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At Direct2Compensation, we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful.  That’s not really anything to shout about I hear you say!  Surely all businesses should, as a bare minimum, be friendly and helpful…  Yes, they should and we are!  But how many businesses go the extra mile to help their clients and make the use of the business a pleasure and a simple, hassle free process?  Not so many!

From personal experience, I could name a number of businesses that have done the opposite of being helpful or going the extra mile.  I won’t name them though as for some stupid reason, it could get me in trouble!  That said, I’m sure those of you reading this have had the same regrettable experiences.  One thing is for sure, if you get treated badly by a business, you don’t go back.

The Personal Injury claims sector is such a competitive market place.  There is so many providers of regulated claims management activities, so many Solicitors and plenty of No Win No Fee options.  We celebrate the power that the claimant has and have chosen to embrace it.  We’ve actively tailored our service and methodology to ensure claimants can choose us knowing our ethical and fair approach will suit their needs.

So, how do we go the extra mile?  What do we do that others don’t?  At Direct2Compensation, you can have a direct line to the staff member handling your enquiry.  You can contact this staff member at ANY STAGE through the claims process, even if its months and months since you spoke to them and even when one of the member firms from the Direct2Compensation panel of Solicitors has taken over the litigation of your claim.  This enables you to speak to one person and get peace of mind when you need it.  Let’s be honest, Solicitors are great – particularly those that get to work on our claims – but they are not always the best at providing simple updates or explaining what can be a complex situation in simple terms.  That’s where we come in.

For example, I’ve just helped a client in such a way.  He’s a taxi driver who was injured when a woman failed to check it was safe to turn across a road, and pulled directly in to his taxi head on.  I took this chaps initial instructions about his accident and the damage to his vehicle and his personal injuries.  I completed his claim file, completed the summary file notes and placed the matter with one of our favourite Solicitors.  The client was happy, the Solicitors were happy and so was I!  The claimant called me yesterday on the number he had for me as he had received a rather confusing letter from the Solicitors.  I asked him to read it to me and I was able to easily understand what the Solicitor was saying and explain it to him in simple terms.  The result, the client remains happy, the Solicitors remain happy and so do I!

Not every Claims Management Company offers such a service.  Many of them simply ‘wash their hands’ of a claimant as soon as they have passed the file to a Solicitor.  Whilst the Solicitors are duty bound to act in their clients best interests, they often can’t explain things well or simply.  They are busy people with numerous files to manage and we understand that they need to get on with the nitty gritty litigation.  That’s why there is such a vital role for companies such as Direct2Compensation within the Personal Injury claims sector.

We can spend time with the clients, we can explain things simply and we can give peace of mind in an often confusing and strange situation.  Most people don’t deal with the law very often and most people (thankfully!) don’t have dealings with Solicitors.  But when they do, they need help and that is just what they will get from Direct2Compensation.

100% support in the claims process with ZERO % hassle!

To find out more about how good we are, start your claim today using our make a claim form and one of our team will contact you to get the ball rolling.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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