No win no fee, the fair and ethical way


At Direct 2 Compensation, we are really proud about the way we deliver an ethical and honest approach to personal injury claims management practices. We want to be sure (& we are!) that the service we offer to claimants represents a fair and equitable deal for all parties concerned. Yes, we stand to make money from successfully pursued claims, but we review and qualify new claims that come to our attention and do our best to ensure that they are genuine and legitimate claims.

The victims of the non-fault accidents that we help need two things. They need compensation to cover their loss of income and physical trauma, and they also need to know that the company that they have chosen to manage their no win no fee personal injury claim will do so in a transparent manner, with no hidden nasties and certainly in a fair and equitable way.

Our modus operandi

We offer clients a simple and transparent solution and lead the market in providing a clear and understandable explanation of the no win no fee service that we offer. We link clients with expert specialist personal injury solicitors and our clients really can see the benefits of instructing a Direct2Compensation and our specialist solicitor partners to pursue their claim for personal injury compensation.

Indeed, Direct 2 Compensation’ clients sign just 1 item of paperwork when they instruct one of our specialist solicitors – a standard ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ known as a CFA and this simply instructs the solicitor to work on a no win no fee basis in a manner compliant with the LAPSO Act 2012. This signature document states that the client confirms that the information that they have provided is an honest and accurate report of the events that lead to their injury & that cost wise, they will never have to pay a penny to any party, should their claim fail.

The No Win No Fee agreement

When any of our solicitors ‘accept’ instructions from a claimant, they agree to pursue the litigation on behalf of the client.  The solicitor will require the client to formally ‘instruct’ them and sign up to a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).  This legal document ensures that the client will never have to pay should their claim fail and that they will only contribute a maximum of 25% for their legal costs should they win, as per the requirements of the compliant claims process of the LAPSO Act 2012.

No costs & no hassle

We can’t guarantee winning any claim.  Even those that seem certainties to win can fail.  However, whilst we can’t guarantee you will win, we can and do guarantee that you will never pay for our services or your legal fees if your claim fails (as long as you are acting honestly!).  This is fair and honest and as there are no hidden or murky agreements that enable anything different, you can instruct us and our panel solicitors and then concentrate on getting better or getting on with life. Indeed, our clients report that they like this approach and believe that it is better to know how companies make their living and profits rather than knowing nothing about them.

We often get asked: “What if my claim is only worth a few hundred pounds?” Well, this is not an issue for more than one reason. Direct 2 Compensation take a different approach to this and evaluate a rough likely settlement value for any claim at the outset of the client contacting us. If a claim is estimated to be worth less than £1,000.00 we can not take it on. It is as simple as that.  If the claim is estimated to be below £1000, it should be pursued via the small claims court.  You can do this yourself, on-line and with ease.  We’ll even give you the basic information to do this if you need it!  If you want to find out more about whether or not your claim exceeds the £1000 minimum needed to instruct a solicitor, contact us and we’ll give you our opinion.

Honest, fair and understandable

We have nothing to hide. We are proud of the service we offer and proud that we have helped many clients achieve compensation for their injuries and losses. Clients come to us at a time when stress levels are high, money is tight and lives are hectic. The last thing they need are complicated agreements, hidden charges and bizarre unknown loans and credit agreements to ruin their claims. Thankfully, it appears that the personal injury compensation claiming public seem to agree with us and report that they like our transparent and understandable agreement.

If you are in need of a reliable and approved claims management company to manage your accident compensation claim, look no further.  Start your claim today using the claim form page of our website & one of our team will contact you to show you just how great our service is!

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