client was barely able to stand or sit. One of her friends called an ambulance to the scene and the Duty Manager of the shopping mall also attended.

The details of the accident were suitably recorded within an accident book and one of the ladies friends took some photographs of the water leaking from a pipe on a wall and the lack of hazard warning signs present. Whilst waiting for the ambulance to attend, the Duty Manager apologised and organised immediate hazard sign erection and placed a staff member on the site to ensure that no further injuries occurred.

The claims process

Because the details of the accident were adequately recorded in an accident book, medical treatment was provided, and photographs showing the breach of health and safety management in relation to the lack of signs and leaking water, she had a very strong claim for injury compensation. When we spoke with her and were able to advise that she had a strong claim and would most likely succeed and be able to claim compensation for her injuries and lost income, she was extremely relieved.

We explained the claims process in a step by step manner and then linked her with a really good slipping accident compensation solicitor. We explained that the claim would cost her nothing if it failed, but that if she succeeded, she would have to contribute from her settlement towards the costs of the claim. Direct2Compensation pride ourselves on making the claims process easy to understand and as hassle free as possible and from the feedback we’ve received from this lady and other injury compensation claimants, it seems that this is approach is working for all concerned.

Once this lady had spoken with the expert injury compensation solicitor, they agreed that she had a very strong claim and sent out the relevant conditional fee agreement paperwork along with the necessary forms of authority for her to sign and return.  Once they had these items back, they commenced proceedings and due to the strength of evidence that was in place to support her claim, the insurers of the shopping mall made a very speedy admission of liability.

The only delay in getting the claim settled was that the solicitor advised that it would be wise to wait for the full extent of any medical treatment to be discovered and for a medical expert to examine her injuries from the slipping accident and write a report that would enable a suitable valuation to be placed on the claim.

This lady has reported minimal hassle and fuss in the making of her claim for slipping accident compensation. Apart from her initial enquiry, sending back her signed paperwork and then attending a medical assessment, she has been free to focus on her recovery and not had to worry about her claim.

How Direct2Compensation can help

One of the things that makes claiming injury compensation with Direct2Compensation so easy is that we have an understanding and caring approach. We understand that your slipping accident was a nasty and embarrassing experience and how the injuries that you have sustained affect your day to day life and activities. We have a great track record of helping accident victims find the right expert injury compensation solicitor to manage their claim for compensation and can offer that same expertise and outcome to you.

Claiming compensation with Direct2Compensation after a slipping accident or any other kind of claim for personal injury compensation is a simple process. If you have been injured and want to find out more about the claims process or you know someone who may need some advice from us regarding a claim for slipping accident compensation, contact us today. We know your rights and can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

4 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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We were inside the shopping centre known as The Mill Gate Centre in Bury, me and my family (my dad carrying our 6 month old baby behind us) Walkden last a smoothie stall and there were wet floor signs everywhere apart from next to this stall, as we walked past the stall, my dad behind me slipped, banged his elbow and our baby fell and slightly banged his head, we are currently debating wether to go to the hospital about it, I have made a report to the management team inside the shopping centre and that was the end of that, can this be taken any further or is that the end of it? Thankyou

Ian Morris

This is not the end of it – you have reported the accident at the time, so there is a record of the incident and those involved. If your Father has been injured, he should contact us so that we can discuss making a potential claim for him. As for the baby, if there is any injury noted by a Doctor, as a parent, you can make a claim on their behalf.


I slipped in a shopping centre where there was ice cream on the floor but no hazard sign in place.

As a result, I bruised my hip, hurt my wrist and my foot on the right side. The staff at the shopping centre recorded the incident and a first aid attended the scene where I was given an ice pack. I wanted to know if anything be done about this?

Ian Morris

You can certainly make a claim for compensation against the shopping centre. We would be happy to help you with a No Win No Fee claim for slipping accident compensation.

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