Knee Injury Claims & Compensation Amounts

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The knee is a complex joint and can be severely injured in any fall from height or as a result of unnatural twisting, with the stability and strength of the knee affected as a result. Injuries to the soft tissues and bone structure of the knee are commonly associated with road traffic accidents, slips and trips and accidents at work.

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Types of knee injury you can claim for

Knee injury compensation can be claimed by any person who has suffered the injury as a result of the negligence of a third party, commonly an employer, shop or landowner.

As with any claim, medical evidence will be needed, so it is important that you seek medical attention to diagnose your injury and commence a suitable treatment plan.

Common types of knee injury for which compensation can be claimed include:

  • Knee ligament damage – tears and strains
  • Cartilage damage
  • Dislocation of the knee joint
  • Bursitis injuries (housemaid’s or carpet fitter’s knee)
  • Muscular injuries, including strains or pulls of the quad muscle, calf muscle or hamstring
  • Fractures and breaks to the knee joint
  • Patella or knee cap injuries

Some knee injuries, such as ligament tears and cartilage damage, can require intensive medical treatment, surgery and ongoing rehabilitation therapies. Others can be treated with physiotherapy and support dressings.

The value of a knee injury compensation settlement will depend on the severity of the knee injury, what level of damage has been sustained, how long the symptoms last for and whether any surgical intervention has been required.

Our solicitors will obtain your medical records and arrange for a medical assessment to be carried out with a detailed report provided to support your claim. In cases where an admission of liability is obtained, it may also be possible to seek costs for specialist rehabilitation therapies that will improve and speed up the recovery process.

Compensation amounts for knee injuries

The value of a claim for knee injury compensation will vary depending on the type of injury sustained and whether or not you have fully recovered.

In cases where the knee injury is relatively minor, such as a sprain or soft tissue bruising, and recovers within 12 months, the claimant should expect compensation from £1,000 to £5,000.

In cases of cartilage damage or a dislocation of the knee which has left a permanent weakness to the knee joint, compensation settlements will be higher, up to just under £20,000.

In the rare case of severe permanent trauma to the knee that will result in knee replacement surgery, the claimant could receive up to £70,000 in damages for their injury.

As with all claims for compensation, should you succeed you can also recover any lost income and costs incurred via the special damages element of your claim. Our expert solicitors will ensure that you are adequately and fairly compensated.

Are you eligible to claim?

If your knee injury was caused by the negligence of someone else you have a right to make a compensation claim against the person or business responsible.

To succeed with your claim, your solicitor will need to be able to demonstrate that the cause rests with the negligent actions of a third party. This could be an employer who may have been negligent in their training or provision of work equipment, or a supermarket that failed to remove a slipping hazard from the shop floor.

To ensure that your claim has the best possible chances of succeeding, you must ensure that the details of your knee injury are properly recorded within an accident book and seek medical attention from a GP or hospital. Also, if you weren’t under 18 at the time you must make your claim within 3 years of the date of your accident.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you can make a claim, call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer, we can call you back. Our expert staff will quickly be able to identify whether or not the cause is something that you could pursue a claim for.

We know your rights and have a proven track record with expert solicitors succeeding on behalf of our clients.

We have an easy to understand No Win No Fee claims process, and whilst we can never guarantee that we will win any claim for compensation, we can guarantee that we care, that we’ll work hard in your best interests, and that if your claim should fail it will not cost you a penny.

24 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Stephen

    I injured my knee at work in 2015 but I did not get my op in till the 6th of April this year. I was off in till the 17th of June then I went back to work for 3 weeks on reduced hours, the 1st week was 4 hours then the next 2 weeks were 6 hours, but my knee swelled up again and I went to my doctor’s and he give me a sick note for 2 weeks, can you help?

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately in our view you are now out of limitation and cannot now take any action in terms of claiming compensation for your injuries – unless you started a claim before the 3rd anniversary of your accident and had the matter registered in the courts to protect your rights.

      UK law applies a strict 3-year claim limitation period in which you must take action and pursue a claim for compensation.

  2. Karen

    While working last Monday in the mist of doing OR procedures, I begin to notice a pain behind my knee that persisted and radiated up to the thigh and down to the calf. My leg became swollen, I couldn’t and still can’t extend without pain, or walk normally. My thigh, knee and calf are tight and stiff. My supervisor was aware of the situation. I continued to work that day and all schedule shifts since. I had an ultrasound, xray, seen ortho and an urgent care doc. I’m scheduled for an MRI this evening. So far the theory is a torn tendon or meniscus . So far I’ve used my insurance for everything. I contacted the human resources today and she knew nothing of my situation. Should that have been reported? Will this be considered workmans comp? Should I have continued to work? I’m totally at a lost here.

    • Ian Morris

      Based on your description of the issues you face (medical costs and insurance etc), I believe you may not be in the UK? Direct2Compensation is a specialist expert firm operating within the legal system of the UK with regards to matters of personal injury. As you are not in the UK, we’ll need to advise you to make enquiries with a personal injury specialist in which ever legal jurisdiction you are based in.

  3. john chukwu emeka onunkwo

    hi, i am a security guard, unfortunately i was posted to work at the gate when someone shouted that i should close the gate that criminals broke a shop and loaded it in a bakkie and speeding towards the gate, as am trying to close the gate the criminals bang me with the bakkie and run away, i hit my two knees on the ground, though my supervisors knew but no one took care of me, it created pain in my life, i used to attend clinic taking painkiller but to this point it becoming so serious that my knees is getting weak and the pain continues. i went to general hospital and was referred to hospital further assistance, it sounds to be an issue of ligaments or nerve, am afraid of what the situation will be. this problem happened almost seven years ago, please how do i go about this, i am dying in silence, let me know what you think.

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, UK personal injury law would prevent you from being able to do anything regarding your knee injuries as more than 3 years has now passed since the incident in which you were injured. Further, as the injuries appear to have been caused in a criminal incident, you would have to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and this must be done within 2 years of the date of the incident.

  4. Deweyetta

    My boss accidentally pushed me into my desk drawer while I was being giving instructions on a procedure, injuring my knee.

    • Ian Morris

      It would appear that your injury was simply an unfortunate accident and not due to negligence.

      • Dewey

        What should I do? My knee is swollen and I can barely walk. I asked him to put a accident report in but he ignored me.

        • Ian Morris

          As it was an accident at work, the employer should enter the details in the accident book. As they have refused to record the incident, you should make a written report to your employer by email outlining what has happened and request that they record the details for you.

  5. Marie

    End of Nov 2017 I was on an NHS well being course physiotherapy appointment. I’d had a number of appts before this one.
    This was my first day/first 5-10 minutes in the council run leisure centre where the NHS physiotherapist was based.

    My first 5 minutes were spent showing me how to get on the exercise bike, how to sit, and how to use the dials etc.
    After a 3-5 minute warm up the physio said “you can get off now, I’m just getting a drink of water”.
    With that, he turned and walked away. I wasn’t shown how to get off or dismount etc despite all
    the instructions on how to get on the bike.
    I took my right foot out of the stirrup with no problems and expected my left foot to come out as easy as the right foot but it didn’t..
    It got stuck and the large heavy exercise bike fell on top of me.
    I crashed to the floor and landed on my right knee with the left foot still in the stirrup and the bike landed on me.
    The result was agony and that my right knee splattered open. Completely across the knee was a large deep laceration from side to side and lots of blood.

    First aiders called an ambulance and the physio was flapping about and the leisure centre manager came with the accident book so I know it was filled in. Although I was very faint and in considerable pain at the time.
    I was brought to one hospital but they couldn’t treat it as it needed an operation to stitch it all up etc.
    So that was done at another hospital.
    I’ve been reluctant to claim as I felt bad suing the NHS and the physio made me feel terrible and guilty. He phoned non stop after the accident saying his dad had died and it was the worst year of his life and he’s never had a patient been injured in his whole career etc. That he will be my physio for life and will help me forever. I felt very guilty and sorry for him!
    I refused to answer his calls I’m the end and I cringed and felt sick seeing his number. I felt he would do something bad (to himself) if I claimed.. I told his managers I couldn’t ever see him or let him attend me again and they facilitated this.

    Getting to the present day.
    My knee is getting worse. So much so that I have recently had an MRI and they say they have to repair torn cartilage etc and the numbness all over the knee like pins and needles is probably never going to go as it is nerve damage due to the depth of the laceration. My knee is getting worse by the week. As well as an ugly big scar across my leg.

    I am scheduled for keyhole surgery in the next month.
    I would now like to take this further. Is it the NHS ie physio not looking after me properly or the council leisure centre equipment falling? Or as I feel, a combination of both that are to blame?
    I didn’t think this would be how I am and how much pain and discomfort I’m in and it is worrying me how it is getting worse.
    Can you advise me which way to go with this please?
    Many thanks, Marie

    • Ian Morris

      Given what you have said, there is a case for pursuing a claim in this matter given the lack of supervision or instruction when getting off of the exercise bike.

      You remain within 3 years of the accident date, so are able to pursue a claim enquiry and it is clearly something worth looking further in to given the impact that the incident has had on your health and well-being.

      If you would like us to look further in to your claim enquiry and present this to our specialist Solicitors for consideration, we’ll need to speak with you and get some additional information.

  6. Marlo

    My shift manager accidentally bumped me in the entry way where I was knocked down, I hit my left knee bone on the concrete floor. Initially, I thought that I was alright and my colleagues were asking me if I needed to go to the Hospital. However, I said that I was fine but few days later I started to feel pain in my hip. I don’t know if this is related to what had happen to me?

    Please give me your input.

    • Ian Morris

      The important steps to take after any accident at work is to firstly ensure that the details of any accident and injury are recorded properly within an accident book or incident reporting scheme at the workplace. You should also then ensure that any injuries – even if they are not immediately obvious – are presented to your GP or at a Hospital at the earliest opportunity. These two steps ensure that the appropriate evidence is in place should any claim arise in the future.

      In your case, make sure that the accident was reported and also go to the Doctor to discuss your hip pain and the accident at work.

  7. Phil

    Hi I have worked in the manufacture of upholstery for 35 years working piece work. It involves heavy lifting on a repetitive system I have to lift by myself often. The company instructs us to lift bending the knees. As a result I have been informed I will need a knee replacement. My question is do i have a legal claim against the firms I have worked for? Thank you for any advice.

    • Ian Morris

      It is unlikely that you will be able to make a claim against the employers here as they have done the right thing in training you to lift safely and use the strength of the legs (by bending at the knee) to lift, rather than using the back. The other issue you will have is proving causation – that the trouble with your knees is caused by your work and not by degeneration or similar.

  8. Ms G

    I had several accidents at work over five years ago which at the time was just taken as being a bad injuries to me knees. Recently my legs and knees have swollen really bad and it has been suggested I now need surgery for knee replacements. As the time was some time ago can I still make a valid claim for injury and how is the best way to proceed if I do?

    • Ian Morris

      If your accidents were longer than 3 years ago, there is nothing you can do as UK law provides a maximum claim limitation period of 3 years from the date of an accident in which you can make a claim. If more than 3 years have passed, you are statute barred and can take no action.

  9. gary paterson

    I have worked for the same employer for over 20 years, I had to have a knee op in 2012 which at the time the surgeon did say it was my type of work that caused it. I then had to have my other knee done in 2015. I have now been told I need a HTO on my left knee as I’m too young for knee replacement – do i have a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      You may have had a claim against your employer, but our concern is that you are outside of the strict 3-year claim limitation period.

  10. Carol

    I had an accident at work last Nov. I was pulled over by a child hurting my knee I’ve had 1 operation and been off work for 6 weeks so far.

    • Ian Morris

      Was your accident caused by employer negligence? If so, you could seek to make a claim against your employer for the injuries you have sustained and any lost income that you have incurred as a result.

      If you would like to find out more about whether or not you have a valid claim for work accident compensation, use our ‘start a claim’ form or call us on 01225430285 so that our expert staff can discuss your accident with you and identify whether or not you can pursue your claim further.

  11. Kedra Ebron

    I injured my knee about a week ago at work. There is a board underneath where an old drawer was removed but that onboard was left. When I hit my knee it caused a contusion and fluid to build up and there is swelling. I have been taken out of work due to severe pain. I was put on cructhes until I see the orthopedics. They said I had some arthritis there that I didn’t know about until xrays from the injury. Will I be compensated or not for this?

    • Ian Morris

      You could seek to make a claim for compensation against the employer for this accident and if you succeed, you will receive a settlement.

      I am a little confused though as to how you suffered your injury? What caused you to bang your knee? If you could explain further, I may be able to offer you a better response as to your prospects with any future claim.

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