Concussion Compensation Claims & Settlement Values

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Concussion is a common injury, with over 150,000 recorded cases every year. It can be very serious and in some cases have a permanent impact on a person’s life. The injury can be sustained in almost any accident scenario and as a result, concussion claims can be made after a road traffic accident, accident at work, fall from height, slipping accidents, falls in public places or as the result of an assault.

The symptoms of a concussion injury can sometimes be immediately apparent, but in other cases their onset can be delayed. The diagnosis of concussion, necessary to pursue a claim for compensation, can be made following a medical examination.

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Concussion symptoms and the proof you need to claim

There are many symptoms associated with concussion and their effect can range from minor to extremely severe. In order to succeed with a claim for injury compensation, a claimant must be able to demonstrate that their injury was caused through the negligence of someone else. That could be an employer in the case of an accident at work, another driver in a road traffic accident, or a business or local authority in a slip or trip accident.

The most common symptoms associated with concussion injury compensation claims include:

  • Headaches and nausea
  • Dizzy spells and loss of balance
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion
  • Loss of or change of vision
  • Mental health changes including depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Inability to cope with bright lights, loud noise or strong smells

Alongside the medical care you will receive from your GP or hospital team, your Direct2Compensation solicitor will arrange for you to be seen by a concussion injury specialist in order that a comprehensive understanding of your injury and the symptoms can be identified and proven to have been caused by your accident.

This will help form the appropriate settlement value for your injury. The medical expert will also arrange any necessary follow up scans, tests and medical treatments that may be needed in order to boost and aid your recovery.

Long term concussion injury consequences

Whilst in most cases, concussion injuries are a short term issue and recovery is expected within days or a couple of weeks, the symptoms can lead to more serious consequences.

This can include a build up of pressure within the skull, an indication of a bleed on the brain, the consequences of which can be extremely serious. Concussion injuries can also indicate a fracture to the skull, which if undiagnosed or untreated can cause ongoing problems.

Severe concussion injuries, such as those seen in compensation claims arising from falls from height or in road traffic accidents, can lead to conditions such as epilepsy, permanent memory loss and motor function reduction.

Repeated concussion injuries have been associated with long term health conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and associated illnesses.

How much compensation could you receive for concussion?

The value of a compensation settlement in a claim for concussion injury compensation will vary depending on the severity of the concussion and whether or not a full recovery has been made.

For minor concussion with no long-lasting negative effects, the compensation amount that you could expect to receive is likely to be in the region of £1,000 – £2,000.

Settlements will be much higher if recovery is not as straightforward and there are long-lasting health implications which restrict the patient from carrying out their usual job, daily activities or results in a reduction in quality of life.

With Direct2Compensation, our specialist solicitors will ensure that your claim is fully assessed in order that any settlement made to you is at the maximum value possible. Our experts will use medical evidence to support your claim, including relevant details from your personal medical records alongside the contents of an expert medical report that will outline the nature of your concussion injury, the symptoms you have suffered and what level of recovery you have made.

In cases where a full recovery is not possible and further medical treatments and care costs will need to be met, any settlement made to you will include the costs that you will face in future. We’ll also ensure that any lost income and costs are recovered by way of the special damages element of your claim.

No win no fee concussion claims

With Direct2Compensation our specialist solicitors will act for you on a no win no fee basis. This means that you can pursue your claim without having any concerns about having to pay costs should your claim fail.

We’ll ensure that you pay no costs unless you succeed with your claim, and that any costs faced by you are capped in accordance with the LASPO Act 2012, meaning that you can focus on recovery and not worry about financial risks.

What to do next

If you have suffered a concussion injury and want to know if you can make a claim for compensation, contact us today. You can start your claim online or , and one of our expert team will be in touch to offer help. Alternatively, call us on 01225 430285.

At Direct2Compensation our expert team know your rights and can quickly help you identify whether or not you can make a successful claim.

Whether your concussion injury was caused in an accident at work, a fall from height, a road traffic accident, a slip on a wet floor or an accident in any other location, we’re here to help you get a just outcome.

10 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

Read on for questions and advice about claiming, plus concussion claim examples...

A metal lid fell on my head in the gym whilst helping the instructor get equipment. I had mild concussion. She did not offer man accident report or do anything to help. I emailed the manager of the gym who said he was going to reviver the cctv but I have emailed him twice since then with no response. Should I claim for this?

Ian Morris

You certainly can claim compensation as a result of the concussion injury that you sustained in the incident you describe. The fact that you emailed the gym to report the incident was a really sensible move and this certainly strengthens your chances of succeeding with a claim.

We would be very happy to help you make a No Win No Fee claim in this matter. Please call us on 01225430285 for further help.


I was injured at work and got concussion and grazed my head which is giving me physical issues.

Ian Morris

You may well have a valid claim. Please call us on 01225430285 to discuss this with us. Our Solicitors would ensure that a medical assessment was undertaken to ascertain the longer term impact of the concussion injury to ensure that your claim was appropriately valued to ensure that settlement was adequate and correct.


Will I be entitled to compensation as I’m a staff member of nhs in uk and got a head injury from a patient? Had a scan and it shows up concussion.

Ian Morris

You have a right to make a claim against the insurance cover that is obligatory for all employers – whether public sector or private. If you would like further help, please provide additional information via the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ page of our website and we’ll be able to advise you further.


A heavy metal strainer fell on my head at work. I’m dizzy, nauseated, and my head hurts really bad. My boss won’t let me go home even though I’m pretty sure I have a concussion. What do I do?

Ian Morris

You need to make sure that the details of your injury are recorded within the employers accident book. If your symptoms persist, make sure that you discuss them with your GP and contact us to pursue a claim against the employer.


As I was walking from place A collecting a tool to place B where I would use it along the main accessway in the facility, a co-worker who was working with equipment perpendicular to the accessway stepped back behind me and tripped me. I had concussion requiring 2 weeks off work and a cut which will leave an obvious scar on my face. Can can i claim against the employer?

Ian Morris

We would be very happy to help you pursue a claim for compensation. Please make further contact and we’ll have this claim investigated for you.

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