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  • Deciding to pursue a claim for compensation

    Many people will take their time to consider their options for progressing with a claim for compensation. This is often because they have to way up the pros and cons of pressing ahead with their case. This might be due to financial reasons, personal circumstances or even considering the effects which seeking compensation might lead … Continued

  • The importance of reporting an accident in the workplace

    Accidents in the workplace can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. The first thing to do is notify your employer of the accident. Do not feel that reporting the accident would hurt your company – your employer is responsible for your safety and legally bound to be so. Immediately reporting the accident to your … Continued

  • Compensation of £70,000 paid to widow

    Compensation of £70,000 has been paid to the widow and four children of Thomas Whittaker, who died in a road accident in 2004. The motor insurers paid the compensation to the family of Mr. Whittaker, who worked as a salesman for Isle jewellers. Reports say that the car hit him when he was lying on … Continued

  • The Compensation Culture blame game… Again!

    Councils in Compensation Claims moaning shocker! Once again the Local Government lobby is putting pressure on the public to try and deter us from exercising our legal rights! In yet another shameful PR stunt, the Local Government Association (LGA) has issued a press release bemoaning the fact that they are paying out large sums in … Continued

  • No win no fee, the fair and ethical way

    At Direct2Compensation, we are really proud about the way we deliver an ethical and honest approach to personal injury claims management practices. We want to be sure (& we are!) that the service we offer to claimants represents a fair and equitable deal for all parties concerned. Yes, we are paid for the work we … Continued

  • The Compensation Culture Question

    The Compensation Culture Myth Everyone has heard of the compensation culture. Apparently, we are living in a litigious society and one regularly hears cries of ‘we are becoming like America and claiming compensation for everything’. Well, we know that this is not the real case. As I have blogged before, a claim is only viable … Continued

  • A work accident compensation story

    Real Lives, Real Injuries, Real Problems We have helped numerous victims of non fault accidents in their quest for Personal Injury Compensation. On a daily basis, we field calls and internet enquiries from potential clients who are struggling to cope in the aftermath of their accident and with the loss of income and independence their … Continued

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