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If you have suffered an injury to your back, whether it’s a muscular injury caused through heavy lifting at work, working in dangerous conditions, or you have suffered an injury to your spine or neck (commonly known as a whiplash injury), you have a legal right to make a claim for injury compensation on a no win no fee basis. Injuries to the back, whether muscular or skeletal can be extremely painful, mobility restricting and change many aspects of your day-to-day life. When people make a claim for injury compensation after suffering a back injury, the value of their claim can be substantial.

Common back injury claims

Bone fractures and ligament sprains (often known as soft tissue injuries) often form the basis of an injury compensation claim for a slipping or tripping accident. On the other hand, whiplash injuries, which are commonly caused in road traffic accidents, tend to affect the upper spine, through the neck and in to the shoulders and arms. Severe cases of whiplash can lead to permanent problems and the value of a whiplash settlement can range from a minimum of £1000 in minor cases where recovery is made within 4 weeks and go substantially higher in the most serious of cases.

Injury compensation claims for back injuries often follow an accident at work. Back injuries are commonly caused through putting too much stress on the muscles of the back through heavy lifting, or lifting incorrectly. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their staff are given the correct training to lift items properly, that employees are aware of the maximum weight of any single item that they should lift, are provided with trolleys and lifts to move items that exceed the maximum carrying weight and are given a working environment that enables them to follow this training and work safely. Read our article covering whether you can claim injury compensation if you have suffered a back injury through lifting at work, so that you can see where you stand.

If you suffer a back injury in a non-fault accident it is wise to avoid delaying any claim for injury compensation. You should always seek medical attention and make sure that the details of any accident and your is reported to the right people – usually an accident book entry should be made or a vehicle insurer should be advised.

Medical records and health history

Your solicitor will access your medical records and organise a medical examination so that a report can be written to support your claim and help to form a valuation of settlement. As with all claims made through Direct2Compensation, claiming will not cost you a penny should your claim for injury compensation fail. The cost of the medical assessment is not something you need to worry about and you will not have to pay for it.

If you have a previous history of back problems reported on your medical records, they will be taken in to account as they could be relevant to the extent of the back injury you are making a compensation claim for. Having a pre-existing condition does not prevent you from claiming injury compensation, indeed, if someone has caused you to aggravate an old back injury, that is something you can claim for.

Recovery and rehabilitation therapy

Making a claim for injury compensation after a back injury or whiplash will enable a successful claimant to recover a financial settlement. This is made up of a payment that covers the extent of the injury, and a payment that covers any additional costs, such as a loss of income or other expenses, known as a special damages claim. But making a claim for injury compensation can be about more than money. Indeed, claiming injury compensation if someone else is responsible for your injuries could help your recovery, as with Direct2Compensation, our specialist back injury compensation solicitors will look to obtain a course of rehabilitation therapy for you. This can be done as soon as the defendants have admitted liability. As a claimant, you can help your injury compensation solicitor settle your claim more quickly by doing the right things to make sure that your solicitor can present a strong claim.

Compensation amounts

Severity of back injuryCompensation amount
Recovering within a few monthsup to £1,860
Recovering within a few years£1,860 – £6,000
Recovering within 2-5 years£6,000 – £9,500
Permanent symptoms£9,500 – £21,100
Serious permanent symptoms£21,100 – £29,475
Chronic permanent symptoms£29,475 – £53,000
Significant permanent impact£53,000 – £67,200

If you are suffering from a back injury and are considering putting in a claim for compensation, contact us today. At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and can explain the steps of the claims process in simple terms. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

8 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. KATIE

    I was moving a heavy load on a trolley. the heavy fire doors which wouldn’t remain open and had to be propped open by myself to pass the load through. There wasn’t anyone else around to help. There were a lot of awkward twists and positions in order to complete the task. I now have severe lower back pain which has caused absence in my second employment as well, subsequently loss of earning in both jobs. I informed my employer straight away.
    What is the likelihood I can make a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      If the nature of the working environment makes it impossible to work safely or in accordance with manual handling guidance, you may well have a valid claim. It is good that the employers have provided you with a trolley, yet the nature of the fire doors and having to negotiate a path through them alone could be seen as a hazard and therefore enable a claim.

      Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact and find out more about your rights to claim compensation for your work related back injury.

  2. Mitch

    10 month’s ago at work in a warehouse, a crate tipped over and I caught the weight of it on my back unknowingly. It was probably shimmed to prevent it from tipping as it was a tall and thin crate.

    I now have been dealing with two herniated discs and a lot of pain every day. I’ve been to doctors and filed a worker’s incident report with my job at the time of injury. Do I have any options?

    • Ian Morris

      You can pursue a claim against your employers liability insurance via the services of a specialist personal injury claims Solicitor – such as those working for Direct2Compensation claimants. We offer a No Win No Fee service to anyone injured in the UK through no fault of their own and would love to help you too.

  3. lorna hannon

    Hi I’m currently on the sick from work I have been since August with a bad back I started having back ache about 4 yrs ago not bad but just a bit sore then I got my current job 3 yrs ago my back was fine up until August this year when it just totally went I’ve had mri scan and I’ve got a ruptured disc which is compressing my nerve now being referred to spinal surgeon could possibly need surgery I know 100% that my job has caused this the amount of work I did sometimes was too much

    • Ian Morris

      There is a strict 3-year claim limitation in place that governs how long someone has got to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Whilst you state that some of your symptoms started 4 years ago, they appear to have been mild. However, your more recent work would appear to have caused you to suffer a more serious back injury at work and it could well be that you could make a claim for back injury at work compensation.

      We need to speak with you on the phone to find out more about what, if any manual handling training your employer provided you with, what work you were doing and when you first attended your GP or Hospital regarding these more serious symptoms.

      There may be an element of exacerbating a pre-existing injury, but even so, you could still look to pursue a claim for compensation here.

      Please send us your contact number by email or start your claim on our website and we’ll spend a few brief minutes on the phone with you ahead of passing your claim to one of our specialist accident at work compensation solicitors.

  4. Mohen Al-Anwer

    I was given training when I first started work, but a new owner took over about 7 months ago and has forced us to work without trolleys and lift items that exceed 25kilos. A colleague and I complained but were basically told we could find another job if we didn’t do what we were told, so had to continue working. Last week I really hurt my lower back (Doctor has said that I have sprained a disc). I have put this in the accident book, but I don’t trust my employer to keep that record so I took a photo of what I had written in the book. Can I still claim? My worry is that he will say that I did have training?

    • Ian Morris

      Mohen, I am really sorry to hear about your injury. You most certainly should make a claim and it seems that you have done all you can to protect your rights. I will send an email to the address you provided when you made your comment and will give you a link to start your claim with us.

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