Compensation claims for stress at work


Certain jobs can place heavy burdens of stress on an employee. Some are inherently stressful, such as high-pressure roles in the emergency services, but even relatively easy jobs have their moments.

In the eyes of many people, stress itself is a ‘nothing’ illness and simply a convenient excuse to avoid work. However, the health problems caused by severe stress (such as anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep, nausea, weight loss and loss of appetite) can be debilitating and have serious consequences. Further connections are seen with work-related depression and other psychological illnesses, all of which can have a factor in compensation settlements.

Employer responsibilities to reduce stress

All employers have a duty of care towards the health of their staff, which includes the prevention of stress-related illnesses. They must ensure that as much assistance, training, support and guidance is offered to staff as possible, so that stress at work can be avoided. If they don’t, they may be held liable should an employee pursue a claim against them.

In most cases, the employer is first placed on notice of concerns about potential damage to the health of an employee, as a result of the working conditions that the employee is being placed under. This gives the employer an opportunity to make alterations to the working conditions so that the cause of stress can be removed.

If an employer has been made aware of the problems, but has failed to take any action to reduce the risks to their employees’ health, they are likely to be liable for the stress-related illness suffered by an employee, should they pursue a claim for compensation.

Can you claim compensation?

If stress has left you unable to work, you may be wondering how to cope with a loss of wages and perhaps whether claiming compensation is an option.

The short answer to this question is yes, you can claim personal injury compensation for stress at work. More precisely, for the health problems it causes. However, you can only do so if the stress-related illness is severe enough to warrant making a claim and a medical diagnosis has been made.

There’s no black and white definition of what constitutes stressful work, as we’re all affected differently in a variety of situations. It boils down to ‘what is a personal injury‘ and an understanding of the same. Psychological health is treated the same as physical health, and therefore damage to your psychological well-being through stress is, in effect, a personal injury.

If a genuine stress-related illness, caused by the conditions under which an employer has made you work, could be described as a personal injury, and if it can be shown that your stress is down to employer negligence, you have a very good chance of successfully claiming personal injury compensation. To find out more about what’s involved, I’d recommend reading our ultimate guide to claiming accident at work compensation.

Causes of stress-related illness

Typical working conditions that can lead to stress-related illness are:

  • Bullying and harassment. This is defined by the government as behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. This can include unfair treatment, being picked on, undermined or blocked for progression, whether face-to-face, by letter, email or phone. Similarly, abuse, threats or excessive demands will lead to a stressful environment.
  • Lack of support. If an employee is not given adequate support, assistance or guidance, they may well lack confidence, feel overwhelmed and under too much pressure.
  • Workload. There is only so much work that any one person can undertake. If an employer is placing unrealistic demands on an employee, forcing them to work long hours, for example, stress-related illness is a likely outcome.
  • Denial of employee rights. The rights of workers in the United Kingdom are enshrined in law, such as the right to rest periods, breaks and annual leave. If an employer denies these rights to their workers, they can be stressed and have low morale.

What action should you take?

Employees also have rights when they are injured physically or psychologically at work. For many people suffering stress at work, sorting out the situation informally would be the first step. If this isn’t possible, you can talk with your manager, HR department or trade union. If that doesn’t work, you can make a formal complaint to your employer. And if that doesn’t work, you should get some expert advice to see if you can take legal action and claim compensation.

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  1. I have left my previous job two months ago due to being sexually assaulted multiple of times and emotionally abused/manipulated by my coworker. After 3 weeks in I was sexually assaulted which gave me Pstd symptoms e.g substance misuse and drug taking,crying and difficult sleeping. I had only turned 18 and the guy way 32 years of age. I made it clear to him that I didn’t like him and when I family zoned him he threatened me, he always got angry when I was speaking to other guys in the office, he would get angry if I didn’t answer his questions or whenever I didn’t want to talk to him or whenever he demands me to sit down. This gave me extreme heart pupilatatons and distress

    I did not tell anyone what happened because my safety was threatened, I was scared and I didn’t know who I could speak to It carried on and all of my colleagues guessed something was happening with me.

    I left and now suffer with depression.

    Prior to working I was not familiar with the the sexual harassment policy and was not aware of HR being within the company.

    • UK law does offer protection in such scenarios, but as you have not officially reported this situation to anyone at work it is unlikely that you could succeed with a claim against the employer.

      Employers have a duty of care to their staff but can only act and support staff when they have been made aware of a problem.

  2. Ian – I work for a local authority. I also have a brother with special needs who is going through an assessment with the same local authority. The Disabled Children Services team sit on the floor below me. There have been delays since 2012 in getting the support we need for him. I have been leading on this as my brother lacks mental capacity. I recently engaged in a telephone conversation (outside of work time) with one of the team members which ended up heated and the call was terminated. The person who I spoke to (as she knew I worked there) then called my DD asking to speak to my line manager. I said to her over the phone that the matter I spoke to her about was private and non-work related. She then called again and a colleague provided these details. I ended having a panic attack and humiliated.
    What can I do, especially as the matter was not work related?

  3. Hi Ian,

    I joined a company recently where there was the opportunity to be a part of the creation process of a new project with flexibility around working hours, after being tempted away from a stable employment elsewhere. I took a pay-cut, but the career opportunities discussed in the interview were much better than I could get at my old job.

    Having arrived at the new job, I’ve discovered that
    a) the the new project has been cancelled
    b) the working hours aren’t flexible at all, and they are even threatening a formal procedure over my arriving late to work – even though only 2 previously I was told by the same manager it wasn’t a big deal
    c) another member of staff (who is level with me in the company) has made numerous aggressive and derogatory statements about me. One such comment was “follow our processes or leave”, even though the interviews said I would be encouraged to look for ways to improve process.

    All of the above, combined with trying to adjust to the strange working hours (7-3, not 9-5) have lead to several physical and psychological symptoms of stress. (e.g. weight gain, irritability, wounds appearing and/or not healing, major loss of sleep).

    If this was happening after a few years of employment then I’d be much more confident, but this is all taking place during my probationary period.

    Is there a claim for personal injury here, and does being in a probation period affect the ability to claim?

    Thanks for any response.

  4. Work are paying my counselling fees for something I suffered through work. It’s been 2 years.. They want to stop paying. Can they ask for a report on what I’m being treated for now and can they stop paying the bill.

    • If the employer is paying your counselling fees, it is likely that they will wish to review that and ensure that they are still paying for what they should be paying for. Of course, if you are receiving treatments that are not for issues relating to your work it would not be fair or reasonable to expect them to pay these costs.

  5. I have been off work now with work related stress for 7 month,and I’m due to return in two weeks only because of the financial impact this has had on me.the stress I was under went on for years eventually leading to black outs,dizziness, insomnia,blurred vision,sickness and worrying about my own sanity.ive now been on .medication to calm me down since being off work…would it be worth my while making a claim .
    Kind regards simon

    • You have a right to make a claim, but claims for work related stress are notoriously difficult to succeed with. To have any prospect of succeeding, you will have to demonstrate that your employer was aware of your health condition and there should be written records showing that you had complained of your situation and requested help or changes to your work that were ignored by the employer. If you have these, you may have a claim.

      If you didn’t report any concerns in writing prior to becoming extremely unwell and unable to work, your employer will defend any claim on the basis that they were not aware that you were struggling. The courts would most likely then find that they had not had any opportunity to reduce the risk of you suffering work related stress.

      If you verbally reported concerns and mentioned that you were struggling to cope, it is unlikely that the employer made any record of this.

      • Hello Ian,
        Yes I have a the master copy of a letter I sent the company with my concerns.also numerous screen shots of texts between me and different managers and area managers basically squealing out for help my doctor has also seen these texts,,,I have documented photographs from the last few year of issues that stress me out also,witness statements if needed.the list goes on.

        What would be the advise for my next step

        Kind regards simon

  6. Hi,
    I have an under active thyroid which means I have a low immune system and get really cold easy ( along with other symptoms). I told my employer this before I started 2 years ago. I recently come down with the flu. I took a day off but management was complaining my Bradford index was high so I went in the next day. I was really poorly and really cold however they took the portable heater away. This caused me to develop pneumonia and I was signed off sick. They are now refusing to pay me because my Bradford index is high even though under active thyroid is covered by the equality act 2010. This has caused my depression and anxiety to sky rocket as I’m not worried about how I will cope financially this month. Will I have a case if I decide to take it further?

  7. I endured bullying in a mental capacity at work all my communication has been ignored by my former employer to resolve this I left my employer two years ago can I continue to pursue a case against theme or is there a time limit .

    • You need to seek advice from an employment law Solicitor. The query you raise is not a personal injury matter so it isn’t something we can advise you on.

  8. Hi Ian for around 8 years I had asked my employer why I wasn’t getting the same rate of pay as the others doing the same job as myself. I was told it was Because I had been off with depression caused by relationship and child issues . Then whenever I asked for retraining it was said again that because of my attendance record for the same issues that I would not be put forward for the training. In 2015/16 I had been unfairly treated by a supervisor on several occasions ranging from being bullied to her ripping up a holiday form and laughing in my face. This casued me to have several months on sick with stress and depression. This was also tied in by the fact management had a running in house joke that if anything had broken it was my fault. This caused me to slip into a real bad state of mind for around 4 months. When I returned to work the same supervisor carried on with the same behaviour but on a lesser extent for a while but when I complained I was told ” that’s just how she is and she retires next year so basically that’s it ” in 2017 I joined a trade union and I became work place rep and health and safety rep. From day one I was questioned and quizzed about my reasons for it and was asked am I just doing it to cause trouble. I had been stopped from attending training courses because I was told I was a key worker. When I questioned this and asked if I’m a key worker why don’t I get paid as one and that I would be put an illegal deduction of wages claim in . From then on it got worse I was having people ask me if I got paid 5k for being a rep as that’s what a supervisor was saying and then I was refused a days leave because it was too late yet others regularly got leave no problem at all with less notice. My manager addmited they had been paying me wrong and they knew about it for a long time and the they had decided to pay me back pay as long as I withdrew my subject access request ( SAR ) I had requested. I thought great at last but from then it got worse they tried to say it was not from 2011 but from 2013 and when I explained that the date was wrong my manager suggested that if. I dropped the claim going to 2011 and accept the deal from 2013 he would allow me time off to attend an operation my daughter desperately needed and he would pay me for the week. I said no . Then last year management went to a very good friend who was under pressure at work and told him I.had been making threats against him all in true the colleague confronted me and to calm the situation I left my work place and have been on sick since. My mental health has gotten worse . Im now despite getting the back pay worse off than I was and my feelings about how I have been treated are absolutely unreal I suffer anxiety when I hear about work or go past my work place. I have been to occupational health and I have heard nothing from work regarding the findings.

    • The situation you describe is not one of a personal injury matter. That said, it is clearly something that has caused you a great deal of distress and as such, you should make contact with an employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity to see if you can do anything with regards to a claim under employment law.

  9. I was very happy in my work place until 3 months ago when a new manager started and since she started I felt undermined bullied and made fun off and basically felt like I was being treated like a dog I wanted to put a complaint in to head office but never had time to see me but was told to see my manager of course I wasntchappy due to fact it was about my manager she treated me differently than some other employers she’d upset me many occasions made promises went back on them I couldn’t sleep at nights with worry as didn’t know what mood she’s come to work in sometimes ididnt want to go in when I did I was always getting moaned at even if I was taking a 5 min break o had recently had medical issues but sometimes refused to have 5 min break o was treated like a dog she said to me she was sorry but she wasn’t as she just laughed in your fave and carried on in I had lost weight because I couldn’t eat or sleep in the end I couldn’t cope anymore so I ended up leaving as had enough

  10. I have been off work with anxiety and depression,also have had two blood transfusions the past 12months also other health problems being anaemia etc ,I have had two letters work wanting me to meet at work I wrote a letter saying I wasn’t well enough physically or mentally to attend,they have now sent me another letter to attend work or my employment could be jeopardized ,can I tell them and put in writing I don’t feel I can attend with my on going situation

    • If you are not well enough to attend such a meeting, you should speak with your Doctor and obtain written confirmation of this and then present this to your employer.

      However, it would be sensible for you to seek employment law advice before you do anything in this situation.

  11. Hi back in 2012 I was diagnosed with accute anxiety and depression which I found very hard to live with at the time, in 2015 I started back to work as a security officer. In 2017 I stated a new job with a different employer as a security officer to which has left me off work at square one again. Although at my interview regarding my medical side I stated I was fine to which I was, will this stop me and do I have a claim please

    • It would seem that your new employer has not caused your ill health or acted negligently and as such, it is hard to see how you could make a claim against them.

  12. Hi Ian,
    In February 2018 I was signed off with stress due to bullying and harassment. I returned to work but in October I was again signed off with severe anxiety and depression, and have been off ever since.
    My line manager has blocked all training, spread lies about me, harassed my partner making her ill and scared and has constantly undermined me to staff and stakeholders.
    A member of staff has been abusing and bullying mostly female stakeholders and harassing me, arranged for his nephew to threaten to ‘stab me to death in the street and cut out my eye’s, placed derogatory comments about me on social media and has made vexatious claims of bullying.
    My line manager witnessed the death threat but refused to provide a police statement after it was learned it was the employee’s nephew.
    I have had thefts from my office of money by this staff member and my line manager refused to investigate.
    My partner is being forced to give up her business of 8 years due to his actions. Unfortunately she rents her office through our organisation and my line manager regular visits her Just to say hello (but not to other tenants), has entered her premises when she is not there, changed the locks to a room and is advertising her premises to rent, just because she is with me.
    I have never received any disciplinary actions in my 5 years, but have received plaudits, which I believe is a reason for his actions.

    • The scenario you describe is shocking and upsetting. However, it isn’t something that we would pursue as a personal injury claim. You should address this matter to a specialist employment law Solicitor.

  13. Hi.

    I do work for company for 6 month on probation. I do have 50 hour contract. By contract I should work from 7am to 5pm. But everyday I coming to work 6.30am and leaving 5-6pm. In all week I do from 5 to 10h overtime which is unpaid. By time I start to feel big pressure from my colleagues and especially from manager. Pressure was that I am doing not good enough. By time I start to feel so stress out that Ive start to cry before and after work. Every sunday was crying all afternoon because next day I need go to work. One day Ive told my manager what is wrong. He just answered me “nothing do with work, its ours personal problems that you feel stress” after time I start to think that everything whats happening its only my fault and I am not good enough. Ive was thinking to commit suicide. But thanks god it never happend. But now my GP said that I have big deppresion and when I send sick note to my HR next day Ive got letter that my probation will be continuing next 3 month because I am not doing my job good enough. Now I am thinking could I take company to court or just claim something because they are biggest reason why I going now thru this hard period and almost commited suicide.

  14. Hi Ian

    18 months ago I was subjected to a very heavy handed disciplinary process. The company policy was disregarded, instead using underhand methods which can only be described as ‘entrapment’

    A raised a grievance which was fully upheld and written apology was given from my employer with regards to the way the process had severely impacted on my mental health.

    It would seem, raising a grievance was a mistake on my part, as there has been a continuation of adverse treatment from higher management which has led to the raising of a complaint of discrimination which has not been taken seriously and is still not resolved some 5 months later. It feels my employer is either incompetent or just doesn’t want to deal with it.

    With no previous medical record of mental health, the past 18 months have been extremely hard; prescribed 3 different types of antidepressants, serious sleep problems, not being able to switch off and extremely high levels of anxiety.

    A tribunal claim has been submitted for the discrimination aspect, but how do I proceed forward with the personal injury element?

    Many Thanks

    • You couldn’t proceed with any personal injury claim – certainly not at this stage anyway as you have not yet demonstrated that the employer has been negligent. The first thing you need to do is get specialised employment law advice and succeed with your tribunal claim.

  15. Hi I have worked for an aerospace company for nearly 15 years for the last 3 years I have had a new manager who has started bullying and harassing me pulling me up for inadequate work – but the same as other employees I have made this known to my HR department but they won’t listen to my complaints and keep it under wraps with her manager. Things have come to a head and I’ve been pulled again for inadequate work which has resulted in me coming off work sick under stress . I’ve seen the company doctor and my own g.p who are on my side I have been on medication for depression for a number of years and have had no support off my company at all would I be able to claim against them ???

    • At this stage, the initial action you should take is to seek employment law advice from a specialist employment law Solicitor. There could well be a route to pursue action against the employer under employment law.

  16. Hi Ian
    i work for a company called VIRIDOR which is owned by a large company called the PENNON GROUP
    i started off as a Major Maintenance Team Leader for the South West of England
    this evolved doing major overhauls on very large engines ,which i had no previous experience and at the interview this was noted and my skill set was outlined from the very beginning notably electrical and computer skills
    After about 3-4 months my family noticed a difference in my health and well being
    I have been picked up on numerous occasions on project management and my EXELL report writing ,but no follow up of any training to address this issue
    Due to the pressure of this i am now off on sick with severe depression and on medication
    I have used my holidays due to my time off work and being on half pay to keep my income normal
    I have also had time off work to a back injury which was caused by lack off company risk assessment

    • Did you put your employer on notice (make them aware) that you were struggling with your workload and the stress you were suffering with before you were forced to take time off work on sick leave?

  17. Hy!
    I was suspended at work by phone by my manager on the 13of january at 21.00. Said something was brought in her attention and that I am suspended on full pay, and she will give more information the next day (14th).
    I didn’t have any contact from her until now.
    I am stressed, I don’t sleep , I don’t eat.
    What can I do?

    • You need to seek immediately employment law advice – either from a specialist employment law Solicitor or from a Union if you are a member of one.

    • Work related stress claims are notoriously difficult to pursue successfully. Indeed, to succeed it is vital that the employers were aware of genuine stress and concern BEFORE any period of serious absence began. If the employer was not on notice of your situation before it became chronic, they are likely to avoid any liability as they would simply say that they did not know that there had been any issue and that they’d had no opportunity to resolve it.

  18. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could sue my employers for second hand/passive smoking within the work place?

    I have worked for my employers since 2003 and I quit smoking myself over 10 years ago.

    I have asked my director on numerous occasions to stop smoking within the work place as it wss making me ill and that it was against the law to do so.

    They moved into the kitchen with the doors wide open an I explained that it was still blowing back into the office which was setting my asthma off. I mentioned it at least several more times only to be advised that the director wouldn’t do so.

    My director and colleague only recently stopped smoking in the work place as I was in hospital from 11th June until 28th June 2017 but I didn’t return to work until August 2017.

    When I did return to work it was on a phased back to work starting at 20 hours per week trying to increase back to my contracted 42.5 hours per week. I had several more hospital admissions in 2017 and I have had 8 hospital admissions (over 60 days off ill) in 2018.

    I have always had asthma, but over the last 7-8 years it has been really bad and out of control.

    I only had to take 2 inhalers until 2008/2009, but I now have to take 21 different medications every day.

    My consultants have confirmed that the second hand/passive smoking has been a factor in my health deterioration.

    I have now accrued a lot of debt due to my regular hospital admissions and appointments and time off ill. All of my savings have now gone as I couldn’t get any help with paying for my mortgage, major bills, clothing and food for my myself, wife and our 3 children.

    Can you help?

    • Whilst there is no reason for us to doubt the findings of your GP in that passive smoking has been a factor in your recent ill health, we have no viable proof that your losses and ill health were caused by the illegal actions of your employer.

      As such, my initial view is that your claim is too risky to be pursued on a No Win No Fee basis.

  19. Hi I got a job with nhs mental health, I had no support at all on the ward, in the 1st year there was 3 acting managers non supportive in any way. I was made to feel like crap by a few senior nurses and also bullied around. This become all stressful and my doctor prescribed my with anxiety tablets and antidepressants. I don’t want to leave my job but I was made to feel I had to, the acting manager accepted my notice although I had requested to be put on night shifts also occupational health had recommended this, the managers refused to let me me transfer on to different wards although other wards were happy to have me. I left 6 months ago and currently work on the bank at the same place I feel I could have kept my job if the manager supported me.

  20. I have been in my job for 10 years and for the past 7 months been struggling with work related stress all confirmed by my GP and OCC health. This was caused by work load and bullying from senior staff which started in 2017. There are 2 other people in my team with the same issue and current mental state.

    In conversations we have had since they have verbal acknowledged that they were aware of what was happening to me but took no action to resolve. Since then I have requested I be dealt with by HR and not my manager but haven’t started a conversation regarding my case, we have only discussed my current state

    Work offered to reduce my hours but wont pay me for the days not worked in any manner. Eventually sick ran out and SSP didn’t kick in for singular days I became more unwell so for the past 3 months been off full time on a sick note. My work sick pay ran out (in October) and I am now on SSP but as its work related, can I claim for full pay? Is it easier to claim lack of care rather than miss use of sick status?

    Another issue causing me stress is I know I’m the lowest paid person in my team. If I go back to work (which I feel I need to start working again) I want to be paid more and request a level change as I am the lowest level still after the 10 years with no clear option to be promoted. My role has been adjusted and I have a new manager (Happened when I was off) but no other changes. These changes do make it easier to return rather than find another job but only if I feel valued. I haven’t felt valued for the past 2 years
    Can I use my case to assist my request for review of my pay and level or is this unwise? Is there anything I can say to work to help me or anything that might make it worse?

    • The advice you need is something that must be obtained from an employment law Solicitor given the nature of the situation you describe. It may well be that you could use the details provided in the way you suggest, but as Personal Injury experts, Direct2Compensation is not suitably placed to advise you on employment law issues.

  21. I am currently off sick from work. I was referred to occupational health (by my work) who advised that I have severe stress and anxiety that is work related. The Occ Health advised that I take 6 weeks off, for which I got a sick note from the Doctor. I was due to return to work on 8th Jan. But received a letter in the post to advise that I am being called in for a disciplinary meeting on 9th Jan. I don’t know what rights I have as I do believe they are going to dismiss on this day. I would of been working there 23 months. If I am dismissed is there anything I can do?

    • You need to seek the advice of an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity as the issues you cite are not one of personal injury, but of employment law rights and the rights that you, as an employee suffering ill health through stress at work have.

      As you may be aware, once you have completed 24months with an employer, you have more and better protected rights than you do prior to that.

  22. I am the subject of an investigation currently in my workplace which I believe has no grounds. The investigation has been a catalogue of procedural errors and indignities that before the Christmas break resulted in my being hospitalized for treatment of a heart condition exacerbated by emotional stress. My own HR department are the source of the stress and my union is reluctant to support a complaint. Can you help please?

    • The situation in which you find yourself is not one of personal injury – albeit the actions of your employer appear to have caused a serious consequence to your health.

      Under UK law, you would need to pursue any action via an employment law basis and would need expert advice from an employment law Solicitor rather than Personal Injury.

  23. In 2012 after34 years if service I was unfairly dismissed. I appealed abd won the case which took 11 months for the employer to complete the case.I suffered emotionally,Financially and physically.On the 1st November 2013 I was reinstated .Due to financial problems I applied for my pension fund in Dec 2012 but received itin June 2013.ihad a financial stress.Wgen I was re_instated I was not paid interest fir my June 2015 I suffered a brain stroke.I was temporarily incaoacity for2 retirement date I was released from my duties.Im without a salary and medical aid.I receive Sassa benefit.Do I have any case?

  24. Given the MHSWR 1999, and the guidance in HSE Management Standards, employers have a legal obligation to risk assess their own actions as managers, these being known hazards to employee mental health. What enforcement action can be taken if employers do not perform such risk assessment?

    • If the failures lead to a workplace injury, the enforcements will include a claim for accident at work compensation. Further to this, the employer and those with responsibility could face action from the Health and Safety Executive and it would be wise to report any breaches to them.

  25. I have been off work with stress and anxiety,certificated by my doctor ,I put in a grievance against my manger for bullying, and he admits he hasn’t been the best ,,they have paid me 4 months full pay ,,although policy says six months ,,I have lost overtime money ,,and now it’s xmas left me financially broke ,,the reason they say only 4 months pay is because I was off sick during the year so they take that off the six months ,,my union has told them that this is work related so my money should not of stopped ,,I have appealed there grievance,outcome as the person concerned was not held responsible as a bully ,but sending him on a managers course ,
    I have had nothing but further stress whilst off work ,and no help from them at all ,,they said work related stress and anxiety,does not come under health and safety ,,I beg to differ ,,what can I do now please help

    • Work related stress is not a personal injury matter, but employees do have rights and employers do have obligations in this area. It is important to make sure that your employer is aware of your issue – which you have done. If the employer has not resolved the issue in your eyes, you should immediately seek the advice of your Union or a specialist Employment Law Solicitor.

  26. I was asked if I could help a colleague to return to work by my employer. I was moved from my substantive post for 10 weeks and moved to a different department for the colleague to be integrated back to work. After 9 months my manager came to me and informed me that she had deleted my post and created a new post and given it to the colleague that I had assisted to come back to work. Due to this I went to see my GP and told them what had happened and they put me on sick leave with management induced work related stress. I am now back in work and after 18 months they have realised that this was wrong and have given my substantive post back to me. They have issued a letter basically admitting that what happened to me was wrong. Can I claim any compensation for the stress that was forced upon me, I was off work for a period of 6 months where everyday I was crying and very upset at the fact that they could do this to me after serving in the trust for 18 years.

    • With regards to your legal rights in this scenario, the situation you have described is something that would apply to employment law. Therefore, you should make contact with an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity (or your Union) to discuss this situation.

  27. my boss has been making me work 50-60 hours per week even though I have asked for less (wanting to see my son more) they gave me Sundays off but still haven’t lowered my hours to top it off now they are using false allegations against me and accusing me off stuff I haven’t done I suffer from anxiety and depression and lack off sleep which I’ve tried talking to my boss about a few times but he shuts me down and won’t let me speak about it one off the deputy mangers is really against me and making up stuff and reporting it to the manger I.e taking longer breaks when I personally time my breaks with stop watch on my phone this is making it extremely hard for me to go into work and making me not want to work there either. what can i do?.

    • You should immediately seek the assistance of your HR department, your Union or make contact with an employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

  28. I made a grievance complaint about bullying of another colleague who’d worked in the same department. An investigation was undertaken and the person was given a warning I believe. the employer did not disclose the investigation report to me. the complaint was not dealt with as a grievance but a normal complaint. My trade union had been chasing the HR department in reference to this issue but no response. I’m still suffering from anxiety issues. I mentioned this to my manager but I was told if any further incident occurs I should inform management

    • You need employment law advice, so we would recommend that you make contact with a suitably qualified expert Solicitor.

  29. I’ve been in my new manager job for 9 months, my first day I was shown a few things by a staff member (admin) staff, not my boss.
    I wasn’t given my own desk, no phone, no email address, no computer to work from for a good 6 weeks and expected to manage an office and staff with no equipment. In my 3rd month, I was sent out to deal with a physical attack allegation called in by a neighbour who was worried for her neighbour. During this visit I was assaulted, mugged for my phone so i couldn’t call the police, my mobile was smashed to bits whilst i was surrounded by 6 youths who were very violent and intoxicated. Understandably i was left terrified and got an apology off my director who said if he knew it was him he wouldn’t have sent me !
    This person was allowed to continue to come in to our shop knowing what my feelings where,
    Since then I’ve lost my confidence and avoid going on home visits alone which my boss isn’t happy about so he doesn’t speak to me if we are in the office yet he chats happily to others, he has 2 branches and 2 managers one been myself, he got asked to attend an event and didn’t invite me but he did the other lady plus his business partner which made me feel extremely hurt and embarrassed because other admin staff realised and obviously discussed it privately and then asked me why I hadn’t been invited!
    He doesn’t keep me informed about things but dies others I feel like he doesnt like me and others have noticed.
    Also we have had no toilet, washing or eating facilities for 7 months and the office is lime a building site every day.
    I’m 9 months in so do I have any grounds for compensation so i can leave?
    I have a mortgage and a disabled son to look after and the house is adapted for him I can’t afford to leave.
    I have tried to look for other jobs but I’m struggling to meet the pay they offer

    Kind regards

    • The situation you describe should be raised with the right expert people as soon as possible. The best options here would be a trade union if you are a member and an employment law Solicitor.

  30. Had a stroke at work a month before that i had a cracked rib from a paitent after i came back to work i had my thumb bent and nothing was done now peoople at work are spreading rumers of me taking syeroids which caused a stroke nothing been done or said i had to find out through a friend at work

    • It is unlikely that you would be able to hold the employer responsible for the stroke – unless a medical expert was willing to link the stroke to negligence of the employer.

      However, you may be able to claim compensation for the cracked rib injury and damage to your thumb.

  31. I was the victim of bullying at work and from harassment. My supervisor even grabbed me, pushed me to the wall and they stole credit card, my shoes and put it in the service toilet. My Manager failed to provide any support & told me to go home! They never let me know anything.

    I need an advice on what to do, because I don’t know what to do – whether to find a new job etc, but I don’t want to be silenced about all the horrible things that have happened to me.

    • You need to raise your issues with a specialist in employment law. Harassment at work, whether by an employer or colleagues is not legal and it could be that you have a valid claim under employment law against your employer. However, this is not personal injury and therefore, we suggest that you make contact with an employment law specialist to discuss your situation.

  32. i was ordered to leave my home of fifteen years due to structuall damage. they came at 3.30 on the monday and ordered us to leave by 3pm the next day. I had been fighting them for ten years and more….took them to court ten years ago and won …..they said the house was safe….when 3pm came the next day no one came ….no one phoned and when i phoned them to speak to them they was either in a meeting or left the building .A structual engineer came out to me and my nieghbour the next day for a second time to explain my neighbour had one week and my family could stay till just after xmas when we would need to move into a hotel….i had four vehicles to move….i actually gave one of them away as i had no where to move it to…..the stress was immense for me and my two daughters one 25 the other 16 taking her gcse mock exams ….i suffer with alopeacia and my hair has only just grew back …and now started to fall out again ….can i claim compensation for this?

    • Whether or not you have grounds to pursue legal action against the people you place at blame for your situation is one point, whether you can claim compensation for personal injury is another. My view is that this is not a personal injury matter as you have not suffered injury. You have however, suffered great stress and it could be that the cause of this stress may rest in the negligence of people who have caused you to be left homeless – even if temporary. You will need to seek specialist advice, perhaps from the Citizens Advice Bureau to find out whether or not you can do anything.

  33. I am currently signed off with work related stress. I do not feel mentally strong enough to return at the moment. Work has referred me to Occ health and they have stated I can return with support mechanisms put in place immediately. To date work has offered nothing, they just want me to return and get on with it by the sounds of it. I work 15hr shifts with only a half
    Hour break per shift! We roughly work 2 on 2 off. And with no support this has taken its toll on me mentally. I feel my line manager has a problem with me and offers no support, I have documented things he has said in my absence and how he has treated me. What can I do? I just want to feel better and return and enjoy my work, but feel I am not ready! I will be getting a call from my point of contact at work this week and I know they will just push me for my return. I am returning to the doctor who no doubt will sign me off again. The anxiety is unbearable and it’s now affecting my sleep.

    • You should make contact with your Union if you are in one or if not, an employment law specialist. You need expert advice and work related stress is generally not a personal injury matter, more an employment law issue.

  34. I have handed in my notice at work and now have a hearing next week to discuss my abscences.
    I self signed off work for 5 days was never given any paperwork to sign.
    On my return I handed in my notice I have to give 3 months notice!
    And then received a hr letter saying want to discuss my abscences as they are unacceptable I want to know what is likely to be the outcome of my meeting with HR should I be worried.

    I have been off this week due to hospital scan, hospital results I had a nervous breakdown at work and so took the following day off.

    The hr letter I received from my head of learning had no date time or location for the meeting and also said the sickness policy was attached which it wasn’t. I gave the letter back to my boss and she said would get a new one printed out for me if it’s a disciplinary hearing and I receive the letter on a Friday and hearing is Monday is that descent amount of notice for me sorry for all the questions I just want to leave and seem like I’m having to jump through unnecessary hoops to just be able to work my notice.

    • Sadly I need to sign post you elsewhere. The issues you raise are relevant to the expertise of an employment law specialist and not Personal Injury. We would not wish to miss-advise you so I would strongly recommend that you make contact with your Union if you are in one or an employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

  35. My son has been suffering a mental health condition for approximately two years, since commencing work for his present employer, due to unrealistic workload. During this period he has had one month on the sick, being prescribed medication for anxiety and has had sessions with a scphycologist. However, his director was dismissed due to aleged redundancy and his new director immediately instigated unfounded disiplinary aligations which my son proved incorrect. He has since been offered a package, named “without prejudice” offering four months salary, in return for him leaving the company at Christmas. The offer “without prejudice” is through their company solicitors which he has been told to engage himself and other than the usual statements regarding industrual espionage etc contains some very unusual demands and restrictions. The offer states that this document must not be shown to any other persons other than close family, who are not to disclose its contents to others. Would it be possible for an independant solictor to examine this document and advise us to its legality.

    • Your Son certainly does need specialist legal advice and representation in this matter – after all, the employer would appear to be using legal services and as such, it would not be sensible for your Son to interact with them without the same level of expert advice.

      Given the nature of the situation, this is something we would recommend that was brought to the attention of an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity.

  36. I’m being bullied in work and 2 work colleagues made up 2 malicious allegations against me and my Manager (and higher up Manager) believed their accusations and removed me from service where I work and put me in a different service to work.
    I feel really depressed and keep on having anxiety attacks from the situation, can I go on the sick and have full pay? As it’s work related?

    • Under UK law, the employer would not be obliged to pay your usual salary whilst off sick – even if signed off by a Doctor and even if the matter is work related, unless your contract of employment provides such benefits. Otherwise, you would only receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

      Given the nature of the situation you mention, you should seek immediate specialist advice from an employment law Solicitor as it is important that the employer followed the correct due process in their investigation of the allegations against you. If they did not and have mistreated you unfairly, you may have ground to pursue a claim against the employer under employment law regulations.

  37. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to become a supervisor on Highways work from being a highway operative. For 12 months I was told I’d be put on a new contract with relevant pay. After emailing managers, HR and union rep, and being told it was being sorted out, whilst trying to continue my duties, I went off sick with stress for 3 mths. I had home visits and was referred to works doctor. His report said easy resolution would be to resolve employment issues. I was then offered a move to other work team as a supervisor with promise of relevant training in first 3 mths and eventual formal position with pay. After 6 mths none of these promises were met. I was offered another position then to become a compliance technician with pay from start date. I was even shown request to recruit and response from HR giving go ahead. After 6 mths, still no pay increase. By this time my mental health had deteriorated to the point where I could not function at work or home. I subsequently went off sick again with stress. This time for 6 mths, during which time I had home visits and referral to mental health services by GP and started on meds for depression. Again I was referred to work doctor who basically pointed out the same as previous doctors report regarding resolving employment situation and warning of possible future problems if not resolved. Returned to work with nothing resolved and attempted to continue with job. Even attempted a grievance. The outcome of which was offer of contract for the job from Jan 2018 even though I’d been in post since 2016. No offer of back pay. I struggled with signing a new contract. Mainly because I didn’t feel all past issues had been addressed and because I was still struggling mentally. I went off sick again Mar 2018 with depression. Had medication changed a couple of times and even had meds changed when I had particularly bad time and considered suicide. Had usual home visits with manager, even HR manager came along. Again I was sent to works doctor and similar report given. Tried to return Sep to no contract sorted out. Struggled with phased return and am still off sick now. I have even contacted union regional officer asking to be referred to union solicitors Thompsons regarding possibility of Personal Injury claim for poor mental health who subsequently said there isn’t a case. My employer recently sent me contract for current job role and have back dated it to Jan 2018. This, I feel this is a small step towards my recovery. As pointed out by my union regional officer, Thompsons say there is no breach of contract, or constructive dismissal if I don’t return to work. I still feel that my employer is liable. They caused my illness with lies about career progression, they were well aware of my situation having had 3 works doctor reports, yet put me back into similar situations, worsening my health. I am still trying to return to work but struggle with mental health issues. It’s not my new contract, I have issue with but the way my employer has treated me over 4 1/2 years and what it has led to.

    • The situation that you describe is something that needs to be raised immediately with an employment law specialist. However, it seems that you have already had legal advice from the firm of Solicitors you mention.

      We agree that you are unlikely to succeed with a claim for personal injury compensation in this matter and the fact that the issue has been rumbling on for more than 3 years could cause difficulties.

      With regards to employment law advice, we are not able to offer any to you as we specialise only in personal injury.

      • Can you explain why I don’t have PI Claim please. I feel employer had plenty of opportunities to address my situation. No one followed up on medigold reports. I was just put in same situation. I’m now a totally different person. No drive, personal care is non existent leading to other minor ailments ie cyst in groin, general feeling unwell etc.

        • It’s not necessarily that you don’t have a personal injury claim or couldn’t attempt one, it is that the prospects of successfully pursuing a claim are slim and the risks of failing the case makes it extremely difficult for any legal representative to be able to pursue it on a No Win No Fee basis.

          The courts have historically set a very high bar for such a claim to succeed and most Personal Injury specialists will share the view that it is too risky to pursue a claim in these circumstances.

          The other major hurdle you have is the time lapsed between the onset of the symptoms and now and it is likely that you would be found to be out of limitation.

          Please remember, it is not us denying that your symptoms were caused by the actions of your employer or doubting your integrity, it is simply factual experience that leads us to this conclusion.

          • Sorry to bother you again. It’s just regarding me being out of limitation. Although it all started 4 1/2 years ago I wasn’t put on meds till mid 2016 when my GP put me on mild dose of anti depressants. Subsequently due to unresolved issues, my depression got worse and medication changed to treat it. I still struggle with everyday tasks and am going to try and return to work tomorrow. I never even knew that depression was classed as personal injury. Could you recommend someone to speak to regarding this.

  38. A badly executed redundancy process at work resulted in me keeping my job but moving department with significant pay cut. I was in the middle of an adoption process with a child with special needs (5 years old, anxiety) at the time and we faced losing this child if I lost my job; she had been with us for 3 months. I was diagnosed with depression and referred to a psychologist, and was signed off work. After 5 months I returned to work on a phased return, but my manager insisted I change my shift pattern from a 6/4/4 to a Mon-Fri. I informed him and HR that I needed at least 2 weeks to organise childcare as our adopted daughter has special needs, but was told it was my problem, not his. I was forced to use holidays during my phased return, which I was told would now last 5 weeks as a result of the holidays I had to take. Towards the end of this period I was again told with no notice they were extending my phased return, in spite of my work being up to standard. I complained to HR about what was being said (including being told by manager that either myself or my wife should be a stay at home parent) and during a mediation meeting my manager lied about what he had said to me, which I was able to prove through transcripts from recordings I had taken of our conversations when I felt he was abusing his position. I broke down again during this last meeting with my manager and was sent to OH, who said I was unfit for work as a result of the situation with my manager causing anxiety and stress. I have since been given a 3 month role within the company in a different department while the grievance procedure is c/o but because of my time off sick since the last meeting, I am losing almost 2K in salary, and being again forced to take holidays to mitigate financial losses. I’m feeling helpless and like I’m the only one suffering penalties. What are my options please?

    • The query you raise is certainly something that needs expert legal consideration so that you can get the advice you need. We would strongly recommend that you seek the services of an expert employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

  39. I have suffered bullying at work for over 8 years now, it was investigated by HR after i put in a grievance, the person in question was disciplined but remained in the workplace and has with a couple of other staff made my working life very difficult.
    I have recently put in another grievance and since this I have been suspended over a complaint made by a member of staff.
    I have received no support from my manager and feel along with most of the staff team that there is a vendetta to remove me from my job.

    • The scenario you describe needs to be brought to the attention of an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity. At Direct2Compensation we are experts in personal injury Law and claims for personal injury compensation, Whilst we can’t really advise you in house with the expertise you need on the issue you raise, we can signpost you to a specialist in employment law if you need us to.

  40. I was signed off from wor due to work related stess and prescribed fluoxetine 40mg per day to cope as I could not sleep and did not want to face normal day to day life. This was in April 2018 I returned to work the after 1 month the company made me redundant. I have found a new role however I am still struggling to function as I feel on edge all the time as I feel I am no good anymore. This is not me as I was before this very confident and successful. The triggers for this was constant phone calls day and night including weekends from my line manager. This has all continued to me now feeling constantly on edge which is having an extremely negative effect on my life. I have a list of issues and date etc if required. Can I make my former employer take notice of this and act to stop this happening to anyone else. I my mind this is purely down to a micro manager who never switches of and expect’s others to be the same.

    • Employment law matters have a very strict claim limitation time frame and anyone who believes that their employer has breached employment law guidelines must act quickly should they wish to seek legal advice. To this end, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of an employment law expert as soon as possible.

  41. I have been off work earlier in the year due to work related stress. This was documented on my medical certificates as ‘work related stress’. I returned to work after one month but the working environment had not improved at all. I was given a phased return at the request of my GP. My employer did the bare minimum to support this and then for the following 6 months my GP issued a reduced workload and travel recommendation. Again, my employer did little to support this request. I ended up moving to another team as a primary factor for my stress and anxiety was my line manager. However, the problem appears to be to do with the culture of the business. Nearly a year on I am no better and still on medication for anxiety and sleeping which means I cannot always travel. I am still at work but with minimal support from HR or my manager. I want to leave but cannot afford to. Do I have a case for a claim?

    • The scenario you describe is something that should be addressed to an employment law specialist as soon as possible. At Direct2Compensation, we specialise in personal injury compensation and have expertise to enable us to advise, represent and assist claimants in such matters. Therefore, we recommend that you make enquiries with an employment law specialist.

    • If you were attacked at knife point, you may have to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme, rather than via the employer. However, if the employer has been negligent in failing to ensure that you are appropriately equipped to deal with the risks of your job or that you were not trained in such matters, you could pursue a claim against them.

      It would be sensible for us to speak with you to find out a little more about your job, your training and what assistance/equipment your employer has provided to minimise the risks of such injury. Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page on our website to get in touch with our specialist staff.

  42. Can i claim against my workplace for my manager causing me stress and anxiety at work. I am on medication and off work due to this. There has been an investigation but no case to answer even though i have evidence

    • You may be able to pursue a claim against your employer, but this will not be a personal injury matter. You should make enquiries with an employment law specialist to discuss your situation.

  43. My 86 year old mother in law has won her case against an energy company with the ombudsman. She was distressed over a period of 6 month’s during her claim. Can she claim compensation from the energy company for deceit and negligence in addition to the ombudsman’s award?

    • It is unlikely that any further settlement award can be claimed and whilst distressing for her to have to go through this ordeal with the energy provider it is not likely that a Solicitor would pursue this further for her.

  44. In returning to work after a stres related/bullying issue is it reasonable to expect the employee to work with the line manager causing the problem while the grievance is investigated.

    • It may be reasonable in larger organisations to expect staff under investigation for such issues to be kept separate from a complainant, however in smaller firms it may simply be impossible to avoid paths crossing.

  45. Hello,

    I have been working for this organisation for about 15 months, my boss has caused a lot of stress in the last year and created a really unpleasant working environment. I suffer with anxiety any way but have experienced worsening symptoms due to being stressed by the environment at work. I have notified the HR department regularly for the last year about how the office environment is causing stress, as has my colleague, however there hasn’t been any improvement. I used all the paid sick days for this year because of a car accident, but am now having to take time off because of things like migraines and abdominal pain which have been caused by stress and have recently been signed off by my doctor for work related stress. Not only is this stress causing health problems but also financial problems as I am lossing out on pay. Do I have grounds for a claim?

    • You may have grounds for a claim, but not under personal injury law. Whilst your stress/anxiety caused by work has caused you physical pain, it would not be seen as personal injury. However, you may have rights to pursue damages against the employer under employment law. As such, you really should seek the advice of a specialist working in employment law.

      I note that you mention having to use your sick days up as a result of a car accident. This is something that we may be able to assist you with. Have you spoken with any specialists in road traffic accident compensation such as us?

  46. I would like to know more about making a personal injury claim against my employer.

    I work as security guard. I was bullied, harassed, victimised, and threatened at work place by my security assistant manager and a member of landlord staff only because I did not allow them to steal property (creating ghost employee for cash money) from my work place.

    I have been mentally suffering by all this past 7-8 months,I could not go to my security company cause I did not have any faith on them as they never cared and never solve any issues at work. Recently in the of September I could not bear it any more I went to the landlord to make a verbal complaint and told them the actual situation that had been going on around the estate. They advised me go to my security company and make an official complaint about the 2 persons. As told, I took a personal grievance against them & since then I have been off work with stress, anxiety and depression.

    It’s been over 7 weeks & I haven’t heard anything from my company except calling me once on fact finding meetings. My HR manager and the investigation officer told me that they will be in touch once they concluded the investigation. I am also out of pocket because they are not paying me.

    I heard from one colleague that those persons are no longer at the same place – one resigned and other one working in same company but at a different location. My employer has not contacted me or said things about investigation result.

    I am still waiting as they keep saying early next week, next week, but it never happens.

    Would you please suggest to me what I can do about it?

    King regards


    • Thank you for visiting our website. The situation you describe is something you you do have legal rights to investigate. However, it would not be a claim for personal injury compensation as the scenario you describe would relate to employment law and as such, we would strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist Solicitor working within employment law.

  47. I worked for the same company for over 20 years and resigned in dec 2016 due to stress at work causing health issues.
    The company have been going through a restructure starting at branches and then at head office where I worked. They said the H/O review would be 6 months but this was over 18mths when I resigned. My manager could not give reassurances or time frames. The company were taken over August 2017 and many staff have been made redundant throughout this year and last.
    My cardiologist could see on the 48hour tape test that work was the cause of my palpitations. My manager was informed of this when I resigned and he knew I had appointment to see one.
    My question is am I entitled to redundancy or some other claim as if I had stayed I would have got a good redundancy settlement. Leaving was my only option to save my health.

    • You may have grounds to pursue a claim under employment law. However, you will need to seek further expert advice from a specialist employment law Solicitor.

  48. I am an operations manager in a leading (UK) construction company.
    Following various job posts being identified as ‘at risk of redundancy’ two of my team have been redeployed tomalternate contracts securing their longer term futures.
    I am now having to pick up the work load of both individuals and am struggling to fulfill the requirements of all 3 job posts and which is now causing me anxiety and stress.

    • The situation you describe is something you should immediately address with your employer to enable them to have an opportunity to resolve your ‘problem’. If they are unable to do that or unwilling to assist you, you should seek expert employment law advice from a specialist Solicitor or your Union.

  49. I work with people with high levels of drug and alcohol addictions. It’s very volatile and highly stressful. Last year I had a needle stick injury as there was no ppe available for me to use. Around 6 weeks ago I was assaulted by a resident that was under the influence of drugs and had to take time out for stress and aniexty which my employer was not happy about. I have only been back 3 weeks and a client set himself on fire in front of me and it was horrible, I have worked there over 3 years and have never had any fire training at all. I’m deeply traumatised after seing the Client on fire and having to put him out my self. He is currently in a coma and I’m unsure if he will survive this. I’m having massive panic attacks and bad nightmares about it. I really don’t want to go back to that job at all but can’t afford to leave, can you let me know your advise please

    • What a distressing situation. Given the risks present from the work you undertake, your employer should be ensuring that relevant PPE is provided at all times and that the right and appropriate training is provided to you.

      We currently have a very similar claim going through with an expert Solicitor that represents our clients. We would be very happy to speak with you on the phone and obtain some further basic information and then pass this matter to them so that they could have a more detailed discussion with you, advise you about your particular rights and claim and you could then (if you wish) instruct our Solicitors to act for you in this matter on a No Win No Fee basis.

      We would only need a brief time with you on the phone in the first instance to obtain the basic information needed and answer any queries you may have. You can call us on 01225430285 or use our website ‘start a claim’ function so that we can call you when it suits you.

  50. I have been working as a loss prevention for a big retail for 4 months now
    Since I started,
    I did not get enough training
    My contract to work 7:30 hours per day and one and hour break
    Due to the short of staff I work almost 9 hours
    My direct manager racist to me
    He used my weak points against me
    He trapped me to put me in a down position
    When I said I am resigning my manager pulled me
    He informed my not to go to my office
    I got a stress related to work my GP gave me 4 weeks sick leave
    My manager does not want to pay my sick leave
    He told me you are entitled to 2 weeks only
    The higher manager
    Wants to see me to listen as I sent a compliant to him
    But at the moment I am very sick to see him
    A lot of details I am not able to talk about now

    • It would appear that your employer has mistreated you and as such, you should speak with our specialist Solicitors to see if we can assist in this matter.

  51. Do you have to give notice of stress formerly to employer before going off sick with stress? Not sure how much longer I can do this for and know it is only a matter of time before I visit a doctor and not attend work

    • You should always advise your employers if anything at work is affecting your health – whether that be physical or psychological health. In your case, you should put your employer on notice of the situation in order that they can attempt to resolve the issue. If they do not resolve it and your health continues to suffer to the point where you need to take absence from work, you should seek employment law advice within 3 months.

  52. Hi thanks for your reply regarding hospital appointments
    What about the bullying from the driver and my boss just deeming it acceptable
    Regards Sarah

  53. I was threatened by a member of the gym I work in very recently where he implied I could get hurt outside of work if I’m not being careful. Obviously this has left me feeling stressed & constantly feeling I have to have eyes in the back of my head. Can I make a claim on this?

    • I can’t see how you can make a claim in this circumstance. You should of course report the threat made to your employer and also the Police as there could be a need for the authorities to arrest and question the individual.

  54. I work in a private home as a housekeeper I’m self employed and live in. I have had problems with their driver bullying me and he even put the deadlock on the gate so I couldn’t get in. When I spoke to my boss 4 months ago I endured a character assassination from my boss and the bullying has continued. I have worked here on and off for 18 years (I left 14 years ago for 2 years and then returned). The driver left 2 weeks ago as I think he said if I don’t leave he will.

    Since then my boss has told me if Hospital appointments are in working hours, I need to re schedule them so they’re out of work hours but I said I cant re-schedule surgeons clinics (I had foot surgery this year). I’ve emailed my bosses to convey my upset at their lack of support for me regarding the drivers bullying and his defamation of my character and also said I need to attend hospital appointments and that I do make my hours up (and more), but although they have acknowledged my emails they say they don’t have time to respond at present.

    This is just 2 examples of things I’m facing at work. I saw my doctor yesterday as the bullying has taken its toll on my mind I feel total lack of support and now I’m having chest pains and he diagnosed stress from work and said if I can to leave my job, but it’s my home as well as work and I don’t know what to do – or if I have a claim. I’d like your opinion

    • Your employer sounds like a perfect example of the kind of people that none of us would like to work for. They have no right to refuse you access to required medical treatment and whilst they could force you to take any time off for Hospital appointments as unpaid leave, they cannot prevent you from attending.

      You definitely need to seek the advice of an employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity as that is the expertise you need in this matter.

    • Your employer sounds like a perfect example of the kind of people that none of us would like to work for. They have no right to refuse you access to required medical treatment and whilst they could force you to take any time off for Hospital appointments as unpaid leave, they cannot prevent you from attending.

      You definitely need to seek the advice of an employment law Solicitor at the earliest opportunity as that is the expertise you need in this matter.

  55. Hi,
    I’ve been at my current job for a year now and I am so unhappy and stressed to my eyeballs. I’ve recently accepted a covering manager role as my manager had to leave to help another store. My store is now missing 40 hours so it has been left on my shoulders to do those hours on top of my 34 contract. I work 6 days a week 10 hours a day with no break as by policy we cannot close the store during opening hours and by law I cannot let my only associate cover my break as they are not a licensed key holder I have discussed my stress to my employer many times asking for help and much needed cover but with no result. I come home every day in years, I am constantly Angry and irritable and have lost all interest in my hobbies. This has affected my relationship causing many silly arguements caused by myself. My hair is falling out in clumps and I had lost so much weight I look sick but I cannot eat while I’m at work and I’m too tired to eat when I get home. I want to know is my case viable to be a compensation claim last year I lost 97 holiday hours as I couldn’t take my annual leave as my work couldn’t provide the cover. Finding a job is very hard where I live and at my emotional low I have no motivation to find a job. I have lots of work piled on my I have to do promotions , deliveries and paper work all by myself. My body is in so much strain I have stated I need lifting equipment as there’s boxes weighing over 40kg that I have to lift and I only weight 48kg but they have refused that as it’s not in their budget. Please offer me some advise I’m desperate

    • We can certainly help and advise with the lifting element – if you sustain injuries due to the lifting of such heavy items, your employer would be liable and you could claim compensation for that.

      With regards to the stress and anxiety, you need to speak to an employment law specialist urgently as my view is that you are being forced to work illegally seeing that you cannot take breaks etc.

  56. I was in a relationship with a director of a company and they were paying me on a self employed basis
    When i left the relationship they had paid me from another company account and are now claiming the salary back
    I had to leave my job due to domestic abuse from the director and former partner which i have emails, video footage as evidence of abuse.

  57. Hi, I’ve left my job today and handed my van over to another employee..
    Now work have sent me an email saying that the back of my van inside was left unacceptable, and the was some very minor damage to the back arch..(scratches).. now the back of the van was messy with stock, mainly cardboard boxes but still it could of been tidyed.. i have nowhere to put the general mess as I’m part of what would be the Manchester team. The company is based in Uxbridge so the southern lot could dispose of it, we have now where.. the very minor damage(scratches) on the arch have not happened whilst the van has been in my possession.. but they are now with holding all my wage until they get prices on the clean up and the arch damage.. I don’t no what I can do

    • We cannot advise you on this matter as it is not related to personal injury compensation or an accident. You may want to speak with an employment law specialist on this issue.

  58. Hi
    I have been suffering from stress and anxiety for around 6 months now.
    I have been with the company for around 1 yr and 1 week, I first notified my manager 6 months ago asking for help, it started off light stress symptoms due to workload, hours and shifts, I asked for reduced hours but was refused even though I explained I was getting worse, I have been asking for help now for 6 months and the company has done nothing, I mean nothing at all not even a occupational health check up. Now I am suffering from severe stress, anxiety and sign’s of depression which I have been off work now for 2 months, I am going through ACAS with flexible working request but they even failed to resolve in the 3 months time frame. I have so many emails and texts as proof nothing has been done to help me even though it was foreseeable and constant contact with managers. My question is do I have a claim because if I had the help in the beginning I wouldn’t be the way I am today, sorry too many details to write on here, thanks for your time.

    • The scenario you describe would not lead to a personal injury compensation. However, you may well be able to take action against your employer on an employment law issue. To that end, we would strongly recommend that you speak with an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity.

  59. I had stress at work 18 months ago and I was promised things by my employer and never got them. I was signed off work for 6 weeks with work related stress and in that time all my hair fell out. I did have black hair which is now growing back – but white! I have had to wear a cap for 18 months because I was embarrassed. Now my eyebrows are falling out and my eyelashes too. I’ve been back to the doctors and have been told I need to go back to see a specialist at the hospital.

  60. I’ve just been off work again for 28 days with anxiety & stress which was caused with working too many hours within different locacations within my workplace I had a bad accident last year & was rushed into hospital after falling out the back of a lorry & hurting my head after I blacked out witch was diagnosed as a result of stress my work paid me for the full time I was off then but my doctor had told me again this is happening all because of my role with work, but this time I’ve been paid 2 weeks holidays for my 1st 2 weeks off & I was told today I’ll only receive sick pay for the next 2 weeks resulting in me being off, can I claim for loss of earnings ?

    • The issue you raise would need to be addressed to an employment law specialist rather than a personal injury Solicitor due to it being a work related stress/over work matter.

      We would recommend that you seek the advice of such a specialist at the earliest opportunity.

  61. I have worked in a care home for 2 years up until this April 2018 i found out i had scoliosis so i was advised by my GP to take sick leave which i have i also suffer from anxiety and was really upset about the condition how i didnt realise, thought it was normal getting back pain not knowing i was suffering from this condition (scoliosis) my manager who is also the owner did not care at all about it when i told her she still expected me to work crazy hours for her and never put something in place for me due to my condition and lost so many months of wages due to my back being of sick it was crazy just couldnt take it anymore mentally draining was my manager and for that i have decided to leave but i feel like i deserve a pay out is there anything you can do to help please?

    • You cannot pursue a claim against your employer if the condition you are suffering from was not caused by the work you do or the negligence of the employer. With regards to your scoliosis diagnosis, if your GP is of the view that this condition was already present and occurred naturally, you cannot hold the employer liable for it.

  62. I was signed off from work for 10 days after being diagnosed with stress & depression due to a combination of workload, being undermined at work & also going through a divorce.
    When I returned to work my workload actually increased, partly down to an illness to another member of staff but mainly down to not having any support, after struggling for weeks my manager called me to the office (4pm on Friday Apr 6th) & told me that as from Monday morning, my job role was changing & the decision had been made, he then told the other managers & directors that it was happening.
    This had a terrible effect on my mental state over that weekend as I felt I was being pushed out after 28yrs at the company, on the Sunday, I emailed him copying in the directors, asking for details of the role he wanted me to do, I did not get a response, but I was accidentally copied in on an email from one of the directors, saying she’d been aware meetings had been going on but hadn’t been involved but advised them to make sure they were documented.
    I was never included in any of these.
    I was then singed off from work again with stress, this has had an awful effect on my health & mental state.
    The matter is still not resolved & whilst I’m happy to work with them to define job roles, it’s the effect that this had in my health, mental state & life in general that I can’t get over.
    Is there anything I can do?

    • You need to seek advice from an employment law specialist at this time. Whilst the actions (or inactions) of your employer has caused you mental anguish and anxiety, you cannot make a claim for personal injury against them on this basis – you could however, potentially pursue them on an employment law basis. To this end, we would recommend that you make urgent enquiries with an employment law specialist in this matter.

  63. I have recently received a needle stick injury. The stress of having to wait for the results and the blood tests I have to have is cause me to not sleep well. Which is now affecting my work. The organisation I was working for Are now blaming me which is also causing stress for me and my family. Do you think I would have a case.

    • We have succeeded with many needle stick injury compensation claims throughout the years. You will succeed if the employer has failed to adequately risk assess your role and not provided the right personal protective equipment to minimise the risk of such injury.

      I’d recommend that you contact us so that we can take some further details from you and get this matter considered by our expert Solicitors as I would expect that they would wish to pursue a claim on your behalf.

  64. I feel I have been mistreated by an employer with my mental health
    I went through a bad time and attempted suicide I couldn’t take time off as was unpaid
    No return to work was completed and no support offers
    The stress got too much so I left and am now struggling
    Can I get any help?

    • If your employer was negligent towards you and forced you to leave your work, you should speak with an employment law specialist at the earliest opportunity.

  65. Hi there . I had some issues with a work college where he was doing petty little things to get me wound up. I didn’t react at the time & I let it build up until one day he blamed me for something that caused me to blow my lid. That night I got home and cracked up, I was crying with rage and anger so I telephoned my Doctor who told me come to see him – so I did.

    I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I then phoned 1 of the 2 company Directors and he came to see me at home to chat about things. I was told by him that he would sort it out and then see me in morning for work. I didn’t go in to work as I didn’t feel too good at the time. I didn’t know anything about the illnesses so went back work. I totally ignored the work colleague. Some 6 weeks later the Director took his own life.

    I put 18 years of excellent time keeping, 6 days a week with supervising rolls (taking charge of apprentices under my wing) with this employer and I put everything into the company and the 2 Directors but got nothing in return. Now the Director wife has sold half the company to another company. I’ve had no help or support from the Company in anything I’ve gone through. I’ve had so much time off on sick this been going on since March. There’s so much to this story it will a week to write it all.

    • You need the advice and expertise of a suitably qualified Solicitor to see if you can take this further. In your case, you need a specialist in Employment Law rather than Personal Injury, so we would advise that you seek the advice of such an expert at the earliest opportunity.

  66. Since 2016 bullied and harassed at work. In addition a decision made by senior management that a dedicated manager was not required in the department inconsistencies lawlessness and policies not followed etc increase pressure resulted in severe work related stress requested settlement but appeal lost last week exhausted depressed let down what can I do tribunal?

      • Thank you Ian
        For reference coincidentally employer sent the following offer today
        Full sick pay until the end of December sick notes required
        End of December let go on sickness grounds give 12 weeks notice plus all annual leave, which would be a full year, plus any leave carried over

        • If I understand you correctly, the employer will pay you in full through to the end of December as long as you can provide sick notes from your Doctor? If so, that sounds reasonable and fair. If you are then still unfit to return to work, it would be reasonable for the employer to terminate your employment on grounds of ill health.

          You could still seek to make a claim for compensation against your employer if the cause of your injury was employer negligence. If you would like to discuss a claim further, please call us or if you prefer, email me directly.

  67. I’ve recently been signed off work for 2 weeks due to a huge amount of stress due to work. I’ve recently become a manager, I understood the workforce before I became it however other managers have been bullying and patronizing me because they want me out of the position. I’m only 20 and they are twice my age, I’ve suffered a huge amount of stress and anxiety from this that it has lead to hospital visits and head scans. What can I do??

    • You should seek immediate advice from a specialist employment law Solicitor as you could have a right to take action against your employer.

  68. My mother died in December 2015, at the same time my company began going through a merger.

    During that period I was offered no counselling or other tangible support. I wasn’t granted any bereavement time off from work, in fact I had to negotiate time to go away for a memorial service.

    My job was the primary focus in my life. I started at the company in January 2014, got quickly promoted and received ‘outstanding’ ratings and high bonuses. Post-merger, however, my line management changed seven times, and I had three different jobs roles between 2015 and 2017. The uncertainty lasted until November 2017 when I eventually got a job role/goals down on paper.

    However, my bonuses dropped and so did my ratings. I did struggle from 2016 until now – this was due to the bereavement, lack of a defined job role, disruption of the merger and the impact of all of those things on my mental health.

    In November 2017, straight after I got the job role on paper, my boss went on maternity leave for six months. Her attitude completely changed towards me from November 2017 onwards. Straight after I got my goals on paper in November 2017 she sent an email that contained the words ‘no more special treatment’ – I thought it sounded threatening (I certainly did not feel I’d been getting any, I’d got a rough ride during the merger in my view).

    My boss left me with a stand-in line manager – a director on my team – who I had no relationship with. He’d not been there long, was from a more old-fashioned background, and specialised in a different subject area. Him and I were supposed to have weekly catch-ups, but they never happened. On a call during her maternity leave my boss said she was aware that me and him were not similar (totally different approaches etc) and he was only there to do the official stuff, approving expenses for example.

    During her maternity leave, and in the lead up to it, my boss came in about three times. This was to keep tabs on our work programmes and so on. If I had a one-on-one meeting with her
    it was always late and rushed as a result. In group meetings I was always left until last to speak, more often than not I did not get a chance to speak at all.

    I really struggled during her maternity period. I had no support and felt I was suffering from ‘burn out’ due to the disruption of the preceding years and continuous disruption in our team. I was also, and still am, grieving the death of my mother.

    A month or two after my boss came back from maternity leave I was told my role – the one I’d agreed to undertake just eight months prior, and which I’d been struggling with due to lack of support, lack of confidence and burn out – was at risk of redundancy. This was in mid-July 2018.

    My pay is just over £60,000, the redundancy payment is about £22,000. I exchanged to sell my flat just a week or so before I was told about redundancy. Obviously pulling out of that sale will cost tens of thousands. The fact is I will be homeless, jobless, and without the familial support I would have once received from my mum.

    Online tests have scored me as having severe depression. Although I haven’t been to the GP recently, I strongly
    beleive they would recommend treatment (I was actually signed off for two months as the consequence of the bereavement, that was in early 2017/late 2016).

    What options do I have?

    I don’t want anyone else to suffer in this company the way that in have.

    • Given the scenario you describe, our advice would be that you should speak with an employment law specialist in order to get the advice that you need.

  69. I have been signed off work since December 6th 2017 with stress. I am still signed off work until 19.10.2018.
    The company that employees me took over 4 months to reply to my grievance letter.
    I have only been receiving SSP since December 2017 until 11th June 2018.

    Do I have a case to claim against them for loss of earnings & potential loss of earnings as I had intended to retire in February 2020 ?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Stress at work claims are extremely difficult and require expert legal representation. The best advice that we can offer in the case you describe would be for you to speak with an expert in Employment Law or with the legal advisers of a Union if you are a member of one.

  70. Over the last 2 years or so my work have caused me financial difficulties with constantly under paying me or deduction money from my salary without any notice. The first one was due to an unknown over payment of sick pay they had made to me. However, rather than informing me and giving me a option to pay back a reasonable amount over a few months, they simply took it all off me on my Xmas payment, leaving me with nothing which lead me to me having to take out some loans to just pay my bills. I have only just finished paying off these loans and now they have taken nearly 90hrs of pay off me in a clerical error (which should of been 9hrs) and this has left me in further severe financial difficulty again, because of which I could possibly lose 2000 pound on a holiday as I am now struggling to make the last installment payment due. As a result of all of this, I have been suffering from depression and anxiety and suffered extreme strain to my family life. Could I have a case against my employer?

    • Your employer is clearly not being supportive in this matter. However, the issues you raise should be addressed to an employment law Solicitor rather than to us. At Direct2Compensation, we specialise in personal injury claims and law and as such can’t really advise you. You really should discuss this further with a relevant expert Solicitor though as it could well be that your employer has not dealt with these financial issues correctly.

  71. Until recently I managed a team of probation officers who all hold high risk cases. Last year a high risk offender was released from custody on parole licence and within six months had committed murder. An independent review accused me of downgrading the offender’s risk shortly before the murder was committed. This is untrue. I was not invited to any of the independent review meetings but my Line Manager attended them all and I believe he gave them false information about me as he was looking for a scapegoat. I I have asked for the report to be changed prior to being presented at an inquest later this Year. My Line Manager refused, and stating ‘it is the view of an independent author so I am not able to change it.’ This has made me very stressed and I was signed off sick as a result just after this happened. I am due to return to work soon and have opted to downgrade my job owing to my mental health still being fragile as a result of this. My confidence is also at an all time low. I am seeking any advice as to whether or not I am able to take this further. I am desperate to clear my name and reputation which has been unsullied for my 25 years of service.

    • You describe an awful situation and it is understandable that you feel stressed given the apparent lack of transparency or opportunity to provide your version of events.

      We would strongly recommend that you seek the services of a specialist employment law Solicitor given the requirements and expertise you need in this matter.

  72. Hi I was given a notice of intended redudancy last May the consultations I went through to try to keep my job caused me considerable stress so I was signed off sick .I was finally given a date to leave work as Sept I asked the HR department if I could go in to sort out my office to which I was told yes I returned to work the following day to have the Principal come and tell me to hand in my ID card clear my office and leave the grounds ! The person I worked with was in early that day and treated me like rubbish. I just left within half an hour of me leaving the rumour reached me via my friends I had been sacked and escorted off the grounds !!! Six months on I am still suffering with stress due to this I am under the Doctor still.Last month I went out bumped into an ex member of staff who said how sorry she was I had been sacked ! 16 years I was there it’s my belief they wanted me out .


    • You may have a claim for constructive dismissal or a breach of employment law but we cannot advise you on this matter. We strongly suggest that you seek the advice of an employment law specialist Solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

  73. Can you claim for loss of earnings if absent from work (work related stress & anxiety) due to victimisation and discrimination under Equality Act 2010 even if the grievance is not upheld by employer.

  74. Can I claim for stress caused by a recent ex employer due to not paying me money I’m owed from paid work and threats?

    • This sounds like you need the services of en employment law specialist rather than a Personal Injury compensation specialist such as Direct2Compensation. There is no legal grounds for an employer to withhold salary payments unless an employee has received paid holiday that they have not yet accrued.

      We recommend that you seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or contact an employment law Solicitor to discuss your situation.

  75. Hi

    I’m a mother of 2 children 1 at 4 years and other child is just 5 weeks old. I started my maternity leave just few weeks back but for my surprise my employer has placed me on redundancy and deliberately ignored my plea on my enhanced rights under Materinty leave regulation and been discriminated & unfairly treated. I’m taking up the case to tribunal through a employment solicitor but from the day this unexpected news broke I’m on undue stress, anxiety and depression considering my job , family ‘s future and my career is at stake. I could not sleep or eat well and it is affecting my new born child ‘s health too. As a new mother my child is dependent on breast feed and due stress the milk secretion is bad and I’m going through tough time. I had a 3rd degree tear during pregnancy and has surgery. It’s just been 5weeks and still going through the pain but my employer ignored my request and invited me to attend the consultation. There is absolute no consideration for a women and new mother. I feel so upset and depressed which is now affecting my whole family. I’m planning to make personal injury compensation for all mental & physical mental trauma that I’m going through at the moment which impact my new born and 4 year old kid. I have my specialist appointment on 5 March but I’m finding it extremely difficult to come of the current thought process and it is disturbing me largely. Please suggest how do I go about with current situation ? I have also raised a grievance with my employer and that’s been unanswered as well.

    Thanks & I look forward response.

    • Your situation sounds awful and very distressing. We think you have done the right thing by taking out a grievance against the employer and you should pursue that further.

      Given that your query relates more to employment law than personal injury law, we feel that your best interests will be served by seeking the advice and support of a specialist employment law Solicitor rather than a firm such as ourselves who specialise in Personal Injury law and Personal Injury compensation claims.

      We do have a partner firm who operate in employment law and would happily refer your information to them if you would like to contact us so that we can do so for you?

  76. I had to leave my work in April 2017 due to receiving absolutely no support from my boss. I first told the HR manager that I was suffering from work related anxiety and depression in July 2014. She was not particularly supportive but asked if I thought counselling might help. I told her that I had already used the free 6 sessions that I could access from my medical insurance so she said she would check if I could get further sessions. To this date, I am still waiting for a response from her – she obviously didn’t think it was very important. In the end I arranged counselling myself (at my own cost). By April 2016 my workload was way over the top. I was working on average 60 hour weeks and coming into the office on a Sunday approximately 40 times a year. Nobody else in my department worked weekends and the most hours anybody ever did was around 45 per week. In April 2016 I told my departmental boss (via email) I was suffering from work related anxiety and depression. Although he acknowledged my email, he never once asked about my wellbeing, either face to face or by email. From April 2016 I constantly asked him for help as my workload was too much. He would either tell me that everyone was busy and it would die down; ignore me or; say that one of the trainees would help me when they had their own workload to see to. Needless to say, I didn’t get support from anyone. In April 2017 I told him that unless I got proper help I would have no choice but to leave. During my annual leave in April 2017 I fell ill and ended up sleeping 20 hours a day. The counsellor I was seeing at the time thought I was suffering from burnout. When I returned to the office, my boss asked to see me in his office which is when I told him I was suffering from burnout. He had no response to that but told me that ‘I was disrupting his long term plans for the division’ and also ‘disrupting your fellow colleagues’. He told me I let him know immediately whether I was handing in my notice. I was so shocked by his behaviour that I resigned there and then. I had 12 weeks notice to give, which was just awful. He only spoke to me once; asked my colleagues to ask me certain things rather than speak to me directly and; he decided to work from home on my last 2 days in the office so he didn’t have to wish me well. I fought my anxiety and depression hard, I got another job but after about 8 weeks, it all caught up with me and I suffered some sort of psychological trauma/nervous breakdown. I had to leave my new job at the end of September 2017. Since then I barely leave the house and if I do I have to be accompanied. I have considered suicide on 5 occasions. I have finally seen a NHS psychiatric nurse after a long wait but this is very much early days.
    I contacted a fairly big personal injury firm up here in Scotland asking them to represent me but they turned me down saying it was too difficult to prove. Should I just give up and not contact any more personal injury solicitors? My concern is that nobody will want to represent me as my employer is one of the top law firms in Scotland. I appreciate from what I have read it is difficult to prove but I believe in my case, my breakdown was foreseeable and my employer failed in his duty of care to me.
    Any comments would be very much appreciated. I haven’t left my real name for fear of anyone from my former employment seeing it.

    • It seems like your situation is more a matter of employment law than personal injury and as such, we would advise that you seek the expert opinion of an employment law specialist. We are not experts in employment law so cannot advise you on that area, but what you state happened to you would be ‘constructive dismissal’ and as such, you may be able to proceed along an employment claim route.

      As you are based in Scotland, you will probably need to find a firm working within the Scottish legal system with regards to employment law matters.

  77. Hi, I developed with depression caused by work in 2015, I was put on medication and went to therapy for 12 weeks, but did not take any time off work. I had to take anti-depressants in the end. In 2016 I investigated the business myself for nearly 6 months to prove fraud was going on in the business against HMRC. Shockingly, my Line Manager ignored my concerns and swept my complaints/concerns under the carpet. I amassed evidence and put grievances in against the Line Manager the and person who was guilty of committing the fraud.

    I was interviewed at length by Auditors who were brought in, then I was interviewed again by the Operations Manager with a note taker present. The person who had committed the fraud, I presume had left their job, but the Line Manager stayed on until March 2017 and then handed in notice to leave. I was told I had opened a can of worms but that was all they could tell me. I told the Operations Manager because my Manager would not listen to me and in this time I had become very stressed and felt terrible about the whole situation and that I’d had to investigate the fraud issue on my own.

    We then had an audit this year in March and failed (not signing receipts for petty cash, sending the wrong paperwork to the Head Office, banking late (sometimes due to staff shortage), not taking an audit roll on daily basis. There was a long list of problems. Because of this I had to attend a disciplinary hearing to which I took a long standing friend with me for support. The hearing lasted some 4 hours with no break. I had taken 2 weeks to put my case together and could demonstrate that the vast majority of the discrepancies occurred on my day off or on days when I did not work – such as Sundays. However, it was found that I was overall responsible as I was the Manager. I received a letter from the employer stating that I was being issued with a written warning because of the failed audit.

    The following day I had my annual review which I cried all the way through as I had been under so much pressure, with no Manager, no Deputy (she had left in the March), no time off since November 16 except my rest days. I felt like I was drowning. Then to add insult to injury in review my Operations Manager for the North West region asked if I had heard from my Manager since he left and proceeded to tell me how well he was and that he keeps in regular contact with her and 2 other members of staff. I was gobsmacked as to why she would think that I would want to hear from someone who put me through such hell.

    Our new Manager went live on the region at the end of June, the work load is for 2 people and I had no deputy or back up after she left, it was 5 weeks before they advertised her job and up to now the last I heard 2 weeks ago when I had a meeting with my Manager, they still have not replaced this position. I ended up by August at the end of my tether, low, down, struggling with work load and targets daily/weekly ones and still working on my own.
    I became unwell and started getting very bad heart palpitations, breathlessness, the shakes, crying and feeling extremely unhappy. I knew that I needed to see my GP, so attended on 9th August and was signed off from work with bad chest infection and anxiety, which my medical records state as being due to work. I returned to see mt GP on 6th September and was signed off again, this time until the 4th October when I am due to see the GP again. At this time I cannot go back to work, as things are still the same with the same people, same daily work schedule etc. I really do feel like the company has completely sucked my desire to do the job completely out of me. Can I claim any compensation? I just feel I need justice for what I have been through.

    • Thank you for visiting our website and sharing the awful situation in which you have found yourself because of the unhelpful and unsupportive attitudes of your employer and work colleagues.

      Claiming compensation for work related stress and anxiety is something that can be done, but is something that can often require very specialist legal knowledge.

      Given your description of the situation in which you found yourself, we would recommend that you seek the services of a specialist Employment Law Solicitor and discuss this with them. It may be that you can seek compensation for this situation with the right advice and legal support.

      • Thank you so much for reading my rather long message!! And a very big thank you for your advice, i felt like i was going out of my mind.


        • You are most welcome, we are here to help. At Direct2Compensation we pride ourselves on being here to answer queries and offer help where we can. On some occasions such as yours, we can’t offer direct help but we can always listen and offer you some guidance on where to go for help. I hope you find success and can get the assistance you are looking for.

  78. Hi.
    I am working for my current employer for one year.
    Had an issue with a manager ( now removed from site)

    Been assigned to manage a team of workers which were not from my industry. Without any training even I have asked for it. This role is not in my contract. ( e.g. a Doctor should look after Bricklayer.)
    I was always getting the blame even I should not be responsible.
    Been unfairly accused of racism several times by same person.
    (Everyone was interviewed to give statements about me)
    No support from management even when I was asking for help , support and training. (Werbaly and via e-mail)
    Another Supervisor from other shift is interfering in my shift, even firing staff from my shirt.
    And many other issues that have now led to my absence. I have stress, depressions, on strong medications , been reffered to psychiatrist. I started my sicknote with sleeping problems.
    But they know what’s the problem with me. ( On the wellbeing meeting , my manager knew is work related. Discussion of the record)
    So I want to ask what options I have .

    • Your situation sounds stressful and difficult. From reading what you describe, I think you need to speak with an employment law specialist rather than a personal injury compensation specialist as you may well have a claim against your employer in that arena rather than any personal injury.

  79. I recently left my job due to stress and anxiety, some of the listed below, do you think I have a claim?

    I had been employed for over 10 years and worked my way up to shift manager.

    I found being shift supervisor quite stress full but I could manage it and I thought it was normal to get stressed.
    Around 3 months after accepting the shift managers position I felt my stress levels rising and a was getting anxious.
    I eventually found myself not sleeping in the nights, work was constantly on my mind and I was overthinking and clock watching. so in turn I was constantly tired.

    I would get angry at work and loose my temper regularly, I was taking this temper home with me, my fiancé and children found me difficult to live with.

    I was smoking heavily and eating a lot because I found food comforting.
    I would be in an almost constant state of worry, worrying about a confrontation in work (would I have the answers people needed?) or worrying about meetings or disaplinaries that would be coming up.

    I had headaches, chest pain, lower back pain, short of breath,l could see things floating around in my eyes. Doctor suggested headaches and pain in back could be physical symptoms of anxiety.

    I was diagnosed with anxiety and put medication.

    I gave a months notice in September 2016 to stand down from the shift managers position,
    Four of my superiors talked me out of this and I took my notice back on the basis of (they said they would help me). I didn’t receive this help.
    I’m February 2017 I gave my months notice to finish work because things had got worse for me. My finish date was the 28th of febuary, but I finished on the the 15th because I could not take it anymore. I felt I had no choice but to finish my job, I did not have the support I needed.

    Since leaving the job my life has changed drastically, I no longer need medication, I no longer eat for comfort I no longer have anger issues and I have quit smoking.
    I am now in a much better place but I am not the same person I was.
    I am now in a much lower payed job, I have to work more hours and I earn less money.

    • From what you have said, you may have a claim against your former employer, but our concern would be that this is more of a constructive dismissal matter – in that the actions or inactions of your former employer forced you to quit your post.

      With this in mind, we would recommend that you seek the advice of an Employment Law specialist rather than an Injury Compensation specialist such as ourselves.

      It is important to make sure that you get the right legal advice and given your situation, an employment law Solicitor will be best placed to advise and possibly represent you.

  80. Hello i have work related stress and already I’m not going to work 3 weeks is ut possible to get some compensation from my employer?

    • Sandra

      Work related stress claims can succeed if it can be shown that an employer has failed to adequately support a worker or placed an unfair burden of work upon them. Such claims are very specialised and should be made with the assistance of a specialist employment law Solicitor.

  81. Hi. Will try to cut a long story short! Been a civil servant for 28 years with the last 10 in a management position. High performing, regularly awarded annual performance bonuses. Excellent attendance record. No discipline issues. Since 2012 workload increasing and support decreasing. Submitted stress survey in May 2012. No action taken and I just “got on with it”. New managers/ways of working from 2014. Macho/bullying culture ensued. Two female members of my team buckled and resigned. By end of 2014 I was beginning to crack (tearful meetings/email exchange evidence) but still kept delivering. April 2015 awarded performance bonus for delivering a major project. Then given another new line manager who didn’t appear to like me…….I believe this was due to me being female but not subservient and maybe being too good at my job/a threat. Several other female staff also had issues. No support given, more pressure with impossible deadlines. Excluded from meetings and generally set up to fail. Complained about another manager (friend of my LM) who had acted aggressively towards me and made sarcastic/sexist comments on a number of occasions. Another tearful meeting led to me submitting a stress survey in July 2015. Nothing
    constructive done. August 2015 was told my role was no longer available to me as a part-timer (4 days a week)…….(it was subsequently advertised as available to part timers/job sharers). Final straw! Severe panic attack saw me go home sick. Tried to return after a month. Managed 2 weeks but further poor treatment saw me go long term sick in October 2015. Raised complaint then formal grievance regarding malicious action with LMs acting behind my back in secret and marking me as a poor performer in April 2016……won grievance and taken out of bottom 10%. Pursued further grievance regarding bullying/victimisation. Turned down in August but went to appeal which was partially upheld in January 2017. Employer conceded I had been bullied by one manager with others needing more investigation (Senior Manager later refused to sanction this investigation). However in November 2016 I had been dismissed to take effect from 02/02/17. Limited efficiency compensation eventually paid but in meantime I had been adversely affected by a rule change which cost me £18k. I believe this was malicious and/or sharp practice. January 2017 employer conceded my illness was work related and I received some back-pay from my sick absence. Transpired my LM had failed to pursue my ill health retirement application but reluctantly agreed to do so during my notice period. Before leaving for another job he submitted a malicious statement to Health Assured about what had been going on, showing me in a bad light. I only found out about this by accident via my GP. I have been trying to get the statement for several months; informally, then through Freedom of Information and finally via the ombudsman (ICO) who state Home Office are in breach of DPA and must provide statements by tomorrow. Meanwhile my health has been severely affected. I am taking anti depressants, am being referred for further counselling and have an appointment with a consultant psychiatrist next week. My questions; do I have a claim? I have received some “limited efficiency” compensation but nothing for my pain and suffering nor future loss of income. My 28 year career has been cut short through no fault of my own. I cannot see myself being able to get back to my previous income level prior to retirement even if I find myself well enough to return to employment. I am told I may have been covered by the DDA. Who actually decides on this? I believe there have been elements of gender and disability discrimination. I believe I have also been the victim of bullying (proven), victimisation (by those I complained about who then closed ranks on me) and harassment. I have 3 witnesses who are happy to speak on my behalf including a more senior female manager who has also been forced out by these managers. Sorry about the ramble! My union was hopeless. I am waiting to hear from my home insurance company regarding my legal protection. Saw this and hoped you could advise………….

    • Hi Helen

      Thank you for visiting our website, I am sorry to hear about your recent experiences at work and how you feel the victim of discrimination and bullying.

      We do have a link to a specialist employment law Solicitor who can assist with such claims against employers and we would be very happy to link you up with that individual.

  82. Good morning, i wan’t to mane a claim against my employers, and get a moral compansation from them. Can you advise me if this is possible at all?
    I was working with the same company from 5th january 2016 till 15th december 2016. I was doing part time job 80 hours a month. Everything was fine till april. I didn’t had any problems. And then in novemver 2016 my boss called to hmrc and told them that i’m not working with them anymore from begining of april. Because of that my benefits was cut, i didnt recieved any benefits and recieved a letter that i own hmrc 900 pound for workig tax credit. Because i was still working with them, i send my payslips to hmrc to proof of my work, and then i found out that they deleted me from all workers system. I quit my job in december. Employers gave me p45, but still i’m classed as non worker for all 2016. My incomes in 2016 showing as 0 in tax office, and i was working 9 months, earned 5300 in that time. Employers refused to change information anywhere and insulted me for trying to speak with them politly and sort this situation.

    • Juste

      This is not something we could assist with or offer much support. You really need to be speaking to HMRC and demonstrating to them that your employer has acted incorrectly. You may also wish to speak with an Employment Law specialist too.

  83. Hi, I’ve been with my current government employer for 18 years, 14 of those years I have suffered discrimination, assaults, harassment and bullying. The last 3 years ive been a manager and I’ve suffered with a very high workload sometimes covering 6 posts including my own. I’ve had to manage one gross misconduct case which lead to the person trying to get me sacked by attempting to get members of my team to say I’m bullying them and making dishonest comments about me. It got so bad that HR wrote a report to the misconduct hearing stating the individuals behaviour had been unacceptable towards me and went on to say that they should have suspended them instead of leaving them in the same department as myself during the investigation (around 6 months).
    I had to manage another member of my team long term sickness. There was evidence that the person was not honest with his illness but management refused to investigate this. The member of staff spent around a year making suggestions that I was bullying him (instigated by the other member of the team) this caused other members of the department (over 50) to ignore me talk about and disrespect me on a daily basis. HR believed he was using me to deflect from his inability to do the job.
    I was then told I had to manage a member of staff from another department because he was leaving and needed a different role until his leave date. This wasn’t true he was being investigated for gross misconduct and I ended up have to make reports on him and in the end informing him that he was being suspended. Staff in the department started to joke about me being the grim reaper as I had two members of staff sacked and one moved out of my team. During this time I was suffering stress related health issues and management and HR all stated that I was dealing with extremely stressful issues and had to deal with issues that most managers would never have to deal with in their whole career. The situation got so bad I felt I had no choice but to apply to go to another department. Within a month of starting in a new unit I fell sick and I have been diagnosed PTSD and anxiety disorder and depression, this has severely effected my daily life and I have been unable to work for the last year. I have tried to negotiate an agreed exit but they refused and have claimed my ill health isn’t work related (my Home life is very stable and supportive so they aren’t able to use this as a reason) Would I be able to take action against my employer?

    • Jane

      You may be able to take action but as you can imagine, such claims are very difficult. That said, it should not stop you from taking this further. I suggest that you call our specialist partners at Bartletts Solicitors directly on 01244313301 for guidance and advise with this.

      Yours sincerely


  84. Hi, I have been off work with work related stress for the last few months which has led to depression. I attended a meeting with my boss and she assured me that if I return to work she would accommodate a phased duties as well as hours return to work. I returned to work and was immediately told that although they would accommodate the phased hours, unforeseen circumstances had arisen and I wouldn’t be allowed the “light duties” anymore. The job was as stressful as when I left so after me telling work that I felt out of my depth again I went off sick a few days later as I wasn’t being listened to. I have attended a further meeting and now been told if I do not return to work then my case will be passed to another manager who will look at demotion or dismissal. I wonder if you could advise please?

    • Shauna

      Stress resulting from work situations is a growing problem. Many employers now expect their staff to work harder for less, manage more work than is reasonable and the physical impact of work related stress can be extremely serious.

      You may well be able to pursue a claim for compensation against your employer for the work related stress problem that you have been coping with. Making such claims is not easy, but there are rules that an employer must follow when it comes to being put on notice that someone has a health issue related to their working environment. However, there is not necessarily an obligation for an employer to provide light duties – certainly on a long term basis.

      However, if the employer has made an agreement with you that you could return to work on a phased hours basis, with light duties initially, then it is only fair that they meet their end of the agreement and allow you to return to work gradually and as you get back in the groove so to speak, that they increase your hours and workload to the point that you are eventually able to work your full hours and deal with a full workload.

      It would not seem fair or reasonable to look at demoting you or dismissing you if the employer has moved the goal posts and refused you light duties after agreeing them with you.

      I would suggest that your initial action should be to escalate this within your employers HR department and arrange a meeting where you can state the agreement that was made – to which you had agreed (to return on light duties and reduced hours) and that this agreement was immediately broken by the employer on the first day of your return.

      I hope that this helps you.

      Best wishes


      • Hi Ian, Thanks for your reply. The last meeting I attended included a HR caseworker. I explained everything in the meeting and the HR caseworker agreed with my manager that if the business need changed then they rightfully put me on normal duties. Ridiculously, we again discussed light duties and it was stated that if the business need changed (but they didn’t anticipate it would) then they again wouldn’t be able to accommodate the light duties. The discussion seemed pointless. I told them I had lost confidence in them because of the last attempt at returning. I will hopefully be returning to work after christmas.

        • I hope that you are able to get back to work in the New Year and I can fully understand why you have lost confidence in the employer!

          Best of luck!

  85. Could I complain about social lady who didn’t do her job properly and after all it was me who’s been left with all stress
    Officially she should contact my client not me all off them should not write to my private email and make me stress about not going home for xmass
    I’m just carer not social worker and apparently it’s not my problem that someone didn’t do job like they should why I should pay for someone mistakes and didn’t sleep for week waiting for all of them to organise everything

    • Monika

      Thank you for your comment. Your situation certainly sounds stressful and I can appreciate that you have had a very difficult time dealing with these issues.

      Whether or not you could succeed with a claim for compensation is not something I can say with any certainty at this time. You would have to demonstrate a failure at a corporate (employer) level rather than just a matter of individuals simply contacting you on their own behalf. If you can show that Social Services (or whoever else has overall responsibility for the area in which you found yourself) failed to correctly inform workers who they should contact and how, you may be able to bring a claim for stress and psychological anxiety issues. As you can appreciate, this is a difficult matter and may not succeed.

  86. Hi,
    I was made redundant after 23 years and selected by job title ‘administrator’. I was shocked to be one of those in this pool, as my job is vital to the whole site and it’s a busy one. My job is unique, and quite specialised. I had gone through the consultation process, as standard, but contested the situation.
    The company made a big mistake and after I was told to leave site (prior to my official end date) a lady was sat at my desk doing my job.
    Such was the situation, colleagues went to the leadership team and stated that they were totally shocked and that I must be reinstated. So I was indeed offered my job back, and redundancy money was withdrawn. I had suffered a lot of stress and anxiety, after so many meetings. I did decide to stay, but was not compensated in any way in monetary terms. I feel I deserve a payout! I am still being asked if I got anything…. Of course I did not, but want to know how to approach the subject. My new boss is supportive.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment and enquiry. I am sorry to hear that you have had such a stressful and upsetting experience. Claims such as yours are not always straight-forward, but that does not mean that you do not have a viable claim for compensation as a result of stress and anxiety caused by an employer. The key to having a successful claim for compensation in your case will depend on whether or not your stress was recorded with your employer and with your GP. Obviously, if this happened to you some time ago and nothing was recorded and no medical consultation was undertaken, it will be hard to prove the basis of your claim. However, if this has happened recently you could still see a GP and report the situation to them. You should also speak to the HR department of your employer and discuss this situation with them. Of course, if you have already done this, you should submit your details via our website and we can arrange for a suitably experienced solicitor to contact you to discuss taking this further.

      I hope that this response if of use to you. Should you have any further queries or wish to discuss anything with us, please feel free to email us at:

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