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A common type of accident that leads to claims for personal injury compensation being made is when people slip on a wet floor at work.  Although a slip on a wet floor can seem innocuous people can suffer serious injuries, and claims usually result in a successful outcome with a settlement being made to the claimant.

The reason they have a strong prospect of success is because it is easy to pinpoint liability and a breach of health and safety management against the employer.  For example, any employer who leaves a slippery floor surface without erecting hazard warning signs has exposed people to the risk of injury, and this leads to a claim where the employer will be held liable.  Such an error confirms employer negligence and as such, as long as the severity of the injury sustained meets the required minimum quantum (value), it’s a valid claim.

Employers should ensure proper and adequate health and safety measures are undertaken in the working environment to avoid slips and trips.  They are also required to get regular inspections done in the work areas to check for slip and trip hazards, and if possible ensure that all employees have slip-proof footwear for these areas.  Employees also need to study the regulations properly and ensure that they abide by them.

As with all slip and trip compensation claims, it is important to make sure that any accident and injuries are properly reported and recorded, ideally in an accident book.

Provided it can be proved that your employer was at fault, you will be able to claim compensation. A specialist no win no fee injury claim solicitor will be able to tell you whether or not you have a strong case against your employer. You will need evidence of insufficient health and safety regulations in the workplace as well as evidence of the injuries you sustained in the accident, then your solicitor will be able to piece together the case on your behalf.

If you’ve slipped on a wet floor at work, why not see if you claim?

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  1. I fell over at work on a wet floor that had been mopped. There was no wet floor sign up. I have broke my elbow and now off work, can I claim or is it not worth it?

    • You can most certainly make a claim for compensation. Injuries arising from slipping accidents can form the basis of a No Win No Fee claim for compensation and given the nasty injury to your elbow, the short term loss of income that it may cause you and the longer term implications of such an injury would certainly warrant a claim. Our Solicitors would look to recover compensation for the injury to your elbow along with any loss of income or incurred costs caused by the injury.

      The lack of a hazard sign to warn of a wet floor, especially when the floor has been made wet by mopping is likely to see a claim for slipping accident compensation succeed.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to start your claim.

  2. Hi. My wife works at a school kitchen. Last week she slipped on a wet floor that had been mopped but no sign had been placed to warn of potential danger. She has hurt her coccyx/tailbone and is in alot of pain. The manageress of the kitchen reprimanded the cleaner for not placing a yellow sign over the mopped floor, but also noted that my wife had not been wearing the appropriate footwear recommended by the employer. Does she have a claim to compensation? Thank you

    • Yes, your wife can make a claim for compensation. The failure of the cleaner to erect a hazard warning sign is an act of negligence that should allow your wife to succeed with a claim.

      The only issue that she will face is the inappropriate footwear noted by her supervisor. Your wife’s failure to wear the recommended footwear could see her being forced to accept a level of contributory negligence. This would not prevent her from claiming compensation but could see any settlement that she may obtain reduced slightly.

      However, the claim itself seems strong and we would wish to assist your wife in this matter. Please use the start a claim page of our website to take this further.

  3. After closing time at work, I left the office and slipped on a wet floor (no sign, in the staff area.) My knee is purple and swollen and gradually getting more painful. I’m unsure of what I should do as due to embarrassment I laughed it off in the moment and now I’m in increasing pain. How should I proceed?

    • The fact that you were embarrassed when you fell is not uncommon. Indeed, most people who contact us after slipping on a wet floor or other hazardous surface feel an immediate sense of embarrassment. However, the failure of whoever made the floor wet or knew it was wet to erect a hazard warning sign is an act of negligence. With that in mind, my initial view of your situation is that you have a strong basis for claiming compensation for the knee injury you have suffered when you slipped on the wet surface. The important thing to do at this stage is to make sure that the details of the accident have been properly reported and recorded with the employer – ideally within an accident book. The alternative way to report the details of the incident would be to make a written report (email or post) and send the same to the employer. Any report should highlight what happened and importantly confirm the lack of any hazard warning sign.

      Following this, you should contact us immediately. We would be very happy to explain your rights and help you claim personal injury compensation for the injury you have suffered. You can call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start your claim’ page of our website to pursue your claim for compensation.

  4. I slipped on a wet floor at work and visited Hospital 2 days later (due to falling on Xmas eve). There were no wet floor signs up. Luckily, I have no broken bones, but I have sprained the ligaments and suffered damage to the arm. What should my next steps be?

    • You would appear to have a potentially strong claim for compensation given the slipping accident you have had. Your next steps should be twofold.

      Firstly, contact us to get some further advice and discuss a personal injury compensation claim for the sprained ankle injury and damage to your arm as well as recovering any associated costs or lost income. (You can start your claim for compensation really easily by calling us on 01225430285 or using the ‘start a claim’ page on our website).
      Secondly, you should make sure that a report of your accident is made to the employer – list what happened, where it happened, the lack of signage to warn of the risk of slipping and name anyone who witnessed the incident or was told about it. Making such a report will provide important supporting evidence for any claim you may go on to pursue.

  5. I work as a cleaner and I slipped on a floor that I was mopping, causing injury to my shoulder and arm.
    We use cleaning chemicals on the floor but it’s a non chemical contract

    • I am not certain whether the chemical issue would open your access to making a claim, but I think that it is worthwhile us putting a claim enquiry forward to our specialist Solicitors for you.

      If you would like to take this further, please use our start a claim page to send us your details and we’ll call you to take some basic information and help you find out whether or not you can proceed further with a claim.

  6. I was at work and slipped on a wet floor with no warning signs and injured my back I didn’t go to the doctors and was told I had to return to work after two days via telephone I returned and after 2 hours was in excruciating pain and again had to leave iv now attend the gp and have been told to take sick leave and must see a physio my employer does not cover sick pay

    • You have a strong claim for slipping accident compensation in this case. The lack of a hazard sign in an area where the floor is wet could well expose the employer and leave them having to admit liability.

      Regarding your income, the employer is not required by law to pay your usual income whilst you are unable to work and you may therefore only receive statutory sick pay. Clearly, this leaves you with a shortfall.

      To recover your income you will need to make a claim against your employer, which if successful would see you able to obtain a compensation settlement for the injuries you have sustained as well as recovering all lost income and incurred costs linked to the accident at work.

      To give yourself the best prospect of succeeding with a claim, you must ensure that the details of your slipping accident (particularly the lack of hazard sign and injury) are recorded with the employer – either within their accident book or incident reporting system.

      If you would like to make a claim or wish to discuss how the process works please call us on 01225430285. Our staff will be able to offer you the advice and support you need to better understand your rights. Alternatively, you can use our ‘start a claim’ page and we’ll call you.

  7. I spilt some liquid on the floor at work, and got the correct equipment to clean it up, placing the equipment to one side, (thinking about my next task) i then walked over the area i had just mopped, slipped and broke my left radius, i have been off work for 6 weeks so far and may need further time off, am i eligible for a claim ?

    • It is unlikely that you would succeed with a claim for slipping accident compensation here as you caused the floor to be wet and then slipped on that very floor. It is hard to see how you could attach employer negligence in this case.

  8. Hi, I have been working at this company for only 11 weeks now and I slipped over and have sprained my ankle and I’m having difficulty walking on it to do anything. There was no wet floor signs or any warnings about the spillage. Could you give any advice on what I can do or what I should do. Thank you.

    • Whether you have been there for 11 minutes, 11 weeks or 11 years, the employer should have had a hazard warning sign in situ if there had been a spillage and you have every right to make a claim against the employers liability insurance for the injury to your ankle and any associated losses or costs you have incurred as a result.

      We would be very happy to pursue this further for you and suggest that you call us on 01225430285 so that we can find out more about what happened and help you start the claims process. Alternatively, you can email me directly at

  9. I have been off work for 6 months (I work in a secondary school) after I was injured when walking down the corridor at school and I slipped on a wet patch on the floor. I fell hard on the concrete floor and bashed my wrist and shoulder. I went to the first aider who thought I had a broken wrist was sent to hospital. I drove myself to Hospital and had X-rays. I was later told that I had calcified tendinosis which when I saw the consultant in the January after the fall (which was November) said it was traumatised by the fall and needed surgery. I was put on the urgent waiting list. I had the operation in May and the surgeon said that I needed 3 to 6 months recovery. My wages have just gone down to half pay and I have just got my union involved as work is saying it did not no it was a work injury when they sent me to the hospital.
    I have worked at this school for 34 years. Would I be able to sue them?

    • Given that the cause of your injury – or at least the need for you to have 6 months off work – is a slip on a wet floor at work my initial view would be that you do have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation.

      In your case, the only ‘issue’ that I can see is clarifying what damage was done in the fall on the wet floor and what was a pre-existing medical condition. However, this issue only affects the valuation of any claim for compensation and would be clarified by a medical experts report regarding your condition and the accident. None of this would not prevent you from pursuing or succeeding with a claim for workplace injury compensation.

      Clearly, to add to the pain and discomfort you now have the prospect of a loss of income to deal with. As such, you should pursue a claim to recover the lost income and receive compensation for your injury. Call us on 01225430285 to get your claim started!

  10. I fell at work when I went to get a rack out of a proof box. The floor was wet and I did not know it was. As soon as I went in I went down, my back, hand, wrist, arm, leg and side hurt considerably.

    I immediately went to the Manager to make a report of my accident. The Manager filled out a report and sent to get medical treatment. Doctors took X-rays of my hand, wrist and back. The Doctor said that I had sprained my wrist and that my back injury was bruising and a strain. I was told that if I had more pain or if it got worse that I was to come back before my scheduled time.

    As I had more pain and discomfort, I did return and a workmans comp Doctor who said that I was ok! When I told him it was worse and there was no way I could do my job because I was hurting, he said ok. However, when I then looked at my papers I read that he had written that I should go back to work the following day – but with only 1 or 2 restrictions. So my work is going to give me light duty but I’m still in pain. I was going to go to an orthopedic Doctor, so that they can see if I have any other kind of injuries from the fall. I really don’t know what to do if I go to my doctor, will it mess anything up?

    • In any claim for accident at work compensation it is commonplace for the claimant to have to attend a medical assessment. The medical assessment is important as it will provide a qualified medical report that both sides of the claims process will use to establish the extent of any injury and as such, the appropriate value range for how much compensation the claimant should receive.

      If you do not agree with the contents of a medical report carried out in your name, you can request a 2nd medical assessment. However, under UK law the claimant is unlikely to be able to recover the cost for the additional medical and the defendant does not have to accept the contents if it differs to the first report.

  11. I had a fall at work The cleaner had left a wet floor with no sign I slipped and had a fall hurting my self. I went to A&E and after to my GP who gave me 2 weeks of work. Still waiting for the results of X Rays and scans Still in lots of pain after 5 days. What do I do?

    • If a cleaner has left a wet floor with no sign, you have a very real prospect of succeeding with a claim for slipping accident compensation and this is something that we would be very happy to help you with.

      We work with some expert specialist Solicitors with a proven track record within slipping accident compensation. One of our staff members would have an initial 5 minute telephone conversation with you in order to obtain the initial basic information needed before passing the details to the right specialist Solicitor who would then have a more detailed telephone conversation with you.

      If you have any questions or wish to discuss your situation with us, please call me on 01225430285.

  12. I fell in work on some grease on the floor while carrying some items I hit my elbow to the floor causing a chip fracture I’m now in a sling and facing 4 weeks off work. Work blame my shoes because they didn’t have grips yet I’ve never been told I needed shoes with grips. Where do I stand with this?

    • The cause of your slipping accident was grease on the floor of the workplace, not the kind of shoes you were wearing at the time. If the employer had not placed hazard warnings out and has not got a regular floor cleaning procedure in place there is an argument that they have been negligent. If this is the case, our initial view is that you have a valid slipping accident claim against your employer.

      We would be very happy to help you.

  13. I slipped on the floor without wet sign 4weeks ago.
    one of my ankle was sprained. I’m still pain.

    They said that “our review indicates that the rotation for cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining the area was last completed at 12.31pm, which is 10 minutes prior to your fall. This rotation was performed within a timely and reasonable manner. The spill occurs at 12.34 pm, which is 6 minutes prior to you walking into the area of the spill and falling.”

    so, they said is your fault.
    I can’t believe that.. What can i do?

    • It sounds as if the alleged defendant has employed a comprehensive inspection and cleaning regime and if their evidence holds up, it could scupper any potential claim you would otherwise have made.

      That said, don’t dispair as yet. It is worthwhile speaking with one of our specialist slipping accident compensation Solicitors to get their view. Although regular cleaning inspections are important and do often end the prospects of succeeding with a claim for slipping accident compensation, such claims can succeed even if regular cleaning has been in place.

      If you would like to discuss this matter further with us and let us take a little more information so that a specialist Solicitor can discuss your slipping accident and the response you have so far had from the defendant, please call us on 01225430285.

  14. I slipped whilst at work in staff toilets as floor was wet from water from the sinks. I have lost 3 weeks of work including regular overtime .felt i had to get back asap but am struggling with my knee from the slip. I work as a shop assistant which is on your feet for whole shift. Have been told this loss of time will stain my record for 12months where do i stand?

    • Make sure that an accident book record has been made and in that, you should point out the cause of the slip and nature of your injuries. I think you have a viable claim here and this is something we’d like to help with.

      Please email your contact number to me at: and I’ll call you to take some further details and help you get your claim started.

  15. I slipped at work and my ankle and knee both swelled up forcing me to be sent home there was a wet floor sign out but its view was obstructed by a table, after I had slipped the cleaner moved the sign so it was visible from the direction I came was all caught on cctv can you tell me where I stand as I know my employers will say there was a wet floor sign out and that I should of seen it.

    • Stephanie

      Displaying a hazard warning sign does not in and of itself absolve an employer/organisation of responsibility/liability when it comes to slipping accident compensation claims. Further, if a hazard sign is displayed in such a location that it is not clearly visible or obvious that it is located where the slipping hazard is situated then it is almost redundant and further strengthens your claim.

      We have succeeded with identical claim scenarios on many occasions and I would be hopeful that we could do the same with your claim. Please call us on 01225430285 or email your phone number to me ( so that we can discuss this and help you get your claim up and running.

      Yours sincerely


  16. Can you help I’ve slipped and fell on a wet floor no signs, 2014. Injured my arm breaking up a fight in 2015 . I constantly in pain with a herniated disc, I limp since I fell. Painful range of motion in arm I have to go to work use up leave. I need help I’m miserable.

    • Lorraine

      Hi, thank you for your query. To be able to advise as to whether or not we can help, we’ll need some further information about the incident when you slipped.

      You’ve mentioned that the slipping accident was in 2014 and this could be an issue. Under UK law, any person injured in an accident has a period of 3 years from the date of the accident in which they can attempt to pursue a claim for compensation. Therefore, your 3 year limitation period will expire some time in 2017 (this year). You may have left it too late – it really depends on when in 2014 that you fell.

      I suggest that you call us on 01225430285 as soon as possible so that we can help you to better understand your options at this time.

      Regarding the arm injury, I am not sure that you’ll be able to claim for that. In the UK, victims of injuries caused by criminal assault can bring a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a state funded body, but importantly, the limitation period for these claims is only 2 years and you are in to your 2nd year on that (if 2 years has not already passed). Further, you were injured whilst trying to break up a fight and I am not sure that this would be deemed to be (by the CICA) a criminal act.

  17. I work as a Housekeeper at a hotel and on the 19/11/2016 I slipped in a wet shower at work and I dislocated and broke my little finger on my right hand, I have limited movement in my finger as a result. I was wearing trainers at the time and have since been looking into health and safety for my job and have found out that we should be provided with non-slip shoes or shoe slips to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. I am currently receiving ongoing hand therapy because there is also ligament damage. I’m not sure where I stand.

    • Caissey

      On the basis of your comments, I believe that you should pursue a claim for compensation against your employer on the grounds of employer negligence. If your employer is tasking you with working in a potentially slippery environment, the risk that you could slip and sustain injuries as a result is a foreseeable risk and as such, the employer is obliged to do all they can to minimise the risk of injury as far as possible. In this case, provision of non-slip shoes or a requirement that you must wear the same would be something you would expect of the employer.

      We’d love to hear from you and would then be able to call you to discuss this in greater detail with a view to helping you pursue a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

      Yours sincerely


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