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  • What is a Personal Injury?

    Personal injury is a legal term used to cover any claim relating to an injury to the body, mind or emotions, rather than damage or loss of personal property. Personal Injury as a term is usually used in connection with a type of tort lawsuit in which a claimant will allege that their injury has … Continued

  • Personal Injury Claims low – Compensation Culture is a myth

    We were interested to note having read the results of a Personal Injury Compensation related survey by YouGov, that the up take by people eligible to pursue Personal Injury claims is low.  Indeed, the survey indicated that only 1 in 5 (20%) of eligible claimants pursue their claims.  This statistic, it would seem, provides concrete … Continued

  • What’s so special about Direct 2 Compensation?

    There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing which personal injury claims management company or specialist solicitor you would like to run your claim.  With the number available, the personal injury sector is definitely a ‘buyers market’. We think we’re the best option for you and here is more info on why! Our … Continued

  • Dumb fraudulent whiplash claimant caught in the act

    I read & listened to a funny story on the BBC News Website last night and thought I should give my tuppence worth on the story. John Machin from Leeds has become the first person to be convicted for insurance fraud by the following the setting-up of the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) in January … Continued

  • Why hiring a solicitor for car accident compensation is a good idea

    If you have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident,  compensation should certainly be looked into . If the person who caused the accident is insured you can make a claim against the insurers, otherwise if they are not insured the claim will be made against the Motor Insurance Bureau. It can be difficult … Continued

  • Personal injury claims and the courts

    Here at Direct 2 Compensation towers (ok, our modest office in Frome!) we get asked a million and one questions by our personal injury claim clients. They range from how long will the claim take, to how much will I get and how much will it cost. One of the most common questions after will … Continued

  • Beware of the fraudulent multi-occupant RTA claims

    As the law currently stands, the person deemed to be non-fault in a road traffic accident (plus passengers from any vehicle) have the right to pursue a No Win No Fee Personal Injury claim. However, it’s not as simple as just having an accident and reporting it, we and the rest of the No Win … Continued

  • The effects of an accident at work

    Suffering an accident in the workplace can be upsetting, humiliating and debilitating. Many people find it difficult to get back on their feet again. This is not only because of the physical injuries that they might have sustained, but the emotional implications of the incident too. Some individuals find it hard to return to work … Continued

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