Thigh and Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims

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The upper leg contains the thigh and hamstring. These important muscles and soft tissues provide the strength, support and stability needed to perform physical activities. When injured, they can greatly impair mobility and independence.

Given that such injuries are known to be painful and often debilitating, it is not uncommon for people to have to take time off work and lose income as a result. Claiming compensation can help in many ways.

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Causes of thigh and hamstring injuries

When too much force is placed on this muscle group, they may tear or rupture. Such an injury will happen if the hamstrings are stretched beyond their natural limit, for example, during high-exertion trauma such as during a slip or trip accident.

In the more severe cases, the front of the thigh (quadriceps) can tear or rupture and may also damage other soft tissues and ligaments.

Injuries to the thigh area are also often associated with heavy impact injuries, in accidents at work, with faulty equipment or insufficient training, or in car and motorcycle accidents, for example.

There can also be injury to the femur, situated in the upper leg. The femur is the largest bone in the human body and is extremely strong. Injuries to the femur bone will only occur in heavy impact incidents or as a result of extreme trauma such as seen in serious road traffic accidents or as a result of a fall from height.

Compensation claims for injuries to the thigh or hamstring are not uncommon due to their impact on mobility and strength, and because any person suffering such injury is left in great discomfort.

Thigh injury symptoms

These injuries are often related, with a quadricep injury affecting the hamstring and visa versa, as the two muscle groups are designed to work in unison to provide the strength and support needed for usual human movement.

Injuries to the front of the thigh (quadricep) are usually associated with a difficulty to bear weight and will cause a heavy reduction in mobility and independence.

The hamstring runs from the buttock to the back of the knee. Any person who has suffered a hamstring injury will feel a sudden and sharp, shooting or stabbing pain in the back of the leg. Injuries will likely include swelling and cause a restriction in mobility.

The pain can be reduced by limiting movement and will be increased if the muscles are stretched or overused.

Can I claim thigh injury compensation?

Any person who believes that their injury wasn’t their fault has a legal right to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Whether it’s an accident in a public place, a slip or trip, a car crash or an accident at work.

As with any accident, it is important that any person who has suffered a thigh or hamstring injury reports the details of their accident and their injury to the relevant people – whether in an accident book or by making contact with a landowner or business.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and can advise you as to whether or not you can make a claim for thigh or hamstring injury compensation. Our expert staff can help you to identify whom you should report your accident to and will be able to ensure that your claim is placed with the right specialist solicitor.

What can I claim for?

You can claim compensation for the injury, with the value depending on the severity of the injury, length of recovery and impact on day-to-day life. You can also recover any loss of income or incurred costs caused by the injury.

At Direct2Compensation, our specialist solicitors will ensure that any successful claim is settled at the maximum appropriate level. They will ensure that an appropriately qualified medical expert assesses the injury and that medical evidence is used to demonstrate the severity of the injury and prognosis of recovery or otherwise. This will ensure that the maximum possible value can be attributed to the physical suffering element of the claim.

We’ll also ensure that any lost income during enforced absence from work as a result of an injury, and any associated costs or losses, are also recovered by way of the special damages element of your claim.

How do I start my claim?

At Direct2Compensation we offer a simple, transparent and easy to understand No Win No Fee claims process. Our expert staff will quickly help you to understand your rights and explain how the claims process works. We’ll obtain the important initial details that our solicitors will need to get your claim for thigh and hamstring injury compensation started.

You can call our friendly and helpful staff on 01225 430285 or get your claim started online today. We take pride in making sure that you feel understood and look forward to helping you make your claim.

4 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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Comments & Questions

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I was at Washington bowling alley where we were informed that we did not have to wear their shoes. I was wearing ankle boots with a two inch heel. While I was bowling my heel slipped and I went down doing the splits with my left leg, I couldn’t get up it was agony I had to be carried to a seat I was driven home as I couldn’t walk. The following day I saw my GP who said I had ruptured muscles in the back of my leg. The next day I saw a physiotherapist who after examination said I had a grade 3 tear in my main hamstring and a bad pull in the outside leg muscle of my hamstring. This is going to take up to 12 weeks to heal, is very swollen bruised and extremely painful. I am struggling to get around and cannot drive. Surely it should be law that you have to wear their shoes.

Ian Morris

Whether or not you could pursue a claim against the bowling alley is unclear. There is no legal requirement for them to enforce or require that you wear their footwear and as you were wearing a boot with a 2″ heel, you could be seen to have caused your own fall as it is known that the bowling alleys may be slippery.

However, if you were not issued with any warning and could not see any warning advising that some shoe types were unsuitable and that the alleys were slippery, it would be sensible to seek a specialist view from an expert solicitor.


Hi, I tripped and fell in a well known retail store in December, cutting my face and fracturing my femur. I needed surgery the next day and now have rods, plates and screws in my thigh. I’m still not mobile now. Unfortunately, the store are accepting no responsibility whatsoever and all the hazards and obstacles that were on the shop floor on the day of my accident were subsequently removed when my husband visited the store two days later! I know it wasn’t my fault how I tripped but I can’t prove it was their fault either. The CCTV wasn’t working properly and we were told by the manager that it was 18 years old and ‘not fit for purpose’. They also emailed me a copy of the Accident Report whereby they had my age and medical conditions wrong. Where do you think I stand in making a claim?
Kind regards

Ian Morris

Hi, fractures to the femur are definitely a serious matter and the fact that you’ve required surgery and been left with metal work in your leg is indicative of this.

The 3rd party are clearly not minded to help you and it seems that they are being actively unhelpful. The concerns you have about the items being removed from the floor and the lack of CCTV should not stop you from attempting to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries and losses this has clearly caused you.

I would imagine that you required an Ambulance and paramedic treatment after your fall and as such, the Ambulance service will have a record of where you were injured and how, as well as what injuries you had.

Please call us so that we can discuss this and help you get a claim up and running. You have clearly been badly hurt and really ought to try and hold the store in question accountable.

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